Thursday, June 11, 2009

Glenn Beck, Shit Golem for Zombie Nation

There are some pretty amazing shit golems moving through the underbrush and swinging through the trees these days. It’s like being in a zombie movie. Millions of them stare into their TV sets, while any number of creatures from the Black Lagoon tells outrageous and transparent lies which have been constructed to defend the official version of a whole lot of things that didn’t happen the way we were told that they did.

Among the collection of 24/7 non-stop lie factories, known as news channels, Fox News is the pre-eminent example of monsters in mufti. Among the assorted, super steroid enhanced swine at that broadcast latrine it’s a no brainer that Glen Beck is the worst of a bad lot. The demagoguery wafts off of his being like the perfume covering the unwashed bodies of 17th century English aristocrats. Beneath the perfume is something much more hideous which no perfume can mask. Giving it any of the names for a particular body waste does it no justice at all. It’s more than just body wastes. It’s death and decay. It’s the smell of a floater pulled from the river after two weeks in the water and hooked in the stomach by a poorly aimed metal gaff. It’s an unforgettable smell that attaches itself to your body and which you can taste for days afterward.

We’ve all heard about the small time shooting at Holocaustmania. That’s a wrestling venue of sorts. If you think about it, you can make quite a few connections between Holocaustmania and professional wrestling.

Isn’t life amazing? A nearly 90 year old man inexplicably turns up with a varmint rifle and starts shooting. Maybe his pellet gun was in the shop so that’s all he had. He kills someone and hits a few other people and he gets shot in the head and isn’t expected to survive. That wouldn’t be a good idea anyway would it? This way they can do the back story the way they did 9/11. It sure is interesting; this following on Obama’s speech and all the bad press Israel has been getting for being a psychopathic, genocidal murder machine.

Now the airwaves are lit up like Carnival in Rio with the chants of “anti-Semite”, “white supremacist”, "holocaust denier" and all the little catchphrases the puppeteers love so much and... what do you know? Didn’t Homeland Insecurity hit the nail on the head about militias and all that stuff the Zionist force feeders were talking about in Missouri? It’s like it had eyes.

It appears that Old Ben Gunn had himself some kind of radical web site, because that’s what they’re saying. But the WHOSIS doesn’t mention him. It mentions a Steve Reimink in Michigan! Who is Steve Reimink?

You know what this reminds me of? Remember 9/11 when everything convenient for the people who strong-armed the U.S. into launching wars against other countries just fell into place? Remember how the broadcast latrine sites knew everything and no one ever contradicted anything? This has that feel to it. I guess we should ask Mr. Cui Bono what he thinks. Of course... it is remotely possible that this is exactly what they are saying it is but that would be completely out of character for them. All they do is lie and their owners manufacture most of the shit they lie about so... if they’re not lying it doesn’t really make any sense.

Yeah... the guy is almost 90. What that means is that it’s now okay to strip search anyone, anytime, anyplace; grandmothers and even people in wheel chairs. Of course that doesn’t mean much because they are already tazering great grandmothers and people on street corners who don’t have their sweaters zipped. We are moving into the realm of Tazer Tots and electrified cribs.

Let’s get back to Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck says that this guy is a hero to the 9/11 Truth movement and that the people in the 9/11 Truth movement are dangerous terrorists who might hook up with anyone. They might even hook up with Al Qaeda if there was one.

Here’s what all this means. The 9/11 Truth movement is reaching people big time. The recent proven evidence of nano-thermite, the convention appearance of the 9/11 Architects for Truth, the increasing discussion of 9/11 as inside Job and the exposure of all the holes in the Official story well, that’s making some folks pretty uneasy and...

Glenn Beck went on to mention how someone said that 9/11 was done by the Jews, well... It was done by Mossad, The CIA and assorted; who does Mossad work for? Who is in charge of Homeland Insecurity? Who heads the committee? Who were the people in PNAC? Who are the American Neo-cons that used the bullshit 9/11 story to attack various nations? Who were those five dancing Israelis working for? Gee... didn’t Glenn say something about Muslims dancing in celebration on that video clip? He didn’t mention the Israelis. Probably the Israelis had a cabaret license.

I’m going to go out on a limb and hope I don’t interfere with the shit golems swinging through the trees and just say it. Whatever happened, it was a put up job. I don’t need much in the way of facts that I won’t be getting to convince me of that. I know it was a put up job because the broadcast latrine and the steroidal swine they work for lie all the time. If they say it then it’s a lie.

You read about the extemporaneous performance at Holocaustmania and every article mentions how packed it was and what it’s all about. Every article mentions how many people go there every year and every article has all these cute soundbytes that connect the necessary dots in this paint by the numbers scam.

I was by one of the Zombie forums last night and it’s no surprise what I found. I don’t watch Zombie movies because they’re one dimensional and don’t require certain features like acting ability or a plot. The only plots you ever encounter are the ones the zombies rise up out of. They were chattering away as if everything were part of the plot presented by the broadcast latrine and not one of the walking dead considered the possibility that there might be other features.

