Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Musing on the Times as Lord Apocalypse Appears

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You got to love The Apocalypse. Elie the Weasel is getting brilliantly stripped and hammered by a talented practitioner and someone else wants you to ‘find Eli’s tattoo’ and win valuable prizes. It appears that Elie was never in a concentration camp and stole the identity of someone who was, along with the man’s writings. Once again, The Nobel Prize proves itself to be a travesty and a celebration of all that is dark in humanity.

The debris from the torpedo that sank the South Korean sub was made in Germany. You don’t have to be an Oxford scholar to figure out who is slipping through the Suez Canal with German torpedoes or who has the world record for false flag activity.

The Duchess of York got bagged trying to sell introductions to her ex-husband who is a pillar of righteousness, to hear the media spin it in their usual, unbelievable fashion. You got to love The Apocalypse.

This thing about Obama not being a U.S, citizen won’t go away but I don’t know what to think about that. I know he’s not a member of the human race and that’s probably a lot more important. Now I hear from Wayne Madsen that Obama and Emanuel are both long standing members of Chicago’s oldest gay bathhouse and I don’t know what to think. He really gets into the details too. Reading it is an experience. I can easily believe any of it and pretty much anything else but we are definitely not in Kansas anymore and I was never in Kansas to begin with. I remember living in America at one time but that’s so far away in my consciousness that it seems little more than a bad dream at this time.

What I remember about America is how there were always police about and how they were generally intimidating and looking for trouble. I remember how the presence of crime at every level was a given that you had to keep in mind. I remember a lot of violent bars and the suffocating pressure of materialism on all sides. I remember a lot of things I have never seen in Europe. The UK is the place for that. Here, I’ve never met an unpleasant member of the police force. I seldom even see them. I do not encounter crime and I have yet to discover a violent bar. I don’t spend much time in them in any case... but I’ve never found one in any of the countries I’ve been in.

I catch people looking at me a lot. I don’t know if it’s because I’m tall ...or some kind of vibrationary thing. The looks are curious or apprehensive, depending on the age of the observer- it seems -but it never leads to anything. Direct encounters with people in stores or for whatever reason are unfailingly pleasant. People are usually in a good mood, except in parts of Germany, where they labor under the weight of various invisible gravities that we are familiar with. It’s a palpable depression, which I hope they shake because they are an enormously gifted people and I have never seen anywhere else, the degree of honesty that is the normal state of affairs there; lose your wallet and it comes back to you intact. I’ve seen this happen half a dozen times, never for me because I use a waist pack (grin).

Every single day is evidence of the presence and determined operation of The Apocalypse. For years I thought The Apocalypse was some grim, hammer and tongs, end of the world thing. Now I realize it’s one of the best things to ever show up at any time. It’s not a good thing for the bad guys but it’s a breath of fresh air for everyone else; strike that, we’re not talking about fresh air here but... the uncovered stench holds the promise of some fine and long desired transformations and freedoms on up the road.

The ironies of the moment are breath-taking. As one ugly truth after another, lurches like an incontinent alcoholic up out of some deep place beneath the surface streets, the collective of Schmoos who make up the body of the population, continue to march in lockstep toward some unknown destination. The only difference between them and the beasts of the fields is that they have hands to facilitate their appetites for the Imperial Stomach. It’s feeding at both ends. At one end it consumes packaged death and at the other it eats its own regenerative organs, lest some portion of the potential, spiritual light find its way into the tower and exposes the realities that they prefer not to see.

I understand it is my duty to love them, something grand and filled with possibility is hidden within them but it is most difficult to see and they will tear you to pieces if you don’t watch how you go. Under the sway of some atavistic, reptile mind they are at war with their own best interests and have turned the precious gift of free will into a weapon against themselves and everyone they encounter. It’s not an obvious thing that can be perceived in the short run. It’s something that defines itself in the summation of their works. It hides under the banner of patriotism and lip service to an anthropomorphic God. It plots and operates beneath the garments of their posturing as what they wish to appear to be.

They chatter like chipmunks on their cellphones and possess the same attention span. They spin on the wheel of interchangeable fight or flight, believe liars and manifest scorn and contempt upon those who would free them of their bondage to an unshakeable ignorance. Their vanities are the stuff of a sick humor that soars on the wings of a manipulated imagination. They circle their own corpses like a gliding vulture and do not recognize it.

It must be that in opening themselves to the truth, they compromise the possibilities of their hunger for material goods. It appears that there is nothing worse than for them to lose faith in the permanence of temporary things. The Apocalypse will not be kind to them or to their satanic overlords. Conditions will worsen until awakening is unavoidable. It seems to be the only way. It is not the only way but they have built a mighty wall against all of the more benevolent options.

The problem in The Gulf seems a matter of indifference to so many; significant portions are unaware of it at all. It’s a sad and painful truth that they cannot see the danger till it knocks on their door. As long as it is around the corner it has no importance at all. It seems that their unconscious motto is, “Better him than me.”

I’ve studied this phenomenon as it has worsened over time. I’ve thought over many an hour about what it is possible for anyone to do to have a positive and telling effect upon it. I have arrived at no solutions besides the ceaseless effort to rid myself of personal shortcomings. One can only lead by example but the example must be seen. I suspect that the most attractive examples are appearing on Entertainment Tonight and the Fox Channel. It always seems to come back to pulling a Lao Tzu and riding out between the gates of civilization into what remains of Nature.

