Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympic Soft Stool in a Cone with Sprinkles

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Sometimes I think I might be going crazy and then I realize I am already certifiably bat-shit insane. I’ve even got the papers to prove it; just like doctors have degrees and dogs have fleas and something... something... Dylan said, “Geez, I can’t find my knees” or something to that effect. I don’t mean to wind you up; I’m just working my way into this from a different angle.

I’m staying in the home of an elderly woman who tends to watch a lot of TV. I meet and greet with her on occasions and so I catch a bit of cooking shows, German soap operas and The Olympics. I haven’t been around at the news hour so that must conflict with some routine of mine. I don’t know which routine because, not having seen it, I don’t know what it conflicts with; not important. It’s about The Olympics after all.

The time I spend in socializing is not extended and I’m only catching it out of the corner of my eye most of the time but it’s enough; more than enough actually. What I’ve encountered so far are people going real fast downhill on skis while weaving around slender flag poles or else, going cross country with a gun that they fire at circles of one color and if they hit it, it turns into another color and off they go again and again and again. There’s something meaningful here. There’s something epic. That’s what they’re saying anyway. Other times you get people in ski suits being given stuffed bears and chatting away with a Twinkie Hostess. The lights flash off the face jewelry; lips rings, nose studs, whatever.

They’re talking in German and sometimes I get it and sometimes I don’t but to be truthful, I don’t get it at all. I know it’s something important but I can’t figure out why. There’s an endless line of one person after another waiting for medals in three different hues and a much larger group that are just waiting and I hear they do this kind of thing on a regular basis; every four years they do it. Some very few of them are going to be famous for awhile and a great many of them are going to be famous for a short period of time and it’s all brought to you by the people who make guns and Coca Cola or whatever makes enough money from selling it that they can pay for the time to tell you about it.

I saw a documentary recently about gamers and the pro circuit that they have and the narrator kept using the word, “athletes’. We were being led to believe that gamers are athletes. I thought it was pretty funny when they tried that with golfers but gamers? Anyway... the people at The Olympics are certainly athletes according to the way I understand it; most of them anyway. I’m not sure about bobsledding. I’m not sure about anything. Are race car drivers athletes? Do they have to run laps as well? Do they go into training like a boxer?

I might be wandering away from the point I had in mind but that’s okay, it’s my space. I can skateboard across my keyboard in a pink tutu if I want to. Anyway, I’m going to go back to my point. I’ve been getting a peripheral Olympics and thinking; what’s the point? That’s why I think I might be going crazy because I find myself asking that about almost everything almost all of the time. There doesn’t seem to be a point really.

I’m listening to “Silent Running” by Mike and the Mechanics. It’s an eerie thing; interwoven through the British experience, run many slender threads of silver and gold and there are precious gems indeed. The spirit is crying. You hear the spirit crying here and there... reaching because...

It believes... it believes it can reach it ...and prays that it will keep the family safe on the way. “Can you hear me running?”

You know something that constantly amazes me? I see people doing all kinds of seemingly spectacular things in all kinds of venues and reaping the fruit thereof. I see titans of industry and heads of state, brimming with force and fingersnapping lives away and fuggeddaboutit! I see billboards of whatever is beautiful on today’s menu, writhing like sixteen million different kinds of exotica and it’s got smooth surfaces and moist jungle regions and hot panting effervescent promises that go on forever and... oh and a whole lot more but I don’t feel like doing a Michael Jackson all up and down the keyboard to make my point. I’m not at the Olympics so it’s not necessary. Thing is....

I see all of this stuff going on and it’s been going on over and over for thousands and millions of years like something for the benefit of Mr. Kite and all this preening and posing and accepting awards and I look up at the sky and I see a million suns blazing in a space way too big to comprehend and I think... hmmmm... “is (that real) compared to what?”

I’m on a tiny planet and I am surrounded by countless larger celestial bodies AND on this tiny planet I am way, way tinnier yet. On this planet there are tremendous oceans and enormous mountain ranges. I don’t think I have to list the features. Someone did this. Someone did all of this. Now, how does anything that happens on this tiny planet in relation to all of these celestial bodies, compare to whoever did this? The kicker is that the entire universe fits inside my head. It lives there. It lives in your head too. You may only be paying attention to a particular part of it but it’s all there.

