Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Incomprehensibility of the One in the Minds of the Many.

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Was sitting here this morning and thinking; “What should I write about today?” Then I went to the Crass Media and saw where 20 guys (I'm assuming it was all guys) got killed and around 50 wounded in the city of Orlando. I went back a little later and it was 50 dead and fifty wounded. The story is that he saw a couple of guys kissing in Miami a few months past and it infuriated him. Of course, he is a Muslim. One of the witnesses there said it couldn't be just one person because the shooting was continuous. It does make you wonder how one person could get that many people. That's a pretty high body count.

The club is called Pulse. Interestingly, Orlando is the location of Disney World. I'm not going back to read about any of it at the Crass Media, I wait until all the false flag and multiple shooters evidence comes out. I look for coincidences and ironies. I don't believe in coincidences but I look for them anyway. This whole affair stinks to high heaven. We know that the demonic intelligence agencies are capable of anything. We know there has been this aggressive push for more than equal rights; most especially for transvestites and the like, pre and post and etc. I've decided I am not going to bow down to the language police, or anyone else, except for the almighty and bowing to the almighty is not a matter of choice. It is irresistible.

Right off the bat it is my belief, prior to any information to that effect, that this mass murder was orchestrated and agenda driven to drum up an ever greater support for a particular meme that has been running into (pun intended) some stiff opposition and the whole force of Political Correctness is generating outrage all across the country. We don't see much of this because the news is suppressed. The news is manufactured. The news is garbage in and garbage out. It's crap and they hired all of the automatic hacks that were frothing for the opportunity to lie. Some people will do anything for a paycheck and those are the people they hire. They look for the most self involved and egocentric people around and in a time of materialism, these people are not hard to find. Also, since they can manipulate the economy whenever they choose, they can turn up the heat on the populations.

Some of the events that have taken place in recent years show that there are powerful psychopaths, like George Soros; David Rockefeller, Robert Kagan, Bill Kristol, Victoria Neuland, Richard Pearle, Paul Wolfowitz, Congolezzie Rice, Bush the Stupid, Obama... and really there is quite a list, who will stop at nothing, who will kill in vast numbers, who will torture, enslave and whatever you can imagine and more. In times of Materialism, psychopaths will appear like a cloud of locusts... and they have.

Materialism diminishes, snuffs out and, just as often, transforms one's humanity into something that is no longer human. Materialism doesn't fix itself and ends in catastrophe. It is the old tale of the lightening struck tower, or Tower of Babel. There are metaphors and analogies and allegories aplenty for the recurrent cycles of life on this plane. The experiments of existence end in calamity and life invariably, with few exceptions, disappears into the mysterious valley of death. Death isn't really an efficient or comprehensive term, 'change' is far better.

Various avatars and teachers have come here with specific messages that are nearly always the same as each others but best defined in the singularity of their expression of the same. What doesn't often get noticed is what they have taught us about that transition known as death and they taught us through the manner in which they faced it. They taught us with their dignity and certitude. It can be stated as fact that neither Jesus Christ, nor Krishna had to die. They did it for humanity. It can also be stated as fact that neither of them actually died. Once again, it is appearances and once again, appearances are a lie.

I cannot stress enough, nor can it be said often enough that a spiritual war is in progress and in the mist veiled kingdom of Shambala, the horses are stamping their hooves in eagerness. For many of us, the news of the moment and observations that can be made in one's passage through these times, is dreary and depressing. It carries an atmosphere of fear that is palpable, the same way that perfume will fill the air as a woman passes you on the street, where the globules of scent hang in the air and appear on your tongue and for me, this is not a pleasant experience (grin).

However... this is all merely for the purpose of demonstration. It is all about seeing what any one of us will do, given the pressures, enticements and distractions of these times. It is all about separating the wheat from the chaff. This is not my construct and I am not here to enforce it, nor am I a cheerleader for what has been and will be a painful experience for many. I am saddened by what I see and sadder still at the outcomes that may yet result. Still... one cannot focus on that side of it, any more than one can attempt to move the Sun or the Moon out of their courses.

All we can do is move with applied compassion through this world and serve as we go. All we can do is to work upon ourselves and lead by example. We may err. We may fall down at points but we are not judged so much by the mistakes we make on the way, if the attention of the heart is placed upon the ineffable. We are more critically judged by our failure to try, or if we should give up and fail to get back up. Too many of us allow ourselves to be weighed down by our inflated memory of previous sins and errors. We don't know the meaning of what we do, nor are we aware of the meaning of what we do not do.

The mind of the ineffable is incomprehensible to the inquires of the human mind. The vast intricacies of the workings of the cosmos are also beyond our ken. We may know some of it in part but we still see through a glass darkly. The time will come when we can see more because we have become more, or... should I say, 'less'? Some things are mysteries that can only be understood by those who are no longer a mystery to themselves. The entire cosmos; the entire universe is within. That is why Lao Tzu said;

“There is no need to run outside
For better seeing,
Nor to peer from a window. Rather abide
At the center of your being;
For the more you leave it, the less you learn.
Search your heart and see
If he is wise who takes each turn:
The way to do is to be.”

I can't add to that so maybe I should stop talking now. It's a great place to end the conversation I was having with myself.

I'll be posting the last two weeks radio broadcasts some time today.

Be well...

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I wonder if anyone was even killed in Orlando. I've seen headlines about crisis actors, people carrying alleged victims the wrong way, dropping 'bodies' when they thought no one was looking, and on and on and on. I don't think it happened. I think it's just a show.

Visible said...

Well... it's all a show, even when it is real because real in the land of appearances is not real.

Ray B. said...

I wanted to give a personalized movie report. I just saw "X-Men: Apocalypse", and the viewing surprised me in certain ways...

I went just expecting to see more mutants tossing around other mutants. Yawn. Excellent CGI and special effects, but seen-one seen-all. Jaded.

I wanted to report a more personal reaction. I have to be a little vague on details of the movie, so as to not blow it for future watchers. In my case, the reaction was to an oddball combination of two SF movie franchises (both now owned by Disney)...

In this "X-Men" flick, there comes a scene where many (talented) young-ones are being saved from an enormous, educational-building explosion. It is a drawn-out scene, with deeply-affecting sub-vignettes. You'll know it when you see it.

