Wednesday, December 09, 2020

"NOW is the Time to seek God's Mercy and Forgiveness. God is the Ultimate Authority and The Court of Last Resort."

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The thing that troubles me most about President Trump and which I haven't mentioned because there is so much else of Greater Concern to me is this thing with the vaccines. How can he not know what is going on with them? Meanwhile, even though COVID is no big deal whatsoever, there are several solutions to the virus that are solid and already out there. They are; Ivermectin, Budesonide, and Hydroxychloroquine. These are NOT listed in the order of effectiveness. I don't know what that order is.

There is another item and you make it yourself. It is called Chlorine Dioxide. If you don't know how to make this then you must get the book, “Forbidden Health” (incurable was yesterday). In the book, ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW is detailed therein. I received this information from a dear friend, who is a Naturopath.

There are, no doubt, character defects in President Trump, but... the other side wants to turn America into a Marxist Gulag. I also KNOW FOR A FACT (since I am an example) that God uses people with character defects and shortcomings because he uses me. On that account, I have not a shred of doubt.

Let us move on. Well, dear friends, you knew it was coming sooner or later so; HOW ABOUT THIS??? I have no more to say about it. I've known for a long time that aliens from space were among us. I have directly encountered them. This has not happened often in the outer sense, only a few times, BUT... telepathically it has occurred more frequently. I'm not the Lone Ranger here, nor do I go out of my way to talk about these things, as they are very subjective, and don't really help anyone. I know there are people who claim to have all sorts of interactions with The Pleiades and other locations. Mine have been exclusively with Arcturus and the Sirius Cluster, internally speaking. I don't know who it was that appeared externally.

Anyone who has taken psychedelic substances and is AWARE has had similar experiences. I will say that those having legitimate experiences are FEW and FAR BETWEEN. ALSO, those who are aware are few and far between as well. This I have been told by off-planet entities. Being that I am a Trust but Verify kind of a guy, I require multiple encounters and hard evidence before I put any stock in anything. I've had well more than multiple encounters and vivid experiences. Still, here I am, not having gotten on a ship, other than my saucer pod, and not having been ferried to far ports of call and, I'm STILL ME.

Let's migrate now to the real issue to be discussed here today. There is a planetary configuration coming that involves Jupiter and Saturn. I should point out that even though they are going to be closer together than usual, they are still going to be hundreds of millions of miles apart. Still... it WILL BE significant; distances in space are of a whole other order than are distances down here, relatively speaking. We experience ALL THE TIME, the influence and impact of the planets passing each other in space. Materialists can argue about it and call it junk science and the province of eccentrics and social rejects, BUT... I happen to KNOW it is true that these planets manifest their forces UPON US and also WITHIN US. My EXPERIENCE tells me this is true.

What I have to say on the matter is this; There was once a configuration that has been called, The Star of Bethlehem. This was the result of two planets coming close together in the sky so that they looked like one. There is a CRITICAL FACT that is present in the correlation between the planets that appeared in the sky during that period so long ago, and the planets appearing in a fortnight. The planets that appeared as an indicator of the birth of Jesus Christ were Jupiter and Venus.

The planets presently coming closer together are Jupiter and Saturn. This foretells a VERY DIFFERENT state of affairs. Saturn is known as the limiter and has much to do with crystallized forms, structures, and TIME. It is the planet of limitations. Anyone who has had a Saturn return knows that it can be a painful event. Growth is ALWAYS painful. Why do babies cry? It is not just because they are hungry or have fouled themselves. Surely you have heard of 'growing pains'? Most importantly, Saturn is the planet of KARMA. Saturn TEACHES and JUDGES us. It is also the source of our fears.

Saturn has traditionally been know as The Taskmaster. It is Saturn that tries us. Saturn has been come to be known as a malefic, as opposed to a benefic, of which Jupiter is The Chief of Benefics. Saturn is Chief of the Malefics. SO... we have the chief malefic and the chief benefic about to make SWEEPING changes here. During the time of Christ, we had Jupiter and Venus, These are called, The Greater and the Lesser Fortune. One doesn't need to be a metaphysician to grasp that Christ came to show the power and authority of LOVE.

What do we have coming now??? Oh my... (grin). Before I go into detail here, please, let me remind you that I don't say these sorts of things unless I am fair certain. I tend to fall back on, “I don't know.” in most cases. In this case, I do know a little. Let me say that what is coming is best summed up in that statement from The Bhagavad Gita;

“Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma. As they approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.”

