Tuesday, July 31, 2007

When Kneeling and Bending is Not Enough

Argue the point if you will. There are those among us who think that everything is just an accident; that we are meat puppets controlled by chemical changes... but if you look you see things that indicate trends, patterns, some kind of symmetry of event and condition that moves over the globe the same way weather patterns do.

In recent days a number of famous people are dying. I suspect there will be more. In baseball, three players are approaching milestones. In politics across the globe we have seen the appearance of far right front men; Pen in France, Haider in Austria, Bush in America, Sharon in Israel, Berlusconi in Italy, Howard in Australia and sycophantic reflex types who may not be of the type but play one on TV, like Blair in England.

In music a few years ago there was the sudden appearance of a collection of Mouseketeers; Spears, Aguilera and Timberlake rising out of a Spice Girl soup and making Bimbo-Model Pop the sugar free sweetener of the airwaves and spawning a wealth of cloned look-alikes. This was counter-pointed by Blackragia hiphop-rap that was geared to doing something nasty with the sex drive as a prelude to de-humanizing the man woman thing; make us into diseased bitches and hammer-fucking all-man dominators intended to send the clear message that we are the beasts that the overlords intend to treat us as in the bye and bye.

In the underground cultural-control laboratories of The Rocky Mountains and Lake Geneva, the government scientists were experimenting with Meth for Homosexuals, Urban Fear Control, Media Manipulation and Health and Education Reduction programs; these are only a few of the areas that were all a part of the patchwork quilt which had a different transistor in each segment, complete with running LED lights that you could see when you closed your eyes.

You see, if you want to get ‘there’ from ‘here’ you have to proceed in stages. In order for the Mentus Ordinarius to respond properly to new stage sets you had to change the scenery by degrees. Transition needed to be seamless. At no point was it desirable that Mentus Ordinarius should be aware that the point was to get from ‘here’ to there’. The reason for this is that no one who was here would want to be there.

If you are going to make people less comfortable in every area of life while proceeding to make them comfortable with that, you can’t take all of the furniture out of their living room in one night. You have to remove each object slowly and by pieces when possible; one couch cushion at a time. Consonant with that you have to increase their body fat and decrease their awareness, or at least compromise it, so that they still think they are sitting on the missing cushion.

Now, I’m not saying whoever is up to this has anything to do with Baseball milestones or dead directors. I’m saying that things do seem to come in threes, although that number is arbitrary. You’ve seen it with plane crashes. I am saying that I believe the Mouseketeer thing was engineered by the same people that took your sofa cushions and that making you fat and stupid help you to get from here to there regardless of whether you want to go.

In the natural world there are trends. We’re familiar with such things as the seasons, night and day, birth and death. Some sort of force is behind this. There are various theories as to what that force may be and whether it is intelligent or some sort of automatic sprinkler control kind of thing.

In the unnatural world, the manufactured world, there are also trends and there is also a force behind it and it is more likely intentional than automatic or maybe I am projecting.

Today we are seeing something we haven’t ever seen before in this particular movie which appears to have started in the Indus Valley, or Egypt or maybe somewhere else according to our earliest copy of the script. What we are seeing is the unnatural world big time predominating over the natural world. At the same time we are seeing things manufactured within us that are predominating over our natural inclinations. Take a walk through the mall.

Nature gets gas and belches and volcanoes erupt. Nature rolls over in her sleep and you have an earthquake. Similar things happen in the unnatural world. Ideally the natural and unnatural worlds have a certain harmony between them but... we’ve never been about the ideal. See, this is because...

...there are different kinds of people in this main world which has these two basic divisions. There are ambitious and acquisitive people who also like to be in command and there are other people, less ambitious and sometimes no less acquisitive and sometimes less acquisitive whose inclination is to be commanded. There are other groups such as those who want to be left alone and those who take exception to the dance going on between the two main groups. These people are misfits and troublemakers- according to the first group and reflexively according to the second group because they were told this by the first group. The first group is much smaller than the second group. The second group mostly just wants to have enough and the first group can never have enough no matter how much there is. Sooner or later the first group has increased their holdings of all things desirable to an exponential extent over the second group.