Something in this scene drew-out a strong-reaction for me, originating-in the "Star Wars, Ep.3" movie. (Spoiler alert.) In that movie, there is a short scene where newly-minted Darth Vader is killing all the Jedi young-ones. This 'action' also resonates throughout the Jedi universe...

In the above "X-Men" scene, the saving of those young-ones somehow connected-with - and reversed - the horror of the earlier-movie experience. I have no idea how/why that 'redemptive' experience occurred for me, but it actually caused me to come close to sobbing. (Not a usual movie experience for me.)

It actually seemed like that "Star Wars" movie had taken some 'future potential' out of the world, and this "X-Men" movie had returned it. Whether this had some metaphysical force behind it or was only something Ray-based, I have no idea. But, it was a powerful experience...

(There was another powerful scene of a mutant-father who had lost family being turned-back from the resultant 'Dark Side', and having a deep healing. This evoked parallels to the "Star Wars, Ep.6" scenes of the redemption of Darth Vader. Good stuff.)

In all, the reasons I 'enjoyed' the movie were not-at-all what I went in-there expecting...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

missingarib said...

This is the time of universal deceit,a time of shrieking and wailing ,a time of fixing a price on the souls of men.
Watching the gathering of storm clouds ,a gathering of mice and men,a gathering of vultures watching and waiting .
A time of the pendulums swing to the extreme and the hands of time closing in on midnight.

"times of Materialism, psychopaths will appear like a cloud of locusts... and they have."

Human misery is so appalling nowadays that if we allowed ourselves to dwell on it we should only add imaginary miseries of our own to the real miseries of others without doing them any good.

GEORGE BERNARD SHAW, letter to Siegfried Trebitsch, Mar. 1940

live long

Anonymous said...

Les writes...."All we can do is move with applied compassion through this world and serve as we go. All we can do is to work upon ourselves and lead by example. We may err. We may fall down at points but we are not judged so much by the mistakes we make on the way, if the attention of the heart is placed upon the ineffable."

This is from Simone Weil... "Attention, taken to its highest degree, is the same thing as prayer. It presupposes faith and love.
Absolutely unmixed attention is prayer.
If we turn our mind toward the good, it is impossible that little by little the whole soul will not be attracted thereto in spite of itself."

And this also..."There is a reality outside the world, that is to say, outside space and time, outside man's mental universe, outside any sphere whatsoever that is accessible to human faculties...
.....Those minds whose attention and love are turned towards that reality are the sole intermediary through which good can descend from there and come among men.
Although it is beyond the reach of any human faculties, man has the power of turning his attention and love towards it."


torus said...

At the tender age of nine, I encountered an iron maiden on display at the Royal Ontario Museum. I asked my elder sister, "why the spikes?" She casually replied, "to torture people to death." That moment has never left my consciousness. Who would have thought that a mere ten years later I would have an experience on LSD that would be my last? A psychological iron maiden that turned to such horror that it rendered words impotent. It thankfully gave way to its blissful opposite in time.

From "In the Cage", by Genesis

"I've got sunshine in my stomach
Like I just rocked my baby to sleep.
There's sunshine in my stomach
And I can't keep me from creeping sleep,
Sleep, deep in the deep.

Rockface moves to press my skin
White liquids turn sour within
Turn fast-turn sour
Turn sweat-turn sour.
Must tell myself that I'm not here.
I'm drowning in a liquid fear.
Bottled in a strong compression,
My distortion shows obsession
In the cave.
Get me out of this cave!

If I keep my self-control,
I'll be safe in my soul.
And the childhood belief
Brings a moment's relief,
But my cynic soon returns
And the lifeboat burns.
My spirit just never learns.

Stalactites, stalagmites
Shut me in, lock me tight.
Lips are dry, throat is dry.
Feel like burning, stomach churning,
I'm dressed up in a white costume
Padding out leftover room.
Body stretching, feel the wretching
In the cage
Get me out of this cage!"

9/11 was a psychological "iron maiden" for me. As the towering twin "spikes" fell with such hideous perfection, along with their baby brother, Tower 7. And then more metaphorical spikes pierced the American mind in its perpetual obeisance to the TV. Who then invoked a chorus of demons intoning hymns of hate, calling for the wanton incineration of people that had nothing to do with it. Anything goes since 9/11...

polyb said...

Well Les you said Mr.Apocalypse would making some appearances and it looks like he made a stop in the land of Disney, a town with a giant rat running the show. Even more interesting is the ole cliche' "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". Who ever wrote that never saw a drag queen scorned! This false flag narrative didn't even last 24 hrs! A tip of the hat to Mr. A!

torus said...

Has anyone truly experienced the alleged fury of a scorned woman? Did somebody throw her baby out with the bath water, what brought it on?

Orlando...6/11 was it? Rense, Trump, and David Duke affirm it's "Muslim" veracity. Truthseeker isn't so sure. And 9/11 reigns supreme. Anything goes, and everything must go.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

what if they gave a false flag and quite frankly noone gave a damn!.

anyhow, moving along, I've been looking for the para-Jewish connection (and I have yet to do the Jesuits in detail) but it seems to me that Laurn Moret is getting it right (she's been looking into this since 2010).

2 hours of truth seeking.

and her site

spoiler: it is an Iranian bloodline (with a blond hair blue eyed fetish and the breeding program with certain mitochondrial DNA defects (wrinkly full lips) like that which Gilad Atzmon was going to get around to writing a book about, from the Jewish perspective).

so all along it is the Jews Who Are Not Jews that subvert according to what David Astle has written about in his Babylon Woe, another terrifically good source. Goes back to Sumer at least, silver and gold and slaves and subverting the local kings and natural good god order. Rothchilds was just a continuation, not the beginning of international banksterism. And secrecy which is getting hard with this internet thingy and people who's jobs will be taken over by robots giving them time (if welfare permits) to 'read all about it'

oh boy oh boy, isn't there half a cummupance to come. Portable Bladerunner Litmus Tests for SuppliKhans and Sublicarnts (Rhymes with Shunts).

Visible said...

I'll be out of town until Wednesday folks so... we'll see; looking up some old friends I haven't seen in 20 years.

The 3rd Elf said...

Visible's latest radio shows are now up....

WhispersOnTheWind said...

Listening to:
(Tartini Violin Sonata in G minor ''Devil's Trill Sonata'' - oh oh so fine, so beautiful!)

