Thursday, February 21, 2008

'sup Dawg? Welcome to Dog World

The world is a strange place. It looks ordinary and predictable to many people. They get up out of their beds from one dream and pass directly into another one and they eat and drink and go to work. They drink in the neighborhood bar and watch TV in their homes. Most of whatever happens is much like anything that happened before. Experiences are new the first few times you have them and then a personal style and routine evolves and you improve up to the level you are willing to accept at the point where you don’t want what you are doing to impinge on your own enjoyment. This condition of self-interest is greater in some and... depending on the level of materialism in the culture... relatively greater in everyone.

Pursuing sex; preparing, serving and eating food... waiting on others... waiting on yourself... Some are born to service and some are born to be served... or think they are. The headphones go on. The cell-phone beckons. The new emerging minds fiddle with the buttons at the bus stops and walking down the street. It’s what’s happening. Nothing else is happening. The mind needs entertainment. The mind cannot be still. It’s quicksilver on a pane of glass. It takes work to train it. Screw that.

For those immersed in the physical world there is no other world. They don’t see their world as it really is. They see what they want; what they want to have and how they want to appear. This is all there is. What they want is determined by the value given to it within their culture. How they want to appear is determined by the success they can observe in the lives they hear about and what those lives can demand based on who they are ...based on how they appear. They’re going to be eighteen forever.

You can’t tell these people about the archetypes of the animal kingdom. You can’t tell them about dogs and cats. All they see when they look at dogs and cats are dogs and cats. That’s not all that’s happening though. People call each other ‘dawg’ for a reason. They don’t know what that reason is but it makes then feel like they are happening. Somebody called himself Snoop Dog. Dogs are noted for particular behavior and this is the behavior being celebrated by people who call each other ‘dawg’.

Some people like to call women ‘bitches’ and ‘ho’s’ and it never occurs to them that every time they reincarnate it is through a woman. Payback is most certainly a bitch.

People like to roll down the street with a certain kind of movement that is meant to indicate a particular willingness toward and awareness of certain kinds of action and a certain sense of self. In this world it is necessary to call attention to yourself in order to facilitate certain hungers without realizing that attention creates a target; but that’s the point isn’t it?

Dawgs come up against each other in the pursuit of the things that dogs are in pursuit of and shit happens. For some reason, ‘dawgs’ demand respect for being dogs. Of all the things that a person can be that might naturally have a certain respect attached to it they have decided to be dogs.

When a society elevates animal characteristics as a focus of celebration and worship then that society is headed for the pound. Spiritual people talk about animal totems and they get themselves worked up into a state of awe because some shaman can manipulate the lower astral and convince them that there is magic to be had. Nature isn’t amused when the Crown of Creation abdicates in favor of its genitals.

Pimping is seen as possessing ‘cool’. This is the ability to offer a human being as an object for sale and it is present on ‘every’ level of society and seen as a good thing. It’s a good thing to get your price. Pimping is indistinguishable from slavery but it’s a cool slavery. No one sees what’s happening because that’s “not happening”. It’s not cool to call attention to elements in a society that are hot. It’s not cool to point out the problems that materialize in the pursuit of a good time at the expense of anyone and everyone. Commerce depends on the confusion of the people. The stupider you can make a people the more mindless the consumer and therefore the cheaper and more useless can be the articles given for sale.

It’s a good thing to give yourself over to animal pleasure because there are all kinds of things that can be sold as accessories. There is an enormous market for the Dawg life. There is almost no market for existing in a realized state. A realized state doesn’t require very much and the market isn’t interested in that. When the worship of the animal nature comes into the ascendant it is necessary for realized beings to hide in the foliage lest they get torn apart by dogs.

It is a dangerous endeavor to point out to the dogs the destiny of their activities. The most important feature of dog-life is forgetfulness. To be unaware is critical to dog pursuits and there is another large market that manufactures things that make you forget. All of the world’s markets are manufacturing items for dog life. They clothe and feed the dogs. They entertain the dogs with films about dog behavior. They sell music for the dog in you. You dog. That’s what they say when you perform some admirable dog act; “You dog.”