Sometimes you hear someone say, “You’re not going to believe this.” I have personally seen various things many, many times that most people would not believe; do not want to believe and would run screaming from and have to be locked up for the rest of their life if they did see it ...and some of them are. I’ve seen these things and I suspect a lot more than what I’ve seen and I am not alone. There are a lot of people like me. We aren’t very many compared to the rest but relatively speaking we’re more than a few and then, there are the Olympics and the awards ceremonies around the globe for all sorts of exceptional acts of mutual frottage and collective deception; I shall ring Nobel before its time (grin).

That guy who flew that plane into the IRS Office? They ought to have that in the Olympics. Maybe that’s the real life Olympics. That was a very Dog Poet event. It’s unfortunate that people died, maybe... I haven’t seen the karmic scoreboard yet. Might be they got bonus points and extra miles even though they weren’t flying at the time. Moving right along.... That kind of thing happens to people every day and they call it business and package it. Pick some up on your way home. See what I mean? It’s okay when they do it according to their protocols but it’s not okay to freelance.

Authenticity and the genuine article are not easy to find but they are around and they will be heard. I’m on the other wireless at the moment,. the internal internet and I can hear a whole lot of Ahrooooooooo!!!!!!! for that poor fellow. I can hear it howling out of the Dog Star and radiating through the galaxy. We heard you. It must have taken a lot to get to the point where that’s all you’ve got left to do. I don’t know his name because I only heard about it and briefly saw a headline in the process of posting an article; some technician...airplane....not so silent running. I don’t know what to say. I know how he feels. A lot of people know how he feels and then come all the lies. It reminds me of that incident between Jesus Christ and Pontius Pilate... “What is truth?”

I think a guy called Bobby Rydel did a song called “Breaking up is Hard to Do” Somebody needs to rework that song and make it, “Waking up is Hard to Do.” At the moment you are seeing the early tracers of events launching themselves into the blue aether of our future which is always arriving like those horses in the waves in the Origami posting. There are little clues popping up all over the place concerning our pending event horizon.

Just riffing a bit; the sun broke out this morning and it’s getting up into the fifties already. Spring is definitely on the way. I figured since I have to drive off and post the comments that I might as well put something up and well... there it is.

End Transmission......

Radio show tonight.


Anonymous said...

"Waking up is Hard to Do."

Took the wife to an acupuncturist a couple of days ago. The Chinese doctor was going on and on about the Olympics. He asked me if I watched any of it. I told him I have no interest in such things. He couldn't believe it. I said just like professional sports it is opiate for the masses, a waste of time. He laughed and said something I didn't follow. (hard to understand the guy)

I remember a few years back Nancy Karigan won some skating thing in the olympics. She got to go to a parade in Disney Land and ride in a big convertible with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Could you handle that?

You are not going crazy, "there is no point."


Timster said...

neil sedeka

Anonymous said...

Joe Stack.

Crazy Horse.

And all the forgotten who refuse to be immortalized in surrender.


Anonymous said...

ah yes dear Les! when I feel that my writing skills are nowhere near yours, I feel like a 'lesser bretheren'. You're not alone my friend. The Olympics, when hyper-nationalism becomes fashionable as we celebrate our democratic freedoms. Although he was addressing more pertinent issues than the Coca Cola Olympics, my fellow Canadian Bruce Cockburn said it best.