This time, God is coming as The Rewarder and The Punisher. It could not be more clear. With Saturn you have Karmic reward and retribution, you have restriction and confinement. Saturn is The Warden in The Penitentiary of the Mind. Jupiter is The Plenipotentiary of God. His Avatar comes with his FULL POWER, to reward and to punish. Jupiter is the great expander. Saturn is the great constrictor. Jupiter is also representative of The Higher Self and the embodiment of FAITH!!! I have been stressing, Faith, Certitude and Determination. Jupiter and Saturn account for these; not entirely, and this is by no means comprehensive or exclusive. I am giving you a general picture. Jupiter is also all about abundance, as well as good luck and fortune (should luck be a real thing, which I do not believe it is). Jupiter is also about Spirituality.

It could not be more clear that we are coming into a time of Just Deserts. This does not mean there will be no main course and only just desserts, anything but (grin). Heh heh... I couldn't help myself. Oh no! By all means, visible, help yourself.

This is what Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening are all about. They are setting the stage for the next permutation of God in human form. Though I know that many of the people who SHOULD BE reading this are not going to be reading it, I will speak to them, regardless; you HAD BETTER learn the meaning of CONTRITION and REPENTANCE and you had better come to some understanding of them SOON. God does not play around (well, actually he does, because this whole world is his playground as is the universe entire, BUT... you know what I mean) when he goes through the trouble of showing up here. He comes with an agenda, and it is clear to me, if not to anyone else, what that agenda is. He is going to REWARD and to PUNISH. Even when punishing, however, he has your best interests at heart.

NOW is the time to seek out God and his MERCY. NOW is the time to seek God's forgiveness. God is the Ultimate Authority and The Court of Last Resort. When your eyes are open, you can see what is going on, at least within the bandwidth of physical sight. When your eyes are closed, you cannot. Why is it so hard for people to see what is, apparently, hiding in plain sight? They have intentionally closed their eyes. Here's a little something for you all. God is going to open your eyes, like it or not. God is right there within you. Should he choose, he can illuminate you, or he could make you mad. He can take away your reason in a twinkling. He is doing so in many cases, as you can see, if... your eyes are open. It's a bit like The Emperor's New Clothes. Everyone can see, some choose not to.

None of us can say that we have not been warned and... what is it that accounts for the feckless nature of so many of our leaders? FEAR. Fear accounts for it. In Georgia, many legislators, when asked by a particular person, “Why are you not supporting a signature check for the ballots? Why are you reluctant to call a special session?” They said they were afraid that BLM and Antifa would burn down Atlanta. SO... let me see if I have this right. That must mean that BLM and Antifa will just go away, right? It is in the nature of APPEASEMENT that you CANNOT EVER give or permit enough. It is like a blackmailer. Do they stop asking for more money? You EITHER stand tall, or you WILL BE brought to your knees in subjugation. PERIOD!!!

Does a bully stop bullying you because you plead with him to stop? It's like that thing with animal nature. Fear and Anger (aggression) are the same to an animal. Oh, I could go on for days about the intricacies of this. Maybe I shouldn't have even mentioned it, but I am hoping the reader will extrapolate in their minds.

Christmas is coming. Presents are coming. In some cases, there is going to be a lump of coal, or far worse, in some people's stockings. We have been seeing and seeing and hearing and hearing the evidence of what was formerly hidden. People can't help themselves. They are being compelled by a force much greater than themselves to OUT themselves. It is ALL going to be REVEALED. We shall stand naked before the Throne of God and before The World. We are stripping down each moment via the apocalypse and The Awakening is causing us to see. Like it or not. I've made my peace with God and myself. I suggest a proactive mindset from pole to pole. Those who will not hear must feel.

I would like to ask all of the readers to pray for Justin Virden who is going through a great trial at this time.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Too bad it's such a gradual process. Too bad it's not like an on/off switch. Awesomely, totally tubular post!

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for a 'revealing' blog. Appreciated.

Charles Fort stated, "The Earth is a farm. We are someone else's property.” This mindset produces two possibilities:

First, all the action is just a 'churn' to keep the naked-apes occupied and not looking at the curtain. It is administered from the hidden 'top'. Viewed from this angle, everything is 'under control' - just not naked-ape control.

Assuming the technology-buildup of the past few centuries to have been directed from behind the curtain, there are two further sub-divisions of the plot: No major war will occur because it would upset the technology-buildup to date. Or, the 'hidden rulers' have achieved their technology-goals - interstellar spaceflight capability - and plan to leave the naked-apes within a carefully-crafted, self-initiated thermonuclear war.

Second, the 'other side' from an Ancient War has finally shown up. Perhaps scouts. Perhaps with an ultimatum. The 'hidden rulers' have been in a panic for the last few centuries. The technology-buildup has been pushed hard because the weaponry-larder was near-bare after the previous battles.