Dear Visible,

I have been thinking about Laura Knight this morning while listening to The Cosmic Aum, and I must say... For all of her excellent research, she reminds me somewhat of a feral pig, unearthing things from the forest floor with her snout and tusks. SOTT has always been a place of bone-dry intellectuality, and that's allright for some things, but now, with the nauseating Putin-worship that is really nothing short of blasphemous idolatry, I am so put off by the place that I haven't visited in a long time. The former is evidence of Laura having an underdeveloped and/or immature right side of her brain. If this line of thought is closer to Truth than I have been before, then I have to say, Visible, that I can -well- understand why you have reacted as you have to my suggestions and aggressive attempts to get you to apologize to her. And to think that she tells it like the kernel of her animosity towards you is nothing else than you singing "wild thing, you make my thing sting" at a party where people where drinking and singing karaoke! (Perhaps she was afraid/excited that you were going to skewer her... ;). Well, in her defense it must be said that without her work the collective mind would not be at the state that it is now. She -has- done some very good things.


Dear people, I have a little prayer I will put out here. Visible is a man with a work-ethic that sings gloriously to High Heaven, and he is serving up some really, but really good work, for free. If you can help him out with a little something, even a few dollars given with devotion to The Divine that resides in him, you will help him sustain his physical shell, and get a little more material-peace-of-mind, thus allowing him to concentrate more fully on his work, and I assure you that The Lord Himself will reward you for your generosity. Life has taught Visible how to cook soup for two on a dime, so please don't think that your help is not good enough. You can think of the story from the Bible about the Widows Mite in this case. Please consider: What price can you really put on the good massage he is giving your heart, mind and soul?

Lastly, I want to send a thank you out to all of you. I have looked, and looked, but I have not found better conversation on the web than here at Visibles blogs. It really is an excellent mixture of logic, passion, humour and facts, with some very high-quality inputs. Of course, even the littlest contribution offered with a true heart, even the humble, anonymous "thank you Visible" contributes to the spirit of the place, so, if you have something good to say, don't hold back!

Beloved Cosmical Majesty, turn us into The Servants that -You- Will us to be. Amen.

Anonymous said...

This is a test.


Ray B. said...

Vis talks much about how God created it all: Good, bad, ugly, and beautiful. This and this comment gives a poetic understanding in Tolkien-speak:

"...the world of Middle-Earth, or Arda, was the physical creation by Eru Illuvatar. However, it was preceded by a conceptual creation in the Great Song (the Music of the Ainur) which was composed by Eru, but had contributions from all of the Ainur according to their thoughts and nature. Eru revealed the theme and composition, but it was interpreted and played (or sung) by the Ainur.

Into this beautiful symphony, Melkor tried to insert his own themes by dominance and control. This created discord and chaos in the symphony, until Eru intervened.

At first, Eru intervened to raise another theme that overwhelmed Melkor's theme. When Melkor persisted, Eru revealed another theme that took the notes and melodies of Melkor's theme, and blended them into itself to create something even more beautiful, despite Melkor's intentions."


"Without Melkor, there would be no Arda. There would be no need of Arda. Arda is a place in which stories can exist. Without evil, there is no story. Evil is the thing we struggle to overcome.

We don't tell stories of the Vanyar. They came to be good, and they joined the Valar, and remained there. We don't tell stories of the long ages before the revolt of the Noldor, the Noontide of Valinor.

This seems like a lot of suffering for the stories, but it's not about the stories. It's about Hope. Without Melkor, there would be no hope. And not just amdir, the hope that better things are to come ('optimism'), but estel, faith. As Finrod says, estel 'is not defeated by the ways of the world, for it does not come from experience, but from our nature and first being. If we are indeed the Eruchin, the Children of the One, then He will not suffer Himself to be deprived of His own, not by any Enemy, not even by ourselves.'

Arda exists for Iluvatar himself, for the experience of estel. It is that which the Valar truly see in Elves and Men.

To us trapped in the world, we cannot see it. We lack estel, even those of us who find amdir. What we have are stories, the sub-creations that point to the true Creation and the salvation we can find there. We are the second music of the Valar: 'deep and wide and beautiful, but slow and blended with an immeasurable sorrow, from which its beauty chiefly came'. The Elves will never see that, not until Arda is remade. True estel is for Men, who will find their salvation beyond the confines of the world.

It is against Melkor which estel exists, and the world would not exist without it."

WhispersOnTheWind said...

Dear People;

Let me clear some things up. I will be away from the computer for at least a week, and, really, this is Visibles space, and not mine. He has lots more experience than me on the human experience, and he is also a much better and more entertaining writer than me. Think back: there was a reason that you were attracted to him in the first place. He is The Guru that God has ordained for you, and I assure you a thousand times a thousand times, you can -certainly- find a worse guru than him. He is a very wise man, in his own curious way. Besides, he is full of Love to the very brim, and his cup is bigger than you might imagine. So, do listen to him, and be loyal to his shining example. It will serve you better than you might think at the moment.

A few parting words, perhaps for all of you:
I suspect things are going to become -very- rough in some places. I advise you all to have at least a rudimentary weapon around, pretty much at all times, depending on where you are. It will go a long way in scaring off a potential attacker, and, if push comes to shove, give you a better chance in a fight. I think The Law of The Jungle is going to be the Main Law in some places for some time, soon. In any case, be prepared for it. I am deadly serious about this.

To some of you: The similarity between the left-handed path and the right-handed path is inner renunciation. They are both useful, and can be used simultaneously and interchangeably, but BE WARNED: For ALL kinds of left-hand magic, the golden rule is: DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT pick up a rock that you are not damn certain that you can both lift up and put back down without breaking your back. The Divine Mother in Her Aspect as Kali-Ma is a more strict task-master than a slaughter-master of the 16th century, and she is far, but FAR more dangerous. You can lose both eyes, hands, legs and the life of your body, as well as create other irreparable damage on both your body and the bodies of other people and property, as well as become totally insane for the rest of your life, if you do not get it right. DO NOT DISCOUNT THIS WARNING OR IT IS YOUR OWN ASS ON THE LINE. You do not want to have to heal, physically and/or mentally, for months or years at this point in time, as it will very likely put you under the wheels of the approaching Juggernaut. But, a little magic in the right time at the right place can work wonders, and the penalty for messing up the small spells is not too big. If you do want to try it, start out small, small, small. But FOR GODS SAKE, be careful. Very, very, very, very careful. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, and this is NOT a joke. If you think it is, stay away. Just stay away. Better follow the right-handed path until you realize, with all the bones in your body, that it is not a joke. This is crushed bones, flayed flesh, insanity, anguish, terror and dripping blood I'm talking about here. So, don't play around.


