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The Darkness at Noon and the Light of the Dawn.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

You can find the evidence piecemeal all over the place, or you can find your cogent and precise synopsis right here. It should be clear to anyone paying attention, what is going on around us. The problem is a general lack of curiosity, bookended by a cognitive dissonance, that makes it difficult to comprehend the obvious, or which insures an unwillingness to want to. It should all make sense now but; what are you going to do about it? What is anyone going to do about it?

It's not like the government has to abide by the constitution or any of the laws of the land that used to exist in one fashion or another. They pay no attention to any of this when they are harassing ordinary citizens so... they could quite easily swoop in and round up all of these creatures. They know who they are. They know where they are. Obviously they don't want to.

I've maintained all along that Israel is nothing more than a sovereign state, created for the sole purpose of the performance of international crime, without the fear of repercussions. There is no difference between the Israeli government, the Rothschild banking syndicate and the Russian Mafia. One's an employee, one's an operational sector and one's a money machine, handling all ends of currency processing and creation.

From the cultural perspective, there are certain conditions you can see appearing and they are all indicators of the pending destruction of the culture. Of course, when things go off course, when things go very wrong, they stay wrong and they get more wrong. I liken it to stretching a rubber band. It stretches only so far and then it either breaks or snaps back into itself. This is what happens when cosmic readjustment takes place. Lao Tzu says something about stretching a bow too far and then repenting of the pull. He pretty much applies to anything you can run into and... we should remember, he eventually got on a water buffalo and rode off into the sunset, terminally discouraged about the state of human affairs.

Here is a glimpse into the future that gives some idea of what the great and innovative minds among us are up to. One needs to keep in mind that we only see the much smaller portion of those ideas and intentions that are on the drawing boards at this time. All kinds of insane shit is being draw up, dressed up and eventually packaged for consumption for the endless ranks of guinea pigs who inhabit this sphere.

Every day I wake up and am reminded of the sort of world I live in these days. I don't actually live 'in' that world but I do live on the outskirts and am reminded of a conversation, that I think took place between Gandalf and one or more of the hobbits; "Alas through him the Enemy has learned that the One has been found again. He knows where Isildur fell. He knows where Gollum found his ring. He knows that it is a Great Ring, for it gave long life. He knows that it is not one of the Three, for they have never been lost, and they endure no evil. He knows that it is not one of the Seven, or the Nine, for they are accounted for. He knows that it is the One. And he has at last heard, I think, of _hobbits_ and the _Shire._ 'The Shire – he may be seeking for it now, if he has not already found out where it lies. Indeed, Frodo, I fear that he may even think that the long- unnoticed name of _Baggins_ has become important."

Without question, something has to be done about the international gangsters. The most effective thing would be for various governments to collaborate and send in an elite military force, to administer a little cease and desist. At the same time, the nations of the world should join together in a collective boycott of the state of Israel and all things Israeli. They should be rendered into a self contained pariah state. Really, it's only a matter of time before they get around to wiping everyone else out, except for those they would want to keep as drones and slaves. This adventure is in progress at this very moment. You don't want to see it? That makes little difference. It sees you.

The main nexus of evil has all sorts of corrupt little elves to do its bidding. Consider the picture of this fine specimen. If you've got some rudimentary understanding of Phrenology (we do), you might note various features of this clown. One is reminded of Animal Farm, as one gazes on the porcine visage of this public servant. These willing traitors, working in tandem with resident evil, are everywhere to be seen. Invariably they work for the banks. Eventually certain conditions come down upon people without warning and they are left to their own devices, whether they survive the situation or not.

For myself, I believe, given my own experience of various things that have taken place in this life, that it's all programmed and possessed of a selection of scenarios that outwork one way or another, depending on the actions and intents of the players. It's like that old saying that 'you bring the evil with you' and that there is no evil except the evil that you carry. I don't suppose that is exactly true. I think it is more like the evil that is within you, resonates with the evil external and that sets up a sort of dichotomy, where certain results are pretty much guaranteed to take place, due to the action of the one upon the other and whatever reactions might follow. It could also be a kind of gestalt, where you are at the mercy of the world that contains you, dependent on your perceptions of it. Gestalt might not usually be applied in this manner but my poetic license is still good till the end of the year so, take your complaints to the commission.