It’s a difficult thing, abandoning your comrades, who have no idea that you are their comrade. It’s a hard weight, to cheerfully serve those who are indifferent to your presence and it’s near impossible to truly know yourself in a world that hunts to the death its every appearance. We see the truth of it all in myth and legend. The archetypes play out variations on a theme through the whole of the long and winding road of life. It’s always the same story, got up with different characters, in a new environment with the same result.

If I am grateful for anything besides the presence of the ineffable divine, it is having been given the occasional glimpse into the worlds beyond. This has made everything endurable and it makes you wonder if androids really do dream of electric sheep. They are dreaming of something. They do not realize, I suppose, that salvation is not guaranteed, simply by acknowledging the presence of the one who sweeps up after you. It takes a deal more than that but the idea that this is all you need, fits in perfectly with everything else they believe and none of which is true.

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Visible said...


Nature's way

original and cover [not bad]



hang in


James said...

Les, The 12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus is such an excellent album. The closing song Soldier is absolutely beautiful.
Thanks for another great post.

The Doktor said...

Thanx Les. You've managed to put into words what I've been feeling... again. It helps... ;-)

Now, if I could only put some of these internal rumblings into words & music myself... *grinning*


Peter said...

Doin' some tunes again Les?
Kewl, here's something achingly melancholic.
Lilian Lust

vixen said...

I understand it is my duty to love them, something grand and filled with possibility is hidden within them but it is most difficult to see and they will tear you to pieces if you don’t watch how you go.

So glad you addressed this as it eats away at me in the worst way because I haven’t been able to find a way to experience anything positive from associations with most people I interact with. I’m conflicted in loving my fellow man or in my case woman. It seems I’ve devolved to the point of going out of my way to completely avoid them. I abhor their interests (shopping) and the envy that causes them to covet even their own family to death just for the material wealth that might be left to them in a last will. Having recently experienced this first hand from a woman I worked with my head is reeling. When I listened to her filthy rationales I felt like I had evil crawling on my skin and couldn’t believe how she could twist the truth of what she was telling me. This is from a church going self professed I’m gonna be raptured and go to heaven because I heard about it on TV and never bothered to search for truth myself born again believer. I knew this person was blind to truth and yet I was still shocked at her words and wondered about myself because at this point I shouldn’t be surprised by anything, yet I am. I might add that she was the next to the last as far as my limited friend list goes. I’ve disassociated myself from humanity for the most part as I feel contaminated just being around them. You would think the shock value of self centeredness would be gone, but it seems to be growing just as every other area of life is surprising me in new and destructive ways of revealing itself. They wax worse and worse.

Moshe said...

You are absolutely right! I am a Mexican business consultant who has been to many countries due to my job. One thing that always has got my attention is the horrendous lack of human contact among US population. It seems to me that Americans need to be drunk or high to have contact among each other. No wonder why Americans have been so easily manipulated by their government, religions and social engineering.

bholanath said...

Wow, bro -
Thanks and praises again for this morning's exquisite offering, and pointing out the breathtaking ironies.

"It appears that there is nothing worse than for them to lose faith in the permanence of temporary things."
"It is not the only way but they have built a mighty wall against all of the more benevolent options."
"It always seems to come back to pulling a Lao Tzu and riding out between the gates of civilization into what remains of Nature."

Priceless! Those 3 statements perfectly sum up the essence of the continuous conversation we've been having up here for the last several rounds of ongoing unveiling.


Unknown said...

What you have written here reminds me of something I have grasped recently. The truth, which is an absolute thing should, in the minds of the followers of Satan, be made political, and therefore a relative thing. This is the foundation of 'political correctness' which forbids us to proclaim any truth that is not complimentary to the powers that be. We're all stuck in this rut because we worship power and money. And being in the rut, it's not easy or even possible to see what we do to ourselves by being politically correct. So as you say, the example must be seen, and you are a shining example of one who is not in such a rut. Thanks for the helping hand in getting me out of this prison.


Anonymous said...


One word, Atman!


This might seem a little off topic but I think not?

Dont forget to "Breath-in, breath-out"

Love your Life

Anonymous said...

I don't know what else to say other than Amen

Perhaps I should say you have been a source of comfort to me over time along with others here. We are in a time where the critical faculty is supposed to cut deeper providing there is one.

For some unknown reason a few quotes popped into my head this morning by Maximus Aurelious.

"Death smiles at us all...all we can do is smile back"

"What we do in life, echoes in eternity"

The angels have grown tired of the clever..Kahlil Gibran

Truly they have and it is about time.(pun intended)


A. Mouser said...

Thank you for the post. I just can't get enough.

That report about the kiss-ass Harper government getting caught paying trolls for misinformation, it made me think of our friends Luktifian, Dammerung, Fool and some of the others who insist anonymously and pretenciously ending their statement sentences with '?'

Is that some kind of literary 'superior' thing? (the malplaced question marks I mean)

Further, if Harpers gov't is paying zio-trolls in Canada why can't that explain the zio-troll smegma that turns up here to enlighten us about what zionism is and other PC garbage to obfuscate the true facts.

Fact 1: Mossad with the help of the CIA planned and carrired out 9/11.

Any troll that refutes this is a suspect zionist plant.

Anonymous said...

I was suspicious when I noticed that the "fool" (le mat, love your life, whatever) sometimes employs malplaced question marks, but at other times can write fairly clearly with no malplaced question marks. Bizarre. Then His (or her) comments about the Rothchilds made me laugh!!!!! What a dick/cunt/fill in the blank.

