Sunday, May 04, 2014

The Transiting Conditions of the Inner and Outer Suns.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Brrrr... last few days here it's been around 4 degrees Celsius. I am sleeping in an icebox. Of course I have my comforters so, once in the bed I'm warm, save for those cold fingers that sneak in around those spots where the blanket is not tight against my neck. It's the getting up in the middle of the night and the rising in the AM that takes a stalwart and stoic mindset. A couple of decades ago (more or less but actually a little less) I stayed in a camper that my friend loaned me for the duration of my visit to Woodstock. It was running around the same temperature then and at about the same time of year, more or less. Actually it was more by a couple of weeks. I wound up coming down with pneumonia, after I arrived in Virginia to visit old friends. That was a strange event. I'd never had pneumonia so it wasn't anything like what I would have expected. I had tremendous pain in my lower back. My friend Douglas (Brit Hume's brother), had a small bottle of morphine pills and that took care of the pain, for a little while. Then the morphine ran out and off I went to the hospital to see what was wrong. They told me I had pneumonia. I asked them what happened to the Old Monia but... they were a taciturn lot. Anyway... they cleared it right up. I don't expect a repeat performance but these things come to your mind when present conditions mirror former conditions and... well... that is often how memory works. It is triggered by similarity and association.

The sun is bright today, however ...and promising warmth toward mid day. The air is cold. You might say, 'it is a wind out of the east', though there is no wind. Occasionally some breath of it comes out of the surrounding woods and then it can be accurately called a cold wind out of the east. Russia and the Ukraine are off in that direction.

They burned people alive in that government building in Odessa recently. I suppose I should think about that when I am concerned about the cold. This is the kind of state of mind I seek to cultivate whenever I think about how the ineffable could have sent me off to Hawaii, the Canary Islands or The Maldives as well as put me here (grin); could have provided any number of places where some serious amount of work did not need to be made. In such circumstances one could think to themselves, “Jesus! Lighten up already!” Then- but not always- I think about the people in so many places who are up against it; people who don't have anyone to rely on because they don't even believe in things like that or... people caught in dramatic environmental, social and political uproars. It's all subjective. Ergo... I am of the 'count your blessings' sort. It is most often when I go to my bed at night or upon awakening in the morning when I feel those spontaneous upwellings of gratitude. They come out of nowhere but... that wouldn't be right, would it? Everything comes out of somewhere, just like the cold air from the forest AND... since I've been sitting here, the temperature has climbed to 10 degrees, or so my visible friend just announced.

I suppose I was trying to say something in those recent paragraphs. I often have a problem coming right out and saying something directly because you can't say some things directly. There's so much more dancing in the atmosphere prior to your statements and I need to furnish the room meant to be occupied by those reached; should that occur.

This morning I was greeted by a picture of the Obama consort. Is it just me or does she really come across as evil, mean and nasty, as well as arrogant and imperialistic much of the time? Most every time I see her face it brings to mind one of these characteristics. She got sent away from a school speaking gig not long ago AND... yesterday, the blood starved weasel, Condolezzie Rice was compelled to demur due to student protests at Rutgers where, for 35 grand she would talk bullshit and get an honorary degree; most likely from the Dr. Mengele Wing of the university. Apparently the Iraqi War is not sitting well with the younger set. In her defense, the lizard lady said;

“I am honored to have served my country. I have defended America’s belief in free speech and the exchange of ideas. These values are essential to the health of our democracy.”

I admit to being puzzled by the attempt to associate free speech and the exchange of ideas with the assault upon Iraq. I am at a loss as to how this can be relevant in any way.

Rice is guilty of capital murder to an exceptional degree. She and all of her neo-con associates are bound for the gallows in this life or another, bound for numerous appearances through their allegiance to The Wolfowitz Doctrine. History and reincarnation will not be kind to any of these creatures and that is in the short term as well. There's no telling how the ineffable and Mr. Apocalypse intend to honor these miscreants but they shall... oh yes, precious, they shall.

Bush has taken that road often taken by serial killers. He's become a painter with pretensions of becoming an artiste. No doubt, one day, his work will hang alongside that of John Wayne Gacy, though Gacy killed nowhere near the people that Bush did and gruesome as his crimes were, they did not approach the level of mendacious cruelty exhibited by Bush and ilk. Let us hope that Bush's work meets the same fate as Gacy's. As his father stated with such prescience;

“If the people knew what we had done, they would chase us down in the streets and lynch us.”

