Friday, April 30, 2010

Lloyd Blankfein, Vampire at Large

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When historians look back on this time of the most pervasive corruptions at all levels of society, one name will stand as the icon above all the rest. That name will be Goldman Sachs. Lloyd Blankfein’s comment about doing God’s work will also be remembered as the ultimate in hubris and sheer naked, panting greed. Like the proverbial goat, which pisses all over himself in the runaway excitement of pending coitus, Lloyd will be a karmic bookmark and the face of his times; a man without shame. Lloyd is the bridegroom at the marriage of The Whore of Babylon.

I saw this coming in the eighties when the greed is good generation began to hit Wall Street, everyone was snorting cocaine and buying $2,000 bottles of wine for lunch just because they could. It was a time of excess and turbo powered self interest. Reagan was the perfect marionette dancing to the music of the corporations. He closed most of the mental institutions and overnight poor people could no longer afford to pay their rent because rents mysteriously went up considerably in those neighborhoods. The tragedy of America’s homeless was born; millions of people sleeping in tent cities; under bridge abutments, in the woods, in their cars, in the subways and wherever they could find someplace to be.

The irony is as pungent as a roadside carcass after a week in the sun. One might say that the mythic American Dream is now a roadside carcass along with all the vaunted ideals that were no more than lip service to the badly veiled motives of the criminal class, who have hijacked the country, while they parade around dressed in the flag and knee deep in the blood of their victims.

Lloyd Blankfein is emblematic of this fast evolving plague of sociopaths in suits. His associates in the firm, past and present, are welded like ticks on a hog to every part of the system. They are the real government and as their confidence in their control grows, they no longer even care to hide themselves. They’re shit golems that look one way to themselves and another to everyone else. They’re on their way to walking with Marley’s ghost for a long, long time and it can’t come soon enough.

I’ve heard people saying that this investigation into Goldman Sachs is a put up job, designed to muddy the waters and hose them off at the same time. Yet, what are we to make of the criminal probe that is now under way? That’s a bit of a mystery and I have said it many times and no doubt will have to say it many times more. There’s a joker in the deck somewhere. Events are proceeding on one level, as the apparent reality, while something much more real is marching alongside.

Some websites don’t like to link to my work because of my attributing so much to actions of the divine. We live in a time of cold pragmatics. The slow crash of the world’s religious institutions seems like some kind of proof that there is no divine agency as if a man lying is proof that there’s no such thing as truth. Just because religion has turned into a mockery of what it purports to represent does not mean there’s no God. I know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that the divine is more real than anything in this world by direct experience many times over.

On and on it goes. It becomes more outrageous and indefensible with every day but they still march on toward some dreadful epiphany. I am in awe of their foul confidence in themselves. These are the success stories of our times? Success appears to be measured by how many lives are ruined on the way to personal enrichment. We have come to the place where we now glorify deception and injury as inspired business practice.

Through all of these outrages and criminal acts, the American people wander like sleepwalkers in a carnival of funhouse mirrors. What is reflected back to them is not what they are. They have no idea of what they are and so they have sacrificed all of the higher virtues for a false identity that makes a joke out of their humanity. They’ve become sick tired clowns with nothing more to offer than to be figures of amusement for people like Blankfein. They shear them and gut them and laugh while they do it. There’s no exaggeration here. It’s exactly what it is.

There’s a real question to be asked about the composition of this fog; this state of unconscious dreaming that envelops such a large portion of the population. Why are some of us immune to this? I wonder about this often but can’t really get a fix on what it is. I think a large part of it is that people do not want to see the truth because it gets in the way of their self-interest and this is the time of ubiquitous self interest, driven by the preeminence of materialism on all sides. The common mind is magnetized by glittering dust. It’s one of the primary illusions of the unawakened mind. Looking outward in any direction, the dream is the prevailing reality. Looking inward is that uncharted territory of the self and every revelation that comes devalues some portion of the dream, until the dream has no value at all.

This is the power that vampires like Blankfein possess. They are the artful deceivers who purvey the magnetized dust to the unawakened mind and shallow hearts of those whose affections are reserved for magnetized dust. They are the image of success in the dreaming world. They are what you want to be but are not allowed to become. These vampires carrot and stick you all the way to the grave but you are the walking dead long before the hour of your departure. They suck you dry.