The people behind the promotion of this as a sensational news item, blown up far beyond its actual size and milked for every ounce of profit and distraction are on the move folks. The people who brought you 9/11 are having problems with their PR and they need some new publicity that will take the public mind off of their mass murdering, genocidal activities and light up that neon, victim halo that is such a powerful currency in the defense of dreadful behavior. There’s more truth in what I’m saying here than you are going to find anywhere in the MSM and therefore it is anti-Semitic. If it were not the truth it would not be anti-Semitic. Mr. Cui Bono is nodding his head in the corner and giving me that “peace out” thing. Let’s all send a ‘big up’ to Mr. Cui Bono.

Yes... the lizards are on the move and there’s no telling what they’ve got in the on deck circle. It’s sure to reflect badly on Iranians and anyone else who isn’t assuming the position for Mr. Strap-on. You’ll want to keep your eyes open. They’re been announcing “the Summer of Rage” for awhile now. After all, they are the one’s producing the show. They’re the ones that created the zombies. They’re the ones getting whatever good can be gotten from bad things happening to other people.

I think what we have coming up is known as a denouement and... I think it’s not going to be long before they get caught out. I just wanted to put a positive spin on what looks like more bad news for the ‘still human’ among us. Remember. Evil always destroys itself. Sometimes it takes awhile but it is going to do it. That is the nature of Evil.

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A.Mouser said...

"The people who brought you 9/11 are having problems with their PR and they need some new publicity that will take the public mind off of their mass murdering, genocidal activities and light up that neon, victim halo that is such a powerful currency in the defense of dreadful behavior."



kikz said...

yup, they got their justification to shriek that much louder...and i'm sure it'll mean MORE big bucks frm DHS to protect such 'high probability' targets... *eyeroll*

heard one attractive yapping head quoting obama..

'we must remain vigilant against anti-semitism in ALL its forms'

thatz nice and all, but funny how that doesn't apply to ALL semites, especially non jew semites, which are technically the Arabs, Arameans, Babylonians, Carthaginians, Ethiopians and Phoenicians..

Anonymous said...

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oy Vey!!


psychegram said...

"I think what we have coming up is known as a denouement and… I think it’s not going to be long before they get caught out."

Funny, could've sworn they've been caught out already. I suppose it comes down to who you ask, though. If it's own of the lowing cattle, well, they'll be happy to be led right up to the slaughterhouse without so much as an alarmed 'moo'. There are those of us who have already caught on (more every day, thank god) and again that depends to a certain degree on where you are. You'd be hard pressed I think to find a 'man on the street' in Cairo or Baghdad or Kandahar or Tehran who believes 9/11 was all Osama, for instance ... but then, events over the past decade or so have no doubt focused their minds somewhat.

I can't help but wonder what, precisely, they'll have to do to really show their hand. As it stands, for those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear, every false flag job they pull is transparently obvious, yet the rest of the herd remains dutifully oblivious to give-away clues that practically scream out at them. How much more obvious can they possibly get? I mean, is it going to take Obama giving a major speech in which he spontaneously spills the beans on everything from JFK to 9/11 to Roswell and beyond?

Honestly, even then I think the cognitive dissonance will be too much for most people. "The president's gone crazy," the media will say, and herd will believe, as always, what they're trained to believe.

I don't mean to be so pessimistic. Really, I'm not. I agree, the comeuppance is on its way, closer every day and yet ... really ... the mind boggles at what it will actually take.

Hank said...

I watched a segment on CNN one night with Glen Prick, and when he was done, there were spit bubbles on the inside of my TV screen. How this frothing at the mouth lunatic got, and still has, a forum on national TV is beyond belief, and totally understandable at the same time. How fucked up is THAT!

However, I don't see him as a problem, but rather a symptom and a poster boy for the circus that has become the MSM.

I think what concerns me the most, are the people that watch Beck, and O'Rielly, and Hannity and the other bubble spitters, and see a rich diversity of ingredients, instead of the fact that they are all boiling in a big pot of shit, but I don't think any of this is the point.

There are strange things happening, and they are happening very quickly. Whether by necessity or design I don't know, but either way, it is almost impossible to track.

I get a feeling that they, whoever they are this time, are trying to stampede the herd, but to what end, I can't tell.

Do the forces of evil see a chance for a coup de gras, or have agents of good infiltrated the system, and begun it's destruction from within? There seem to be forces in place to turn it either way.

So many things in play. Obama's continued parroting of the "official" lies about the holocaust, and 911, and israel being our friend and ally, but if he IS maneuvering for a real change, these things would be requisite to buy time.

On the other side, he goes to Egypt to speak to Muslims, and draws a line in the sand for israel to stop the settlements. He is making overtures to Iran, against the wishes of the zionists, and has been called an anti semite in israel. He has allowed the release of damning information about the American torture policies and the role of Bush and Cheney, while seeming to protest their release. The reality is that they ARE being released. There are other factors in play, and are too numerous to detail here.

It could go either way, real change, or prelude to an attempt at totalitarian rule. Some things seem good, and others seem bad, and the only thing for sure right now is that it's happening fast. I just don't know whether it is designed to keep the bad guys, or the good guys from being able to do anything about it.

All I know right now is that I will be waiting and watching, in a big hurry, to see where it goes.
Peace to all.

Anonymous said...

