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Blood and Semen; The Movie

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A few things have been said about sex at the blogs lately (Hmmm... that doesn’t sound right, perhaps I had better rephrase). What I mean is that sex has been under discussion in some of its metaphysical aspects. This last week I’ve thought about some of it. This brought me around to a consideration of one of life’s biggest mysteries and how that ties in with the prevailing definitions of sanity and what passes for normal.

In the Bible we have the story of Onan and this has to do with wasting the semen. In the New Testament we hear about the power of the blood. Blood and Semen (sounds like it could be the title of one of those English miniseries that involves several generations) have a mystical connection. As was earlier stated, it takes forty drops of blood to make one drop of semen and forty drops of semen to make one drop of the spiritual fluid Ojas; this is according to the traditions of the yogis. In the west we have no such traditions except for whatever vague interpretations we are given for the practice of celibacy. We’ve had ample evidence of late concerning what can happen when you don’t understand celibacy. It’s that chain with the weakest link scenario. In the end it all comes down to plumbing. Whatever’s in the pipes has to go somewhere.

One of our most powerful tools is the imagination. The power of the imagination and other features of the human mind are seldom understood for what they are and as a result they are seldom trained and disciplined for maximum use.

I’m going to digress for a moment and tell a little tale about myself. The most valuable information that we possess is about ourselves. It has a lot to do with how we understand and interpret what happens around us and to us. Information about myself has been denied to me for most of my life and I’ve been given precious little evidence of the meaning of supernatural events that have happened to me. For some reason I am suddenly being given insight into some of this and that is what this story has to do with.

My father was a thirty year career military man and he was connected to the military police for the majority of his service. He was an extremely brutal man, even by the standards of the arena where most fathers were sterner disciplinarians than was common in the wider world. The other military men thought my father was over the top by comparison.

The impress of the force of his nature on my own went to the core of my being. At the age of twelve I had an adult ulcer. It took the doctors a long time to discover the source of my pain because they’d never seen such a thing before. I did not get pubic hair until I was seventeen years old. You can imagine what sort of insecurities might have played out against that backdrop. I did not know what sex was until I was going on fourteen years old. I had no concept of it. Sure, kids talk but it all went by me for some reason. I did not have an orgasm until I was fifteen years old, going on sixteen.

Recently I have come to understand why this happened to me. I’m pretty bright; you would think I would have figured it out long ago. I did not go through puberty like anyone else. As a result, my semen buildup was headed in another direction. That’s all I can make of it at the moment. Once I was away from the emotional slaughter house of what passed for family life I began to have life experiences within the context of being a poet, which I suppose is essentially what I am. Within the first six years of being away from home I was imprisoned for around four of those years in prisons or mental wards; most of the time it was in the maximum security areas for the criminally insane. There was no sex going on at these times either and I am exceedingly grateful for the protections extended to me during these times. Many others were not so lucky.

This is how I came to have a full on Kundalini awakening. While I was imprisoned, I lived as a monk in a strange monastery, so all of my attention was directed inward except for using the eyes in the back of my head as one must do in such locations. I see now that all of this was directed toward channeling my energies in order to bring about what followed.

Let’s go back to a consideration of one of life’s biggest mysteries. It has to do with the way society views the use of semen. We live in an age of epic Onanism. We pour it out upon vain and trivial amusements like it was one more waste product. Essentially we commit suicide. We also destroy our health far more than in any other way because the power in the reconstituted semen is a mighty immune system against the evils of the day. One of the implications of Ojas is ‘immunity’, along with patience and compassion. Even more importantly, the reconstituted semen is like oil in a lamp and it provides illumination in the darkness of this world so that one can see what is happening instead of being an unconscious victim of the lies that compose the fabric of what most people call life.

The most important and most commonly overlooked feature about celibacy is that people think the physical practice is the critical thing. The critical thing is the imagination. If celibacy is not practiced in the mind and the heart to begin with then it’s not celibacy at all, nor will the condition endure for long except as a twisted mockery on the original intent.

Anyone who wants to take the trouble to inquire and who possesses a sufficient objective reasoning ability can soon see that sex and how we understand it is at the core of everything that takes place in the phenomenological world. This is one of the reasons that those who seek to rule us have been playing with our understanding about the sex drive and its applications. It’s also a lot easier to control people if you drain them of their power. All of our power to understand and comprehend comes to us as a result of the channeled sex force. This is far too large and intricate a subject to be treated with in such a brief manner. The reader is advised to make their own inquiries.

Contemporary sexuality and practice has become a rude joke. It’s a serious matter. After all, God wasn’t laughing when he made you, was he? (grin) When we see ourselves as a beast that is what we become and TPTB are working night and day through all the usual channels to convince us of this. The real war is the one going on for the destiny of our souls and the ways in which we identify ourselves. All external conflicts arise as a product of our being deceived into their necessity. Sex is hammered into our heads all day long and the prevalence of rap music is an efficient tool for the dehumanization and debasement of the feminine principle which resides in both men and women and is the source of the higher qualities of our spiritual nature.

Over the last couple of days I took a little stroll through some of the high end sex sites like Domai and MetArt and then some brief forays into the lower end of the spectrum. In a way it tells the tale of the degrees that exist between a raw and perverted nature on the lower end and the presumption of art on the other. I noticed when I clicked on some of the links at the higher end sites that, occasionally, a big warning page would come up in Italian to let me know that I was about to visit a site that trafficked in pedophilia. There was no indication of this prior to clicking the link. After this happened about a dozen times I decided it might be better to move on to other things. I got the distinct sensation that there is no small amount of government activity in relation to internet sex and that surfers are being sent in directions they hadn’t actually intended to go.

I was sitting in a classroom at The Paris American High School at the age of twelve. Puberty would have probably been kicking in at that time but, not for me. It was in the afternoon as I remember and suddenly a wave of enormous love swept through my being. The force of it was beyond my ability to presently render into words. I now see that this is the direction my sexual force was taking because it had been driven that way as a result of conditions in my environment. A few times in my life I have had similar experiences and I can say- without question- that nothing in life approaches the beauty and value of this state of being. One hopes a more sustained condition may yet appear in time.

I’ve come to the end of this piece and I think what I am trying to say is... that it would be of great profit to study the ways in which sex operates in the cultures and look at who is doing what with it and... for what reasons. You might want to acquire some Petri Dishes and glass slides before hand, along with some latex gloves and a spatter mask. The supernatural evolutionary drive of the sex force, at long last, results in the possession of a love and wisdom beyond the reach of words.. unless it gets misdirected into something else whose product is bondage. I’ll leave you to ponder this and see you over at Visible Origami in a day or two.

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Neko Kinoshita said...

