Sunday, July 26, 2015

Out of the Well of the Subjective and into a Cleansing Light.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Shakin it here Boss.

Finally, a functioning computer and then late into the evening it took, inexplicably, a long time to get word processing software. Technology for a radio broadcast is still not in place so there will be none for one last week, my apologies for that.

As a result of posting a small mention of my recent difficulties, people have been writing in en masse to tell me about similar difficulties experienced by them or those in their circle. It has been illuminating to read these reports. What a fine degree of resonance we have here. I am as moved by the suffering of those among us as I am powerless to do anything about itn except through the agency of prayer. What i have noticed in my life is that any idea of personal power that I possess is more and more being reduced to an utter dependence on the ineffable. I am being progressing ground to dust but I hope it is more like grapes crushed under the force of invisible feet, to make a half decent wine.

I would discuss more specifically what happened to me but there is this very small collection of a handful of malcontents who bear me an astonishing amount of ill will. It cannot be the result of my having been brusk or rude with them at some point. This would be extreme overkill; not that there are not people capable of this and I think what really disturbs them is that all of their efforts to discredit me have failed and they simply cannot understand why I have not been censured, silenced or just gone by now. I have counseled them to be patient but they are apparently incapable of that.

I would probably have ceased being as candid as I have been, for such a length of time, if I had shown more curiosity about what these people were saying about me. I have thought that those who are overly concerned about what others say about them have certain problems which I would prefer not to possess. In the last couple of months, a correspondent whose company I enjoy, albeit virtually, went out of his way to share certain details with me. I was fairly surprised. I have never understood why people would intentionally spread lies when the truth is available to them and then there are those who claim to have an amazing awareness of what I do each day and what has and has not happened to me, even though they have never met me or ever been around me. There are people insisting that I did not break my hip last year and that I fabricated the event in order to milk donations from my readers.

When I left the hospital they gave me a DVD of the operation, which I found not long ago. I tried to post it to youtube but particular software is needed to open it. At least this is what they told me at the computer place where I went to have it rendered. I'm guessing someone is smart enough to figure this out and I will gladly send it to such a one, once properly vetted. Irrespective of this, I have documents and now I will arrange to have them copied on to a thumb drive and will post these. I shouldn't have to do this, as I was visited in both places where I was hospitalized and where i rehabilitated and how someone could manage to support themselves on donations, acquired under false pretenses is beyond me. Wouldn't you have to do that over and over again? Meanwhile I have never asked for donations. There are a couple of boxes at my sites if anyone wants to but beyond that I personally have never gone. I know that others have made the occasional request for me but I have no control over that and nothing to do with it.

I know that the majority of those who come here know that i am pretty much as I seem to be and that I have certain flaws like any man and that i work on them all the time. Sometimes we are not permitted to be set free of these things. Perhaps it is to keep us human. Anyway, I heard some astounding claims about me that are patently absurd. I cannot exactly comprehend why some people would hate me as intensely as they do and for such a length of time but that is their lookout and not mine. Regardless, I am inclined to be more circumspect these days about what I share. I don't want to give the impression that these few possess enough power to influence what I say. They don't. There are more reasons than the one just given and my latest event, which happened near exactly a year after the hip injury was of a supernatural nature. There can be no other explanation. Even the doctors could not accept the given details of what happened. It's pretty freaky out here folks.

Anyway, as dumb and obliging as it may be on my part, I will post documents in German that attest to the truth of my injury last year and at the very least these vipers will have to eat their words. I haven't lied about anything. The price of being exposed for such a thing would be far too much for me to bear. Slander I can and have lived with, knowing in my heart what the truth of the matter is and the beauty of slander, if such a claim can be made, is that it is not accompanied by hard cold fact. It's what I call, Fox Headline Syndrome. Make an outrageous headline and then provide little if anything that backs up the claim; reasoning correctly that headlines are enough for many people.

I don't know why I am writing about this this evening. I seldom know what I will write or why. It just comes with the territory of the ever developing landscape of me and my relationship with that which I serve. I will say some things this evening that I have probably said before in one way or another. Maybe they don't need to be said but I will say them more clearly and directly than I ever have. Hopefully it will explain the why and wherefore of what might not be as obvious as it needs to be.

