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Killing People Starts with Making them Sick

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‘May the pads of your feet be as cool as the wind, by the stream where you sleep ...and your dreams be filled with rabbits”.

I wanted to order Hernease (Wuhui Yushan) for my condition (now fixed) but the global pharmaceutical, blood sucking octopus is working to stamp out all Ayurvedic, Chinese Medicine and other natural treatments because of their effectiveness in treating something that their products don’t help, except symptomatically, maybe, and for which they cannot collect money. They are going after colloidal silver and all similar substances, which are seriously potent and not harmful. Harmful products are actually desirable to these vampire squid because they can manufacture and sell other products to offset the negative results of those products.

The appropriately named Jim Humble is an American saint who has discovered a wonder cure for many things, including Hepatitis C. Typically when someone comes up with something that the AMA/Pharmaceutical Combine is threatened by; meaning something that works and heals, instead of something that doesn’t work and also is likely harmful as well, you are going to see all kinds of reactions to the item. The first negative article is transparent on the face of it, simply by mentioning the FDA and the EPA as some kinds of authoritative friend and protector of humanity. I suggest you look into how many people are now dead or wish they were because of these agencies. The moron at the keyboard who probably has a Megaphone membership, along with a possible degree in murder and mayhem, doesn’t seem to have a name. Can you find a byline in this article? It must be the same person who writes all those S&MSM articles, where there is never an author mentioned. Why is that?

When you don’t have an author for an article, there is a reason and it’s not a good one. This is a recent phenomenon that is becoming more and more widespread. No one seems to be writing the majority of the things people are reading. There’s a reason for that. My friend Christa/Amarynth recommends this item, MMS, and if there’s someone who is more informed and has more integrity than her, I haven’t met them yet. No doubt the universe keeps a lot of people apart, because they would solve most of the world’s problems in about two days so, to be fair to the monsters killing us; the good guys have to operate under certain handicaps.

I’m not recommending any of these things but I do want to tell you that there are a whole lot of fantastic items out there that might be able to fix what ails you and you should not despair simply because the crocodile Pharma-Swine tell you there isn’t any such thing. (You need to be careful and do the research and MMS has it's backers and detractors so you need to weigh it all against the severity of your situation.) Of course they don’t sell anything like it because it would put them out of business, which is something we should think about doing as soon as we have the means. Hydrogen Peroxide is a marvel but you can’t get it in any strength in Europe.

The rule of thumb is generally that legal drugs are usually no good for you and illegal drugs are definitely better than legal drugs and might actually do you some good; not all of them but they are definitely, on the whole, less toxic than legal drugs. The legal drug people are the same people who also sell you commercial cigarettes and liquor. There was no problem with rampant cancer from smoking, until the manufacturers started putting as many as 13 different chemicals in the paper to make the cigarette more addictive, burn evenly and quicker (so you would need another sooner). Formaldehyde is one of the things they like to party down with. They want you getting used to it before they saturate you in it.

Here’s what I got to say to the powers passing; you don’t tell me what to put in my body and you never will. You don’t tell me how to walk or where. You don’t tell me how to think, nor can you confuse me about the fact that you stink. You can lock me up but only I can imprison myself. You can threaten me if I believe you have the power to make me fear you. You can do what you want and the rain and wind will wash you away and wear you away, until nothing remains but the rain and the wind. You can kiss my dust, because all you will see of me is where I used to be, before I disappeared over the horizon where you cannot follow. You can try to fuck me with your impotence but the only one you ever successfully fuck is yourself. You may not be much good at anything else but you excel at that.

I just said to someone in an email, ‘personal power is another word for human weakness’. It’s what I believe and what I believe will always be stronger than your capacity to instill doubt. The building force in the evidence of absurdity in everything you say and do, is all the proof I need that what I believe is true.

I owe the bad guys for a few things. If it hadn’t been for them and their vicious anti-life activity in every and any endeavor, whose intent is to bring pervasive harm, I would probably never have met so many good people, whose reactions to these schoolyard bullies has brought us to one another’s attention. I might not have seen as clearly as I do what a darkness there is in hearts once human, if ever. I would never have become such an expert on the wrong way, if I hadn’t seen so many people walking in those directions. Bad examples are as much a teaching device as good examples and that’s helpful given the paucity of good examples.

My faith has increased many times over, just from watching the madness that goes on in front of me. Because there is no way that such activity can ever lead to clarity and general well being, I now have a rock solid assurance that someone or something is intentionally driving these miscreants toward the destiny of their choice. It often seems that the weakness of willing submission to evil is not much different than that of conscious evil intent. You’re just as dead and just as lost, either way.

Keep in mind that if you ever do want to get your hands on healing substances, or mind opening essences that all you have to do is have it sent as cosmetics, because they never mess with those and any of the one can easily be made to look like one of the other. The fantastic and unreal claims are already on the tubes and bottles. All you have to do is throw away the reconstituted shit that is in there and replace it with the good shit you prefer to make use of.