A little over 10 years ago now, I experienced something I will never forget.
My spouse and I reached a pinnacle together, and at the highest moment there was another presence there with us. At this same moment, lightning stuck the house. (Minor roof damage)
Lying together in the afterglow, we both knew that she had conceived, event though it was two weeks later that it was confirmed.
Draw your own conclusions, but the energy release seems to open some kind of portal if you will, and I believe this presence that was with us there is the entity that I now call my daughter.
There is a great deal of power in sexual energy, and the release of that energy can weaken you significantly. Building the tension and not releasing it can increase the amount available for other purposes. These things seem obvious to me.


Anonymous said...
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Visible said...

Even if we are denied the answer there are reasons why those in power conceal or misrepresent eternal truths and one way or another it has to have something to do with their being able to remain where the are and to contain the rest according to their allotted station.

I'd mentioned some time ago that about six years back hundreds of young girls went missing in France and they couldn't find them. There were posters up everywhere. I never heard that they discovered the whereabouts of these girls.

Anonymous said...
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abe said...

Thanks for elaborating on the Ojas, Les. Neko, that was amazing- I almost felt like I was there.

kikz said...

my limited understanding...

is that.. ultimately from a human perspective, sex is 'the' desire to rejoin w/the creator.

we all search for the creator - consciously or unconsciously.

could there be any more potent desire?

could there be any more potent power attained over someone from that desire's subversion/perversion?

i think in a word... no.

Anonymous said...

So true, but I find myself living in two worlds and not one. On one had there is the spiritual world where I find peace and equanimity, and then I find myself spiraling down into the world of lust periodically, only to feel strong guilt and have the inner power to rise back to spirituality. The cycle repeats itself. What I have learned is that we cannot live in both worlds at the same time, but our existence is based on our involvement in spirituality and lust. Without lust, there would be no life. Without spirituality there would be no endeavor. Both are good in there own way. When we depart this world, we leave our bodies behind and are freed from bondage. Full self control of semen retention is not good, although the idea is good, because the mind then thinks too much about sex, and our built up energy is strong enough to distract us even from simple tasks.

However, that is just my thinking, and I think sex is good but self-pleasure is a sin.

Anonymous said...

Something just crossed my mind and I felt like it might be relevant.

Jesus was quoted as saying: "The life is in the blood."

ThinkingWolf said...

Les my friend, 15 going on 16 you say, Hah! If you are counting sleeping then I may have you beat (haha), but waking, try age 20.

I have read somewhere that stress, especially from the father figure, early on, can lead to [physical] development issues, along with the fairly obvious mental ramifications. My father never struck me, not once, but I was verbally pummeled my entire "home" life. All of my siblings developed well before the norm, whereas I was much later than what was the norm back then. Sex was never discussed, certainly not masturbation. I was so insecure in my shell that I would not have known what was going on with an attempt at a real relationship anyway. I grew up with a bunch of dummies as friends and two uninformed parents. High school was NOT fun.

I have been conditioned most of my life to view females a certain way - these things are extremely difficult for me to un-program. I am woefully uninformed on the true nature of sex.

A contributing factor worth mentioning on this topic is the poison in the food supply; specifically [non-human] hormones. The much earlier onset of puberty combined with the bombardment of sexed up TV is a match made in hell.

Seriously, and no offense intended for I do not know... is the [presumably Japanese] name "Neko" gender neutral?

Anonymous said...


Your blogs are on a roll. I like the more positive post everyone seems to be striving for. At least this is my opinion.

I appreciate the deeper understanding of sex you and some of your posters write about – I've known sex is the most dangerous drug since I was very young. Anything that makes you want to behave in ways you don't understand or even want to is dangerous. As a young hormonally-charged man I chased all types of emotionally dangerous tail that, upon reflection, was such a waste of time, money and effort, that I'd have been better-off beating myself in the head with a rubber mallet. I know I'm not alone in having this experience, it seems to be like this for both sexes.

I'd say over forty percent of the women I've dated claim at least one (if not multiple) rape experiences, and that can't be a healthy way to build a functioning society. And every human that's broken goes on to break others, until our society becomes broken. The very people who claim that every child is a 'gift from god' go on to send those same 'gifts' to die in wars for stupid reasons. If this makes their god happy, than he's a vicious bastard that doesn't deserve to god. Can that be a verb? Godding?


Anonymous said...

Les and others,

Here is a link to my latest publishing effort:

I normally wouldn't put that here, but I wrote a good Rant about my cat dying, sort of falls into the picture of what has been being discussed at your blogs. It will be on page 10 of the pdf, but I also recommend reading Tom Wills' story that starts on page 5 of the pdf. It's funny, and he does a good job bringing the local area to life.


Anonymous said...

This idea of categorizing spirituality and sex as opposites is exactly in my opinion what needs to be ironed out. Using the term lust simply implies the program has been very effective at least from my point of view.

The yogic term of non-attachment was never more valid than when it is seen in terms of the Tao. In other words engaging in tantra but being detached and seeing it only as a means of spiritual awakening.

When yogis implore to allow yourself to enter the cosmic ocean, it is much broader in scope than many realize. Yes it can sometimes be seen as having more than one partner, a recognizing the divinity in all.

Hence we the normal progression of the church. You must have only one partner and it must be sealed under a legal contract with severe legal entanglements if you wish to void it. Any engagements outside this contract are considered, adultery, lust, sin and will expose you to the fire.

You realize of course that Jesus was called a demented sex freak by the religious authorites of the day.

Man is the only creature on the planet that attempts to bind the creative forces by contract law.
The birds and the bees would have none of this. Are they immoral?

Anonymous said...

Les thanks

Ive been on a quest to understand my sexual nature for years now, thanks for the help you all. I have gone without in body for a longtime now. I havent gone without in mind? I understand you view about blood making this and that. I dont how ever get the Ojas link? Why should anything one thing be both created in the "seen" world and be some "gateway" at the same time? All things are gateways and all acts are too (Just saying what do I know)? To find only one substance as the tool or key to your "vigor" is down right silly, sorry? All things around you and created by you make youre being, not just the fluids running through you.
It seems a plumbing image works here? The Onan story is about not using the plumbing as asked, by some God, not that his sperm is wasited, its got to go somewhere?
Les sex does seem to have some "draining" powers to it, much like death, but linking a loss of living energy to that act with or within creation of offspring seems very western and "old school?" What do I know?
What one feels is happening might be more powerful and affecting than what "really" is? Dont rush into views of the body or sex that limit you, or put a counter on how long youre going have one thing or another?
Ok super thanks man, but what about the soul man? Its both sexes and seeing the polar end of the "seen" world is super cool for sure (male/female objects), but why dont we apply that view to the self as well. What happens on the outside happens within too? Weird as it might be, can you have sex with yourself, or is it only an action for the outside world?

The Fool

nina said...