The only advertising on my sites is free. I will not engage in paid advertising because no one should have editorial control over what gets said here. I could have netted a more comfortable life had I assented to this, given the traffic I get. I have been rude and dismissive in times past and I have done this for one very particular reason and that is the guru thing. If I can demonstrate a degree of human failing it will work contrary to this other perception being placed on me. The reason is that ever since my meeting with The Man of the Beach and the kundalini awakening that attended it, I have been subjected to this kind of treatment and it has happened many times and I have left the place I lived in many times because of it. I do not accept titles and positions. There is only one guru and I am a disciple, only.

Understand this, I know how to play the game. I can do the soft and sweet and light routine and gaze at people with a far away look of presumed wisdom in my eyes and I have seen this charlatan behavior many times. I may not get far in this life and ongoing penury and pariah status may be attendant across my days but i will go down or up on MY (and the ineffable's) terms. I am confident that the record will show the truth of the matter. I have one job and that is to please my creator. Whether I please anyone else is not my concern, nor is it in my hands. It's been said over and over here. Take what is useful and leave the rest.

The  most difficult art that I know of is to be yourself. One might think this is the simplest thing in the world but it is not. First you have to know yourself AND this is something that is revealed as much as discovered and the deeper revelations come at a cost and some portion of that is extracted in pain and suffering and it is always more than the general consciousness is willing to bear and this is ironic because they endure the same pain and suffering, often more but... for the most pedestrian of reasons from which no positive gain, anything like self discovery, is realized. It's that 'mess of pottage' thing. You can't tell the world this or those addicted to the world because the essential job of the world is to be a distraction from this understanding.

Some of us have an easier road of it and some of us have a harder and sometimes much harder time of it and there are reasons other than karma that come into play. Sometimes it has to do with the work one does and the possibilities that might come out of it. If you choose the path of the world, not much will be asked of you in certain areas. You are free to conduct your own enterprises and enjoy the luck of the draw, cleverness and industry and your rewards will be from out of the larder of the world and will be temporary. If you choose the path of the spirit, you may be denied much of what the world has to offer but your rewards will not be temporary, only your suffering ...and measured against the incomprehensible and indescribable gifts of the spirit, that suffering is of no real nor lasting consequence at all.

Shine brightly and let the ineffable go before you in all things and you will not be disappointed. Perhaps you remember my saying that I was told, once I got here, to just be in place. I was told I didn't have to go anywhere or do anything beyond what I do already and that everything needed would take place. Following my most recent incident, in fact, very recently, I was told why this is. "The ineffable is coming, coming into manifestation for every waiting heart." As is often the case, the impact of this on me was great, more so than simply hearing it somewhere else. I could feel the truth of it and it explained everything I had been wondering about. I'll leave you with that.

End Transmission.......


Laura said...

Thank you for being true to yourself and the wisdom born of experience you share.

Love and Grace ~

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Love that second to the last paragraph. Gods, and speaking of problems. My flat mate, the ultimate Illumisnotist fell face first down the stairs when carrying something downstairs for a road trip. Chipped a tooth, thrashed the upper lip, and skinned the knuckles of one hand. 'It' still went on the road trip, and from now on I carry all the big heavy stuff down the stairs. I seem to deal with it better. True, I haven't worked out or run in ages, I'm half the man I never was, but I'm not all the way gone yet.

I personally haven't had too many issues. I'm my own biggest problem with the uber impatience. But hey! Seems like the time I've been waiting for is almost here, and almost here isn't 'here', and it's driving me beyond distraction. I have a tendency to get testy when in situations like that. The closer I get to my goal or whatever, the more irritated I become for not being there yet. Been that way all my life. I never recovered from the fact I can't do instant manifestation in the Physical Realm. I also never recovered from the fact that I'm a Manx, and that I'll never have a nose hair coat in life, but hey! That's my problem.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

How low can you go? Gods, if this is real. . .


At least it'll give you something to talk about the next time you visit a small, quiet intimate restaurant, or over dinner when you go to your next family gathering.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"God helps from within and from without. Everything is thus described in the Bhagavad-gita"

Caitya Guru - The Lord of the Heart

Anonymous said...

Simply put, you're words ring true and I feel no need to question any of what you said here. And I can totally identify with how you feel about being attacked and slandered. I was told that I was being absolutely hammered by a panel of lawyers on none other than Nancy Grace as it was happening in real time. I had no interest in tuning in and I didn't. Probably would've just pissed me off any so what would've been the point. Turns out they were all wrong in the end anyway. Whatever.