But, for all of you: don't worry. For no one is it too late, and for everyone awaits the Supreme Blessedness of The Consciousness of The Divine Presence, and The Right-Handed Path leads all the way there, too. You'll get there. One step at a time, one foot in front of the other, you'll see, you'll get there.

Allright, Visible, the stage is yours. God Bless!

torus said...

Tied up in ought's and nots.
Mother nature is bountiful in her expressions, and she also eats her young.
Sometimes I think that God ought to know better, and that his engineering is imperfect. A little child ought not to suffer abuse. When I hold my hand to close to a candle flame, I'm compelled to back off. My "free will" has little to do with the reflex. I wish that kind of engineering would kick in when somebody is about to engage in the abuse of a child. Ah...but that would override the abuser's free will. The inherent purity of the child ought to deflect it, but it doesn't.
Those smug Amazonian tribes ought not think that they have escaped the ever watchful eye of the most merciful. Ignorance of Christ is no excuse, they ought to go to hell. I ought not think of a lake, which is a body of water. I'm a body of water whose rivers run red.
There ought not be this plague of tattooed obesity. 9/11 should not have been the smashing success that it is.
A Wheelchair-bound 94 year old German ought not to be going to prison for five years due to "complicity" in the holocaust. Zionism ought to shut its filthy mouth. All these ought nots...for naught.

Anonymous said...

"In the middle ages, people thought the world was flat, for which they had at least the evidence of their senses: We believe it to be round, not because as many as 1% of us could give physical reasons for so quaint a belief, but because modern science has convinced us that nothing that is obvious is true, and that everything that is magical, improbable, extraordinary, gigantic, microscopic, heartless, or outrageous is scientific."

-George Bernard Shaw


Eric Dubay said...

The modern Atheist Big Bang Heliocentric Globe-Earth Chance Evolution paradigm spiritually controls humanity by removing God, or any sort of intelligent design, and replacing purposeful divine creation with haphazard random cosmic coincidence.
By removing Earth from the motionless center of the Universe, these Masons have moved us physically and metaphysically from a place of supreme importance to one of complete nihilistic indifference. If the Earth is the center of the Universe, then the ideas of God, creation, and a purpose for human existence are resplendent. But if the Earth is just one of billions of planets revolving around billions of stars in billions of galaxies, then the ideas of God, creation, and a specific purpose for Earth and human existence become highly implausible.

By surreptitiously indoctrinating us into their scientific materialist Sun-worship, not only do we lose faith in anything beyond the material, we gain absolute faith in materialism, superficiality, status, selfishness, hedonism and consumerism. If there is no God, and everyone is just an accident, then all that really matters is me, me, me. They have turned Madonna, the Mother of God, into a material girl living in a material world. Their rich, powerful corporations with slick Sun-cult logos sell us idols to worship, slowly taking over the world while we tacitly believe their “science,” vote for their politicians, buy their products, listen to their music, and watch their movies, sacrificing our souls at the altar of materialism.

Ray B. said...

Ahhh, now that Vis is temporarily gone, the flat-earthers are slipping-in. This time, the argument is slick. Again, it is the usual intel psy-op that blends truth with the desired agenda...

In this case, they coopt the truth that science is cold and heartless. True. (Although magnificent, sometimes, in what it allows us to see. Planet Earth from orbit, for example.) Then, they twist this in with resultant emotional issues of feeling-little and overwhelm. Also true, although only for those who are out-of-touch with their Higher Self...

The big con comes in with the 'declaration' that to be scientific is to be non-spiritual. There is where you can see the intel psy-op. Although it is really an and-thing, intel would rather you see it as an or-thing. That way, everyone's feeling of overwhelm with what we (collectively) have learned is given a plausible place to lodge. An incorrect place, but plausible. (And, it is fear-based, no matter what you might argue.)

That way, intel-wise, you shut-down and become non-thinking sheep. Or, a religious warrior. Cool for them...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. The wise path is to note those feelings, and trace where they are coming from. If they turn-out to be there because (internally) you have bought-in to being only a bag of meat, then the proper path is to regain your own connection to your Essence, Ka, Higher Self, or whatever. Look within, not without...

torus said...

"The cumulativeness that makes science the unique phenomenon it is and the glory of our age is misleading. It seems to imply that there is something called science which is an entity in its own right. This science with a capital S takes on an authority; it becomes a kind of institution. It is said that new discoveries are made by science, predictions are made by science, progress is made by science. And so on.
In point of fact, science never discovered anything. People invent microscopes, telescopes, dynamos, spectroscopes, inferometers. People discover electricity, gravity, calculus, new planets and new elements. But when they have done so (and very often it is years before the accomplishment is acknowledged), credit is given to "Science".
We don't speak of "Art" as having "discovered" impressionism or photography or motion pictures. Nor do we think of "Music" as having developed the pianoforte. But we even credit science with discovering things which were initially denied and rejected by the science they later "became."
People don't believe in ghosts any more. At least they say they don't. But everybody believes in Science. And science is a ghost. Like most ghosts it is not only scary, but it is used by some to scare other people.
Science, ghost or not, does exist as the embodiment in communicable form of the findings of hundreds of creative persons whose individual accretion have built up an edifice of scientific tradition. It was this that enabled Newton to say, "I stood on the shoulders of giants." And it is this that enables even a college freshman to do calculus. As such, it is both a great contribution and also a great encumbrance. The more monumental science becomes, the more it constitutes a massive prejudice, or more correctly a blanket endorsement of the unthinking inertia of credulity."
-Arthur M Young, Which Way Out? Modern Idolatry

People "sinned" long before heliocentricism".
Some flat-earthers mislead by design under the guise of "their" science and become sloppy in their presentations as they have come to take the unthinking inertia of credulity for granted. One in particular has asserted that the things "they" call planets apparently look just like the things "they" call stars. I don't know which ghost's shoulders he was standing upon when he proclaimed this.
Rudimentary astronomy will confirm that the planets in our solar system look nothing like "stars". This flat-earther must be prone to calling every amateur astro-photographer a liar or a Mason...which is really lame. More lame than Madonna.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully put, RAY B....

