Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cans of Whoop-Ass Wholesale, by the Light of the Darkling Moon

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be noses.

The radio show is now available for streaming.

I love the smell of unbridled hubris, burning in the morning. Bennie- ampheta-mine, Shitwityahoo is all cranked up with somewhere to go. The dark God he works for, is on his back about the blood drinking sands. The entities that live in the sands, are howling for blood and Shitwit hasn't been producing those quality numbers that the hungry underlings, beneath the dry, ocean bed floor, want more of. ♫I want them all. I want them all. I want them all and I want them now♫ Shitwit is also being pressed, unmercifully by himself. All of his bad qualities are ganging up on him and he's losing sleep. They be sayin' “Bennie, Bennie my man! “Let's getter done” you and me and the redneck, cable guy can put a Wal-Mart worthy ass whip on those people we're pretending to be. If they ain't there anymore, we got no competition. You can do it Bennie! Let's face it, you don't care how many people you kill. You wanna increase the power? Increase the deaths! You go girl! Bennie! Bennie, what am I, chopped liver? No Bennie, they're chopped liver! Wait a minute, don't chop those livers, we need them for our strong-arm, organ donor network”.

Bennie's hearing it from all sides. Ehud Barackandroll, is screaming in his ear. “Ve vant ze body count! Ve want ze body count. Bennie! Call out ze Jets! Wal-Mart can get you economy cans of Whoop-Ass wholesale! Cheaper than stolen! Bennie! This ain't no gun in my pocket. I really am glad to see you! Bubbie-Bennie, ve got to mow ze lawn. Ver are ze carpet munchers!!! Ver are the carpet munchers! Tel Aviv is gay Paris of the East! Ver are the carpet munchers! Bennie!!! Ve need to mow ze lawn! Ve need to munch ze lawn!”

Then there's the 94% that supported the last little genocidal excursion. They were con-greeeeeeegating on the hills over the massacre grounds, drinking their martinis, stirred and shaking, singing Hava la Gila Monster and doing touchdown bumps, with no yellow flags. The only good Palestinian, is a mulched Palestinian. I'm surprised they don't have mobile, surgical ambulances, accompanying the ground troops and armor, so they can get those organs on the spot. It's like the Central Banker's do; profit from every end of the equation. Heck, Rothschild built a lot of the important infrastructure. You know they got a body count investment and they want those high end, Franklin Fund returns. Bring in a Palestinian with organs and you get a free toaster! What! They're a bank. The organs are really only on loan anyway. Of course, there's a problem with the return because the principal cannot be reached but hey! It's all good.

What do you know? “Report this petition as inappropriate” is back up on the website. Yes, it's already up at the top of the page, courtesy of Sim (Shady) but you can't say it too much. It's like “Ve need to mow the lawn”! It's like this little puppy here (good doggie). You can't say it too much. “Ve need to mow ze lawn”! Ver are ze carpet munchers! Vas is dis, Astro-turf? Mow it anyway”! Just goes to show you need to be hands on proficient. You don't know that, with all this climate change and weird, inexplicable things, that that Astro-turf won't grow some night under the dark of the moon, It's always dark of the moon there. Uh, what moon? Warren Moon?

Let's be honest with ourselves. Not many other people can manage it. They like doing this shit. It gets them off. I know you're thinking, “How can that be possible? That is some sick shit”!. I agree but sick shit is a growth industry. Like cancer. Damn! Cancer is a double-entendre, growth industry. Yes, they like what they do. They are champing at the bit to do it. They green-light shooting 10 year old girls, on their way home from school and then confirm the kill, with a few more rounds, up close and personal. Then they get acquitted by their own courts. They blow away 14 year old girls, hanging their laundry on a rooftop. All this is just for sport and resultant from the boredom of the day to day, along with inbred spite and basic meanspiritedness. They can't get no action. They have to go out into the hinterlands and launch rockets against themselves, just to provide some motivation. The land is calling too. Some stolen land, always wants more stolen land. Land for a people who aren't people, from a people who owned the land and then got evicted from it.

It's not every nation that can call themselves an aggregate of true, butt-hole surfers. They're the ass-raping bandits of the apocalypse (shame I can't use that as a title, too provocative. Do I look fat in this negligee? Course, when I add a skateboard, it makes all the difference.)

