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Red-Eyed Stallions in Pursuit of the Mare of Destiny

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‘May your noses inhale the atmosphere of Heaven at the feet of your master’.

So, today we will most likely reach one million visitors at The Petri Dish. We get a lot of synchronicity around here, for whatever the reason. If we can get serendipity to match it, as if they were both cogs in a well made watch- ‘I’m not into time’- then we’ll be closer to the mark, lacking only the absence of all shortcomings. We wait expectantly upon that day.

Considering what BP, the Zio-Ogres and the deranged nobility at Buckingham Palace have unleashed through their poisoning of The Gulf of Mexico, in tandem with the meltdowns in Japan, we are a great deal closer to the wind waves of poison that are predicted, by Half Past Human, to circumnavigate the globe nine times. Something I haven’t heard mentioned yet is; what happened when two or more global disasters intercourse with one another at some point? Do they create some new synthesis?

I get the sense that a number of unfortunate circumstances are champing at the bit and waiting for their chance to snort and stamp across the stage, like crazed stallions maddened for the opportunity to mate with the mare of destiny. I’d better watch out, or the authorities are going to revoke my poetic license.

These are the mounts of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I don’t suppose they would have gotten mentioned if they weren’t part of the show. Here’s the Christian Version of the quartet. The Hindu tradition needs only one, when Krishna transforms into Shiva, “I am become death, the shatterer of worlds”. The quote is at the bottom of the page, along with the ironic use of it by Robert Oppenheimer; given what happened in Japan and what is brewing in The Middle East.

The conditions of the time, play proof to the emptiness of our vanities and presumptions. We can clearly see not only what a ruin we have visited upon ourselves, but how helpless we are in the face of it. Here is the inescapable mathematics of a dark age. In these times, the worst of us come to the forefront to lead the majority to perdition. That smaller percentage of us, that can see what is and has been happening, have done what we can but are ignored by the main. The times are the times are the times.

Another kind of mathematics tells us that all external efforts are in vain. The only possibility of effective and lasting change is an inward thing. Changing ourselves changes our consciousness and ‘then’ it changes the world. Yeah, we’ve heard this over and over. It sounds like words. You can see where it makes sense, but what about all the charlatans who told us the same thing and went south with our money and our hope? I’ve heard it said that when an evil person speaks the truth and you believe it, it still works via the power of your belief. A spiritual master once told me, “Get wisdom any way you can, steal it if you have to”.

If you’re surrounded by nothing but wreckage, then you have everything you need to build an enduring sculpture to the errors of your time and live in it as a reminder (grin). I look at the pyramids and The Sphinx, as well as the archeological artifacts in The Yucatan and everywhere else in the world as testaments left for those who came after. They weren’t tombs in the classic sense and they might not have had a great deal to do with the people that built them in their day to day. They were mysteries set down for our discovery. There are secrets there of great importance but maybe we haven’t possessed the insight to unravel them yet. That’s coming now. Cosmic force is shredding the veils of blindness that have hindered us for too long. We’re about to see or go blind. As for the latter, that might not even be noticed.

I had a vision once that spaceships were buried beneath the pyramids. I had a lot of supernatural, extra-dimensional experiences that had to do with Egypt but I don’t remember a lot of it now (grin). Still... in these times, the past is going to speak loudly. The Earth is going to give up her secrets for those who have the capacity to understand them and it’s not only the Earth that’s going to be revealing things long hid. Your own being is about to do the same thing.

If there were ten times the disaster that just hit Japan, most people still wouldn’t pay that much attention beyond, “oooooh” and “ahhhhhh”, as long as it didn’t hit them. The shit-golems in government like Michelle Bachmann and Governor Walker would just go on like they are going. Hillary Clinton and Bwak! Obama would continue to parrot the Israeli party line. They are automatons, processing excrement and selling it as pâté. Recently I saw several ‘new age’ fonts of wisdom stating that Obama is a light worker and that he is going to transform the world with his actions and words. I have to admit, that really made me laugh. I suspect they either don’t see what he’s up to (maximum stupidity) or they think all the dark and devious prolongation of Bush policies is just to distract the bad guys, until he suddenly wraps them all up in a net of spiritual glory and delivers them to the Gates of Hell, or Robert Gates house for a slumber party.

