Saturday, April 27, 2013

Not Your Usual Penisinshula's Swimmimng Like Telepathic Dolphins.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your music never be lame and shit.

Well you got your Kohrean Penisinhula, if ya know what I meee\un. I got a Penisinshula too but I don't use it much anymore. I'm pretty sure it still works, though I would have to take it for a test run to see, Probably someone will come along humming, “I got a Ticket to Ride” Hopefully it's not a guy and hopefully I'm not humming “I got a Ticket to Ride” at the time. Even more hopefully, I hope it's not Rob in WI listening to one of my songs and humming “MacArthur Park at the time”. I don't want any sweet green icing flowing down on me, just because someone left the cake out in the rain, or no green aliens pissing in my ear and telling me it's rain (oops, personal dialog alert!! You'll probably have to go to the recent Smoking Mirrors comment section to see what I'm talking about.

Speaking about my terrible music, Rob, you might want to skip this section, I'm wondering if this film, “Searching for Sugarman” is any kind of parallel to why I never got anywhere with my music so far, except for my really bad engineering skills. Oldboy, if you still read here, I'm ready to go now. Sooo.......

What was I going to talk about today? Possibly this? It might cause me to wonder if it has anything to do with Germany wanting its gold back and not getting it for 7 years; “Like a Penisinshula sticking out into troubled hindquarters, I will ride you down...” Please let this be a deterrent, or at least a quick and effective response and let us hope Iran has plenty of them too. Let us hope Iran has plenty of them and that at least one of them gets shot right up John Kerry's ass, with a Heinz Ketchup prelude in Mideast Minor. Don't you just love it when the world's biggest smallest creep cabal, behaves even worse than you expect they usually behave? I just saw a new example of this over at Michael Rivero's What Really Happened site. This is what they've done to you America. This is something one really needs a Penisin (Don)shula or somewhere to put one in order to understand; I guess that means all of us. Here is something that will work for you if you are like The Strawman in “The Lizard of Oz”; “If I only had a brain”. This came out by a Paul Joseph Watson who got mentioned as a disinfo agent, which I never knew before. I did not get mentioned, probably because I make such bad music (grin). Damn! I beat that dead horse so bad that it got up and ran away like some kind of Penisaur (it's only 99 cents and there's no singing) was after it. Visible - Big God and Mr FateMr. Visible understands the American public. So... they went right from Boston to Colorado. Is there no one to free me of this meddlesome priest. That's something to keep in mind when you think of no one being able to free you of meddlesome priests. I can hear all kinds of altar boys crying out in the not so Silent Nights of the sacristy running from real life Penisin (Don) Shulas. We're all running from something, real or imaginary and some of us are stuck in the world's material flypaper. Am I funny yet?

This is probably why they are stuck on that flypaper. It's not like you don't have to be dumber than a rock not to get it all. You would really have to be dumb, wouldn't you? Wouldn't you? ♫I've got many Penisinshula's to cross...♫ Oh yeah! I guess it's something like being caught between a dick and a hard place and I don't mean a one eyed monk, masquerading as a private eye.

Have you enjoyed coming here as much as I have making it possible? I'd like to think you have and that we can struggle one more day for many days, as we see all of these telepathic porpoises of demonstration swimming through the subterranean waters of our nightly dreams.

I keep getting flashbacks to places I've been, or think I've been. Maybe I was dreaming or maybe it is all the redundancy redux. On and on it goes. It's gone on past every stage ever built in the Theater of the Absurd. Every evening you can see hordes of meddlesome priests waiting to get in, or waiting at the switching yard for the Midnight Transvestite Train to come in on its late night mail run.

It will take some number of us, committed enough to make all of this stop. It won't take anything like a majority of us. There's no point in being a voice crying in the wilderness unless you've got some four part harmony happening. I'm not talking about a skinhead barbershop quartet.

Our long awaited community is forming up now in the most beautiful new place I have never been to yet, with the helpful collaboration of the very best new friend I haven't met yet, an unmatchable snake charmer, who's looking for the land as I write these words. Once established, all of you still in your right minds are invited to join us. Maybe someone will even send me back my moccasins, if they're not using then and we can dance in The Midnight Hour, as telepathic dolphins swimming in our own subterranean dreams. Most days I can hear real dolphins, crying out in the inky BP waters, of a dying Gulf of Mexico. For some reason they speak to me and have done so steady, since they all showed up at our place in Italy, during my crazy nights and days a few years back. ♫What a long strange trip it's been♫ with lot's of ♫Ripples on still waters♫ and no pebbles tossed from this end; so as not to be causing any imbroglios. I always like it when those readers, in search of new words that they haven't gotten before, run into one.

