Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Assembling of the Dingbats for the March of the Dingbats and the Training Wheels on the Bicycle of Life.

(So... I wrote about 90 % of the coming book in around a week- with time off on the way. Now I am two weeks into the edit and... heh heh... “what do you mean we, Kemo Sabe?” I'm just waiting on the moment and I have NEVER before felt the need to be so careful and aware of every word that gets written... so... in the mean-inbetween-time I'm going to fire up a post and when we get to Origami down the road, I should be well on the way. The good news is that practically all of it is written, except for what comes along in the process of manifesting continuity and flow. Ergo... let's write a post; a continuation of what we were saying the past weekend at Mirrors=

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

This morning I had the TV on, wanting to catch the Westminster Dog Show (which for sure will be on this evening for the prime time last day and it was not to be found, although it was on yesterday). A web site said I could watch it there and then kept hassling me to put a litany of apps on my browser.; “I don't fink so!” I scroll down and there is a growing list of complaints from readers about having to install all these apps and they don't get to see the program. What a surprise.

I laughed to myself and said, “I don't care. I know what's happening here.” I could feel some entity in the invisible background that was flaming with rage because I didn't care. That made me laugh even more cause I really don't care. I'll see what I'm supposed to see and that's it. Of course I care deeply but... I don't care. I think you know what I mean. It took a long time for me to get to this place. I don't think I'll be leaving any time soon.

So I walk into the living room and out of the corner of my eye I see the words, “A Kid Like Jake” Then it switches to an action sequence and this 4 year old is dressing up like a ballerina. Of course I had to link it up for you. You can see that the comments are closely monitored because no one comes out and nails them for this gratuitous hatred of all things normal. I then turned off the TV, which will probably stay that way for awhile since Tom Brady did his “veni vidi vici” thing- as expected.

A few years ago, a 3 year old dingbat; metamorphosed into a dingbat by his dingbat parents, was refused entry to Princess Day at Disneyland in Paris. Here's the story at the mom's blog. The fifteen minutes of fame thing is turning into a real drag (heh heh... drag... unintended! Honest!). When a moth flickers around a candle, there's always the chance that the flame will catch it, alternatively and hopefully the light bulb will be at the right temperature. Unfortunately for those of us who are present in this world for things like this, we don't get the benefit of hot light bulbs and candle flames. Oh well... sooner or later, cue ♫ Mr. Apocalypse ♫

And then... just like that we get this! It's not like the press has a secret mandate to kill Christianity. Speaking of mandates, what do you think Lesley Wexler is doing in this article? And we can see without too much prodding that Wexler is one of the foot soldiers in the war against Christ-Mass and she will will coming around the mountain at some point.

I don't like disclaimers. I really don't. I attempt to spell out specifically and directly what my position on anything is, prior to going on and on about it. Then I will say whatever it is and invariably what I said in the beginning is forgotten, cause I stepped on someone's frog. I'll say it once again, comprehensively and with brevity (hopefully). It is none of my business who is intimate with whom, unless one of the parties is to young to make an informed decision. I have no opinion on any religious persuasion, except to say that religions are the training wheels on the bicycle of life. I am pretty sure most religious people are not tuned in to the mind behind the original traditions, behind whatever travesty remains, once the way-shower of that path has transubstantiated and the priest class gets their hands on the documents, on their way to confusing the letter of the law and the jingle of coins with the spirit of the law.

I've never had racial animosities. I grew up with people of all colors and cultures from childhood. Military bases were integrated well before the schools and sundry. My problem with anything, begins when it is politicized for the purpose of gain, on the part of people for whose real agenda all of these issues are secondary. That is most especially true in these tormented times.

Sex is being pulled out of shape like Playdoh taffy. Sex is the primary force in existence. It is the force in the lightning and expressed in the manifestation of all technology, which is an extension of the human body. Sex is a magnetic and attractive force. When it can be distorted it leads to the destruction of cultures and the family unit. It becomes distortion and confusion. There is a reason that such heavy intensity is being placed on PRE pubescent children to transition. How is it even possible that this is being considered? Satanism is clearly at work and has clearly taken control of government and all the critical aspects of the culture.

