Sunday, June 21, 2009

Down the Cosmic Toilet into the Fires of Hell

No... they are not going to let it go and I’m not going to waste my time making links for piss poor propaganda junkies who really think the world is as stupid as they are; most of the time they are right. However, most of the time, most of the world is not as foul, low down, double dealing ugly like them either.

I go away for twenty four hours to a solstice celebration with actual humans who can cook and make music... eat and dance the night away around an enormous bonfire to celebrate the point of the fact that there are people who can do these kinds of things and have the capacity to honor, love and regard each other as equals in the freedom of their spirit and I return to a computer monitor that shows me the work of some collection of tireless liars, frothing at the mouth for the blood of others; making shit up as they go along, doing shit and then blaming it on the people they want to invade; conquer, rob, rape and... I stand in awe of the capacity of the world to put up with and believe in it.

Follow along with me if you will. I am going to state certain incontrovertible facts and some attendant no-brainers for those who have brains. Those without them or those who have turned the purpose of their minds to the service of the slave-master butchers are offered a “Right turn, Clyde” and enjoy the fiss sanwich.

It started way back before there was a lying media to make it up. It started probably before Cain brained Abel because it is human nature. Most people are okay. They have their problems. They have their good days and bad days. Many are none too bright and many are smarter than you think. We are supposed to be human beings and I would really appreciate seeing more of that, given that there is less than there was and even more of us are now here.

People are basically okay except for the exceptions as per the psychopaths I am talking about, who make a large portion of people too dumb to think, believe that sandpaper is a shower loofah.

There were these guys at a place called PNAC who called for a new Pearl Harbor. Gee, I think one of the flight attendants on that scam was called Pearle. They set up an attack on America, coordinated and effected by Mossad and the CIA and others and blamed it on some Arabs in a cave in Afghanistan. The mountain of facts all dovetail to the same conclusions.

Then these same vampire neo-cons used this as a pretext to invade Iraq and kill a million people and displace many million more. Both of these efforts were designed to surround Iran which was their major target and they figured they might as well screw up Pakistan in the process. It’s pretty much like playing the game of Risk. Part of the reason was to take control of the world’s oil and part of it was so that Israel would have a pipeline of oil and part of it was to smash the Muslim nations and part of it was because they are a pack of ruthless sonsofbitches and probably there were a few other parts.

The drug store cowboy, retard president who preceded the rubber stamp redux, follow-up commissioned a lot of money to mess with internal Iranian affairs which has led to a lot of bogus claims by a defeated political whore whose allegiance is to an international arms dealer which has led to a an Israeli run twitter plague of disinformation concerning alleged voting irregularities by an incumbent who won by a wide margin and pretty much according to what the pre election figures said he would. This black money and black lies which has nothing to do with black people or the color black; which I favor, has... led to a lot of hoopla a la Venezuela where the same action is going on.

I make no claim that Chavez or Ahmanedijad are saints but... they are in comparison with the people who are messing with them. It’s pretty pathetic when the MSM and Zio-internet disinfo, Velveeta Cheese agents have to promote Iranian girl blogs about the torment of the Iranian people when the majority of the Iranian people do not want the Western culture’s dissipated; jaded, fucked-up, child molesting, ass-bandit, fast-food, Jesus bumper sticker, pork belly, Zio-porn Las Vegas Holocaust, force-fed into their culture.

Their oil is not your oil. Their land is not your land. There is no Israel replacing Palestine. The Litani River belongs to Lebanon. It is not the automatic property of Halloween Ashkenazi’s pretending to be the Semitic people whose land they stole. The Litani River is not the Colorado River which apparently belongs to Las Vegas along with every farmer’s water under the earth all the way to Canada. You won’t get away with it.

It embarrasses me to watch a man become president of the United States and mouth hypocritic emptiness about the behavior of other people when his own behavior is worse than the people he accuses and he does it for the love of money and power. I could walk into the White House tomorrow and in ten minutes be a better president than most of this pack of commodity brokers who parcel off the swag to the people who elected them for that purpose over the last so many decades with a few exceptions. Kennedy is dead and Carter is dishonored. There’s your clue to what happens when you fuck with the money mongers. At least those guys had some humanity.