I got to give these guys recognition. They are not getting their due. You got to give The Devil his due, especially when it really is The Devil. I mean, like father like son right? Do you think maybe I'm exaggerating this whole thing? I know for sure that I am not but it's all a matter of opinion and degrees of being informed. Some people don't want to be informed because it puts a certain responsibility on them and most people don't want that particular brand of responsibility but I can see people are waking up. They're getting outraged all over the planet and, of course, this outrages Shitwit. That Anti-Semite thing just isn't working any more. I consider it a badge of honor. Not because they are Semites. They are not. It's simply a matter of the term. People should be able to say, “You know what? You are absolutely right and thank you for saying it. I was hoping you would. The truth is Anti-Semitic. You went ahead and made my day and I'm not even Clint Eastwood but then... neither is he so, whatevah”...

Meanwhile, Ariel Sharon is still in a coma. The beached whale, sleeps in situ, beneath the blood stained sands, esoterically speaking. He's not around and there's some kind of Karma working out there. All his compatriots are in a moral coma. Whatever happened to Unzipit Livi? She was a hoot, a real budding Madeleine Albright. When Madeleine found out she was a Tribe member (who knew?), the first thought that moved from her cottage cheese ass, to her reptile brain, was, “so that's why I said that thing about those half a million Iraqi children. Who knew”? In his gut bustingly funny book, called “Filth”, Irvine Welsh has the main character, often referring to doing a Judy Dench in his pants. It's a flatulence reference. I call it a Madeleine Albright. Great minds tend to think along similar lines. Madeleine's an interesting 'specimen' (why she's in the Petri Dish), also a bit of a junkie. She has Iraqi children ground up and then puts them in a hydrolator, till they're crystalline and crunchy and then she chops them up into lines and snorts them. She snorts so much of them that she's got a deviated septum but that ain't her only deviation. I want to see that Madeleine Albright and Donald Rumsfeld sex tape. Twisted, Moi? Get outta here.

Yeah, I know you wish Patrick would do a rendo of this posting but that's in the ethers and, what do you know? So am I? Kidding! I just wanted to give an acknowledgment for all of his hard work and outstanding courage as Snordelhans. He rocks. I wish more people rocked. Then we could rock the house. We could be 'in the house'! We could have it 'going on'. Yeah we could, if only we would. Don't let me be The Lone Ranger out here.

Shitwit and Barackandroll, need a Red Cross truck on permanent standby. They need the blood. Won't you donate a little of your classic indifference today? Make a difference with your indifference! You know you don't care either way so... go for it or, whatevah!

We want credit, where credit is due, even if it's bad credit, something banker's don't usually like but they make up the rules as they go. Rules wouldn't be of much use to them, unless they could make and break them with impunity, whenever they wanted to. It's like controlling the money supply. When you control the money supply, you can buy up all the necessary industries, like the media and entertainment complex. You can't get effective, full-bore propaganda, for the proper cooked gooses, unless you own the propaganda mediums, so that was Job One; take over the media and entertainment complex and then put the arm of the Departments of State and Defense. Oh yeah, buy off or blackmail both houses of Congress . Make sure you always have a cyborg punk, like Rahm 'em Emanuel in the Executive branch, doing a Grima Wormtongue in the Chief of Staff's ear. When he pisses in the Chief of Staff's ear, the Chief of Staff says, “I think it's raining”. Then it's off to the most corrupt, political city in the world, cause, You da man! You da man! You definitely are something though, giving a human equivalent might be a bit of a stretch, if I were prone to understatement.

Put nothing past these blood-stained clowns and you won't be disappointed. Of course you'll be disappointed but you won't be surprised. Now is the time of summing up and the sum of it is the whole of it, on it's way out the door and we won't see it no more.

Okay, my friends, along with the sullen, accidental showups. ♫It's time for my boot-heels to be rambling♫ Radio show up next, he said ,hopefully.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Damn, Viz..I knew I should have waited to post "Suffer Death City". I knew you were doing a new piece on the same theme, somehow. "All things for a reason." Amen. Friggin' awesome piece by the way. Friggin' dead-bang, nail-it-on-the head pure gold. One day the house will rock, oh yes. Thanks for being you. - G. George

Visible said...

We make each other better people. No man or woman does it alone and only with the capacities and power given from the one.To each according to their willingness to perform.

Visible said...

Oh by the way, go ahead and put it up there with my blessing. just tumbled to what you meant (grin).

Anonymous said...

on this emotional roller coaster it's hard to laugh & Cry at the same time...

gives new meaning to the word...


speaking of bending...

bent crude will do

it used to be somewhat mildly upsetting to see the language used like you and Mantiq do...

enduring the trauma to my sensitivities it soon became easier to overlook the vulgar terms and just try to appreciate the message...