Because this condition is beyond the power of the enslaved to end or to alter, cosmic force is required to effect the awareness that is the preface for change. Mysterious forces work beneath the scenery to bring about the changes and conditions necessary for awareness to be born. Like any birth in this realm, it comes with suffering and blood. It’s coming now. It’s being generated by The Director and his angels. It’s turning everything to its own uses while the various players imagine they are at the controls. Boot camp is coming to an end and the time of reckoning approaches. Whatever you have invested your time and attention into will be your harvest.

It’s been made pretty clear in the spiritual texts of all faiths. One can be liberated on their deathbed if they will hold the image and name of the master in their thoughts at the end. I have read variations on this in all of the traditions. Right this moment, as events head toward Wackville, there is a conning tower on the ideal plane which is broadcasting into the one shared mind of which we are all a part. One needs to listen closely and come to an understanding that the dream is not real and neither are any of the powers that men like Blankfein think they possess.

The more I see of the woven complexity of this time, the less I know. So many things that I thought would have happened by now have not happened. It is as if the world were hanging on the lip of an enduring moment that continues to extend without any indication of actual change. All sorts of little and larger events take place but none of them have changed much in the day to day. Survival and a comfortable level of living are being tested around the world, as people find their resources to be so much less than they were before, but the big shoe from the hidden world of forces has not yet hit the Earth.

I no longer project what I think will happen according to how I reason out what I see. I don’t have a clue and that is as it should be. Coming to understand and to see that I don’t know is the purpose at the heart of the matter. One thing I do know is that it is not in the hands of men like Blankfein and I feel certain they are going to see and experience this in a real and powerful way. They’re going to get the meaning of ‘blind, lame and ignorant’ as each of us are revealed to ourselves as what we are.

This is the longest and most fractured calm before the storm that I have ever seen. I understand that this is the year when it begins to show itself to one and all. It is my fervent hope for you that you like what you see or are prepared to adjust yourself accordingly.

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Dammerung said...

Why are you so certain things will be different this time? We have better toys and human life is even cheaper than ever, yes. But the world wars happened and nothing really changed. People thought Nero then Napolean than Hitler was the anti-christ, and then they all died and didn't get back up. So why should it be different this time? Just another ride on the merry-go-round of history.

Visible said...

This is The Apocalypse. If your mind, or any mind, is dominated by appearances then you're seeing half the story and believing it is the whole story. No amount of reasonable argument will change that position because the mind is under the spell of appearances.

One has to understand that this is all a dream going on in the mind of the divine and that there are points where God wakes up and things happen other than the usual 'same as it ever was'.

If one is not aware that this is true then it doesn't really matter how one presents it because the appearances overwhelm the objective intelligence and everything one is thinking excludes the primary reality that none of this is what it seems.

Ergo, there's nothing more that I can say. The conditions of the times will determine the way in which people process what is happening. These conditions will increase in force until some degree of awakening allows for a comprehension unlike what we have experienced before.

Anonymous said...

Sound pretty healthy Les, good! I love to look into thinking but get it worng, its fun! I hope Im dead wrong about the coming meltdown in the US too!

Side note, the media hype about sick and missed up priests and church is to make people turn for the only system that even looks at the face of the divine. I dont like the system in the west and I think we all understand the history of the pain and death that the church created, but its seem time for that to end too? The powers that be, dont need it anymore, and infact the only people that seems to stop them these days are poeple with faith, mislead or not?
Neat it will be, as I try speak for the future, hehhhee. The more people struggle and are hurting and mistreated, the more room is made for them to find the divine in the whole thing?

The Fool

Visible said...

As simplistic as it sounds, the transformation from one age to another can be summed up in that old saw, "you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. There is no construction of anything new without the destruction of something old that it is replacing. At the moment it is the destruction phase as witnessed in what is happening to the various religions and the near daily exposure of the corruptions of old business models.

It's happening right in front of us but the unawakened mind refuses to believe.

Visible said...

It is a terrible, terrible thing. the consequences of this are enormous.

Like I said, there are forces at work that we cannot see and the intensity of them increases as each new day arrives.

Nu Yawk Frankie said...

Tremendous piece Les!
Your're right: the Day of Reckoning fast approaches - as the Wall St Band plays on.

