Monday, June 24, 2019

Evil ALWAYS Destroys Itself. It is a Main and Integral Facet of its Intrinsic Nature.

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Evil doesn't have just one face. This is where the tale of 'Legion' comes from. Of course it is often true that defining Evil is not a slam dunk, given the same shifting that goes on around manufactured convenient evils and good where no good can be found. In some cases, however... The term, Evil, most surely does apply as in the case of this creature from The Pit.


In some cases it is clear cut; Little Georgie Sorrows is Evil, if one said that the destruction of our culture is Evil and Soros was a prime mover in that regard, he would be defined as Evil. He does not want to destroy only America. He wants to destroy Europe as well and has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to this end. It is likely he wants to destroy the whole world; if only he would destroy himself first (sigh).

Sometimes it is not so clear cut. These days people are told they can be anyone they want to be and that they have the right to live their own truth. First off, people cannot be anyone they want to be and there is no such thing as a personal truth, unless Truth is not truth... unless Truth is anything anyone wants to say it is and... how can that be?

One can assuredly say that certain chemicals are dangerous to our well being and those who relentlessly promote them for venal profit would surely be considered Evil, if it is Evil to destroy the lives of others for personal profit. I suspect that it is.

Production of toxic foods that destroy the health and well being of those ingesting them would be called Evil; certainly they would be called Evil by those it happened to.

Children who were raised by incompetent and indulgent parents do not become adults or sane and are indoctrinated to believe that what they want must always prevail over the desires of others. A plague of selfishness is loosed in the world and the infrastructure of a culture, of a society, including its moral underpinnings, is destroyed. Some believe there is no difference between liberty and license and that anything goes. If anything goes then everything balanced and dependable goes with it as well.

If you are a depraved individual who is devoted to the ruin of the world as we know it, I suspect that Evil could be applied to you and your works (by which we would know you). All through this bio about this woman, there is no mention of her creating The Drag Queen Story Hour, which has grown into a national child grooming, pedophile operation. Often we do not know who the people really are that are behind certain movements. We don't know who is promoting or funding them. The national media slavishly fawns upon these people, highly recommending their work. Why would that be?

If you take a serious and careful look at what is being promoted and what is being censured in these times, it will give you an idea or two or three about where a certain international collective of powerful groups and individuals wants the world to go. If you look very hard for a very long time, as I have, you find that no matter where you look, how far you look, or how hard you look, in trying to find an alternative possibility; you discover, over and over, it is ALWAYS the same people who are doing the same thing. There is no way around it and there is no 'other'.

If you look a little deeper into Michelle Tea and her background, including the culture she grew up in, it becomes VERY clear what is going on. This article should prove eyeopening. It took me some amount of time to get the details I was already convinced were there. You don't find them through a cursory, initial foray... into a dozen or more articles linked at the various search engines. There is a war going on people and... and... what? One thing for sure, we shall see in time.

It is an information war as much as anything else. Information is suppressed and information is proliferated. The truth is stood on it's head and virtue is sodomized at every opportunity.

This brings me to say what is always lingering in the backstreets of my mind ...♫hiding on the backstreets♫ cue Bruce. What is always within reach on the backstreets of my mind is that I did not set out to find out what I found out. What I found out is what there was to find. I looked at all kinds of other possibilities from alien intrusions, demonic possession out of the infernal regions of the subconscious, roving bands of Nephilim and Anunnaki in a human glamour aspect and the closest I could get was; if any of these had any elements of reality, they still always chose the same vehicles of expression.

I studied ancient history. I studied the various periods between then and now. I looked at wars and who orchestrated and financed them. I looked at slavery and who owned the slave ships. I looked at the pornography industry. I looked at the atheist movement and the various organizations who decide what hate speech is. I looked at 'invented terms' created to grant pariah status to those accused of certain behavior and I found that the terms were created for no other reason than to accuse those who looked too deeply or spoke too publicly.

I learned that you can't have a mainstream career or a family. You can't have money or a reputation because all of these things are hostages to fortune, should the overlords catch wind of you; unless, of course, you have certain protections. I suggest one get those protections first and also make sure of who and what you are working for.

