Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gone Midnight in the Place where the Sun don't Shine.

Dog Poet Transducing........

"Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in."

The world is in the spin cycle of a backwards washing machine. It's not as much backwards as it is haphazard. From spin it next goes to wash and then it goes to rinse. You can apply a metaphysical perspective to this, should you be so inclined and actually in possession of one. Most people are not. In order to both pursue what you are after and- at the same time- justify it against all the admonitions of conscience, you have to suspend or discard reason altogether. You have to take logic and turn it into a tortured origami. You have to intentionally embrace denial, in place of being open to the truth because otherwise, your humanity will shotgun your bullshit into an inactive state and then you lose all your hooks, hinges and hangers.

Here's an example of those who took this kind of behavior turbo at your expense. It's always at your expense. It's not at their expense and it is not at the expense of those who facilitate it at your expense. These are not the only lampreys swimming in a river so toxic it may burst into flames at any moment. Toxicity seems to be the nature of their game. Besides the gene perverting GMO heavyweights, who are so powerful the can compel judges to suspend the results of the democratic process (not that there is one), you have the pharmaceutical industries who are not unlike a weasel in a chicken coop. They can do these things because the whole system of checks and balances has been distorted into system that writes checks to those who throw it out of balance. The administrative, legislative and judicial sectors are taking their marching orders from Bankers and the corporate industries are in thrall to the bankers. This is how you get an entire industry promoting cancer so that they can sell you toxic cures that exacerbate your condition and further amplify it by an ever increasingly toxic environment, made that way by the same vested interests. It's win win for them and lose lose for you.

Meanwhile, this unseen, yet approaching golden age, is transforming the technologies of our time, while seeking to put it out of the reach of everyone but themselves and those fortunate enough to be able to afford it. Of course, there is the option of life long indenture to debt, should you be capable of engineering it. Incredible inventions and discoveries are the order of the day in entrepreneurial garages and cottage industry endeavours and this is all about to explode out of the reach of those seeking to contain it all under their control.

The archetypes are changing. Automatically all of the long entrenched infrastructure is being irrevocably changed, due to a modulation in the pitch of those vibrations that hold things in the form that they were existing in. Everything is vibration and everything is the same thing at different vibrations. Mr Apocalypse stands in front of the orchestra that generates the sounds of the symphony of the times, which sets the appearance of things. So you get items like this coming out. The ones controlling the flow and content of information do not want these things exposed but they have no choice. They themselves will expose the very conditions they are hellbent on suppressing. We are all like bobbing corks on a tempestuous sea. We have no power over the force that has whipped the the sea into such tumult and very few of the corks have an operational rudder. I might say they all have a rudder but, for the most part, it is fixed; frozen into place by intransigent habit and chronic repetitions of redundant thought.

Certain manufactured beliefs that the general public has been indoctrinated into are being challenged in many locales. Though it may be still effectively suppressed in a wider global sense, it is gaining considerable force in any number of countries. This may not seem like a big deal at the moment but there is a telling factor in play and that is that the force of Mr. Apocalypse is intensifying by the day. There's nothing anyone can do about it and the environment of the apocalypse is in a state of constant transformation, as it takes its cues from the prime mover for change, according to whatever is being set into motion by the planets rubbing up against each other, metaphorically speaking.

How is it all going to turn out? It is going to resolve itself selectively in billions of individual ways. In some cases, this includes somewhat larger collectives of entities, whose similarity in behavior and belief set, getting sorted together. You might think of it in terms of ships upon that aforementioned sea. There are huge ocean liners and tankers. There are more modest constructions and there are dingys and Hobie Cats. There are even people holding on to plastic coolers and pretty much anything that can float and continue to float with them holding on to it.