Here's my take:
Goldman is as guilty as sin and as despicable as you so rightly describe.
Having said that, I reckon that TPTB know they cant prop up this sack o' sh!t of a mkt much longer - so they need a fall guy:
Helloooooo... GOLDMAN!

End result: Mkt crashes (or is PRPOSELY CRASHED) Govt takes control of ALL THINGS FINANCIAL !

Voila! The public enjoys the Goldman hanging - BUT is then place in a financial straightjacket from which it cannot escape!

chuckyman said...

Dammer go to and copy and paste the following and see what you see
31° 9'14.90"N 24° 5'17.74"W

We are coming to the end of the current cycle and pretty soon the neon sign is going to say Level 4.

You have missed the point and believed all those TV archaeologists. Egypt was special because that was the core of those who survived Level 3. The numbers may be wrong but the cycle isn’t. Other players have played this same game before.

That is the point. It matters not the theatre we play in – science, theology whatever. The players change, the sets(geography) change but this crucible of the soul is the whole point. We pass through the fire or we don’t.

V word= warmium (no shit!)

Light Keeper said...

Great post Les, When Goldman was charged my intuition said they were being charged for their most minor of atrocities. While the masses are deluded into believing justice is being done, Blankfein et al will sneak off with their stolen loot. My reaction at this point is that it doesn't matter at all. The conscious-less ones will be doing eternity in the gray zone starting rather soon.

The delay of the fall has been drawn out beyond what I could imaging when it started, but I'm sensing we just started the slide over the rim with the Gulf of Mexico oil slick (no pun intend, though in many ways the Divine has a sharp sense of humor) Waiting to see what Clif High's May 5th tipping point brings. But basically prep time is over.

This past Wednesday I felt a huge shift of energy coming in, a super-charge. Been a washout for the past two days since. Karen Bishop has some great incites on the recent shift in the Divine master plan, posted today on

I'll be staying in the calm, quiet space in the eye of the storm.

With Love, Light Keeper

nina said...

Isn't it amazing that the president said we are going to be drilling offshore tout suite and then boom? Worse than mining, huh.
Meanwhile, energy dwindles, but somehow GM is up. (Toyota down.)

Visible, you and I are among the only people I know of who ended the cycle of abuse with ourselves and what it does and has done to all the psyches of the little people by their own parents and in so-called adulthood wander looking for reinforcement of same, all of whom have no idea and no interest they are repeating patterns of forced obedience. The first hint of awareness of a larger world where truth comes first naturally was beaten out of them when they were too small physically to question further. Multiply those damaged psyches by 300,000,000 who can't figure it out, live in hope and fall for the shell game every time. Dare they not if they want to be successful in anything.

You always said about your own musical popularity, you thought it was appearance. No, it was always because you are not dumbed down enough. It was picked up unconsciously "this guy's too straightforward." It is the rarest of people who suffer and survive to stand by their convictions, no matter what the cost.

Service and trust, as loving as we know them to be, are only as decent as the receiver most of whom view service and trust as steps on the ladder to personal gain. Every trick in the book was and is still being employed just as the abusive parent takes advantage and threatens to cut off a dependent any time they feel a need for full spectrum dominance. What the Apocalypse is showing us about this is it goes much, much deeper than anyone imagined possible. In this way the abusers really are too big to fail unless they decide themselves to bring down the whole house which they certainly are capable of doing.
Domestic terrorism is domestic violence writ large. If one is capable of abusing and destroying another person on one level, why not the planet? Why not spirituality, why not all truth and honesty? Why not love...

Anonymous said...

Re: goldman-sachs: 1) the investigation may be on the up and up; or 2) it may be fake or a sacrifice useful for getting the "reform" bill passed that renders more power to the Federal Reserve banksters. Not sure which.

Not sure what to make of this little ditty that appeared on rense today:

I can't quite follow what is going on.

Fool: I am deadly serious about the question marks. Overuse undermines your credibility. If you mean something, then have the guts to use a period. If you are tentative, then say as much by using qualifiers, like "I think," or "it is my understanding that..."

E Vero

abe said...

I wonder if the apocalyptic rain drop is still forming, or has already fallen and we're just waiting for the splat. Hoka hey!!!

Origen the heretic said...

Great Post Les! But I don't think Blankfein's comment was hubris; rather it was a statement of fact considering who his god is. He's got to be one of Old Scratch's best boys in view of the suffering he's inflicted on humanity.