The unfortunate truth is that most people won’t, or can’t, wake up. They look right at it and can’t see. The din and clamor of the world casts too great a spell and it’s nothing new. If you go back to when the Bhagavad-Gita was written, The Bible and all of the records burned at Alexandria and those so remote they are now dust of the Earth, it’s the same thing and it all depends on the age in which it transpires; sometimes more light and sometimes less and all that we are looking forward to will meet the same fate at its appointed time. There’s no peace here, only relative piece in a time of waiting and eventually the time of waiting ends.

No matter how sincere or dedicated we are, tiny corruptions enter in. Only the best among us can endure their time here and come to the bridge and pass over to where peace really does exist and only the best among us come back here again and again to help in making all of us the best among us, sooner or later. That’s how it really is and the whole point of being here is to become the best among us, often unseen and unnoticed, laboring in the endless vineyards of this world, to the glory of what makes the whole operation possible.

It doesn’t make sense in terms of what we know here. It doesn’t compute in respect of the scale and motivation of our vainglorious efforts, to have a lasting impact on the world and to enrich ourselves in the bargain. All of the ages past have had their heroes and notable names and we cannot remember any of them now. We can’t remember the names of the civilizations that preceded Atlantis and Lemuria. We have no knowledge of human experiments that dwarfed our own and are gone as well. We don’t know shit; otherwise it wouldn’t rule our lives (grin).

Well, you’re going to see a lot of things now. Let us hope you see what’s important and not just the spectacle. All that fire and fury, is just to take your attention away from something of a much greater and singular importance. It’s what’s behind and beyond all these forgotten civilizations; all the hoopla and voodoo of different times and places. This world of fire is an emporium of desire, nothing more or less. What you see, is the sum total of what people thought they wanted, with specialized locales for specialized attractions and desire runs in only one of two directions. All the suffering is geared to pointing this out, until there is no longer a question of what direction to go in. There are some who know this but refuse it altogether. Those are the psychopaths and their puppets who desire the world of flesh above any other. They’re welcome to it. Keep this one thing in mind, ‘it all works out’ and everything that happens to you is only to bring you to a point of greater understanding. Fully embrace this and your problems are over.

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kenny said...

"We don’t know shit" pretty much sums it up although it's not from lack of trying (maybe 'trying' is the problem).

I read the latest from half past human last night and give myself suggestions for insights before falling asleep but nothing happened that I can remember. My lucid dreams seem to be fading as I get older and I really miss them.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Thanks for the post Les. I look forward to your F2F presentation this week.

The multiple comments at the end of your prior post,by Graceofgod, about the suggested Mayan prediction of sunspots and core earth magma flows to explain the December 21, 2012 end of the world as we know it - are very thought provoking.

Wonder if C. Sheen would consider us to be winning the human race. After all he is a self professed rockstar from Mars with tigerblood (grin).

Entertaining video:

N.B. Charlie is open about the truth of 9/11. I wonder if TPTB have pharmaceutically altered his cognitive function.


Anonymous said...


Seems like I've been 'waiting' for this post.
The Creator gave me the insight to be able to see, and remain calm in the midst of the storm.
Your post today helps gives me more power to be at peace in mind and soul.
Too much to say and can't express it, so, I will say...

I Thank You Les.
Walking Hawk

GraceofgodgoI said...

Ok so I've been doing alot of research on sun spots. The sun's corona is doing very funny things just like the Mayans said in their 'prophecies' these are not prophecies they are written historical records to tell future men what to expect in the days leading up to 2012 when the sun returns to it's place of origin in the Milky way.
the Mayans warned about negative positive sunspots, that when there is one of these events, it would mark the beginning of great upheaval in the earth's surface. Now I've been following this very closely On august 1, 2010 there was a negative sunspot one that goes inward and a positive sunspot one that goes outward. 3 volcanoes erupted on the earth Mt Elbrus, Mt Hood, and a volcano in Chile. any earthquakes during august 1 2010 there were numerous earthquakes during august 1 on the west coast of the united state.

When there is sunspot activity the earth responds in kind. Now you can follow every 87 days to the next negative positive sunspot event. I've been following the sun spots because the sun's surface is moving from South to North.. It is changing it's
magnetic field each time there is a negative-positive event the sun's face moves. So Everytime we have one of these events Volcanoes erupt...then there is incredible earthquakes Chile's earthquake was 8.8 on the Richter Scale, and Haiti's earthquake also happened during these sun spot events.