The first group has a plan and it’s not going to be fucked with or annotated by the second group unless the other two small groups get involved and somehow make their condition clear to the second group which is never an easy thing, although they get it after awhile when there is no furniture left in their living rooms except for the TV and the TV has only one channel but it looks different when you change the channel and meanwhile they are kneeling and bent over and it hurts like Hell because their legs are so fat.

Sometimes, due to major excesses on the part of the first group there are revolutions for good or ill depending on whether certain troublemakers have been successful or whether people from the first group masquerading as troublemakers are successful. If it is the latter then there will be another revolution at some point. There’s going to be lots of explosions and screams and various effects in the process. Sometimes the natural world has a revolution and you get the same thing.

We’re in a unique situation at the moment. There have never been so many of us. There has never been such an unnatural predominance. There has never been such a tight proximity between so many different people and things all being pulled on strings in an effort to make some godawful number of people kneel and bend over and ask, “Can I have another one Sir!”

I don’t precisely know where it’s going but I do know that the soundtrack is awful. I know where ever it is headed it won’t just stop all of a sudden and say, “Let’s just take a breather and reassess our priorities and do the right thing.” The first group isn’t fond of that sort of productivity and profit loss and that is why it is always a good idea to have laws that can’t be trifled with because, more than anything else, they tend to maintain a sort of collective vision and balance that keeps this thing called Life from strangling on it’s own intestines, even if it can’t ever do much about the epidemic, irritable bowel syndrome.

If we are just meat puppets then I think the smart money says, “You are fucked.” If, hopefully, that isn’t the case and there is such a thing as Providence, then... well, that’s not my department but... still, as long as Spring can find it’s way to spring again I think there may actually be a reason why hope springs eternal.


Anonymous said...

You shine Visible.
I have indigenous family and friends. I keep telling them, don't become extinct or drink yourself into oblivion yet, we are going to need you to care for the earth when we whities are done with it.
I tell this to my western family and friends, they laugh.
Who are the fools?
I see what the western world has done in 300 years and look at how the world flourished in the previous 39,700 years.
That's my logic.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les :)

I'm really flexible, in many senses. But I don't ever do kneeling or bending on demand. Just not built that way, against my nature for some reason.

Yesterday I was attempting to write another comment about your piece on Palast, but I went way off topic, and the result looked like something the cat threw up! I'll stick to poetry and editing, I know my limitations. heh heh But there was one word/theme in it -- misfits. And I return here today to find you talking about misfits and trouble-makers. Cool!

When I was very young, someones' took most of my "cushions", pulled the rug out from underneath my perceptions of reality: safety, comfort, security. My little world got flipped upside-down. Twas then that I "became" a misfit. Methinks it was destiny. Veils were removed. Some abruptly, some gradually, others later... It was a *loss of innocence* so to speak. And I've never been able to see the world, and all in it, in the way that most people seem to.

I'm not complaining, just describing, btw.

Still, I often feel like a misfit among misfits. But you know, even if I could be different or have it any other way, I truly don't think I'd want to. No matter how much I don't (choose to) fit in with the machinations in the madhouse, I'm still really comfortable in my own skin.

And for some mysterious reason, I still have hope. Maybe it's just as simple as this -- where there's life, there's hope? Perhaps. Either that or I'm delusional? Anything's possible ;) Hope springs eternal, and most days, so do I. heh heh

"Argue the point if you will." Boy, if you're gonna' argue with a Leo, you'd better come prepared! My son's one, and he's been pointing me in better directions for decades now.

Tony's right, you shine baby.
Ta, take care, annemarie


Hey Tony :)

Who but a damned fool (is that redundant btw?) could argue with your/the facts?

Visible said...

Hi A.M.

Yeah, I think a lot of us have that 'defect' that makes it impossible for us to integrate into the sewage system; even if we try.

As for the other, well, I'm a Leo so, maybe that explains it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think a lot of us have that 'defect' that makes it impossible for us to integrate into the sewage system; even if we try.

Yup. I feel that when yer head isn't (perpetually) rammed up yer own or someone else's butt, it becomes much easier to distinguish what's really shite from what isn't.