What you appear to uncover here is the zenith of mind control in which the essence of purity is no less processed than frozen TV dinners. Technology (which cannot last without the resources to keep expanding) has nothing on this; mind control on this scale is the creation of an alternate universe where the human imagination has been hijacked so thoroughly it would take another several millenniums to recenter the natural inclinations of man as God incarnate.
It is no coincidence, rather a synchronicity to read your essay this morning followed by
Charles's essay where he essentially says the same thing in different words with different examples as I might say, as a visual artist, in even more seemingly unrelated ways. The application are limited only by the orientation of our imaginations:

"...The leadership of the Empire, from our elected officials on down, has failed in the sense that their imagination has failed. The idea that the nation would have been better served by spending $1 trillion on a vast solar electrical generation plant on Federal land in Nevada (and the power grid to distribute that new power) rather than squander trillions and thousands of lives on expanding the Empire into Iraq and Afghanistan never occurred to our leadership.

In the words of one of my favorite bloggers, Tommy of Freedom Guerrilla (former Armed Forces officer, not coincidentally), America has become comfortable, institutionalized and dependent--and thus comfortably numb.

Among all the tragedies piled up by Empire, one rarely mentioned is the waste of so many earnest, smart young people's energy and commitment to what is presented as a "higher noble cause."

We could do so much better if our imagination wasn't hobbled by Empire. ..."

The results of directing and limiting imagination are in everything from economic (read political, read organized religion) corruption to volcanic ashclouds to deBeers diamonds to the vocabulary of the western world to the diet of empire, even our relationships: good and bad, all of it flawed at the root and purposefully limited into tools honed specifically for enterprise.

I am impressed you've gone in this direction, but I expect nothing less. This IS the heart of the matter, when one asks why is everything so weird, so wrongheaded, backwards and painful, the complete antithesis of what could be, you've named it Visible.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't call himself the fool for nothing! It suits you much better than Le Mat.

Getting back on track this a very interesting topic. Speaking of the ohas, it is like anything else when traveling you want to seek out the best road. In this instance the precious metals are called precious for a reason and they do include copper. They are called precious for a reason.

Even the wearing of gold jewelry and use of it in ear piercing does have an advantage of allowing some gold to enter the blood stream. There is also the discovery of monatomic gold on a ranch in Arizona. It is in powdered form and is used as a source of colloidal gold. That is long subject however.

Copper trace gold and silver are the best elements which will assist ohas in their travel up the spine. They are conductiors and hence conduct the energy efficiently. This is why they are also used in computers.

Here again modern man is encouraged to saturate themselves with aluminum, teflon, fluoride, barium and other chemical cocktails which inhibit this process. Home economics courses for young students don't give much weight to such common sense issues. As a matter of fact in some instances the focus is on fisting.

Societies that some would call more primitive than western civilization inherently seemed to understand some of these things. This ranges from copper pots in small town Asia to the native american reverence for silver.

There are those who simply wish to turn people into animals and it seems they delight in doing so.

kikz said...


sympathies to you and weezer, on your loss of wolfcat.

i'm still dealing w/the loss of our 10yr family cat.. a 12 lb main coon tabby, back on the 10th.

Anonymous said...
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nina said...

@Dublin Mick: modern man is encouraged to saturate themselves with aluminum, teflon, fluoride, barium and other chemical cocktails which inhibit this process.

Aluminum and Barium are in chemtrails...
"Various versions of the chemtrail conspiracy theory have circulated through internet websites and radio programs.[1] In some of the accounts, the chemicals are described as barium and aluminum salts, polymer fibers, thorium, or silicon carbide
A watered down wiki description typical of the denial genre.

Anonymous said...

Fooling around here! Im not sure Im saying this right? To fool ones own mind is pretty much the nature of the game, sorry folks.

What you create in the mind is for all means what you will create outside of it too. If you feel that you need to store up some energy in parts of your body, you do? What if you dont think that? Will you loose out of something that you couldnt create in your mind, hummm?

Im talking out of school and with the cover of a fool, so be warned!

If you "want" energy you !@#$ed up? If you think your body or soul is a bank to keep stuff, you @#$ed up?

All is in order and working just fine yes, its all under control? Hows is that? I say both(or more) sides are in balance, male/female or what not? If you dont see that balance within the self, youll look outside for it and think adding to or keeping ideas and engeries is needed to "keep" that balance, when youre failing to see the light and grace of yourself instead?

The Onan bit shows us that when we act because some force outside us seems to asked us to, we are really just letting or wanting a "father figure" (or mother in my case)" to help or hurt us (many of us want both?)

Same for your Ojas, if you think you have to have it, or use it, youll need it, but who started that loop? Ok so back to the bank of a soul idea. How about a super market for the soul? You if you want to create energy for yourself you have to spend some too? Moveover, the return is in tranfering enegry not saving it? Give to get?
I say if you feel or see parts of you, or your body (and its parts) as needed or as a root to enegry, you FUCKED UP? You are making flesh and blood your world. They are only the very last cover or veil to the real you, pure energy!!!
Stop worring about what you have wasted, you should waste stuff to make more stuff (supermarket idea?)

Cool song by Jack Johnson, "Wasting Time"

The Fool

Pornflakes - they're grrreat said...

I like Cornflakes actually, with full fat milk - naturally; usually like to add a bit of extra sugar and/or cream. But bacon and eggs, baked beans, mushrooms and a bucketful of coffee is my fav.

Different strokes for different folks...

Even a wanker like me has plenty of time and energy for other things; like taking drugs and boozing and smoking and rock n rolling, the day job (yawn), the wife, the kids, the in-laws, a bit of kung-fu yoga chai-tea, super-shallow me-me-meditation (TM). Walking the dog, tv dinners, the works - it's all good folks lighten up!

I wank all day and I wank all night
I'm a big wanker and I feel all right
I can wank it short and I can wank it long
I wank all week and I'm still strong
I wank in the morning cos it keeps me fit
And I wank in the evening for a good night's kip
Sometimes though I give it a skip
Cos I can smell when the wife is ready to rip
Then I lick my lady for hours on end
And then I stick it to her good and we're still best friends

Visible said...

The Fool;

You know, to me, the most telling feature about you is that you never seem to understand what is actually under discussion. Then you compound the injury (to yourself) by extrapolating off into a poorly understood Advaita pose which leads me to believe that you are attempting particular gymnastics in a location where no competition is being held.

I suspect you will get the meaning of one hand clapping by the, sooner or later, recognition of the absence of sound.

Carry on.

Visible said...

Oh yeah, in an unrelated matter... some people are drunks. I try not to discriminate. Sometimes proximity has a magic all of its own; meaning who comes around sometimes stays around and only later realizes that they are no longer their own chief victim.

Anonymous said...

Ok Pornflakes, good point much laughs, thanks!!! Try this one on for size?