The Iranians want to be their own people. The Palestinians want to be their own people. All of these people with their cultures and lands, beauties and aspirations want to express themselves in their own way and live, however... a certain organized gang of criminals is bent on screwing the place up for their own ends and couldn’t give a shit who they hurt on their way.

The facts are... Iran isn’t attacking anyone. Lebanon isn’t attacking anyone. Palestine isn’t attacking anyone. Afghanistan wasn’t attacking anyone. Pakistan isn’t attacking anyone. Iraq was only attacking Kuwait the first time for slant drilling into their wells and because the U.S. State Department green-lighted the incursion in a double cross gesture, set up to go after them.

It may be that none of the leaders of any of these countries are good guys but there are degrees of bad and when you want to look into the degrees of bad then Israel, America and Great Britain top the list. The time is long past for the scum of the earth to be making relentless war on people who only want to live their lives and who have the misfortune to be living somewhere that something some corporation wants is located. They have the banks and the media and the guns to take these things according to the devious ways they get up to doing it but that doesn’t mean it’s okay and it never has been. I don’t know what it takes for the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth to hypocritically lash out at another country whose election system is far less corrupt than their own about something they do as often as sit down and eat food that they stole off the plates of people who seem to exist for no other purpose than their self interest but you’re not going to sell me or anyone else, with their eyes open, on the validity of the matter.

The day is coming when you are going to get screwed by the horse you rode in on and I will watch that happen. In the meantime, spare us your pointless arguments about why you have to act like you have the right to do whatever you please and then blame it all on the people you did it to. Your days are numbered and it will be my true pleasure to watch you flush yourself down the cosmic toilet into the fires of Hell. Iran is not the problem, you are and we know it and you know and all the bullshit spin in the world doesn’t change the way it is.


Anonymous said...

Spot on - Kathy

William Wilson said...

Hi Les -happy Solstice.

Am having to make certain points to some of those in my circle about President Ahmadinajad , also. Suprising how some of those who lived through Vietnam still swallow the same kinds of lies as they heard 35+years ago.
On a perhaps different subject,
synchronicity seems to be on the increase among and between other individuals I know.

Glad you're mentionin what you are

Roy Al Flush said...

Excellent mindfare, Mr V

Dunno if this is relevant, hilarious or spooky...

but look! ooze talking

Anonymous said...

not 'anonymous',the comment thing screws up my effort to identify myself...thing....says.... about your commentary ....

Brilliant !
perfect and precisely correct.

Anaughty Mouser said...

"the majority of the Iranian people do not want the Western culture’s dissipated; jaded, fucked-up, child molesting, ass-bandit, fast-food, Jesus bumper sticker, pork belly, Zio-porn Las Vegas Holocaust, force-fed into their culture."
Yup...that about sums up the whole situation in one sentence Les.
Good on ya'!

Anonymous said...

"They have the banks and the media and the guns to take these things according to the devious ways they get up to doing it but that doesn’t mean it’s okay."
Truth and beauty in it's simplicity. Bravo Sir.

Anonymous said...

Well said.

This game will not stand the light of day, and the rats in the sack are
eating each other. This is the most
dangerous path I know of, except for
all the others. I hope these guys
do not get their wish to destroy us,
and the planet too, and maybe not by accident.

Hang in.


Richard Welsh said...


CNN just showed an Iranian woman named Mada? dying on camera. Then the Iranian color commentator fought back his tears as he explained that her name means Divine word. Later he said if 1,000,000 people die for freedom, it shows how much they love the other 70 million. They also said they they thought genocide was going on in the country during the media blackout. Do you smell another rat coming:? I do.


Anonymous said...

Everything you said was true----but the Holocaust denial simply flies in the face of overwhelming evidence. This does not excuse the colonial mentality of Israel in it's criminal treatment of the Palestinians.

Oh and Glen Beck is cowardly, pudgy man that would make Goebbels blush~

nina said...

What we have here is treason vs reason.
The US is too deep into the hole to be agitating. And to agitate Iran leads only to exacerbating the US's deepening woes. Iran has thousands of years of culture and history speaking for their existence, what do the agitators have, relatively very little and even less studied and most of it fictitious, selling products to justify itself to pre-adolescents be it people or appliances, fake food or the easy way out, self-sacrifice to the fiction.
What will agitators possibly reap from this madness, sadly more of nothing, nothing to show for the time, money and lives lost, it is treason, isn't it, for US citizens to knowingly destroy what is left of the US. This is when the illusion of gain all comes down to the reality of loss. This is how the Industrial Revolution officially ends. Meanwhile, in Isfahan, the agitators don't even register a whisper of an echo.

m_astera said...

