Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm Surrounded by Beautiful People

Let me see... if a day is like a thousand years then we are in the seventh day of this most recent excursion through a period of historical record. Evidence of places called Atlantis and Lemuria exist and we are occasionally hearing about some expedition that has discovered the location of one of them but then we don’t hear any more and I suspect they don’t know any more.

If you attempt to read that ponderous piece of dense and questionable literature from Gurdjieff entitled, Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson” you get the idea that the history we no longer have any record of goes way, way back. If you attempt to read the even denser and more ponderous tome, “The Urantia Book” you find that history goes so far back you wind up looking at your own rear end; just remember not to drop this book on your foot or you won’t be walking anywhere for awhile. If you take a look at some of the Scientology literature that keeps winding up on Usenet, much to the chagrin of these spiritual neo-Nazis, you find that history is nothing more than science fiction and that too goes back farther than any sane person wants to remember.

The Hindus talk about ‘kalpas’ which are enormous reaches of time and the Buddhists are no slouches either when it comes to years like the grains of sand on the Sahara. It makes our pitiful stretch of bloodshed and torments seem like the wink of an eye. Since I am a student of ‘occult’ history; which is very different from the more pervasive yellow sheet history that you get spoon fed by the mind monitors in your halls of not learning, my view is that whatever history there was you didn’t get much of it. You got bunk, as Henry Ford called it. You got the history written by the victors upon the skin parchment of the victims.

It appears that we don’t know much about what came before and it looks like we generally don’t know jack about what’s coming. Here we are in the seventh day and the one thing you might reasonably expect is that we might have learned something about how to behave toward each other but we haven’t learned a damn thing about that either.

For a good example, take a look at this. Under the hammer-hand of ‘hose-me’ Mubarak, the Egyptian authorities snatched a large herd of dangerous sheep on their way through the tunnels into Gaza. Possibly your first thought is that these sheep were going to have child suicide bombers strapped to their bellies like some replay from The Odyssey and then a bunch of Hamas cowboys would stampede them across the Israeli border.

Perhaps they were going to inject the sheep with TNT, stick a fuse in their ass and then launch them via wooden catapults into settler communities? What kind of walking upright lizards have so much time and rancor on their hands that they can get up to rustling sheep from a starving and brutalized population? We haven’t learned a damn thing. We behave like a predatory, cannibal virus on this planet. If you look under a microscope at the Ebola virus you’ll see milling IDF figures barbecuing Palestinians over a slow fire.

You might think we’ve come some distance since Vlad the Impaler was Mr. Shish Kabob or Tamerlane was engaged in his human masonry projects but we haven’t gone anywhere at all. We are still, as far as the larger body of our fellows goes, a mob of hydrophobic swine feeding on each other. On the one hand are billions of Schmoos who make the Dodo Bird look like a Fulbright scholar and on the other hand there are some thousands of two legged Komodo Dragons who think everyone else looks like a Japanese tourist with a camera who got too close. They’re knocking back the Schmoos like popcorn at a snuff film and it just goes on and nothing changes.

Seven thousand years of brutal inhumanity and we haven’t learned anything. How many men like George Galloway have we got? Where is the outrage? In a just world, Israel would now be fused glass and 90 some percent of our political and religious leaders would be locked up in cages in a Zoo of Remembrance as an example of how not to be.

What the hell is wrong with you people? Seven thousand years and counting and the only difference between you and the classical image of the cave man are your weapons and appliances. Other than that, nothing has changed.

Here we have one of the most powerful militaries on Earth. Daily, they are killing the people they have driven off of their own land into tiny concentration camps... for sport and amusement. They walk around wearing t-shirts like this. And the world sees nothing wrong? They waltzed into the area and began poisoning the Palestinians wells, they murdered whole families and villages and drove 700,000 people into exile and now they are crushing those who will not go away into smaller and smaller ghettos while wringing their hands over some injury done them and which they have magnified beyond any connection to reality and... if you say anything about it they want to throw you into jail and... the world says nothing.