Think of it this way. We're all walking or riding somewhere. Some of us have our mind on the objective and at the same time are paying attention to what's going on around us. This comes in handy if you are, say, crossing the street. There's a good likelihood, barring the unseen, that such individuals will get where they are going. Some are walking or riding, driving even, who are thumbhumping their cellphones or tablets. They might intermittently have it in mind where they are going but they are much less likely to be paying attention to what is going on around them. This can prove unfortunate when, say, you are crossing the street. Some are walking or riding or driving in an aimless fashion because their direction is being determined by a shifting pattern of appetites and desires. Whimsy and the unpredictable ping of attractions create a dangerous and random nature. Some are kept in harness through fear, programmed disciplines, genetic imperatives, powerful cultural and familial influences and of course, desires and appetites.

Though everyone should, as often as possible, gut check themselves as to where they think they are headed and what they find important to themselves, most people don't because this means you might find out things that you would rather not know because these discoveries can compromise or challenge objectives in which a great deal of investment has been made. It is not likely that Jennifer Lawrence woke up this morning and asked herself,”What am I doing in this endless looping of inane Hunger Games sequels?” No... she is where hundreds of millions wish they were and she is not going to entertain the idea of how mindless and meaningless her work has been. She's finding that it's not all Silver Lining Playbook but also an ongoing routine of mediocrity based on what passes for artistry in this age. She's also finding that when ones fortunes propel a person into elite status that this is attended by a fury of flies, mosquitoes and other pests that swarm around your head and give you no peace, every time you go out your door. You find that you can't always be nice and photogenically humane so you begin to lose it on a regular basis. You get testy, impatient and demanding. After all, you seem to be way more important than you actually are. There are people who remind you of this all the time. You're okay with just about anything going on as long as it doesn't upset your temporary little drama with the short shelf life.

All over the world there are really important people, people who seem, at least to themselves and others, far more important that they really are. There are hundreds of thousands of these people, millions of them. They have an exclusivity in different arenas. Most of them are small and most of us have never heard of most of them because their influence doesn't extend beyond the dimensions of the pond they swim in. However, in their minds, due to their placement in their ponds, they have the idea that they are something special but... there are millions of them! They are artists and musicians, actors and dancers, business people, politicians, charismatic clergy, revolutionaries at the moment, prior to their transition to the status quo, or dead, as the case may be. What they are in their minds is not what they are in real time but... that's just how it is. Any of these can be a big distraction when you are walking or riding or driving somewhere and they can exert a large impact on whatever direction you think you are going in.

Change is coming. Major changes are coming. It could be tomorrow. It could be next month and it could be next year but come it will. What happens to you will be directly relevant to where you find yourself and what you are engaged in, as it comes up against the cosmic imperative for change and all the transitional stages that will follow one another. If steam vents up our of the Earth that is only meaningful in terms of your proximity to it. The same applies to theaters of war, the insanity of mobs, economic catastrophe and natural disasters, among so many other possibilities. It's where you are in relation to it and then it is what you are in relation to it.

In the end it is the choices you make based on the values you hold. At many another time on this planet, it could well be considerably different than it is going to be, especially where business as usual is permitted to be business as usual. We are no longer in the zone of business as usual. Conduct yourself accordingly.

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A radio broadcast should arrive sometime Sunday night. It is likely to be of less than stellar sound quality since I have been unable to get my technology in order.

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Jenny said...

love your words, reading them is enlightening . thank you for being here!- Jen

mike m said...

One thing is for sure, it's very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Visible, Good Read! I am not a fan of the Hunger Games but I love Jennifer Lawrence. She is as good as any actor I have ever watched. Bette Davis, Thelma Todd and Fay Wray all wrapped up into one. Easily my favorite actor that isn't dead. That young woman can really weave a powerful spell!

Of course their are more important things than fame and glory. Movies and entertainment in general are the toy department of life and should not be taken too seriously.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Visible, I can't decide if your work is poetry or prose.
You're skill at evoking images and touching the heart amazes.
I nominate you as poet laureate of Novo Gaia.
-the beggar

And you're right, we must understand what is most important to us, and why. If we act in ways counter to our own (short term) interests we should at least know why.
Some are in unpleasant places by conscious and righteous choice.
As you say, "drive" or "driven".
It is essential to know which.