I’d like to close by saying once again that no ornate, engraved sheets of paper or fake ID indicating membership in false combines of authority, is ever going to have any effect on how I live and what I do. I already obey the good laws and didn’t need you to point them out to me in the first place. I don’t recognize the power of the Darth Vader militia, created to serve the interests of banks and corporations.. I will feed you the lies you demand that are the currency of your office and the only thing you understand. Having given your lives over to lies, lies now have their own authority over you.

I have a new found respect for bank robbers and imagine that it’s going to become a growth industry, as the reality of who’s been thievin’ who, becomes more and more clear to the most deluded TV dinner eating, couch potatoes around. The liars and the lies have gone to the point that they are a form of entertainment all their own. I stand in awe at the ability of the hucksters and footpads, who can say the things they do with a straight face. That’s one thing I haven’t figured out yet. How can they keep from bursting into laughter at the words coming out of their mouths? I no longer doubt that the Rothschilds have a seat reserved for Satan at their dining table. How could it be otherwise? Those who so readily serve The Lord of the Flies, should keep in mind what a fly’s favorite meal is composed of. They should also keep in mind that you are what you eat. Be sure and tell the chef you prefer to have it served warm.

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Odin's Raven said...

Here's an article about how battery farming spreads MRSA via flies and cockroaches that have become resistant to anti-biotics.

It looks as if the Global Elite have created perversions of nature to reflect their own nature!

Boulderdash said...

Another brilliant post.

I was sensing the beginnings of a cold coming on this morning and was thinking I needed a dose of MMS when I came upon your article and your mention of Jim Humble. He is one of the growing number of health care heroes, who at great cost both financial and personal, are essentially gifting knowledge or products to humanity which will truly cure us of our ills.

MMS is a product I highly recommend along with homeopathy and Qigong for healing. I base this recommendation on personal experience. MMS is truly remarkable in its scope and minimal cost and effort.

I hope you are healing well.

wv-xessemil-sounds like a new offering from big pharma...

Anonymous said...

"Hydrogen Peroxide is a marvel but you can’t get it in any strength in Europe."
Nonsens you can buy it in every German pharmacy.
Whatever strength you like.

Visible said...


He has got serious detractors and committed supporters. He is very polarizing. Now that I've got you here I was wondering if you heard Patrick Willis' latest renderings of two of my pieces (I wondered if you would consider them for WRH)

They are

9/11 Dreaming in a World of Flesh.


Should the Japanese Apologize for Pearl Harbor?

Visible said...


You are incorrect and I have personal experience to the contrary. First of all it was very difficult to find in Germany (Munich) and also I needed to get a prescription to get the stronger version and it was ten times the cost as in the US. I don't know why people make comments like this. You might have asked me what my basis was for saying what I said, anyway... experiences differ and mine has been that H.P. is not easily obtainable in Germany, especially in the higher strength.

Visible said...

Boulderdash; Qigong is phenomenal and as a practitioner of the martial arts I should have been more aware concerning what led to my condition and it wouldn't have happened had I paid attention to certain natural progressions that come with aging. It won't happen again.

Thanks for the good words. Your opinion carries weight with me. That's not the case across the board (grin).

Strum said...

I was thinking about another couple of litmus tests for the list Les, The believing in doctor drugs litmus test, and the climate change litmus test.
No doubt there are others.


Anonymous said...

Hello from Rotten State.
You are on to some of the better things I see.

MMS can blow away malaria in a few hours, though its a quite harsh treatment doing it that fast.

As MMS can do a lot of things much better than a lot of very expensive drugs, its kinda the simplest and safest form of chemo therapy, and since it only costs pennies, of course it cant be allowed by the PTB.
How can you make a huge profit on such a simple chemical reaction?

Here in Denmark its forbidden, only sold under the table.

My Dr. of Med. friend in Germany has become the mayor supplier of MMS for that country, so I know the use is spreading there.

Ayurvedic preps., especially the highly potent metallic Bhashmas are almost impossible to get into Europe.
You have to smuggle them in.

Heres a little historic addendum to the topic:
Goethe was considered a poetic genius, and Schiller even more so.
Schiller died very young.
Some believe he was poisoned.
I dont know if thats true.

But on his house, there is supposedly the symbol of "the knife in the eye" (think movie "clockwork orange"), a masonic symbol for ritual murder.
Kill the best of the goyim maybe?

Scniller owned a pharmacy the "Engels Apotheke".
It was sold to Rothschild, and it grew into what today is Merck.
Nuff said.

Hope your condition has been corrected.

Best wishes


Visible said...

Well, I guess I should make the general announcement that I 'seem to be' doing really well and my mental state is through the roof after nearly two months of non stop discomfort. I'm really looking forward to heading over to the Therme at Badenweiler shortly and some other things that I had to put off for some time. I appreciate the prayers and well wishings and hope that whatever precipitated it has gone into remission (grin).

A good friend of mine (at least I think he's a good friend) just read me the riot act about MMS but there are so many positive tales I can't really discount it. Like I said to him, "it's very powerful had has to be used properly. It's like snake venom. He doesn't like it at all and has his reasons. I'm hoping we can just disagree on the item. I'm not promoting or recommending it. My point was that there are a lot of things out there that can do wonders and a whole lot of things we know about that are shit.