The earthquakes are happening because the Magma inside the earth is moving from south to North. I am trying to prove this, there is a definite pattern, a mirror image affect taking place on the Earth, the next
negative positive sun spot event is due april 19, will there be volcanic eruptions, you bet.

the earth's crust is reacting to the violent movement of magma beneath the earth as it moves like the sun from south to north. Krakatoa's magma has disappeared it's magma level has dropped over 1000 feet in the last few weeks
however the super volcano in Yellowstone is growing over 10 inches a day and there have been over 600 earth tremors in February.

all the fish in the Northern Atlantic, sardines, and most of these kinds of fish live in the arctic circle and never leave. millions upon millions of fish from the north atlantic are high tailing it out of there and heading south. They are flocking or schooling along the coastline of Acapulco.

So the next Sunspot event is April 19, according to the Mayan Calender. Will it trigger volcanic eruptions? you betcha. I can prove that every negative-positive sun spot event triggered a Volcanic eruption on the earth. Ok the last sunspot event
was January 21, Volcanic eruptions in Stromboli, Italy, in Volcanoe Del fuego and on January 27 a Volcanic eruption In southern Japan.

The Magma is on the move. Of course according to the Mayan Calender the last sunspot of a negative positive nature will happen on December 21 2012

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
6 Friday, July 15, 2011
5 Tuesday, October 11, 2011
4 Friday, January 6, 2012
3 Tuesday, April 3, 2012
2 Friday, June 29, 2012
1 Wednesday, September 26, 2012
0 Thursday, December 21, 2012 = Armageddon

GraceofgodgoI said...

So as these dates approach people living in areas where there are volcanos should get out.

I think that the last event on december 21 2012 is when Yellowstone actually blows. It's a super Volcano and it's activities used to produce about 57 earth tremors a month, until this january when it produced over 600 and then again in february when it produced 559.

According to the Mayan Calender the last sunspot activity is on december 21 2012 and it will be the largest.

those underground cities that were built into the earth for just this cataclysmic event will do people no good because they will die of the domonic or sulfuric poisoning.

The interesting thing is the Huge City built under Denver Airport. It can hold over 1 million people. When the Volcano blows in Yellowstone, not too far away would you want to be hiding in the earth, to escape the ferocious
corona the sun will blast at the earth??

This is not prophecy. This was an event witnessed by the Mayans and they left a record of it to warn future humanity if there were any left. because the volcanoes are blowing much harder than they ever did before because the magma of the earth is moving and it will catapult the earth off it's axis as it moves from south to north. The sun's corona will burn up all vegetation and kill most of the
animals, there will be no food....
I have been following the sunspots, not the ordinary ones, but the ones that have a negative positive event. The Mayans gave the exact dates for these sunspot activities,
as they were a physical event then, and they are proving to be a physical event now.

In conclusion, the Earth will move on it's axis, how much?? it's impossible to say, but I know that the magma from Krakatoa is receding and that the volcanic activity is in direct contrast to what is happening on the sun.

I have been reading trying to see if anyone is seeing this as I am. We know that there is mass die off of birds and fish because the electromagnetic shield of the earth is shifting, and they are simply loosing their way. But the
massive migration of fish from the north atlantic to off the coast of mexico proves my theory that the earth is reacting as the sun is reacting and the magma is on the move.

So Mount St Helen's has not blown yet, but it is active once again, and the Volcano's in Europe are also waking up, there was a Volcanic eruption in Indonesia and Russia after the Earthquake in Japan

This cycle began with the first sunspot activity of the negative positive kind on oct 28 2010 and there was a volcanic eruption in Russia on Kamchatka volcanoes 28 October 2010. Mt. Merapi Volcano indonesia, killing many people and causing a tsunami

So expect to see larger volcanic activity on april 19, of larger and larger volcanic events, according to the mayan calender

In the Beginning god's face moved across the living waters, and the waters quaked.


Neko Kinoshita said...

With respect, Let us begin,

We have been waiting for this moment all our lives.

The sights and sounds are just another distraction. Nowhere is safe, and everywhere is as safe as anywhere else.

I have seen several texts talking about the magnetic field changes and the kind of “powers” that can result. Yes and no, this is both right and wrong at the same time. The knowledge of how to “work” the universe, can lead you to the presumption that you can. But the control flows the other way does it not? How will you react when your mind goes Bi-cameral?