Here and there, across the world, are pockets of human beings surrounded by sleepwalking zombies and ravenous vultures who feed upon them. How can so many of us be so blind and senseless? How can so few of us be all that there are of us?

In The Congo, where six million really did die, they used to dig into the ground with shovels to extract this special metal that goes into cellphones and Playstations and other gadgets. The women who truck the shit out in baskets wear a rope around their foreheads to carry the weight. The rope cuts so deep that a permanent calloused groove remains and now they don’t have shovels any more because the militias took them and so they dig with their hands. Rape, murder and mutilation are a daily affair in this land about which the world does not care.

Senseless cruelty and starvation abound while rich men have lunch and talk about world hunger. Meanwhile your world is crumbling too, isn’t it?

Seven thousand years of film on this present reel and all it is... is hunger and fear on one side and debutante balls on the other.

Just another pointless rant against a deaf and unfeeling world but it needs be said. Maybe someone will pull a printout from a smoking landfill of a dead civilization and read it some day.

Well... I’m hopeful (grin). I have no idea why I am hopeful but I am. I keep thinking that ‘they’ have to wake up. They have to wake up someday don’t they?

I don’t know what’s going to happen to that herd of sheep but it’s probably the same thing that’s going to happen to you.

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su said...

I guess the slumber we're in can be compared to a sleep treatment I once undertook when very young and very suicidal.
I can't remember the name of the drug but it was great. You had a drip in your arm and this thing just went in at a certain volume. So at supper time I would be awake enough to eat a meal, then I would read for a while and then when I wanted to escape again I would turn the dial on my wrist and within a few minutes I would be flying in the ether again.
It was not powerful enough to warrant a catheter or anything just strong enough to keep one asleep for as long as necessary.
I guess the equivalent to that drug is television and diet. People are so deprived of nutrients that their life force runs on empty - thus no need for lullaby's.

I can't help thinking that something huge is going to happen to render the killers ineffectual and wake us up big time.
Atlantis apparently went in seconds - perhaps the same thing here. The current civilization that is might not make it - the planet - she will recover - bless her.

reenie said...

Every day you touch on something that is concerning me. Many of us are with the people of Gaza and support George Galloway, many of us try to explain to friends and family to see the truth,only to fall on deaf ears.When I send them articles that explain what is really going on and I get a back "stop sending me that". I guess I will stop but I know I am on the right side.Thank you Les. I read the first 15 chapters of your book and read some out loud to my husband while on a car trip to Maine,looking forward to more. PEACE and love to you and your family Reenie

Anonymous said...

Yes, you have to wonder if they ever will, wake up that is. The testimony of time certainly doesn't support the idea that they will. And so the adage goes something like - miserable wretched am I that I must die amongst the bases of all animals, asses.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the fitting title is
"I'm Surrounded by Beautiful Preople- NOT."
There is an old saying...if you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem.
Truth be told - all of us western folk, us 20% of the world who consume 80% of the world's ressources, are the problem.
Imagine (to quote Lennon) we the western folk took 99% of our military budgets to help the 'other' 80% of the world to farm, irrigate, feed and school their children and so on.
The status quo at the expence of 80% of the people on earth means that we are the problem.
What would Jesus or Ghandi or MLK jr or John Lennon say?
Oh yeah...they did and got killed for it.

Anonymous said...

Im workin off the idea that we all wake-up, but not at once. Not that we couldnt try, but we are all so very different in the hands of creation, wakin-up is too big for group action. The person and its many levels is much more than the most enlightend culture. We carry with us(as a single person) all that is and will ever be, in all realms. There is not better refection of balance and wonder than yourself.
The "way" to your more wondering mind is not material. Its cant inclued others actions or even lover's words. It, as I see it, work off the "ancient path" of energy. It(path) is you in place and motion with all that you have choosen to look at and think about. Yes more, there is too see and still more to move though, but a "way" become clear.
Most people that hate color or ideas with never find a way just a way "not to." Im Scottish, but I dont replace all the images and stories of my culture with the color of my skin. The current PC world looks at skin as a taboo and only helps to turn around the any true culture.
Anyway, we will go, down a path covered by ageless trees or deep blue skies, with just oneness even with two eyes open.


m_astera said...