My dear readers, those of you who have stuck by me and don't hate my music or poetry too much (Man I can hear that dead (w)horse galloping, snorting in the still wintry days, of this new global warming ice age. We will have that community if I can get my (not a water) moccasins back.

Let's make this short and not too sweet, before whatever I am on kicks in (grin)

End Transmission.......

There will be a radio show tomorrow night!


Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Trusting that the book is coming along, the postings have been rare, but as good as 40 yr old Armagnac.
Still tripping on Shams and Mevlana, who would have thought that three weeks later, the scent of a Rose would getting even stronger.
Some kind of retribution for past efforts must be on the way, had a ticket to a Brahms performance in Sala Neza sent to me on last Thursday evening .
Off to make some turkish coffee, after toasying the Oaxacan organic green beans, such simple pleasures and such incredible trips.
Be well
May the Rose Garden of the Heart always be in Bloom, fed by the early morning Dew.

Anonymous said...




Brian Crossland said...

R4e brilliant! They would make mushrooms illegal if they could....

Ray B. said...

I just saw this in an old 'Anonymous' posting (thanks!), and felt 'drawn' to re-post it here:


"What can you hear, grasshopper?"

"Nothing, master!"

"Can you not hear the wind in the trees, and the rushing of the water, and the trees breathing?"

"No, Master. Tell me: How is it that you can hear these things?"

"Grasshopper, tell me: How is it that you cannot?"


I love deep wisdom (grin).

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

bproman said...

I am laughing. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You are a fit subject of interest, certainly not a "person". Love your freedom Man. Dark hours are filling with new light. Soon the guilty will fall on their swords and we the living can pick up the pieces. I hope to give you a big hug on that day. Respects, Chip the olive lover

Eamon said...

I cannot say if this will help or hinder, but...For those looking forward to Visible's book, I have already read 30 or so chapters and I can tell you it is a great, highly-entertaining story sure to please all who read it. Frankly, I cannot wait to see how it ends. Godspeed :)

Visible said...

Thanks Eamon. The one thing I can say about the book is that the ending is the best part.

I can still vividly remember sitting at my desk when it just flew into my mind and I went, "Oh wow! Oh wow! Thank you". I didn't come up with it myself. It's like something right out of Poe. I couldn't believe how fortunate I was. Beginnings are easy and most of a book, when it unravels, can have an easy and measured flow to it but there are two parts in any book that can be difficult and those are the denouement, or denouements plural and the ending.

I can't tell you how many times I have been reading a book and then the author just mails it in at the end and makes the rest of the book become completely diminished because the author did not have the patience to let the book finish itself. Character development is also critical.

There are a lot of contemporary writers whose characters are one dimensional or so dull and predictable that you just wish someone would come along and kill them off. Dean Koontz is a classic example. His characters are so unattractive that, should you be at the dinner table with them you would want to bring a gun.

Sometimes I will sail a book across the room because there's no way I will read any more. Sometimes I tear the book up and throw it in the trash because I don't want to be responsible for someone else picking it up and having the misfortune to read it.

Sometimes the author writes the same book over and over like the Bourne series or the author has a villain that keeps showing up but who is devilishly attractive and capable of all kinds of ridiculous shit that makes the book absurd, like Patricia Cornwall.

I try to learn from the mistakes of others. Some writers like James Patterson try to write about serial killers and have put zero research into studying the types so that the killers come out like cartoon characters and these are the books you see in all the airports and newsstands. There are only so many major distributors.

Writers are intentionally chosen based on the IQ demographics of a particular audience, say, between 90 and 105. It's all part of the programming.

I'm babbling. This is what happens when you get up at 4:00 AM. The one thing I like the most about being involved in these sites is the generally consistent, high intelligence of the readers. I study the types of readers that show up at the various sites. I study how much the authors invest into their operative degree of self importance and how much this overshadows what's being said. Some people really make me cringe.