I am expecting someone to give me a couple of million Euro or so (grin) shortly. I don't know why I think that but it's as strong as when I knew I was going to Europe and then wound up there a few months later. I hope it's true. I would really like to form a small community of intrepid souls who want to see what we are capable of.

My best and my enduring thanks to you all. These times are much better than they appear, if only because they are closer to what we've been waiting for than the times previous.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

No one has said anything lately but I know there are those of you who wince every time I use a word you don't approve of. I'm not fond of language cops and I don't believe there are any dirty words, only dirty minds (as the Brucester would say and I use my words judiciously and when I feel it is appropriate.

You are advised not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I heard God say 'Fuck'. That was enough for me.

Being screwed up on religion and pretentious morality is just as bad as being screwed up on alcohol or hard drugs. I don't curse gratuitously. Sometimes they are the only words that fit and I don't cater to tastes, am not employed by anyone here and do not have to meet other people's standards, only my own. I know what real profanity is and you won't find that here.

Visible said...

Often it is not the thing that is bad but the overuse of it. I've heard too many success stories about that item where nothing else worked. That means it can be effective but it requires cautionary awareness. As I have now stated more than once, I'm not promoting any of these things, I'm just talking about conditions that are going on and I would wager many commonly acquired pharmaceuticals are more lethal.

It's important that people understand I promote nothing but the use and acquisition of more love and wisdom. I don't actually know about anything else so I can't say. I'm creating dialogue, that's the important thing and why I go out of my way to provide disclaimers. People might think cauterizing a wound is extreme but under certain conditions it can save your life. I just hope I didn't piss my friend off. He means a great deal to me.

Anonymous said...

Could you share your thoughts about monoatomic gold please?

Nayon said...

It is good to know you're back in great shape.

6 years ago I had a small heart operation. They wanted to stick me with a handfull of pills every day for the rest of my life. I took it one day and felt worse than any nights I spent dropping multiple street drugs during wy youth.

Then I found Linus Pauling who cured heart diseases with vitamine C and lysine. Been fine ever since. It will be a great day when those SOB pill pushers disappear.

Anonymous said...

Words, and dirty words. Strange concept.

I work as a volunteer DJ at a local radio station and am familiar with George Carlin's forbidden words. I can play songs that say "screw" but not "fuck." "Crap" but not "shit." Even more odd, songs can say "piss off" or "pissed" but not "piss" as in take one, but they can say "pee" or "leak." The negative charge applies to the word itself - a collection of letters or a specific sound when spoken - not the activity or thing the words designate. Words are the intermediary, or symbol, for actions or things that we use in communication. They have no meaning in and of themselves; we give them their meaning. How can a word (symbol) be obscene or offensive but not the object the word describes?

Visible said...

I don't know anything about monoatomic gold. Never heard about it until this moment but there is so much of which I am unfamiliar and I am not naturally geared toward these sciences, except in terms of bodywork/Shiatsu and a little of this and a little of that.

10:49 that is precisely what is meant about dirty words as opposed to dirty minds.

John C. said...

Hi There
I totally agree you on the power of positive nutrition. My health tool kit of the 21st century currently contains...food grade H2O2, homemade colloidal silver (grab that .999 fine silver wire while you can and get some rechargeable 9v batteries and a solar charger and you're set) , Vit C, high quality MSM and vit. D3...

These I bring to my home in India when I travel there from the US.

I've been around MMS for a few years and loads of people I know swear by it, but I've been thrown off by the overwhelmingly complicated directions, so I've not tried it as of yet...

Keep up the awesome contributions!

Peace & Love to y'all!
Nature bats last!

Anonymous said...

thanks for that info mr visibles,just been out to get some hp,as I have had a chest and throat infection for a long time now,the doctor where I live only wants to give me seizure pills,I think he thinks their smarties or sweets or something not a derivitive of rocket fuel or some weird poison that I have heard about,as I havent had a seizure for a long time and after they couldnt find anything wrong with me after wiring me up to all sorts of strange devices,I thought it was a bit odd that he actually had the cure, found out that seizure drugs were the third biggest earner for big pharma,

anyway thanks for that info does this mean you wont be in italy in about 4 weeks time?..respects neil

Murphy151 said...

Hi Les,

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Reading this piece, I was struck by the enormity of this battle against age old wisdom (natural healing).

I think a library of methods, ointments, solutions for ailments would be a fitting addition for the new Shangri La community and all mankind to be fair (with appropriate disclaimers to keep the liars in check). Political correctness i.e. disclaimers are designed to stop humans sharing (love) and therefore are of no use to us.

I still remember some of the old cures from youth like boiling nettles and drinking the juice to cure teenage acne. It wasn't a praticular problem for me so I don't know if it worked but I do have a lot of respect for what I learned from 'old' people as I grew up.

