Friday, June 22, 2018

Anthropomorphic Prisons, where Reality Equals MC2 Escher.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......It's been the general feeling around here. Around here meaning where I happen to be... in any case; the general feeling has been that Magic, in its truest and most sincere fashion, is always in action but we fail to see it; meaning those who can't see it, fail to see it because the spider web dream has taken over the bandwidth of the senses. This happens following the onset of puberty when the world is transformed from a unified awareness, to a dual interactive that then manifests a 'me and them'; 'I and it', 'now and then' as well as 'before and after'. This last occurs when 'now' no longer takes place. There are many permutations of the aforementioned, indicating a mirror that reflects what is before it, giving the impression that you can be in two places at once, while at the same time being nowhere at all.

So, I was thinking about Road Runners and wondering if you could make a pet out of one. That seemed like it might be difficult, given the observable personality of them; as far as I have seen. They remind me of velociraptors. I heard a faint voice in my head that seemed to be saying, “So... you like them, do you?” Reflexively, I responded in the affirmative. Yesterday 4 of them showed up in the backyard where none had ever been there before and they had to come through a fence. I did not see this. My friend told me about it.

Let's expand on that a bit. Two mornings ago, the day after I was thinking about The Road Raptors, one of them came up to the glass patio door and was looking into the house (for me?). I was told this by a friend but this is just the source of that info speaking. I wasn't there. It was a day after when the four of them showed up and were doing mating dances. Perhaps this was meant to get my attention? Then, yesterday, one came into the yard. This time I was there and it jumped up on a rock and started preening and such. What will today bring? It's early times yet. I've probably got the time sequencing wrong but the story is as it was.

A couple of days ago, I noticed a rabbit. It is a tiny rabbit and I pointed it out to my friend. For some reason, unknown to me, I started looking out at the Spool (there is a Spool in the backyard) frequently. I had no particular reason for this. Today, I looked out and I saw a creature swimming. It was swimming in a situation that it couldn't get out of. Last month we had to pull a dead rabbit out of there.

I yelled to my friend and ran out and got the pool skimmer and lifted the creature out. My friend was saying it was a frog. I said, “No, it's a rabbit.” It was the same rabbit I mentioned. It had stopped paddling just moments before I lifted it out; giving up I believe. It lay motionless for a few seconds and then it hopped off into a bush.

Some very odd events have been going on since I survived the recent incident that went on for several days and which reduced me to a house guest at a cottage in Wits End. I've had bad trips before and consider myself a seasoned traveler in the Sudds of the Astral Planes ...but I had never experienced anything like this before. It was as if I had been alienated from every other living thing; that I was despised on all sides and in the middle too. How it did not break me I will never know. When it ended, it was as if it had never happened but... it did happen. As shocking and- here words fail me- etc. as it was, it was near immediately changed into a memory that doesn't appear for the remembering. It was as if someone had put a band aid over a deep cut and then removed it and there was no wound and no scar.

Yesterday evening, all of a sudden and with no warning, I was moving at speed all round the house in an extraordinarily positive state. This went on for a few hours. I kept saying that I felt fantastic but there was no reason given. There was no criteria to pass judgment on. I have no clue so we will move on and talk about something else.

Jurassic Pork is coming out this weekend; is it? It's all about how they make Green Bacon out of fiat currency, looking for a fractal edge. The LBGTQRSTUVWXYZ cotillion was hoping to book the Overlook Hotel ballroom and the deal went South. Excuses for WHY this happened are numerous and all lies. The reason the scene was deleted is because the big money for films like this is garnered by 'Kids'. They didn't want to say this, however. I will leave it to you to figure that out. They be keeping it Unreal from other sidewinder ports of call. Are these two links related; incest or another example of intention created the Usual Suspects?

Ann Coulter brings us her perspective on the latest liberal left photo op. She's probably right because The Chorus is singing anything but that. For instance, here's something from a savvy intellectual who won't be putting any of these kids up at any time. Speaking of photo ops; this wouldn't be one of them, would it? Then there are those things we didn't even know about.

Let's move on to something useful that showcases the finest journalist of this century so far. No one tells the truth like this man whose industry and integrity shame the sidewalk ho's with their miniskirts and thigh high, white plastic, Louboutin boots. It is the sad testimony of the human race that in our hours of the most dire need so few of us answer the call. There's a place for this man and it's nowhere near The Fire Down Below.