It's been just about 24 hours since the shooting & they're still at it on the TV latrines. I watched the "coverage" of the Gaza massacre in Dec-Jan. and I can tell you, in 24 hrs. they've already given several times the coverage to "Club Holocaust" than they did to the whole multi-week Gaza unfolding and murder of 400 children and 1000 adults. William Cohen of Serbian bombing fame & his playwright wife (Anne Frank!) are doing the media circuit this morning. "We were there. We will never forget! Stop the hate!"
But then again as the rebbe says, the life of a gentile isn't worth a jewish fingernail.

Anonymous said...


Not even Carlin or Bruce in their prime could have said this quite like you do. You will be a household word after the fall.

Many and I mean many thanks. You made my day in spades.


Anonymous said...

I dont read MSN, too many pictures. I had to, on this story, and wow. Im dont watch Fox or any TV for that matter, I just start yelling at it, not healhy. Soon, just having an idea outside that stated on CNN will land you a trip up town. Well, the good news is fear works both ways and once one starts to let fear affect action, power over the action is lost. The wording and suggested mind play that, that MSN news story created is just a better sign, the lizards are about out of ideas and power too. Its like a fight, and no ones is getting the upper hand, so one side calls in the "big guns." Problem, most people still see the police or local government has a part of their self, so putting big guns in their face wouldnt work, yet. They turn to a much better source for killing and treatening, a boggie man. Soon, very soon, we will see many more of these loner types, and most will be an effect of worsing economic times, not ideas in their heads, so much. Perfect little loop for the hate machine and the media. Most people fear public interaction anyway, whats next.

DHS's new soundbite
"Stay inside, plug your TV into your ass, and call us if you see anyone else walking the streets, they need to get something put up there ass too."

Le Mat

nina said...

Psychegram: ...How much more obvious can they possibly get? I mean, is it going to take Obama giving a major speech in which he spontaneously spills the beans on everything from JFK to 9/11 to Roswell and beyond?...

Every time he speaks to the nation, those things that he does not address or addresses with off-topic band-aids are bucketloads of beans spilled. Very messy now. No janitors coming anymore because they're unemployed. Oh, not because of a market dip, or subpriming, that's not what this is, this is the never-seen-before unfolding of an all out heist. There will never be any recovery until the disease is treated properly for what it is. This is where the lowing cattle come in, they keep thinking recession/depression as a sort of panaciac prayer. Recession implies a "recess", a temporary timeout which has a finite lifespan. Depression, too, is associated with recovery. But if we were to have a talk with someone who was a victim of home invasion, they will tell you they never get over it. Personal protection at any cost turns into a total lifestyle, they will always be looking over their shoulders. But its not us who is feared as much as the shylocks with their margin calls. They are the real wild card.

nina said...

Hank: I get a feeling that they, whoever they are this time, are trying to stampede the herd, but to what end, I can't tell.

A stampede takes the heat off the scoflaws. To confront a stampede, you need a lot of new and recently unveiled security enhancements. Those enhancements were interestingly showcased in Beijing.

This all could have been avoided, you know, but the most drastic trigger of all was the Straussian-follower's attempt to cut out greater Asia from the pipelines.

Anaughty Mouser said...

The time is coming where Smoking Mirrors and Les Visible will be a household name. I agree.
The rub Les is that your real name would make you more real.
Like Lester Pakowski or whatever your Cristian baptised name is.
I like the Visible moniker when combined to Les - I get it and appreciate it.
When will Les have a real household name?
A.Mouser a.k.a. Glenn Dormer from Sweden

Shane said...

I think if you just watch a string of activity that is coming down the line several scearios can be drawn up and none of them are good.

DOD demanding an inventory check of VFWs. Service Men and Women being asked to account for and tally their personal firearms. And then there's Kissenger's promise to disarm us by September.

And now...we have the crazy patriot/pro-white/constitution loving groups that attack zionists. Well, they must be terrorists, gotta disarm them. And, if a few (and by few i mean most) get cut down in the process, then that's just fewer terrorists we'll have to torture later in extra ordinary rendition.

Anonymous said...

Glen Beck's good for comic relief though. I confess I enjoyed seeing the video of him weeping over the FEMA camps. Side splitting.
THANK YOU FOR MENTIONING ARCHITECTS/ENGINEERS FOR 911 TRUTH. "They" have a difficult time discrediting professional architects/engineers who dispute the official 911 lie. And yeah, the truth on that score will prevail. What a pleasure it is knowing the nervousness it is creating. Debra from Philly

krash2fast said...

psychegram -

I don't mean to be so pessimistic. Really, I'm not. I agree, the comeuppance is on its way, closer every day and yet ... really ... the mind boggles at what it will actually take.

Actually, comeuppance has been the problem. For two and a half millenia, they've literally tried to engender hatred against them and then played the victim afterwards. Comeuppance for them leads to an even bigger comeuppance for us "haters" (how's that for irony?). For a good read on the subject, check out ( Not that the reptiles don't deserve comeuppance... but what's coming is something more... paradigm-changing.


There are strange things happening, and they are happening very quickly. Whether by necessity or design I don't know

Yes they are, and more and more and more quickly. Start with a large but finite length of time. After aeons, there's a change, something new, something that changes everything. It could be technological or social or whatever. Then there's another long time until another big change. Then another and another. Each time, there's less and less time between major changes. We're getting to the point where major changes are coming more and more rapidly. Terrence McKenna can be a little out there, but just for S & G, google "timewave zero"

Freddamedgjedda said...