We are in danger of losing so much of this wisdom and it would be such a kick in the nuts for the pharmacidal maniacs if we could reverse the tide of utter shit coming from their rules and regulations.

For the record, I concur; illegal drugs are far less toxic than the prescription and off the shelf variety. As with everything, the secret is moderation (in everything).

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

My medicine kit is rather small and easy to travel.

I've had this same kit for some thirty years. I'm 57.

My kit contains iodine, food grade H2O2, castor oil, old fashion sulfa powder, zinc tablets, vitamin D3 (winter), vitamin K and a pint of Jim Beam. (emergencies) I don't drink.

And I always have plenty of vinegar handy for everything from A-Z.

I have been sick one time in the last thirty + years.
This was Kuwan flu which I caught recklessly exposing myself to a known infected person.
It was a horrible horrible illness I wouldn't wish on anyone.

Since then... nothing.

The biggest part of staying healthy is avoiding those who are infected and their infectious stomping grounds.

Anonymous said...

Les and All,

Cliff has an update on his website that puts some ever-unanswered questions to rest. Very interesting and informative, and in lanquage that the non-scientific mind can wrap around.


amarynth said...

Les, you're words are exceedingly kind. I hope I can learn to live up to them, and to the love.

Last thing I will do is argue about MMS or colloidal silver or certain essential oils or other vinegars or bentonite clay. All I can say is that I know practically and in-depth some of the benefits of these substances. I have practically and first and second hand seen these things and others assist in helping to create miracles - to this day and continuing. I also have had much interaction with Jim Humble ... his name tells all. Authentic Food (thanks Elliot Coleman for these words - do remember, organic is now a marketing term) also is health giving medicine if you learn how.

Those that want more information specifically about the uses of MMS, colloidal silver, tea tree oil and oil of oregano in life threatening conditions, are welcome to contact me. I can tell what I know but this is not (yet) the whole truth (grins). Most, I would even go as far as to say all, problems with these alternative (and old) methods are tied to incorrect usage in some form or another.

There is a reason why these (old) remedies are being legislated out of existence. They are cheap and they don't buy into the agenda of those that consider themselves the 'masters of the universe'. Free energy and authentic food makes people physically unslaved (thanks Michael Tsarion for that word!)

M. Rocknest said...

Yeah, and that goes for me too -- every word you wrote, that is.

BTW I'm loving PW's renditions. Your words with that voice are a perfect blend. The first one I listened to blew me away and since they are coming out with such welcomed frequency now, I don't think I'll ever get back to where I was before I came in.

Anonymous said...

corporation dinosoars
industrialising death
calculating profits
dispensing in distress
prospecting suffering
distributing pain
prolonging discomfort
contaminating the whole aim
of healing unconditionly
all you ever could
not manipulating documents
to sell contaminated goods
just to make a profit
no matter what else
the only real outcome
is you sold yourself


Zel said...

Colloidal silver is easy to manufacture yourself, and cheaper than store bought, so while I dislike the banning of a substance on principle, they don't have a prayer of keeping it, or much of anything, out of your hands, if you really want it.

Much of what's going on these days presents you with a binary choice:
a. I will comply.
b. I will not comply.

GTRman said...

Stupefied in the gutters of the new Gin Lane, we’re just where our leaders want us

“Here we go, back down Gin Lane. William Hogarth’s depiction of a country drowning in drunkenness used to feature in the history books of my childhood as a quaint reminder of a debauched past.
We didn’t know how lucky we were. Now it does not seem so distant. In how many homes is drink now a reason for embarrassment, fear, disease, loss and other perils? How many children are growing up with a drunken parent?
In how many hospitals is drink the principal cause of injuries on two or three nights of the week?

In how many towns and cities do we see men and women hopelessly inebriated, sprawled, spewing, incontinent, enraged, violent or dangerous to themselves and others?
Hogarth would not be surprised to see it. During the 2001 Election campaign, Labour – to its eternal shame – texted young voters with the message: ‘Don’t give a XXXX for last orders? Vote Labour on Thursday.’
So in the space of about ten years, a subtle and elaborate system for keeping us out of Gin Lane was dismantled. But why? The group of distinguished doctors who urged higher prices for alcohol last week suggested that politicians were too close to the drinks industry.
This is no doubt true. The Tory Party was always the party of booze. The Prime Minister was for a while on the board of a company that aggressively sought 3am licences for its chain of funky bars.
But what about Labour, the party of Methodism and Temperance and the Band of Hope? Well, that was the bit of Labour they got rid of. Lobbyists from the drink industry were at one stage accused of writing New Labour’s licensing legislation themselves. And if they didn’t, they might as well have done.
I don’t think that money alone explains this.
The people who run this country seem to have a growing desire to see as many of us as possible stupefied, either with alcohol or with cannabis or with trash TV. Perhaps they reckon it is the only way we can be persuaded to put up with the mess they have made.
It’s certainly working. If the leaders of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya had flooded their streets with strong lager and alcopops, instead of relying on thugs and tear gas, they’d probably all still be safe in power.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1361055/Stupefied-gutters-new-Gin-Lane-just-leaders-want-us.html#ixzz1FHfockju

Australia proposes ban on 1000s of plants including national flower

Legislation being proposed in Australia would criminalize most permaculturists, farmers, gardeners, nurseries and bush regenerators by banning any plant that contains DMT – a naturally-occurring hallucinogen. Five plants are currently criminalized, but the new list will include hundreds (possibly thousands) of other species that are common garden plants and include a significant number of common native plants including the national flower, the wattle. [Image: Australia's National Flower, Acacia pycnantha]


Anonymous said...