Under the guise of 'diversity' and 'political correctness' both race and culture wars are being orchestrated. It is happening right before your eyes. Obvious and transparent lies are being constructed. False events are being perpetrated to ignite rage in the onlooker. In truth there is 'nothing to see here' but skilled practitioners are weaving substance out of nothing to deceive the gullible. The video in the top right corner of that page, paints a movement from Hell's Unfinished symphony and to the objective and discerning eye, with a functioning mind behind it, speaks volumes of flaming bullshit and depravity. This particular site is a powerful force for ongoing deception and programming. The source of it is Old Scratch (you got an itch?) and the medium as usual is that specific cabal of entities, devoted to the cause of divided houses and chaos managed to specific ends. The Ghost of Stalin is marching with his army of will o wisps, seeking through a precipitation of dark intent to materialize a world of palpable shadows, seeming real. Never forget that the power of the ineffable can melt them away like morning mist. Each of us that houses the indwelling divine has that ability as far as the aura of that influence can extend.

There are no limits to the power of God; none whatsoever and the same is potentially true of us, once we can render our rebellion into surrender. In a war with the ineffable, fought with the weapons of appetite and personal desire and personal will, we must always lose because, in truth, we war against all of the best parts of ourselves. Shiva Nataraja dances with one foot lifted...

Shiva, one foot lifted

...and the other firmly upon Apasmara who personifies ignorance.

Shiva, foot on Apasmara

Ignorance of what? Ignorance of your own divine nature. I am a member of no religious tradition but I do seek to profit from the lessons exemplified in any of them.

These are very bad times not to be in control of oneself. All sorts of temporary possession are manifesting and more are on the way. It's been four days but no following information. Insanity is no respecter of fame or wealth.

Uniformed 'cause junkies' are frothing at the mouth of everything that doesn't meet their impossible standards. Meanwhile the hypocrisy is breathtaking. It amazes me how routinely the functional insane can go about the very behavior it was allegedly created to diminish. Corporations are in the business of generating massive profits from despicable behavior. There are no limits to the extent they will go for money.

Well folks, if we keep on keeping on in the wrong direction, one day the Warner Brothers cartoon climax is going to appear in the sky and Porky Pig will emerge with an ominous “bub ba ba bubba, that's all folks”.

Enough links? Yeah... I thought so. Thanks for dropping by and all those links are pertinent and revelatory; as if you need any more examples. Still... I have to give you one more that- perhaps you saw in the last posting? I sincerely hope you did. It tells you the state of Britain in these transforming times. It's on the march everywhere; the celebration of incompetence and mediocrity under the banner of equality. It's the Peter Principle on steroids. It's what's for breakfast and you'd better hope you didn't drink too much last night because... if you are any kind of a decent person, it's all coming back up now.

I should be working on the book but sometimes you have to let it all percolate so as to get it right. Under no circumstances do I want to publish anything that isn't clear and as precise as I can manage in this instance. I have the assistance of the one I am writing about to guide me and for the moment, I have been informed to let it rise overnight, or for several nights, or even several more nights after that before going into the oven in the hope of Bethlehem on the Event Horizon.

End Transmission.......

♫ Sing it Loud ♫


Anonymous said...

"Titus Flavius Josephus was a first-century Romano-Jewish scholar, historian and hagiographer, who was born in Jerusalem. In his works, Josephus quotes the writings of Clearchus of Soli. He relates the story of a dialogue between Aristole and a Jewish scholar. He quotes Clearchus thus, "In his first book on Sleep he relates of Aristotle, his master, that he had a discourse with a Jew; and his own account was that what this Jew said merited admiration...... To speak of the race first, the man was a Jew by birth and came from Cœlesyria [Palestine]. These Jews are derived from the philosophers of India. In India the philosophers call themselves Kalani, and in Syria Jews, taking their name from the country they inhabit ... the name of their capital is rather difficult to pronounce: they call it Jerusalem"

More metaphysical musings.

torus said...

Will the following make anything "clearer"? Perhaps not, but it's still a good read. I quote from, "Where Is God?", an essay by Arthur M Young.

