Sunday, March 06, 2011

Row, Row, Row your Boat, Down the Nightmare Stream

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well, it’s that time again to take a swim in the Petri Dish. I would suggest using the backstroke. Actually I would suggest full scuba gear.

However this may bring a chuckle to the minds of my detractors, I don’t want to be an alarmist and I don’t think I am. Everything I’ve been talking about this long while, can be seen by looking through your window, walking through the manufactured landscape, or strolling the internet. The only place you won’t find it is in the S&MSM media, wherever it may be. The reason for that is that the people behind all of the bad things that are happening, own the S&MSM. It is their informational mouthpiece.

I’ve puzzled about the gullibility of people, concerning their acceptance of bald faced lies and ridiculous extrapolations upon the absurd, usually woven out of whole cloth by the corporate looms, who add the color and the music to the excrement you watch and wear, snort and smoke, eat and drink. Years ago before the internet, when I was reading history, I would ask myself, “Why didn’t those people leave? Why did they remain when they could see it coming over such a length of time?

I’ve puzzled over how people lived and the conditions they lived in. I’ve puzzled over the things they were after; what they valued, how they measured each other and what happened to people as a result of these criteria. I saw so many of the same things going on around me and I tried to fit in, now and then but that wasn’t happening... even when I tried to fit in it wasn’t enough, because my presence wasn’t desired in what is referred to as normal life.

I see things happening right now that ought to scare the shit out of a certain spectrum of the people, but they think ‘might means right’ includes them ...and that one of the primary purposes of the monster they created is to protect them, when it intends to eat them. You see things like this and any ‘truly’ normal mind would ponder the need and would realize there isn’t any, unless the need is to control the populace against the eventual collective outrage, at their increasing abuse at the hands of the ruling class.

I didn’t fully appreciate how corrupt Bill Clinton was, until I saw him hanging out with the Bushes. You hear a lot about working across the aisle. The Congressional Hypocrite in Charge, Joe Lieberman, likes to talk about that while he is serving Israel 100% of the time. Only a fool wouldn’t see the implications of something like this but America has no shortage of them. Something like this would tell someone of even normal intelligence, who possessed some degree of objective reasoning, that if Bill Clinton was the first black president, then Bwak! Obama is the first Jewish president, accent on Zionist.

A normal person would know that 9/11 was an Inside Job, after just a casual observation of the evidence. He might have to look only a little deeper to see that Israel was primarily behind it, as they have been behind so many odious acts. Until this criminal banking syndicate, disguised as a country, is given pariah status and ejected from all positions of power, world-wide, except for the right to keep to themselves, there can be no peace on this Earth.

I’ve seen the big lies that have endured through the centuries and I have seen the enormous falsehoods, constructed in the last century ...and it is clear to me that ‘something’s gotta give”. People have allowed themselves to be spoon fed into a numbing stupidity. They don’t question much and that has puzzled me and I have explored it much, of late.

I think the reason that most of the world perambulates in the cruel shoes of delusion and ignorance is associated with several interfacing causes. Keep in mind that those who do see the truth are officially designated as delusional. Part of it is Karma caused by people willfully blinding themselves to the higher truths, for personal gain and pleasure. This has caused blindfolds to be placed upon their eyes. Part of it is fear, which displaces Love and which causes shadows based on light blocking, which prohibits illumination. Part of it, is the insistence that one possesses knowledge, when the only knowledge they possess is mostly manufactured for the profit of the ruling class. Part of it is the apprehension of personal isolation and being alone. Why would one prefer the company of a roomful of fools, to the blissful intoxication of a unity within, for the superficial appearance of unity with those who have no loyalty to anything but lies, composed for the profit of the ruling classes?

The biggest problem lies in not wanting to be disenfranchised from the community. The biggest problem is fear of the unknown. The sufferance of any indignity and confinement is preferable to accepting that the world is mad and learning to live beyond it.

I am saying all of this, because it should be apparent by now, that if you can get out of any of the places where fascism is going turbo, that time is now. I’ve been in Europe for 11 years and I have seldom ever needed my passport and only when I was crossing borders and I am seldom asked. If you have an income then you could go most places and be fine as long as you didn’t want to leave. If you know the right days and times, you can drive through many borders, without being monitored. There are illegal immigrants everywhere and they seem to manage. You can make a good case for seeking political asylum now, given what is happening in the US and the Crown colonies.

Well, let’s hope I’m wrong but I feel it needs to be said. The point of founding a community is that one can be contained in it and, given that the members were well behaved and discretionary sorts, a lot of asylum could be made available; just thoughts thrown out into the ozone, as something to think about. Depending on what you believe in, you could well be safe anywhere. I can’t answer for the conditions of personal karmas. All I can say is listen to your inner voice. Everyone gets warned. Most people have gotten used to ignoring these warnings, due to the imperatives of the personal will.

It should be clear that Governor Walker is an example of a growing force with the force of the banks and corporations behind it. They make the laws and enforce the laws, which mean they own to laws up to a point and the ratio is changing with every new day.

