Monday, August 11, 2014

Sir! Can I Have Another Sir!

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well... as it turns out I won't be coming to the mainland after all. My friend Akram showed up in a van to move me. It was really funny. I was eating dinner and I hear someone say, “Well, Mr. Visible!” I couldn't believe he even found me, only one person knew where I was and that was not the person at the house where I was doing the renovations but... there he was. It was one of those Stanley and Livingston moments.

It turns out that he has a house in a very beautiful tropical place and at least for the next 6 months I will be there. It makes more sense to do this, given that the next 6 months seem very uncertain in a global sense. Two days before he arrived, a voice in my head asked me where I would really like to go and so I mentioned an island chain in the southern hemisphere; not a place I have mentioned or considered before and it turns out that this island is only about 180 K from that island chain.

So... I thought I was going to be having some good luck now. I felt like it might be due, given that I haven't had much of anything resembling good luck recently. Now... I know there are people that suggest that one of the reasons I have a hard time is because I am going the wrong way, or working for the wrong entities or just doing the wrong things but I know, for a fact, that memorable souls with far more virtue and integrity than I have often been put through the mill repeatedly. Milarepa comes to mind as do many another and whether it's a cup of Hemlock or getting nailed to a cross, better men and more profound minds than my own have had a generous share of cosmic grief.

Sometimes I hate full disclosure because it gives fuel to my enemies (and I have some) and I sometimes can't see the upside to it but I am committed to it so here goes. There was a reason I never mentioned Joachim Kropp before. He's the guy who owns the building I was doing the restoration in. He used to own a company called Cyncrotec, which he sold to someone and they still run it in the first building on the property. He lives in the second and I was refurbishing the third.

When I first got there he was all gung-ho about getting the place together and we got a lot done. Then his enthusiasm flagged and he started making excuses for why he couldn't help. What he did was sit at his computer all day and then sort of frown in mild annoyance when I came in to use the bathroom. Finally I stopped going there to use the bathroom because of the vibes, which he said wasn't happening but which was happening. I started going into the woods. For the one I just went on a tree or something and for the second I dug a hole.

We were gearing up to finish the ceiling as it looked like he might be able to break away from his web searching fixation but then he came and said, “Something has come up and I can't do any more here for some number of weeks and this and that can't happen either. I'm thinking about how we are coming on to the doorstep of Fall and this place is just not where it needs to be. Also, he refused to put in the bathroom or the kitchen because he said his real love was working with wood and even though I bought a toilet and a sink, a shower plate with various options and some number of things in the hope that he might at least install the toilet, he did not. It would have taken a couple of hours tops to get it done and that is something I haven't done before and I wasn't motivated to start experimenting. So... I spent two and a half months without a toilet or a kitchen, living on sandwiches and pissing in the woods.

It started raining a lot and I was not excited about getting dressed whenever I had to go at night, climb down from the loft and head off for where I could take a leak so... I kept a couple of bottles around and started pissing in them and capping them afterward.

When he told me he couldn't help for a particular length of time, I remember standing there for a bit after he left and then looking upward and crying out, “Lord! Get me out of this place!” The next morning as I was climbing down the loft ladder, I fell and broke my hip. I also smashed my face so, by the end of the day, one side of my face was black; the whole side. Usually Joachim is around so I crawled over to the computer area and would cry out for help, hoping I would be heard at some point. I found my cellphone and it said it was going to shut down because of the battery. For some reason, on this day, Joachim was away the whole day until evening so I just suffered through it. After many a failed effort, I managed to climb to my knees and send him an email. Finally he showed up. I asked him for a bottle of wine to help deaden the pain. He got it for me.

An ambulance came and took me away. Two days later I had surgery and my hip was replaced. A couple of days later he came to visit and brought me some clothes. All seemed well. I asked him to bring me my cellphone, my laptop and my Goldtouch keyboard. A couple of days later he comes again and we are talking about some things and then he says, “Can we talk about the future now?” I said, “Sure.” He said, “I want you to go. You have been pissing in bottles and that is unacceptable, also, your cellphone is dirty, there are things stuck in your keyboard and your laptop screen is smeared. This is too much!” He was basically screaming and working himself into a rage. “the whole place up there is a mess!” Well, he'd been in and out of there regularly and never a word was said about that. I kept it as neat as I could but it is a construction zone. In the process of sealing the concrete and painting the floor I had had to move everything up there a dozen or more times but everything was carefully stacked.