"Einstein wanted to reject quantum theory on the grounds that, "God does not play dice with the universe." Others enshrine probability by allowing the possibility that the desk will fly out the window. One can hardly exaggerate the paradoxical and contradictory nature of the situation now existing. At the frontier of physics, we have had fifty years of efforts to accomodate the difficulties of admitting the fact of uncertainty, while behavioristic psychology, anthropology, and other pseudosciences march forward with complete confidence in the deterministic model. In the heart of logic, Godel proved logic incomplete; meanwhile everywhere else there is a wil scramble to turn everything over to the computer, the supreme example of a logical tool.
But to get back to our thesis: the perfection of natural order, which led Laplace to dispense with God because there was no need for this hypothesis, gave way to the discovery of a fundamental "disorder," which Einstein could not accept. If Einstein could evoke God to oust disorder, how could Laplace use order to oust God? I think clarification is overdue. Let us therefore attempt it by listing the ideas involved:

1. The concept of order:Newtonian mechanics, atomic theory, and chemistry all display a superb elegance, a sublime order based on number itself.
2. The concept of chance or "disorder": in nuclear physics, subatomic particles reveal uncertainty and unpredictability; the electron is a "probability fog"; a radioactive atom has an average lifetime, not a predictable one.
3. Quantum theory: while it greatly extended the scope of order, in that it made possible the precise prediction of atomic phenomena, it did so at the expense of requiring theoretical sanction of "uncertainty" in the form of the quanta of action.

The quantum of action proved to be a divine imp, an atom of unpredictability at the core of predictability. While it explained microscopic phenomena, it could not itself be explained. It could create matter where there was none before. It was the agent of all changes, all interactions of matter with itself, yet because it could not be predicted and could not itself be explained, it could also be outside of the causal chain on which ordering is based. In other words the quantum of action can have no casual antecedent. It is first cause! This is why the quantum of action is indeterminate, why it is uncertainty, why it appears in such contrast to order, and why it seems to threaten order.
But it is not so much disorder as it is a spark of divine will which, as the myths declare, has descended into matter to stir it into activity. This gives to God the role of chance, a concept shocking both to theology and to science."

Order/disorder = NOT TWO.

Who am I?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Torus... an interesting read indeed.

torus said...

@ anon, you're welcome. Arthur M Young is my favourite scientist/inventor. Quite a few gems are to be found in his writings. Particularly in "The Reflexive Universe" and "Which Way Out?".

Anonymous said...

The wonders of the Rishis' knowledge and wisdom of this eternal Sanatana Dharma is beyond compare.


Seymour Photonous said...

Much of quantum theory really is bogus as its formative narrative right from the very beginning was heavily controlled to retain the concealment of the underlying metric of space, that what we call the aether.

There is actually no randomness or uncertainty at all in nature! Our models are faulty not because of our inability to figure out the truth, but in order to preserve the physics fraud that was pulled over our eyes to weaponize what should have been a tool in our hands, and to force us onto fossil fuels to perpetuate the dependency of pay and pay and pay in an energy extortion racket for something that should have been free right from the very beginning.

There is an underlying aether and so too is there available an abundance of free-energy-to-boot in the universe from a zero point using rather simple technologies.

As regards the uncertainty, a photon can travel hundreds of billions of miles before it lands itself onto a lens with a precision of thousandths of a millimeter in order to form an optic image. This is rather an outstanding precision.

It is only our models which contain the haze of uncertainty as sadly enough have our teachers themselves have been misguided.

Ray B. said...

(Was still waiting on the VO comments section for a notification of a new column. Oh well...)

On Titus Flavius Josephus from the first commentator: Ralph Ellis has written a few books on Saul-Josephus. Yes, 'they' are one man. Ellis does a virtually watertight proof that Saul and Josephus are the same person. His comparison list of the two lives (especially in the details) leaves any fair reader with no doubt. Other details from many sources corroborate the point...

For anyone who allows themselves to think deeply about this, the Saul-Josephus identity should be both highly enlightening and troubling. This one man - who may have been a Roman agent since early in his career - has been responsible for much of the shaping and 'information flow' of his version of Christianity (or what Ellis calls 'Simple Judaism'). With the near-extermination of the original Jesus/James side (at the hands of the Roman legions), Saul-Josephus had a near free hand.

Although Ellis does not speak of this, I feel that Saul-Josephus was unlikely to have been 'alone' in his later career. As Saul/Paul or Josephus, he was probably accompanied or even 'coached' on what he could speak or write. Remember, if he was not already a deep-cover Roman agent from his early days, he was a top Judaic general who had turned quisling against his own people. He was in a very vulnerable position. He was also [intentionally or not] one of the few top-level survivors of the day. If you were a Roman emperor or Roman intelligence officer, would you have failed to make use of this fabulous asset?