The spin axis of this planet does not change, it maintains the same inclination is has had since its creation. Magnetic poles move, shift, and split, all of these things will happen.
The crust can and will move, you will have to ride it, not fight it. If you fight you lose.

Radiation will be a problem, but perhaps not as much as you might think. When the World Axis is fully lit, it emits large amounts of synchrotron radiation. There is a cost for this, but it is not going to eliminate all life, for other forces gain power as well. The magnetic field will fluctuate and fade and grow even more powerful in stages, and all of these things will impact what we can and will do.

TPTW have their petty little plans, and their own intentions, but they no longer matter at all. Can you see the walls between the worlds beginning to fade? Can you see the veils of our “imposed” order ripping totally asunder? Events will swallow them as surely as the buildings and cars on eastern Honshu. Do not concern yourself too much with what they do, for they know not.

Can you hear the singing of the spheres? The Earth herself is crying out for justice and she will not be denied. The moon hums her descant, and contributes what she must, and the Sun is singing the love song that will heal the Earth. Listen carefully, and you will know there is a part for you if you so choose.

It has begun, the time is now. All of your attachment to the material and illusion WILL be ripped away, and this burns when it occurs. This same fire will bathe and enrich you if you embrace it.

It will take time to tear down the old, and more time to build the new. Quickly is a relative term as we all should know by now. WE must be understanding when these lines of communication collapse, and train our new ones.

Is it presumptuous to think the Devic Realm is can provide assistance in this area? After all it is not what is done so much as WHY that determines the direction, Yes?

Calm and loving acceptance of what the divine has in mind for us all.
Watching the wheels from deep in the alley,

Anonymous said...

Julius Robert Oppenheimer stated that "The Vedas are the greatest privilege of this century." During the explosion of the first atomic bomb, Oppenheimer quoted several Bhagavad-gita verses from the 11th chapter, such as:

"Death I am, cause of destruction of the worlds..."

When Oppenheimer was asked if this is the first nuclear explosion, he significantly replied: "Yes, in modern times," implying that ancient nuclear explosions may have previously occurred.

Anonymous said...

Much of the channeling I follow also describes Obongo as a light worker. I have great respect for some of the channeled entities but don't see how this could be. There is some high class material coming from these sources. It is hard to believe they would muddy up their message equating Obongo with light. I know he is in a snake pit if there ever was one. Look what happened to JFK and Wellstone etc. Personally I can't stand the sight of the bastard. Time will tell. What difference does in make, one lizard more or less. Maybe he will announce NESARA.


L.L.O. said...

Hey Les,
I can feel it coming too. I've been pondering on the nature of suffering a lot lately and whay there is such a soul-crushing amount of it in our world. I could literally feel the suffering of the world from Palestine to Libya, to the streets of my own town and it overwhelmed me too tears... Then it hit me. It is not news to me either so I'm not sure why it seemed so profound: All life is suffering. It is a necesarry juxtaposition to make pure and loving moments that much sweeter. The key "lesson" I received was the level or degree of suffering that we as individuals cause or contribute to. For instance, losing a loved one or a pet is a sad yet inevitable part of life. It makes us mourn and thus brightens the love we had for what was lost.
On the other hand, taking up arms against others, lying, cheating, and intentionally setting out on a destructive or vindictive path is to directly call upon suffering. This is the kind of suffering that can be avoided... I think. Admittedly I don't really know shit. I just kinda go by what I feel and that feels pretty accurate to me.
TRYING to work from the inside out.
Thanks buddy!
-L.O. CA

Anonymous said...

Oppenheimer, certainly was able to spout what phrases he wanted, because he was one of the Elite, and you know, the Elite don't give a shit about us, the Grassroots.

We all knew that 2011 was THE Year thingswere going to get hot. And this is proving to be true. Here it was the 3rd month of the year, and I was beginning to doubt it, and settle back, but then the Japan Tidal Waves happened, and the rest that is ongoing.

Is there any doubt that there is more coming?

Who started this horror of the nuclear radiation?

Robert Oppenheimer. And he did become the Destroyer.

So, I wonder now, why is it Japan that is the recipient of this nuclear horror?? First and now? What did they do, to deserve this? (No I'm not Japanese) Is it their karma?

And as to the Reptiles and the vampires, was this a giant sacrificial to them? Are they sucking up the blood and tears?

I hate Oppenheimer's memory!