The politicians in ofiice in Norway just lost their, as they call it, "Golden Pension". They have up until now had a "better deal" than everyone else. But now it stopped, at least for the future employed , not the ones already employed... Better than nothing... They still have fat salaries, bloodsuckers...

One of the older well known politicians spoke to the media and said he thought it was about time and he supported it.

Like he tried to change this the 40 some years he has been in office... Ye right..
How can people not see through this kind of doublespeak? Then again maybe they are in accellerating numbers. It would not surprise me!!

I to believe(know) Les Visible's name hold a lot of respect and gratitude all over the world, and will on a much larger scale after the "events", whatever they may be.

Anonymous said...

I started to write a comment but deleted it. No need to comment you said it all.

"But if we were to have a talk with someone who was a victim of home invasion, they will tell you they never get over it."

How about if you had a talk with someone who took care of the home invaders at the front door? They don't publicize that very often. Wonder why. Those nasty guns. I've read in some cities home invasions are out of control. (Phoenix for one) There wouldn't be any home invasions if everyone had an AK47 and the mental toughness to use it. In this country violent crime would be absolutely out of control if people weren't armed. The lying news media don't tell you about the tens of thousands of times a weapon has saved someone. A nut case for whatever reason invades the holohoax museum and that is all we hear for days on end. If we had a rational country shit like that would only be noted in passing. You are responsible for your own safety. Get used to it.


FreeMan said...

Not a single word in all this about the anniversary of the pharasaical strike on the USS Liberty, huh? What a coincidence.....

Anonymous said...

As I sit here drinking myself stupid with Boags Draught, Tasmanian’s finest by the way, or so the label will have you believe but dam it does taste very nice, I cant help but think……or should that be drink? Anywho, its quite amazing to question yourself, who am I? Where did I come from? How did I get here? Was it the chicken or the egg?


We all float on the same rock. There is no pecking order, it is only a mere facade for those who would kill anyone or anything to keep their position. For some reason, trinkets seem to be the order of things to have and those who have the most ‘things’ win in life…….woo hoo.


Unfortunately for myself I know what’s best for everyone except myself, I am a Virgo, but hey, 12, 000 years of astrology doesn’t meant squat when it’s condensed to a 3 sentence wording in the local paper.

It makes me sick that my so-called friends have more faith in the television than they do me. Especially regarding 9/11. It’s so obvious yet so delusional, I guess that’s the beauty of this system that has come abound, disinformation and such, who knows, all I can think of now is an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, where the Old man says something as simple as “come on comet”.



Ivan de Coward said...


I have to respectfully disagree with your take on this event. I do not know much about Von Brunn but I can't help but feel that
Ezra's take is closer to the base:

Guys, I really hate to burst your bubble but this was not a false flag. Von Brunn has legitimate credentials, I have met white nationalists on the internet who have corresponded with him in the past. I am quite the conspiracy theorist, but this one was the real deal, Von Brunn almost certainly decided to go down fighting.

He spent several years in prison in the 80s for trying to take the Federal Reserve Board hostage with guns and a fake bomb, look it up. He was also a member of Mensa and a WW2 vet.

I don't agree with his choice to do this and I suppose it is possible he was somehow coerced, but that is frankly unlikely.

The one thing I disagree with Ezra in turn and almost every other commentator is that Von Brunn's choice of action is futile at best and stupid at worst. The argument usually goes like this: such actions play into the hands of those who will use them to restrict our freedoms. The corollary to that premise is that if we don't provoke them every thing will be all right. That's an illusion, a wishful thinking.

Someone commented on this blog: ... All I know right now is that I will be waiting and watching, in a big hurry, to see where it goes.

No disrespect, but that's the attitude which is very common - the attitude of the excited spectators who think there are good guys and bad guys out there fighting each other and they are waiting and watching, in a big hurry, to find out who wins. The possibility that this fight can affect their lives in a big way still doesn't feel real to them.

I believe the old chap Von Brunn is made of different clay. He is a fighter, he doesn't give a fuck what the spectators think of his choice of action.

I could be wrong. I could be wrong.

Visible said...

Ivan my friend;

You are another person I owe an email to. You will see if you read my article again that I also say that this could be exactly what they say... a lone gunman.

Look... I just wanted to make a point that these people lie like they breathe. The truth is not in them. I realize I got a little hyperbolic and over the top, that's what this particular blog is about. Each blog has a different identity. In about a month from now I am putting up a vlog in which I channel 7 different characters who wear a different hat (and sometimes Christmas tree lights around their heads) and some of them wear sunglasses. They include a rouge CIA agent called "Johnson" that the agency is looking for to terminate with extreme prejudice. There's Billy Joe who is a serial killer from New Orleans (readers of my novel know who he is). There's Ming, an immortal Tibetan monk (also in the book). There's Mr. Fabulous who invents all kinds of things. There's Omega Fortunatis who is from outer space and I'm tired of listing them now.