This made me think of a recent anecdote about Bill Clinton; aliens indeed. Certainly, in these times we are dealing with aliens under the skin. A human being is defined by their words and actions and also exposed as being something other than, according to the same standard. The terrific irony that is afoot in these times is truly a marvel. Pray tell what is so 'secret' about something like this? Irony is piled upon irony, so that the irony at the bottom is crushed by the weight of the irony above; that is the nature of charitable souls like Bono and ilk. How do they justify this to themselves? In some cases it is a combination of fake celebrity in concert with fake charities. That is truly impressive!

Where is all of this bottom feeder action leading (besides through the gates of The Pit)? How is it that celebrities of every stripe, politicians and religious leaders are everywhere to be seen, bookended between obnoxious and venal, in the Encyclopedia of Real Life? I cannot stress enough; THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. Millions upon millions are living at the cusp of desperation, their beings racked to the root by uncertainty and fear. These are times of intense tribulation, unseen by so many, for the most part because the media does not report upon the wider scope of it and in so many of the lives of the more fortunate, their attention is partitioned off from the reality of the lives of those less fortunate. None of this is by accident.

A person's mind can work in one of two major ways. One can believe that there is a destiny that shapes our ends, or one can believe that life is any number of mysterious variants in a composition of the random and happenstance. You can find most of humanity on a sliding scale of degrees of intensity in either of these directions and you can find their predisposition for either, based on the extent to which free will (or their understanding of it) enters into the mix. You're either tooling along under the presumption of your own power, or you're convinced to a greater or lesser extent that it's not all about you. A lot of this depends on the tenor of the times, because the majority of people are mostly informed as to the meaning of reality, according to how that is defined by the times in which they live. In times of material darkness, you get a majority of personal philosophies, based upon material attractions and concerns. So it is that you get celebrities and politicians and religious leaders, behaving in the most preposterous and embarrassing ways, so as to appear full on bat shit insane to those of us in possession of any amount of Broad Daylight Awareness.

Because these are times in which lies are the actual currency of what people believe, we find that those who are the most successful among us are the most skillful of liars. In many cases they are really bad liars but the level of awareness of the people they are appealing to is abysmally low. Notable economists are, as a rule, completely full of shit. Professionals in nearly all areas of endeavor are mostly full of shit. Academics of every stripe are far less concerned about the results of their research, in terms of improving human life, than they are about how it's going to reflect on their income and celebrity. This is so glaringly evident that it almost goes without saying. In fact, if you are not a liar, promoting whatever lies are desired by those upon whom your success depends, you will have no success. You will be drummed out of the ranks, or never allowed in in the first place. Most everyone performing in any related area knows this to be true. If you have chosen what is true as your objective in life, you're not looking at anything like smooth highway. It's a harsh price exacted and tantamount to making death appear more as a reward than anything else (grin).

Well, the sun has now retreated for the while. Hopefully it wasn't the result of anything I said, heh heh.

Ah... what do you know? It just came out again. No matter where you are, there are times when the sun is going to be less visible. This is sometimes more often and sometimes less often the case. So it is with the physical sun. With the inner sun, the spiritual sun, this is also true, depending on what stage of our journey we find ourselves in. It is to be hoped and... it has certainly been promised, by those far wiser than myself, that the time does come when the inner sun is no longer subjected to the same conditions of transiting weather as the outer sun. We set our sights upon that blessed day and the hope that we may see you there as well.

End Transmission.......

Radio show pending, depending on how one or the other of these suns is so disposed.

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dirtykid© said...

Sounds like you are living under the same dank, cold cloud which has been hovering over this region for several weeks... That wood stove should come in handy in warming things up and removing the damp from the air in your living space.

This weather tends to bring my mind back to 'global warming', er 'climate change'... which tends to remind me that the word climate means an ever changing environment so I suppose I am speaking about 'changing change' ultimately because under the Al Gore version of events my pocket change becomes their pocket change because I exhale as frequently as I inhale (at least until I can figure out how not to)... Because we all know that if I have less pocket change greenhouse gas emissions will magically decline....

OK, I am done being whimsical...


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Maldives? I'm surprised that place is still on the map.

It must be Hell o' fun living there during tropical storms. How much closer to sea level can ya get?

I'll assume you were kidding.