I couldn't make head or tails about where he was coming from. Then he started in on the garbage which I had in a sealed bag in the garbage container. He didn't like the quality of my garbage. I don't know if it was the empty tuna cans or just the debris I swept up after doing one kind of work or another. I was thinking, this is what comes from asking the ineffable to get me out of there. I said, what about all the building supplies I bought? He said, “I will cover your expenses, I'm not a thief!” I thought, 'okay', all I will be out is my time spent working there.

They send me back from rehab and I'm getting around pretty good. I go up into the renovation zone and see that he has torn down everything I had set up. Somehow he had destroyed my external hard drive in the process and the place really was a mess now. He had informed me earlier that he had cleaned the place up. I couldn't believe it. There was no rhyme or reason to any of it. I decide to go and stay in a pension while I packed my things. I finally got it all packed up and that evening Akram showed up. The next day I got all of my receipts together and then I took them to him. I told him that he had a couple of the bigger receipts for about 700 euro. He said, “I don't know about that.” The next day Akram and I go to see him and he comes out and says, “I'm not paying for this and I'm not paying for that.” Then he points out the 1100 Euro bill for the ceiling pine and says, “This is not a real receipt. You have to get a real receipt. I can only give you 50% on a receipt like this.”

I had to laugh. I went to a friend of his, Ton, who owns the guesthouse I have stayed in a couple of times in the past and he can't believe what has happened. Neither can Angelique who delivered the wood. No one seems to be able to figure out why he would toss me for pissing in bottles, which is a common thing for many when that convenience is necessary. Neither the bottles nor the trash bag would have been there had I not fallen but that's all meaningless. He'd been up there many times and none of it bothered him then. It is yet one more crazy and inexplicable thing that has happened to me; no doubt because I am going the wrong way or working for the wrong forces (grin).

I have steeled my mind against recrimination and revenge. This morning we will go and load up the vehicles and put this place in the rear view mirror.

It has been my opinion that the people in this country are the most honest people on the planet, according to my experience but... apparently... not all of them.

He can't cook very well so his 3 daughters (when they are with him) mostly subsist on cheese sandwiches and salad. I am a cook so I would prepare meals for them once or twice a week; lasagna, burritos and various types of cuisine from different countries. His daughters loved it and sang praises for the food. After a few weeks of this happening I wasn't cooking anymore dinners. It seems he didn't like his daughters getting that amount of enjoyment from the food.

One of the first things he says to anyone when they come around and which he said to Akram when Akram showed up looking for me is... “I help people. People come to me with their problems and I help them. I can see into their needs and I provide them with answers. This is what I do.” I don't know how true that is one way or another because I never saw anyone come around looking for answers but people did visit me and they did mention my impact on their lives and how many people enjoy my work. He doesn't like to hear this kind of thing and you could see how much it annoyed him that people would come around and talk about me.

He told me he wanted to form a spiritual community. I don't know how he's going to do this because he is a major control freak and unless you do things exactly the way he wants them; any departure from what is acceptable becomes unacceptable. What he wants is a community of people who come to him for solutions to their problems. I assume though that it wouldn't be all that long before he became their major problem.

Portions of this were on my mind when I wrote that last Origami and over the time that I was at this place I could see the steady decline in Joachim's commitment to the project and noted the, by now, routine fabricated emergencies that kept coming up whenever it was that he was supposed to show up. I saw his real face emerging too. I considered writing about it but I've learned a few things in recent years after all the things I've been through and one of them is to remain optimistic and hopeful, bide my time and hold out for the possibility of change. In former times I was often quick to judge and not infrequently wrong as a result. Before I cried out to the ineffable to get me out of there, two days before, I told Joachim that I didn't think I could stay any more because it was getting to be a big drag without a bathroom or kitchen. I was quite emotional about it, as well as dejected, It must have been fairly powerful because at the end he was crying too and he said he would try to do better, especially with his attitude. He described the reasons for it being that it wasn't what it seemed but he could see why it looked that way; probably because it is what it seems.

I've talked with astrologers and a good half dozen have done my progressed chart at one time or another but I never got any indication of all this heavy water that has been flowing by and with such consistency that you can set your watch to it.