I’ve got my own feelings about what’s what and a general idea of what it all looks like. I don’t know how it’s going to play out. I do know what is behind all of it; all of it and that answers for me, now and forever. I do not suggest that my faith and awareness is greater than anyone else’s. I’m only saying that’s how it shakes out for me. My point in bringing it up, is merely to establish my basis for what I rely on. I’m no more immune from the assaults of the times than anyone else and my recent experiences bear that out, having been slammed by yet another physical condition that leads me to believe in the possibility of astral attacks. I probably should have taken steps to protect myself against it earlier. As soon as I did, the condition began to depart. I would suggest to everyone that you consider other causes instead of the ones we are used to assuming. Because...

...with everything I said previously about Karma and the rest, there are some strong negative forces coming to bear on us, depending on what we are up to, both the good and the bad, although the bad probably recognize them as good (grin). We’ve gotten so far off track that the most insane and insipid of things have been given the sanest and most interesting faces and we all buy into them with obvious assent or tacit approval. Knowing something is a lie and pretending it is not, is worse than not knowing the difference.

It’s true that big changes are coming; boy are they ever. But you can make changes of your own based on no more than a wing and a prayer. On a bad day, with a bad move, you can throw the ball against the wall, but you can also run toward the wall and catch it before it bounces and creates effects. Think about this in reverse; sort of. Throw the ball against the wall and let it bounce where it wants to, directed by the belief in your effort and the certainty that you are being looked out for. It works for me. This doesn’t mean to do anything at all and should not be a suggestion to do so. It means you should maybe listen to that internal radio and hear what’s being said.

End Transmission.....

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Neko Kinoshita said...

I said what I was doing and my intent when I shed my clothing on Origami the other day.

I'll just stand and wait for indication. My little steps are moving in the direction I am being led.

I have heard the clues passed to me by others in our community (thanks Erik, Laurie, and all the rest of you, you know who you are). The anger has to leave; there is too much joy to allow yourself to be brought down by dust.

Everyone has their own symbols and images to relate, here is one of mine: You must sleep when you are tired, eat when you are hungry, drink when you are thirsty, and fight when you are threatened.

When the ball comes in my direction, I’ll be ready to catch it and throw it against the wall. Those inner voices and invisible friends have not steered me wrong yet.

Waiting and watching in the alley,

Anonymous said...

Les- as far as first jewish president, obummer is not the first, there have been several including president rosenfelt, er, FDR....

love your work.

Dan said...

I was making my daily visit and was thinking about how the "bad" things seem to be speeding up. Thought I'd mention that when I got here but you already know that.

I won't be seeking safety elsewhere because I have loved ones "stuck in the web" here in Amerika. When "fate" allows me to leave this sewer, I want to be completely gone.

Much love to you and keep writing please. Your words are such a comfort in this insanity.


A,Mouser said...

Waiting on the woo - but fearing its actual manifestation.
Afraid of the unknown - but sickened by the present known.
Rumours of food stuffs and supplies becoming unaffordable and/or scarce in the near future.

I recall the saying: careful what you wish for.

Thank you Les for being an even keel in these turbulent waters.

Maybe we are sailing to a new world, one that is still only folklore as America was before it was 'discovered'.

When we arrive let us remember not genocide and reservate the indiginates already there.



Anonymous said...

I awoke with a great sadness this morning. The masses of sheeple are so close to the slaughterhouse now and yet they continue forward with a sombie like momentum. Herded by the intertia of years of delusion.

We should be prepared for the biggest changes in humanity's history. This is the final act of a very dark play. Will the lights turn on or will they go out leaving a darkness never before experienced.

Funny that you mentioned political asylum, I have been pondering the same thing...

Row row row your boat.... As the boat fades into the mist. Who knows what lies ahead?


Avops said...

Hey Les.........

Those pics of Rahm and Obama almost made me toss my breakfast!

The rolling snowball is now so big, the only excuse for not seeing it would be complete blindness, and even that would not be a valid excuse! Even with closed eyes the roar of the impending change is impossible to ignore..........

Keep on keeping on,

Peace and Love....Avops

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

I don't see any doom and gloom on the horizen........perhaps I'm a deaf, dumb and blind kid. Where I'm at the sun is shining and Spring is in the air. Spring always brings hope.


Tom Frum

thought criminal said...

As Muddy Waters sang in "Herbert Harper's Free Press News" by Sidney Barnes and Robert Thurston, "Where you gonna run to, tell me, where you gonna hide?" the point being that if we must face the enemy somewhere, it might as well be where we are most comfortable (which, for me, means the country of my birth).

kikz said...

oh yeah, i feel neil bush's love for edu and america's useless eater spawn.

color me not surprised the link didn't mention his Ignite! edu. sftwr co and his attempts to hook another mainline "no bid contract" drain (aka matrix) into the already hog-trussed educational cash cow, just next to the 'school book publishers' drain.

..but, it's for the kids and their future...... (puke)

storm's a comin...

Visible said...

Remember folks, I'm not recommending that anyone go anywhere. You can be perfectly safe in the most perilous environments; I was. What I'm trying to say is listen to the intuition because it's broadcasting on both personal and wide bands.

amarynth said...

Uhm, reading my mind again are you? Just yesterday I was railing and cussing over at Shangri-La and saying that location suddenly has become of greater importance.