Writing is a lot like being a toreador in many different ways and let us not forget the presence of the bull and all that the bull implies in many different ways. There's a noticeable difference between the writers of today and the writers of yore. You don't see many Joseph Conrads, Mark Twains, Rudyard Kiplings and, yes, Edgar Allan Poes. There are a few Cormac Macarthys here and there are elegantly simplistic writers, who know character development and environment like Elmore Leonard. Too few, all too few (grin). There are some who have seen into the evil around them like the Bret Easton Ellis types who can do menace very well. Then there are the master craftsmen like T.C. Boyle who can hook you like a fish or, consummate and painstaking researchers with serious patience like Thomas Harris. I guess you just have to know where to look.

Okay, lots to do today. Let's see if I can get it all done.

Anonymous said...

Visible, you rock and roll! I mean you're on a roll and you rock! I'm laughing and almost crying at the same time! Thanks again, Brother, your words (and music) are like a healing salve to my sore Penisinshula (couldn't resist a horrible pun!) I was so stuck in the doldrums of my crappy job tonight and after finishing up, came over here... now I'm laughing again because of you.

Ray B. said...

This was interesting (below). It may set a timeline for a possible Iran 'hit'.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.


[Secretary of Defense Chuck] Hagel committed to “selling” (Read: “subsidized” by US taxpayers) KC-135 refueling planes that would prove vital to any Israel strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

“This is a game changer,” boasts the Times of Israel. “Up until now Israel could not launch an attack against Iran on its own. That’s no longer the case once the tankers arrive.”

Anonymous said...

Dear Les, Music and art is what separates us from the other critters. Your music might not be for everybody but it is good. You have a unique sound and your voice is in tune and has nice phrasing. Your instrumnetal solos have nice shape and they flow very well. I can see you developing a cult following. You would need to get out and play live a lot and always have some recordings with you to sell.

One time I was playing a bar and it was full. I was singing Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain when one of the patrons started howling like a dog. Laughter broke out all through the bar. 200 people laughing at my singing.

Good luck with your music and remember it doesn't matter what people say about you as long as they get the name right.


Visible said...

Thank you McCob. Yeah, it's like Bob Dylan said, "there's no such thing as bad publicity". I am taking my PA and all my instruments with me and am going to play on a regular basis. It's been years since I've done this but the time is now right.

I'm impressed at all the people losing their lunch and their minds these days. Usually you have to do something to alienate people. Now you don't have to do anything at all, People just go south for no reason whatsoever. I don't know what to make of it. I'll be talking about that on tonight's radio show ♫I took a shit on a sailing ship and when I reached Jamaica the boat burned down♫

Always remember to (S)tore (H)igh (I)n (T)ransit. Back to whatever it was I was doing before this came along.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Vis!

Looking forward to reading your book. Writing it from within is what is so beautiful and one can see this as a blessing.


Anonymous said...

God knew who the snakes of satan are the very moment the were conceived in the garden. ...And so did satan.

There's some deep wisdom that'll make you grind your demon teeth.


Ray B. said...

Hey, Vis: I see an opportunity Here!

This 'agent' is obviously responding to my KC-135 tanker post, not my innocuous Grasshopper post. The fact that it is carefully crafted, menacing, and re-directing dialogue away from the KC-135 info tells me that I 'struck a nerve'.

This means we have an opportunity: We already know their 'response time'. Queuing at their end, reading, writing, passing it 'up the line' to supervisors for approval, and posting takes about ten hours (for minor harassment). I do not have the tracing tools to find the 'source' of this post, but you say that you (or yours) do. It would be interesting to see where this came from...


Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. It will be interesting, also, to see if this makes it to your 'inbox'...

Sim said...

Last night's radio show is now up.

Sim said...

@ 15 Ray: sorry, but on this occasion I couldn't isolate with any degree of confidence the source of that comment.

Visible said...

If Sim can't find it you are definitely dealing with cloak and dagger degenerates.

Ray B. said...

Sim, thanks for your efforts. It is truly appreciated...


Vis, well at least we found one of their sensitive points. Perhaps we should keep an eye out for actual delivery times of the KC-135 tankers and subsequent 'practicing'. Given their 'modus operandi', we could expect the actual hit to occur during a NATO 'drill' having vaguely to do with an operation like that... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

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