I don't know why I am encountering the things that I do. I do not believe it is because I am a bad person, going the wrong way or following the wrong teachings. I believe it has to do with necessary teaching moments for me and you. As I look back over some of the unfortunate moments of recent years I can say that, earlier on, there were times when I could have handled my end of things better but... in the last two, which would be India and now this, I haven't got any reason to blame myself. I did my best and especially in this most recent misadventure, I went all out, seeking to operate on the highest level I was capable of. Maybe I'll write a song like that Jim Croce tune, something like, “If I could put piss in a bottle”.

Joachim keeps grinning like a cat, laughing at and mocking us, or sneering imperiously when either I or Akram attempt to reason with him. How it is that people who profess to a high level of integrity and honesty (which he does) can be so blind to their obvious crimes and can excuse themselves with so little effort... it's just difficult for me to comprehend. I wouldn't be able to do that and I would hear about it big time, within. I'm not allowed to do a lot of things and I'm happy about that. Some people are simply absent a conscience or they have bound it up in duct tape and stuffed it in a closet. I've met a few people like this in recent years.

Oh well, onward and upward.

End Transmission.......

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galen said...

I want to do full disclosure
like Visible does
but I have secrets, agendas
The wind sweeps over me and hides what needs hiding
the tape on my mouth closes epochs
I have secrets

Dark the dismissal of normalcy
too thin, the ice I skate upon
there is coco and fire
but the break takes place
and I fall through to you
knowing I have secrets
and so do you

Full disclosure
a bright light on a dark life
a laser on the living
only the honest can stand its glow
but I know
not fully naked
have secrets
and sense that they are solemn and insanely sane

Remember intimacy means into me see
but I won't let you look
unless, like me, you harbor secrecy
impenetrable privacy
closing you out

But come in
see my neurosis
my empty cup of meadow mead
drink with me
Only the doors understand our language
and nothing is in French

the full disclosure may yet still happen
to the sound of one hand clapping
and one hand stealing your trust

I have secrets
come, you must.


Smyrna said...

Great news, Vis. Reunion looks cool from what I have seen and read on the interweb. The Hawaii of the Indian Ocean.

Fuck the northern hemisphere. Nothin' but trouble.

Anonymous said...

through the fog...

one thing you can BANK on is that
for purposes of demonstration...
those entities will out themselves
through self righteous, self absorbed...A**HOLES...
it's part of the universal dynamic, so to speak...
{one more time for the children in the hospital}

[look over there..150,000 in London]

"the paradox concerning the nature of objective validity is by design and degree instinctual..."

it is written...

"I stand at the door and knock..." it NOT the language...?

how many tenses are there in French ?

[are Gog & Magog "Jews" really "Israel"?]

why would that matter for all the "Jew" worshippers in the JEWSA ?

everyone is allowed to self REAL TIME.




insiam said...

Seems that you have been fortunate to have learned a valuable lesson Mr Vis.

Although, obviously you already knew that sociopaths can be very charming. It is invariably part of their make up and an integral defense mechanism: "Well surely he wouldn't do that, he is such a lovely kind and polite fellow . . . . . . . that Mr Vis must be at fault ......"

As i said in a recent post, i was 'fortunate' to be taught a very similar lesson for only $150.

Sometimes we simply need to be reminded of things we already know.

As the auld song goes 'i nver seen a sight that didn't look better looking back'


Brian Crossland said...

You are sure being tempered in the fire Vis.
May those Southern Ocean winds and sun offer Succour.
When a man judges the quality of your garbage...Says a lot about him.
It has been my observation over last couple of years that people I consider decent enough, not saints or gurus have for the most part been severely tested. Many lives of seeming stability have gone awry big time, often unpredictabily so.
Good or bad who knows?
with much gratitude

David Alan McBride said...

Mr. Visible, we (the awakened/awakening minority of humanity) are under a sustained, focused and deliberate attack. I've noticed unfortunate things occurring with this all too small fraction of humanity. What has been happening to you has been happening to a number of awake/aware people in my own life. Accidents of a freak nature that have a potentially life threatening bent to them. Half a dozen instances over the past few weeks. I don't know if these things are occurring within the population of mundane/materialist humans. I associate with them as little as I possibly can. It appears to be a very clear trend of physical damage caused by unseen forces.