It brings it all home when you see the debonair, Tony Blair, in a comradely arm over the shoulder embrace with Jimmy Savile. It makes it quite clear when you consider that this fiend was in action for decades with no repercussions. He had to die before anything was made of it. Obviously, he was a high ranking member in the UK Satanic cabal. Only a fool goes about their business, uncaring of the sinister forces engaged in the environment. When you wonder why public servants do the odious, venal and anti-human things they do, you need to consider who is pulling their strings from the shadows and... as always, it comes down to, 'follow the money' and 'cui bono'.

You're left with two positions, two main positions from which to view everything that is taking place. You believe it is all random, survival of the fittest, Darwinian horseshit, about which you can do nothing, except look out for number one or... you believe the whole drama has been set up for the purpose of demonstration and is in fact, under control at all times ...and moving inexorably toward the climax and conclusion. Climax and Conclusion are probably both the same thing, unless you're some kind of romantic and believe in sensitive aftercare (grin). These days that kind of thing might wind up being time consuming and, as we all know, 'time is money', honey.

As we near the end of this posting and as we approach 2,000 postings, I have to devolve onward into the usual, hearty reassurances that somehow, inexplicably and by truly mysterious means, this is all for our own good and further edification. We don't go through anything we don't have to go through and we only go through things, in order to come to a realization about whatever it was that led us into any of it and what that portends for whatever course we find ourselves on afterwards.

If one opts for the nihilistic, no exit, existentialist viewpoint, or any of the other negative perspectives, one is left at the mercy of a seemingly mechanistic universe. If one otherwise embraces the concept that the Earth is a living organism, fully aware of our presence upon it and that all the forces of good are waiting by our side, to assist, protect and guide us ...well, that's a different architecture altogether. One might say that "we live in a world of our own creation" and our destiny is set accordingly. Which of these paths or perspectives is most attractive to you? Surely, the random, anything goes, moral relativism POV is very useful to the amoral dreams of the self involved. There you can justify anything. On the other hand, with the antithetical perspective, you have to change continuously to meet a higher standard. You have to lose pieces of what you formerly believed was yourself but which was only ballast and anchors in a world of illusion. You have to be willing to depart from the things that break your heart, even though it might feel like you are going in reverse most of the time.

It's always been a solitary road for the true seeker. It might seem to be more populated at different points, as people come on to the path, only to drop off at some further point, or right around the corner, as the case may be. Very few people continue onward, regardless of their solitary status and the trials and tests that are part and parcel of this narrow, narrow track. It also follows that their companions and associations of any given moment, will also fall away, whenever circumstances and conditions become something undesirable for them. It takes a truly hardy soul to continue and also not take any of it personally. Of course, you might do, for a brief time ...but eventually you resolve that hallucination and just let it go, along with everything else because, just like the sign says outside of the department store, “everything must go”. Yes, my friends, everything not intrinsic must go. Better to let it go, irrespective of the temporary agony ...than to have it ripped from you, as it surely will be.


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Visible said...

I know I have been very inconsistent with answering emails and also with getting my book out (I am much closer). This is just how it rolls in recent times. I do believe that is subject to imminent change. Thank you for bearing with me.

Smyrna said...

What a vile unctuous looking c*** that George Osborne is, Vis. Yet he, and many of his ilk are here at this moment in positions of power and nobody is registering!? !?

Anyway, remember the Taliban, when they ran Afghanistan, had stopped the opium farming. That is why the USA and their "coalition of the swilling" (Australia is involved in this shit, regrettably) have been there for the last ten years. That place is the opium bread-basket of the world. Black money.

Putin and his side-kick Medvedev look like genuine human beings and honest men to me. They have expelled a few Russian Jew 'oligarchs' who captured all the money/industry when the commie regime ended, but also kept some onside like Abramovich who owns the Chelsea soccer team in London. Interesting shit.

Visible said...

This is when you know you are having a bad day.

and this proves out the old adage, "you learn something new every day". Of course, there's nothing new about the procedure, the American Congress has been doing this for years.

Smyrna said...

"Hey man, I hear you got some good shit".

Alligators aren't much chop really, Vis. Let's see young Brian Zuniga try his luck with a saltwater croc!

Visible said...

'unctuous' is definitely the word.

I am myself a fan of Putin. You get the idea that this man plays a good game of chess, plus he's a judo expert and that tends to affect the temperament in terms of how you adjust to circumstances. I know that my own disciplines affect me. Quite strangely, I went to do some T'ai Chi the other day and found that I had forgotten the sequences, not having done that particular form for years and focusing more on others. I'm sure there will be someone where I am going that can reorient me. This particular discipline is the very best for when you get into an advanced age. I'm not there yet but what are the odds that I won't be at some point, given I'm still around?