Over the years, you have, without fail, either directly helped me with something or definitely steered me in the right direction. You're message ultimately never changes, maybe just the way you try to convey it, but it is the same and if you were a phoney than you wouldn't have been able to be so consistent. That tells me that you truly believe what you say.

Nough said.

Thanks for being there.


Anonymous said...


Reminds me of Icke telling about his friend in Africa who told David that he would not be touched, yet more like Joshua saying fear not. Some are unused to prose without attention diversion. They cannot grok an actual lord of the chickens (or even the mojo comedy). Rejoice and rise. Freaky may be our permanent address. I'm having it painted though, maybe turquoise or purple. With beads and feathers, maybe bells. A donkey cart? In my life the astounding has become commonplace. I experience rare feelings of happiness for which I thank the Lord.

My daughter just got back from 10-day vacation on the big island. She wants to dump everything and move there and I am to go too. She's looking at buying a bed and breakfast. Dunno though. No sand on east beach of big island, no transportation (I hate cars). Great climate though and tropical plants. Hibiscus is my fave tea. She says the wild chickens are just a feature of HI and that no one owns them. I really didn't like the smell of my kitchen when I cooked eggs, so I quit eating them.



Zoner said...

Those inclined to further toss gas on the anonymous speculative fire re: the above mentioned happenings will have to find another avenue as I have deleted my blog entry detailing my own experience with our host. Some of you know of what I speak, and those who do not needn't worry as it is now history and I think it is safe to say that everything is good again between the actors involved.

I regret leaving that channel open as long as I did and regret not being careful about what was allowed to stand.

It amazes me that in spite of the professed vitriol and animosity towards Visible, these individuals continue to return here, read the postings and then scurry off to sling their mud wherever they can. Cowards.

In these times, I don't know how anyone can carry anger or spite around and not move past it. It is a toxin that needs to be expelled. Best of luck to those who lurk and lob grenades while convincing themselves they are doing some good in the process.

Please get over yourselves.

Anaughty Mouser said...

In Hawaii it must be about 8 o'clock in the morning on Sunday 26th July 2015. Why did you refer to "this evening"? Unless you wrote the post on Saturday evening and waited to post it in the morning.

Are you in the jungles of Hawaii?

I was in Canada the last 33 Days so I am out of what is actual.

Peace and love

UserMaatRe said...

Illegitimi non carborundum. Noise is just noise.

Ray B. said...

26 Jul 2015

Jimminychristmas, thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it. Vis, I am glad you're okay. Good column.


(The following is mainly a woo-woo experience. Folks who are not woo-woo appreciators should pass on to the next Poster.)

Yesterday (Saturday), I had a long experience (9am-5pm). If real, it could have some widespread implications - which is why I am posting it. If it turns out to be only a Walter Mitty-esque experience, then 'oh, well' and nevermind. As Vis says, "Time will tell, and we shall see."

It started off with Higher Self doing the usual clearing/cleaning of held 'stuff'. Then, HS moved to an unusual 'procedure'. It consisted of short, up-and-down energy-movements concentrated in the central-head area. When I finally asked what was going on, I got a picture of my pituitary/pineal region. From HS's viewpoint, the pineal was fine, but the pituitary was moribund. This 'movement' went on for hours. Interesting but boring...

Unexpectedly, a bright beam/column of white light shot vertically out of the pituitary region, going off into the upward-distance. This went on for around a minute, then disappeared. HS reported that the pituitary was now at 100%, whatever that meant. HS and another non-human 'friend' added-in energy to the general area. Done.

Then, it got interesting (grin). HS somehow 'took' me to an Earth-based Observer figure. This Being was formally 'briefed' on what had just happened. Next, a formal 'message' was sent to a higher-level, Earth-based bad-guy, informing 'him' of what had just happened. In response, there was a shock, an "oh, no", and an intense outpouring of rage. I (Ray) was in a bit of fear at this point, figuring that - if it was this important - I would soon experience a 'counterattack' to roll-back whatever gain had just been made.

Without any notice, HS popped-out/popped-in, and we were in another 'location'. It turned out to be a kind of reception/greeting/sorting area for what I call The Confederation of Planets. (I've been to them a few times, but not to this exact location.) In this instance, and for all that follows, I (Ray) was in a curious 'experiential' mode. I got no 'detail' of what was around me, but I 'knew' the type of being I was interacting-with, the location, and the purpose of the endeavour. Strange...