So, be very careful in relying on the works of "Titus Flavius Josephus"...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Vis, a nice column. Thanks.

Vis: "I've never had racial animosities. I grew up with people of all colors and cultures from childhood. Military bases were integrated well before the schools and sundry."

This was one of my blessings. I also grew up on military bases. Race just wasn't an issue. Neither was religion. I remember a small church/chapel on one base. It was shared between different faiths: They just swapped-out hangings & symbols or rotated icons into or out of view on a turntable for different services. Quite enlightening. Later, when I popped out of my 'cocoon' into the "real" world, it was quite a surprise...


The Bigger Picture (probably truer than not):

Babylon 5: "Z'ha'dum" (Season 3, Episode 22)

John Sheridan (B5 commander): "Who are you?"
Justin (Shadow 'employee'): "Now, that's really not important."
Sheridan: "Who are you?"
Justin: "Who decides that the workday is from 9 to 5, instead of 11 to 4? Who decides that the hemlines will be below the knee this year and short again next year? Who draws up the borders, controls the currency, handles all of the decisions that happen transparently around us?"
Sheridan: "I don't know."
Justin: "Ah! I'm with them. Same group, different department. Think of me as a sort of middleman. And the name is Justin. Come in; sit, sit. The tea is getting cold."

Justin: "You see, John, back a million years ago, there were forces prowling around the galaxy beyond anything that we could understand. And, like anything else, most of them outgrew this little quadrant of the universe and headed off toward greener pastures. Now, two of them stayed behind. Shepherds, you might call them. They wanted to look after the younger races, bring them around, help them evolve into something better. One of these was the Vorlons. The other was, what you call, The Shadows."

Morden (Shadow 'employee'): "The Vorlons are like your parents, I suppose. They want you to play nice, clean your room, do it by the rules. I guess you could call them Lords of Order. The others, the ones who live here [Z'ha'dum], believe that strength only comes from conflict. They want to release our potential, not bottle it up."

Justin: "It's really simple: You bring two sides together. They fight. A lot of them die. But, those who survive are stronger, smarter, and better."

Anna (John's presumed-dead wife, now a Shadow 'employee'): "It's like knocking over an ant-hill. Every new generation gets stronger. The ant-hill gets redesigned, made better."

Justin: "It was supposed to be an equal balance between our side and the Vorlons. But, the Vorlons decided that their way was the right way. They enlisted the support of other worlds, like the Minbari. They even started interfering with the development of younger races."

Morden: "When you look at a Vorlon, you see what they want you to see. They've manipulated us so we would respond favorably to them. They've even interfered at a genetic level by taking humans and then (pause) 'adjusting' them. Why do you think certifiable telepaths came out of nowhere a hundred years ago?"


(By the way, B5 was forced off the air despite being very popular. It was then denied syndication for decades, just emerging now. Sense any hint Why? )

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

I useually come here via:
The site has been down for over 24 hours now ; (
Thetuthseeker has great content so I sincerely hope the bad guys haven’t succeeded in taking it down.
Up, up, up... : j
Regarding quantum theory, check out the science writings of Miles Mathis;
Miles is a brilliant physicist and his “Charge Field” explanations are a joy to read.
His artwork and social commentary are also eye-opening...

Visible said...

I've been told he is just redoing his site.

Ray B. said...

A slight addition to my Babylon 5 comment, in the interests of clarity...

Morden: "When you look at a Vorlon, you see what they want you to see. They've manipulated us so we would respond favorably to them."

What did Sheridan see when he saw [Vorlon ambassador] Kosh?
When [Centauri ambassador] Londo was asked what he saw when he looked at Kosh outside his encounter suit, he replied, "Absolutely nothing." How come?

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Karma is the Level of our Ignorance in Action, in Search of an End to It.

Anonymous said...

Hello Visible..... the eloquence of your words never ceases to amaze and amuse......
I also grew up on military bases and experienced an appreciation for all my relations.....
The military chapels brought a curiosity and a desire to understand religion and spirituality ......
The space time continuum is moving much to quickly for me.......

One love .....Terrance

Anonymous said...

LV! There is something to be said for not giving a shit. Laughing at a flaming outhouse of a fading culture is actually very fun especially if you have nothing invested in it. Manboons is not a learning animal and the repeat of history will have to commence. Sadly there will be no utopia made by the hive but those off on their own will find Shangri-La because they are tuned in to the frequency.



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