Rev. John

abe said...

It appears the Jokes on Brown:

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anaughty Mouser said...

Thank you for the great post Les.

Hard to believe 2% of the American population have have negatively affected the country so badly.
And once the Blankfeins have sucked the US dry they will caste away the corpse and move on to parasite China - the world's new rising economic star.

Goldman Sachs is just a front for the Rothschilds, as is the Fereral Reserve, as is the IMF.

Bleed the whole world dry like a bloodsucking bat - good comparison.

Like the cows in Romania being fed on the sheep in America seem to have no idea whatsoever what is going on. A mystery.

Who on earth with two neurons working still believes three buildings were knocked down by two planes plowns by Arabs. Is it the flouride in the drinking water?
Are all the sheep asleep?

Good heavens. How will this story end? for end it must.


kikz said...

born in coastal ms... my heart breaks...

there'll be no more destin...

kikz said...

and if i ever hear anyone else utter the phrase in public...

drill baby drill...

i am... threatening physical violence.

maybe this is what had to happen to wake up those on the coast, even after katrina.. who are beholden to this industry, the mil/industrial complex... to understand.. just how expendable they actually are?

paolocaruso said...

Les, I could comment on every one of your paragraphs.

This is one of your best...OUTSTANDING !!!!!!!!

You truly have a gift.... more than a gift. Truly prophetic.

At great sacrifice and burden, I am one of the enlightened. I dare look inward.


I am not religious, but I believe in a divine force...whatever it may be which rules this endless cosmic universe.

We are all being judged.

Unknown said...

dream in the mind of devine .god wakes up lol

god is the same today , and yesterday. and does not wake up.

god is doing what it is doing always .

the mind is not god . God is the no mind .

the dream is the fog. as the fog clears..... what is , and what has always been.... appears.

God is a perfect God .

the sick , in the dream are not sick... they walk. it only appeared they were sick from a view point of the person looking through the fog .

Healing and the perfect universe are a matter of view point .

Their is no one to heal, no others , Just God fully awake .His perfect reality .

the dumpster

Anonymous said...

What's goldman guilty of? Yes they were very greedy. Yes they weren't being very nice. But what actual CRIME was committed? Fraud? Whom did they defraud? They took the other side in a trade. They bought collateralized debts, which may be stupid but isn't criminal.

Besides your "get them richers" mentality, what have you got?

Anonymous said...

How would the collective "good guys and gals" feel if Blankfein, after his life of evil deeds and hellish acts, at his moment of his death repents and places his thoughts on the Lord, thus screwing the kindred collective out of their unseemly schadenfreude?

P.S. Satan/Lucifer/Whomever, will almost certainly be liberated by the Lord Himself, if only due to such intense hatred and envy of the Lord.


aferrismoon said...

Lloyd Blank'cheque'fein

He receives 826,000 a week while the av'ge min-wage earner in US gets 16,000.

Zombie or Golem, a blank slate programmed to ignore humans and do 'its' bidding, turning real wealth into digitised illusion.

Humans as energy sources much the same as fairly long-lived battery

Yes , the spell of appearences, the mindless assault of the dreaming mind.

Green Ants for Green money

How do we wake up when we no longer dream?


Anonymous said...

Spot on Brother Les,
Bloodsucking vampire parasites, it is what these spawn of Satan are and what they do best ....suck the very life's blood from their host then move onto the next victim or country , but the day of reckoning is drawing nigh for these beast that mimic human beings.
Your Brother in Spirit

Anonymous said...

Linda, smug doesn't look good on anyone. When you combine it with being wrong and uninformed it's in a league of its own. Every tradition in the eastern lands makes mention of God's dream. It is also called his 'lila' or play. The consort of the gods is always spoken of as having and being the power of Maya. Shakti is the illusion building power.

From what I have seen out of the things you say here it looks to me like you are a person of sweeping generalizations. Speaking about those who profess to the all one viewpoint in an effort to dismiss everything else, Visible said, "talk is cheap".

I gave very little in the way of examples to verify the dream concept. There is a large body of work that deals with this and it all comes from the oldest tradition on the planet.


Irrationalogic said...

Logically - the Universe, God or Whatever (including hourselves) - is are not logical.