One other change I have noticed over the previous week or two is haunted houses. Impacting this same awakened minority of humanity. Our homes/apartments/condos have just recently become packed with ghosts, goblins, demons, negative invisible pains in my ass. Every variety of unwanted invisible guest filling every nook and cranny of our homes. As if some cosmic dam just burst. These entities have burst in without permission just like a flash flood.

I feel I might know the why of it. You have said repeatedly that the Avatar is sweeping all the dimensions clean. Precipitating downward from the Most High. I feel that the Avatar must now be sweeping the dimension just above this one. Would that be the astral plane? Here we are at the bottom of dimensionality when suddenly the homes of the awakened minority become flooded. The invisible unwanted guests have nowhere else to run to. This 3rd dimension must be all that is left unswept.

That would also explain the sharp uptick in potentially deadly accidents that have been happening. Perhaps it is a last ditch effort by the nonphysical enemies of light to murder us off of their world. One last desperate grasp of wrenching control of this world back into their hands.

Or not.

McKenna Fan said...

I, Sir Visible, have figured out who, exactly, you REALLY ARE!

You, it is now obvious to me, are actually-


And maybe nothing will ever really work out for you, until you make it back to The Hundred Acre Wood.


On the other hand, you always get into misadventures there, too.

Oh, well.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Dayam! You answered a question in your post that I had yesterday regarding a term I couldn't remember.

Hope everything goes well for you from now on. . .for what time we have left here. I suppose wishing no more psychos in your life is totally psychotic, but may they only be at a distance where they have no direct effect on your life.

Anonymous said...

Hey Blog master Visible. Being an "old guy" of Charisma I too attract and repel many. They come to me in awe charmed to note my indifference to personality and later annoyed noot to make my favorites list. I scrupulously avoid detention imposed by friendship. I have meetings and appointments that are far more important than servicing drama queen neuroses of envious counterparties.. I am done with pretenses of equality and competitive exercises of power wieldings. Who cares about rankings anyway. That said I find myself routinely humbled by the genies who gift me online in their example. One lesson we charismatics must learn to use is to discern how things are from personal utopian projections. It's easier now that I accept that humanness is a Learning experience for them AND for me {and stop with the teaching already]. May it be. Chips

nina said...

It didn't used to be like this Visible, it really was different. But like you, I've found it too often and in too many locations to be any coincidence. Its a disease, Me-ism, and there is no therapy but to get the hell away from the immediate source of aggression and stress. Praise Jah not all are infected. At least, not yet. There are some who will remain immune because their compassion levels are in permanent enlightenment.
This disease was always there, but with overpopulation it became a global epidemic.

Hang tough my friend.

david griffith said...

love to you Visible. Trying times.

mike m said...

People are strange, when you're a stranger.

Anonymous said...

from this partial view of the situation -- it seems perhaps that j. wanted to be someone capable of giving and assisting (selflessly) but he reached his limit and freaked out -- maybe this is about him and not you? maybe this was his test and you were part of his story and he blinked -- missed his boat while you caught yours out of there. taking the onus off ourselves and seeing life as a participation in someone else's opportunity is an interesting perspective. yes mr. visible.....onward and upward! your work there is done. cheers!!! hopefully he will continue to discover an endless number of piss filled bottles over the coming years to remind him of his spiritual lack...and inspire him to greater strivings in the future.

est said...

that was quite a description
felt like i was there, almost

sounds like your next destination
may be just what you want and need

please don't fault yourself for good intentions
or trusting another, just to be let down

this is a re-occurring theme, in my life
and perhaps we can all relate, in some way

Em said...

Dear Vis: I'm so sorry you were put through all that pain and betrayal. When you asked the Lord to get you out of there he could/should have just opened the door, instead of pushing you off the ladder. I'm certain you would have understood the significance of the open door and left that place with its bad vibrations because you are very tuned into such things. I don’t know how you managed to be lured there but you did nothing wrong. May the next destination give you nothing but peace, no more pain. And while I'm dishing out the peas, may I just say that your productivity is never just par it is, as always, way past that. You positively amaze me. I believe someone higher than me sends you loving wishes for ..peace.. too. P.S. So glad you will not be going to the mainland -- very bad vibrations there too ... no end in sight ... yet.

