Friday, May 11, 2018

Kanye and Danielle do The Tango for Two in the Ballroom of the Overlook Hotel.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Good day my wonderful friends. The posts just keep on coming. From where? Heh heh... right; like I would know.

Meanwhile... nothing changes (what a steaming load of Dairy Queen soft swirl in the cone; empty on the point of the pointy head, or except for it changing from the same old into, surprise- into the Fabonacci, Nautilis shell of the golden mean of what is the sound of one tongue lapping) ... the same old, in hope of something new and one of these days, one of these days... one of these days.

It keeps repeating. It keeps repeating... and no matter what it does, you know it will have Kanye the pinhead in it. So... logically what is next, Alfred E, Neuman and the fourth Stooge? Certainly not D'Artagnan. Certainly not Jerry Lewis and Bridgette Barnone. What about Kanye and Danielle Bregoli? Maybe something like Jerry Lee Lewis and his cousin from back in the day? They are laughing in your face people. They believe no matter what they tell you, you will stare at it like a carp with its first born wriggling on the hook. Yum.

How much crazier can it get? You ain't seen crazy yet but... you will. Where is the French Revolution when you need it? In a world with far too many people, in search of an individuality comprised of a hundred million of the same tattoos, screaming, “I'm me!!!” You get the perfect it girl. You want to laugh. You want to cry. You're afraid to live but you just can't die.

Oh yeah... Kanye and Danielle. Let's get a soundtrack to that; how about Iggy?

Could anything be more perfect? Nope. Meanwhile Vladmir does it again. Why can't we have a president like that? Mother Nature has something suspiciously like morning sickness but it lasts all day long. Then this shows up as an ad in the right side bar. Do they track what we do, or not? I love you Lord! No matter what happens. No matter how strange my story is, or yours; I don't have a link for that one but you should be able to have an idea.

Right from a scene in “Idiocracy” comes Kanye and Danielle. She's got no problem with her albums or that great American novel she will no doubt write sometime this evening Remember those great duets from the 80s? Any day now we will get these two doing a cover of “Endless Love”?

Wait for it!!!

Its a cartoon. I look out my window and I see the roadrunners going by; amazing creatures. At night sometimes I hear the coyotes. One of these days the waterbed will get here and I will dream as the waves burble beneath me, the dreams flow as they are wont to do when the water does what it does in the subconscious. I've never slept so well as on a waterbed. Water and dreams have a wonderful connection. Time goes by, each morning I awaken and I'm still here, wherever here is. I wonder at the meaning of it all. It's one of those elusive things that is always just out of your grasp and much like water that cannot be contained. It slips through your fingers like sand and they have a great deal in common, not to mention the sand that lays beneath the waves of the ocean. Sand that is created by the pounding of the waters on what were once rocks and all else, reduced to fine grains. Water will do that. It's like what happens to history after awhile, or cultures, countries and everything else;

Rocks in the Stream

♫Rocks in the stream, the water runs by,
So did our lives, like nothing at all,
So do our lives and that's all

'A river of laughter, a river of tears,
Just like the water through all of those years,
Something runs deeper here,
Something runs deeper here

Sometimes I almost can see it,
But it is never clear
Like clouds on the sun,
A mist on the sea
Completely covers me; completely covers me

Sun through the branches shines on my head,
I must be dreaming, I really don't know
Maybe it's always been so
No dream lasts forever
I lay down to sleep
They say that he comes in the night like a thief
Rocks in the stream
Rocks in the stream
Rocks in the stream

Sometimes I almost can see it
But it is never clear
Like clouds on the sun, a mist on the sea
Completely covers me; completely covers me

Sometimes I can see it, but it is never clear
Like clouds on the sun and a mist on the sea
Completely covers me; completely covers me

Sun through the branches shines on my face
I must be dreaming, I really don't know
Maybe it's always been so
No dream lasts forever
I lay down to sleep
They say he comes like a thief in the night

Rocks in the stream
We're just rocks in the stream
We're rocks in the stream.'♫

That song reminds me of life and all that it is composed of... Rocks in the stream and eventually it wears us away and we wake up when there is nothing left to keep on dreaming. Something like that. I apologize for stealing those lyrics and the music from Kanye and Danielle. I hate to plagiarize but I just don't have the creativity that they have and that is probably why all the opportunities passed me by... (sigh).

Here's an incredible thing that just happened. I am trying to find a way to upload the song to the post. I download Microsoft Movie Maker to do it and find out I have to pay for it or it gets a watermark. I think. “okay, as long as I can get it up.' It never goes up so I buy something called VSDC Video Editor Pro for 20 bucks a year. I am trying to figure out how to use it when I get an email from The Elf saying that he is uploading my songs and do I want to do it this way or that? I'm thinking; “what? I am just trying to do this so.” He send me the necessary link and next thing I know, there it is!!! What are the odds? God is real folks. God is real. At the same time I hear from the fellow who tells me he has a lawyer but who is telling me he is glad I have a lawyer, after telling me his tale, which is much like mine but.. I don't have a lawyer. Heh heh. That will get figured out as we go (I hope). There are so many beautiful people out there and he is one more. The similarities between my life and that of others is mindblowing. There is this sympathetic strings thing happening with Shiva's drum and that sitar which is our resonant lives showing how magical our sameness is. One thing sets the other in a harmonic poetry of sameness. Wow!!!