Anyway: A+++ good post, Les - top notch as usual - however, as I'm feeling logical (it'll pass) I must also agree just as heartily with Dammerung's comment.

Again, logic muscles in and asks: If there is a Director and itshe is in charge of all the charades; well, then anyeveryone can truthfully claim to be doing God's work - because whether they're doing the right wrong thing or the wrong thing right or whatever, it's all part of a greater scheme or scam.

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...
my friend anonymous,

do you not think that the dumpster understands the eastern mystic and the notion that god awakes from the dream .

pure misunderstanding and langusge putrification lol

God , existence itself, is not asleep , does not wake up.

is from everlasting to everlasting

those waiting for god to awake wait in vain

"I am that" is not sleeping .

but anonymous sleeps .

the dumpster

Visible said...


Whatever level the mind is at it has the capability to rationalize anything and everything. It's also easy for the mind to reject anything that exists- or seems to exist- outside of the parameters of its perception.

One state of consciousness that I seem to finally be in a consistent possession of is that I sincerely don't care if people believe me or not. The most important things to me are the things I have proven to myself. It only matters what I believe because that is what guides and shapes me as I go. Everyone else is operating from their present level and all souls 'eventually' reach the same conclusions so its nothing to be concerned about except for the amount of time it takes to get there and the suffering that accompanies one on their way. But that too is a matter of personal choice.

Linda; I'm going to have to say I'm in agreement with Rick. I take my perception of the degree that people comprehend what they are saying by the manner of their presentation of it.

Your presentation is mocking and abrasive. Therefore whatever you are saying does not give evidence of actual comprehension because anyone who was in possession of the understanding of these things would not present them in this manner.

A person can be as dismissive as they wish and move about with a sense of personal superiority in respect of others, indicating what they say is the only truth (as you clearly do)but that doesn't validate it and there are no absolutes to the exclusion of all else.

Any of the long enduring and bonafide philosophies and spiritual traditions can be one hundred percent correct as far as they go and even in direct conflict with each other they can still both be right.

I suspect I am wrong about some things now and again but I make it a point to inform myself that I am subject to error and look for those times when they occur so that I can correct them. I find it scary when people believe that only they are right and others are wrong. Nothing we say is true by comparison with the vibrational integrity of the thing itself. Words are one thing and the actual being is another.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Les, your readers might read
There ain't no escape from collapse
by Joe Bageant.

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

The Priceless Value of the Qualities of God.

Anonymous said...


Don’t be bothered by those who do not like to link your website to theirs just because you are more God conscious than them. You have nothing to lose, but they have a lot. Imagine them at their deathbed being deceived by Satan who declares himself as God. They would just acknowledge it as they had no idea who the real God is since during their lifetime, they avoided God like a plague. In the end they would just be another companion of Satan in hell.

What those websites want to believe is up to them. We who have the experience with the Presence of the Divine, it is our responsibility to inform the unbelievers that The Divine is indeed True, The Truth about the Divine is in the experience. This is our only salvation, especially during these end times where everything seems to terrorize us to death. Our source of peace is nothing else but God Almighty.

Reminds me of the evil Sharon the ex-PM of Magogkenazi. Where are his power, where are his position or his wealth living but not living, dying but not dying. His soul being tortured by Satan and his Ilk. I wonder whether he is still living or already dead. During his lifetime his arrogance and cruelty is beyond belief, acting as if he is God himself. Perhaps true that he is God – but God of Evil who is only good at killing and destroying.

If people believe in priests and churches, they are going to be disappointed. Very disappointed. It is high time that they realized that these are only Creations of the Creator. They are fallible. Only The Creator is Perfect, He is the source of all Life and our Soul. We cannot see, hear, talk, live, gain knowledge, having the power or the will without this important element in ourselves. Because these are the characteristics of our Soul. We hear not because we have ears, we talk not because we have mouths, we can see, not because we have eyes, but because of the God Given Soul that is like current or electricity that makes our body alive. Even now we are communicating with our God given Soul. Without even lifting our tongue or opening our mouth, yet we could feel each other though we are thousands and thousands of miles apart.

This Soul would be the one that would either feel the beautiful pleasures of Paradise or the unbearable tortures of Hell.

Nur Ilahi

Dammerung said...