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking a lot about the terrible earthquake in Japan. I've read everything I can concerning the event, watched the videos, and viewed dozens of still shots. One thing I haven't seen is looters. No looters and no mention of them. What gives? The Jews news harps on and on about us all being the same. This is confusing. I remember Katrina with all the looting and rape and a similar situation in the aftermath of the hurricanes in Florida. Just like clockwork any time there is a calamity in the US. I can still see that Mexican dude interviewed on the local news after hurricane Andrew saying it looked like a scene from The Planet of the Apes.

Could it be Japanese looters are afraid the women and goods might be radio active so they just got the hell out. It would be interesting if someone would take a stab at explaining this perplexing situation.

I was just wondering err...maybe we could fill a few airliners with err..... and send them to Japan....... Well just a thought.

To an indoctrinated mind the truth is a radical idea.


Visible said...

The Japanese do not behave that way.

Avops said...

Hi Les,

It is truely a wonderment to hear the words of people awakening to Truth!

Your message today is wonderously being echoed across many of the blogs I regularly visit. The sychronicity is truely amazing!

Kudos to all who are awakening and seeking the truth.



Odins raven said...

There's another musician and mystic, R.J.Stewart, who claims some knowledge and interaction with the devic and faery realms, from a Celtic magical perspective.
Here's an article he wrote about the titans and giants, personifying the forces responsible for earth movements.

"In Celtic tradition, the Gaels in Scotland and Ireland told that the Faery races were angels fallen out of Heaven with Lucifer, and now embodied in the earth. This is a Christianized retelling of an older tradition, similar to that of the titans. Such stories, and many other similar legends worldwide, tell of spiritual forces that move between the planets of the solar system, affecting life here on earth. Some of this becomes clear when we explore the role of titans and giants in connection with the forces of volcanoes, weather, and continental movement. As modern science asserts, these large changes are affected by our planetary orbit, and by its relationship to solar and other planetary forces. These all act upon, and interact with, our earth’s oceans, plates, and the deep telluric or UnderWorld fires, the star-stuff in the heart of Earth."

Here's another article about making inner changes before outer events force us to change.

"In ancestral sacro-magical practices, the UnderWorld was often the realm of a dark goddess. She brought transformation, as she was, and still is, the goddess of destruction and regeneration. This dark goddess, known by many names worldwide, personifies the transformative forces of the planet.
And yes, these are forces that we can, and do work with. I say, “do work with” because we interact with such forces continuously, as part of our life on Earth. We could not exist without the dark goddess, by whatever name she chooses to be called. There is a difference, of course, between intentional work and unconscious interaction. If we work with these planetary UnderWorld forces intentionally, the transformative process is greatly enhanced and accelerated.

Odins raven said...


This is one of the so- called “secrets” of the old magical traditions: if you consciously interact with the planetary forces of the UnderWorld, you will become transformed. First destruction (of the false self, of delusion) then regeneration (of the true self, unalloyed by temporary personality)."

He has suggested that people spare some compassion for the Japanese victims of this destruction, and has offered a meditation which may be helpful.

It may not all be bad news, and the white horse has positive associations. Here's one which has been upon the hills of Southern England for the last 3,000 years, and may be for many more:

It's straight from the horse's mouth!

Odins raven said...


He has suggested that people spare some compassion for the Japanese victims of this destruction, and has offered a meditation which may be helpful.

It may not all be bad news, and the white horse has positive associations. Here's one which has been upon the hills of Southern England for the last 3,000 years, and may be for many more:

It's straight from the horse's mouth!

Visible said...

Comments have been cut off by blogger for the moment. They go up and then blogger erases them, probably on word from Zio-Ogre headquarters at Google

saucepanbach said...

I like your writing .... hee heee .... don't know that any more needs to be added which explains the chuckle

Anonymous said...

If the transgressions of the Japanese are the cause of this disaster then I should expect an earthquake with the accompanying tsunami in my own living room shortly.

Where are all those souls now Les ?
Where are all the ones we've loved ?

Does anyone know ?

Why couldn't they stay for the last act ?

So much I don't know.

Thanks for your blog Les
Patrick V1.o

long john said...

Important message to friends and readers:

If you wish to really understand why the sun is actually causing the current (and future) increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity, and the eventual collapse of the entire electrical power grid (and thus most of civilization), I recommend and urge you to read and study the following two articles by Clif at HPH that i have provided links to.