Smyrna said...

I'm still waiting for a flat-earther to show me a solar model that explains how the southern hemisphere (where I live) receives long hours of daylight in the summer (October through to February)

Chirp, chirp, (crickets) yawn...........

It isn't possible is it? You people are fucking ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Science fiction... Hmmmmm!2

torus said...

Science fiction? Relativity as both a scientific theory and a philosophical credo that has caught the public fancy? Indeed. The influence of relativity on modern thought perhaps surpasses even Darwin. Particularly in the social sciences, where the concept that values are relative has entered the public mind as a scientific truth. Relativity is a misnomer though. The theory is a method for deriving from measurements, themselves relative, a description in terms of invariants, which are not relative. As Stanley L. Jake, a writer on the history of science, says: "His [Einstein's] two theories were in a sense mislabeled with the word relative, because both the special and general theories of relativity were more absolutist in character and content than any other scientific theory."

Some flat-earthers concede that through the aperture of the senses, the notion of a rotating ball earth simply makes no sense. It holds no water as it were. Using those same apertures we can thus cut the atheist some slack. Yet neither prove the flat earth or a Godless universe.

"...if in getting up from your chair and turning around through a complete rotation, you were to insist that the universe and not you had rotated, your interpretation would require that the nearest stars make a circuit of the heavens at a velocity of forty light years a second, which exceeds the speed of light by a factor of 400,000,000. More distant stars would have to move even faster. Since the theory of relativity requires that the velocity of matter not exceed the speed of light, it is evident that relativity itself makes rotation absolute."
-Arthur M. Young, Which Way Out? Rotation, The Neglected Invariant

Visible said...

1'm baccccccccccccccccccccck. Holy shit! Eric Dubay showed up. I should be flattered; if it really is he. I got no comment on flat Earth. I'm pretty clear on this being a planet and I am even more clear about it since Lady Nature is one of my closest invisible friends. I'm exhausted... you know, old friends, twenty year hiatus and so we.... uh... we, uh... we partied and I need to recoup at tad; back at you tomorrow.

BCii said...

Ray B., please contact me. My address is juhowilliam at gee mail dot com. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

pierre said... yawnnn!

Flat earth holds plenty of water , else the oceans would be empty , waterfall waterfall....

In the good old days there were the priests shepherds who set the poor gentle (moronic) folk right, oops, forgot about Gallileo's experiences.

current book,: Edmond Paris 1975 - The Secret History of the Jesuits (who are indeed Talmudic and Zionist in their thinkings (sic), as they indulge similarly in double speak, intrigue, power mongering, subversion and corruption of youth) and similarly turning up everywhere in history like a metastasised cancer. The book does not though get the JewsWhoAreNotJews thing let alone the NazisWhoWereNotNazis), starting off with Holocaustianity burnt offerings to the Lord who likes the smell of burning bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les and blog community for BEING. With love to you all.

To quote an aprapos song:
"Mr. Apocolypse is coming,
he's rising to view just like the sun,
He's bringing living truth..":

"He's bringing freedom
and a wake up call
designed for everyone"

Sceptic said...

Orlando was on 6-12. The 3 sixes: 6 and 6+6...
Note the Orlando pictures: No ambulances... Should have had all of them there, given the numbers.
Roughly 50 dead, 50 injured. The dead also must be brought to the hospital to be pronounced - draw your conclusion, where the hundred bodies went to, and how?
Other accounts talk about bolted doors (accomplices), the "perp" is a faggot himself, whose male lover has come forth...
The plot leaks all over. You wonder, are they THIS stupid and careless, or just they think that we are?

Anonymous said...

I just called you and sent you a pic of the issue. And now magically I am on. This is tremendously upsetting. I believe it's called gas lighting!

torus said...

When "they" start performing live demolitions of skyscrapers and blaming the flawless radial symmetry of their fall upon fire, we're in trouble. Well, not so much us as "them". All the faceless victims of a merciless military so bloated with hubris that it coagulates into the smarmy smiles of all the talking heads and sinks who aid and abet the madness.

Ray B. said...

Excellent comment by windsor1.
(click-on "see more" at bottom of comment)

torus said...

"Expect manufactured crises to get Britain back on board."
Like what? Threatening to take booze, football, and the telly away?

torus said...

They're only making plans for Nigel.


They only want what's best for him.


They're only making plans for Niger...

Everybody wins!! Tony Blair is no closer to the gallows. Britain's sickening role in the axis of evil is brushed aside. And what of little Charlotte? Let's toss 10+ years of click-bait "WWWIII" shit-mongering down the gurgle! WWWIII is fomenting on "what really happened" dot bomb, info whores, rense, etc.

As I've said, come 2017, goodbye internet!

Ray B. said...

Spread the word on these tactics, especially to British citizens...

torus said...

And please pardon my insomnia induced typos. :/

Anonymous said...

pierre said (winter here so seat warming mode).

I claim to be the creator of a new term which might have more punch than BullShitExit.


Jews or Jesuits, same thing. It wouldnt be the first time (though not in the last 200 years of this guys blooooodddline empire of private central banking).

and don't he look like Charles (also of the Rothchilds Breeding Sows Bloooooddddline).

like the Russian Federation, still with foreign banksters in charge of the money despite what Putin says of their not having political power (oh, reallly, and since when?)

give me control and issuance of anations currency and I care not who makes its laws (you know, the pollies).. Granddaddy Rothchild 18th Century (and 35th Century of the International Banksters and slave traders despite what sonny up there says)

Thomas said...

Crazy fucking days on my end.

don't have much time. Police are coming to take me from one psych ward to another, in something like 5 or 10 minuts. I am using the computer here to write. All is well. Praise God!

Last night I broke into my friends appartment, and then preached to the police on the street for 4 or 5 hours before they broke in in full combat gear with shields and everything. I tried to keep them out, but they were too many, and they got me, and took me to a night in the cell. My friends has been stalked by a black magician for the last 27 years, and he has tried to break her with all means at his disoposal, mainly the psychiatric system and their poison poills. It is a grand testament to the power of her heart that she has not broken down. He wanted to break her and turn her into his little slave-girl, and last night I had to take the stand and tell the police that I would defend her with my life if they crossed the treshhold of her apartment. I preached to them from the window to the street (and more come, including police psychologists), and a shadowdance was ongoing there for the whole time. The black magician came, too, and I ripped the soul out of his asshole. He was a good manipulator and a very skilled magician and form-shifter, coming areound with different sets of clothes and different roles, but always the same revolting face. I picked the little shit apart, and now my friend is safe. Now, he cannot touch her anymore, so, all is well, so well. But, wow, what a night. Enjoyable and very, very mysterious. The ways of The Lord truly are mysterious.