When you can get to be a top dog in Dog World then you can screw every bitch that crosses your path. The good news is that the female of the presently transitive, formerly human are all too willing to be doggie style cum dumpsters. It’s hot. It’s hip and it’s happening until the dog bitches start looking like dogs.

Allegories can be living things. You can be one.

When any culture, due to the possession of temporary wealth, descends into Dog World, other cultures are waiting in the wings with leashes. Cultures rise out of hardship and move toward excess. Excess waddles through the echo of what once was toward the certain destiny of what will be. Exalting the flesh increases the sensory potential for the pain that’s coming.

Through the wreckage of Dog World runs a slender path that dogs cannot see and which is called The Golden Mean. It is the only road that is not crowded. Nothing smells right to the dawgs in this pathway. Nothing smells at all; hardly any reasons to go to the bathroom in a place like that. The whole world is talking about Dog World. The stage is lit and all kinds of dogs are doing tricks while the audience licks themselves and sniffs each other.

The irony of making that bitch scream is lost on the participants. The irony of the whole thing is lost in the reality of the thing which has no reality. Personally I like dogs. But it perplexes me why anyone would want to be one, especially given all of the wonderful things a person can do that a dog can’t do. Well... you’re given what you have to see what you will do with it. If you spend your time watching someone show you how to walk the dog you won’t notice when the dynamic changes. Most people don’t want to hear about this and sooner or later they won’t be able to.

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Anonymous said...

There's a movie called "Idiocracy" that you need to see. It's really a terrible movie and not very entertaining. It's both hard to watch and eerily prophetic (up to a point) and right in line with alot of your essays here on Reflections In A Petri Dish.

Peace dog,


Visible said...


I saw it last year. Mike Judge has a very keen eye.

kikz said...

Nature isn’t amused when the Crown of Creation abdicates in favor of its genitals.

love it! mind if i borrow? :)

yea, dawgzwUrld. sukz man.

chaperoned a 7th grade school dance coupla wks ago.

what a horror. how sad. there was no real music.. it was dawgcrap.
hiphoprap niggaz/choloz/ho'z.

the boys did some variant of a masai/bunnyhop/moshpitslamdance...
the girls mainly did the bentknee
look at my ass dawg, cumshagme wiggle.

i did manage, at a mtg this wk, to mention to the asst. principal that he needed to get another dj as this one did indeed suck. ask'd him... is this behavior what we want to reinforce w/our kids?

@ 46 i realize that it is every successive generation's quest to find the worst noise possible to listen to simply to separate from mommy/daddy... but this shit is just beyond the pale.

guess i've done right by my kids.. they like anything from 60's-90's. classic rock, jazz, big band, world.... but they can't hang w/hanna montana/disneyzombiez nor the niggaz/choloz/hoz.

for that small accomplishment... i am.. eternally grateful.

and they always, always are aware of just where the treeline is. ;)

annemarie said...

Brilliant. Actually, extraordinary! I think this is my favourite essay of yours.

Lap dogs and lap dances. Doggies turning tricks. Performances for the master/s, all for the taste of a table scrap. Pitiful. Pathetic.

I have more I want to say on this essay, but not yet...tomorrow.

Manana Les.
Thank you :)

Visible said...

New essay here-

Anonymous said...

Hi Annemarie.
This must be what been wrong with us lately. This being unable to be bought, honorable stuff in the land of whole hogging instinctual urges set free at the pricetag of table scraps. I'm afraid this is going to be a problem and do not think we will be issued rebates.

Eugene said...

Its Sirius business! as the rewards show...

Once again the rabbit trail leads to the same ole places...

One day!

H ierolysoma
E st
P erdita!

H ierolysoma
E st
P erdita!


Anonymous said...

See also the essay "Walking the Dog" in the book The Method of The Siddhas" by (then) Da Free John (now Adi Da Samraj)



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