After you understand the real underlying cause behind the now impending massive earth upheavles and expansion, I urge you to start preparing now for what most certainly is going to happen when the electrical power grid does go down permanently on a more or less world-wide scale.

Civilization across earth has become totally dependent upon electrical power. Once the electrical power across the planet fails and stays down, all systems of society will immediately collapse.

There will be no electrical power - and therefore no food available, no pumped water, no gasoline, no internet, no phone or radio or tv, no planes or trains or trucking of supplies, no business or industry or production. The government will not be able to help anyone. Your life will be entirely in your own hands.

So, try to prepare yourself and your families now, as best you can, for the day that the power does goes off and it stays off (and it will), and civilization collapses.

2012 – Doom ain't What It Used to Be:

2012 Doom - the rest of the story:

Japan Earthquake 8.9 by HAARP? said...

Tinkywinkyspurse said...

Woke up this morning with 5 words going around and aroud in my head:

Haarp did the Japan tsunami.

All the links to HAARP tsunami Japan are 'absent'.

Japan has a Rothschild private central bank.

"all the signatures of HAARP, they can't hide the "colourful lights" in the sky, this clearly isn't typical of earthquakes, unless people just forgot to mention it for the last 1000 years (duh!) Why Japan? - because it is trying to free itself from the clutches of the US Banksters... see Benjamin Fulford, expat Canadian, ex Forbes Editor, son of a diplomat, living in Japan for 16 years with connections to both Government and secret societies operating there... Japan is a hotbed of World Financial activity, esp because of the US 'overlordship' which is starting to 'crumble'... there's a power struggle going on here, with global ramifications".

There is one link of a 10 minute video linking Haarp to the Japan tsunami, where the first minutes are out-takes from the 2003 film Core. Then the video explains how Haarp works to generate earthquakes.

Fool me once shame on me (9/11 demolision), fool me twice shame on me (Haarp tsunami).

siamsam said...

Hey mouser, It looks quite possible that Mr Sheen has been altered.

I assume you are familier with David shayler, the ex MI5 whistle blower.

Take a look at the following short clips. One before; inteligent and articulate, as one would expect from a guy working for British Inteligence. And now!!

In my opinion Charlie Sheen has had the same visit.

After watching - go watch the new Matt Daemon movie - The Alteration Bureau.

God bless

est said...

so i'm reading this
and asking myself

'what does this
make me think of ?'

'who is this guy -
what does he do ?'


he tells the truth
funny as hell too

he's a stand-up
comic kinda guy

i never laugh
at what ain't true

i know damn well
neither do you

Visible said...

comments? refined ,prolific, poignant, repetitive but not boring.


ps. re lucid dreams. one technique is to "catch the tiger by the tail", so to speak.
remember even a bit of a dream when you awake, write it down if needs be, try then to get the connections and further bits of information together, then go from there to analyze. see the differences (transformations) from day to day. and, as Les points out re the divine, once you establish that "I am listening, please tell me" attitude, the unconscious might respond accordingly and provide more insights through this particular window. As for big dreams, numinous, compelling, curiouser and curiouser, that's in the lap of the gods. the eye of the beholder is in you.

my biggest one ever (they are few and far between, decadal) happened several months ago, like one of those Rothschilds hydra heads, from out of hell. I (quietly) shouted myself awake. it hasnt returned. I'd watched that movie about rothschilds that had that hydra in it (whilst drunk and not watching) so that's probably where the content came from. the meaning and metaphysics is something else though, often several meanings.

Visible said...


I'd reinvestigate Buddhism if I were you and especially the part about outward forms. People can very easily be experiencing sorrow and compassion for everyone affected by this event and not be compelled to offer floral words of sympathy as if this would have some actual effect.

This blog isn't designed to be one of those roadside locations where everyone comes and lays flowers, helium balloons with pity sayings and pictures of the departed. Everyone departs. Why is one event more significant that the much larger amount of people who died of all kinds of things over the course of the same amount of days?

Visible said...

and on the other hand we've got a threat post from a prancing werewolf eating pony with, ah... yes, no name. No name; a bold individual, a person of strong conviction who is tying together things said and without any real evidence of even informed speculation making insinuation into something that might hold up in a court convened by mob rule. A true Jacobin seated beside Mother Defarge, everyone is a Mason until proven otherwise. Isn't there some kind of published list you can find me on?

est said...

'we are all



Cat Poet aka Journey said...