And a whole lot more people ought to spend a whole lot more time standing erect and wholesomely proud. It seems only natural. We're bi-pedal, that's how we're built. We're just not meant to be so goddamned prostrate and submissive.

later, am

Anonymous said...

Good read, as usual.

Survival is becoming an increasingly common theme discussed everywhere I look; the survival of our "way of life," our civilization, and even our species. I look to experts for advice about how to survive a given situation, and the best experts I've found have been on Earth long before even the ancestors of humans strove or evolved to walk on two legs instead of four (are we coming full circle?).

My strategy for survival comes from closely observing fungus. Specifically the higher fungi, most notably mushrooms. They are more like us than most people know, and on the Tree of Life animals and fungi are on the same branch.

Anyhow, ~90% or so of a mushroom's existence is underground. It grows and spreads unseen and protected until it gathers enough of what it needs for the next stage. Specific conditions must be met for this transition to occur. Until those conditions arise, it lies dormant and waiting. And quiet.

One trigger is catastrophia. After Mount St. Helens blew up, the first thing found growing up on the mountain were morel mushrooms. Millions of them, suddenly everywhere, laying the foundation for the new forest to come. Where were they before? Right there. Metaphorically, this is like the people who emerge after a human or natural disaster to help and begin the rebuilding process; there's more of them than we imagine but they'll only appear after the mountain explodes.

Another is just the right environment. A perfect confluence of light, temperature, humidity, and moisture cause a startling transformation of the fungal tissue. This also happens when the fungus reaches the limit of a local food supply. It "knows" it's days are numbered there, so sends up a mushroom to scatter its spores in search of new habitats. Ideas are a kind of spore. When things come together just so, a vast amount of underground momentum suddenly pops up out of 'nowhere' and the air is filled with new ideas. Some might even settle on fertile ground and begin a new colony, or cross with others and hybridize. The WTO protests in Seattle in 1999 was an example of this, a mass-"fruiting" of an underground culture when conditions became favorable AND the culture was beginning to acutely perceive the limits of its sustainability. Where were all those concerned and angry people before? Right there. What happens to the one who pops up above-ground too early, or too late? Dessicated, mowed down or ignored, that's what (or occasionally eaten by a squirrel, though I don't yet know the metaphoric implication of this).

So thanks to mushrooms, I've learned to spend the majority of my time quietly and invisibly gathering what I need and waiting for favorable conditions. When the time is right, I pop up and spread some ideas, then sink back into obscurity until next time. Life on the surface is harsh, after all, but I take some solace in knowing that every person casting ideas into the wind is like a mushroom fruiting and so represents only a tiny fraction of the culture beneath him/her/it.

So I have more than faith in the fact that when the mountain explodes, remediative phenomena we can't yet imagine will emerge full-grown seemingly overnight, but it's all been here the whole time, growing quietly undergound. Untold millions of years of thriving fungi can't be wrong! And fungi don't drive cars!


The Village Idiot

[this is just a bad summary of my thoughts on this subject, it's still a Work in Progress metaphor...]

Visible said...

actually, that's brilliant. Thank you. I'm going to pass that on to a couple of people.

Anonymous said...

Mushroom metaphor by Village Idiot is brilliant. Thanks for it :)


Anonymous said...

The Village Idiot's mushroom example reminded me:

Last year I went to an Oakland CA fungus fair, where I heard a world-famous mushroom expert tell a truly astonishing story, illustrated with slides, which I will condense into the following few sentences:

The mushroom expert saved his house from being destroyed by carpenter ants, by a discovery that he made. He discovered that the ants had a special relationship to a certain kind of mushroom. At one particular stage in its life cycle, this mushroom emits an odor that irresistably attracts carpenter ants and also stimulates their appetite for the mushroom, and they eat the mushroom and (moreover) carry masses of mushroom meat back to their nest where it gets eaten by all the ants in the colony, including the queen ant. The mushroom is toxic to the ants, and they quickly die, and in the NEXT stage of its life cycle, the mushroom sprouts millions of microscopic filaments out of the dead bodies of all those deceased ants. And the filaments produce spores, which fall, sprout, and grow into the NEXT stage in the mushroom's life cycle -- a quiet stage where the mushroom needs no interaction with the ants, and prefers not to be eaten by them, and therefore emits . . . Odor Number Two, an odor which REPELS the carpenter ants.