Hope everything is allright on your end, dear friends. Not long before all hell breaks lose, if my nerves and intuition serves me right. Be prepared, and have faith in Our Lo0rd.

Be well, and God Bless!

Visible said...

Thomas; sometimes when the mind's gyro goes spinning out of orbit it is best to focus on ordinary things. Various teachers have said it is unwise to push against the will of the one when meditation and spiritual aspiration propel us into states of hyper awareness. I speak only from my own experience. In my case such states are near unavoidable so I drop back into trustworthy routines of thought and action and the moments passes as the moment always will, unless one dwells in the eternal now and then there are no problems in any case. Be well.

Ray B. said...

Well, so it begins:

"International rating agencies Fitch, Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s have all downgraded Britain, following the country’s vote to leave the EU."

Since these 'institutions' are likely owned and staffed by TPTB, this downgrade is direct economic warfare. Credit ratings are used to establish interest rates for national borrowing, so this move will cost the UK more money to exist. Plausible deniability, too. Sneaky...

Ray B. said...


"Of what [the Dwarves] brought to light, the Orcs have gathered nearly all, and given it in tribute to Sauron, who covets it."

"Now this provokes another very interesting question, which is: Where is Sauron's mithril-hoard? Assuming that he kept all his goodies in the Dark Tower, then somewhere under the tons of rubble and lava, there is:

* A functioning palantír, assuming that Sauron's use of it didn't corrupt it.
* Nine Rings of Men, presumably non-functional.
* Three, or was it four, Rings of the Dwarves, ditto.
* Nearly all the mithril that the Dwarves ever brought to light, given by the Orcs to Sauron.

Now, if I were Aragorn, I'd send an engineering corps to Mordor posthaste."


Cool thoughts:

How would Middle Earth have been different had Sauron not corrupted the Seven and Nine Rings of Power, or forged his Ruling Ring?

Ray B. said...

Tolkien trivia on the death of the Witch King of Angmar, collated from the many comments on this page. Thanks to original authors!

"Some 500 hundred years before (T.A. 1409), the Witch King decided to invade Arnor. It took him a few centuries, but eventually he managed, and at the climax of the invasion was the Battle of Fornost, the capital of Arthedain (one of the three kingdoms of Arnor and the last one standing at that point in time). Fornost fell, and thus so did Arthedain, in T.A. 1974. [After the Witch King's repulse] Glorfindel (an Elf) prophesied:
"Do not pursue him! He will not return to this land. Far off yet is his doom, and not by the hand of man will he fall."


"Let me start off with that Sauron had a spell that made the Witch King indestructible to weapons. Swords are a primary example, because they were very commonly used, and no weapon except a [magical] Blade could harm the Witch King at all. In fact, any weapon that was used to harm the Witch King was destroyed. Merry's blade was a [magical] Blade made by the North men of Arnor, who used to fight the Witch-King. They crafted this blade with the purpose of removing the spell that keeps the Witch King indestructible to normal weapons."

Tolkien: "So passed the sword of the Barrow-downs, work of Westernesse. But glad would he have been to know its fate who wrought it slowly long ago in the North-kingdom when the Dúnedain were young, and chief among their foes was the dread realm of Angmar and its sorcerer king. No other blade, not though mightier hands had wielded it, would have dealt that foe a wound so bitter, cleaving the undead flesh, breaking the spell that knit his unseen sinews to his will."


"Fortunately, not all the forces at work in Middle Earth are evil. And, the set of events that lead Tom Bombadil to gift to Merry the precise sword that would make all this possible - enabling Merry to wound the Witch King and allowing Eowyn to finish him off - simply isn't the sort of thing the Witch King, or even perhaps someone as canny as Sauron, would have guarded against."


"If you reread LotR in the dramatic sequence where the Witch King dies, you see that - when Merry stabs him with the blade recovered from the barrow on the edge of the Old Forest - he again assumes physical form.

Tolkien then mentions that the blade Merry used was designed for just that purpose during the waning days of Arnor. It was forged with spells that were designed to break the Witch King's immaterial form. Eowyn is able to kill him, not because she's a woman, but because the Witch King has again assumed physical form after Merry stabs him.

The movie flips the order of events, and might be confusing your memory a bit. Eowyn doesn't announce 'I am no man' right before killing him, but before Merry stabs him. Her unmasking herself stops him in his tracks. It's while he's wondering if this is a loophole in the prophecy that the prophecy, more or less, becomes self-fulfilling. Because his utter focus on the woman before him blinds him to the hobbit behind him."


"If you've watched only the LotR movies, then you don't know... the magical dagger of Merry was obtained during his adventure with Tom Bombadil, a character omitted in the Fellowship of the Ring [movie]."


Mr. Apocalypse in the guise of a far-seeing, immortal being. I wondered why Tom Bombadil was omitted from the movie; perhaps this was why...

Anonymous said...

Aaaand...What's going on with you Les Visible? Why no posts for so long? It appears that you have ditched your own blogs. Are you okay?

Talk to us!

Anonymous said...

" ' ... unless one dwells in the now, and then there are no problems in any case"

A fair conclusion (grin). What more can one say? Been around this mud ball from micro to macro and back again. Only problem I can see is - well - can't see through anyone's eyes but our own.


Visible said...

I'm fine. I'm just doing a lot of thinking. I should be back in the next day or so. I just had to bounce another flat earther. I don't understand their fixation with me but... so it goes.

All is well...

Anonymous said...

Glad you are okay. I thought you had planned a trip to see the Sequoias.

Anonymous said...

Peace be upon you and all,
Glad to hear you are well.

Ray B. said...

(Great words to inspire! And note how different from the movie version. No ghosts from the 'Paths of the Dead' here. Humans and Elves carried the day!)

