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Trying to Dance all Night in the Fukushima Rain.

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Good day my friends! Since this is the cultural blog and football is part of the culture, I would be remiss if I did not call attention to one of the most extraordinary games of all time and certainly the most extraordinary comeback in a Super Bowl ever. What happened defies the parameters of ordinary reality. What happened goes so far beyond any expectations that it just can't be measured. I still do not believe what I saw with my own eyes.

I'll provide a small primer for those who have little savvy about the game specific and the game in general. The two teams playing were the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons had the highest scoring offense in the NFL this year. The Patriots had the best defense according to points allowed and they were right up there with the offense as well.

Tom Brady, the quarterback, in concert with Bill Belichick, the coach, had combined for 4 Super Bowl wins. This put them in a tie with a couple other coach/quarterback/team combinations. Were the Patriots to win this game they would stand alone with 5 victories.

A couple years ago a complaint was lodged that Tom Brady had engineered the deflation of the game balls because he liked them that way. This happened halfway through a playoff game with the Indianapolis Colts. During the second half, with the balls being controlled by the officiating staff, the Patriots beat them even worse than they were doing in the first half. Ordinarily a violation proven about deflating balls would have resulted in a fine (perhaps 8,000 to 25,000 dollars) and not much more. The corrupt commissioner of football, Roger Goodell, fined them 1,000,000 dollars and a first and fourth round draft pick ( far more egregious than the million dollar fine) and suspended quarterback Brady for 4 games. The Patriots fought this matter all through the next season. No proof was ever provided except the barest circumstantial evidence (I've studied it all at length) and what ultimately resulted from high judges decisions was that Goodell could do what he wanted, right or wrong.

Brady took the high road and sat out 4 games this year. His team still won 3 of them. They then proceeded to go 11 and 1 after that and powered their way to the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl happened this Sunday and... at a certain point later in the 3rd quarter, the Patriots were down 28-3. No one has ever come back from anything near that deficit in a Super Bowl and there have been 51 of them. The biggest deficit before that was 10 points and that was traversed by the Patriots 2 years before.

Somehow... against all odds... the Patriots tied the game with under one minute remaining in the 4th quarter and then scored a touchdown in overtime and won the game. Tom Brady was named the most valuable player. Roger Goodell had to present the Lombardi Trophy to the owner, Robert Kraft but then he had to present the Most Valuable Player trophy to Tom Brady. He did this to a monstrous chorus of boo's. I watched this game and there is NO WAY that invisible help was not a part of the outcome. I have never seen anything like it before and do not expect I ever will again. There were a number of plays that defied all expectations of the material plane.

Into the drama of all of this we have to insert the consideration that Tom Brady is a friend of Donald Trump, as is the coach, Bill Belichick and the owner, Robert Kraft. The thing is that all of these people are high profile individuals that exist in the rarefied air of the powerful and notable. During the time that all of these people were playing golf with Donald Trump and having dinner and attending suave black tie affairs, Donald Trump was just a colorful billionaire, whose favorite team was the New England Patriots and it stands to reason that he would cultivate an association with them. This is what rich and powerful people do. They hang out with each other.

Suddenly, Donald Trump is the president of the United States and all previous associations are now being called into question. The strangeness that has been going on is something else. The United States is engaged in a civil war lacking all civility. The satanists who have been using the Democratic Party as a mechanism of control have been handed a major defeat by an amalgam of fundamentalist Christian reactionaries (and others) against the cabal of Zio-Satanist sexual shapeshifters, whose sworn duty is to destroy Christianity and plunge the material world into a living Hell.

Alongside this comes news of Fukushima reaching a critical state that might doom the western hemisphere. There are all sorts of reports going around at the moment. One of them is by Michael Adams and those who come around here with any frequency know how I feel about him and his association with Alex Jones but nonetheless I will produce the link because what he is saying is being echoed elsewhere.

We've been hearing doomsday reports for some time and we're still here. These are dark times and it is hard to see the light. I find myself beset with negative thoughts about most everything. I fall back on the understanding that I don't know anything. Meanwhile we have to deal with the coming weaponized actions of this emerging tech, as well as whatever will result from efforts of this sort. We know that research and development in areas of mind control and pre-cog, as well as anything you can imagine, are being toyed with in industry and government laboratories around the world. We know that technological achievements far outstrip the moral evolution of humanity and that problem is exacerbated by the force of materialism and the catering to appetite everywhere.

As we have maintained here, we are not active supporters of Donald Trump but we would much rather have him as president than a seriously evil psychopath like Hillary Clinton.

Bwak!!! Obama was president the last eight years and his agenda, from what I can make of it, has been to destroy middle eastern countries and promote sexual dysfunction through the courts and the justice system. I don't know how much of the latter has to do with his having been a member (do not click on the coming link unless you want to hit the front page of a gay bathhouse) of Man's Country in Chicago. There has been a very large output of reporting in Obama's private life and we will give you a collective of search results to that end.

You might wonder why this article began with a commentary on football. As the readers knows, even though I have been a fan of the New England Patriots since before they became the powerhouse that they are, I try not to talk about my more pedestrian interests because they are of no great importance to the reader. I bring it up this time because all through that game I could see the effect of an unseen hand at work. There is no way that what happened, happened in any normal way. I don't yet know what it means and I may never know what it means but I wanted to bring it to your attention because many of you might not even know that it transpired, any more than you might have yet heard about Fukushima. Fukushima is now hitting the lying sacks of shit mass media. You'll find parallel mention of this at all corresponding lying sacks of shit outlets. Suffice to say that it is a problem. The extent of this I do not know.

It is a great tragedy of our times, that has been coming for some time because of the evil in our midst that seeks to visit terrible injury upon humanity in whatever manner it can. The international bankers foment wars and disasters for the purpose of profit and material control of countries and their resources. Devout satanists work to sow discord and despair in order to curry favor with their fell master. Systems of government have been perverted to these same ends and an atmosphere of Bleak is permeating the landscape. The programmed young are manipulated into sexual wars and color wars and are given targets for their anger. That this is all being done purposefully is there to be seen in the actions of psychopaths like George Soros and all the rest who do what they do for reasons that would appear sane to any of us who still remain sane but... that number shrinks. There are so many among us who believe themselves to be intelligent but who have about as much objective capacity as a farm animal. They have been long ago co-opted by lying educators and professors who serve an agenda other than what their job description defines for them.

I believe in the avatar and the power of the angels of light, who work as an extension of the Lord of Light. This power can be opposed by no one but... appearances can tell a very different tale in the minds of those susceptible to the power of appearances. The Holy Books are filled with remonstrations against being deceived or giving in to influences that lead into darkness. In these times the power of negative forces is very great, as far as appearances indicate. I know no more that can be said except to say that one must cultivate as great a faith as is possible for them and to seek to know what good is and then to seek to do good and to become utterly reliant on the cosmic consciousness and to know that appearances lie; they surely do.

God be with you all.

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