Colloidal silver is expensive to purchase but it is very simple to make a generator and produce your own. Parts will cost about $20. I've been using it for several years and it works for me.

They sell 3% hydrogen peroxide in the drug stores and that should be strong enough for what ails you. High concentrations are dangerous. I used to work in an industrial setting where we used a strong concentration (can't remember %) and we had to use rubber gloves, rubber suite, and a respirator. If you got it on your skin it would burn the hell out of you.



Anonymous said...

Diane, I read Cliffs update. He put a lot of thought into it. Wish I had his email because I had a some problems with some of it. I sent the following to George Ure but he has a case of the ass for me so he probably didn't forward it. Maybe Cliff follows the Les blog:


Very interesting and well thought out. I also will provide no links because I’m sure you are aware of what I will mention. Astronomers tell us that the planets, especially distant ones , are giving off more energy than they receive from the sun. This is a fairly recent occurrence. Well so much for the conversion of energy into matter and subsequent expansion within each planet, unless they get this energy from a source other than the sun.

As far as E=MC2 I’m sure you understand that a minute amount of matter creates all that energy in a nuclear reaction. Two atoms of hydrogen produces one atom of helium. Not quite. You must take the atomic weight of two atoms of hydrogen minus the atomic weight of one atom of helium X the speed of light. The difference in atomic weights is minuscule but it produces a lot of energy. Taking this reaction in reverse it is apparent that a tremendous amount of energy would be required to produce very little matter. Now factor in planets giving off more energy than they receive. Get the picture.

Remember Admiral Birds trip to the North Pole. Before they shut him up, he claimed he flew into an opening at the top of the earth. Flew into the interior, saw trees and animals. There have been other creditable individuals that have made similar claims. Also doesn’t it seem logical that centrifugal force would hollow out the interior of planets, especially if they were molten? There are many other reasons to support a hollow earth. Check them out.

“….stones would have weighed far less, thus presenting less of an issue in construction.” True but they still would have weighed a hell of a lot, especially for people with primitive tools. Also read up on the Coral Castle in Florida. The dude that built it was 5’4” and weighed 130 lbs. He somehow managed to quarry and transport very large coral stones without the benefit of heavy equipment. Like those of old he discovered a method of suspending the laws of physics as we know them.

Damn, I accidentally clicked on your posting and lost all the highlights. Don’t have time to read it again. Well this will have to do for now. The bit about the dinosaurs is intriguing. I’ve read that blood pressure thing before but it wasn’t tied to a much smaller earth. Good point there. Maybe the dinosaurs were full of hot air like our politicians and their blood just floated wherever necessary.

Good work

Anonymous said...

Great article Les
These people have been curing all sorts of cancers in animals for many years and although their product is meant only for veterinarian use people here have been using it for just as many years, successfully, as I have (for skin cancers) and it works – no surgery, not intrusive at all; it's a cream.
They are a small laboratory tucked away in our rain forest area with no real public exposure until now and even so big pharma are not beating a path to their door.
They reckon they have 7,000 more (rain forest) items on their books as potential cures.
I believe the same type of (cancer) cure is known and used in the American Indian community.

Visible said...

One thing is certain, our present day dinosaurs are full of hot air and shit in equal measures.

I am referring to the Hydrogen Peroxide that is around 7%. IT was ten years ago so I don't remember clearly but that is the number that comes up. What I remember was that I spent several days looking for it and had to go to a doctor to get a prescription finally. What I could get at the pharmacy was not strong enough to kill the mouth infection I had; some kind of an abscess. When I got the strength I wanted it was gone that day.

I don't know how Clif and George feel about me. A number of people that know them personally read here but I suspect there's some amount of wiggle about the Dog Poet thing. I know when it got talked up at the forum there (the old forum) there were a lot of people defending me which made me feel good; probably why I remember it (grin).

You can't get into the new forum (according to a reader who tried to get in there because Feedjit said people were coming to the blog because someone was talking about me there (that would be the logical assumption). And he told me, he's a physician that the person running the forum wanted the equivalent of a blood test and a TSA acanner full workup as well as probably a loyalty oath that could result in death for any violations. He was not amused. In his words he says, "The guy was a real prick. What I told him should have been enough but the guy had all the earmarks of a sociopath from what I could divine"

Now George is a mellow OB-GYN fellow whose middle name is mellow and I've never seen him pissed like that before. He hasn't commented here in several years I don't think, or maybe I missed him but he never misses a post and emails me a lot. Maybe he'll have more to say.