A Russian journalist once emailed me to say that Putin reads Smoking Mirrors. I've no idea of the veracity of that but the thought of it has made me feel good for years.. I do believe, were it not for Putin, things could be and probably would be, much worse.

By the way, Smyma, I had the impression you were living in a tropical area, as per a discussion about mangoes and avocados. Then I saw a comment from you that said something about the cold, or snow or somesuch.

Anyway, let's go do the radio show now.

I've also started to give musical performances here in my workroom/studio each day, just as if I were in a club or a concert hall, complete with dialogue, heh heh. There's no one here (visibly that is) but what difference does that make (grin)? I'm getting ready for the place I am bound.

Hopefully some generous contribution comes in from the universe and I can go to Maui for a couple of months first and record all these albums I've composed but have yet to record with my old band, The Critical List.

Part of my mind says, "Visible, to accomplish that in an unhasseled comfort would take thousands of dollars". Then I think, "There's trillions out there, I just have to get some portion of it from there to here". I keep getting told that a significant windfall is coming in relation to my change of address. We'll see.

Smyrna said...

I live in the central highlands of Victoria, Vis. Cold and wet in winter, hot and dry in summer. I have relatives that live in north Queensland with the avocados, mangoes, and crocodiles. Too humid and hot for an anglo-irish white boy like me. A climate only fit for savages, old chap!

I have no doubt that Putin is the real thing. My old mother(still smokes tobacco at 88 years, terminal rebel) has a real knack with 'reading' people. She's a big Putin fan. She hated that simpering creep Tony Blair and saw through him from day one. As for George Bush's son and Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld etc, you don't have to be Einstein/Lao Tzu.

If Putin reads your work, and I can believe he does, and you inspire such a man, then fuck me Vis, are you not doing God's work? Think about that.

JerseyCynic said...

Happy Mother's Day?

she seems to be setting up for a big Memorial Day...

Visible said...

This wasn't even in the news.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Thank you for the work you do.

Anonymous said...

ripped, Huh ?

the competition is so...competitive

I like the way you talk

when you write.


DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

I'm kinda surprised that you haven't commented on the Texas Israel day thing with the Texas legislature having declared the establishment of the State of Israel to be fulfillment of Old Testament Prophecy. I figured you'd have a heyday with that one. It's amazing all the miscreants Texas has produced in the last two decades (e.g. John Hagee, GW Bush, Tom Delay), and they keep on emerging from there. It would no doubt be a huge benefit to the US if Texas actually did secede.

As for Putin being a 'good guy', Henry Makow posted this article to the contrary:

The think tank scientists and their media minions work day and night to make it so hard to sift through all the disinfo that you almost don't know who or what to believe. For example I used to like Ryan Dawson until he came out with his rant about the Sandy Hook incident in which he parroted the establishment narrative to the T. I'm disappointed to see that Mike Rivero has continued to post his bullshit since then. And then there's 'Brother Nathaniel' who is obviously a Zionist plant who shills for Israel through the back door as he pretends to be a whistleblower against them while masquerading as a Christian (it's a wonder he hasn't moved from Colorado to Texas). It was disheartening for me to see that Rixon Stewart (aka 'The Truthseeker') has started posting his stupidity (I expected it of Jeff Rense but not of Rixon Stewart).

However I am glad to be able to say that in all the years I've been reading your posts I've never once see you come close to selling out.

Visible said...

Henry Makow saying something to the contrary mostly bolsters my position. I seriously doubt he knows enough about Putin to have an opinion and if it is based on the same kind of research and logic he puts into his assessment of women well, let's just say I am not amused.

My cardinal reason for thinking well of Putin, because I don't know enough to have a really informed opinion is that I look at the "by their works ye shall know them" standard. In that case, he's impressing me. He's holding back the crimson tide that Israel and it's American buttboy would like to have happen in all kinds of places.