Again, this breaks-down into two further sub-divisions of the plot: In one, the 'other side' from the Ancient War has not landed (in any force) on this planet. So, all the nations on the globe - despite appearances - are to be used in defense of the 'hidden rulers'. On the other hand, the 'other side' from the Ancient War has either landed or made protectionist treaties with some nations on Earth. (Remember the internet 'scuttlebutt' around Putin being told by Pleiadians that they have his back?) Now, it's a guerrilla war for Earth...

Interesting semi-SF possibilities occur when one looks beyond the day-to-day manufactured 'churn'...
On the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, there is the effect on our Sun from the Solar System's barycenter. Another article on this, and just the graph from that article. (Note that their graph only goes to 1995.) You can see that the Sun is being 'swung' around the Solar System's center of mass.

Having the mass of Jupiter and Saturn lined-up on one side of our Sun is probably the highest off-center configuration of our Solar System. It would be interesting to see what that barycenter graph looked-like in 2020. What effect does that have on the physical Sun?

And then, what does that effect have on the non-physical Sun? Interesting times...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

When Lord Krishna said "All paths, Arjuna, lead to me” He meant All Paths.
Bhagavad Gita 4.11

Anonymous said...

Chlorine Dioxide is definitely worth trying.

Here is an excellent video that explains how to make it:


Ray B. said...

Barycenter graph up-to 2020.

Anonymous said...

Aww I used to like George Clooney

Anyway awesome post and interesting about Jupiter and Saturn relating to Time. Recently I have had certain experiences travelling forward in time. The ‘time travel ship’ let’s say was Gods consciousness.
I could be well mistaken but it seems like I’m going to be a Time Lord like Doctor Who.

Scary but fun. It shows you how futile self obsession and ego is. At the end of time all that’s left is God. If you continually Love and die into God then you will always know life and never need to hold on to what cannot be held onto

Verily I rejoice in Christ, I die daily: St Paul

I have a little LSD trip planned for early next week but I have been thinking for a while to save it for the exact day of the Winter solstice on the 21st

Either way it probably doesn’t matter. The Christ can already be felt, even if he isn’t on the material plane yet, he is DEFINITELY transmitting and effectively here. The Christ comes as a wave of Love in and through your heart and sweeps you away. Your ego is no more. It truly is salvation as you struggle to think of what you used to be, but not in a painful way, but as you kept swept away again and again in waves of awakening in Love

Let go into God. There is nothing else but God. Allow him to be born in your heart like a Child in a woman’s womb. Witness His birth inside yourself even if no one else believes you. God will take you within to Heaven if you allow it and believe it.

Short bus

Visible said...

Wow! Alan... I'm reading that comment and thinking that I have to reply to this person because what they are saying is so right on and then? And then? I see it is YOU? Holy Jumping Jujubes!!! To say that I was taken aback is an understatement. I wound up moonwalking out of the room. Yikes! This is scary. It was fine when you were borderline retarded, BUT... now? I really don't know what to think. this is beautifully stated and authentic as well. I'm impressed.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

AND MANY MORE LINKS AGAIN. HERE ARE MANY EXAMPLES OF WHAT MR. APOCALYPSE IS UP TO; I suggest you at least skim these. I went through a lot of trouble to make them available to you. I must have had a reason.""

I have really started to pay attention to these links you are posting, more so than to The Truthseeker, in fact.

How on earth, seriously, do you manage to filter through the vast amount of Alternative stuff there is to post up what you do here?

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Gosh darn it, it is all coming to a point here in THIS column, isn't it , Les?

Where your recent columns have been leading -

I KNEW there must have been a profound reason why the inner self regarded which way this Election is decided as the single most important Issue in this entire lifespan - even more than 9/11 -

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Guided and Led by the Universal Attractive Force to that Great and Glorious Ultimate Destiny of Life."

Visible said...

I'm guided.

Anonymous said...

Ahah visible!
I would love to see you moonwalk

Well yes I’m still borderline retarded and maybe God will keep that in me for quite some time. I would rather be retarded and waiting for God than pleased with my own ego.

Thanks Visible for your struggle and time here. You have been a pillar for me to look up to and aspire to be like.

My experience in Christ was enhanced by the use of no less than 4 ‘tabs’ of LSD. My hope is that soon, as the Avatar descends closer and closer to the material plane, we would always be directly connected to him. I guess I sorta met him half way, so to speak

How powerful it will be to have The Christ transmitting all over the world in the hearts of the many. I cannot even imagine.....

Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the hearts of man, that which the Lord hath prepared for those that Love Him.

Frog said...

Thanks Visible

tru3 said...

“You have been a pillar for me to look up to and aspire to be like.”





Joseph Brenner

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