Anonymous said...

Peace be upon all
Well Seems like its a long winter for you, so a long summer should follow. Are you satisfied with the new place the ineffable has chosen for you. I hope so. I was really pumped up to come see the friendly Visible of Less. But then it Suddenly felt like You being in a different dimension alltogether. I think we are all ascending or falling in this cosmic 3d 5d 7d conscious matrix. It all comes down to uniting the soul on all levels. It may be that our invisible friends could be us existing on in different space time dimensions. Dreaming up scenarios interconnecting us all in an upside down way in the cosmic consciousness sea of awareness in which we all ultimately reside. Contracts and scripts produced by the -11d or 5d level inter dimensional beings existing like chewing gum sticking to the infinite creators shoe. It really is getting pretty complex if you try to reason with all of it. I think its love and the heart where the key is hidden. Iam still trying to find a place where the fire can be sustained in the heart soul and shine upon all who are present in their heart. I am just a star in the sky but there has to be some one somewhere who shines on all to see like the sun. I keep you in my prayers along with others. Sometimes I catch you in my dreamscape doing your thing. Just know that all will be well in the end. Going back to Hindustan as there is no hope here in the NOrth of France. Hope our paths cross again on the ascent of the infinite spiral
love Akram

missingarib said...

Vis, greetings from a deck hand on the titanic!
The paying guests, famous and well heeled, are ignoring the slight tilt of the deck and the music from the band has drowned out the sharp screech of the ice against the keel- Nothing to see at sea except the inky darkness and the lights from the dance hall distorted in the black water .
The reactors in washington are synced with the japanese three shell monty game.I'm thinking of giving up smoking cause i'm told it can shorten my life .
"If you have chosen what is true as your objective in life, you're not looking at anything like smooth highway. It's a harsh price exacted and tantamount to making death appear more as a reward than anything else (grin)."
I agree in spades -the morse code bloggers across the planet are all calling for rescue ships .Hopefully rescue will arrive before we run out of lifeboats.

much love

Anonymous said...

Dog Poet. I love your writing ability and this story in particular...

Anonymous said...

Growing up, I was taught that honesty, integrity, ability and perseverance would more or less guarantee success (measured in dollars, of course). Several years in the military demonstrated to me that ability could be marginal if one had friends in the right places, and honesty could be a handicap to advancement. I tried employment with State government next, which reinforced my observations from the military, and convinced me that integrity could also be a handicap if one truly desired employment at higher levels. Thinking (somewhat insanely) that things might be different in the private sector, I found that honesty, integrity and ability mattered far less than a willingness to say, do, and be exactly what corporate leaders wanted, regardless of how unethical, immoral, or illegal that might be. And perseverance only ensured you really pissed off the higher ups if that perseverance was directed toward maintaining integrity, honesty, or expecting credit for work that the boss wanted to claim credit for.

This column really struck home with me. It's absolutely true in the US today that "if you are not a liar, promoting whatever lies are desired by those upon whom your success depends, you will have no success."

Thanks for this refreshing dose of truth.


zepheri said...

Latitude of 44 with goblins riding the cold water waves, crap I gotta put the toilet seat up so the dog can get at the fresh cold water.