John Friend....notorious WHITE SUPREMACIST had a wise old man on his radio show...

talk about, boy howdy...a double dose of WA

next time you find yourself choking back in deference to the overly sensitive....DON'T




Visible said...

Crass behavior requires crass commentary. It's no place for the timid or squeamish. I got to call them as I see them or I'm holding back and they don't.

The Real Fat Shady said...

I resemble that remark!

Unknown said...

Hey kids, shake it loose together
The rockets hitting Gaza
HAARP's been known to change the weather
We'll kill the fatted calf tonight
So stick around
You're gonna hear the screaming children as they fall to the ground.

Say, Barack and Ronnie, have you seen them yet
Supporting Israel's rout, Bennie and the Jets
Oh but they're weird and they're blood-soaked,
Oh Bennie he's really mean
He's got the Zion boots and endless troops,
You know I read it in a magazine
Bennie and the Jets

Hey kids, plug into the faithless
They're betting you're all blind
And Bennie thinks he's ageless
We shall survive, let us bomb Gaza some more,
Where we fight the Palestinian kids
To find who's right and who's wrong

Say, Barack and Ronnie, have you seen them yet
Supporting Israel's rout, Bennie and the Jets
Oh but they're weird and they're blood-soaked,
Oh Bennie he's really mean
She's got the Zion boots and endless troops,
You know I read it in a magazine
Bennie and the Jets

Anonymous said...

Blood red painted streets with victims
The banker rubs his grimey hands,,
Netanyahu calling organ harvesters
Making money for the khazarian scam
Of enslave the world strip out the innocent
When it suits starve them to death
Like in Russia all those years ago
America will be next
The blood stained hands of royalty factions
The banking cartel that wants every mind
To bow down to satanic interests
Accepting each and every crime
That I know it's obvious now
I can't believe that people cannot see
Surely if we're consider ourselves humain
We don't go there we fight for free
I know I will and will never stop
A senseless world is to forget
Seems the people forget why they came here
They just consume till their deaths
And when they die and come again
When they realise the job needs to be done
They will stand up for freedom and be counted
Untill this whole world is back as one

A pillar of cloud the sun shines through

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Gratitude arises spontaneously, the belly laughs provoking tears, mostly from the left eye.
Then the tears turn to a different source of pain and commiseration with those who are suffering so brutally and so obviously in the near east.
Corpus collosum discharges and clarity starts to make its way through the morning fog.
Thanks again.
The pearl of the piece is in the comment section, 'I got to call them as I see them, or I'm holding back and they don't.' That hits a spot just to the left of the sternum.
be well

Clarity said...

Control of:

* money supply?  ✓

* media and entertainment complex?   ✓

* Department of State?  ✓

* Department of Defense?  ✓

* Congress?  ✓

* Executive Branch?  ✓

Anything else?  

Geez, Vis, you forgot the Department of Education!
And  the history books!  
Books?  Just the books?  Heck, throw in all of history itself while you're at it!  

I know you try, Vis. Nobody can remember everything - not even you. (grin)

Great read today.  I love this style. 

I hope you don't mind, but I was feeling a bit nostalgic:

I was talking to Rudy Guiliani the other day and I asked him if he knew how to keep an asshole in suspense. He said, “No, How do you do it”? I said, “I'll tell you later”. Madeline Albright, or not too bright, or dimly lit, as the case may be, has been hanging out with Vladimir Putin, now and again and the other day, she told him she wanted a breast enhancement surgery and she was wishing she could get it done by one of those Philippine psychic surgeons who pull those chicken liver tumors out of people but, like in reverse ...and she wanted Putin to pay for it and she kept harassing him about it and saying that he owed her and I don't know why that is but that's what she was saying and finally Putin told her that he knew a way that she could get bigger, firmer breasts and it wouldn't cost a dime and half a million Iraqi children wouldn't have to die either and she asked him how and he told her just to rub some toilet paper between her breasts and it would automatically happen and then she went ballistic and asked him if he really thought she was stupid enough to believe that. She was really angry and half a dozen Iraqi children died, without her even having to help in the process. Putin reassured her that it would work and he did not think she was stupid, only cold blooded and genetically linked to the Komodo Dragon, which is why he uses the endearment; “My comode dragon”, when he is in the mood. She was still resistant to the idea and smelled a rat, even though Paul Wolfowitz was in another country at the time, blowing an exiled oligarch and she continued to rant and two more Iraqi children died but at least she seemed to be going into remission and that is when she asked him by what means did this process work, where your breasts got bigger and firmer from rubbing toilet paper between them and that is when Putin said, “I'm telling you it works, look what it did for your ass”.