Satanist Georgie-Girl Sorrows did not come out of the woodwork, as some accidental spawn of a laboratory experiment gone wrong. Amazon was not a fluke, neither was Facebook, nor a plethora of similar material successes. The replicating mutating sexual perversities and the powerful corporate forces behind them are not an accident. The simmering racial tensions and the 'for profit' migration industries are no accident. The ubiquitous race-mixing in commercials and movies are no accident. There is a pointed effort at the destruction of specific cultures and societies at work here. The fomenting of hatred of the white race and heterosexuals is no accident. The war on Christianity is no accident and 9/11 was not done by a handful of Stone Age Arabs.

I KNOW that I am just passing through here and where I'm bound is of far more importance to me than the temporary ground I stand on at the moment. Then again, what we stand for defines us. When we have the courage of our convictions we also possess Integrity as well. It should be one of your most prized possessions. Without it you are impoverished and with it you have wealth immeasurable.

I WILL NOT lick the boots of the enemies of humanity. I will not give fealty to what is not true, simply in order to survive as a catamite slave, of forces who have no power other than what Fear can give them.

Just as there is more going on than what the majority of us can see. There is also more going on than those bent on deceiving us are aware of. Evil ALWAYS destroys itself. It is a main and integral facet of its intrinsic nature. Life works in certain circumstances and conditions and does not work in others. Despite the concerted efforts of a band of poorly skilled liars, who want to convince us the Earth is flat and up is down and black is white, it won't happen. Fools may be led into all manner of momentary fictions but in the end, they are fictions. The truth, in so far as it can ever be known, is based on science, whether it be more widely discovered or not. Physics tells us one tale and metaphysics tells a more detailed tale, yet physics always comes round to what proves out according to what was not formerly known. We now know that the universe is composed of mind-stuff. We now know that the world is thought born. These truths have always been known to those who have been properly informed. Think for a moment what this means; if the world is composed of 'mind-stuff' and is 'thought born'. It is incontrovertible truth of divine agency!!!

There IS an invisible hierarchy. There is an invisible brotherhood, entrusted with the fate of humanity. The power of the forces of light is ALWAYS greater than the power of the shadow. Life is simply a drama in which the truth of this is proven over and over again. It is a sad destiny for those who believe in the lies they embrace, out of fear of those who appear to be powerful enough to compel them to.

Be not deceived, even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment and the devil, such as whatever it may be, works for God, whatever that may be. This world is a proving ground. It is a place where the lies we may believe are proven to be false. It is a place where the truth we believe is proven to be so. Time will tell and we shall see.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Les ! The time has come for the separation of the wheat from the chaff.

GregS said...

"We now know that the universe is composed of mind-stuff. We now know that the world is thought born." said Les.

Hi Les, you know, that it is mind stuff is going to turn out to actually be true, and that the world is a thought form, oddly enough, is also going to turn out to be a correct statement.

Yet when we further examine this veritable 'mind stuff', we can see that it is comprised of electron. We call this atomic.

Electrons that will not only push-back with an inertial force as a resistance to being accelerated, but we find they also can come arranged and locked together in any manner of arrangement of astounding chemical complexity to give rise to the structure of a living organism.

So we can see, that mind can project atomic solidity and assemble endless arrangements of living complexity.

This is actually truly remarkable.

What are the laws of physics that mind can generate the solidity of an electron?

Are we correct to say it is projected?

Light can be projected, and we know that we can project an image of light in a night dream, so then is it reasonable to assume that therefore there must be a natural bridge from photon to electron?

The toggle of charge from electron to photon to electron is astounding, where it is correct to say that the photon is a line event between two end points, and the two end points are always electron. ie, the photon comes out of the electron and goes back into the electron, when the quantum wave function is said to collapse.

So we can further reduce to say that the photon is the connecting rod between its two end points, a pair of electrons.


Now we can begin to grasp some of the rudimentary fundamentals of how Ghod could have created this world.

Getting our minds around how mind can create matter, is going to turn out to be a major historical breakthrough.

We can see that not only does physics turn out to be mind friendly, but mind in turn, turns out to be exceptionally physics friendly.

So venturing further afield, it might be reasonable to assume, that the objects experienced in ones dream, (ie night dreaming) might also be comprised of electron.

And when we consider the internal functioning of our dream body to carry over and animate the sensori of being located in that structure moving around inside the dream, we can reasonably argue that we are a living organism down to the micro fine biophysics of the individual atoms of the DNA.

How can this be so?

Now we have two factors to take account. How can mind create atomic solidity? And how does it carry-over, or from where does it get its templates to project a living organism? How does it just come by this information, all this data?

Seems that each being is a ghodling.