Perhaps location should be where these madmen hold a lesser sway. But then, the evil is almost traveling through the air. And this is why we should be close to one another in a space where we can support and love and in greater numbers stand, live and love.

Thank-you for your words Les. I have never seen anyone that can describe the zeitgeist like you do and I appreciate it so much!

Anonymous said...

yep that old stink,is really starting to smell foul,but I suppose if the people are happy to live with a dead pig rotting on the living room floor with all sorts of weird flys buzzing round it,thats up to them...

nicely said mr visibles...

respects neil

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, by necessity or by change of heart, people will at least begin to become civilized enough to even begin to become..

"In all the round world of utopia there is no meat. There used to be. But now we cannot stand the thought of slaughterhouses. And in a population that is all educated and at about the same level of physical refinement, it is practically impossible to find anyone who will hew a dead ox or pig. We never settled the hygienic aspect of meat-eating at all. This other aspect decided us. I can still remember as a boy the rejoicings over the closing of the last slaughterhouse." -H.G. Wells

Anonymous said...

Can I say, I read a book in 1976 (age 16 then) called The Vision,by David Wilkerson,who also wrote The Cross And The Switchblade,which I havent read.
This book opened my (eyes/mind)and I've been watching and seeing it all-not all but most things comin' down ever since,except over the years it just grew and blossomed into the biggest pile of shit I could'nt imagine.
I've been waiting for it to hit the fan for a long (to long)time .
Over the course of my life, I've had many hard knocks(lessons) like you and most all people, but I've also had the opportunity to experiance many, many Highs. Especially the last year and a half.The One has put me in my position in life and I'm good with that.I've accepted my mortality and always strive for spirituality.

You Les, and your readers/commenters have given me much more my life

Peace of Mind, Love and Hope.

To All, Thank Yoooooo !!!
Love is The Way.

Walking Hawk

wv.cense : am i making any ?

Liz said...

This was like a Sunday go to meeting post for me, sitting here reading and saying, yeah, uh huh, that's right. I got nothing except the knowledge that everything required for this mission is within, trusting that, and if it says jump, I'm jumping. Love to all

Anonymous said...

Oh, and also if it helps others,just remember, dying is the easy part, just gettin' there is hard.
Walking Hawk

flying gecko said...

Hi Les, great to read your stuff. Yeah, I guess in this time of Kaliyuga it becomes increasingly important to network among people who are able to see things from a wider perspective and to use our minds' energy to create a counter-current to the raging madness around us. Love from madhouse Kerala! :-)

Terrance said...

Hello Mr. Visible...The Borg have managed to convert another planet to the nonsense of " political correctness" . Resistance is futile... The manipulation of the bio-electric matrix, to stop the graduation of the planetary spirit, is not working. The dark spike in the gulf of Mexico is a big fuck you to all of us. If they can' t have the planet, nobody can have it! Listen to your intuition because we are rapidly nearing the END! Graduation! Time ! This galaxy game is almost over...Oh by the way, we are Earthers , not earthlings, another put down by the powers that were....Les you are an anchor and I love you brother...

Anonymous said...

I like your site. For myself, nowadays, I just feel...bewildered and disconnected. Mostly sad, because I grew up I the late 60s/70s, and I'm left thinking it wasn't supposed to be this way. you know? And in the last decade I've had to unlearned so many things, I was so so Midwestern ignorant, even tho I never fit in anyway. Not Christian, the horror.

so sad. My people, they think if they could just be "free" to make everyone else either Christian or willing to lie about would be good. Forget the Constitution and respect Christian principles instead. They don't care how many people lie, how hollow that "faith" becomes when its coerced, or what license that gives any government to tell THEM what to believe, maybe someday, because they've made that possible. They just don't see that surrendering belief to a will of the majority isn't right. It isn't even righteous, because their own belief tells them God judges individually, not by group opinion. You can't force faith! But in any case, how can they possibly believe their government will always support their religion, or that Christians are the majority in this world? I'm not that bright, so how do I get it, you know? Bewildering.

I'll feel sorry for them, with their Sunday schools and cute little churches, nice clothes and hats. I'd miss them, its part of the identity of my hometown. If it happens that, oh I don't know, our nation gets bought out by folks who aren't Christian, that could all be taken from them, and its not like it hasn't happened before. Maybe a devastated economy means our businesses and properties get sold to foreign peoples and governments. I'll feel badly for them if their government stops representing them, as it already has in many other ways. But nevermind, put prayers in school, ban abortion and gays and poor people, somehow that's Christian too. Let's waste all our time and resources fighting over all that.

I'll feel almost as bad for them ad I do for the many people they have been busy hating for so long. The people they would like to get rid of, and there are so many. I guess I just thought our people knew better. I was raised to expect better from my people than what we've become, tho in looking back I can't understand why. Seems like they were just waiting to go nuts, and "normal" ppl just go along. I just feel done. and I'm not fighting them anymore, because I was REALLY fighting FOR them. I'm done. Done now.

I'm sorry this is so long, I haven't written anything for a while.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the congregation hall you provide already, les.

I was feeling more hopeless and alone again (these feelings come and go and seem to always self balance away). And I went searching for you and of course you were here and of course you were talking about what I was feeling so low about.