"TLotR: Return of the King" - The Battle of the Pelennor Fields

"And then wonder took him, and a great joy; and he cast his sword up in the sunlight and sang as he caught it. And all eyes followed his gaze, and behold! upon the foremost ship a great standard broke, and the wind displayed it as she turned towards the Harlond. There flowered a White Tree, and that was for Gondor; but Seven Stars were about it, and a high crown above it, the signs of Elendil that no lord had borne for years beyond count. And the stars flamed in the sunlight, for they were wrought of gems by Arwen daughter of Elrond; and the crown was bright in the morning, for it was wrought of mithril and gold.

Thus came Aragorn son of Arathorn, Elessar, Isildur’s heir, out of the Paths of the Dead, borne upon a wind from the Sea to the kingdom of Gondor; and the mirth of the Rohirrim was a torrent of laughter and a flashing of swords, and the joy and wonder of the City was a music of trumpets and a ringing of bells. But the hosts of Mordor were seized with bewilderment, and a great wizardry it seemed to them that their own ships should be filled with their foes; and a black dread fell on them, knowing that the tides of fate had turned against them and their doom was at hand.

East rode the knights of Dol Amroth* driving the enemy before them: troll-men and Variags and orcs that hated the sunlight. South strode Éomer and men fled before his face, and they were caught between the hammer and the anvil. For now men leaped from the ships to the quays of the Harlond and swept north like a storm.

There came Legolas, and Gimli wielding his axe, and Halbarad** with the standard, and Elladan and Elrohir*** with stars on their brow, and the dour-handed Dunedain, Rangers of the North, leading a great valour of the folk of Lebennin and Lamedon and the fiefs of the South****. But before all went Aragorn with the Flame of the West, Anduril like a new fire kindled, Narsil re-forged as deadly as of old; and upon his brow was the Star of Elendil."

* Dol Amroth was the largest city in Western Gondor. It was governed by the prince of Belfalas, Imrahil, and was home to the famed Swan Knights.
** Halbarad was a Dúnadan Ranger of the North, who (with his men) accompanied Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli through the Paths of the Dead.
*** Elladan and Elrohir were the twin sons of Elrond the Half-elven and Celebrían of Rivendell [Elves].
**** lands of Southern Gondor.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

well the Holy Thong in Life of Brian was flat, so there's a new religion for ya's.
the straps represent the flaps that go yada yada for the unthinking faithful.

@RayB for now I would settle for the global nationalisation, or governmentalisation of the private central banks, then we can talk magic swords. the House of Rothschild 1934 movie didnt do as well as the LOTR movies, but then, that the difference between Edison and Hollywood.

Bella Dodd's School of Darkness was a good book just finished on her awakening to her Communist masters.. 1954, she finished coming back to god, or at least The Robe version.

Ray B. said...

"My Friends... You Bow to No One." (Gets me every time.)

Longer version.

Visible said...

That's in the fall. I was going earlier because a friend is dying but my circumstances will not permit it at the moment. I am going so... no lie there.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think you were lying about it. When you mentioned it before, it sounded like you were really looking forward to it. I'm glad you still have plans to go!

I'm sorry your friend is dying. I hope it's not in a painful way.

Visible said...

Sorry, you know... I was busy, even though it is 1:30 in the morning here and sometimes I don't pay attention. I never imagined you thought I was lying. It was more of an off the cuff thing, independent of reference. I am afraid it probably is pretty painful. One never knows what the ineffable's reasons are but the ineffable bears it with us so... I really can't speak further to the matter.

Ray B. said...

pierre, we each work on what we can...

I studied the deep state, the banksters, and the web of power (Sauron-style) for many years. I came to the conclusion that one could not defeat it on the purely physical, because any serious opponents would be compromised or JFK'ed. I would be interested in how you believe we are going to go from crap to heaven, using only physicality...

Fortunately, I had been pursuing a parallel path involving consciousness-raising. I believe I have discovered/remembered a way to take-down or take-up the current 'system'. It is almost like a spiritual form of aikedo, where their movements against you 'authorize' the use of higher powers. It even works whether or not I end-up in-body. You can consider this a 'magical sword' if you like...

Lately, I have been Tolkienizing both because I like it (and I am assuming others here do, too) and there are deep truths within the Saga. Primary amongst them - and shorted/neglected in the movies (hmmm) - are that there are deeper/higher Powers in play. As I have said before, LotR is a guidebook. In my travels, I have run into Tom Bombadil figures (stone circle entities), real Elves, real Faeries, and much more...

It is a very exciting time. Previously, each species looked-out only for its own. Now, virtually-all recognize that there has been ages-long negative manipulation of each species. There is now much-cooperation amongst radically-different species for the greater good. Humanity is expected both to benefit from these 'alliances' and to hold up its share of responsibilities...

In my world, it is starting to look like the Grand Alliance is getting close to besieging the Dark Lord's fortress of Barad-dûr in front of Mount Doom...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

torus said...


"Beyond the Ken of mortals is the great Spiritual King of our world, who rises from the still waters of our innermost Consciousness - the mighty 'Lakulish' of our lilac lagoons...

C = (infinity sign) > {e=mc2}

consciousness is infinitely greater than yet coequal to energy which is equal to mass multiplied by the square of the velocity of light...

The Lightning Standing Still is one of the aspects of BABAJI where He plays the Time-Reversed-Phenomenon - faster than light. When the speed of light is reached, time stands still. But when surpassed, it has no space in time, hence time ticks back towards the future. Because the future lies behind you in the great storehouse of 'sanchit karma', it comes from over and behind as time moves forward. However, as you travel along the forward road, you are treading your past and working out your karma as you go along. So, the future lies behind you and the past is before you, as you walk forward to work out your past karma.
Therfore, it is said that when you finish your karma, your purity enables you to travel back to the future unimpeded by karma..."

Somehow, there is a Tolkien-ish connection to the preceeding. The great mythologies of ages past become "entertainment" for those of us "hobbits" Who are pure in heart and intention.

What the Yogi must consider is; "If the velocity of light were infinite, space would be Euclidean and extend forever. Since the velocity of light is finite, space curves back on itself."
-Arthur M Young, Which Way Out?

Toroidal karma?