When in did this in New York City it became pretty popular on cable TV and because of that I left town. You can see one of my first shows, before we got a broadcast camera and sound people and all of that if you go to Blinx and type in Mr. Visible's Neighborhood. This is a very rough early offering and I don't link to it because it is not emblematic of what followed. I have years worth of shows but they are decomposing in boxes in my house in Switzerland. The only reason this one is up is because the fellow who helped me do my first few shows put it on the internet.

Why did I use so many words here just now? To point out that each blog is a separate personality and that I myself am more than one person. You get the living shit beat out of you from even before you can walk and you see what happens. Luckily in my case I did not become an agent of evil. It was intended but it didn't happen. For whatever his reasons are, God likes me and so... no matter how bad it got and it got really fucking bad... it has always worked out and is about to get very nice indeed because I have passed certain serious tests and I'm going to get some thing now that have been held in trust (so to speak).

I have no idea if this guy went under his own power or not but... the timing and location and the lack of real firepower... the posting of ancient pictures... the hosting of the website... the coincidental relationship to so many features and more and more and more is breath-taking. I have a pretty good idea about how evil operates and I have some small idea of the tools. Life can be photoshopped at any time now.

We talk about things that change the weather and subliminal forces and occult powers and technological devices and yadda yadda. Let me tell you my friend... there's all of that and more. But to sum up all of this and relate to what i was doing let me just say I was being provocative... I was letting my non-existent hair down. I was riffing. I was doing that Petri Dish thing and I've been clear about where I am coming from on all my sites. On this one I take liberties and I just vent. Once I take my solid camera and bring it into the living room you will see the different personalities and let's hope it can be called entertainment and possibly even... useful.

Visible said...

Part Two;

Some of us go through things that will raise the hair on the arms of the whole human race. Some of us took the strongest drugs on Earth just to look into the face of the thing that drives men mad. Some have done it one way or another across recorded history and before that and some men will always do that and some women will make that happen because behind God the Father is God the Mother and she can be very, very fucking scary. You don't want to know.

In essence... some of us have also gotten past giving a shit whether people think we're the new soft drink or being terribly impressed because a really attractive woman offered us her pussy. Some of us understand what happens after you drink that soft drink and fuck that thing you think you want and didn't realize was line with Krazy Glue.

It's a tired old line, "Been there, done that." but it works for the moment. I do things for reasons that are not always clear; to the reader and sometimes to me as well. We shall see which harbor this ship sails into and which colors show from the mast. All things in good time.

Frank Fredenburg said...

Les you sure have the gift of gab! I wish I had half as much as you! That would make me happy!

Visible said...

Well thank you, it's not often I get damned with faint praise (grin).

I'd hope the ability to throw words around won't diminish why I do it in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Ivan de Coward. Thank you. It is possible the guy knew what is going on and had the courage (though not enough firepower) to do something about it. He was 'leading by example' showing younger and stronger ones what to do.

Our freedoms are being taken regardless of Mr. Von Brunn's actions and we will pay the heaviest price possible unless we stand up and stand against the soon to be imposed police state. Here is a link about a training drill using foreign troops in the US July 27 - 30. But will it be a training drill that like on 911 'goes live?' Training drill or real deal?

FEMA Web Page Shows Martial Law Exercise With Foreign Troops

Set for July 2009

Visible said...

Hello my friends, (and I will repeat this at the other blogs)... I have to move myself and my loved ones and the usual tools to a further location for the benefit of another environment and certain things that I have to do now which I can do more effectively where I am going which includes finally getting around to recording a number of new albums and several other things that this rural space makes exponentially more difficult.

Therefore, I won't be able to do anything at these blogs as of whenever I stop and for a few days so... just letting you know.

Interesting times huh?

I want to leave you with something that has just come my way through a new friend who was with me all day yesterday and whose work blows my mind. In case you want to see an idea of the model of this community where you are welcome to live and which is going to become a reality and which is not earmarked for Belize or anywhere else yet ( thought I should say that)... you should look at this

Your new home coming soon in an undisclosed location and cheaper than stolen.

I've been meeting some very surprising people lately whose intentions dovetail with my own and all of whom are not shy about admitting that their talents and intensity come from more in-visible locations... so... I have to get the show on the road and Susanne is a little on my case (grin) so... if no comments get posted for a number of hours that is why. For the next so many hours I am still around and that will happen but I am going to be incommunicado for awhile.

Oh, right. The person whose website that is is not the person I was meeting with yesterday. They are associates. He has his own abilities in permaculture and other things so.... heh heh, I almost said, Yes we can. Just don't play it backwards if I do.

vlad said...

Fucking outstanding Mr V, you are one special human!
Here in Oz, Mr Murdoch's cable company's thankfully only subject us to the sublime talents of the operation mockingbirders such as William O, Hannity and the kiddy fiddler, and the sage advice of the financial genius Crapvuto.
Old Roope, as we call him here in his home country, by not assaulting his fellow citizens with the vile filth of Beck has undoubtedly shown he still has a minute amount of compassion beating in that filthy old zionist heart.
Shit Golem indeed Mr V, that is one grog bog that just will not flush!

Anonymous said...