I know, I know, looking at this ugly bloody mess it is hard at times to conceive, but I am too far gone entangled, for I cannot help but believe it true, our daddy is a ghod, and therefore, we are ghodling.

Now, next question,

where's mum?


Visible said...

It is a tenet of contemporary physics and a mathematically proven reality that the universe is composed of mind-stuff and that it is thought born, according to the physicists themselves.

Voltman said...

Well let's see...I do have tons of mud I could sling at Georgie Sorass but, I came across this opinion a moment ago and decided to post it here, for diversity's sake...:

Umbra Bellator June 23, 2019 said:

How a vicious criminal like Soros is still walking around free and alive is beyond me. Oh, that’s right, he’s wealthy and a Jew, so he gets a free pass to destroy and kill. Well folks, that shit has to stop and it has to stop now. Soros the Destroyer is a satanic shit-stain on the fabric of humanity and needs to be impoverished, dragged through the streets by his ankles, stripped naked, flogged mercilessly, rolled in pig shit, and nailed to a tree.

Mr. Bellator should be head of the FBI! At the very least!

(((Those))) who make free and rational discussion impossible, make ‘Zyklon-B’ desirable! — Ghost Who Walks

Hundreds of migrants Congo and Angola were transported to San Antonio the week before, and city officials say they received no warning from the feds that they were coming.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Hence I have withdrawn from the world as much as I can. The nose cave is my favourite place to be, as I watch the entropy of this cesspit on the compooter, and occasionally post something that hits me hard.

Visible said...

Yeah... right... why isn't it linked here? The sole purpose of a blog is to communicate with others.

Visible said...

I am now on Pocketnet so if anything happens in these environs you will find me here. Take notice and save the link!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

It must be a google thang. I have no idea how to make it linked here. Again, as I posted on Smoking Mirrors; I can get the link if I hit my ID at the top of each post. And again I post one of the most obnoxious blog links on the web:

Informative, but often not very nice.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I just looked at all possible settings. I have no clue. Can a fellow reader test it by hitting my handle next to the orange B, and tell me if they can access my blog like that?

justoffal said...

Greetings and salutations Mr.Les

I've often wondered what it is that drives the gargoyles our existence
Two feet on the pain and misfortune of others. The very antithesis of giving
Seems to indicate but they are also the antithesis of the good spirits.
And there we have it a logical foundation for the existence of evil spirits.


Asil said...

A fact is that the entire structure of society was flawed from the onset. We are watching it all unravel as every law of nature is being crushed and depravity encouraged and embraced. What amazes is that so many people have no concept of what is occurring .
Vaya con Dios Visible!

Ray B. said...

Vis, one of your best blogs. Really rounds things up and presents them to your face. Appreciated.

When I was reviewing your "what is" list of things being manipulated 'down here' to bad purposes, I kept coming back to what is common to all those things. To me, it is the suppression of our higher functions (particularly telepathy and empathy). All else in our grim world proceeds from that 'given'.

I dislike the 'unfairness' of the playing field. Leaving some Players (many unseen) with working higher-faculties, while disabling those faculties in others, is in some manner 'unfair'. It is like going into battle with one hand tied behind your back and your legs tied together. The outcome is all but certain.

Someone/something got a lock on us in the distant past, and things have proceeded downhill for a looong time. Given that all-God was the ultimate 'instigator', I suppose that he/she/it will have to flip the switch in the other direction. Let us hope that all-God is moving 'in mysterious ways' to do exactly that...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Accelerating Rise of Sexual Fascism, coming to a Sidewalk Near You Soon.

Visible said...

Sometimes it is difficult for me to maintain my faith in the certitude of the ineffable being absolutely in control of everything down to the tiniest detail but soon enough I am drawn back to the unshakable conviction that God has it all in hand. I may not know what is going on (affirmative on that) but the ineffable assuredly does. My entire life experience now is about that one thing, relying on the divine for EVERYTHING. It sounds like it should be so simple and it is but I am not as simple as I should be.

GregS said...

Hi Les, yes, correct. Now the work is in the details, how is this so?

GregS said...

I understand Soros makes his money buying up distressed assets for cents on the dollar in the aftermath of war. This apparently is his business model and he thinks its a very good one.

It involves helping people move out of their assets so that he can move in and take it.

So his biggest contribution to history is the helping hand of friendship towards war distressed populations to gain refugees status and move them far away from the home and assets.

So why does he want to destroy America? He does not hate it, he intends to own it as kinggod Soros.



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