HS, at the level of the pituitary 'self', proceeded to give a 'front desk' type a synopsis on what had just happened and its ramifications. It seemed that there was a long-standing 'procedure' in place at the Confederation. If a race was below a certain level of consciousness or circumstances, one set of 'rules' applied. Once that level was breached (by anyone), a second, different set of 'rules' applied. Hmmm.

This 'functionary' sent us off to a second location, where the process repeated. After one or two more 'forwards', we finally ended up at a location where an advanced 'deposition' and 'notary' type function occurred. Very formal and legalistic.

(continued below)

Ray B. said...

(continued from above)

After that, we were sent to an Enforcement section. When informed of what was happening, there was widespread, supportive 'laughter'. Then, an air of sadness took over. I/we would have to face a board/commission that would 'examine' the evidence and make a recommendation. It would be made up of what might-be-called the 'responsible parties' of the various races who were deeply-involved with humanity on planet Earth.

When HS, at the level of the pituitary 'self', gave an explanation of what had happened and what that meant, most of the panel were uneasy but quiet. One being on my far-left of the panel reacted strongly and argumentively. With each response, his 'negative energy' got stronger. Ultimately, it seemed like the being wanted to bowl me over and intimidate me. Lots of negative chi was addressed at my lower chakras. Fortunately, my long experience with doing Cleanings on other folks had exposed me to about every level of 'unpleasantness'. So, I was 'loaded up' but not ungrounded or uncentered. And, my chakras from the heart on up remained clear.

Suddenly, probably because we were so intermeshed by that point, HS 'reached in' to this being's lower chakras. HS 'opened' them to the audience, much like you would punch-open a cash-register drawer (a very-large 'drawer'). First, the third chakra opened. Two things then happened. Everyone started 'reading' the events displayed in the chakra. And, a new group approached. They busily started 'recording' everything that was available in the chakra, much like a court scribe or stenographer would do. Except, they were able to make a direct 'telepathic' memory and record. Exact.

Once the scribes had finished the third chakra, the being's second chakra popped open. The scribes got busy again. Partway through, a second group 'appeared'. They turned out to be a group tasked with upholding the Confederation's 'charter'. It's fundamental values. They were angry.

Once the scribes had finished the second chakra, the being's first chakra popped open. The scribes got busy again. Partway through, a third group 'appeared'. They turned out to be a group that could only be described as a war crimes tribunal or commission. They were also angry.

After a brief 'group discussion', the left-most being was lifted-out of the panel. He was deposited in some sort of multi-layer 'containment cell'. Higher beings were even brought-in to make sure it was truly 'pick proof'. After that, the cell departed to some far-off area. Far-off in distance, time, and dimension...

The panel broke up in disappointment and confusion. The beings literally disappeared, and some form of off-premises discussion and reassessment began. I (Ray) was removed back to my bedroom. There, still 'on call', I began to work-down all the 'garbage' that the being had 'launched' into me.

After some time, a reconstituted panel reconveined. I was 'yanked' back there. A lengthy but civil discussion then occurred. HS, at the level of the pituitary 'self', did the talking. I (Ray) only had a distant sense of the formalities.

Finally, some form of pact or agreement was worked out. It accepted nearly-all the 'upgrade' in the 'rules' for humanity. It was submitted to associated higher-beings for review. I was sent back home. After more time, I 'got notice' that these beings had accepted the agreement. Then, I was 'released'. Done.

(It was interesting that I was not hungry or thirsty during this long experience, despite having nothing since the night before. I even had to force myself to eat dinner, not having any hunger pangs. I felt very 'strange'.)

Thanks for listening.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

May the universe protect you.
YOU always share gracefully, thank you!

Visible said...

It appears that some heavy hitter on the internet is attacking my computer on a regular basis. Nothing else explains what is happening and evidence indicates it is coming in through the internet. I'm just warning the reader should I not be able to post etc. On several occasions now my posting efforts have been wiped. The fellow who built this computer for me is going nuts trying to figure out how any of this can be happening. He has never seen any of the like before. We are talking multiple events over some extent of time. I'm not sure what to do except leave it in the hands of the ineffable. We'' see.

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

It is your energy that these people are attacking, not you. It has happened to me all my life, and it used to hurt until I realised these people don't even know why they are attacking you. They are simply vessels that house lower vibrating energies well. The same thing use to happen to Jesus all the time, so we are in good company bro :o). This is not to say that criticism that has come my way over the years has at times not been warranted, but you can easily tell the difference because on those occasions the person is able to substantiate their claim. Such criticism is always welcome because it is being offered in the spirit of constructive criticism, which you know is there to help you grow.