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

The darkly farcical nature of the on-goings of this evanescent paradigm are staggering, if you have the gumption and sense of ethics to even perceive that. The creatures mentioned by Les really, really don't know, like he's saying, how bad their fate will be and then some, I strongly intuit too. I see a lot of people coming for insight and context here who are in possession of discerning and subsequent, well-intentioned discretion; many, many others that don't even, proudly, try to discern between truth and lies may just have more than a couple awakenings, somewhat to majorly rude in nature. Those types didn't mind dishing it out, the rudeness, so reaping and sowing is something I could laugh at, but won't, given the sad-ass results there, and it just won't be too proper when the time comes. We live in an age of big lies, but the "good part"(MASS IDIOCY'S NOT GOOD) would be that lies only work on dupes that practice very little to no discerning whatsoever as a so-called "principle". So, they'll be let to know who left whom in the lurch and why. Yeah, it'll be quite stupid that they spaced out that way because, I guess, "everyone else was doing it" and keeping up with the fucked up Jones' was that important to them THE WHOLE TIME. Ughhhhh. And in saying this stuff, I know I have major, major karmic liabilities to deal with when the time comes, and that I'm no perfect, little angel. It's just sad to certain degree to try to talk to such types, in a massive majority, only to get scoffed at. Well, that degree's fine by them, so that's their directional, metaphysical tack into the unknown, which is just where I'm headed too. Thus, I'm really not that sad about their know-it-all attitude in laughing at the entire esoteric rubric, given that it's all just crazy talk to them. What a set up...That being said, if you have good moorings in these choppy, astral seas, it'll work out better than fine, I strongly intuit. Above all, be honest with yourselves about what you stand for and against, having good intentions looking forward in that regard, and it'll end up being rather the good storyline, for those individuals' parts, to have been playing, and I suspect The Heavens have rewards for such good stewards in such bad times. Don't know if I'm one of those good stewards, but I am honestly trying. I'm not the Judge, so being judged for "this and that"(sins and virtues) is rather important to me in not getting supernaturally shanghaied "downstate" if that's "the deal" when the time comes. I try to militate against such issues. Oh yeah, I just remembered something else. The "good old days" of Bush Sr. and his fate involving lamp posts is a bygone notion, as I've been told and shown. His fate because of the way he lived his life, being really, really dark and gross, will be much, much worse than merely getting lynched. In short, there's nobody around that will take it easy on that "supreme", satanic sack of fuck "upstairs" when his time's due. Hold me to that one!

Anonymous said...

Back in the old days there would be a priest who would disembowel a chicken and read the entrails as they lay upon an altar. These days we have economists.


Anonymous said...

Hello Vis,

Is there public transportation in you new evirons?


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Curtis, one thing is evident.
Kali yuga evanescent epiphanies won't suffice.

Contemplating, imagining, conjuring and miniscule "will power" applied will not replace the tasting of the spiritual honey. Particularly and most emphatically not in this life, in this age. If pseudo-spiritualities could achieve such a thing, we'd all be Kings and Queens of hog heaven ten times over by now.

Messing with the pudding every which way except via grateful acquiescence only results in messy pudding (aka) round and round we go..

"If the bee simply licks the outside of the bottle thinking, "now I am tasting honey," then he is in illusion. (Srila Prabhupada)

People say they don't like honey, don't desire honey or even deny there is honey. All without ever actually tasting. Instead they assume again and again their own and other's failures (samsara) even as they imagine themselves as somehow being free or (believe it or not!) liberated..

Kali yuga pudding(karma)

BCii said...

Hello, everyone,
Hi, dear Visible,

I'm saddened, disappointed, disillusioned and disgusted at a recent turn of events in my personal life. A person whom we have tried in every way possible to help - fed, housed, clothed, assisted financially, and more -- has turned out not to give a flying fuck about living by basic principles of human decency and honesty. No more free ride. She's gone. I'm sorry it had to go this way. I really, truly wish I could help her. But if she won't help herself, or abide by the most simple, basic rules of respect for others, then there's nothing left to do but pull the plug and cut her loose. The situation can withstand no other solution. This is the breaking point. I'm sorry.

This isn't really the sort of thing you fine folks come here to read, but I feel like I need to share this here anyway. Anyone let me know I'm not alone? Thanks.

Your brother,
William T.

Visible said...

Yes Mandocello but I have transportation.

Visible said...

BCii; such are the times in which we live.

Anonymous said...


So an uncle of mine past away. I wasn't very close to him though the few times I did see him in my life, he was very kind to me as was his wife.

I just now read his obituary..... He was a Wall Street banker and a partner in one of Rothchilds banks.


I think Mr. Apocalypse just poked me with his walking stick.....

I'm wondering where my uncle is now. I'm just completely stunned.


galen said...

Years ago someone told me about the Law of Exchange and how if you give too much (and I often do - big lesson for me) it's not a healthy flow and can result in the other person turning on you, resenting you because the person feels indebted and in his or her mind the debt can never be paid back. Of course there are more ways than the material to give back, but many are not aware of that, so they often pull away and have to make you the enemy. We don't see too many prince and pauper relationships but they do exist, mostly when the prince knows how much the pauper is giving to him. Even on the home front, especially concerning nurturing, there has to be a good exchange. Ever met someone who says I always rub my husband's back but he hates to do mine? That's usually not a happy situation. Anyway, I have found this Law of Exchange to be a real dynamic if it's in the spirit and not about calculation, eye for an eye. And just one other thing I've noticed: If I'm doing too much for someone, I'm usually neglecting myself, be it in body, mind, or spirit. You're not alone, William; I think these lessons are pretty universal and I understand we'll never be done. Sigh. . .