He used to send my posts in to George and sometimes George would print them but he says that hasn't happened in a long time now and he gets the vibe that someone over there doesn't like me and doesn't want the Web Bot crowd associated with me. It's similar to what I ran into with SOTT. They used to print me all the time and now it's very rare. I could say I know why but even knowing, I don't know why.

There's a wide spectrum of blog sites and news gathering locations that stay well away from me but then, there are many who don't. I'm not complaining. I do remember George lecturing me in a sarcastic elder statesman mode when I decided to wax passionate for a few posts but I didn't really have an opinion about it since I knew why I was writing what I did the way I did and no one else did.

Visible said...


It I got annoyed every time someone misread me I would probably be annoyed more than I am which is not much. In any case, I hardly ever even get a negative comment so I've got no complaints and I love the level of the crowd that comes around. It's the biggest compliment of all that so many bright and articulate people would be such regular visitors. I've no doubt a good portion of them are smarter and better informed than I.

At the moment I'm more concerned that a friend of mine might be upset with me because I mentioned MMS. It hadn't entered my mind to promote it since I've never even used it. All I knew was that people I trust do and I was curious to see what people might say. I often mention something or say something a certain way to see what might happen. Then, of course, I'll invariably hear from one person who insists that I said I put it up for these reasons just to cover my tracks, like when I mentioned Alex Jones in a favorable light. It's funny how you have to be near perfect in every way to avoid someone looking for nits. I've apologized any number of times for being wrong now and again and try to make it understood that there is so much I don't know. I can't imagine why someone would be determined to believe I was lying. I'm the only one who would know that anyway. Chatter chatter... was laying in bed for a couple of hours and couldn't sleep and this is the result of that.

I'll tell you, the fluctuations in my energy and the strange variations in room climate and the vibrationary vortexes makes me feel like I'm on a mechanical bull a lot of the time these days. Almost nothing would surprise me at the moment. Obviously there are things I'm not talking about.

Ah well

Visible said...

Whoops! I should clear up that I am talking about Dr, George Ryan trying to get into the new forum. That had nothing to do with George Ure and neither does the forum have any connection with Ure's site or Clif High's. I'm a little dingy right now; hope I don't break my mooring and wind up well out in the ocean in the morning (grin)

Anonymous said...

Have used H2O2 almost every day for the last five years since I blacksalved my skin cancers and watched them ballisticize into melanomic rot. Even the scars are almost invisible now. My ex wife who nurses dying clients and had cancer twenty years ago`tells me she feels twenty years younger since she began treating with Peroxide. The medical charlatan monopolists can't ban it so they pretend it doesn't exist let alone that it is the most important nutrient without exception. Chipsamigo

Anonymous said...

I figured you were referring to two different Georges. Didn't know who the second one was. Anyhow these sites that rarely carry you are doing themselves a huge disservice, especially considering some of the trite that they do carry. Professional jealousy comes to mind. You consistently write high quality material. Plenty of syndicated columnists out there writing for major newspapers that can't hold a candle to you. Just goes to show how unpopular the truth has become.


amarynth said...

Just a clarification. Les used the word 'promote'. It has connotations for me, so I'd like to say I do not promote any of this, i.e., there is no financial gain in telling what I know about these things. We make our own colloidal silver, we have mms powder (sodium chlorite) and make our own as well. Essential Oils and other oils I buy and vinegars I buy. Also, people that are skeptical could read up on clean high oxygen environments.

I don't know why anyone can get angry about mms. If it works for some or for many, it is a good thing. Jim Humble is indeed a hero as Boulderdash said.

We are in a situation where we have 5 home care nurses in various shifts. They took awhile to get used to my methods and each and every one of them, from experience, have now included and incorporated these two products in their own homes, families and extended families.

There is another 'stay out of the hands of big pharma' method, and that is oil pulling for dental health. And for eyes, sun gazing, but don't go into this unprepared and with the wrong info on hand. These alternative methods take time, energetic resources and the willingness to check things out.

Jim Humble has my admiration because he will not sell out, or keep quiet, even to creating a church, not of religion, but of health, in order to try to skip most of the bs.

The only problem I have with alternative medicine, is that we don't have an emergency room we can go to in times of health emergencies. It is time we do!

Anonymous said...

Chipsamigo (or anyone)

can you give a site or info on internal h202 dosing?



the gardener said...

Dear les,

I was in the process of doing one of my cure alls right when I felt the need to check on you to see if you were posting today.

One of the most powerful disinfecting germ killers that does not harm living tissue is the herb THYME. It is listed as 'thymol' in the Vicks VapoRub and Listerine ingredients.

It will cure sore throats, bronchitis, even aspirated pneumonia just by inhaling its fumes as it simmers in a pan of water. Use a pot big enough for your face to fit-bring about 4" of water to a boil, place about a handful of dried or fresh thyme in and let it simmer until you can smell it.

Then inhale it deeply-hit it until you can taste it in your lungs. Keep doing that until you are tired of it 4/5 times.