"From the beginning of rational thought, it has been natural to think of matter as coming in discrete pieces. Democrats held that atoms (units of matter) were at the basis of things, and this is what physics has found to be in fact the case...
But what else, it can be asked, comes in integral units, in wholes which cannot be divided? I have asked this question many times, and by the negative results must suppose the answer difficult. Yet, as with a conundrum, everyone recognizes the solution as simple when it is given. The answer is that the act of making a decision comes in wholes. One cannot decide to lean out a window one-and-a-half times. One cannot vote, sign a paper, decide to get out of bed, to stand up, or do any act one-and-a-half or 1.42 times. Decision comes in whole units, or not at all."
Arthur M Young, Which Way Out? Toward a Life Science

What's a "ring"? It's a "hole". And action comes in wholes ala Frodo's decision to carry the burden.

"But is this human act of decision the same as the same as the physicists' quantum of action? Some physicists tend to claim that Planck's constant refers to something quite technical which non-physicists can't understand. But, apart from the fact that Planck's constant is appropriate to the domain of physics and decisions to human domain, I can see no essential difference, especially as both are uncertainties. Of course, any human decision to act - for example, to go to the dentist - can be described; but describing it is not doing it. Nor can even the specific decision to go to the dentist be predicted. The toothache is a cause for deciding to go to the dentist, but the decision to do so requires "making up one's mind". One might procrastinate indefinitely before doing so. It is this unpredictable human act of decision that parallels the physicists' quantum of action."

God blessed you Arthur M Young, and I love you! A scientist who believed in God.

"The RING, Frodo!"
(action comes in (w)holes!)

"Ye Fearful Saints Fresh Courage Take
The Clouds Ye So Much So Much Dread
Are Big With Mercy And Shall Break
With Blessings On Your Head"
-William Cowper

torus said...

DEMOCRITUS, not "democrats". :( sheeeesh. ..

BCii said...

Thank you, Ray B., for offering your expanded and elevated viewpoint. We need it.

As I see it, the dark side can never achieve its ultimate victory over the light. That would defeat the purpose of the whole shebang. It may get close enough sometimes, for sure... but only to be lured the final steps to its own downfall...

When all's said and done, the One beyond gradations of light and dark calls the shots... and everyone gets what they were going for. What a ride...

Ray B. said...

torus, that is a very good post! All kinds of thoughts spring forth...

Several of the species that I have 'met' live at or beyond the boundaries of SpaceTime. This gives them the ability to 'look down' at us at any point of their choosing. (I am assuming that the immortal core of Babaji is of this ilk.) All of this, of course, brings up the issues of predestination, free will, etc., but I assume this is all coming from the finite regarding the infinite...

One of the Big victories of some years ago was the clearing of the SpaceTime boundary of baddies. Previously, either from power or neglect, the baddies had been in charge of that boundary. This enabled them to 'look in' at an important occurrence within SpaceTime, retreat to a time just before that, and 'tweak' something to produce a different, more favorable to their agenda, outcome. (The assassination attempt on Hitler comes to mind, where Hitler survived because an aide 'spontaneously' moved the briefcase bomb to behind a thick table leg from Hitler.)

Obviously, the holding of this boundary gave the baddies the ability to 'engineer' (hate to use that word in that manner) situations any way they liked, subject to even-higher Powers saying 'No'. However, in the sweep-down of some years ago, they were pushed-out or Cleaned in this area. There were actual celebrations when this occurred, because it was known how crucial this area was...

Now, good-guys occupy the SpaceTime boundary. When little things just 'happen' that thwart bad-guy plans, think of the above...


BCii, your last paragraph said it all. It is good to put things in perspective. Thanks.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...


I dont have solutions as such as yet, except "back to zero" (small enough and enemies close enough, sociopath and demon management lifestyles) which isnt much of a solution and wont deal with the aliens (whatevers) if they are players. gary newman's I'm praying to the aliens (the good one's).. who are , good or bad, under God's jurisdiction themselves. I also hope thoughts, prayers, studying up on them turn into something good in the end.

personally, I can hardly think straight, and it might have something to do with this MRI confirmed (awaiting specialist confirmation) of a neuroma under my big toe... Aasop's Lion and the Thorn seems to be the story of my life.. the confirmation is in the solution and relief but I'm feeling lucky. Star Trek medicine almost as they didnt have the contrast scans back then, and I suspect when I was 3-5yrs old and got a toe caught in a front powered bicycle wheel (who knows though). on with the show. it is inhibiting but not deadly so perspective there. plenty of 'living like a granny' time for reading which is all so interesting.

watched this one last night, a goodie, John Wayne's Grandson on JBWells. integrity plus. he didn't know 'who's your granddaddy' until 10 years ago. 2hrs20m
and the 'bible'and the site... so you say you want a revolution???

not taking anything away from your contributions here (sorry if it came across as facetious). Perhap's Heinlein's book Time Enough for Love (500 years actually there), and reading Tolkien for the third time (with a clearer more pacific head hopefully).

Anonymous said...


Where is the Technetium?

torus said...

@Ray B. Thanks!

"It is only when we say that the gods are actual beings that the modern mind refuses to continue the conversation. Principles,yes - persons, no!
Here is where the mind betrays us. The mind is willing to concede any abstraction, but when it draws blood, it panics. We have spread out before us a whole universe of entities all chorusing the glory of creation - and man concedes this. But he balks at the idea that there are entities higher than himself."
Arthur M Young, The Reflexive Universe

@anonymous 60

The Techniteum is in the molecular Kingdom.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Chinese Acrobats in my Alphabet Soup.

Anonymous said...

Technetium doesn't exist. Kinda nukes your atomic theory. Technetium is a theoretical element. They never covered that in chemistry class.

Visible said...

There are links all over Google stating that Technetium is Element 43. I have no idea what this is in reference to but I thought I would mention that I went and looked and that is what I found. I then immediately moved on to something else.

torus said...

@anonymous 63.

Good answer! I sense an embittered flat earther. "My" atomic theory? I'm flattered. What other falsehoods have they embedded within the molecules of your mind?

Anonymous said...

Strangely, Element 43 doesn't exist. Menedelev predicted it when he worked out the periodic table. Brilliant work, it was. Mendelev isn't with us anymore. He would ditch the atomic theory, if he were still with us. If one piece doesn't jive.... ya know. Holistic unity and all that.

Visible said...

The flatheads are never far away. Something draws them here. Hopefully it is like the viscosity at the center of the Venus Fly Trap plant.

Visible said...

Today's radio show. Unfortunately we still do not have a webplayer at work so you have to download it-

Sunday July 3rd Radio Broadcast.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Pop Goes Elie the Weasel round the Burning Mullberry Bush.



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