The Fool

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Yep to the drunk thing, got many stories and friends that fit into this, worse you might find life tends to be much of the same.
Anyway thats why I seem to be tellin ya somthing, when infact, Im just talking to myself? Im hoping to show how I make a victim of myself for others gain, ie the fool? As to my lack of hearing, thats normal for me, but thanks for your openness. All to offen we dont say whats really on our minds and it ends up hurting us. Sometimes saying stuff ends up hurting other too, but as you said, I try not to discriminate? Im not trying to win over a point or change your minds eye to the world, Im just learning, and thanks for the help. This isnt a race or a battle here, its you spending your time helping others, thats it? I say stuff and question for my own health and growth, can you dig?. As there is no way to measure that within others paths, Im sorry I come off as playing in a competition, Im not? There arent many people that work within your spoken skills and outlooks around here, so I might be biting on my bites and pulling the rains to fast, sorry? When I feel you are "hurting" yourself I question, and in doing so I use a filter that can take me off couse to what you where talking about in one post or another? Les youve help me over the past year or so, Im trying to help you if I can? As Ive said too many times here, all things have reason, and we(when we shouldnt) use the very same reason to create and do thing? There is no room here for competition silly, we all are fighting a battle within the self? Im just trying to give you another shape or side or view of yourself, and Ive hoped to do this without being a belly dancer to or for your work or others here? That why I talk about "me" and I seem off point. Sorry dude its the only topic I know anything about? We are all faces of the the divine and the divine at the same time, take this relection or dont?

The Fool

The Fool

Visible said...

The Fool;

noted... but if I had said the same thing, you would have responded by telling me there is no battle.

Do you copy?

Anonymous said...

Good Copy Les

The Fool

Anonymous said...

I have always felt the fool was a poor form of a psy-Op as his personality can change dramatically in relation to whoever he is trying to discredit at any given time.

It is perplexing that one who seems to admit and to show a certain shallowness of understanding in so many areas stridently never misses a chance for correction and advice on almost every train of thought.

I admit I have often wondered if the goal is to convince as many readers as possible we are all a bunch of lunatics here or if the hasbarat were down to paying minimum wage.

Maybe i am reading too much into it however. May be the fool is just Forest Gump. If so please accept my apologies.

Visible said...

Man... that's cold.

I don't claim to understand what's going on because as soon as I do it gets proven to me that I don't. This particular feature differs from persona to persona so I have no way of proving the case.

The good news is that I really don't care. For myself, I do what I do and then I move on to the next thing and consider them all just rungs on my own personal Jacob's ladder.

Sooner or later the vastness of the panorama makes any of the details insignificant. I knew this much earlier and then was forced to have my face rubbed into the murk just so I knew who was in charge. I think I can authoritatively say that this is the one thing I do know out of all the things I don't.

The proof is in the pudding.

I'd have to say that gratitude is now the overwhelming force in my life.

Anonymous said...

peoples peoples,come on dublins everyone sort of knows but dont really knows which has its own air of mystery about it, what the fool says sometimes are pure gems of far out far outness I dont even thinks he himself knows and thats whys me lads and laddiettes we love's him,as we loves the dublins the long johns the ninas the blahonath veritas the ammicus kiks
psychethingy the dam and every single one of you's lovely lovely people.


Anonymous said...

Dub whats the beef?
What have I even done to you but give over words YOU choose read? Been posting about Les work and using his ideas not yours? Why beef up to me and my debate with Les? Hummmm?

Its all good man, your wonders of a troll are sooooooo far off I seem to be the one wondering or laughing, if thats cool man? Not sure why but your not the only one saying this silly stuff? I find it cool to watch peoples misgives and see what they create with them, youve created something funny and of wonder yourself, thanks for the laugh Dub.

I have no goal to make you or Les look any old way, you just did that for yourself with that silly assumstion above? I do question things far more than others, my bad, hope you all feel for my poor mother!!!!

Either you have some issues I seem to bring out in you, or youre just a strait jerk that uses his mouth before his heart? You pick.
Anyway thanks for a real piece of truth and growth for me, youre correct.

"It is perplexing that one who seems to admit and to show a certain shallowness of understanding in so many areas stridently never misses a chance for correction and advice on almost every train of thought."

This is very much what is happening and I have no answer for ya sorry? Best I can say for now is, shallow might be better dubbed simple? You got a better way to be, Im all ears? Somethings you just feel and some you question, why you question a thing I say is a problem for you, not me? Worse being mean about is a REAL PROBLEM for you, fix it or carry hate, pain, and fear with you?
Forest Gump I am not, but wish I was, simple like the birds and bees you was talkin about?
Dub you make me wonder too. You have helped me and given over such power info for sometime now. I made you out to be much more open to the world and others, but it seems I was wrong. Please prove me wrong Dub?
I could suggest you find being at the center of all these posts a main goal for you? I could say you are far more into what you think than what others do. I could say you need to be thankful for misunderstanding because you still live in one. I could say you find Les and his site as a drug to conplete your minds wandering. I could... But I should say thanks

The Fool

ravenise said...

I was born on a Scorpio/Sag cusp and was openly taught at a young age that an orgasm was one of the wonders of the world. I probably already figured so to some degree. What can I say? My boundless curiosity was immense and I was a very sexual critter. I was always very intuitive and my then misunderstood psychic nature lead me to believe that people in photographs could see me on some level. Later on as puberty set in, it got to the point where I felt as though people around me could read my mind... when it was perhaps more the other way around. Anyways, thereon my social/sexual life was influenced largely from Christian preschool and religion. (snip) What’s worse? Christian preschool, or insane asylums? heheh.

It has been a while since I have had any physical intimacy which is fine with me. In the mean time I have been shedding much of my traditional programming. Most of the women I am attracted to & or attract are my friends… but over time I found once they got their bling many of them ended up fading away. I find at this point in my life that patience, friendship and love is much more desired. I personally have nothing against sex or self pleasure as long as you are not hurting anyone, but I see so many confused people running around with broken hearts, and all the gossip and other things that go along with this extremely sensitive issue in the kaleidoscopic culture we live in today… so I respect my boundaries and I keep it to myself. I think sex is as intimately connected to our fear of death as it is connected to the desire of ecstasy and self preservation. Without death there would be no life. The whole universe is geared at self preservation, recycling itself from the ashes of the dead.

Time and scale are in the eye of the observer. We are all collectively part of a larger organism, a living creature. The Galaxies, stars and planets and people are each a mortal cell of a higher dimensional being, constantly dieing and born all throughout the cosmos.

Joseph Alexander said...

The understanding of ourselves is the greatest adventure around . You can forget about trips to Mars and Jupiter or the newest electronic device ,they can never give the peace and bliss of finding your true self and connecting with the whole universe. This is the reason we are here today , not to use all our talents and intellectual gifts to pursue power and prestige. Its big mistake .