A perfect example of what I am talking about happened yesterday. Hubby, one of my sons, and I rode down the coast to visit Eudoxia to go out to lunch. Eudoxia and I were deep in conversation, as always, when this bloke behind us started being really rude, insulting Eudoxia and me. He then tried to get the men with us to move to his table, claiming he was better company than us two women, because, according to him, we were both speaking shit! The thing is, my husband is 6' 2" and my son is a very broad shouldered 6' 4'', and the three of us were all dressed in black bike gear. For some reason people usually find this appearance intimidating, but not this fellow. A few things were said back and forth, not aggressively, and to this man's credit he just sat there laughing the whole time, he was more malicious then anything. Saved by the bell, our lunch was ready, so we had to move inside to eat. You would have thought that would be the end of it, but not this fellow, he was not finished. He then came in to where Eudoxia and I were sitting, the men were off getting drinks and lunch, so he thought he would have another go. I looked him square in the eye and said, 'it is alright that you are an arse hole mate, because the world needs arse holes, otherwise we would not be able to tell who the good people are!" At this he walked off and never approached us again. Welcome to my life. My best advice Vis, is don't give a shit! Who cares what others say about us! There words and actions are a statement of who they are. When I have had enough I just look the person in the eye, and speak very calmly, but firmly, to let them know it is time for them to leave me alone. It always works, because the energy invading them gets the message :o).

The thing is once you know who you are it doesn't matter what others think. We all see through the veil here anyway Vis, so why not cater for us. I would love to hear about your experience, when you are ready. I shared mine :o). I am willing to take your back Vis, and have done, as many of the others here have. Personally, I would concentrate on your friends here. If you start editing your work on account of those attacking you they have already won!

Re: Eudoxia's comment from the last Smoking Mirrors.

'...thankfully Kazz visiited me and I know I'm not alone because she's lost the plot too.'

Loosing the plot to me amounts to moving out of the illusion that we have all been imprisoned under into a freer more liberal mindset where anything can happen, and does. AWESOME!!!!!!!

Luv Kazz

Katy said...

From He and I

Do you know what you mean to me?
you were my reason for living and dying on this earth
it is you the one who tore me from the splendors of my father to go all the lengths of human shame and now that you have received the breath of God and His likeness
What are you going to do for me in the few days that remain for you on earth
are you going to awaken your heart to a new life so that it turns towards me?

I need your thoughts they move your heart and make you act for me

your thoughts can lay hold of me and keep me and they are proof to me of you they can lead you to heroism...
when your thoughts reach me joy....because they are tender
what wouldn't I give you for their confidence when you are at my feet praying or meditating why not be one in spirit with all the pure in heart who are praying and meditating
you aren't a little church all by yourself you are part of the great activity of Christ in the breadth of the Spirit so be linked together with other people and be aware of my desire for you all to be one ........
...Those with
ruined bodies who continue to bless me to serve me and to call me with all their love right to their very last breath
unite with them so that you may lose nothing of all this try to grasp the fact that these new treasures bring you ever near to me

this is your goal to reach me
and I am so eager to have you
that I stoop down stretching out my two hands to you
don't turn away
it's the proud who refuse a free gift. ...
My flames are like the prairie fire. They sweep along with torrential speed setting a light as they go in order to reach the outermost parts of the earth. Only then as a hunter satisfied in the chase do I rest in the rest that souls will find. ...
if you are weary rest.
But take this rest on my heart. At no other place will you find the same love. Am I not the eternal respond? I bought it with pain you know I bought it with pain you know when I gave myself up I've known everything. I've earned everything.

For you. Then since it is for you don't be afraid to accept.

If a man has sent out an invitation to every passerby to come to a sumptuous feast that he has been to great trouble to obtain wouldnt he be wounded in the depths of his heart if instead of merely accepting his invitation, people overlooked it with contempt? And if those who called themselves his intimate friends came only on rare occasions because of their forgetfulness and forgetfulness is in itself a wound to love don't you think that this generous man would be deeply offended?