Let tea cool down and drink a few glasses of it to disinfect the germs inside you. Great for bladder problems and UTIs if you suffer from weak bladder which often accompanies the coughing weird colds we all get now a days.

I use Listerine as a basic disinfectant-the original gold has treated: dandruff and every tooth problem. My father told me an old man told him it will kill the germs that cause gum disease and 'tighten up your teeth'. My father started that protocol and his teeth did tighten up which he'd been losing due to gum disease.

I use it as a disinfectant on skin cuts and cat scratches etc along with gargling for sore throats and infected gums or teeth.

Doesn't seem to matter if it is Dollar Store thyme though organic fresh thyme is very oily and more powerful.

It will cure up baby's and children's snot noses and you can just waft it in infant's and children's noses.

Having gone through the medical wringer due to my now dead husband's congestive heart disease leaving him dead at age 54-and he too entrenched into the very system that only treated symptoms-BADLY- I know what I WILL NEVER DO if I ever have any serious medical condition and that is jump on the med/pharm hamster wheel... as long as they don't have any interest in the cause I don't have any interest in their 'cures'. They are good for mechanical repairs if they don't kill you in the process. My prayers for your hernia were that 'only the best and the brightest come your way to repair you'... that seems like the strongest and yet the most benign praying/focus I've come up with for those who are not well.

the gardener

PS-my brother is having his serious hernia looked at by a doctor this week. How was your treatment? How is your recovery?

Anonymous said...

Hey folks,

Let's not forget about garlic. It's a true panacea. Garlic can be used to treat anything from a nasty case of werewolves to high blood pressure.

Kimchee fan,
Tom Frum

Anonymous said...

So if plants can be illegal does that mean god can be arrested for creating same ?

Just curious.

I look forward to seeing the tazering on youtube and the shit running out of the legs of the blue clown suits attending.

So they say "Be the change you want to see". hmmm

OK how's this for starters.



I expect to be charged and arrested soon. I'm at peace with that.


I drove to my local heath food Store and left my number after speaking to the owner and encouraged him to call me the minute the vitamin police show up. Me and 500 other customers will descend upon the store to say hey what the fuck do you think you're doing to my peaceful brother ! ?

I will fight this corrupt den of inequity.

Do you live by your principles or do you comply because of fear ? There is a price for freedom. I'm gonna pony up.

Do you truly believe all your taxes goto roads and schools ? Why are you complying with murderers and thieves. Calling them Sir and honorable.


For my entire life this planet's hopes and dreams have been trampled by the stay puff marshmallow man called the deficit.

The effin deficit huh. The debt that can never be payed back heh.

Acts and statutes are not Lawful. You need to differenciate between Legal and Lawful.

I answer to only one authority. That is my creator. I do not consent to any other authority. If someone wishes to commit a crime against me that is their choice.

If the TPTW choose to act against me criminally that is the choice they have to live with for eternity.

Walk through any maternity ward on the planet earth and show me a child with "I'm the boss of everyone" tatooted" on their ass.

For those of you with children to support at this time. Know I understand how hard that is for you , while you wish you could speak out, the fear of hurting your children is overpowering. I understand this. Take care of your children , have no shame. I love you and your children and ask only for your prayers.

Thank you for your blog Les.

Patrick V1.0

Anonymous said...

Magnificent light on light.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, about the Hydrogen Peroxide, Brilliant stuff. I use it all the time. Thank god it's freely available in Egypt. They use it in hospitals here because alcohol for disinfecting wounds isn't used much, if at all. You have to get the food grade HP though to use internally, isn't it? HP is very strong, powerful stuff and like all things needs to be used with caution and respect?

The Soup Dragon said...

Les, you can get 35% Hydrogen Peroxide easily on eBay e.g.here in the UK, with postage available to the EU. Just a few drops of this is all you need. :o) This site gives lots of info

Stay well..

Visible said...

Garlic is my number ONE 'go to' herb. There's a nearly 200 page book called "The Book of Garlic" that tells you what this marvel is capable of. Harly a day goes by when I don't eat at least half a bulb. After so many years there is no more garlic smell coming out of my pours. I think you can intuit what that infers.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's another possibility.

When physical substances are difficult to obtain, perhaps one may get a little help from 'invisible friends'!

Visible said...

There's a new Profile's in Evil up-

And then I wound up on Padmasambhava's Lap.

a GrebBear said...

Great Post ))

First, 'FUD' ... Cliff talks of the 'hollow Earth' in one of his radio interviews ... and the only thing WE k-now of that could support this dynamic system of expansion (through centrifugal force) is a black-hole ... for further explanation consult Nassim Haramein.

Second, MMS & MMS2 are rem-ARK-able remedies for "all ailments" !! The only reason the bandwagon isn't FULL is quite simple ... let me attempt to explain. Consider yOUR health as on a pendulum, always moving back and forth on a short cycle, between flawless Health and hopeless non-Health ... the average adult living in the 'toxic soup' created by the dis-Harmony makers, 'rarely' experiences flawless Health, but, despite the gargantuan efforts of the dis-Harmony makers, only the adults who make determined efforts to ignore their intuitions (overwhelming belief in LIMITATIONS) come to a near 'end' of hopeless non-Health.