E Vero

jbpeebles said...

Great writing in the way it pierces the veil. I guess Les needs to be outside Amerika to see it as it truly is. Don't fret about abandoning your comrades: I'm sure you've paid your dues many times over in trying to get Americans to wake up from underneath the Satanists and the army serving them.

You hit on the key points. The source of the single problem is in our inability to talk to each other, a failure to communicate, as the Mexican consultant says. Call it atomization. We're terrified of disagreeing and deeply divided.
The short attention spans contributes...must have it now. I just read that some pesticides may contribute to ADHD-they're linked to Alzheimer's and bee CCD. (The pesticide blamed for the latter is made by Bayer, which willingly infected thousands with AIDS, and is banned in Germany.)
The idea for a biochemical cause to American placidity is a strong one, especially considering the scope of flouridation, a chemical first used in Nazi concentration camps to pacify prisoners
Constant digital interaction is being discovered as a source for what is being called Diabetes III. Alpha waves from TV have been proven to interfere with higher forms of brain activity.
The Dalai Lama has said that ignorance and attachments plague humankind. I see ignorance everywhere. It's especially acute in rural areas where people lack access to the internet.
Like Les says, I'd take some considerable consolation in the fact that we're bottoming out, which appears to be the only way to force change. As any addict knows, you'll invariably have to hit bottom before you make the changes you must in order to live.
As it is the bottom forty percent own less than 1% of Amerika's wealth, the richest 1% almost 40%! When the lines of 99's and food stamp people grow long enough, I guess the people will act. In the meantime, as you say, people are secretly joyful it's happening to someone else. Someday the Beast will knock on their door...

brian boru said...

I have to say that this post struck a chord again. It was the police in America that always bothered me the most. Their arrogance and menace and universal presence. All the things you mention were factors which eventually drove me to leave but I think it was the police most of all. Every day they appear more like the types described by Orwell in his nightmarish 1984. It's no surprise that they learn ever more sophisticated techniques of suppression and control from the monsters in occupied Palestine or ex-leaders of East Germany's STASI. This miasma of fear the Americans spread everywhere with their poisonous 'culture'. Even Irish police now go to the 'land of the free' to learn 'better law enforcement' methods. A number of citizens have been shot out of hand by some of these policemen who have benefited from American wisdom on these matters. I think I'd rather visit North Korea than the US now because the sickening materialism is so choking. I spoke to a Russian a few years ago who, after a brief visit to the US, reached the conclusion that most of the Americans he met were to some extent spiritually and mentally sick. Inevitable, I suppose, when demons are running your society.

Anonymous said...

"It’s a hard weight, to cheerfully serve those who are indifferent to your presence ..."

Are you acting to serve others, or rather just to do what is right and necessary?

If it is the latter, it doesn't matter much what they think of it.

the BCth said...

On the highest level, everyone here is fulfilling their divinely ordained function as part of an unfolding spiritual process of the whole universe. That includes those who sometimes annoy us or seem to only want to muddy the waters. I am not perfect or all-knowing, and I don't expect Les or anyone else here to be. I don't care who anyone here is or what their motives are. Their words reveal that regardless.

BillK said...

I'm comforted that most of what's going on is handled by a power greater than I. The only thing I do have any control over is my attitude. I bring up the signs of the times to friends, family and co workers. A lot of them know something's up but can't quite put a name to it.

Thanks Les for all your efforts.

the BCth said...

"'Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt." Hmm. Better as far as maintaining appearances is concerned, but beyond that, it really depends. I don't much care for appearances.

Anonymous said...

E Vero

Laughing is good! I cant type, spell, or write, sorry. Youre reading into things, you should wonder if this is happening to you with other topics too?

Rothchilds and zionist hisrtoy dont need to be placed together but can be for a certain goal, it would behove you to study more and talk shit less?

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

the fool
could be one of rothschilds rabbits or something,rothschilds may of turned him into a turnip to attack les's site with extreme alternative
vegetarian zionisms or something.

come on people give him a break.


Erik said...

Hi Guys and Gals,

I think the current 'tag-team' attack on 'the Fool' is uncalled for.

Jumping to conclusions about 'payed shills' does not help either.

Everybody should be allowed to have their own opinion ...even if differing from the seeming majority, don't you agree?

Remember we all got our roles to play. Maybe this is what the remark 'splinter and two-by-four' is all about.

Or maybe this is also part of the 'Unveiling' like Les mentioned?

I don't know ....


Visible said...

There's something I do here when someone sets off my antenna.

I look at how they form their words and sentences and I look for inconsistencies within their particular construct. I'm not interested in how it applies to anything outside of them... just how it applies to them.

If I begin to see a certain pattern where a commentator departs from their own style at intervals or makes mistakes while referring to mistakes or any number of 'tell's across a period of time; like making different mistakes and then not making the same mistakes and then making the same mistake again, I know something is going on that is different than what I'm being presented with.

When I also notice that one of the main functions taking place is a probing for weaknesses in me to see where I might be annoyed to the point where I say the wrong thing and then diminish myself and when I encounter a certain kind of taunting that comes and goes at odd moments well...

I may not know exactly what's going on but I know something is going on and it's not intended for my benefit or any one else's.

My nature is to tolerate as much as possible and to allow for vital and free exchanges which include the unavoidable personality conflicts and dustups. I've been to sites that are run like concentration camps. Certain forum moderators are like this. i don't want to be like this and I won't be like this.