As much as I would love to think of a like minded community-until a whole lot more sorting and healing goes on, I know I'd hate to get in anyone's way or have any in my own whilst I go through the processing of the energies.

Cleaning, grounding, centering-making myself smile instead of etching yet another worry/grief line on my face. Knowing that those who can't/won't see are not my problem nor will they be.

You set my keel steady stable again this morning-thank you les. I am always with you in spirit.

Anonymous said...

After waking up from a lifetime sleep, into reality, which is worse than any nightmare I ever had while sleeping, my first inclination was to run, fast as possible and as far away as possible. This was because, upon awakening, I realized that I was born into the largest “talmudic” nation on earth and it’s not israel, but it is the USA (or more accurate “JewSA” or as more and more realize – United Slaves of Israel (USI)). I wanted out – immediately and to anywhere not under the “Talmudic spell”. Then it occurred to me that “talmudization” of entire globe is in full-speed ahead mode. Seems to me – there’s nowhere –in the physical realms on this planet that are now “safe” from “them”. So, better to take the advice of Les Visible –(my adaptation - become less visible and) look inward to find infinite soul/wisdom.
oh by the way; if Obama’s grandparents were “neo-pharisees”, then his Mama was “neo-pharisee” and of course this means Obama is “neo-pharisee” – which may explain reasons for just one more of the greatest obfuscation, re-direct-attention propaganda campaigns (that “they” are so expert at). And y’all thought he was a Muslim …Jokes on the non-neo-pharisee – again and as usual few to none get it
p.s. go Vegan – it’s a Karmic thing; also demand (in polite fashion) of the Love-Wisdom to enter your soul to guide and walk with you (and this will be so…)
and Thank you for your works Les Visible!

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

About an hour ago I was looking over the headlines list on and it occurred to me that you can tell simply by looking at those headlines that TPTB are purposely letting out information about what they're doing as a low-intensity form of terror against us. They want to send the subconscious suggestion that they're invincible and can therefore do anything they want and there's nothing we can do about it. But like I said, they're doing it mostly on a subconscious level so that they can keep it going with minimal opposition on the surface level. Michael Hoffman in his book titled 'Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare' made this statement in regard to it:

"If the truth of what the cryptocracy has perpetrated is grasped and acted upon, the consequences for the conspirators will be annihilation. But if the people fail to perceive the truth or fail to act on their perception, thus rendering into the Process a kind of tacit consent born of apathy, amnesia, and abulia, the consequence for the conspirators will be a giant-step in the advancement of their system of control, that is to say, ever tighter bonds of enslavement for humanity.

Why does the crypocracy bother to gamble so much by going public with what it is doing to us? Because consent fuels their control like no other form of energy." P. 56.

What is most disheartening about all of this to me is that most of the people I know get their 'information' about what's going on in the world from Fox News and/or CNN. I have gotten to the point now where I refuse to discuss politics or world events with anyone who gets their 'info' from Fox News (or CNN or MSNBC, etc.). I try early in the discussion to figure out if that's where they're getting their ideas and I'll politely ask them if it is so. And if they say 'yes', I'll back out of the debate. I'm getting pretty good at doing it without coming across as arrogant or offensive. I can usually pull it off simply by changing the subject. But if one of them keeps pushing it I'll put up with it for awhile but will soon put a stop to it by telling them that they're brainwashed and that I refuse to debate anything with someone who is brainwashed. Then I kind of laugh about it in the hope that they'll laugh too and that will be that. And it works more often than you would think. Maybe because they know in their heart that they really are brainwashed and that by defending themselves about it would be a form of lying about it. That is except for a case where you run up against a narcissist, because a narcissist will lie through his teeth all day long in order to prove (to himself) that you're wrong and he's right. Unfortunately there are a lot of those in the world today, especially in the English-speaking countries.

Skead Boy said...

This is not new, of course. The first mention of it that I know is "...and darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples..." Isaiah 60:2. We do indeed live in a state of gross darkness. But it goes on - "but the Lord shall rise upon thee..." It is unpleasant and it will get worse. But the prophesy is that it will also get better.

Anonymous said...

corporate criminals
and governments exposed
neo pharisitical behaviors
of cold hearts closed
factors unworkable
knots tied inside
down goes the system
shattered and despised
scattered to the winds
dispersed far away
back to the dust
for corruption disaray
its path was paved
in delusion and deceit
but the people uprising
to reclaim the seat


Anonymous said...

if cheap livable buildings are needed at shangri-la,I was thinking about building something out of plywood and eco foam and wrapping it in a breathable roofing felt in a geodisic design as this would be cheap,I think we could build something 4,mtrs round for about £1500 -£2000 6 or 7 mtrs about £2500 internal decoration would cost more but I think you would only need to paint it and tile the floor maybe put a wood burner or some form of heating device in aswell...

anyway respects neil

Visible said...

I'm a big fan of geodesic structures but isn't ferrocecement, chicken wire and lath pretty inexpensive as well?

Anonymous said...

you know what mr visible's we could probably build it out of whatever we wanted too..the most expensive materials or just a few sticks and bits and pieces lying around,also have a book with some info on thatching and stuff around somewhere,I suppose the possibilitys are endless,I know one thing shangri-la needs a physical presence...neil

QuietBear said...