These are strange times, if you doubt that you're probably texting one of these. As revolutionary as these times are with technological breakthroughs that you seldom hear about, but which are most certainly happening, there are a number of unfortunate trends, emerging in an unbalanced manner from trembling dominoes. Enough with the links already, Visible! Sometimes you have to paint a picture sourced from all sorts of places to set the atmosphere.

This brings me back to something that has been coming back in my mind, over and over again. When this happens, I get the sensation that there are elements of truth to it and I feel confident that there are elements of truth in this meme. Usually when the idea simmers in my mind I will make reference to reality equals= MC2 Escher. That is that once the apocalypse has concluded, portals will open in space and through which one will enter into dimensions that resonate with the state of their heart and mind. Each individual will be choosing their next destination, instantaneously, based on what they are by their works being known. It's all a matter of ♫ Patterns ♫; that which we have woven out of and into ourselves.

We are all a message in a bottle on an unpredictable ocean. Back and forth and up and down we go and of course, in and out. It all started with a bit of the old in and out and we have continued in that process by going in and out of lifetime after lifetime. All because of the desire to experience and possess, which leads to being possessed by the addiction to experiencing what we keep forgetting we have experienced so that we can experience it again. There are not enough tears to define the sorrow of this. That ocean is composed of tears and yet there are never enough. Occasionally some tortured soul will say, “No mas! No mas!” Meanwhile Vishnu dreams on a sea of milk, churned I suppose into butter. I've probably got that all wrong; just add some wine and you have French Cuisine!

I don't know jack about Vishnu and the sea of milk or blue throated Shiva. What I do know is that god is incomprehensible and these and hundreds of other stories illustrate this. Sometimes one of these enduring and eternal principles- also called gods- may choose to enter into the consciousness of one of us. It happens more often than you think. Sometimes it is to witness or experience and sometimes the host is aware of this and sometimes it is not ...but at all times, the deity is present to witness all that is seen and heard and felt and smelt and whatever that other sense is. The deity is there to observe and record, all that is thought and said and done. CAVE DEI VIDET.

How can it take so long for us to register the secret nature of life? Obviously there is a force who works through appetite, attraction and the never ending magnetism of hearts and minds that will not be free. The bondage is less of a concern than the naked hungry need for illusions, given importance through the hearts and minds deceived into feeling and thinking these things into being.

I want God. I want that which is imperishable and everlasting! I want what will dispel all of my wants, or compress them all into a single want that puts an end to wanting. There is a nectar there that is indescribable. There is a nectar that with a single exposure, will fill the heart to overflowing with love that makes the heart a chamber larger than the universe itself; some mysterious dynamic that sets the measurements of Science aside and works according to its own demands, made definite and real because the powers of the ineffable are limitless and it has but to think it and it comes into being.

We limit the divine by placing our own limitations upon the divine. Once again we are in Anthropomorphic Prisons, where the bars are fashioned from the ego and the amenities from whatever paucity of imagination we are operating out of.

This is a true tale formed from poetry. Richard Lovelace was one of the richest men in Europe. He wasted (He didn't think so) his fortune financing wars against his own country. Now that... that is a poet!

To Althea from Prison

“When Love with unconfinéd wings
Hovers within my gates,
And my divine Althea brings
To whisper at the grates;
When I lie tangled in her hair
And fettered to her eye,
The birds that wanton in the air
Know no such liberty.

When flowing cups run swiftly round,
With no allaying Thames,
Our careless heads with roses bound,
Our hearts with loyal flames;
When thirsty grief in wine we steep,
When healths and draughts go free,
Fishes, that tipple in the deep,
Know no such liberty.

When, like committed linnets, I
With shriller throat shall sing
The sweetness, mercy, majesty,
And glories of my King;
When I shall voice aloud how good
He is, how great should be,
Enlargéd winds, that curl the flood,
Know no such liberty.

Stone walls do not a prison make,
Nor iron bars a cage;
Minds innocent and quiet take
That for a hermitage.
If I have freedom in my love,
And in my soul am free,
Angels alone, that soar above,
Enjoy such liberty.”

End Transmission.......