Padded with power here they come
International loan sharks backed by the guns
Of market hungry military profiteers
Whose word is a swamp and whose brow is smeared
With the blood of the poor

Who rob life of its quality
Who render rage a necessity
By turning countries into labour camps
Modern slavers in drag as champions of freedom

Sinister cynical instrument
Who makes the gun into a sacrament --
The only response to the deification
Of tyranny by so-called "developed" nations'
Idolatry of ideology

North South East West
Kill the best and buy the rest
It's just spend a buck to make a buck
You don't really give a flying fuck
About the people in misery

IMF dirty MF
Takes away everything it can get
Always making certain that there's one thing left
Keep them on the hook with insupportable debt

See the paid-off local bottom feeders
Passing themselves off as leaders
Kiss the ladies shake hands with the fellows
Open for business like a cheap bordello

And they call it democracy
And they call it democracy
And they call it democracy
And they call it democracy

See the loaded eyes of the children too
Trying to make the best of it the way kids do
One day you're going to rise from your habitual feast
To find yourself staring down the throat of the beast
They call the revolution

IMF dirty MF
Takes away everything it can get
Always making certain that there's one thing left
Keep them on the hook with insupportable debt

dave wilson said...

Hi Les,
The bloke in Dallas with the plane might not be all he seems. Many, way too many similarities to 911 in there and aren't Texas giving the feds a little s h one t at present, they maybe need some homeland security aid to help stem the tide of suicided pilots. It does not add up to me from the physics, the psychology and the political points of view. Huge fire for one small plane, building wall blown out 100 feet, suicide novel amended 27 times? Smells real dodgy.

Anonymous said...

Luv you buddy!

Liz said...

Waking up is hard to do. But all things considered, I think I prefer it to ignorance is bliss. The Olympics, another distraction, providing us some temporary heroes on cereal boxes. There really isn't anything new under the sun...

epic fail said...

I don't suffer insanity, I enjoy every second. Insanity is a defense mechanism to help one through a failed world. There are people who will never wake up because that can be uncomfortable. Being awake means the old breads and circuses won't work anymore and most will never give up those. Also the serfs will fight tooth and nail for a system that only exists to rape them because of the dread fear of the next "ism". I am watching movies on this machine I found in the trash L.V. Nothing was wrong with it except the onboard video had went out.

Anonymous said...

good post and good to have you back les
i almost forgot about how much i enjoy reading your blogs

Anonymous said...

hi les his name was joe stack he reached the point where he wouldnt take it anymore in aus the gov has now numbered us all but theyre not telling us our numbers after all we didnt get a say in them doing it so why should we know not even funny seeing it happen straight out of the conspiracy files they disarmed the country awhile back too all with a smile its for our own good after all hope you are well things are not good in oz

psychegram said...

Heh, I'm heading off to BC in just a couple hours. The last several weeks when people found out I'm going everyone's like, "Are you going to see the Olympics!!??" with that vapidly excited look in their eyes. No, I tell them, I'm going on an observing run at a big telescope. Won't be anywhere near the Olympics.

Thank God.

"What!!?? You don't want to see them?"

"No interest in spectator sports, really. For me all it would mean to be in Vancouver would be crowds and security hassles."

"Yeah but it's the Olympics!"

"Say, you know who designed the Olympic logo? And the torch ceremony?"

One person even got it right: Adolf Hitler.

"So what, the Olympics are just this big fascist event then?"

"It's exactly the same tactic the Romans used to keep the mob distracted so the aristos could get on with the business of Empire."

"Huh." Pause. "I like the Olympics!"

On another note not so sure about this Stack guy. It could be a genuine, spontaneous strike against the elite but ... a lot of fingers are pointing towards False Flag too. He could easily have been a mind control puppet, for instance; perhaps the screed he posted was written by a ghost writer hired to serve as literary agent provocateur, and Stack himself just got a phone call one day ... heard a certain word ... and then walked off and started up the plane.

It scarcely matters. Either way there will be copycats. Security will increase: the iron fist will squeeze yet tighter and that many more will begin to wake up.

Visible said...

Thanks Timster, I had a feeling I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

My 16 year old son, who is more spiritually aware than most adults, made a remarkable observation about the Olympics. He said it reminds him of the ancient Roman coliseums.

I couldn’t have been happier for him to be aware of this and I told him so. These things cannot be explained. You get it or you don’t.

This rather reminds me of the way you write, Les. You could explain away, but implications are more effective to those who ‘get it’. And those who don’t, if they are sincere, will continue to search until they do.


Joe Bloggs said...