Well, the mushroom guy's house was being structurally undermined by carpenter ants. Implementing his discovery, he cultured a batch of the special mushroom, and nursed them to the stage where they were emitting the irresistable odor, and then chopped up the mushrooms and piled them on paper plates and put the plates where the ants had trails through the house. During the night the ants swarmed on the paper plates, and within a very short time, the carpenter ant population of the house was reduced to zero. And his house is now protected from new carpenter ants by . . Odor Number Two!

While I was in the dark auditorium watching the mushroom guy's slides and listening to his story I had the strongest feeling that what's needed is something just like this for dealing with zionism/NWO/global-corporate-state. I said that to the guy after the presentation, and I don't know if he got the point, but I think you will!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the positive responses to my comment! When I write about fungi I have a hard time stopping since I only ever manage to barely scratch the surface of what is my all-consuming passion (pun intended).

The story about the carpenter ants told in the previous comment was told to me by Paul Stamets, the man who made the discovery (and gave the talk the commenter witnessed) and who is close to turning the international chemical/pesticide industry on its ear with his (patented) paradigm-shifting discovery. His mycotopian vision has been a major influence on me, and I can see as far ahead as I sometimes do only because I stand on the shoulders of giants like Mr. Stamets. Since I also have had a budget of nearly zero, I've come up with ways to replicate his results extremely cheaply.

He (Stamets) also stated, clearly and openly right in front of me, that his discovery was the direct result of visions that came from eating Psilocybe mushrooms, which he had a DEA permit to grow at one point.

So, there already is a fungal genus (several actually) that remediates the most difficult mess to clean up- the one inside our heads. It might also work well within (not against) the leaders of the NWO-military-corporate-industrial complex, too (the original version of Eisenhower's phrase included "corporate;" watch his farewell address for the most startling words you'll ever hear a US president utter, bar none).

By the way, Psilocybe cubensis has been shown to eat nerve gas. Literally EAT it, a normally recalcitrant molecule the US Army is currently incinerating huge amount of in Anniston, Alabama, a place with cubensis growing wild right around the incinerator facility! Residents of Anniston were issued special plastic bags (with filters, but still...) to put over their heads in case of an incinerator 'incident.' I'm not kidding.

I don't mean to turn anyone's blog into a mycology discussion forum, but sometimes I can't help myself (sorry!). Someday soon I'll have my own podium, microphone, slideshow, and blog to expound on fungi 24/7 to any who may be interested. You cannot get burned out on a vision, after all!

Thank you for the space you allotted to my proselytizing. My Kool-Aid tastes much better than most others, but I suppose we all think that way...

-The Village Idiot again

P.S.: Please feel free to edit this at will for brevity or any other content concerns if you intend to post this.

Visible said...

I am unlikely to edit a visionary like yourself. For quite some long period of time I have been a psychedelic voyager; friend to the Devic Realm and intimate of the hidden kingdom.

My travels at this juncture are periodic and exclusive to the cubensis- ingested in private moments in the company of my queen (you know of whom I speak) and her legions.

Words cannot convey what passes in my mind as I speak here but I know what divine protection means and may drink at secret springs that it is the world's misfortune not to honor and imbibe from.

Anonymous said...

To the Village Idiot, thanks for posting Paul Stamets's name, which I wanted to include in my earlier post but couldn't remember.

I had wondered, since the fungus fair, how in the world he discovered what he did, about the mushrooms and the ants. It makes total sense to me that he learned it right from a mushroom!

VI, you and Les are obviously way past the stage of just reading about this, but it fits right in with "The Cosmic Serpent," by Jeremy Narby, an anthropoligist who recounts how it rearranged his ideas about everything when he realized that the locals meant exactly what they said, when they told him that the way they know so much about healing with plant preparations is by asking the plants!



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