The problem is that they are all psychopaths or they wouldn't have gotten to the top. They eat anyone who is human, stab them in the back, climb over them with tree-climbing spurs. What do we do about them?

We need government like we need the Mafia. A protection racket that you are forced to pay to have someone pull you over in the middle of the night, driving along an empty road, and write you a ticket so you can pay them more? That will take your own home away from you if you don't pay them their protection money? WTF? So every few years the Iranians and the rest of us supposedly get to choose who the Mafia chief is? Again, WTF?

It doesn't matter what system one is pushing, the psychopaths end up at the top.

How do we get rid of the psychopaths?

atlantis said...

How I enjoy your blogs Les. I've hesitated to comment so far given the brilliance factor of you and many other commenters, which I don't possess.

Just want you to thank you and let you know how much your writings mean to me.

Bravo and well said.

Happy solstice.

Love :)

Hank said...

Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Les, stop. Jesus I can't stand it. I'm drunk as a lord, cuz I just got in from bowling with my step son, and singin songs on the juke box, and, and I don't know.

Fuck, I can't even type. I feel you. I feel the Zerwitt. I feel the ignorance trying to infiltrate me.

I want to slap humanity in the face, and MAKE them wake up. I am weeping and I want "them" to hear.

I can't stand the pain of ignorance, but I must, and so do you.

Those neocon pigs, that stab humanity in the heart with the mechanics of their ideology. Their greasing of the cogs with their money. Their manipulation of thought, with their MSM lies, and propaganda.

How do we fight back. How do we overcome the juggernaut of shit, brought to bear by the powers that be.

I have this overwhelming desire to match them tit for tat, but they control all the tits. I love tits, but I digress.

I'm sorry for my drunkeness, and my rambling, but at the same time I am not.

I want to stab them in the heart, cut their throats, disembowel them, but I cannot. As much as I would like to be like them sometimes, I am a man of peace, and I cannot.

I will take a spear to the heart, before I raise a hand against my fellow man. I will fight with my words and thoughts for all I am worth, but I cannot be them.

I feel you my brother. I am you, and I am in pain. I will hold your thoughts in my sleep, and pray that we both make it through.

Strength through peace. Till next time.

Anonymous said...

Profound thanks and praises, Mister Visible, sir -

There seems to be no limit to psychopathic fantasies.
It seems they're pulling out all the stops.

"The U.N. Outer Space Treaty prohibits non-peaceful activities on the moon. Article IV states, “The moon and other celestial bodies shall be used by all States Parties to the Treaty exclusively for peaceful purposes. The establishment of military bases, installations and fortifications, the testing of any type of weapons and the conduct of military manoeuvres on celestial bodies shall be forbidden.”

NASA’s LCROSS bombing of the moon must be stopped, while the lunar orbiter is in orbit, before the bombing occurs on October 9, 2009."

Is there any possibility that something like this might just piss off enough of the actual true human beings on this planet - to say "hold on there just a fucking minute, assholes, we're ready and willing to take you down, now, before you even have a chance to entertain the next thought that comes into your moronic pea-brains..."


xmastri said...

You and I are having the same thoughts at the same time. I wrote basically the same thing (in fewer words) under multiple posts at ICH. I have been reading there for a long time. I read the PNAC around the time of certain events approximately 8 years ago. I have been reading WRH nearly as long as ICH and consequently found you. I always enjoy your posts, but I have never commented until now. My comments at ICH are always under the same name I will use here...which is my bday in a kind of code or play on words. My pastime is reading. I read and read and read......and I swear the more I read the less I know!! But your posts remain among the constants I read. Thank you, Peace and besos!

xmastri said... more thing. I am so very curious by the lack of maps. Yes, the lack of maps. Period. Because if people really knew where these countries are; and what country is next to that one and the next one. Well, I have a sneaking suspicion that maybe they could figure it out on their own based on location alone. Does anyone own a globe anymore? Or is that part of the whole dumbing down. Not knowing where other countries are, hence, not caring. I have so much more to say...........