Hi All,
I was perusing RMN & other similar sites over the last few days and remember reading something about prophecy(s)and was relating it to a visitor the other nite and this came to me all of a sudden. I haven't heard it said before or read it before so I'm tentatively laying claim to it as my own ... Copyright 2011.

"Politicians are like Prophets ... they seldom get it right."

I think this qualifies as an axiom.
This axiom is versatile and unique in that if you mirror the first part, the statement remains true.

"Prophets are like Politicians ... they seldom get it right."

Both of these special breeds of minds rely heavily on their acute powers of observation in order to ride the trend waves and feel where they are apt to go. Not difficult if you grew up in California where surfing is such a big pastime.
But then waves are unpredictable sometimes and they do not behave as expected due to some interference pattern(s) from another unforeseen source, causing the expected waveform to distort. Hence the Politician didn't see it coming and he lost his job and the Prophet, now has pie or egg on his face.

Hey, did I mention that I'm Mor Visible than Les Visible ?
But I can't figure out why I'm Inn Visible ? Which is why I need to contact Les Visible and see if he feels Mor Visible, cuz as far as I can tell he's not Inn Visible. He has a PRETTIE serious presence on the Web. Is this making any sense ?
Just thoughts in a petridish ... say no more.
Hey !!! I could be Cat Poet Transmitting ... in fact that's who I am now ... I'm Cat Poet ... there has to be some counter-balancing force to hold this Galaxy together ! You know ... cats and dogs LIVING together !!!

But I digress ... but before I can do that, I'll have to go down to city hall tomorrow and purchase a license. Or does that fall under Federal jurisdiction ? Actually, now that I think about it , digressing IS a Federal matter ... I mean offense, subject to no less than slavery and torture as an appropriate punishment/reward. Digressing kinda gives me heartburn and gas so I'll leave that topic alone for now ... now where are those Tums ? Then again, it could be all that beer I'm drinking these days.
Oh yeah, now I remember I threw them out because they: A) Don't work and make it worse and B) They aren't good for you.

Kinda like Politics and Prophecies, A and B, don't you think ?
I think I'm starting to get the hang of this Mor Visible thingy.
I hope Les Visible doesn't get jealous !

Well I think the beer is working and I should bow out before I make total ass of myself here. Good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow ...

Oh Yeah don't forget ... thoughts and prayers out to our bros & sis' in Japan ...

Journey ... oops

Cat Poet

End Transmission ...

Visible said...


Last night I said to myself go to him and say something different, don't leave it like that and I meant to and then I was in bed when I remembered and didn't get up.

This morning I saw your post before I was really together and I responded when I probably should not have. It was the Buddhist comment that got me. It wasn't relevant from my understanding in terms of posting sympathetic commentary. In respect of other possibilities of action it might.

If you listened to my radio show last night then you heard me talk about these shortcomings that I am unable to rid myself of and which are dependent on the divine for accomplishment.

I'm sorry I spoke to you the way I did. That wasn't very nice of me. I could have found another way to say it but I didn't.

You are to be commended for how you feel but I would suggest that most readers share your feelings even if they don't speak them. I'm pretty sure of that.

Someone jumped on me for condemning the Japanese for the way they get their food. I didn't even do that. I was pointing things out for reflection. It's what I do. Of course, that wasn't even his point. He just wanted to be insulting and his last comment I left off because of all the spelling errors included which would have made him look like a real moron and I was trying to spare his feelings. Hard to believe I know but its so.

I should thought more about sparing your feelings and I'll try because of you, to be more understanding and diplomatic than I've been lately. I'm just coming out of some grievous injuries from a protracted period of time and my mood is not as light and effervescent as I like it to be.

Once again, I sincerely apologize for my delivery.

Visible said...

Prophets do not "rely heavily on their acute powers of observation in order to ride the trend waves and feel where they are apt to go." I think you are talking about pundits, not prophets. Prophets most definitely do not rely on external observations. Prophets rely on the divine because that is the source of authentic prophecy. You might want to factor that in to your award winning axiom.

Eat The Trolls said...

Hey Journey,

Why don't you make like your name and take a long one off a short Japanese pier?

Betting HAARP did the Japan 8.9 earthquake.

Anonymous said...

Let Us enter the final Act of this Age with heroic courage and righteous anger for the Destiny of our People!

That sounds like total Bull#&^t does it not? Look at the links and realize, we truly have been deceived by the great men of this world for their own benefit. NOTHING we have been taught is true!!!