Much love,

Anonymous said...

No 'Unzipit Livi' on the scene lately but check out Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich of the brave I.D.F,
The Wicked Witch of the West has got nothing on this despicable cunt.

Also, Mark Regev does a pretty good job of impersonating Grima Wormtongue, it literally makes my skin crawl every time I see this vile piece if shit.

Double Fuck Israel.

My apologies to any fictional evil characters I may have offended by comparing you to these vile specimens.

UselessEater U.K

Visible said...


heh heh, I've been known to use that asshole in suspense joke and it might have been before your time but the toilet paper joke I've illustrated here at least once; one of my favorites

Clarity said...

Vis, everything in italics is yours - word for word. It's from my "Best of..." collection. I believe you wrote it just under a year ago - probably last December. Bravo!


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

When those real supersonic cruise missiles come screaming in at mach 3, as they eventually will, that half assed Iron Dome might as well be an ATM for all the protection it will offer.

This JewishIsraeli uncontrollable anger and hatred combined with the fact the Israeli citizens themselves haven't (will not or cannot) assume control of their much brsure seems like a sort of involagged about democracy, appears as a sort of psychotic collective involuntary suicide note.


I have to assume it won't be long now for a whole lot of demons and innocent people alike to know what the difference between injustice and justice truly is.

Off course the innocent already know so the best the rest of us can do is use this as means to our enlightenment.

Anonymous said...

from the beginning, with Bennie- ampheta-mine, Shitwityahoo to the end with Cactus Man - Thanks for your works Visible!

G. George: i don't know if you've done anything with these or are inclined to, but here's some suggestions :

AC/DC's "Got You By the Balls" - you may not have to modify lyrics too much - dedicated to all western politicians, media presstitutes, etc, in particular, the Zio-Ogre bought and paid whores in Washington DC;

"We Are the Champions" by Queen, as "We Are the Zionists"

strangely, i'm not a big fan of either of these two bands, but the songs for some reason popped into mind when reading about the latest surge of the perpetual Zio-Ogre global crime and murder spree

Anonymous said...

(will not or cannot) assume control of their much bragged about democracy,

(for the Homer impaired)

Visible said...

I don't see anything Clarity, how very Zen of you (grin).

Anonymous said...

President Hussein the Messiah doesn't like Israel either. What are your thoughts on Comrade Dear Leader?

spiller23 said...

I think we should all be as chilled out as this guy and the pretty cool dog he meets ( in our own assurance and belief that everything is going to work out ok in the end. That balance will be restored.

Keep believing in what you hear in your hearts people.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Speaking of reverse...

Q: "Why do Shylocks like to watch porn in reverse?"

A: "They love the part where the hooker gives the money back."

Anonymous said...

rendmini 22via Homer..

That is some really great stuff! No doubt.
Expert nostalgia.

Speaking of reverse ... and also because Visible prabhu via Clarity already has me laughing -

Q: "Why do Shylocks like to watch porn in reverse?"

A: "They love the part where the hooker gives the money back."

Rob in WI said...

Thanks for the skewering of Madelein. Asked, and was hoping for, a full "profile in evil" for her, as that blog was very sexist, with only males targeted (grin). Anyhow, you can poke at things in the petri dish, and you poked her (sterile instruments only, of course) pretty damn good.
Thanks, and be well, Rob

Visible said...

The radio broadcast is now available for streaming.

Anonymous said...

Inside the mind of Mark Regev.

For entertainment purposes only,
Please watch this 3 year old video of oxygen-thieving cancerous lying sack of dog shit Mark Regev getting totally owned by channel 4's John Snow...

Funny shite!

We Will Prevail.

UselessEater U.K

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

seriously funny, with satirical complimentary peanuts to boot (and twisties).

the beloved - well it's alright now to well it's albright now.

the carpenters
we've only just begun to spiv.

bony m's rivers of babylon could be shape shifted. (Australian 70s/80s folk group Redgum did River of
Fabulon (fabulon was a laundy starch spray)

Ray B. said...

pierre (previous SM): " a way, Lenin and Stalin revolted against the overwhelming influence of the Talmudic Jews."

Pierre, since you seem to be one of our 'scholars', would you do me the favor of researching whether Stalin, especially, 'broke free' and when?

I have read some material, and am still up in the air. Were his pre-WWII purges simply paranoia, or were they undercover pro- or anti-banker control? Were his increasing Cold War purges of Jewish-born apparatchiks a sign of revolt, and what got him 'horizontalized'?