Brian Crossland said...

You are not alone. Here.
Sounds like you have basic principles of human decency. Take comfort in that.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Anonymous at #6, but it's the "Way of the World," not just the US.

Speaking of presstitutes, I was taking a bus into a major city last week. A rather distinguished gentleman (for these days) sat down with his laptop across the aisle from me. After spending some time clicking about, he made a call on his cellphone to, as he told whoever answered, "save some time," as he was on his way to Toronto and then Africa. Of course, I couldn't hear much of the conversation at all over the noise of the bus but, he ascertained that the "problem" was one of "communication" and suggested calling a particular person at a particular institution.

I made a note of the name and what I could hear of the institution. I'll let you draw your own conclusion, ... but he's also received some prestigious awards. There seem to be quite a number of "communication problems" these days, judging by the articles and titles - "Neil Young: The rock legend's misguided assault on Alberta oil sands doing a disservice to natives," for example.


John C (UK) said...

Jim, tell me about it, my ancestors statue is outside the european parliament bearing my name. WTF indeed

BCii said...

Vis, galen, Brian,

Thank you. These are probably issues we all have to deal with in some form at some point. Visible, you've mentioned some similar experiences from your own life. Demonstrations. All I've wanted in return is that the person would hold up their end by taking personal responsibility for making the needed changes in her life, thus negating the need for constant upkeep. She's too stuck in her ways, apparently. It's a parasitic relationship, this is clear: not an equal exchange or fair in any way. It's been my main source of frustration and anger for some time. I've always felt lighter, freer, and happier when she's been temporarily out of the picture. At this point, the best thing I can do for her is to not allow the sucking to continue. She will have learn to rely on herself the hard way. I see a huge amount of repressed fear behind her actions. The resentment (mutual) is obvious, too, now that galen pointed it out.

Without this unnecessary burden, it is so much easier to maintain a positive frame of mind and a positive energy flow. I have to take care of myself and my wife first. Martyrdom is suicidal.


'Count your blessings' has been poking its way into my mind lately. So much opens up behind that door.


The FLOTUS is obviously a man, genetically and physically. That wouldn't be a problem in itself, but the nastiness and everything that goes along with the duplicity of pretending to be a woman to cover for her partner's closet sexual preference, can't be anything but toxic.


The false bliss of ignorance buffering the realities of masses of people can only cover so much for so long. The light is finding its way in and will find its way in, any way it can. Rude awakenings seem a fait accompli. If only, if only... but I suppose it couldn't be any other way, what with the thickness of the veils in these darkened times.


Laura's comments regarding restless monkey mind vs. peace of presence at the latest Smoking Mirrors resonated deeply. So it is. Thank you.

William T.

Anonymous said...


Is this person a family member or a long-time close friend? Sometimes it seems to make a difference in how one deals with such a situation.


BCii said...


Family member, 25 years old with a troubled background. That's what makes it so challenging. There's no 'off' switch. Help can't be denied. One can only try to keep a healthy balance to avoid being victimized while maintaining one's own decency (not throwing the person to the wolves, so to speak). Communication and cool-headedness are all-important. So often ego turmoil and attachments get in the way of them...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re: 22-----Tell me again why I shouldn't be happy I disavowed all my genetic relatives!

Anonymous said...


Obama's consort, as you put it, is a man. That is confirmed. I am surprised you haven't caught up on this piece of old news.

You can even see his tool.

Second, to see the handiwork of the Zionist employed death squads in 'mommy Odessa', doing what they always do 'by way of deception'... , same stuff they did in Poland before the last one, and in Spain, and not that piece of controlled disinfo by RT, you can go to the following link, if you have the stomach.
top story

Visible said...

Ukrainian Goon Squads and Life Otherwise.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Frogs on A slow Boil and Stevie Spielbergs Candiru Christmas.

Visible said...

Jim Carey, you're coming to the wrong place. I think this is more your style

galen said...

Jim loves his dog.


Anonymous said...

Hello Jim, (poster above) whose banker uncle passed away. He evidently had redeeming qualities, perhaps an angel pleaded his case, and he and others were lifted to safety. We are sometimes given second chances.
In the following story she botched it, but I suspect your uncle's story may have ended better.

-the beggar



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