It doesn't mean I don't see what's happening or have my own ideas about what it is.

I think that covers what wanted to say.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Your fact one stands in my book. Your willness to question all things before stands in my book too. After that, youre being silly man.
Trolls in the great white north are a boogie man. Study up on "disinfo" networks and how they worked in the past? You might find just saying that there are troll will affect the worry and fear wanted by the "man." No real trolls even have to work at confusing you, because youre doing it for youself? Pretty affective if you ask me?

Look zio bad guys should be the last thing you worry about, you understand their game yet? Its the same a the bully on at the playground. They want you to hate them silly? Worry and care for yourself and the growth you can find in the life, not doing that feeds your boogie man?

Love Your Life

Nick said...

Re: Heeeellloooo

Thank you for the information Les. I finally caught your show live this past Sunday. I find that downloading your show and listening to it a couple of times really helps the message to sink in.

If any of your readers want to hear your interview, it is available via the itunes feet2fire podcast for the show date of April 25, 2010.

Lately brother, you have been on fire with you commentary on both the blogs and the radio. Your speech brings to mind a "no holds-barred" Bill Hicks.

I remain thankful for your continued service.

Anonymous said...


"I may not know exactly what's going on but I know something is going on and it's not intended for my benefit or any one else's"

Really? That hurts pretty bad man.
You could just ask me leave if its of no benefit?

Love Your Life

Visible said...

I'm painting with a wide brush and specifically not naming names because I don't actually know and the examples in my mind cover a number of individuals past and present.

No one should assume they are a member of this group unless somehow they have evidence in their minds that they are.

I think I explained my position about people being here pretty clearly and I intend nothing but respect and tolerance, deserved or not.

Even when I say things in my blog posts that offend vested interests and when sometimes people take what is only an observation on my part and personalize it to include them, as if I even knew of their existence... I'm not doing it out of dislike for the individuals engaged in it but rather as an effort to showcase the ignorance that holds them in its spell.

There are some who perform evil for the sheer joy of it and they are going to soon experience the hammer of God but everyone else is just operating according to the limitations under which they operate... according to the thickness of the samskaras that cover their spiritual sight.

Jesus Christ said it best; "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." It's not easy to completely grasp this. It takes time and a certain kind of industry to come to understand how true this is.

Anonymous said...


You cant say the wrong thing(EVER) silly. You can think that and a whole world of mind programs is created to make you fear yourself and hold onto those feelings of confusion. The zio boys are masters at that?

Listen to the mother, take a walk, and focus you light and love up and out, not like you dont Im sure? Dont read what you want to hear. Hear what she is trying to say? If we love and support yourself and the gift of life given to us, she doesnt just talk with us, she talks though us. Do you hear me yet?

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

You know what sets you apart from almost every other person have ever met?

(excepting some encounters I had during a trip to India years ago)

I have been a follower of these blogs for several years now. In that time I have noticed people from just about every faith arrive and find what you say to ring true in relation to their particular beliefs, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Jews have all come through here and responded as if you were a member of their faith.

I can't think of anything more convincing when it comes proving the literal truth that you are inspired by the one who is behind all of these religions.

I've been wanting to say this for awhile. This posting hit me in a dramatic way. Some of the lines are exquisite and I know you're going to improve on it.

Thank you,


Visible said...

So... you're saying that the mother of all things has an ongoing problem with the English language (grin)?

Erik said...

Hi Les,

She could even speak to you with a lisp or a stutter ... (grin)

Anonymous said...


Thats super cool and true man. I have taken this too far.
You see, when pushed to question you create light. You always have. Its when you try and not take responsibility for your words, you open the door for mishaps. That doesnt mean you have to say the "right" thing at all. Its mean just what you shared above.

Funny guy you are Les, much love. One day its ok for you to talk about yourself, but not so if it not guided by you? Can you say Leo?

No big deal, but Im not running at the mouth about the need to go beyond the current group mindset of zio beast man runnning the planet, so I can toy with you? Your ego and mine can be left at the doorset on this one?

Im trying show people that whats shared here is a piece of the puzzle and not the whole thing. Not like you dont say that about ever two seconds? I just dont see it sinking in, thats all.

Worse, many of your readers are turning off their powers to create and defending only one point of view? That would be ok if we where all talking about love or what not, but the topic shared here are pretty heavy and it not going to help if you all just push and repeat. Create some too?

Love Your Life

Visible said...

The new Shape of Things to Come/Alta Report from the Time Monks is out now-

Issue Five..>

Anonymous said...

Love your life,

Eat me?


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

Well, that brings up an interesting point. It appears that you have all the answers and 'hardly veiled insults aside' that it is you who possess the information people need to know and I... well, I limit their understanding. You, however, are equipped with the wide angle lens as you are not shy about stating in nearly everything you say.

Since I don't know and am only partially awakened, it is impossible for me to compete with or comprehend whatever it is that you are saying. I keep looking for the portions where I learn something and am improved by it. Unfortunately, no doubt due to my limitation, all I see are repeated situations in which both I and the reader are informed of their limitations in respect of your greater knowing. It would be great if this greater knowing would appear because everyone here hungers for it.

In the main though... once I translate what I'm reading, it mostly comes down to a convoluted defense of the status quo, as can be seen by anyone who extracts the hard to miss meaning in the recent responses that seem to be more of a devil's advocate thing for the sole purpose of argumentation.