In Bulwer-Lytton´s `The Coming Race´ one can read:
“No happiness without order, no order without authority and no authority without unity.”
Every road, if taken to the very end leads indisputably to fascism. Once arrived, one of the bright sides will be that nobody will call it fascism anymore; not because of the claustrophobian attributes that were formerly associated with it or the gruesome ideas of uniformity it had engendered in the narcissistic and egotistical heads
of yesterday´s thickies (myself included). No, it (fascism) will rather be a state of mind which is anchored collectively in the reasoning circuit of a world consciousness whose roots determine the outcome of our species´ sustainability on this planet.
The awareness, respectively gnosis of the one common source of ourselves is the initial step
toward this goal.
Happy Weekend

Visible said...

Very interesting that you mention Bulwer Lytton. As you probably know, there is an annual Bulwer Lytton award for bad writing. I've read everything he has ever written and I consider "Zanoni" to be one of the greatest books I have ever read.

When it comes to bad and lurid writing... Edgar Rice Burroughs, H.P. Lovecraft and many, many others are much, much worse. Methinks there's something about the things that Lytton said that caused what happened.

Gunny G said...

Very Interesting!!!!!

Gunny G

Anonymous said...

So Les is going to be offline awhile, moving. I can see it now: all sorts of shit is going to hit all sorts of fans while V. is not commenting. Maybe there won't even be an internet when he gets moved. Good to hear though about the community. I won't be there, some have to stay behind in Mordor to monitor things, but good to hear that maybe others can have a place to go, escape.

Ivan de Coward said...


About You are another person I owe an email to. You owe me nothing. There was something about my letter that didn't feel right. I couldn't put my fingers on it for a while. But I can see it now clearly - my address to you could easily put you in a difficult situation partly due to the fact that you are not the kind of a person who can easily say 'fuck off' even to those who deserve it. Besides, after I have cooled off a bit, I see the dangers I was talking about in that letter as highly exaggerated.

Tom V. said...

Naturaly, there is mystery in these random acts of violence. One never know for sure, if this was all calculated and planned, or someone really 'flew off' the handle. God knows, there are enough people walking around with greatly disturbed minds.
Still, I must agree with the author, that this has the exact smell of previous provocations. One of the telltale sign is, that these guys leaves nothing to chance, it feels like it was made to order, ie. to fill a specific propagandistic, and other 'needs' of the social controllers.
So if it looks, smell and tastes as a put-up job, then it must be one.

nina said...

Hi Fud, I get your point, but that wasn't really my point, it was an example, a for-instance, because a whole lot of people, myself included, are clear in our understanding that violence incites violence and escalates violence. I'm not trying to get you to agree with me, my old man is a lifetime member of the NRA and doesn't agree with me, but I am someone who trusts myself to think on my feet and that has always worked for me, but these are unpredictable times and you certainly have a right to do what you must. The trick is to set up your life so you are far removed from these dangers in the first place.

Visible, come back soon. I will miss you. May you all have an inspired, thrilling, happy move north. namaste. Bella ciao. Jah Guide.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm the only one who thinks in these ways, but why can't we focus on posting the shit golem's addresses? In fact, all the personal info we can, in hopes that someone like Brunn might get inspired for a curtain call. Let's personally thank them, face to face, for all their efforts. Who's into this venture?

Anonymous said...

So long, Les. Happy trails!
I'm off soon, to milk the cows..

'the animal fellow'

Anonymous said...

The lizards are well aware that the people are losing faith in the system. It's order of sadistic minds who have made legal corruption a highly profitable business, they donot know what to do right now. Which is fantastic.

It is nice to know that out of all the blood money they are always making, is now being invested towards building higher stone walls and bigger steel gates.
My guess may be far-off here, but I think Dubai was to be a fantasy center for the elite during times of trouble in the U.S. As for the citizens of the holywoodland gated community centers and mansions, all are constantly increasing private security for fear of public reprisals for the future.

The far left media is probably getting hate mail by thousands of people every day. The clear sign is the media's endless coverage of the museum incident, they are indeed using this to spin it to silence the anti-NWO bloggers.

Common sense tells you when they pick a certain subject it is only to subvert/overtake the middle viewers to make them see things the elite's way.

I like the term "double edged sword". It is what the elite knows can come around and crank them over the heads when they swing it too hard.

Media propaganda is desperately trying to get the neutral thinkers to give up all they have (peace+security) , but also know heads will perk up. Most can still catch on rather quickly, as there is nothing really worth having without freewill to decide for ourselves. It's nice to know most of us can still very easily go into defense mode and are wise to the monopoly players next move.

Burying the hatchet in the funnybone said...

Les, your Golden Waffles are a flavorite of mind and I'd like to add a little sauce avec humor :)

You're not past it, far from being flat there's plenty of fizzle left in you yet. Maybe you should consider cutting back on the glue abuse & give the nice lady her cat back, though! lol

Anyday you feel you wanna measure megalomaniac super inferiority complexes, lemme know (grin)

Nice idea with the eco-bunker
(just kidding, who gives a shit?(double kidding! - no kidding);)

Anonymous said...

Ex-Italian President: Intel Agencies Know 9/11 An Inside Job

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet

Former Italian President and the man who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio Francesco Cossiga has gone public on 9/11, telling Italy’s most respected newspaper that the attacks were run by the CIA and Mossad and that this was common knowledge amongst global intelligence agencies.