I wonder about the Warsaw 'uprising', where the word went out to the resistance (a large part of which was Khazar Jews) to fight the German Army occupiers as the Red Army approached. Then, after the fighting started, the Red Army was given orders to 'camp', until all the resistance in Warsaw was wiped out by the German troops. After that, the Red Army easily took Warsaw. Who was in charge of this 'betrayal', and why?

Anyway, whatever 'light' you can bring to this subject would be appreciated. (And, any others who want to do the RESEARCH, of course.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Clarity said...

Some interesting things up today:

Jewish Rabbi calls for the Annihilation of Palestinians

This simple sign says it all.

Is there hope in this video?

Description: Former Israeli paratrooper Avner Gvaryahu, now an activist with Breaking The Silence explains to Green Left Weekly’s Peter Boyle how 850 former Israeli soldiers have given testimony about the gross injustices against the Palestinian people they have witnessed and made to participate in as part of Israel’s military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

The Artist Taxi Driver has no problem telling it like it is, and he sure doesn't hide his feelings.

Maybe a good use for Facebook?

Israel Loves Iran Facebook Page - 93,751 Likes

Iran Loves Israel Facebook Page - 26,812 Likes

Israel Loves Palestine Facebook Page - 4,291 Likes

Palestine Loves Israel Facebook Page - 6,379 Likes

Palestine Loves Iran Facebook Page - 56 Likes

If people from all over the world began traveling to Palestine - lots and lots of them - would Israel continue with their attacks? Would they do it if there were thousands, tens of thousands, of citizens from other countries there?

Not related to Palestine, but a beautiful piece, and not the usual for John Kaminski: A conversation with the maker of my dreams

Davy - pure poetry = amazing

mikem - Wow - those beautiful places from around the world. Who knew? Maybe we need this ugliness to appreciate beauty like that? BTW, If there was a "Like" button on your posts, I'd be the first one to click on it every time!

Ray B. - My apologies for getting so behind. (from PD 11/10) Thank you, and umm... yes, I think my comment did have clarity. And brevity! I like the question hook up in 'god-space' idea. I need to learn how to do that myself. (from VO 11/11) Thanks for the compliment. :)

Goy George - you keep banging them out. Awesome!

To all - lots of good info. and insights in the comments. Thank you for sharing.

Much love,

*Don't let go...

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

ah, Vis, I found this song I'd be looking for you for a while, in regards to the "old man", to some extent.

Australian singer songwriter paul kelly, before the old man died.

I cant find it on YT, but there are torrent hits. a substitute that has similar mood

I used to walk in shadows
I stayed out of the sun
I used to sort information
and I used to pass it on

Before the old man died
Before we came alive
Before the old man died

I used to follow orders
Did my duty like a son
But I fell in love with whispers
And I turned them into songs

Before the old man died
Before we came alive
Before the old man died

For the way he ruined our mother
Not enough blood can run
We had plans me and my brother
Every day I cleaned the gun

Before the old man died
Before we came alive
Before the old man died
Before we came alive

Visible said...

The Trained Observer in The Horse Latitudes-

The Trained Observer in the Horse Latitudes.

Visible said...

well, I tried to leave a comment on your latest post at relections in a petri dish several hours ago, and this time it appeared it has posted after I previewed it, but now I don't see it anywhere! I'm confused... :(

So, I'll just share it here via email.... what I wanted to say was....

Here's the surprise I was talking about:

Love, Erin

Visible said...

Wow Erin; That's beautiful. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

To Ray B. others who may be interested - with apologies to any annoyed by details:

Regarding your question: did Stalin break free from the Zio-Ogre and when?

My moderately informed opinion leads to my conclusions:

1) No. Unless one counts death as continuation of existence, Stalin broke free only in death - never during his life.

Stalin's final day came on Purim holiday 1953. It was then in ussr jewish circles - probably still is - celebrated as The Purim Miracle of 1953.

Stalin's supposed antisemitic purges came about because according to Stalin a group of medical doctors - all jewish - had already eliminated some of the top ussr leadership and Stalin feared he was being targeted by them as well. Several of these doctors were rounded up, tried, sent to the GULAGs - hence the antisemitic purges of Stalin, which - somehow caused world wide indignation on the part of the bought-and-paid for political and media functionaries - who demanded all sorts of special privileges for these doctors as well as all jewish of ussr; sounds familiar - yes? Most or all of these doctors were early released after Stalin's death - which was/still is blamed on some soviet doctors - do a search for the complete story if inclined.