No doubt, as I said, there's more that I'm missing. I suspect when I am more illumined which, is only a short time away, I will be better able to grasp the hidden meaning that is concealed behind what appears to be going on.

One further point; only someone with no more than the most basic understanding of Astrology would make that kind of a comment based on a sun sign. Over half a billion people share that characteristic. The rising sign and moon... the location of the planets in the particular houses, their relationship to each other and the transits and a lot more I'm not going to list here, impact on the whole picture far more than the sun sign and, I should point out, we move through signs as our life goes on and acquire the persona of new signs as we come into their influence. Given that, I am presently a Scorpio.

One with more than a basic understanding of astrology would also note that my birthday is on the day of The Sphinx (lion with head of virgin)... this is taken from certain occult interpretations (that isolate every day of the year in a way similar to the Sabian Symbols) not generally available. This puts me mere hours away from Virgo at the end of the third decanate. No doubt this and a few dollars will get me a cup of coffee there in the land of the free but... it tends to mean something to those with an understanding of the subject and it also indicates that our destinies are in operation from long before this conversation is taking place.

kf said...

Thanks Les!

A note to vixen:
Your predicament is a familiar one. . .I'm down to no female friends or buddies. Being unemployed helps but even when I was last working, I had nothing to contribute or share. That's what draws me here, I suspect . . . a place where I'm not alone.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the lesson. The zodiac works because we see patterns in it, maybe? I saw a pattern, nothing more? Youre understanding of it is soooo much more important then others placing you into a sign, sorry. The fact you can create yourself image and still move though the zodiac is a sign of your level of understanding. As you well know, all of the zodiac is within one soul?

I would share more on that but it would be a waist of time, thanks for the heads up. Its even more clear why you are who you are too me know? Not like thats a big deal either, but a sphinx, very cool!

I made that comment because Im a Leo and see parts of your path? That doesnt mean much more than that.

I was trying to say you still hold on to your image some, not that you should fit into a sun sign?

TheBC had a great post about that above? Funny he wasnt talking about you?

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...


what are these symptoms of?


vixen said...

Seems we find ourselves in similar circumstances. Since I have no diversions now, as in no job (retired) or friends (due to my intolerance) maybe this alone time I now have on my hands can prove to be beneficial. Coming here has helped me accept my feelings and views as I find myself in agreement with much that is shared. You’re right, it makes one feel less alone in their personal beliefs and plus that nobody has said I was insane yet.

Anonymous said...


Wow Good Stuff! Very good placement of words. Very helpful! I cant figure out the answer, but will try, thanks. Whats you take?

"what are these symptoms of?"

I say growth? Or the half of the coin too, loss?

Great quote, Im sure you feel as if thats happening to you or Les? Its is. But dont let the word "persecution" become self generated?

Love Your Life

Visible said...


Well, now that you mention it (grin).

Anonymous said...


Not sure of I know the problem yet, but I do know the care?


Pretty silly I know!!!

Love your Life

Anonymous said...

Looky what's just been published:



vixen said...

Even if you did say it Les I would have to agree with you because I feel that way at times. Besides that, who would want to be sane in this world? That’s like living with an alcoholic while you’re sober.(my attempt at humor which hides from me on occasion)

vixen said...

Is there a ring of truth in any of this?

An interpretation of the sphinx identifies with that of the “instinct and passion
of the lion (Leo) becoming overridden and dominated by the human reasoning and logic of the king (the head).
In other words, as an August 23 birth date you are gifted with that exceptional energy associated with the lion, while at the same time have the ability to utilize that energy together with the benefit of a sense for direction, clarity, and wisdom.
As an August 23 however, you are attracted to the more practical offerings in life, and can sense that you will be rewarded whether financially and/or professionally, when you make the right choices.
There are some August 23 birthdays that fall at the very end of Leo, and this position holds an indication for the qualities of magnanimity, destructiveness, military honours, and independence.
For others whose birthdays fall in the very beginning of Virgo there is a powerful fiery influence from Leo that indicates an individual who will have a highly sociable and poetic character.
In relation to your personal and romantic relationships, you are the type of person who, by your very nature, has an inherent deep understanding of people.
You have the ability to communicate with higher orders and will often reach out to those realms for guidance and comfort.
Take the time to listen to their replies, because there is always guidance and support available for those who are of faithful heart.
On the home front, the August 23 will like living in a home that sits on higher ground allowing for overviews of your surroundings. A view of the sea would be a good bonus for you.


Anonymous said...

sorry les,that was me,it was about the fool,not the fool sorry,
people keep on at him
all the time,it was a joke and meant just as fun.sorry peoples and sorry the fool


Visible said...

August 23rd is Virgo. I'm born on the 22nd.

Anonymous said...

ummm, maybe....
malignant narcissism?
yeah, that's it.


Anonymous said...

Is the Time Monks thing legit? I got one a while back and didn't have a great feel that it was something to get again in the future. Is this latest one worth a read, in your opinion? Other's opinion?


Anonymous said...

Ophiuchus rocks!

Oh, that's right.. never mind.

Anonymous said...

eli weasle
looking tearfull
bps mess
on purpose some say
chaos as usual
the normal lack of communal
respect has been irroded
by media decay
a mixture of illusion
this week
for the people
packaged up and sold
as the latest craze
for billionairesses
the finest dresses
for the poor
well,they can starve again
it may not be fair
but anyway who cares
when you're the elite
its your right to murder and maim
and change historys
ancient mysteries
make war,steal
and lie and cheat and blame.