Anonymous said...

"I don't know why I am encountering the things that I do. I do not believe it is because I am a bad person, going the wrong way or following the wrong teachings. I believe it has to do with necessary teaching moments for me and you."

Agree with you 100%.

There's a bigger message I think in all of this and for those who are paying attention will be better prepared further down the line.


Anonymous said...

Dear Viz,

Sounds somewhat like the story of my entire life. Brings to mind the phrase, "How can any of you escape damnation?" Also, as the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow said, "Take what you can. Give nothin' back."

A pox on all of them. Whatever can go wrong will. Scream, rant. Much as I lament your bummers, I am comforted to know I'm not the only one (actually I'm not comforted by that). Misery loves company (actually it doesn't).

I especially spit on the ones who have brought us this POVERTY! Many, many problems can be fixed with, wait for it…


We don't have it because WE'VE BEEN ROBBED! Worked hard all our lives and WE DON'T HAVE SQUAT! Down with the central banks, down with wars, down with criminal leaders, down with slave labor, down with murder (the number one tactic of the ruling class), down with brainwashing, down with people who were born conscience-free (send them off to an island north of the arctic circle).

Too late. Known too late. The people seemingly cannot be awakened from their illiterate miasma.

Good luck, Vizmo. May the Lord be with you.



flyingcossack said...

it is difficult to play head games with large souls ... they don't need very much

when the devil is spotted, the clock starts ticking

Zoner said...

"How it is that people who profess to a high level of integrity and honesty (which he does) can be so blind to their obvious crimes and can excuse themselves with so little effort... it's just difficult for me to comprehend."

Wow, that is a tough one, innit?

I mean, how do people represent themselves in one manner broadly, then act completely counter to their projected "persona" up -close or personally?

Boggles the mind it does...........

Visible said...

Do I detect a little snark? Nah... We're a few hours from France. Got to help Susanne out with Italy and then, in about a month, we're headed somewhere near Mauritius. That's going to be painful. Looks like the ineffable came through. I will be swimming with the dolphins and, did I say guests are welcome? By all and even, any means. More contact in a day or two once I get set up.

Thank you all for getting it in your special ways. You make me glad to be alive. The next Origami should be quite entertaining.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz

Sometimes I could just shake you.... our experiences are the product of the vibe signal generated, (made up of beliefs, conscious and unconscious), not by anything we do. We are called human beings but are functioning human doings. That's called an Ontological clarification (take a weekend landmark course).

You and I need to spend a week with a couple cases of Malbec and get this stuff clarified. Miss-creation is something we do from an un-clarified space. How can a man of such cosmic clarity be so blind on the day to day?



Thomas said...

I'm Glad it seems the Lord took/will take care of you, this time in the form of Akram, bless him, as you said It would. I like how you look at life as lessons, that's very inspiring, and probably makes it much easier to bear. As well as more teaching.

I don't know why, but in my own case the lessons are mostly internal, although some of them have been very hard for me. But I only had a few external lessons, big ones at least, many, many small ones, of course. I believe we can learn from pretty much everything that happens, both inside and outside. Then again, I'm not that old, or wise, hehe. Let the Lord do what It will to me. I offer It my body, mind and soul for service several times a day, and would like in time to do it continually. That helps to take care of my fear, too.

I am certain that you are not a bad person. Nay, sir, you are a very good person, in my estimation. You might be doing some things wrong, but aren't we all? and I am certain that you are doing more things right than wrong. And anyways, I am not the one to know. We're just humans, yet. Like you have said, the intention sets the direction. If you want to do good, the Universe will conspire to teach you the way to be good.

Maybe it's just karma working out, maybe it's teachings about trusting with discrimination, maybe it's deliberate messing around by negative entities. They are real, I know that, and until we are completely clean and pure, completely in the light, they can probably get to us, in small and not so small ways. Then again, the good ones are real too, and somehow I think they are protecting us. It's all a divinely mysterious mess where we are, haha. But I know the way through, like you and the saints say, is to hold fast to the Light, by Faith, Love, Trust, Patience. I know deeply that everything will work out for the best, in the end. Better than we can imagine, yay. Praise the Lord!

good news, Vis! I am happy for you, hope it works out, but Akram sounds like a real grade A fellow, so I think it will.