There's not a lot that any of us can do here in 3D land without a body. Which is why those of us who volunteered for this mission are stuck in bodies. At least we can sing and cook and be an example of how to be.

My teacher asked once, "In the light of all eternity, does it matter that you cheated this one time?" And then answered himself thus: "In the light of all eternity is there anything that matters more?"

We do what we can do. Soldier on, warriors. Soldier on.

Anonymous said...

Montreal Star, June, 1969:
Reporter: Where do you get your strength?
John Lennon: From Hare Krsna.
Yoko: That's where we get it from, you know. We're not denying it.

Well I, for one, really believe this is Kali Yuga and it really is downhill all the way. With everything this entails..
This, of course, does not mean each individual is doomed, or each individual is incapable of being all he/she can be, even to the point of liberation... and beyond.
Au contraire.

m_astera said...

One of the memorable things from Gurdjieff's Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson was the story about the man in the Central Asian town who had the job of blowing the 6 am whistle at the train station, waking the whole town up.

It wasn't a bad job, but he couldn't for a long time figure out why he felt so terrible all the time, until he clued into the idea that all of the people in the town were cursing him every morning. He was waking them all up and pissing them off.

So what he decided to do was spend around half an hour each day, before he blew the whistle, roundly cursing the whole population. Sort of to even things out.

I love you Les.

Anonymous said...

Three years ago I was being sneered at and abused for trying to warn people of the impending financial catastrophe.
A few of those same people have had the good grace to send me an email recently saying: "Is this what you meant?"
"Yes," I would reply, "this is exactly what I meant."
And yet the media is full of stories headlined "How could we not see this coming?"
Well, maybe, just maybe, because your snout was so deep in the trough that you couldn't see anything beyond the next little delicacy that you were going to have to kill the person next to you to get to.
Which is a long way of saying that the reason people can't respond to what is going on in their life is that it doesn't really affect them.
They can see it on TV, they can read about it if they bother to read, but how can it compete when American Idol is down to the finalists and America's Next Top Model has women brawling in the lines waiting to get in for their desperate lunge at fame.
Despite all the lessons of the past six months and the drumbeat that says that what happens in Gaza affects all of us as human beings, people just don't feel it.
And they won't feel it until the guns are pointed at them, until they have no home and no money to buy food and their children are being marched off to "re-education" camps to make them good little robots, if they aren't already.
Then they are going to feel it and the headlines would read "How couldn't we see this coming?" except there won't be any headlines either or anyone who cares enough to read them.
The divorce from reality that the human race lives in is simply a divorce from life itself.
People are dead to life, the awesome, magnificent wonder of life itself, because if they weren't then what happens to their neighbour would be just as real as if it was happening to them.
It's not a question of waking up, it is a dire necessity for each one of us to come back to life.
Anything else is a substitute.

Anonymous said...

I personally like Steiner's approach to historical understanding and analysis. You get the overall BIG picture in his Occult Science, and then many of his lectures given throughout the First World War are relevant to coming to some kind of realistic historic understanding and insight.

I tried the Gurdjieff book many years ago at University. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Steiner on the Bhagavad Gita...

"Our age must in an organised way unite that which radiates across to us in three so sharply-defined spiritual streams from old India in the Veda-philosophy, the Sankhya philosophy, and Yoga. For that reason our age must study the wonderful poem of the Bhagavad Gita . . . Just as Krishna made clear to his pupil that behind all existence is the creative cosmic Word, so also he made clear to him that human knowledge can recognise the separate forms, and therefore can grasp the cosmic."

bobrobert said...

my greatest fear is that they are awake and they just don't care.

Anonymous said...