GodSend said...

I haven't been reading your posts for many months but this one is full of..........insights. I don't know if you still have your blindspot for Jesus the Christ but you're still breathing, so that's a promising sign.

About the Americans - we must not forget that Americans have been intensively and subliminally brainwashed to become senseless, soulless, God-less and de-moralized couch potatoes and compulsive "shoppers". The Protocols have been followed to a "P" (for Perfection) and the results are evident to all those with eyes to SEE!

m_astera said...


I would say 'tis the definition of a corporation.

The sign Sol was in at my birth was Pisces. That and five bucks gets you a cup of Starbuck's coffee. :-)

Anonymous said...
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kikz said...

saw this today.. on fb..


'The true alchemist will hear what a man has to say on any given subject, even if the speaker end only in proving himself prince of fools. Even a fool will sometimes hit the mark. There is some truth in all men who are not compelled to suppress their souls & speak other men's thoughts. The finger even of the idiot may point to the great highway.'

unc' al
M&D; Pg 56

Anonymous said...

Saying that you don't have to be an Oxford scholar to see this, is wrong. An Oxford scholars would not see it, even if it hit his backside!

m_astera said...

I think the fool is our friend. Perhaps having trouble making friends here, but I am one.

Stop with the question marks and we can all be friends.

I'm cutting this really short, but:

The history Fool (or his father) posted about the zionists in Poland is OK, but it's biased towards the mainstream education his father had. Couple of things missing. Until around 1492, Moors and Jews controlled Iberia. Here we are talking about Sephardic Jews. They were in positions of power. When Isabella came into the scene, she threw them out.

Some moved to what is now Amsterdam and some to the Ottoman area, what's now Turkey, from whence they instigated and financed the "English Revolution" under Oliver Cromwell which allowed Jews into England for the first time since the 1200s.

Meanwhile, some Jewish converts from Kazharia had emigrated to Poland. Somewhere in the midst of all this the Khazars managed to take over the rights to Jewish control. Don't know how, but it seems they did. From Poland they moved to Frankfort.

This led to Adam Weishaupt, the Illuminati, the Rothschilds and all that.

The bone is buried deep, dog {a Gurdjieff line)

There's more but it's late and I've had too much wine to type straight.



Visible said...

One thing that I have been aware of for some time and which I make an effort to keep close to me, especially when I am speaking (in print or otherwise) is that the truth lies between those presenting their points of view.

It may lean closer to one and sometimes to another as the moments arrange themselves around the elements which are the purpose of the moments; meaning us. We are the reason for life, primarily for the entertainment of the one who put us here and because nothing gives him so much joy as to send us off into the realm of experience only to gather us back up when the road- no matter what the direction may appear to be at any point along the way- brings us home. It comes down to love and always has and love cannot have it's deepest meaning without the separation which awakens it.

We don't always agree here and it would be a less educative and entertaining place if we did. Sometimes our potential for excellence finds its way forward as a result of our conflicts so... I don't have a problem with it.

Our passion defines us just as our discipline to contain and channel it will eventually unveil a self previously unknown. It is in the things we value that we discover who we are and the world shows us every day what that costs and what it means in whatever direction you look.

I hope something unsaid gets said by this even if it's only implied.

Anonymous said...

Hello GodSend, 6:21 PM
Nice to 'see' you
and what about this? - I agree with you
re: this one is full of..........insights

Visible said...


Yes I agree. Unfortunately, that sort of thing borders on the edge of disinfo and that was my concern. It's little shadings toward the majority historical view that eventually merge with the same due to a particular attractive force (cryptic enough?).

There has been a sudden shift in this direction where for all the time before it hadn't surfaced... from what I can remember.

I'm good with all of it though. It's an education and it also keeps you sharp.


In response to the Time Monks question. It's riveting reading and pretty much says what has been predicted here and is generally assumed by most of us. It's an eerie thing to have a robot operation come up with the same conclusions you already have and can feel are on the approach.

I couldn't imagine not reading them. They reinforce what's inside. I would encapsulate it as, "Whole lotta shakin (is going to be) goin on". It's very scary but given the general consciousness... seemingly unavoidable.

However, the divine will determine what goes down; not robots and not our fears.

Anonymous said...

Les -
You knocked that one out of the park! Thanks for the thoughts and the energy; they reminded me a lot about this Philip K. Dick piece I found several years ago, and how the Demiurge has us fooled, and its really 33AD, just moments past that fateful hour, and we're all saying, "not yet," even though He's patiently waiting for us to wake up from our dream.
Oh, and as no one else really mentioned, I ended up following that TV show Lost, which turned out to be an actually inspiring show, given that its a Disney product.

Anyway, the gist of the show ended up being one about redemption, and how even though a character is flawed (usually a victim who then proceeded to bad behavior as a result of the abuse), they have the potential to redeem themselves through service to others or simple forgiveness of themselves.

Nice how that coincided...

Oh, and I haven't seen anyone else really link to this site, but probably worth sharing, is realitysandwich.com. There's a pretty cool piece up there about Gematria and 9/11 - http://www.realitysandwich.com/911_cube

That piece seems to speak directly to your recent take on good/evil and how the ineffable utilizes things we may "see" as "bad" at the time being guided by that invisible hand towards the greater good.

Enjoy and thanks again for all your voice along the way!


Anonymous said...