Religions have a deep hold on our minds because mankind has a build in capacity for mystical experience . It is a natural , biological function just like eating. The instinct for nourishment can be twisted and turned with all sorts of detrimental results . From obesity to anorexia , you name it . Isn’t sex the same . A natural instinct for the propagation of life, which can be degraded by misunderstanding or upgraded by knowledge of yourself. The Catholic and Jewish religion have superficial doctrines , maybe based on deceit or just ignorance . The Catholic ideal is to have sex based on love , to multiply and fill the earth , {Ha , we did a good job of that}. To have sex only when married , in fact if you even think about lusty sex it’s a sin that needs to be confessed . Even their god is virgin born and some what sexless .Depicted with more of a feminine image of love , kindness and social good. While the Jewish concept relates more to the masculine side of God . With its celebrations of the victories over numerous other tribes . This aggressive behavior meme is certainly practiced in their leadership in the promotion of pornography , and abortion etc. Both religions express a common link ,that sex can only be used for procreation or recreation . Never the deeper truth of regeneration of the mind through circulation sexual energy and a personal experience of higher consciousness. If we can’t understand the proper functions of our own bodies ,no wonder why the planet is being debased .

In the natural ecology of this earth everything is used , nothing goes to waste . Our bodies are the same way . Nothing is destroyed .Sexual fluids is transformed into psychic energy , which goes along the nerve paths and feeds the developing brain cells thus acting as fuel for an experience of higher consciousness. The Taoist have called this process the circulation of light . In India its called the awakening of kundalini. This is what Swami Vivekananda says: "Whenever there is any manifestation of what is ordinarily called supernatural power or wisdom, there must have been a little (control over the) current of Kundalini which found its way into the Sushumna. Only, in the vast majority of such cases of supernaturalism, they ignorantly stumble on some practice which set free, (and made them conscious of) a minute portion, (of the control) of the coiled up Kundalini."

This is the real truth behind all religions and human evolution , sex is the most potent form of prana in the body , but not the only source . The bioenergy of the cells provide additional nerve fuel to the body and brain so that it eventually achieves a permanent change into cosmic consciousness. The pundit I studied with called this energy the pranic spectrum. Each form of life has a particular waveform that give it its unique attributes . This pranic spectrum can under go an intense change due to stress or shock and abuse then the sexual energy moves upward to repair the damage . I’m sure this is what happened in your life Les , In fact it is written in the Indian scriptures that one who raises the cosmic energy and it penetrates the higher chakras , that person becomes a poet , There is an exact word for this I can’t find right now.

I would have to write a whole book to relate all my experiences over fifty years , and I am not a quick typist or writer so please excuse any grammar mistakes . It will take me some time to open up.

Anonymous said...

And , and your readers are still clueless! Fuck You

Hindu David

Anonymous said...
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Chiron said...

There are free lessons on Tantra available here:

The book is quite good too and goes into a bit more depth, no pun intended lol.

Personally I don't remember the last time I had an orgasm of any kind, and I don't miss it, not one bit. And sex can last for hours too.. Once inner ecstacy and bliss start to kick in as a result of meditation and other yogic practices, "normal" sex life is easily left behind..

Anonymous said...

Very, very superstitious..

Anonymous said...

That is a great site to emphasize what I was trying to say. If I had known about it I could have just left a link myself.

It presents a vivid contrast to what is taught in the east and what is taught in the western educational system. Common sense as opposed to lady Gaga and fisting.

Here we find ourselves with the west prancing around the east attempting to lay down the law and bring them civilization and democracy like spoiled children backed up by arrogant malignant parents.
The whole process is embarrassing.

The concept of divine Goddess is something of special note in the book. Any Mahatma will tell you that man is nothing and the female is everything. They give birth and bring forth life. Man must someday advance and reincarnate as female to advance.

In more ancient cultures this is the rule as unknown to many the native Americans could not even declare war without the permission of the females.

If we look around us we can see once again that so called christianity has turned the ancient texts backwards and declared man the master of the house. There is some of this in Islam also as supposedly you can say I divorce you 3 times and that is the end of it.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Sorry I took so long to get back, but dumpster diving takes time, and I don't get to respond very quickly.

Thanks. I have had only a few instances when I received clear messages from the divine, and coming here I often see an interpretation of things happening in my life that I'm having trouble understanding.

That is one reason I keep thanking Les here for showing me his take on what it means. I feel it, but I don’t always get it.

No offence to be taken. Yes, it is Japanese, it was my SCA name decades ago.

Neko is a Gender neutral noun, (and in this "eastern" form is a surname) but I'm male.
Kinoshita, is a self-deprecating given name which translates (roughly) as "Found under a tree" and is a reference to "low birth status."

I refer to myself as an "alley cat" because that is what the name (cat found under a tree) "means."

I understand where you are coming from. I lost my dog, my mother, and my cat in a three month period when I was seven. I then watched my father become a drunk to deal with it.
I won't bore the rest of you with the horror associated with being held responsible for a parent's death, many of us have had to deal with our various karmic burdens. Perhaps that is why many of us are here. Let’s just say that the trauma may have woken me up, but it also taught me to shield myself in ways that I’ve been trying to remove for decades.

I’ve read my Heinlein, starting when I was six. Read my Robert Rimmer when I was nine, and discovered that I wanted more than “friendly exercise” before I was twenty-one. I had been celibate for almost eight years when I met and married my wife.

Enough, I feel like I’m trying to take over Les’s blog again.


Animadverto said...

I recently came across a movie at a forum, titled “The Holy Mountain”, a production made in the early 70’s. I forced myself to watch it. In spite of its vulgarity, its purpose, at the end, is poignantly revealed. As in personifications of faiths, symbols of faiths have many meanings. Some believe, for example, that the yin-yang is the symbol for male-female opposing forces. Yes, it can be attributed to that and many other opposing forces as well, such as binary star systems.

There are forces of nature that man does not have control over, from the very large, to the very small – much less himself. It is unlikely and improbable that the creator of the Universe has either a penis or a vagina. To attribute sexual desires and/or restraint of those desires to higher spirituality is delusional.

I maintain the Gnostic interpretation of the Earth and Man. I came across this little gem last evening: I thought these people were strict Islamic adherents. In spite of this “tradition”, that is as old as its culture, and certainly not the only one, they have kicked the ass of the Russians and now doing the same to the Americans.

“Bacha Bazi” -

Restraint could help to alleviate exploitation of others, including but not limited to, the spreading of deceases. Restraint has proven to be, in practice, a misnomer, a farce, an oxymoron and well disguised. No, actually, everything is not under control. God is an observer. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on ones position, there is a cabal here that intends to perfect that which is imperfect. In all likelihood they will succeed in destroying you and quite possibly themselves in their megalomania, psychopathic pursuits of perfection-extension.

All of this is “street-theater”.

Anonymous said...

Joseph, wow! Please open up!