Yet another Olympian post, Les - old sport (sorry!)

Please pardon me for blowing my trumpet (toot) here at your "Games" but here are my current world records:

Toe curling: Nobody has yet been unable to do so when they meet me.

Booby slaying: Everybody wants to when they meet me.

Eye skating: Everybody looks the other way when they see me coming.

To escape all of these unwanted records I accidently broke another one today by crawling into a lute to play a flute (toot)...with a head as big as mine it should actually be impossible.

John said...

Great show. It sounds like you did some more mixing on the intro song again, or maybe I just haven't heard it in awhile. :) It sounded great and better than I remember regardless.

whatisto? word verification

Anonymous said...

ground to sky
up in the ray
feather fly
recite into lie
into the sty
where greed hide
and take's pride
where he abide
and claims he's wise
he tricks and take,
very sly
into the depths
of a broken sigh
howl through the cave of
the beast they confide
unroll a scroll
fire wind blow
through truth spear
the force flow
the power waken
forces shake
true nature grow
flower by lake
essence of rainbow
glimmer in time
signs in the wind
the universes
wind chime.


most dont know
but they need to
to survive

into this force fed
of the natural purpose
of the self

Anonymous said...

thank ja you're back!

Anonymous said...

I feel you Les. Something that disgusts me is how passionate people get over the dumb ass olympics, NFL, NASCAR, etc. but God forbid someone get passionate over the rampant and blatant evil taking place. In my physical world I'm surrounded by just such people. They think I'm crazy because I have such disgust for all of the corruption. They say you read to much Justin. You need to focus on positive things. Like sporting events or the newest episode of NCIS blah blah blah. Why get worked up over things you cannot change?

I am sitting on the edge of my seat chomping at the bit. Oh how I long for the end of this rampant foolishness and outright global injustice. I can't wait to see the fire burn it down.


Anonymous said...

Great post! Good to see you here again Les.

I do believe you are right that everything is being taken care of on all levels and things balance out eventually.

I wonder if you or any of your readers might find this interesting.

Kind regards,

Mike in Michigan said...

NCIS....probably goes into the mechanics and details of the inner workings of American intelligence much more deeply than AmIntel would like.

The actress who plays Abby (the goth lab gal) is 41. Doesn't even look 31.

There are worse shows to get hung up about, IMNSHO.

As for the Olympics: well, hey, I like hockey, but curling is the best. Really. 2 hours and 45 minutes of tension and buildup and then the other team's skip lays the hammer down in the 10th end for 3 points and wins the match by 1. Madness!

There are some rather attractive lasses curling for the womens' squads. Especially Mme. Bernard of Canada.

FWIW, it's a very small handful of curlers who are "fully funded" and able to do it on a professional basis. Everybody else is pretty much regular people who have to haggle with their boss to take time off work to play a qualifier to get into the Brier or whatever.

Well I suppose Canadian curlers probably don't have to haggle quite as hard with their bosses as do American curlers.

ThinkingWolf said...


I'm in Naperville - enough said.

I will say this about "sports:"

Whatever a "college education" is worth here, financial access may be gained through athletic scholarship. Other than that, mostly man beating on man.

At least these are [mostly] ahtletes... and they do have incredible discipline, and big time sacrifice - that is a hell of a lot better than "americans' at large.

Anonymous said...

Dear, dear Les:

Your writings are far more valuable than you can assess. I can't tell you how valuable they are. I have no words.

You speak (write?) truth as far as you can see it. I think all your readers get that. Please keep writing.

Anonymous said...

earth bound
earth drums pound
chant down
recite through the cloud
sun tree
the force of sound
of wise cheif
of living ground

seven feathers
from the heavens
in the stars
truth centers
in follower of truth
life flow enters
medicine for
flower menders

peace invoked
in the breeze
across the meadow
through the leaves
that blow west
from the east
by the mountains
with the bees
who buzz around
with mother nature
peace to all
please soon waken
open hearts
raise them high
we are one mind.


Visible said...

New Smoking Mirrors up

Visible said...

new Visible Origami up-



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