Cossiga was elected President of the Italian Senate in July 1983 before winning a landslide 1985 election to become President of the country in 1985.

Cossiga gained respect from opposition parties as one of a rare breed - an honest politician - and led the country for seven years until April 1992.

Cossiga’s tendency to be outspoken upset the Italian political establishment and he was forced to resign after revealing the existence of, and his part in setting up, Operation Gladio - a rogue intelligence network under NATO auspices that carried out bombings across Europe in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Gladio’s specialty was to carry out what they coined “false flag operations,” terror attacks that were blamed on their domestic and geopolitical opposition.

Cossiga’s revelations contributed to an Italian parliamentary investigation of Gladio in 2000, during which evidence was unearthed that the attacks were being overseen by the U.S. intelligence apparatus.

In March 2001, Gladio agent Vincenzo Vinciguerra stated, in sworn testimony, “You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple: to force … the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security.”

Cossiga’s new revelations appeared last week in Italy’s oldest and most widely read newspaper, Corriere della Sera. Below appears a rough translation.

“[Bin Laden supposedly confessed] to the Qaeda September [attack] to the two towers in New York [claiming to be] the author of the attack of the 11, while all the [intelligence services] of America and Europe … now know well that the disastrous attack has been planned and realized from the CIA American and the Mossad with the aid of the Zionist world in order to put under accusation the Arabic Countries and in order to induce the western powers to take part … in Iraq [and] Afghanistan.”

Cossiga first expressed his doubts about 9/11 in 2001, and is quoted in Webster Tarpley’s book as stating that “The mastermind of the attack must have been a “sophisticated mind, provided with ample means not only to recruit fanatic kamikazes, but also highly specialized personnel. I add one thing: it could not be accomplished without infiltrations in the radar and flight security personnel.”

Coming from a widely respected former head of state, Cossiga’s assertion that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job and that this is common knowledge amongst global intelligence agencies is highly unlikely to be mentioned by any establishment media outlets, because like the hundreds of other sober ex-government, military, air force professionals, allied to hundreds more professors and intellectuals - he can’t be sidelined as a crackpot conspiracy theorist.

Franz said...

Les & Company:

Great stuff, alla yah!

One thing: Why not "lone nut" AND "false flag"? No reason for them to be mutually exclusive.

ALL the spook agencies are into John von Neumann's Game Theory and this would be such a fabulous field to reap using his original assumptions. (Basic text on is a small book called "The Prisoner's Dilemma" and yes, John von had an interesting past, think MK-ULTRA.)

This version of JvN's game would work as thus:

1. We know the societal pressure-cooker keeps going UP.

2. Humans in pressure-cookers crack at N per cent per thousand;

3. N per cent is GOING to include some "primes" who may, no WILL, crack and do things we want done.

4. Validate our notions of citizens-as-armed-nitwits would be nice.

5. Because turning the whole nation into a prison to keep the armed nitwits at arms length would appeal to ENOUGH of the peeps to get the job done once & ferall.

Okay, JvH & games theory allows for a lot more complexity but in the end, they certainly were prepared for the Holo-Shooter and probably had an orgasm when he jumped into their laps.

That's the beauty of games theory: He was a lone nut. They were waiting and well-prepared for EXACTLY his kind of lone nut.

The random factor was only where he showed up and when. They can deal with a few Little People catching lead here and there. Was Foxman or Netahanyu in the line of fire?

They won't be either.

Anonymous said...

I knew the truth the moment I heard it. “The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry.”

I know you know already, just wanted to remind you to love.

A.Mouser said...

We (the 911 truth movement and company) are 100% pacifists.
No lasting change can be brought about through any sort of violence.
Ghandi advocated non-violent protest using truth and peace, not submission or violence.
A killer with a gun is not part of the 911 truth movement in any shape or form.
Glenn Beck is very wrong in his association of violent protest and the 911 truth movement.
Jesus Christ, Ghandi, MLK jr, John Lennon and 911 truthers would never shoot or bomb anyone.


Ivan de Coward said...


It's nice that you are using your knowledge of Game Theory to explain von Brunn shooting incident even though I am not sure I understand what "Prisoner's Dilemma" has to do with it. It certainly doesn't hurt to look at things from different perspectives but remember according to the principle known as Occam's razor "entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily." In other words: Of several acceptable explanations for a phenomenon, the simplest is preferable.

The phenomenon of domestic terrorism and it's inevitability was predicted by Dr William Pierce back in 1970s when he wrote "The Turner Diaries". Dr Pierce was a professor of physics and I am sure he knew a few things about Game Theory. But his predictions were based not on mind boggling complexities of Game Theory but on common sense analysis of destructive forces at the root of the decline he observed not only in America but in the West as a whole.

His simple argument was that if all legal attempts to reverse the accelerating decay and degradation of Western societies fail, which it will as he believed based on his analysis, then the domestic violence and terrorism will result.

Anonymous said...

The "Gun Nut" shows up with a .22 rifle---lol
Maybe he couldn't find his slingshot...
THAT should tell you everything you need to know

As for the infowars/watson post--beware of anything you read there--and then move on, never to look back---


William Wilson said...