Mysterious things are happened but in such a synchronized and serendipitous way. The ineffable told me this would start happening, once I agreed to come back but I never expected anything like this. I am speechless; metaphorically speaking. Okay! Enough self involved, subjective rhapsodizing. Let's get back to whatever it was I thought I was talking about. Right, Kanye and Danielle.

The roadrunners are out there at dawn and dusk. They're eating the lizards and looking around for the little quail babies that come and go with their parents. NEVER have I seen such doting and responsible parents as the quail. Sometimes there are 14 of the little guys and sometimes only a handful. I am looking out for them as they like to hide out under the barbecue. They know they are safe here. I've always got a rock handy for the roadrunners. I wouldn't actually hit one but I love to keep them away. I know I am messing with the course of Nature but I can't help it. The little guys are so cute and these virtual velociraptors are relentless. I love them too but they are built like some kind of perfect killing machine. Thinking about my new doggie every day but don't have one yet as I am looking for a white short-haired Labrador (I'm not allowed to have a bull terrier- which is what I want or a Jack Russell for some reason having to do with their temperament.) and I don't want to pay for one as they are VERY expensive (the white labs) and I am into rescue dogs anyway; digressing. I KEEP digressing today. Sorry about that. It happens now and again. I miss having a dog in a way I cannot adequately explain. Sooner or later.

Some truly unreal things are happening! It could be that something has happened in the cosmos. I'm sure of it but can't put together what it is. What I do know is that God is real. The conversations lately are off the hook and so are the dreams, which are only dreams but getting so lucid. It is as if the dreams and the awakening are interactive and simu-synched. My friends, I am so glad that you are here with me on this tremendous adventure. We've had such a ride of it. For so many others it has been streamlined and a piece of cake; albeit with Marie Antoinette, waiting in the wings, sharpening the guillotine but for herself, which she is as unaware of this time. Oh course, her name is Rhianna this time around.

I'm guessing I should get out of here before I melt down into some kind of Jello product and wind up with Bill Cosby. Once again, A real pleasure that you are all around for this dance. Even though we haven't met and may never, there is little doubt that we have met and will continue to. Much love.

End Transmission.......


Ray B. said...

Vis, a 'meandering' PD. I am amazed (and delighted) that you keep churning these columns out so quickly. Kudos and thanks.

Around Kanye: He is just a minion/patsy within strategic plans. I haven't quite decided whether he is (1) being promoted for a downstream Presidential run (or more probably a Vice President 'pick' - a Palin, Lieberman, or Bernie 'strategy'), in order to be a controversial figure and throw the election to the other 'nonexistent' side, or (2) this is simply more stirring-up of the racial card à la the "Black Panther" movie. Maybe both.

One thing is certain; the crescendo is apparent. We are being 'led' down a path towards a pre-planned dénouement. The baddies have one end in mind; we'll see if that momentum is used for ineffable purposes...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

thanks vis

At what point
on the cultural continuum axis,
did the freedom to be a nut
turn into an obligation?


Visible said...

In as much as I don't know what the context is or to whom this is directed, I must wait until clarity strikes me (grin).

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

We're always talking about a replay of that French Revolution. I busted up when I read that. Loved the post.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Hanging Upside Down and Bat Shit Crazy in Soft Stool Guano Land.

Unknown said...

You've a great deal too much on your mind, Mr. Visible. Much like I, but I try to keep a low profile. As low as possible. Without comprimising my shooting hand. Which has been a great deal compromised, but's still pretty dead acurate. At least when it has a mind to be. But same as you, it rarely so often does these days. Which seem a bit too desperate to quite believe.

Which is why I don't believe too much. If I can help it.

If you can help me, lend me your ear. Lend me your saxophone. Lend me a couple of bucks so I can get wasted and forget about this shit for a minute. It'll come back in the morning. But fuck it. It does anyway.

Visible said...

good, that means i'll get a 'reach-around; while you bang me in the benign cell as you sweet boy? I don't fink so (British.)
don't make me come down there.

Hey Cisco!

Hey Pancho!

AArrrribbbaaa! away

Unknown said...

If you were truly daring, I think you'd expand upon that.

Unknown said...

Les, man, I don't know why you seemed to take my comment as offensive or something. I was just riffing, the way you're at. You friended me on Facebook after I commented in the same style on a blog post of yours about Auschwitz. The one with the train and the soap and stuff. It was a pretty good riff. Sorry if this one struck you the wrong way.

Unknown said...

Ray B. -- The bad plans have done been drawn and redrawn about a dozen times in the last little while, and they obviously still haven't received a submission that gets a passing vote. Because I bet you could bring Eustace Mullins back in the flesh, give him access to all the deep state’s secret files, and... (again, I bet you)... and he still couldn’t figure out who’s sitting at the head of the table today. The CEO either retired or hung himself ages back it seems, and now it’s just chaos. Just tripping over insubordination. All neatly summarized in big data.

Visible said...

Say What, if that happened it was an accident. I have had problems of late with people's comments and I apologize for that. It was not intentional. There has been some strange things going on in the comments section. You are not the only one this has happened to. I assure you it was an accident and I will keep my eyes open in the future for this. Truly sorry about that.



Visible said...

Say What; I found your comment, it it up. It just slipped by for some reason. See... all is well.



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