Anonymous said...

and the new breakfast cereal...

psychopaths for Talmudia...!

the anti-nutrition is palpable.


don't forget PURIM boys & girls

always remember the words of Wayne Martin {Texas Hero}
to FREEMASON Lt. Larry Lynch ...

"When you reject TRUTH you place yourself in Judgement"....

everyone is allowed to adjudicate their own self...
objectively speaking -

so in effect the
work for the Almighty by providing a TALMUD {Stinky MUD} example for -

"purposes of demonstration"...

fear is born of ignorance but malicious stupidity is a learned behaviour and is a violation of the 1st commandment !!!




Anonymous said...

that comic contest is awesome!!!

makes my day for sure - just wish it were announced on channel 5 news...


galen said...

These quotes seem to relate to some of the discussions had here the last few weeks:

"If way to the better there be, it exacts a full look at the worst."
-- Thomas Hardy

"Fear is the mother of foresight."
-- Thomas Hardy

"The main object of religion is not to get a man into heaven, but to get heaven into him."
-- Thomas Hardy


Ray B. said...

I just found this over at during talks about artificial intelligence. It seems very wise...

Jon, February 20, 2015 at 1:29 pm
“I would also argue that it is empathy and compassion, not religion or adherence to any set of rules, which prevents people from committing atrocities. The evidence for this is abundant.

If a person depends on a set of 'rules' instead of the visceral connection of empathy to motivate civil behavior, then someone who can change the set of rules can control that person and make them commit atrocities without remorse. This is why religions are not the way to create civil behavior in society. They change too much at the whim of a tiny elite.”

One of my teachers noted that we needed to come down here in order to experience killing AND being killed (etc.). Having BOTH those experiences was what generated compassion and empathy, from the inside out.

(Makes me wonder if earth-plane is literally some kind of 'training school'. Grrr. Rant. grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B. said...

GMO, three parents, mark of the bozo...
God was prompted to 'step in' last time the Demons in meat suits and their ickle helpers started tampering with the DNA (His Image!). Rest assured,that will do it! That is enough already for The Most High!
Was Noah noted to be:
A. Good Sailor?
B. A good Carpenter?
C. A righteous man?
The answer, NONE OF THE ABOVE, so the most famously remembered Sailor and confident of Our Maker was none of these things mmmmm

The 3rd Elf said...

Visible's Radio show just went up.

Anonymous said...

Ray: “I would also argue that it is empathy and compassion, not religion or adherence to any set of rules, which prevents people from committing atrocities. The evidence for this is abundant." I couldn't agree more.

There is only one law and it is don't assault other people.

The Bible and Koran are curses on humanity and the philosophies therein turn people into monsters.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Dancing with the Lizards on the way to Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"There is only one law and it is don't assault other people."

Or animals..

Katy said...

. (I feel like i found a bag o richez, returning to find 3 new columns and 5 score comments!)

Actually a law I like: act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God...

A pair:.
love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind: and thy neighbour as thyself....

A "law" is valuable for a couple reasons. For some, fear can be the beginning of wisdom. Do Not touch the hot stove or run into the street, my Will brush your teeth, darling one.
2. I know many who like the idea of loving doing good helping praying working but in the end lay on the couch eating and watching TV...
Reminds me of the story of the father who said to his kids "bah! We don't need to join with others to praise god! We can praise him while we are fishing! To which his little girl answered, But we won't, will we daddy?...
That is, a snake sheds its skin at the rate that a snake sheds its skin.

When compassion and empathy and love are internalized and drive action, they are a law indeed...
A practice can make a rule. Not all fall into perfect ecstatic love at once. Some kids need the law?..a nudge?

Katy said...

Of course, I've often thought most systems of organizing would work-- capitalism, communism,
Quasi anarchy,--- if we all in fact loved each other. And none will if we don't.



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