Hi Les-great article.
I've been making the same point as you to those in my circle. This museum shooting is WAY too convenient for those "certain people" we know and love..... This is textbook agent provocateur, Manchurian candidate type behavior.
Glad you're bringing these points up-

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, just wanted to make he point here that what happened at the museum is the application of classic Soviet, Stalinist tactics. Wind up an unwitting, irrational person, set him on his way, then once the person commits the horrid deed make propaganda against one's real target(s). Stalin did this.
These style and type of events-9/11, this shooting..........are not surprising if one remembers that many ex communists with a habit and practice of conducting such things moved from Soviet Russia to Israel.

Anonymous said...

Like your south Italian retreat, I have a little paid-for sugar shack in Minas Gerais, Brasil.
Sadly, I have had to return to the USSA to attend to 88-year-old parents who are in a bad way, not to mention children and their grandchildren, the children unemployed (in the bank giveaway/heist that is ongoing). I did not want to return to Mordor, but the Padrinho of my Santo Daime church insisted, saying it was my 'obligation'.
What else could I do? I was born a Catholic, but wandered away from the church and was lapsed for 35 years. In Daime, I realized that everything they said was true, I just was not ready.
Folks,do not ever despair. There are tens of thousands of people in Santo Daime and Uniao do Vegetal who know a farce and a lie when they see a farce, and know the work of the Devil. It should give you encouragement that there are people out there who see through the LIES.
(that was a capital letter 'I' after the HT, not a lower case 'L')

The Village Idiot said...

Quoting from above:
"Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm the only one who thinks in these ways, but why can't we focus on posting the shit golem's addresses? In fact, all the personal info we can, in hopes that someone like Brunn might get inspired for a curtain call. Let's personally thank them, face to face, for all their efforts. Who's into this venture?

If you were in fact the only person who felt this way, civilization might be a nicer place to live than it is.

Prodding the lone nuts into going over the edge and murdering people is a tactic of the enemy, therefore no matter which side you think you're on, you're no ally of mine.

And another comment...
" Anonymous said...

Ivan de Coward. Thank you. It is possible the guy knew what is going on and had the courage (though not enough firepower) to do something about it. He was 'leading by example' showing younger and stronger ones what to do.

Fuck you, too. And your links. How much firepower would be "enough," you think? And what would it accomplish?

I guess there's one (or two) in every crowd. Sigh. Moving right along...

Jj said:

"The "Gun Nut" shows up with a .22 rifle---lol
Maybe he couldn't find his slingshot...
THAT should tell you everything you need to know

I feel I should add some interesting bits of ballistic trivia about that particular caliber. The .22LR round is an exceptional and favored assassination round. It's regarded fondly by black-baggers from "The Company" (among others) for it's ability to penetrate into a skull but not pop out the other side (it bounces around a few times inside, scrambling the brain like an egg). It can also be easily silenced, has plenty of range for most jobs, and it's conveniently small. In an assassination context, the fact that it doesn't pop out the other side of a skull is handy for minimizing collateral damage (the guy standing next to your target might be your chosen replacement for the target!).

And the compactness is also a plus for all kinds of contexts; I've examined a knife made by the Chinese military and issued to their border guards (it was old, I think Korean War era) that was like a regular bayonet-style military knife but could fire four .22LR rounds from the handle (muzzle points same direction as blade). It fired them one at a time but the action was kind of awkward. That was the weirdest weapon I'd ever seen (well, almost). Point being, with firearms sometimes smaller is often better.

That paragraph might seem odd immediately following the previous few where I flipped the bird to a couple of people who were at the very edge of explicitly calling for violence (but who walked that line like they knew exactly where it was), but I'm odd so that's ok.

Studying weaponry and the fighting arts is not the same as incitement to murder. In fact, all the greatest fighters I've ever met study the lethal arts in order to promote peace (and perhaps enforce their desire to be left alone if necessary). Nobody starts any shit at a Shaolin Temple (for example) unless they bring an army with them, yet the monks don't abuse their power and push people around like the army would. The difference is consciousness, awareness, and empathy (vs.the absence of those qualities). And as long as there are those who wish to command respect through the use of blunt instruments, others must learn and practice the various ways to stop them.

This gunman, whether lone or Manchurian, was a user of blunt instruments and not a courageous inspiration to anyone.

(Les: I didn't mean to rant up your comment section, sorry! Well ok, maybe I kinda did, but I felt compelled)

The Village Idiot

LanceThruster said...

Don't forget that to add to the trifecta of unacceptable association; he had business cards with a web site for the USS Liberty stating it was "brutally attacked" by Israel as well as law enforcement agents saying that they found child pornography on his computer.

Anonymous said...

It seems that some people here may find this information useful. There are bits and pieces all over the place, and what they show is a silent war going on. Moves and counter-moves being taken throughout the history.

These are just some of the more recent stories.

Kerry Thornley's inside story:

Ingo Swann's 'Penetration':

John Perkins' 'Confessions of an Economic Hitman':

There is one almost invisible line connecting all of these works - the mysterious players in this "game" we call "reality".

Simplified, all of these players are on the side of good, and all were/are very adept at what they did/do. Even when they seem to be doing something else, they were/are always intent on liberating the people.

You have to know what you are looking for in order to understand their actions.



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