You speak truth, Brother...
TPTW, count on the fact that no one will look... The controlled mass, won't look at the truth of what is happening, nor will they look within themselves... They have been convinced it will hurt too much if they do...
TPTW, count on this, and use all of the power they have left to make sure this doesn't occur, because they know that it will end them in an instant...

When people have been raised in a colossal lie that encompasses most of life, they see the truth as the lie... They can look the truth straight in the eye and say that it is a lie... How can this be?

What it takes first, is to be 1000% honest with oneself... It takes battling the voices in the head that people think is their true Self, when in fact it is their true enemy...

When I began my walk on the shamanic path, stepping into this form of Self honesty is the very first thing that I had to accomplish before I could move farther along in my path of heart; The path I was meant to walk, during this particular incarnation...

Do I think that most other humans here today can look into the "mirror of self reflection" and implement a life-style of 1000% Self honesty?
Nope. Being honest with me, I have to say that the training/indoctrination/mind-control of TPTW is too deeply embedded within the subconscious of the masses...

The fact that there are others that do, such as yourself, is one of the reasons I get up from sleep each day...
Knowing there are others such as yourself, ultimately gives me strength to face the darkness that seeks to enfold us within its (seemingly) iron grip...

Thanks for speaking your Truths, as you do...

Visible said...

And it shall have one. I mentioned that on the radio show tonight.

siamsam said...

Truer words never spoken Les.

I think it was Rockafella that said that Maos' China was the ideal model for the world. Well let me say, having worked in China, God help us. (simple as that)

Also, most of east asia including - Sinapore, Middle East - all, and most of heavily industralized EU all have virtualy slave labour shipped in from around the world.

This is the ideal - and I know 100% for sure that this is real. Salve labour and misery is the ideal for these sick fucks.

God bless

Blockhead said...

Is it realistic to believe that planet earth holds plenty of resources for everyone to have the kind of lifestyle enjoyed by middle and upper class people in various parts of the world, not the least of which are people living in america and europe? What, do we suppose, will occur when everyone expecting a piece of pie discovers that all the pie has been eaten up by those making pie-in-the-sky promises?

The barbecue is at a standstill -- all the meat is gone;
Heaps of demolished bones cover the ground,
But the barbecue-goers continue to hang around.

Drool-drenched tongues lick greasy chops;
Meat-seeking eyes seek for prey than can be caught,
Civilized smiles disguise cannibalistic thoughts.

I know, says a charming man,
Let’s all kneel and pray;
Surely our butcher will hear our prayer,
and send more meat our way.

The barbecue is at a standstill -- all the meat is gone.
An expedient multitude quickly kneels down,
and prays that more meat will soon be found.

I know, says a sinner man,
We don’t need more steaks and ribs.
Bread and grape jelly would be sufficient;
We ate it all the time when we were kids.

For those absorbed in the bliss of popular prayer,
It’s not a human voice they hear, but an oink and a squeal;
And with praises of thanksgiving on their lips,
They anoint sinner man with barbecue sauce,
and continue their meal.

The barbecue is over; everybody’s gone.
The fowls of the air come swooping down,
to pick at the skeletons that litter the ground.

Anonymous said...

well I'm looking forward to shangri-la,and will listen to the radio later if i can get it to load....neil

Anonymous said...

I've posted this before but I think it bears repeating.

Ridiculing the ridiculous is the best revenge.

Painting/posting the following 2 things anywhere and everywhere would go a LONG way towards waking people up to this ridiculousness.


Make a Flag, just like the US Flag, but with 50 Blue Hexagrams on a white background and Blue Stripes instead of Red Stripes.

IF lots of people were to post these 2 suggestions where ever they could, even if it's just spray painting it on walls, it'd be a commentary that could not be denied.

wefoundthem said...

What I am about to say absolutely has to do with what you are saying and what is going on in the world today. Ready??? The Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 and Isaiah 44 have been found. Go to for free information that proves this. The world needs peace, but doesn;t know how to achieve it. Get the free information so you can find out the True way to peace. Help us spread the word. thank you. This is the end of my transmission too. :)

Anonymous said...

"even when I tried to fit in it wasn’t enough, because my presence wasn’t desired in what is referred to as normal life."

in typical self derogatory fashion I say , my 'chip on the shoulder' is that "my services are not required". They know an honest open minded person when they see one (hubris alert), and nip it off in the bud. The feeling is mutual. And if my bane turns out to have been undiagnosed physical pain all these years that has kept me out of the system (and community), I thank god for that too. Though JC went to the hills for 40 days and nights, I think I'm doing 40 years. (but he did come back) Boils down to flight, fight, or adapt, but most of all, keep the mind and heart on the right side and be nice, hopefully keeping in the good books of the good one for it's own sake and, just in also case there is a judgement day.
and admitting I was brainwashed as a Catholic as a kid , for better and worse.

rambling on

gurnygob said...

what wefoundthem said...6.02am

Well for your information certain people in Ireland say they have found them as well and the two in question have messages from Jesus saying that they are the two. What a wonderful world we live in.

If you want to know who they really are just send me $50 and I will tell you. Or you can fill in the form on the link and get the bull shit.