Josey Wales said...


You have a way of summing things up that is inspiring for me. Thanks again for being here, I mean it.

I read an excellent article that I think our readers would like,

It deals with the true count in 2000 and a lot of other material we need to keep in mind.


Anonymous said...

you are spot on mate. i can feel the passion you feel ,but conveying this passion in the physical world is near on impossible ,you get blank looks or comments like you are bloody mad you are.
we need to wake these sleepers up and they wont come to you (too busy watching britains got piles )or whatever.
put the message on bank-notes display your blog ,question 9-11 , whatevers needed to get your message across. this might be an old tactic, im sorry if it is old hat ,if everyone does this the tool(money)that keeps you down can be used in our favour
peace love and tolerance

Anonymous said...

"the majority of the Iranian people do not want the Western culture’s dissipated; jaded, fucked-up, child molesting, ass-bandit, fast-food, Jesus bumper sticker, pork belly, Zio-porn Las Vegas Holocaust, force-fed into their culture."

Actually, Iranians ARE fed up with their rulers! They want out of the tyranny -= This young generation is are trying desperately to get the imams of their back, they're tired of the abuse, the executions.

You've be surpsied at much much these young people lean towards the West, in dress, manner and outlook.

Iranians do have

a dissipated; jaded, fucked-up, child molesting, ass-bandit, imams, Mohamed bumper sticker, Shia-porn, woman-hating judges and rapists/executioners force-fed into their culture."

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for saying this. I want to scream. I hoped for so long that there would be some relief after Bush, but it is not to be. Not until the cosmic toilet flushes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:14 AM
'You've be surprised at much much these young people lean towards the West, in dress, manner and outlook.'
What wonderful aspirations the young Iranian people have.
(The preceding statement just highlights the ridiculousness of your comment, shill; you know nothing!)

Kevenj said...

Actually Tony, respectfully,if I may say so, I think A 712 has a valid point.
Why do you say he/she is a shill?
If I am not in error, every country has their fucked up leaders and "Jesuswillsendyoutohellforeverifyoudontlovehim" bumpers and their equivilant of entitiled pharasical privilaged goose-step bullshit.

Perhaps I am wrong but I take (Les's comments) such that even though they screwed up as the rest of us, they still deserve a chance to evolve and find ...God. By themselves.
Whatever it means to them in their own way without having others shit on them.

Just my Heineken induced thoughts, hope no offense is taken mate.

Happy Soltice!

Anonymous said...


You may want to rethink the anti-western thing in the middle east? A good portion of older parts of Islamic culture are very much in clase with the corp machine, and for good reason. A younger and growing portion want the dollar and a life that can be bough. This isnt anything new, the modern world moves on, with everyday. MSN works as well there as it does here, sorry to say.

Le Mat

Anonymous said...

So the glass toilet aka Jootube was announcing today so many public places -- the pharmacy -- the doctor's office; everywhere! that
amerikan troops leave the Iraqi cities (for their permanent bases) and... drumroll! The iraqi gov't puts up their oil companies for "foreign bidding" in a week, also.
I don't think anyone in the grocery store was listening to the tee vees -- everyone was on a cellfone, a bluetooth "headphone," tweetering while they shopped. These scenes of Amerikan public "life" in the current Church/Store -taking communion (consuming) - used to make me think of the movie "They Live," but now it seems more pathetic like Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron... they're all wearing their handicaps! The morbidly obese on their "scooters" and also on cellfones and running over folks' feet, the bluetoothed woman standing in the way of the shelf is oblivious to her solipcistic "world" blocking other people, talking trivial shit about more shopping.... the career woman purchases her prozac...
No maybe it's worse than Harrison Bergeron, American "public life" -- it's being part of the Borg Collective! The bluetoothers always remind me of "assimilated" borgs.
Later in a starbucks, 99% of the folks are on their gadgets. This was what Starbucks Corp. had to do to destroy the OLD coffeehouse atmosphere where live discussions and music once were.So much of what I took for granted 30 years ago has been destroyed in the Raygun-Bush-Bama years. "Iran, where's that? Sound like nasty people. Better bomb them just to make sure."



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