"Once inner ecstacy and bliss start to kick in as a result of meditation and other yogic practices, "normal" sex life is easily left behind.."

I feel this very much. Im 34 and a wonderful and powerful healer at age 20 showed me this a few years back and I havent moved from it yet! Silly this is, but this healer was and is still one of the sources and image I use to "speak" with the mother? All people can be a medium, I think?

As Dub was saying about the mother, thanks man, I "speak" with her much, and she has help me replace or heal myself and my misleading feelings about women and sex(and far more), in a way much like Joseph was saying, the raising and upward path of enegry within? I use very simple meditation. Sometimes its in the form of a walk, sometimes its drawing a picture in free form, and most times its me just setting calm with a big smile!

I have no way to prove this, but Dubs quote is very true. If you "find" or "let her in" and let her guide you by your own thoughts, much health will come? Be warned, your own mind can create much of this and its a fine line between thinking this is happening and letting really happen?

Ok Im going to put this out there, and its going to seem werid. So a big turning point can to me on the sex front when I began to focus my
sexual enegry and "wants" to the earthly mother? I wanted to "make love to her." She soon told me I was misleading myself and feared not having a mother/female figure in my life(or i told myself, same thing?) She told me to use the very same sexual enegry to play out and take on female roles, to find a female half and use it? Moreover, as many have suggested here, I didnt need an orgasm but I did need to find outlets for the enegry? Im still working on that part?

The Fool

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
I had commented on the meaning of Nafs – which could mean the Self - Ego/passion/lust/desire. As I mentioned earlier the Nafs will act like a beast if we feed it but at the same time could be weaken if we starve them. At the same time, we have to have this Nafs, or else, we would not have a desire to live, to work, to eat or to reproduce (having sex).

Imagine a life without a desire to have sex, what would happen to the world, where would all the babies and the new generations of human being be coming from? God created sex to be beautiful and exciting with this main reason in mind. But of course with certain conditions attached. You cannot have the fun but reject the responsibility. It is men who manipulated God’s law to be in such a way that they could enjoy sex but avoid the responsibility. They created birth control to run away from being tied down.

But how far can we have sex? Till the age 40, 50, 60 or more? There sure would a time when sex is no more palatable. There must be a wisdom from the Creator behind this. When we are young and strong, our responsibility is for procreation, hence the desire for sex is strong but when we get older and the sex drive goes downhill, we are supposed to channel our thoughts and mind towards preparing for the next world that is meeting The Creator instead of wasting our time and energy in sex. I find that it is a sign of The Almighty's Wisdom and Love.

What is the use of being a celibate, but frequenting pornographic sites? Celibacy to me means total abstinence from sex – physically, spiritually and mentally. If one cannot exercise this, one is not a celibate.

The Divine knew that too much of sex would be harmful to men, therefore He has taught us ways and means to control this desire. One of the ways in Islam is for women to wear hijab and for the men to lower their eyes when he sees another woman. The hijab or protective clothes of a woman should not expose the hair, the skin, or the shape of a woman.

The Almighty created men and women and He knew what are their weaknesses. Lust from men starts from the eyes, while for a woman it starts from the touch. Hence the reason why we woman are supposed to cover ourselves modestly. Some men are attracted to the hair, some love to look at the neck, some love to see the shapes or the bumps but most men love to ogle the boobs. Just by looking at these sex objects, their desire would be aroused easily. Normally for a woman, when there is a touch from a man especially strangers, there would be a kind of a tingling sensation. The reason why women are caressed as a foreplay.

Going further, women by protecting their modesty, we are not only saving ourselves as sisters, mothers, wives or grandmothers of someone else from molest or fornication, but our family and society too. Because the men are brothers, husbands, fathers, grandfathers of another person.

Good night Les.
Nur Ilahi

Anonymous said...


It cant be overstated, the female is and was the major guide for humans and civilization. Robert Graves "White Goddess" is a good start?
Just thinking about the green terra works too? You are correct about females being at the center of any group act. Men still had leadership roles, but they had them as sons, brothers, and uncles to the guiding female? The father figure didnt mean what its does post bible times? Western minds have been turned from the source and live only in the left half of the mind, that part which men focus on.
One great lesson on this is the new modern feminist. The media and hollywood have twisted the meaning of womens rights to mean acting like a men or being able to work and do men things?

The Fool

Joseph Alexander said...

There is a reason why nothing of a spiritual depth is ever shown in Hollywood .It goes against the schematic for total mental control . Just look at who is in the news all the time . Take Tiger Woods , first the media present him as the greatest golfer in history , the airwaves are filled with his exploits , his face dominates the sports news rising to the top story . Then we learn of his uncontrolled sexual encounters and the media rakes in great ratings as Tiger falls from hero to demon. On it comes out that his father hired military drill instructors to verbally discipline him , by screaming at a very young age ,to improve his golf game .I am sure they abused him in other ways to improve and develop his golf proficiency . This type of stressful abuse is the trick the dark forces use to program minds , the life force or bioenergy moves to the brain and creates new circuits which the illuminati misuse for their own agenda. According to the internet info all the other golfers dislike Tiger because they know his training and the unfair advantage it gives him.

Notice the celebrities in the news , to reach that height of fame it takes tremendous amount of mental concentration and motivation. To be at the top of their field in a population of billions is special There is Madonna , Lady GaGa who both run on sexual innuendo .Most the top players in the entertainment industry have been groomed as children from a very young age to perform for the public . The list goes on and on. Can you imagine how Michael Jackson developed into the worlds most famous entertainer . He had incredible talents as a singer and songwriter , dancer.The world loved him for all the pleasure and entertainment he gave. But behind his mystique was a sexually abused little boy who never matured emotionally. Just like other mind controlled slaves it comes out on the internet that his father Joe physically and mentally abused him as a child and had other men sexually molest him. This type of abuse can create someone who is at the top of their field yet emotionally undeveloped. The whole country practically worshiped at his feet yet nobody could see the obvious a sexual abuse meme. This a gigantic blind spot in our world psychology.

Read “Transformation in America” by Cathy O’Brien for the political side to this control mechanism. All modern presidents had some type of sexual secret or abusive texture. In the book it relates how Gerald Ford molested Cathy as a small child , then there is Ronald Reagan who was into bestiality porn . The Bush presidents and Obama who are hidden homosexuals. Of course Clinton who was known as a sexual predator . The John Kennedy presidency had its sexual secrets too. Its right in front of your very eyes but people don’t want to see , The top rulers of our whole planet are burning there sexual energy and life force up in the pursuit of power and prestige supplying their brain with distorted , degraded bioenergy . Instead of a world that is progressing and advancing lead by moral and intelligent savants . We have a country and a world spiraling downward towards cultural extinction.