Pick up the Book Anastasia the first of the Ringing Cedars of Russia series. There is a reason to be hopeful things can and will change only when you are willing to make them. First there was thought and this thought manifest into vision. Make your thoughts pure and loving bringing a ray of joy into manifestation. Peace, I enjoy your commentary of the visible.

m_astera said...


Gurdjieff was burying the Dog very deep. He didn't spend years sitting around writing that to waste time.

Try In Search of the Miraculous.


Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up now.

The Age of Aquarius is on the Doorstep.

Anonymous said...

Legend has it that James Cook did choke on a piece of Dodo so badly that his face took the color as blue as the gin capillaries on the tip of his nose.
Sometimes a species´ extinction is the only reason for its creation in the first place,
but behold, maybe it simply is the only equation there is.
Just takin up the cudgels for the Dodo here :)
…now back to my turkey sandwich.

Anonymous said...

If the newspapers told us to wake up then we would wake.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, in answer to your question "why" I'd say-many people are lazy and gullible. Add propagandized into the mix and you have it.
If you're going to make slaves. tell them they're free.
If you're going to make fools, tell them they're wise.
If you're going to make destroyers, tell them they are building.
That's how it looks to me, at any rate.

Anonymous said...

According to an Israeli General, Israel is preparing for all-out war on multiple fronts including Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

The report reads: confirmation comes as US President Barack Obama seeks "new beginnings" with its arch-rival Iran. The US offer has been met with world praise but with fury in Tel Aviv.

So those nice folks next door who we will soon have to bow down to and worship unless we all wake up and say no, are about to engage in a major bit of blood letting to satisfy Jehovah or whoever runs them.

God help poor mankind. What is a schmoo please.

Visible said...

Yes... I read about that. When the shit hits the fan, which it will well... use your imagination.

As for schmoo's, there's this real handy feature called a 'search engine'? You'll find out all about schmoo's there better than I can tell you.

Anonymous said...

Some keep holding on to the morbid roadside car wreck that the rubberneckers slow down for--get past the flashing lights and wondering whose fault it was--don't look in the rear-view mirror--"somewhere over the horizon" is closer than you think--and your car won't get you there--


Anonymous said...

Six thousand years and nothing has changed. Anyone who travels will see how humans move like a school of fish. Our brains are like sponges, every culture has it's own brand of conditioning. Only a small percent will break away from the pack.

Imagine if the vast majority questioned their conditioning and thought on their own, the world would be quite different. Basically we are all followers and the very few, exploit that little weakness.

It works the same every time. Get the masses dependent on the bosses, arm them, point in the direction of the enemy and say Charge! Then leave behind a smaller group of armed men to keep the "peace"

The mighty US is just the latest example of this. The police are there to enforce the law they say. But wait a minute. Didn't the armed forces kill off all the indigenous people, and take their land and resources? I guess the law doesn't apply to brown people.

People will buy anything if you package it right. Some people actually believe police are there to protect and serve, but it aint you they are protecting.

It sure looks like self preservation and the fear of dying is at the heart of this subject. Strange though how people are willing to put themselves in harms way if they are convinced that the means justifies the end. Okay wait, I got it.

We derive a sense of security belonging to a particular group that we were born in. And as a group we may be willing to die for some just cause, that our leaders have convinced us, is justifiable. We move like that school of fish, and try to stay in the middle of the pack.

So standing alone makes us feel insecure, but we pay a price belonging to a group.

Humans are weird.

Anonymous said...

any group that would have me, by it's very nature, is not one I want to belong to--except here of course :)


Doug Plumb said...

Palestine is a petrie dish experiment used to calibrate "Agent Based Models" of human beings, from which a group can be used to accurately model human behaviour in numbers IMO. A large number of us are being experimented on by a very small number of us.

We have fluoride in our water, vaccines, GMO foods, no doubt the Palestinians have these gifts from "God" as well.

Its not a cruel world, its a corporate world and a very small number of us own the rest just like we own chickens in a coup. Under these rules commonly accepted morality doesn't exist.



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