Hi Les

i don't know if you have ever been to Britain,but I suspect you may have been taken in by the European sterotypes as the British as brutish and thuggish .

It is actually fairly civilised . If you want to live in a country without police come to Britain . Outside London, they have disappeared from the streets but Life goes on quite happily .

I agree our Foreign policy eg Iraq and Afghanistan is horrendous,but the British and Britain are Ok .


Visible said...


That's good to hear but it doesn't jibe with what I hear on a regular basis from any number of people. Of course I am referring to London with the CCTV cameras, and binge drinking, the gangs on the street and a whole lot more.

I can handle myself but some situations require divine intervention (grin).

I'm glad to hear this because I've got good friends there that I've never met and places in the countryside I would really like to see.

Then there's Scotland which I would really like to roam around in, excepting Glasgow; the glassing and knifing capital of Europe and since heroin's not my thing well... heh heh.

I met Peter, who put Findhorn together, years ago on Maui. I'm guessing he's passed now and I don't hear good things about Findhorn these days but maybe the area around there; being as The Devic Realm is one of my chief interests.

Susanne and I are taking a trip in a few weeks and were tossing around where to go (still haven't decided)... obviously somewhere north because of the season. Amsterdam seems like an idea (grin).. Denmark, any number of countries on the Baltic. I doubt she would consider the UK at the moment (too out of left field considering our discussions) but you never know for the future.

I've got some people coming in for the big solstice party and I think we can still handle about 3 more. So anyone who might be thinking of flying into Germany (Basel is better) and doesn't mind a small train trip to Basel can ride along.

Generally they just drink and smoke pot there and neither of those are what I fancy so I guess it's every man for himself unless someone from Amsterdam or maybe Farmer Maggot takes pity on all of us who don't go the usual route.

My response to you turned into a general letter and some might wonder at my alluding to and being up front about the kind of thing that always causes the whitened sepulchers to give me shit but... my inward excursions are fairly rare and I've got no shame about taking any conveyance that works to get to where I want to go.

It never fails to amaze me what fixed opinions people have about things they have no experience of. Call me crazy but I happen to take enormous enjoyment from dancing with the immortals in the blessed realms for however brief it might be. It sure beats this chiaroscuro world on its way to screams in the night.

Erik said...

Hi Les,

Funny that you mention Amsterdam....

I was contemplating inviting you and Suzanne to visit my new place.

I am about to move in two weeks to a small farm just on the outskirts of the village I now live.(20 car min's from Amsterdam)

I have a spare bed-room and lots of camping grass-land if needed. So any other of the readers here is also very welcome to stay.

What da-ya think?


WV: coloil

Anonymous said...

I hear Croatia is very magical this time of the year..

Anonymous said...

This comment in passing on the "fool////"...all this communication does [unless one IS Avatar] is muddy the waters. You keep ending with "I don't know' If that is what you believe then you should ask respectful questions or SHUT UP! I played your socratic fool for years until I realized it was overblown ego. If the message is "something's goin on", then DUH.] The question is can we synthesize anything fresh or do we just have a case of gas? Fresh gas? He's a poet but does he know it. Change topic. I have broken through. I now dwell on the "other side", don't WORRY, love and be happy because EVERY end is a new beginning. I live in private Idaho where a general awakening is pushing hard against the Fiat Military Empire. Most people I meet are clueless but very soon that too will end. Here is a clue. Silence is golden when you really don't "care" what ego is presenting you. Very little commentary is NOT ego so let it pass and BOY do people want to know what you really think. Then, if you have one, plant a seed and move on. Take note of how much discourse is blather and behave accordingly. There is no charge for this wisdom. Take eat and enjoy, it's what we are.Ralphie

GodSend said...

Hi, Tony

I've been away, doing battle on the Blogs, and re-discovered (by 'accident') that our friend Les has hit the nail on the head (or close) with his comments about America turning into Zombieland, courtesy what I like to describe as "Zionist Slimeballs".

I opened a 2nd Front on the Beast with my Blog, where I mercilessly hammer him with almost daily combinations of deadly punches. (I know they are deadly but the Beast barely budges. I like to think he's "dead on his feet" and will just collapse one day when he finally realizes he's dead).

Glad we agree on something! ;)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the read. I use my fathers views and background to understand the status quo and more. He is protestant irish and I think he doesnt want to step outside the box on many issues. It might seen werid but he too started with a certian take on "jews" and usury, but has chilled out over the years. Im a bit sad to watch it but he is still a good source of info? All things change and holding on to just one idea for too long is healthy.

Ive found tracking the movements over time space of different jewish groups very hard. I used
Michael Tsarions work as cliff notes but that too seems a bit off.
Im not sure we will ever get to the bottom of it, but its clear many important events and links have been hidden for the mainstream for some reason.

I think its a long road to figure it out and I see too many here just reading one or two road signs and claming they know enough?

If I wanted to stop a declare the answer it would sound like this; a group of men long ago began worshipping the sun over any other body in the sky. They loved light and the "seen" world. Their focus was misplaced and too simple. After many hundreds of years of pushing this view, men forgot about the mother and the "unseen" half of the divine. This lack of respect has created the world you see around you today. Some blame the zionist, better called atonist if you ask me. Not earth shaking but thats it.

PS Thanks to all of you here. Im thankful and enjoy this place Les has created for us. No more question marks, ok.

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...


Super cool blog man! Youre not a poor writer at all. I love Prophet Edgar Cayce and you should focus more on his "battle" idea than seeing images on earth?