All the religion are followed so intently because they are revealed knowledge on how to lead a moral life so that evolution can proceed on the right path towards physical and mental regeneration ,so that mankind can reach a higher state of consciousness , which is our destiny . I am not against the moral commandments of any particular religion or would I advocate any particular Eastern God . But ancient belief system need to be renewed constantly through intense inner knowledge and outer research.

Anonymous said...

good evening me fine fellows,
well lets have a look through me spectacles eh ,
to see what we see in the sea
cos in the sea
the see becomes free
the free flows free
as it floats in the sea
oh something with tree and bird and bee
oh I dont know me fine people's
I seems to be a little out of kilter at the moment
it feels a bit like I'm turning into a cockney fruit seller
anyway I'll have a nap me fine peoples,then I'm coming down their to see you peoples to see's what's we can see's.


Anonymous said...

Now that the link to Bacha Bazi has substantially lowered our I.Q.s to a certain degree, you have in my opinion successfully demonstrated that most everything presented here can be misunderstood or marginalized at least in your mind.

I don't find it impressive that something you "came across last evening" had such a major impact on your world view. It seems to reinforce your view that homosexual tendencies produces mighty warriors.

If you don't think God is in control try holding your breathe and let us know how it plays out. Have someone video your attempt at bladder control also so that we can enjoy your presentation of the St. Vitus Dance.

Whether or not God has organs was not a major part of the discussion here, it only results from your misinterpretation of the entire thrust of the discussion. I think you mistake common sense shared by many here, not to mention thousands of years of Tao and Vedantic history as "street theatre." It says more about you and your ability to totally miss the point.

It is not a cabal it is a consensus of opinion the majority of which I think is entirely in opposition of your view of the way things are.

m_astera said...

As part of one of the side topics here, metals in the body and chemtrails, I'm writing a new appendix for the ideal soil book that touches on the subject.

Bear with me for a moment-

The sequence of cation (cat-eye-on) replacement activity goes like this:


Barium replaces Aluminum which replaces Calcium > Magnesium etc.

Meaning that Barium and Aluminum ions have a greater affinity for and will bind to exchange sites more strongly. They will outcompete and replace the needed nutrient ions Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium(and Sodium (at least two of which are also neurotransmitters).

This will happen in the soil or in the human or animal body. Anyway, there's another aspect of why Barium and Aluminum may be being rained down upon us.

Switching tracks: monoatomic gold, no good evidence exists that there even is such a thing but there was a big scam in the early 1990s promoted by David Hudson, who took a lot of gullible people for a whole lot of money. He didn't discover it on any ranch in Arizona or anywhere else, he either made up the whole thing (unlikely) or stole the idea from someone else and ran with it.

For those intrigued by the concept, there is some value to the "alchemical" seawater extraction process, but one doesn't have to pay a lot of money for it. Borrow a good pH meter, get a couple gallons of clean ocean water and some lye (sodium hydroxide, which you are not allowed to buy in the US anymore).

Add lye to the seawater while stirring. Keep measuring the pH so it doesn't go above pH 10.78. At some point above pH 8.5 a white cloud will begin to precipitate from the sea water and settle to the bottom. Let that sit for a while, pour off the clear water from the top, refill with fresh water (not sea water), stir and let settle, pour off the clear water again and repeat a few times. Most of the salt will be gone, most of the trace minerals will be left in the white cloudy precipitate.

Makes a good trace mineral supplement (like an eyedropper full) or a good foliar spray for crops.

More info here, discernment and an informed awareness suggested:

kikz said...

guess you've heard..WRH via houston chronicle reporting.. curt maynard has killed his wife then himself.....

dooo dah...

Neko Kinoshita said...


I like the handle BTW...

The intent is to destroy Gender roles. Feminism to get women to think they should act like men and a emasculating of men to get them to act meek and subservient.

This can destroy the basic survival form structure known as a “family.” They have already reduced the “clan”; first to an “extended-family” structure, then to a “nuclear” family, and now they wish to eliminate even the smallest form of “family.”

The roles of male and female are very well defined, and in most moral cultures the genders are equal but have very different roles. The idea that one or the other is “superior” is hubris. As a man I celebrate my partner’s “femininity.” I sometimes perhaps envy her position, but that is not my role in THIS life. It is also true that “women and children first” is a survival imperative. I told you I’ve read my Heinlein.

The “feminist” programming has taken with my eldest, but she might be smart enough to break it. I hope anyway, since time is getting short. The younger seems immune. I suspect she is closer to the divine than I can imagine. You should hear what she pops out with on occasion…

Sorry, I digress.


I think your celebrity references are pretty much on the mark, but keep in mind that ALL of the organized religions have been twisted and controlled. All of them have Truth, but all of them are hiding it in plain sight. The divine can tell you truth when you see it, but the dogma is often crap.

Try not to take to much offence, but that goes for you too Nur.

Oh yeah,
Les and others, I get that “late bloomer” thing.. I got all the way to HS, and sang as a soprano until my voice cracked around my fifteenth birthday. I tried to sing baritone for a couple of years until I got to college and discovered that I’m a lyric tenor.

Back to the alley, to care for my “Catwing” kitten.

Animadverto said...

Thank you for the compliment(s). This is entertaining. I am laughing at you.

Anonymous said...

the elite
back into the melting pot
from where they come
the laws of true nature
reside in all under sun
the truth that lives
in the mind of all thats here
the spring of inspiration
that wash away all fears
like a rawing river
of eternal flow
the stuff that made
the stars
and the tree's grow
breathing transcendental
message's of higher qualities
the essences of life
move through us constantly
the subtle nature
of mans higher purpose
in his origonal self
before divisions
and living worthless.


Anonymous said...

sorry peoples
for being stupid yesterday
need to get back into the flow of things,I find Myself in cockney fruit seller or market stall trader mode sometimes pirate you will have to forgive me.


Neko Kinoshita said...

That was a nice poem Anon.

Joseph Alexander said...

Neko, your right about destroying gender roles, the elite are always at war with the individual. Their thoughts still function though a group mind. They see individuals as clay to be manipulated and formed into little tin soldiers for a hidden agendas. Its really a war against all individualization , against real diversity. Not only are they pushing the destruction of gender , but of all the uniqueness of every nation and race. Stripping each country of its culture by the process of forcing their unrealistic concept of the one world order .Many countries are whithering away due to the same hidden agenda of unlimited immigration and the exporting of jobs for low wages

Media propaganda is broadcast to foster the destruction of the family , especially the men. First it was the men ,through the establishment of factory work in the industrial revolution which turned him into nothing but a small clog in the machine , not a father and role model for his children. Feminism eventually arrived to take the mothers away from the family , now most children are being brought up by electronic devices , TV, I pod ,texting , video games , movies etc.

