Monday, November 26, 2007

Goddamn the Pusher Man!

Yes... I am still without Internet and so I watch CNN once or twice a day for as long as I can stand... sit, actually, to do it. That is usually as much as 15 minutes, never more than that. In the last eight years I have probably seen CNN International (I’m in Europe) maybe a couple of dozen times. I haven’t seen any other network news except for a brief period about seven years ago when I saw MSN cable news a few times, occasionally seeing Leno or Conan O’Brien as well. Maybe I could still find that again now; I’m supposed to get 500 channels from the satellite we installed but I can’t be bothered to look. We have it so that the elderly woman who lives with us can get her TV.

It’s been interesting, these brief periods of pained observation. I watch myself while I’m watching and I notice that I get increasingly angry... annoyed... uneasy... I begin to feel more and more out of wack and at some point I shut it off.

It’s been a little over a month now that I have been down here at my house in Southern Europe for the winter. I live in Europe because in late 1999 I saw Bush coming and I said, “It’s time to go.” When Reagan showed up I said much the same thing and moved from the east coast of America to Maui, HI. It was as far as I could go and still be within the U.S. In the end, there was no further I could go and remain in America. I made the smart decision and I got out of Dodge.

I was thrown in jail several times in previous years; a direct result of things I had said on stage or wherever I was running my mouth. Yes, the actual circumstances of my imprisonment were not from what I had said- but what I had said- did lead to the conditions under which I got arrested. In every case I was told this later. In the two major cases, other crimes were engineered. In the last one I managed to prove this and was acquitted. I remain the only person in Hawaiian history that beat these major felonies under these circumstances. I was facing a mandatory 60 years in prison at the time. I managed this with a court-appointed lawyer and no money. That is a story for another time; what a circus that was. It would make a great movie. In any case ...I digress.

I remember when Ted Turner had CNN. It was a different time. You really did get the news and it was an outstanding concept. I remember wondering on several occasions; what happened to CNN? For some reason I always forget. Then I remember... Time Warner happened to CNN. The Zionistas took over that airwave as they have taken over every airwave they can get their hands on. It’s a smart tactical move. When you are a well-financed fascist putsch with designs on world domination, the first thing you want to get your hands on is the mediums of information. They didn’t figure on the Internet. For some reason there’s always something that later comes around to bite the brown-shirts in the ass. There are always Nazi’s among us. They are always looking for opportunity. They are always looking to create conditions of opportunity. They are always the spearhead of financial interests. They can be the perceived victims at one juncture and then turn into the oppressors at another. It’s a permanent fixture of the dark side of the human mind.

They are like bacteria, actually ‘viruses’ would define it more accurately. They like to create crisis and conditions of fear. They especially like to occupy the mass mind with trivia and banal pursuit; bread and circuses. They are active in ‘dumbing down’. They are big into the distribution of drugs. They control the kind of music that plays on the radio and the programs that people watch. One might think this was fantastic on the face of it but you can just look and see it. It’s happening right in front of you.

CNN now has a variety of shills whose cartoon effect defies belief. Who is this Richard Quest? I remember this weird freak that used to be on Carson or Leno- often, I can’t remember which. He printed all of these books which showed you how to rip off money from the government... legally sort of. He was a hyperactive fool with spittle flying and appeared to have just been tazered whenever he began to speak. I could never figure out what he was doing on major television. I also couldn’t figure what he was doing pushing the products he was pushing. Richard Quest is this same guy reincarnated, except that he is talking to world leaders and former world leaders like Jimmy Carter and doing strange offensive, unintentional satires on Peace and whatever he touches; releasing doves and what not. His voice and demeanor have the impact of fingernails being drawn down a blackboard yet... he’s on TV a great deal. Someone has chosen him in order to legitimize buffoonery for the ‘dumbing down’ effect. Little Georgie Bush was chosen for the same reason. Life is becoming a cartoon.