As for the Texas situation, I've been following it but it seemed like kind of a non event to me; 3 protestors, lawmakers ignoring them and anyway, this kind of thing is going on in one permutation or another all over the world

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

I tend to agree with you about Henry Makow being a questionable source of information, for one thing due to his obvious hangups in regard to women and sex. The article of his I linked is supposedly written by a Russian woman named 'Sonja' who supposedly knows things that are going on in Russia that nobody ever hears about. One thing she said that caught my attention was that Putin was an unheard-of who came from out of nowhere and within a short time was the most powerful man in Russia. She said also that he is now extremely wealthy. Who knows whether or not it was written by a woman named 'Sonja.' But there are a couple of follow-up comments that I find quite interesting, one of which is written by a guy who has been to Russia recently and has looked around behind the scenes. One thing he said I totally agree with is this: "The litmus test is as always, does Russia have a Rothschild central bank? Yes it does." He also said that Putin has met with Henry Kissinger 20 times (over the last decade I presume). He said also that Kissinger praises Putin as being "A Patriot." There was some mention also that ever since Putin became a public figure he has been being glorified to the max in the worldwide mainstream media and most people have fallen for it. Anyway it's some food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Profound last paragragh Viz.

Thank You.

- Frankie

Visible said...

Putin did not come out of nowhere. That's bogus to start with. Secondly, about those Rothschild banks; Putin kicked out the oligarchs and he has been steadily working to bring positive change around but there is only so much he can do. That is a tangled web where long established banks are at work and he has to proceed in a convoluted fashion. Just about everywhere has a Rothschild bank. Their time is coming to an end though.

In any case, Putin is a politician and I freely admit that I lack comprehensive knowledge of his totality, I just have followed his works. As for meeting with Kissinger, that doesn't mean anything. He's been meeting with Netanyahu a lot too. There's an old saying "keep your friends close and you enemies closer". I couldn't begin to analyze the meaning of meetings that I wasn't present for. I have to rely on "I don't know" a lot of the time.

One thing that happened to me when I was going through my very intense trip in Italy a few years ago (couple years ago- can't remember) is that along with everyone else who showed up at different points, Putin showed up, standing off by the cactus pear tree, just standing there motionless and vibrating and I got no sense of menace out of that.

Of course, that whole period could have been just a continuous hallucination and I do not doubt that some of it was but it was very, very real to me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you heaps Viz, for keeping up with your posts. They are a part of my life & spiritual growth. I look every day for one & nearly always get something very valuable from them. Regarding Jimmy Saville; would you please refer to the swine as Jimmy So Vile? I believe that to be closer to his / its real name.

Love in the Light
BK from OZ

Sim said...

Lord visible's radio radio show just went up,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Vladmir Putin meets with Henry Kissinger then...calls for a New World Order -

PSO said...

I thought, yeah, I better write him again. He's been looking for me.
Here I is, Lord Visible.
Just in quiet mode. [tips hat to Neil]
Looking at the trees and squirrels.
Getting a feel for the land I chose to settle into for our transmogrification event. The thing that supposedly gonna make us more like the dog poets we all are supposed to be.

with love,
from patrick inside western ky, US Incorporated.

Eamon said...

One possible reason to be cautious of Putin, Medvedev, et alii:

bbie said...

Oh, don't blindly judge Putin by his bank. I don't know how they got "such a deal," but Russia's Rothschild bank is fully regulated, including having to return 50% of its profits to the Russian treasury. Nothing at all like the other Red Shield banks. Well, except for China, who has at least three government owned banks and a Rothschild bank (a foot-in-the-door bank?) under the pretext of necessity for international trade.

I've been lovin' Putin for years, but ever since he got caught by the UN/Libya lie, he's really stepped up his game, becoming an international stumbling block for the self-chosen few.

And you, too, Les; I've been lovin' you for years, striking all the right chords at or just before the right time for me, eliminating stumbling blocks!

Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

The voters should vote for *Unused State Land Distribution* (thats about 3 acres each person or more for each American family without distirbing built up high density hell hole cities), and all homelessness ends. If the people with land start cultivating food, all starvation ends. This still leaves all city infrastructure intact. The voters need to vote for congressmen and a prosident who will do this. The wealth of plutocrats may be left alone, or not. If the wealth of plutocrats is redistributed as well allowing the plutocrat 20 million in remnant, ALL Americans would have access to much luxury and own land as well as have the best infrastructure in the world. If the "Wealth Distribution from Plutocrats" law is passed, a handful of plutocrats less than 1% is inconsequential almost none serve in the army ort essential public services - most just enjoy their lives and sequester more wealth to all Americans' harm, and even then 20 million each plutocrat is 50 times a 401K, meaning an American family of 50 could retire immediately, most plutocrat familes are not that numereous with many in the extended family or partly related range neglected.

