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Killing People Starts with Making them Sick

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‘May the pads of your feet be as cool as the wind, by the stream where you sleep ...and your dreams be filled with rabbits”.

I wanted to order Hernease (Wuhui Yushan) for my condition (now fixed) but the global pharmaceutical, blood sucking octopus is working to stamp out all Ayurvedic, Chinese Medicine and other natural treatments because of their effectiveness in treating something that their products don’t help, except symptomatically, maybe, and for which they cannot collect money. They are going after colloidal silver and all similar substances, which are seriously potent and not harmful. Harmful products are actually desirable to these vampire squid because they can manufacture and sell other products to offset the negative results of those products.

The appropriately named Jim Humble is an American saint who has discovered a wonder cure for many things, including Hepatitis C. Typically when someone comes up with something that the AMA/Pharmaceutical Combine is threatened by; meaning something that works and heals, instead of something that doesn’t work and also is likely harmful as well, you are going to see all kinds of reactions to the item. The first negative article is transparent on the face of it, simply by mentioning the FDA and the EPA as some kinds of authoritative friend and protector of humanity. I suggest you look into how many people are now dead or wish they were because of these agencies. The moron at the keyboard who probably has a Megaphone membership, along with a possible degree in murder and mayhem, doesn’t seem to have a name. Can you find a byline in this article? It must be the same person who writes all those S&MSM articles, where there is never an author mentioned. Why is that?

When you don’t have an author for an article, there is a reason and it’s not a good one. This is a recent phenomenon that is becoming more and more widespread. No one seems to be writing the majority of the things people are reading. There’s a reason for that. My friend Christa/Amarynth recommends this item, MMS, and if there’s someone who is more informed and has more integrity than her, I haven’t met them yet. No doubt the universe keeps a lot of people apart, because they would solve most of the world’s problems in about two days so, to be fair to the monsters killing us; the good guys have to operate under certain handicaps.

I’m not recommending any of these things but I do want to tell you that there are a whole lot of fantastic items out there that might be able to fix what ails you and you should not despair simply because the crocodile Pharma-Swine tell you there isn’t any such thing. (You need to be careful and do the research and MMS has it's backers and detractors so you need to weigh it all against the severity of your situation.) Of course they don’t sell anything like it because it would put them out of business, which is something we should think about doing as soon as we have the means. Hydrogen Peroxide is a marvel but you can’t get it in any strength in Europe.

The rule of thumb is generally that legal drugs are usually no good for you and illegal drugs are definitely better than legal drugs and might actually do you some good; not all of them but they are definitely, on the whole, less toxic than legal drugs. The legal drug people are the same people who also sell you commercial cigarettes and liquor. There was no problem with rampant cancer from smoking, until the manufacturers started putting as many as 13 different chemicals in the paper to make the cigarette more addictive, burn evenly and quicker (so you would need another sooner). Formaldehyde is one of the things they like to party down with. They want you getting used to it before they saturate you in it.

Here’s what I got to say to the powers passing; you don’t tell me what to put in my body and you never will. You don’t tell me how to walk or where. You don’t tell me how to think, nor can you confuse me about the fact that you stink. You can lock me up but only I can imprison myself. You can threaten me if I believe you have the power to make me fear you. You can do what you want and the rain and wind will wash you away and wear you away, until nothing remains but the rain and the wind. You can kiss my dust, because all you will see of me is where I used to be, before I disappeared over the horizon where you cannot follow. You can try to fuck me with your impotence but the only one you ever successfully fuck is yourself. You may not be much good at anything else but you excel at that.

I just said to someone in an email, ‘personal power is another word for human weakness’. It’s what I believe and what I believe will always be stronger than your capacity to instill doubt. The building force in the evidence of absurdity in everything you say and do, is all the proof I need that what I believe is true.

I owe the bad guys for a few things. If it hadn’t been for them and their vicious anti-life activity in every and any endeavor, whose intent is to bring pervasive harm, I would probably never have met so many good people, whose reactions to these schoolyard bullies has brought us to one another’s attention. I might not have seen as clearly as I do what a darkness there is in hearts once human, if ever. I would never have become such an expert on the wrong way, if I hadn’t seen so many people walking in those directions. Bad examples are as much a teaching device as good examples and that’s helpful given the paucity of good examples.

My faith has increased many times over, just from watching the madness that goes on in front of me. Because there is no way that such activity can ever lead to clarity and general well being, I now have a rock solid assurance that someone or something is intentionally driving these miscreants toward the destiny of their choice. It often seems that the weakness of willing submission to evil is not much different than that of conscious evil intent. You’re just as dead and just as lost, either way.

Keep in mind that if you ever do want to get your hands on healing substances, or mind opening essences that all you have to do is have it sent as cosmetics, because they never mess with those and any of the one can easily be made to look like one of the other. The fantastic and unreal claims are already on the tubes and bottles. All you have to do is throw away the reconstituted shit that is in there and replace it with the good shit you prefer to make use of.

I’d like to close by saying once again that no ornate, engraved sheets of paper or fake ID indicating membership in false combines of authority, is ever going to have any effect on how I live and what I do. I already obey the good laws and didn’t need you to point them out to me in the first place. I don’t recognize the power of the Darth Vader militia, created to serve the interests of banks and corporations.. I will feed you the lies you demand that are the currency of your office and the only thing you understand. Having given your lives over to lies, lies now have their own authority over you.

I have a new found respect for bank robbers and imagine that it’s going to become a growth industry, as the reality of who’s been thievin’ who, becomes more and more clear to the most deluded TV dinner eating, couch potatoes around. The liars and the lies have gone to the point that they are a form of entertainment all their own. I stand in awe at the ability of the hucksters and footpads, who can say the things they do with a straight face. That’s one thing I haven’t figured out yet. How can they keep from bursting into laughter at the words coming out of their mouths? I no longer doubt that the Rothschilds have a seat reserved for Satan at their dining table. How could it be otherwise? Those who so readily serve The Lord of the Flies, should keep in mind what a fly’s favorite meal is composed of. They should also keep in mind that you are what you eat. Be sure and tell the chef you prefer to have it served warm.

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