May we all drink deep from our inner wellspring of Peace and Love and let it loose on the suffering world. or just feel it, as we choose. May the good Lord grace your days and nights, and keep you well.

Skepticfrog said...

You are well looked after by the Ineffable.
You are being plucked out of harm's way to weather out the coming pandemic - which is already out of control.
Your location - an island in the ocean - if they shut down air travel to it in time, could entirely escape the mass death coming our way.

It seems, your "protector" is teaching you an unforgettable (and painful) lesson that "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch". The ying-yang, the "balance" principle seems to be ruling here.

You'll be taken care of, and likely be saved from a gruesome illness - which may leave you alive or dead (50% mortality rate) - but a series of misfortunes, pains and unpleasentnesses had to occur to balance (the good) things out. It seems, payment is demanded in advance, and he/she/it drives a hard - but fair - bargain...

Be safe, heal fast, and stay healthy.

galen said...

Flying Cossock: "It is difficult to play head-games with large souls ... they don't need very much when the devil is spotted, the clock starts ticking."

The Cossack condenses it once again. Squashes up the puzzle pieces into a highly digestible truth-morsel. Certainly nothing the devil can eat.

And. . . It's all so far away. Me guesses me iz the only one disappointed that you, Vis, are not coming home. Yes, we've a mess here, but it's our mess. But adventure awaits you. Just needed to own that tinge of disappointment.

And. . . R.I.P. Robin

Wisdom from the wizard:

1 min


est said...

more cow bell !

great stuff, galen
to all of you

when grace comes calling
may you recognize it
for what it is

gods own hand extended
towards yours
i suggest grasping it

Anonymous said...

Om Namo Shivaya Namaha

Shiva Purana

galen said...

Sovereignty, this is from a Native American. Certainly worth revisiting his message:

A medicine man shouldn't be a saint
He should experience and feel
all the ups and downs,
the despair and joy,
the magic and the reality,
the courage and the fear,
of his people
He should be able to sink
as low as a bug
or soar
as high as an eagle
Unless he can experience both,
he is no good as a medicine man

-- John Fire Lame Deer


Alan Jong said...

Happy you see a light behind those clouds.
"As I look back over some of the unfortunate moments of recent years I can say that, earlier on, there were times when I could have handled my end of things better but... in the last two, which would be India and now this, I haven't got any reason to blame myself."

What inspires you as truth sometimes will queue a persons negative emotional reflexes because they can't handle what you to write or speak about. Compassion is understanding that, some feel so naked and undressed by what you have to say that thy have to demoralize or dehumanize you in their minds to feel grounded again in their comfort zone of self deception. Realize they didn't actually accomplish either dehumanization, or demoralization of you, except in their own mind. Self deception is paramount to maintaining the present paradigm so everyone is conditioned to practice the art of finding comfort in lies, especially in the social game. So what ever epithet is laid at your door step is more for them than for you. The profound realization is that the practice works both ways, but the love for, of, and from truth stands on it's own universal merit. Truth is the key to the cosmos, and physics did not advance the world into the technological marvel we exist in today along side nature without it. "The fault is not in our stars, but ourselves." This quote is more of a reminder to myself than for you.

dirtykid© said...

Glad to see things might be taking an upswing, too bad it was so costly. I doubt it has anything to do with working for the wrong entities as it would appear to be more likened to not working for the entities in control of much of this material plane. Those entities tend to deal in absolutes meaning since you aren't with them you can only be against them which is made the most obvious when attempting to answer the rhetorical 'why can't we all just get along?' question.

We know the answer to that question even while it escapes the 'top minds' @ 'think tanks' influencing governments everywhere. We are noticed and targeted due to our natural inclinations that dare us to speak on the topics others are to afraid to even whisper about. We put on or creative thinking caps despite that they act as homing beacons to the unimaginative sub-humans controlling the hive. Our very existence is a threat to the hive, and thus, it attacks us in bizarre and sporadic ways through whichever willing agent it can coerce whether said agent is aware of the process or not (and most times, when these things are directed at me, I doubt the host of the process is even aware there is a process in place).

Damn! I think I just wasted an entire blog entry as a comment (wink).


Lee said...

Dear Les Visible:

I was wondering what happened to you and this last article explains it all. I know exactly what you have been going through.