I want very much to believe you Les. I'd like to think the whole world is going to ascend to the fourth dimension and we can all go to work for God, Inc. part time with an extremely generous benefits package, employed to think of ways to make life easier, freer, and happier for everyone. How much I'd like to believe in the romance of Atlantis and the Rig Veda and Earthly Paradise somewhere beyond the river Euphrates. The story you tell is wonderful and the narrative conscisce - it's even almost believable.

I have read this narrative all of my life, starting with the Bible and the classic fictions of the West. Later I read the works of the East seeing largely the same story. But what does it mean really? Maybe we're just monkeys with a particularly limited imagination, cursed to write the same books a thousand different ways.

I have read about ten thousand wonders but I've seen no wonder greater than the unyeildingness of the laws of matter to our dreams.

kf said...

Les, thank you.

And a great big thank you to Nina - whose comment was like a deep muscle massage.


Anonymous said...

I live on the gulf coast of Florida. I went to the beach yesterday because I think in a week or so, our beautiful white sands will be forever changed, and all of out birds and marine animals will be killed by this toxic shit.

I'm both heartsick and furious this catastrophe is destroying our home and wildlife. They have absolutely *NO* viable plan to stop this.

There was a report in our local paper today stating that as soon as this oil enters the Gulf loop it will be in the Atlantic Ocean "in no time." Our entire state may be devastated for decades to come. This is a nightmare of the highest order.

Anonymous said...

"Later I read the works of the East seeing largely the same story."

Baloney. Is this supposed to be seen as proof of your far reaching intellectual prowess? Your heartfelt search for an honest, well, whatever..
Because you say so? Could have fooled me. But you don't.

Perhaps you perused some condensed Western twisted version(s) of the Bhagavad Gita or Ramayana, spent a brief time on some mangled synopsis. Who knows, maybe you even stumbled onto Bourgeois Hinduism, bourgeois Vedanta so spiritually and materialistically convenient.

It is painfully apparent you have NOT read Srimad Bhagavatam nor the Vishnu Purana, else you would not so flippantly and childishly dismiss such with your arrogant pseudo-Aryan hand wave.

And even if you, by some stretch of the imagination, have read parampara Vedic wisdom, you would have surely discovered that you are basically a little brat.


Dammerung said...

In a more civilized culture, these BP oil execs would be committing ritual suicide on television for this fiasco. China knows how it's done, like this or this. Someone should pay a convincing price for this disaster.

Visible said...

You don't have to change the name you were posting under before. I don't really know what you are trying to say and I don't think you do either but the one thing I do notice is the excessive arrogant dismissal you are applying which is basically saying, "I know more than you do and that makes me important."

Are these the spiritual qualities that you are holding up as achievements? anyway, "Dave's not here".

Dammerung said...

Actually Anonymous I've never been that interested in Hinduism. I've read many Sutras though, the Tao te Ching dozens of times. Zhuangzi. Journey to the West. Sure, I read English translations - I have a job. You might try it sometime.

As for discovering that I'm a little brat, I hate to disappoint you but I've known that for awhile now.

Anonymous said...

Well, apparently you're no sleuth, Dammerung.
I hope that's not your job because for starters, I'm not an anonymous if I sign my post, am I?

And I surely would not imply you read Sanskrit, Hindi, Devanagari or Bengali, either.

"Later I read the works of the East.."

Sorry for assuming "the works of the East" which you so casually refer to might possibly include Hinduism/ Vedanta, works such as the Gita, the Ramayana, etc., before dismissing an entire world of thought/religion/philosophy as "largely the same story."
A tad premature and, well, a bit sloppy, don't you think?

Your candor, however, is nice.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kiros said...

The oil slick that is about to kill our beautiful Gulf of Mexico is the visible manifestation of the sickness that is killing our country.

Les--ever read about the Great Illumination, the moment when everyone sees the state of their souls in the light of God? It's God's final act of Mercy before the cleansing. Your writing has certain parallels with this strain of prophetic thought.

Chiron said...

"Like any birth in this realm, it comes with suffering and blood."

Not necessarily!!!

Pstonie said...

I hope you're right, and this isn't just another level of control. What I've noticed is that there was an apocalyptic prediction to fit every occasion and every year on the calendar. People have been waiting for god's return since the bible was written like it would happen tomorrow. Web bot has been predicting wild and terrible changes THIS summer and THIS winter in every report I've been able to find. Probably explains why the old ones are $300.