This is your chance to find the real two witnesses and for $500 I can set up a personal one on one interview for you. Just send me all your bank details and paypal account and I will get back to you with all the details.

Yours very very very very very sincerely gurnygob

Anonymous said...

Many people are under the false impression that the Mayan Civilization "collapsed". It didn't collapse, what happened is that the elites of that society put such an exponentially heavy burden on the "commoners", that the common people eventually just abandoned the cities and walked back into the rainforest. They still farmed and subsisted off the land, but they refused to be a part of a corrupt regime that exploited them relentlessly. I think this could be the future in some form that awaits us. The NWO would like us to think that they are all powerful and can rule over the entire world, but the truth is one percent of the population can never overpower the other ninety nine percent. If the people decide not to adhere to the systems of control, like debt and following a system that has contempt for them and in no way has their best interest in mind, there is NOTHING they can do. Yes, they can kill and disappear some of us, but not all of us. We give them all the power they have over us through fear. If we simply stop being afraid and refuse to play the game, they are powerless.

Anonymous said...

I wrote an earlier anonymous, and feel like blogged your blog. Oh its a bad habit, I'm a hermit. You have a great blog, and like others said, its good for a soul. I agree with most of what you said, maybe all actually. And thank you for allowing anonymous comments too.

I also didn't address your point about leaving the US, I think I'm avoiding it, because its just not an option. I can't abandon family. If I had my way we'd sell everything and leave the heart of the empire, but older and special needs family would be difficult even under ideal conditions, and I think I'm the only one that doesn't think it would be nuts to try. I wish I'd have done more research ten years ago, when I almost got serious about it.

Anonymous said...


Les, thank you for telling everyone what they need to hear and not what they want to hear. I know people bristle at it sometimes but the truth can be severe. I can relate to the "attacks" from the unseen. Athough, through the grace of the Almighty, what's happening now is NOTHING compared to what it was. Now it's only faintly annoying; these are much weaker and susceptible than the last batch. God's power never fails to astound me. I will pray for you.

I know everything is heading towards 'the finishing line'.The evil in the world is going through its death spasms. This is also a great time to make amends with everyone and everything that you're not at peace with. Do not hold on to anger, hurt or resentments towards anyone. Now is a very good time to forgive, to be forgiving, and to ASK for forgiveness from someone who's hurting because of something you did. The best thing you can do for YOURSELF is to forgive and hand your issues over to God. I say this because I'm doing it. It's a great feeling!

I don't know what the future holds, but as someone who's fully aware of and has experinced God's infinite loving presence, I'm at peace with whatever happens; I know God will be with me (and all of his children of every belief and unbelief!) every single step of the way. Ask for what you need and God in his greatness will provide for you. I remember days when I wondered where the money would come from and if I would be able to eat, but something would always come along in the nick of time. Miracles happen every day, and they'll happen to you if you ask for them.

If then God so clothe the grass, which is to day in the field, and to morrow is cast into the oven; how much more will he clothe you, O ye of little faith?
And seek not ye what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, neither be ye of doubtful mind.
For all these things do the nations of the world seek after: and your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things. But rather seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you.

The Gringo said...

Tell you what, I've had all those feelings for years and three years ago I made the decision to split ASAP. Last year about this time I said adios to the Nutso States of Amerikka and crossed the line. Won't ever go back to that place of insanity in this life...........
Viva Mexico!

Anonymous said...


I also want to mention a dream I had in early January, it was one of the most gruesome things I've ever seen. I don't watch television and hadn't been watching, reading or thinking about anything violent.
A soldier was running through a tall green field of grass (the green really stood out), there was a wall of smoke and fire off in the distance behind him. I heard explosions and gunfire. He was alone in this field, being shot at. He wasn't just being shot, he was being ANNIHILATED. As he ran, parts of his body were being blown off piece by piece, and the sound of his screaming was not like anything I've ever heard in my life. As he dropped to his knees dying, he craned his head up, placing his weary gaze on the blue sky above. I knew that in that moment he realized that not only was God with him, but that God had been with him the entire time and he didn't have to feel afraid anymore.
I think this is what we have to do now. Realize that as much of a mystery as God can be(!), that the reality of God's presence is all around us, if only we would keep our minds and hearts open to it. God is HERE NOW, all around you. And you don't have to physically die to meet him!

This last piece of scripture from Matthew 8:24, speaks eleqouently to me about God's love. That in the midst of total chaos, desperation and devastation, God's great love for us is the only power that makes a difference; the power of God can bring peace to any situation, no matter how dire. And the impossible becomes possible once we choose to allow the Divine to use us as its instrument.

And, behold, there arose a great tempest in the sea, insomuch that the ship was covered with the waves: but he was asleep.
And his disciples came to him, and awoke him, saying, Lord, save us: we perish.
And he saith unto them, Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Then he arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm.

Pray, have faith, keep your eyes and hearts open, and let God/Brahman/Allah take care of the rest. :)

Anonymous said...