If you recall, I emailed you asking for prayer because I was being harassed by my sister, her husband and her two sons. I prayed and asked to get out of there and I did. I got a place with a former friend who stabbed me in the back before and figured I would try it again. A few months later in 2012 I ended up homeless by my backstabbing friend.

The homeless situation(this particular time) lasted 30 days. I finally ended up staying with my daughter. I am thankful for that.The car that was my emergency home was towed away. It was devastating, but I managed with the loss. I also lost musical equipment that my backstabbing friend stole.

On another subject, I had a strange dream. I saw women in a park swimming in the mud. They seemed okay with the struggle and looked at me oddly. I then saw dark skinned men with turbans trying to communicate with me but I did not understand them.

I sincerely hope and pray that you find peace and happiness, soon.


Anonymous said...

They say confession is good for the soul. I have had a bad memory bothering me for quite a few months now and I feel like sharing it. First, I would like to say that I am not a good strong person. I have embarrassing and disgraceful behaviors in may past. But there has been one memory from my teen age years that is really bothering me lately.

When I was 16 I went out with a young woman who I had heard liked me a little bit. She wasn't like the cutest cheerleader or that chick with the gravity defying tits that gets all the boys hot but she was pretty in a modest sort of way. Anyway I figured out early that she wouldn't fuck me unless I married her and that could have taken a few years so I just got really cold at her. What I remember is her face looking at me showing me a big beautiful heart and inviting me in. Her face was beautiful in a way that only young women are beautiful. That face I saw over 43 yrs ago still haunts me til this day. I was just such a rude, cold, callow boy. Like the expression "casting pearls before swine"...I guess I was the swine.

Anyway, of all the disgraceful shit I have done in my life this event bothers me more than anything else. I don't know what happened to the young woman as I never saw her again that I can remember but I hope she found the love of her life and is having a wonderful time of it.

As for me, I did marry a nice woman eventually. She is a big crab to be sure and there isn't one brain between the 2 of us but we are crazy about each other for over 30 yrs now. But, still, I have a hard time liking myself.

We all need to learn to forgive ourselves. Not an easy task especially when the hounds of hell our nipping at our heals but still the most important thing we can do with our lives IMHO.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

The same sort of thing has been happening to me. Recently it was my son disowning me because I'm evil, thereby ruining my year and seriously disrupting my health, relationships, projects and a very important time of starting over in a new place, but this sort of thing has been going on in very similar vein for a few years, same themes, stereotypical people.

Asking why? all these events, my inner wisdom tells me in a loud voice that I’m a perfect witness and that's why I've been getting so many assignments with clowns and crooks. I can get right up in their faces or they in mine and I don't come ungrounded. I don't lose my presence of mind as much as others do or start making a lot of excuses for why they are really OK, it's just that I don't understand them.

ha. I'm recording and transmitting the whole scene to some higher realm where the bean counters comb through the data. It's a good way to check on who's naughty without being there yourself, I can see that.

It also helps delineate our own human weaknesses, to see the shape of boundaries between actors, to see where the opposition can get through the armor. My son got through and it wreaked widespread, permanent havoc. Not next time though, if there is a next time. But I think after all the chips have finished falling that events in this series will no longer happen.

Also, there has been a start to a very confirming and supportive new series, and here we are, still alive and in the best place Nature can devise for us to wait out the coming storm. I see this new series as a reward for getting through the last one without coming totally apart. Vanity is at an all-time low, and that's not bad. I still have a tiny bit of self-respect left to get on with things, so we'll see what happens next.

Best of luck Les, I think you're doing a great job as an Expert Witness! Thanks for all of it.


Peaches said...

Visible best of luck to you on your Magical Mystery Tour.

Love always.


Visible said...

McCob; Be grateful for what you did. Think of the harm you might have caused otherwise.

Visible said...

A new Origami is up now-

Being Origami as Opposed to Constructing Origami.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Marching with the Dolphin Regiment beneath the Surface of the Moment.

Asil said...

Dear Visible,

The worst things happen to the best people - sometimes the more light you have the harder the darkness tries to extinquish your flame - just keep that fire burning!

Un abrazo,

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Happy Birthday, Lord Krishna!!

Jai Srila Prabhupada!



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