I am this generous man. ... free to all right to the end of time. Come and take my riches and give to the poor in confidence
the law of love is to keep on growing.
Don't you feel a burning regret for the little that you give me for all that I have given you? This fire that sometimes torments you is love itself. You must accept its torments and its joys for too long for one or the other is the same as too long for love. Don't limit your love. Desire to desire. Ask for this Thirst for it let it be part of your life.

Don't breathe without it. Take great care of your love since it is I.

Blessings to all

aliveinthewastelands said...

Peace be upon all

I can attest to the fact that Les fell, broke his hip and then went on to surgery in Germany The fact that he is still alive and well is no doubt in my mind due to God and people who love him and sustain him in this world. He is a man like just any man but he is the better man than me. His heart is gold and his voice is true. His ability to work on his faults is unrivalled. I am sorry if I was the cause of pain and misfortune to you. Praying for your success in this world and the next.

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible.

Re computers, I saw mentioned in your comment section that going to Linux and running that operating system off a cd instead of the hard drive, as well as changing to Icelandic hosting (.is) is the best way to stay on the air. There can be no doubt that the internet is getting incrementally stepped on.

For everybody else, in the absence of new posts the last few weeks, I found that going backwards and rereading older posts was great- Vis himself repeats that he is repeating, it's just that there are a billion ways to say what he wishes to, but only one guy charged with doing it.

Thank you for your work, LV.


Anonymous said...

Hey Vis, Just a note, I had to reboot my computer to be able to connect to the comment sections AFTER reading this column. Totally crazy. Wasn't able to connect to any website at all after trying to reach these comments. Restarted the browser, and still nothing. Rebooted the computer, and I can go where I like now. Apparently, whomever is messing with you, can mess with us on this end as well. Guess "they" don't like to hear truth winning out over their lies. Keep up the great work!
signed: heretic

Kazz said...

Beautiful words Katie.

Luv Kazz

Thomas said...

Hey Vis,

I had my computer crashed by virus after a lengthy Holocaust-debate on facebook some months ago. A hidden drive of 6,66 MB size was installed, and all internet security was taken down, and I was unable to put it back up, but the computer was freezing and communicating with the Web. This was on Windows, which is shite. I changed to Linux, and haven't been having any problems since then. On Linux, one has to authorize any changes to the basic operating system. Perhaps they have a way around this too, but I don't think so. Linux (Ubuntu) is easy to use, and far more stable than windows. Maybe it can help you to know this.

Be well.

Eudoxia said...

Amazing post Katie! Viz you are what makes legends and don't have to defend yourself against these predators - fuck em all! Just like Kazz said, yup we've lost the plot, lost our minds and in point of fact we are UNSANE not insane and this is a good thing! A Yogi type friend of mine once said after I had an event and to quote "put it this way, you are ruined for life" I felt rather elevated by his comment - being ruined for life is a blessing. Life in the Matrix isn't worth a broken dime.

Kazz I lost my unsanity for a bit last night - latish last night and found my mind, what a disaster. I had to email Viz, he was there and helped me through it. Bless you Visable!! I had a major depression come down - appearingly out of nowhere. Although intense energies had been hovering for weeks, I think the arse hole dropped something off at our table and it attached itself to me. All good now, but will have to do a rain check on my visit with you as Zack has jumped the cue! Will call you during the week.

Ray B - that was mind blowing and totally awesome!

It seems to me that the bad guys are doing a pretty good job at showing themselves up to be exactly what they are! They just keep revealing their agendas and are being seen for it, well by a good deal of us anyway. If one can't see it then one isn't supposed to see it. I don't know what these shutdown people are exactly - fillers of some sort, lesson delivery department?????? Non veil piercers at any rate, organic portals?????? The willfully ignorant, the left overs of a failed race - the last of their kind. I pity them, they are truly woeful. Maybe this is how I find my compassion as opposed to contempt?? I've been stuck there for a while in what Gurdjieff refers to as the terror of the situation in so much as when we discover through self work just how horribly dysfunctional humanity is. The shift is on and there is jack shit we can do about it other than loving ourselves and others to the best of our ability and finding our true humanity - heart centered consciousness.

I love you guys keep being you! We have a job to do damn it so we better keep up the pace. If some of us have to fall to pieces from time to time then we best keep up the good work! We are, in our own and amalgamated ways THE AMAZING CULT OF AWESOME! Salute

Anonymous said...

The taint masters are back in full force.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Ruminations Upon the Bridge of Confusion.

Visible said...

a new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Dancing in the Drip Fest of the Lords of the Stomach and the Groin.



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