The 3rd Worldising of America can be ended, but only by voting cleverly for congressmen and governors, mayors, who will remove bad senators that prevent the implementing of the above listed, and vote to implement the above listed.

See my blog below for more ideas or thoughts on the problems facing USA and democracy in general.

Visible said...

Enduring Adytums and Castles made of Sand.

Dublinmick said...

I don't claim to be an investment whiz but I have seen in several places the Rothschild network does not control Russia. I guess I will have to go and do some more looking. But this seems to refute this. That is thing with this blogging, it is really yourself you wake up most of the time rather than cause that great ripple that is going to transform everything.

Like some of you I have always found Putin interesting and the pronouncements of the Bulgarian seer Vanga who proclaims after the wars and earth changes, only the glory of Vladimir will be left. Now we also have Cayce who says Russia will become the hope of the world with a new system where all live for each other. (BRICs?)I do have a feeling at this point he has forestalled WWIII, but that is just my opinion.

Putin has just banned any gov officials owning anything to do with Rothschild, foreign or offshore banks. It is either get rid of it or get out of the government. There is a difference in saying Russia has a central bank and saying roth controls this central bank.

Vladimir Putin Sends Heavy Russian Destroyer To Protect Iran’s Sovereign Banking System From Rothschild.

Russia has major gold mines, they are not going to stick all the processed gold in a bank and allow london to buy it up. I think Putin is doing the best the man can under the circumstances although it is hard to say I am not in Russia.

The Chinese bank is not under the red shield either like some continue to insist.

Several things you can depend on from Makow, Putin is a bad guy, the holocaust is just like they say it is. He being Khazar knows how western woman should behave, they should do like the good book says. yada yada. He has some interesting stuff from time to time, but it is usually something that has been out there awhile anyway.

Even in the truthseeker post where he talks of der fuhrer's E1b1b1 blood group, he makes it clear that all of those tribe officers in the wehrmacht were overlooked because he didn't want them "exterminated" in that thar holocaust.

Speaking of der fuhrer, I found a piece of Hallet's book online that you can read for free without paying any cash. It speaks of the boy escaping and living by the palace of Spanish Franco for many years. Can I be sure it is all true? No but it is interesting and does have that ring of truth to me anyway.

I am going to have to do some more searching on the central banks however. They do have a financial advisory group there.

The Roth anglo Irish bank is now having to be bailed out by the IMF. All of this is contrived just as Iceland but now Iceland is even talking BRIC and so is Ireland and Syria if it is not bombed into oblivion.

Visible said...

DublinMick; that is a well reasoned and measured presentation and jibes nicely with what I believe as well. Until proven different, I am in Putin's corner.

Eamon said...

I am in agreement that there are many good reasons, from our outsiders' perspective, to like Putin. However, anyone who goes to Brussels to peddle a one-world currency sporting the utter-bulshit NWO slogan "Unity in Diversity", or allows his PM to do so -- for any reason under the sun -- is not as perfect as some might like to pretend. Only time and future events will tell for certain. When the entire world is awash in unutterable filth it is easy to take a somewhat decent man as more than he is, or even as a true hero. IMO, at this stage of the game, Putin has not YET proved he is the stuff of genuine heroes. Perhaps he will do so, but not yet... Godspeed :)

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I believe our collective fate has been sealed by the nuclear radiations.

To what degree remains to be seen. It is hard to fathom total extinction, from several perspectives, but near extinction level is indeed comprehendible.

From 1945 - 1998 the demons detonated 2,000+ land, air and sea tests. Then on to the nuclear meltdowns past, present and future and the upcoming mass nuclear weapons exchanges.

How can this be anything except bad karma to the nth degree?

Divine intervention perhaps to a degree but to wash away the accrued horrors of our unimaginable collective barbarism, cruelty and demonic actions which have already created our current condition?

All that's left now is the taking of our medicine, and take it we will..

"Before the discovery of the natural Van Allen belts in 1958"

Also these also artificial?

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Talking about The Black Widow Spider Family and Sundry.

Anonymous said...

Śrī Īśopaniṣad 10

"Those who engage in the culture of nescient activities"

Eamon said...

No one has anything intelligent to say about the fact, cold and indisputable, that Medvedev, Putin's right-hand man, publicly peddled the NWO's one-world currency in Brussels? I have to say that is a little disappointing. C'est la vie...and pax vobiscum :)



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