I see it as a process in that higher awareness always develops through the individual ,as opposed to the group .It is a lifting of the total consciousness by the uniqueness of each part. The groups that try to achieve wholeness through force ,actually end up destroying all life around their distorted vibration, wholeness can't be bought or manipulated. It can only develop through an inward movement of awareness and following the spiral of nature. A life close to the earth with as much self sufficiency as possible is the best lifestyle.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Thanks Joseph,
Nice observation.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
m_astera said...

Joseph wrote-

"A life close to the earth with as much self sufficiency as possible is the best lifestyle."

Yeah, I agree. I had seventeen years of that, my little cabin in the woods, a full mile from the nearest road, off grid; garden, well and orchard.

Went to seventeen schools before I graduated high school and never really stopped moving for long except for that interlude in the wilderness. Didn't want anything more, never wanted to leave, it was perfect.

So much for the desires of the image; I was required to move on. Ended up a quarter of the world away, living in a high-end condo surrounded by a ten foot wall with a guard at the gate. Where everything runs on money. Tried to escape for a couple of years, hey even here there are cabins in the woods, but it wasn't to be. Something has other plans for me, so I've quit fighting it and am waiting to see what those other plans are.

I still own that little cabin back in the woods; bet the cherry trees are getting big by now. Hope to get back there some day and again live that life, close to the earth with as much self sufficiency as possible. Maybe in the fall when the work's all done, as my grandmother used to say.

Anonymous said...


No, I do not take offence easily. I am just trying to convey from the perspective of my religion which is normally distorted by the Z Powers.

By the way Islam is not an organized religion. The strength of the faith is not in the hierarchy or position or rank, but in the individual Soul. The Great Imam Al-Ghazali one of the most famous Scholar in Islam had a teacher who was only a cobbler.

From what I noticed, it is that the Z powers since their inception about 300 years ago, had been introducing a lifestyle that is against Nature - God's Law. First they start destroying the individual, then the family, then the country and now they are trying to destroy God.

I do not think they will ever succeed. As long as we have faith even a tiny one in our Soul, they could not take it away.

Freddamedgjedda said...

This video is a very inspiring and interresting one. It is one of the "Wisdom Keepers", meaning descendants of indignious elders. This is a message of hope and reinsurance, and it ties perfectly in with what Les is "on aboot". She says that 2010 is the most important year in the history of planet earth. This is the year they will all "get it", there will be a load of "discoveries" published, alot of coverups will become public knowledge. She talkes about finding computer many thousand years old, finding a consensus in the way ancient cities are build all over the globe, and much more. This ties in with my personal view of future. People will start to live in small communities as the failure of "big power" becomes obvious to all, not just the "revolutionaries".

I like!!
Mike with the pike.

Visible said...

After tonight's radio at feet to the fire at 7:00 I will be back 45 minutes later at 8:00 for an interview that James has been wanting to set up for awhile. See you there.

TheSparkle said...

I can't believe it. I have wanted you to do an interview since I first heard your radio show.

TheSparkle said...

Les, if I had known that I would have total access to you in an interview I would have thought of better questions....I hope. At the first call I couldn't think of a question, and I figured James had a queue of callers. I wish more people were able to call in. That, unfortunately, was all me. Thank you.

Visible said...

Oh... not to worry. I expected that I would just talk for awhile and play off on James. I wasn't expecting anything; at this time.

Things are going to change soon and that is a whole other thing. Thanks for calling in.

CarissaC. said...

Interesting that Dublin Mick keeps mentioning Lady Gaga in his posts as an example of pop culture sexual "seed wasting." Lady Gaga just went on record talking about how she's not currently having sex, and encourages her fans to explore celibacy as well.

"Lady Gaga Explains Why She's Celibate":

(The first two quotes talk about sex and celibacy in a sound bite way, the third quote spins off into superficial land, talking about lipstick shades to keep teen girls' attention I take it.) Kind of sounds like Dublin Mick just picked her name out of a hat to use as the whipping girl due to general unfamiliarity with the modern pop scene. I'm not a Gaga fan (she's brand stamped from head to toe in "illuminati" mind control symbolisms leaving one to have to draw some conspiratorial conclusions there) but to be fair I had to point this out, even if the celibacy thing is just her latest gimmick and way to remain newsworthy. And even before supposedly going celibate I'm not so sure I would say that Gaga's schtick involved amped up sexuality and the promotion of mindless seed wasting. Her deal seems to be flamboyant costumes and makeup and doing strange and unusual things in public. Not the "sex kitten" routine.


"Within the first six years of being away from home I was imprisoned for around four of those years in prisons or mental wards; most of the time it was in the maximum security areas for the criminally insane."

It's a bit ironic that your blogs are some of the most sane, aware and lucid writings I've had the pleasure to come across in a long while, and yet you've been locked away in institutions for supposedly being insane. Meanwhile I'm surrounded by so-called "normal" well adjusted "successful" people in my everyday life who are pretty much insane as far as I'm concerned and who literally, make my skin crawl. !!!

Thanks for writing all your blogs these many years. To say your insights about this world and metaphysics, conspiracy and politics are spot-on would be an understatement.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, family is soo important. I see the woman being at the center of the family much like earth centers us to the "seen world."
I have a seven year ago son and I too agree, kids are very close to the divine. All his life, my son has said and put together the most amazing words! I always have hope and faith in tomorrow on the words kids share today! Its sooo important to listen to them, and not force anyone thing or idea on their young minds?

The Fool

Neko Kinoshita said...

I have to agree with you there Fool.

My youngest has the most visual mind I've seen, and it is a challage to expand that without stifling the spark that is deep in these images.

We are currently working on the "Give them what they want and they will leave you alone" method for handling the demands of the school system.

Of course, it also amusing to hear that when the science teacher asked her to name the three states of matter, she listed them, and then pointed out there are actually four...


Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

How we Weave our Spider's Web.

Burnie said...

Les, thanks for the continuing education, you and all commenters have described things I experience without knowing how to name them. None of us know each other but across the universe we connect.

I lived as a child in fear, I know what it is like to come home from school to the insane asylum. I have actually been a resident in one.

I could write a book here but suffice it to say...thanks for the wisdom all.

Anonymous said...

Just to add

I found this little bit, a great help?

The Fool

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

The same thing was going on with Madonna way before this and I can tale it even further back if you wish.

Anonymous said...

Not only that but you get a personal audience with the queen. Going back to low level trial runs like Shirley Temple, the mouseketeers or Marilyn Monroe.

Greg Bacon said...

Italian to let me know that I was about to visit a site that trafficked in pedophilia

Was the webmaster Pope Ratzy?

As for celibacy, there was a joke a few years back that involved a monk transcribing some ancient biblical texts when he suddenly cries out.

A fellow monk asks what's wrong and he replies,' We forgot the R in celibate."

Freddamedgjedda said...

I forgot the link in my first post. Lobo! I tried to post it earlier but seems to have been lost. WATCH THIS!



Joseph Brenner

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