I gotta crack up at the talk of plywood shelters
to provide for "Shangri La"...haw,haw,haw,haw!
Anybody for a little Taos hippie mud-culture?
Like in Monty Python's Holy Grail,
"We're an AnarchoSyndicalese Commune" he says as
he scratches in the mud with a garden tool...
Haw Haw Haw Haw!
May your Shangri-La manifest etherically, beautifully,
with jasmine and peacocks and Harps like from that
Moody Blues tune on "To Our Children's Children's Children"..
Make it SO!
Numbah One, set a Course,
for Romance!...

Anonymous said...

This guy sounds just the right ticket...and what the USA needs more of...if legit, that is?! QED

pax verbum

Anonymous said...

mumbah ya und

Heil H.

You're going to be sorely disappointed if you expect something to happen during your short and brutal lifetime.'s just the way it is,

Tom Frum

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Good piece. Just wish it could reach those who really need it. There are many I know who are half awake but feel helpless and confused... I know this suggestion sounds ridiculous but I wish a good team of highly skilled techno-hackers would infiltrate the MSM and broadcast a clever counter propaganda campaign. I'm tired of trying to convince anyone that they're being hoaxed, lately I just ask them, "how does watching the news make you feel?" and leave them to discover the answer for themself. I've come to terms with the reality that not everyone's going to be 'saved'. Definitely trust my god given intuition always. Thank you again. LEE ;-D

Visible said...

There's a new Profiles in Evil up-

Larry Silverstein, you give Shithouse Rats a Bad Name..

Asil said...

People stopped believing what their own eyes saw a long time ago.

Without divine intervention chaos waits at some point in the not too far off future. I wonder if people will believe what they see when they are killing each other on the street for a crumb of bread.

I would like to believe that the gross blind stupidity is the result of some malevolent mind control.

Astral level is powerful and protection is needed.

Deb said...

Dear Les, thank you for making me laugh while providing these real truths of sadness. I look forward to all of your articles and smile when I see YOU have a new post. Keep up the great frank and funny stuff. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

12.54 I dont really know what your trying to say...
I am just trying to put forward suggestions of a practical nature

I am a carpenter the materials I suggested are easily available from most major towns and cities and can be transported easily to site in a large car or van,between two people the construction would probably take about three days maybe four I dont know..
their are a lot of people struggling at the moment the cost of housing in europe has spiralled out of control...
most people where I live are spending at least half of their wages just on the mortgage or rent,food and services bills take away the rest....
cheap or free accomodation is vital

also 12.54,
you can sit their laughing at me all day long if you wish,I can sit their and do the same to you,but I wont because that doesnt get us anywhere does it.

sort it out 12.54..neil

Anonymous said...

Les .

You say that the time to get out of countries with Turbo fascism is now.
I just stumbled on this link .

"Smart Investors Are Making the Chicken Run To Protect Wealth From U.S. Government Theft "


Visible said...


I think the person is just not familiar with how incredibly cozy and beautiful a living space can be made out of cheap ingredients. The person may also not be aware of the power of love and camaraderie that can come about through group living when you are able to get the right chemistry together.

I just commented on this structure over at PIE

I'm getting one of these at some point. Also, ten people could get together with ten grand each and put a monster living scene together.

If they generally sell 64 sq meters at a 9ft diameter for about 13,500 that means you should be able to get 500sq meters for under a hundred grand and that is a lot of room. You could have a central kitchen et al and build a meditation yurt and other much smaller structures outside, along with a group shared bath facilities. it would be an outstanding possibility.

Anonymous said...

ah theirs something about yurts,I have never stayed in one,but for some reason I know I would feel at home in one.

i would buy that yurt tommorow if I had the money,but I would need to get a loan which makes me wince

that would be nice £100,000 of materials and 6 months hard work we could come up with something wonderful between all of us here...

could we organise a kitty for shangri-la or something get things started,I would put in £50 right now just to get things rolling,and would give a little each week after that.
maybe our investor when he or she turns up would like to see that we are sincere and shangri-la will be.

respects neil

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Judging by the degree of insanity in this western society, something dark and very ominous has been prepared for some date not far into the future. Usually, for some hundreds of years, the outer face of conspiracy has been used to announce such manufactured "events", that is the Highest monarch/aristocrat, lately British. The darkest cabal, the financial, never openly appeared. But passing the message for those capable of understanding its code was part of an exoteric/esoteric deal within the dark side. Prince William, future king, was approved and given credentials, and thus it was (not) amazing that BBC et al. repeatedly carried the announcement of his marriage "in hundred days" - early in January. No date, only in 100 days.From then on warships have been on the move, Arab revolutions are also useful as distractions away from where the real "event" is planned. Hoaxes have changed in character, strong electro-magnetic signals are beamed from and within railway stations, certain intersections in the towns, police go into special training sessions, people become even more deranged than they had become anyway. And noone dare say a word, as insanity is the worst crime in an insane society. Don´t even want to know what´s subliminally going down in TV........
We should at least take care to move out of strong e-m radiations, but best is to leave all places that have been chem-trailed during the last ten years. Their residue is certainly a triggering factor within the total social control now almost real already. Buy some silver and gold - move out : can´t say more, but something bad is coming soon.
Lapin Sauvege

Anonymous said...