The 'knock' on MMS & MMS2, when WE 'take it' the pendulum stops swinging, dead in its tracks ... and starts moving towards flawless health, call it a 'health INTERVENTION'. When the 'toxic soup' loses its foothold in OUR bodies ... it feels CRAPPY COMING OUT !! ... most brainwashed adults, consider this 'crappy feeling' to mean they have been duped ... and sadly MMS & MMS2 don't cure STUPIDITY, nor do they allow US to see reality as it IS, rather than as WE want it to be.

i have taken MMS2 well over 225 times and have taken many baths in it as well ... it works, and the body flooded with oxygen, well lets just say AMAZING.

Here is a great starting point:

The reason WE should be very careful with hydrogen Peroxide, is the same reason MMS & MMS2 are so powerful, HP is a stronger oxidizer than the weakest of OUR tissue (the reason WE can't use full strength HP), MMS & MMS2 are also incredibly strong oxidizers (overlooked in the MMS & MMS2 consideration = chlorine dioxide & hypochlorus acid ARE NATURALLY PRODUCED IN "HEALTHY" HuMans = MMS & MMS2 are 'ALREADY' in OUR bodies; but, at too little affect due to 'toxic soup' ingestion), meaning MMS & MMS2 are NOT stronger than OUR weakest tissues = NO HARM to OUR biology = WE can take as much as OUR 'tolerance' for 'toxic soup' removal will personally allow.

ThankS a-gain doG toeP ... always a joy to h-ear YoU thinK out loud ))

... i hope this helps )

a GrebBear

PeaCe LOVE liGHt tRUtH
(- ;
; -)

Anonymous said...

Google for hollow earth - Vedic perspective..

Vedic_Culture_Remains - Hollow Orbs

Lapin Sauvage said...

Hi Les,
As we met on Sunday, you know who I am.
OK :
Monoatomic Gold, also called Ormus, has the unsavoury legend built around it - partly through Laura Knight-J.´s Cassiopean reading, but not only from her - that it will integrate the left and right brain parts, yet in the sense of intense dreaming, very hightened sensibility and it is partly uncontrollable. It would appear, as Ormus elements are bi-density (3rd and 4th)and can actually disappear from the visible plane, that monoatomic gold links up the individual mind with the denizens of 4th density. These appear to be the real powers behind the throne(s), and we all know that they are better to be avoided. I would say that´s too much risk taken, as any healing effects can only be limited and mostly psychic.
MMS 2 should be bought now (for putting into capsules by oneself), as any swimming pool provider will still gladly sell kilos of Calcium Hyperchlorite (!), and that is mms 2. I see a lot of circumstantial evidence cropping up all over that chlorine and chlorine related products will soon be banned : one, from yesterday : "Spanish study shows chlorine in swimming pools to be toxic and should be phased out". Etc.
Keep up the good work,
Lapin Sauvage

Anonymous said...

I want to add in here a natural homeopathic way of losing weight. It is HcG drops, which is a pregnancy hormone, that the body naturally produces when a woman is pregnant. The concept is that you take the drops and eat a restricted 500 calorie diet (i've known some who eat 800 - 1000 calories and have still lost a lot of weight). The hormone drops cause the body to release 2000-2400 calories of fat into your body, so your body has more than 500 calories to nurish itself. The fat that is being released is adipose fat. This is where toxins and heavy metals are stored -- also our emotional traumas as well.

The HcG drops came to me 3 different times during what I would call highly spiritual ways. First time during a tarot reading I was having. The second time from a medium I went to see after my sister died, and last month from a highly conscious woman I know. She said that the HcG diet was from Spirit and that it is Spirit's way of counter acting the Monsanto thugs who have put so much crap into our foods that purposely makes one heavier.

I have lost 20 pounds so far taking the drops and eating below 800 calories a day. I highly recommend researching it if you're interested.

Here is one web site you can check out. www.vibrantlifehcg.com

Where ever you buy the HcG drops, make sure they are homeopathic.

Just wanted to add to the natural rememdies.


Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up

The Weirder it Gets, the Stranger it Looks.

Mike said...

These actions taken by the pharmachemical industry ARE a direct assault on the well being of our person and should be met with violent retaliation as such!

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

Walking Like a Stroke Victim down Heart Attack Lane.

Anonymous said...

You always make me laugh dog but this was especially prophetic:

"I have a new found respect for bank robbers and imagine that it’s going to become a growth industry"

The piece I did a long time ago entitled "Frank and Jesse James, American Legends" gets more hits on a daily basis than anything I have ever done.

Anonymous said...

yep. commenter beat me to it, for another Carlin quote. "it's all about context".

woody allen on being asked if he thought sex was dirty replied "not if you're doing it right".

people used to quote the bible more, I find myself quoting comedians.
that's enough 101 school for me, its the one after 909 that "delivers the goods".

... pierre



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