2) Stalin's supposed antisemitism was and is a myth; Dzhugashvili (a.k.a. Stalin who was not a ethnic Russian) was an equal opportunity psychopath who mass murdered anyone he imagined to be his competitor - his only son for example, one wife, probably a lover or two.

The antisemitism myth was used against Stalin for the same reasons it is always used - cosmic benefits undeserved going to the universal victims - e.g. now on full display in what these victims are doing to true, real, Semitic peoples.

3) My opinion is based on many things, but mainly a few major players who were closely involved with Stalin throughout his years as communist dictator of USSR:

- Lazar Kaganovich - supreme Zio-Ogre monster in human form was Stalin's hatchet man from the beginning to the end - among other crimes against humanity this human beast is responsible for - the Holodomir - Mass starvation of millions of Ukrainian peasant farmers. Kaganovich would have been classified as a semite i.e. a jew, and he was second most powerful person of the ussr - hence the most likely to eliminate Stalin. So how is it that Kagnovich survived Stalin's antisemitic purges? And lived to age of 98 - all the time in the horrible anti-semitic nation of ussr - ?

By the way - i posted the following info in one of Visibles' comment sections a long time ago - but it didn't seem to attract any interest, so apologies again for annoying details, but - this may be useful:

Kaganovich is Russian language for Son of Kagan;

Kagan is Russian language word - likely borrowed from original language meaning

King of Khazars.

the -ovich Russian language ending indicating male offspring.

So here you have the second most powerful person in ussr- some researchers/writers whom i agree with, claim the real and secret ruler of the ussr - who is highly likely out in the open Khazar jew convert.

- Armand Lipshitz a.k.a. Armand Hammer - American jew, so-called ultra-capitalist who had access to the highest levels of ussr government from beginning to end -including close personal ties to Lennin and Stalin - as well as set up the Al Gore family in the ussa for its role in fulfilling the talmudic fantasies- played same function as does George Schwartz a.k.a. Soros Hungarian jew, so-called ultra-capitalist ... both were Zio-Ogre bag men .- follow the money, follow the money,

there is much much more, but i know, enough is enough

One last item - highly recommend finding and reading Douglas Reed's Controversy of Zion - despite what anyone says - neither Reed nor his brilliant research, writing, comprehension and ability to pass this on are/were antisemitic

Respects to all souls

thanks for the writing space here Visible!

Anonymous said...

pierre said..
sorry, that comment of mine with the Paul Kelly stuff should have gone into the radio show comments.

@RayB & anon 4:04
I've only just begun to research this stuff. currently doing the 3rd book of Anthony Sutton on , the Wall St and FDR
Rossevelt doesnt get past the first chapter without a mountain full of mud on his lefty image, and his pedigree. agreeing with 4:04 that they do these things (like Roosevelts regulations and anything Obummer will do, to suit themselves and tighten the ties around our necks). Same with Hitler, what are the chances that ALL these dictators and corporo democrats would turn against all that they were embedded with (or was Hitler merely an opportunist for the '33 election, and a hypocrite in still dealing with the Jews throughout (his doctor, his lawyer, his banker) . Eisenhowers parting speech, even Kennedy is doubtable (sic). drives me mad. but i will study this issue for the duration. I'm not even sure about the Khazar theory but I dont dismiss just because a Jew wrote it.
as for Warsaw, they, the Zios, needed to ghetoise the normal Jews, as in the US, to get them in the club and keep them there like most cults and rackets. so again I suspect the Nazis were actively helping in this regard, although quaranteeing those who didnt get out makes sense too. win win. and then there's internal factions amongst much dissembling.
hard to know, I dont know but I'm ♫ on the road to find out♫ .
then there's the need to find God in between reading up on rats and rants in my pants.

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, November 19, 2012 4:04:00 PM

Thank you so much for the info. It is greatly appreciated! I simply do not have the time to do the 'digging' necessary for an informed perspective. Your post means a lot, and - if Vis allows - I would love to see more.

I will look into Douglas Reed's "Controversy of Zion". Thanks.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors-

Banker Nation's, Thug-life Brutalization of Civilization.

Ray B. said...

pierre, November 20, 2012 2:53:00 AM

Thanks for the info. There is much to research, as usual. I had not thought about willfully 'containing' a people to force a social identity. Otherwise, they might go 'native' (grin).

As you say, we're trying to keep a balance between seeking God and being (truthfully) informed...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.



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