Visible, what do you think of the Venus Project?
It's also discussed in the latest Zeitgeist?
Isn't it a nice idea.
They were on The Veritas Show last Friday and everything they were saying was just so damn honest!
The way the monetary system is, etc.
I'd like to know your thoughts on this if you can.
Love, Debbie.

Anonymous said...

Les --

They used to have yurts for use at the Ojai Foundation and they were amazing, comfy, cool...

Also highly recommend the American Indian round houses with fire pits, big -- or small enuf fer you and yer honey --


GTRman said...

"I think the person is just not familiar with how incredibly cozy and beautiful a living space can be made out of cheap ingredients. The person may also not be aware of the power of love and camaraderie that can come about through group living when you are able to get the right chemistry together." - Les Visible

Ive lived here in Brighton on and off since 92. The first year and a half was in a squatted house , no hot water , no bathroom , no heating, one stage the entire back wall had to be shored up as it was hanging off dangerously.I was abusker/wannabe rockstar but
I lived with mature students all doing humanities degrees , writing dissertations on topics like Shamanism , Witchcraft , Fayerarbends epistimological anarchism...there were free soundsystem parties on the beach and magic in the air , needless to say I had the time of my life!

I pity those sunday-supplement people who covet thy neighbours couch!
Great writing as ever , Les.
P.S. Soon.

Visible said...

Debbie, I consider Jacque and Roxanne to be friends of mine and deeply believe in both of them. I've got a standing invitation to visit but I'm afraid I wouldn't be allowed to leave the country after I got back in.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, every Now and Then, good Medicine may be appreciated: Don't forget to breath!

Visible said...

There is a new posting at Visible Streams of Consciousness-

More Than Blue Eyes.

wefoundthem said...

OKaaaayyyyy...soooooo....did you post my comment? and if not, can you please tell me why?
Have you gotten the free info yet on the two witnesses?
Check it out. You'll be glad you did!
Thank you,

Rabbit said...

You ask "Why would one prefer the company of a roomful of fools, to the blissful intoxication of a unity within," and this answers why I am content in my own company most of the time.

Astral attacks indeed. I've been defending against them for a while on two dimensions. we are up against literal demons in the case of Zionism so imagtine all those disembodied ones who have yet to greab a Zionist shell for use, they're helping doing the liftying, that's why so few can have so much influence and power around here.

Time to stay true to the light, no matter what and to surround yourself with crystals and perhaps the right companion or familiar to take some of the heat and earth it.

Visible said...


Sometimes comments don't come through, the way sometimes a banana is just a banana. the only time I don't post a comment is when it's anonymous insults and sometimes gratuitous self promotion; both are rare. Everything from dull and boring to dingbat are always allowed through, which makes no judgment on whatever you said but simply provides the parameters.

Anonymous said...

Duh!, I should've known Visible
I don't know why I even asked.
Of course you would know Jacque and Roxanne. You all vibrate around the same level.
It would be so nice if you could come and see them.
who knows what may happen in the future. Maybe we will all sail into Venus someday sooner rather than later!
Love, Debbie.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up

Digging Yourself in and Digging Yourself Out.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Streams of Consciousness up-

Two Poems of Revolution and Change.

Anonymous said...

Howdy Les, and Neil, and everybody.
I'm the HAW HAW HAW HAW! guy about plywood in
"Shangri-La"....if you don't visually see the humor,
you are way too attached to your survival on EARTH.
There is a new television Messianic Jewish outfit
called God's Learning Channel, out of Texas &NM.
They are on our DISH Network in NM.
With all of the years of upgrading my education through writings like Les and those at,
I am Wary, suspicious, skeptical of anything Jewish.
Particularly around LA, where the Times is blatantly
as Hollywood Jewish as Spielberg.
This GLC channel hosts some very valuable scriptural teachers like RICO CORTES and his site
at the elderly Jewish
owners of the TV station exemplify the CONFUSION
and IGNORANCE of their (generation?) (culture?) by
placing a large Blue-Star Israeli Flag wrapped together with US Flag on their main stage.
The old ones don't get it.
RICO says, how can you claim to have studied the
Torah, and MISSED YAHSHUA?.....
So, Neil, you are a builder, and I'm jealous, feel
wimpy around you go-for-it guys.
Do you not see the HUMOR?
With all of Les's Spiritual strength and wisdom given
to us hungry readers, it is just INCOMPREHENSIBLE
that you-all have some notion that you are going to
find a hidey-hole to Terrestrially "Survive" in some
kind of "Anarcho-Syndicalese" Commune....
Please, go and get The Holy Grail and watch it again.
"You don't VOTE for Kings, silly...."
Moody Blues--"To Our Children's Children's Children"...Harps delivered in the greatest recording I've ever Heart-Perceived.
The Christ didn't tell us about making a Plywood
Shangri-La, nor a Taos Mike Reynolds Tire House.
Lay not up your treasures where moth and rust doth corrupt. This World is NOT my Home, I'm just-a-passin' thru!!!
Huggies and Pubbies to all.

Visible said...

I think what Les was trying to say is that you should do it where you are unless you want to travel and then you do it there. Maybe he was saying be here now and maybe he's just putting the necessary leverage into the resistance so that inertia can go do her sweet thang.

truth us, visible does intend to have a living community but the chemistry has to be right and that would be the prototype.



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