♫ Patterns ♫


Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
Wait as you explain fairy tales and fairy tales from a Thousand and One Nights. There is no secret krtórej I would not know. You live in a world of falsehood and hypocrisy. What I have met is treasure and truth. You're right, 7 billion people live in falsehood. As Jesus said, "It takes a second time to be born being born" you ask as possible. I feel sorry for you, really. 99.9 percent of politicians are psychopaths and I personally say "you wield nations, but in your heart you are the usual stinking beast" these are cowards Who can rape children because the children's voice does not have. Kill them believe. Obama, Bush, Clinton, and many others. For Justice Zgineło 600000 Child rapists I will repeat only this time will kill 2 million. I know who and when. If you have already beaten me, then all mankind will die. Very simple

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
This is a test. Will will your. 2 million pedophiles and psychopaths will die, or all of you. I destroyed Darwin's theories, tectonic boards, and all your crap worth the theories

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
You know why you don't understand me, although I use a translator? Because English was created in the 9th century and is the code you have taught. I am deserving an older language which English is not able to understand.

Visible said...

Aggressive truth. Try not to send too many comments that indicate you are not mentally sound. Those who make themselves out to be unique are often anything but that,

Ray B. said...

Vis, a very enjoyable and enlightening screed. Thanks.

On your experience of "moving at speed all round the house in an extraordinarily positive state," perhaps you were being 'visited' and being an unconscious channel. Cue a smaller version of your "sometimes one of these enduring and eternal principles - also called gods - may choose to enter into the consciousness of one of us."

I had a somewhat similar experience this afternoon. Higher Self and I were Cleaning the third in a row of baddies, and I was running out of steam. The last baddie 'got in', and - all of a sudden - I was angry about everything. Then, someone unseen entered the room from the window side, and I was enfolded by waves of bliss. Totally changed my experience; calm, peace, and strength. This Being, whomever it was, stayed through the third Cleaning and then departed. Thanks!
Vis: "That is that once the apocalypse has concluded, portals will open in space and through which one will enter into dimensions that resonate with the state of their heart and mind. Each individual will be choosing their next destination, instantaneously, based on what they are by their works being known."

This brought up my encounter with the Gaia Being, decades back. At one point in that beyond-SpaceTime 'travelogue', the collective held-pain of humans (animals and plants do not hold pain; they are in the present) caused this Being to seek relief at a higher-plane 'meeting'. Some time after that, most humans disappeared from Earth; just gone, no explanation given. Only those humans who could energetically-connect with that Being remained. Your words seemed to provide a clue as to what might have happened at that point in the 'travelogue'...
In terms of repeating lifetimes, I am fairly sure that is why baddies go after Teachers. Truly-enlightened Teachers offer (demonstrate) other 'Ways of Being' than the day-to-day Maya. That makes them a threat to the Maya-slavers. So, every form of Teacher - from Shamans/Druids to Tibetan Buddhists - has been targeted for extinction. Fortunately for us, real Teachers can just 'come right back' or work from Beyond...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

This photo is interesting. See if you sense 'something' behind and slightly up from this famous personality...

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
Sorry les for my english. Every time i do this, because this is thinking on my head at this moment. I write very fast by dont forget about what coming to me. Every time next text is corect you wait what i send to you tommorow when i take all thinks alltogheter

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

My, the things you make me think of. SPUR OF THE MOMENT, Twilight Zone.

Trapped in a cyclical nightmare forever, which I consider eternal reincarnation even if it ain't in the same life; though me thinks that may be optional.

Mandela Effect moment. Long time ago, I thought it was a Night Gallery episode, and I thought I remembered the painting. I musta switched timelines.

Nostrils up on the post.

Visible said...

Thank you Aggressive Truth; that was very kind of you to speak to me in that way. I appreciate it, Thank you!

Visible said...

Ray; that looks like a shot from a film but I don't know who it is. I did imbibe in some amount of Campari so maybe... no- my head is pretty clear. I don't get it but it might dawn on me at some point.

Ray B. said...

Sorry, Vis. Forgot about how time has moved on. That is Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin. In Dec 2016, he returned on a medivac from Antarctica in a panicked state, saying, "We are all in danger; it is evil..." (later denied)

Anonymous said...

i must say, since your painful episode, your compositions have become like sturdy construction with sparkling glass thru which a lighted crystal chandelier shines in the atrium, likening to spiritual and material truths within the body and pineal gland.

the times when you worried about what to say, something came along and changed that, evidently.

glad you’re with us.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

To Reside Eternally in the Adytum; the House not Built with Hands.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Flooding the Heart of this Empty House that Echos the Statements of Invisible Voices.



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