It’s more insidious than that. Zionista, Christine Armanpour is now going after Vladimir Putin, painting him as the same sort of implied scoundrel that Chavez and Ahmanedijad are supposed to be. All of them have oil. Guess who wants that oil? I’m not saying that Putin and the others are altar boys. But how does Bush compare to these men? It’s a fact that he’s killed and/or destroyed the lives of more people than all present world leaders put together, much less these three. Their only real crime is that they oppose what Bush’s handlers are up to- or are engaged in things that Israel; which controls the U.S. government, objects to.

Every single day, ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ is murdering Palestinians and imprisoning their ‘democratically elected’ leaders. They shoot school children on their way to school. They have hundreds of children in prison. They were friends and supporters of the South African apartheid government and are now practicing an even more virulent version of it. They let their settlers attack Palestinians with impunity while the soldiers and police look on... often laughing about it. You can see the truth of this on Youtube. What they did in Lebanon recently is beyond obscene. Nary a word is ever said on CNN about it. Israel doesn’t want Iran to have nuclear power because of what they ‘might’ do. Meanwhile at Dimona the Israelis have their own nuclear weapon stockpile with no oversight and have imprisoned the man who blew the whistle on them for many years. This is all okay though. This is all okay. They are a superior race and everyone else is an insect. It says so in the Talmud.

Every time there is a disaster, CNN takes its camera crew on location and looks for some wretched, inarticulate soul that is guaranteed to crack-up on camera and then they take them to their devastated homes and film them weeping and wailing. It’s entertainment. When there is a pending political debate, like the upcoming Republican debate, they screen people with the greatest clown and fool factor and then use them in their looping commercials. Presently they’ve got a spit spraying wacko yelling about his taxes who’s a ringer for that comedian Gabriel something or other; a corpulent woman holding a stuffed donkey, a stern Muslim woman in full costume and a paranoid teen age boy playing pocket pool below the lens.

When I wrote that the ‘diamonds and pearls’ question at the Democratic debate was scripted, I didn’t know that for a fact. But I could see that it had to be. Now I find out that it certainly was and that many more people than I were outraged by it. The woman who asked the question has gone to some length to disassociate herself from the event, saying that this is what CNN demanded. It doesn’t change anything.

What of the other news channels like Fox and the rest? Surely they are as bad and some, like Fox are much worse. This season’s Nazis are a tight aggregate of Christian fundies, Israelis and assorted Zionistas, London bankers, neo-cons, corporate interests and a little of this and a little of that. They’re running the show for the moment and it’s a ghastly affair. It’s amusing that some of them have pretensions of religion when they produce the sorts of things that they do. I think of Sciafe and Murdoch, Wolfowitz and Kristol, all kneeling before some black draped altar before Baphomet ascendant, praying for guidance as they shepherd the world through increasing states of pain and stupidity. The vision of these men can be most accurately seen in the works they produce.

These Nazis will go the way of all Nazis eventually. A whole lot of people will die on the way in ever new and ingenious ways. Human dignity will be trampled under the feet of rampaging shoppers and crushed under the asses of impossibly fat TV junkies. Innocence will be raped in every opening and treacle and screams will fill the air so thickly that what was once human will develop a breathing apparatus for it but... finally, somewhere, at some time, new human life cycle will develop from the wreckage with new hope in their eyes and a new vision in their hearts. A new world will emerge ...then, sooner or later, the Nazis will show up again. We need our Nazis. For some reason we need them and finally they’ll turn up on Hogan’s Heroes, complete with laugh tracks, in shows produced by emergent gestating Nazis. Those who worship the new Gods will be those that crucified them in the previous reel and I’ll probably be in Mongolia or some unnamed island and I still won’t have internet.


Visible said...

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Anonymous said...

Hallo Les :)

Have no (use for my most of my own) words lately. Only want to send you a thought and blessing of Namaste.

'twas a pleasant surprise to see you here so soon and all. Thanks for the musings etc.

take care, annemarie

Anonymous said...

So what was it that you said that led to the incident that led to the arrest?



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