Friday, September 28, 2007

It's Like Deja Vu All Over Again

The Lieberman/Kyl amendment passed in the Senate yesterday. Basically it is about combating and containing Iran. Iran isn’t actually doing anything but they need to be stopped anyway because they are part of an overall plan and that plan hasn’t really got anything to do with what any of the targets involved are engaged in. They are just there as parts of the plan and the plan demands that they be presented as obstacles to the plan so that they can be rearranged according to plan. That’s clear isn’t it?

In 1998 we had the Iraq Liberation Act. Now we have the Lieberman/Kyl amendment, courtesy of Israeli sock puppet, Smokin’ Joe Lieberman. It’s like déjà vu all over again as the redoubtable Yogi Berra once said.

A big part of the déjà vu all over again factor is that Hillary Clinton, who voted to go to war against Iraq and has, more or less, admitted that she was wrong about that has now started voting for the same thing all over again for Iran. So did Harry Reid and 26 other ‘democratic’ senators. There is no more America in the sense that one might have understood it to be. That’s gone.

There is no more democratic process. There is no more freedom except to do as you are told. The Democrats swept into congress on an anti-war ‘get out of Iraq’ sentiment expressed by the American people at the polls. It was a clear hope in the minds of the majority of Americans that this would lead also to penetrating investigations into the secret apparatus of a criminal administration and thereby to impeachment proceedings as well. Something... someone... stopped it all dead.

Bad shit is twisting in the wind. Horrible possibilities are afoot. Fountain pens filled with human blood are dancing across documents filled with a dense fabric of words that twist like venomous snakes across the page. Signatures... handshakes... cocktails in the VIP lounge... hail fellows, well met, exchange crocodile smiles as the promise of black bags filled with cash are dancing like sugar plums in their minds. They know what’s up; you don’t. Everything is just the way it is supposed to be... all over again.

They didn’t win the war in Afghanistan. They are not winning the war in Iraq. It’s time to move on to another war in a country with a much stronger military, more people and much more land. It’s time to really pound the living shit out of someone and that someone, is Iran.

It’s another war based on the same lies that started the other wars and it’s going to be an economic boomtown; quite literally. It’s going to go ‘BOOM!’ and money and freedom and the grace of God are going to come down like bloody confetti as if Mount St. Helens had gone off all over again.

One million dead Iraqis is not enough. A human crisis of four million homeless Iraqis is not enough. The genocide in Gaza and the West Bank is not enough. The murderous assault on Lebanon was not enough. Never mind that the residents of Iraq had nothing to do with requesting this kindness. Never mind that the residents of Gaza and the West Bank had nothing to do with requesting this kindness. Never mind that the residents of Lebanon had nothing to do with requesting this kindness... just never mind. Stick those ear-buds back into place and turn on the GameBoy.

Hot searing agony... women and children and men... lives ripped apart... body parts flying... the wailing of the survivors, their lives bleeding away into the sand. All of this constructed for the profit and entertainment of the men and women for whom this is just business as usual... all over again.

Private Contractors shooting women, children and men for sport... free from all legal complication... ‘Rape and pillage, rape and pillage, let’s go out and burn a native village. You can’t have one, you can’t have one, you can’t have one without the other...’

Don’t ask yourself why. You don’t want to know why. Don’t wonder why private contractors exceed the number of troops and why they are paid obscene amounts of money while the soldiers subsist on poverty pay. Don’t question what Custer Battles and Bechtel and Halliburton and others have been up to. Don’t ask, don’t tell and don’t look. What would Jesus do? Jesus wept.

Fat, red-cheeked, Christian ministers with a flash of gold at the wrist exhort the faithful that it is God’s will that these heathens must burn in Hell fire on Earth. Afterwards they frolic with young boys and girls and sleep on black bag pillows filled with cash. The rapture is coming... the rapture is coming...

And the media is all the same media and the lies are all the same lies and the walking dead, no longer American flesh-bots parade in their quivering Jello suits; these steamer trunk bodies of the over-fed, unthinking prisoners of runaway appetite. WE ARE THE EMPIRE!!!

In countries around the globe, dishonorable men and women sell their souls for black bags filled with cash and promises of more to come while millions await the price they have to pay so that these bloat-bags of false gravitas can dine in the High Tower far above the carnage and the torment.

Step by step... the same thing all over again. On the one hand, a nation of self-indulgent fools, seduced by vapid entertainments and obvious lies, step back and let the murders continue and increase as they lose everything that made their excesses possible. On the other hand... terror and torture and want. It’s like a movie we were watching and then we turned around and found ourselves inside of it.

But you know what I’m talking about. You KNOW. Deep inside you know that this is wrong. It takes more than what you are, what you have become, to stand forth and be counted against it. It’s the easier way for each of you to hide among the millions and risk the odds that you won’t be seen and known for the coward that you are. Later you can tell the tale of how you did everything you could. Later you can manufacture and embellish the lie of how you were among the few who found their courage in the final hour; no, you will tell us all how steadfast you were at the start and how steadfast you remained.

There are others who laugh at this. There are others who sneer and mock and make light of every dreadful moment as each new one exceeds the other. I don’t know what to make of either of you. You have made something of yourselves that I cannot define. Neither fit into a category that is recognizably human as I understand it.

There is a Sufi tale of a master who had three disciples. He gave each of them a chicken and told them to go and kill it where no one could see them. Two of the disciples came back fairly quickly with a dead chicken. The third did not come back for a long time and when he returned he still had the live chicken in his hands. The master asked him what had happened. The disciple answered. “I could not do it master. Everywhere I went the chicken could see.”

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely outstanding. One of your all time best!!!


Anonymous said...

All your sentiments seem to be my sentiments. Except, although the people of the US are zoned out, remember this is because they are under intense brainwashing from the cradle, and daily mesmerization. In short, most really don't know what to believe. "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do." Yes, we don't have to stay brainwashed, but some are just more naturally astute, and some less.

But who is really to blame? Who the hell is really to blame? Who is it that knows exactly what they are doing, and glories in it? Who is really causing all this? Human agents of the devil, to be sure, but who are they?

The MONEY POWER. And don't forget it. Zionist Moloch. Everyone else is puppets, pawns, and chattel.

"Every where I went the chicken could see."

yes, very true, poor chicken.
But God could see too.

Anonymous said...

The YouTube analysis of JFK Junior's assassination has had only 7,000 hits, as of today's date.

Anonymous said...

Of course, there is a price to pay for standing around while your relatives loot and burn.

ladybroadoak said...

Good job!! I cross posted this on my blog ... America has become a curious admixture of lack of conscience and complete ignorance of historical forces ...

Visible said...

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