What I see is the world is falling apart. Kids a few years younger than me have completed or failed their bullshit college courses and want to just keep partying. Their absentee parents who made sure they have anything and everything material have turned them into unthinking hedonists. They want good times, and they don't understand what happens behind the scenes to facilitate all that stuff. How could they? It's the next step of the antidepressant popping always-high always-good society. If this civilisation is to survive it will have to do so on the shoulders of those who can still program a VCR, like always.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kevenj said...

Les,your awareness that this was unsustainable back in the '80's was paralleled by my inner circle of highly intelectual 'work hard, play hard, and get laid as much as possible', collegues (dudes that lived in the same apartment complex) with most of our time consumed with just staying alive,patying and.. well, getting laid.

It wasn't until the mid 90's that I realized for the first time that something rotten was in the fridge, and then years later when forced to go find out what it was since it tended to start smelling up other areas of the house.

Perhaps if we just elected Lloyd Blankfein as Supreme World Economic Statesman of the year in TIME Magazine he'll dry up and go away.

Great post.

Anonymous said...

Not pickin on you really, but your Avatar post is a great window into yourself?

Can you say mind and eye candy?

Many powerful minds have to use themes and images that go way back, that by itself doesnt give any ethos to the product?

The Fool

Anonymous said...

You leave me breathless!

If anyone can misconstrue practically everything said, I can always count on you. I don't want to seem like I am picking on you but then again you always comment on my posts and you unfailingly misinterpret everything I am saying.

I am soft with you as nothing is softer than water, but none can withstand the raging flood tide....Mau Lau

Kevenj said...

Now boys, play nice now..ya'll hear?

Anonymous said...

Nina – There are a handful of us out there that are breaking our previous generations’ molds. As a child, it felt eerie to go to places like ‘storybook land’ and sit next to the 3 bears. Mother was always trying to get me to go with the flow of everyone else, and then later, to get me married off (I married at age 35). She actually told me as a teen to give a guy what he wants. Father is a technical minded person who had trouble having a young, blooming daughter around. They divorced when I was 17 and I moved out on my own. They are both very talented people, but perverted in ways you only know if you’ve experienced it. To the outside world, everything is peachy. My husband (whose father left the family when he was 6) and I have been married for 17 years now we and know the grass is not greener…he has given me my share of frustration, but starts to ‘get it’ when I keep at it, and keep at it I must. He is only beginning to see that this whole arrangement is a farce. Our 16 year old son has his own awareness. He is very unhappy with what he sees in his classmates’ inability to simply listen and do the work and be done. They disrupt and whine constantly. But he/we also question the value of this ‘education’ in which more useful skills can be learned within the community and ‘on the job’. He is aware of beings unseen. He is aware of prior lives and spirit family. I’d like to think that we’ve successfully broken the mold, as one person commented “from the inside out”.

Dub – The boy made an analogy about Avatar. He considers it the affront on the American Indian, only the American Indian won. We feel very strongly about unspoken genocides.

Les – Keep on keepin’ on.

We’re learning.


Burnie said...

Had a unique experience the other night. Won't go into details, just say it was psychedelic. I saw death, I saw its face and I sat drinking in fear and changed into a warrior. I laughed and changed his visage to one of mirth, and we laughed together.

This reality is full of the stink of death, and my only defense is my humanity, and I pray to keep it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Les said:

"As simplistic as it sounds, the transformation from one age to another can be summed up in that old saw, "you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. There is no construction of anything new without the destruction of something old that it is replacing. At the moment it is the destruction phase as witnessed in what is happening to the various religions and the near daily exposure of the corruptions of old business models.

It's happening right in front of us but the unawakened mind refuses to believe."

I believe it - I also believe this is happening for a reason - but it *hurts*. The very things I love so much on this earth are dying right in front of me and it feels like torture to watch it unfold. Our entire ecosystem is at stake. My beloved sea-critters are dying.

Les, if you have any comments on this Gulf situation, it would be much appreciated.

Visible said...

that is exactly what I do intend to talk about.

Visible said...

New Smoking Mirrors up-

The Ever More Pervasive Darkness of this World.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

Appearances, Fantastic Dreams and the Coming of the One.

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