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

The Pending Doom of Banker World.

Anonymous said...

Les, you are so quotable, if only I had someone to quote you, to.

I have deleted my FB account. I decided that the people that I know are stupid. Now, I realize why we are in this boat.

But, I don't like all that weird acceptance and "transconsciousness-higher-level-inward-changed be-a-nicer-person and all the lizards-get-away-with-it" philosophy of many of your commentators.

Also, I don't think that the earth is going to rotate dramatically according to mayan calculations.

HAARP explains many things. Maybe the Japanese elite were about to blow the lid off of 911?

In any event, the Japanese are in deep trouble. This is the fourth time they have been nuked. I don't see any way out for them, except to move to China or the USA and bring their kids, today.

I hope we don't see worse. The pain is a no gainer.

Anonymous said...

mm. trivia butmy post was censored (not complaining). catch the tiger by the tail was catch the n*gg*r by the tail. it was a poem I must have heard in less politically correct times. I can only find 2 identical hits of that phrase in google, so I guess it got gollywogged... oops.

maybe Australian PMs shouldnt be alllowed to suck up in the White House as bad things happen every time. just a suspicion.


Chris Busby said...

"This is worrying." - Prof Chris Busby, a British scientist who specialises in the health effects of radiation.

(He) tells the BBC that he "fears authorities are playing down the scale of the disaster."

"This is already a radiological catastrophe. Particularly when talking about the plutonium reactor.
Plutonium can't be detected by the Geiger counter." (sic)

Visible said...

I don't know what your game is Pierre but that's not allowed around here. Go over to Stormfront. They're in to that.

Visible said...

A new Profiles in Evil is up-

Henry Kissinger; a Loathsome Toad..

Michael Boyd said...

Hi Les,

I have been reading your blogs for YEARS starting with Smoking Mirrors (at least since ’04) and now feel the need to comment to you and the beautiful group of people who gather in the comments of your posts.

Two sentences struck me from this article:

"There’s no peace here, only relative piece in a time of waiting and eventually the time of waiting ends."


"…it’s not only the Earth that’s going to be revealing things long hid. Your own being is about to do the same thing.”

The first, only because it’s nice to be reminded that this thing we call “life” is just a temporary deviation from that which is truly LIFE. And we will never actually find any rest of peace here. We do our best, learn our best, if we allow ourselves to be our best.

The second sentence I’ve quoted struck me more. I’ve been very cognizant of changes in the world and how changes affect people. People are becoming, for lack of a better word, WEIRD. People who would never act angrily, for example, snapping at the littlest occurrence. People who would be considered nice and amiable suddenly are complete jerks. All for no reason. Even myself, I am constantly antsy. Everything in my life that I felt certain about (career choice, partnership with my wife of five years) is coming into question. My brain is constantly questioning everything I do. I FEEL…weird. Life FEELS weird.

I am 30 years old. I’ve had my ups and downs in this existence. I have dabbled in every religion and found myself wanting in each of them. This process lead to an understanding of this life, its temporary nature and its illusionary nature. Comfort came with understanding, along with a contentedness of a simple life. Until recently.

Maybe faith in myself, in my choices, in all I do, is being questioned. Or maybe revelations on the personal level are making themselves known. What the heck do I know?

Rereading all of this, I am sure I rambled and deviated from the topics that you wrote about. I really want you to know that a long-time reader appreciates that you still write after all these years, after your writing about things and then yep the world is progressing into the horrible state you said was coming. But it’s no surprise, really, at least not for those who were paying attention.

Thank you for reading, Les and friends. I hope to contribute more with future article comments.

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

The Things that You see When You're Riding out Here.

Anonymous said...

I aint into that Les - at all - , my main background mind radiation on that sort of "tone" is the reading list I have to look up into who was mainly behind the slave trade (the US-Africa one). perhaps Ariadne thread might have been a better term (Jung used it) for the thin initial line to the unconscious - more politically correct. (the wiki page spells out some of the possible derivations of that big bad N word - ok if Richard Prior uses it and with that human meaning?). Hearts of Darkness also suffered from insensitivities to the indigenies.
though I do feel there could be a Nazi like backlash against "them" should the truths break out. History repeats but on what time scale?

my game is psychology, the unconscious, and an inkling of the big stuff.

Visible said...

Good to know.




Joseph Brenner

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