I too have seen what youre talking about and have had this view of a world without people struggling to regrow all my life. Youre on to something big here, but dont go too fast?

Thats a lot to keep in one head, but you manage great, wow!

Look the earth and what we know about its make up are still in a younger form. The people of old had much better views and depth.

The BP thing wasnt on the mothers list of events to carry out, or the acients too, if you ask me. This was a preplanned terror event like the rest. The atonist are pushing and trying to take over these events yet to come. They want people to think we/they are the cause of this, and not the cosmic divine wheel? Its a power grab?

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

"It comes down to love and always has and love cannot have it's deepest meaning without the separation which awakens it…

"Our passion defines us just as our discipline to contain and channel it will eventually unveil a self previously unknown.

"It is in the things we value that we discover who we are and the world shows us every day what that costs and what it means.."

Reassurance in a crumbling scene, for which, many thanks, LV.

Some more tearing down the veils -

the spreading of Morgellon’s and other diseases

spraying worldwide with aluminium in chemtrails, making natural seeds sterile, developing alumin-resistant gmo seeds

the facts behind guant..

A historian on the current collapse, worth pondering

Anonymous said...


Now thats the truth, Amen! I figure that out too, many years back, I just try and us the ego for the divines needs not mine? All things are gifted to us, use them? What love you keep in, is the pain you move with?
Its hard and yes, in most cases just planting a seeds is best. Not sure why I want to plant the whole field on Les blog. Thank you

Love Your Life

Visible said...

One small note; watch the sock puppetry and tag teaming and remember, I'm not as stupid as you think I am. Graphoanalysis extends into various ancillary modalities and has a tendency to feedback.

bholanath said...

Now that it's out all over the place that the oil volcano could've been stopped in 8 hours, where does that put us as far as understanding the true agenda?
Les, I know you've traveled to some very dark places (dark splendors), and you feel strongly it's all under control, but wonder if you've ever encountered the standpoint of the higher echelons of the hidden controllers/'demons'. Do you even feel it's relevant to know what the plan and motivation is? Seems the lower levels adhere to the belief that the last tree falling will bring on the rapture, but I doubt the real exclusive club buys into that. Just Life-hatred? Jealousy of Divinity? ["They" have created artificial life now.]
The lucifer/satan stuff just doesn't resonate enough for me. Catch my drift? Sorry if I'm not being clear in my inquiry.


Anonymous said...

Some overlapping interpretations from Crop Circles, Astrology, etc, echoing LV's theme of all being under control.

Aerial views http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2010/Yarnbury/Yarnbury2010a.html

The field reports disagree on the genuineness of this one.

Article http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2010/Yarnbury/articles.html

Haven’t read through these below yet, but want to share.


I know just a little about astrology, but my reading in it persuades me it expresses truths.

“The configuration of the four planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto form essentially one configuration which is esoterically known as “the Finger of God,” - mentioned in one interpretation of the 16 May Crop Circle above

“greater opportunities to take part in a larger social pattern of ideal development”
- a theme in the interpretation by the two Russian scientists in the same article above

I hope LV's readers here are a part of the "larger social pattern".
Some Indian (from India) discarnate healers have told someone I know (while he was in an altered state of consciousness), that there will be profound changes on earth, for the good.

We can only wait in such faith as each has.

Visible said...


What you are talking about is appearances. Consider The Devil card in The Tarot. It's identifying letter is 'Ayin' which means 'eye'. The eye is the deceiver. When we buy into that it gains whatever power it can according to the degree we buy into it. The same applies to fear. Hmmm, Pachad, Geburah The Tower and so on. I realize this involves the Hebrew Alphabet but they stole that so it's not really theirs.

The Infernal Kingdom is absolutely and always under the command of the Higher Kingdom. The Devil works for God. He's an employee and an angel in disguise who assumes that camouflage in order to attract the wicked and lead them into perdition. He is also there to try the virtuous for the purpose of making their virtue strong. We build our physical muscles through resistance, same thing applies.

Whatever may appear to be a certain way is only an appearance. We must see through to the light behind it. I have to identify it on on the most simple terms. I understand it can also be incredibly complex.

I don't concern myself with what the temporal nutjobs are up to or give them any power in my head whatsoever. My daddy can beat up their daddy any day of the week.

and they can't touch us unless our daddy (or mommy) says so and neither of them are going to do that unless our uncertainty requires it. As long as we believe in the power of the manifest as having any say in respect of the will of the ineffable we are going to be put through a certain amount of shit to prove to us that it has no say.

This is what goes through my mind when I read what you wrote. I'm sure I could have a number of other perspectives and opinions on the matter but I would 'rather not'.

The battle is won. The game is over. Now the point is going to be made.

vixen said...

Well, BP has begun the “challenging operation” (MSM words) in the Gulf calling it Top Kill (such an ominous name for a rescue mission) and we will soon see if this particular fix will end the deluge of oil. Here’s a link if one can truly believe what is being shown…


Visible said...

Hey! this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius (grin).

In the S&MSM yesterday they were talking about this new heroin and the insufferable jerk who wrote the piece said that traditionally heroin was mostly done by rock stars, hippies and inner city junkies.

The hippie thing scares the shit out of the merchants and manipulators. The finest people I ever met were hippies and hippies don't do heroin. Hippies also (this hippie and the hippies he knew) regularly bathed, did not go around bumming spare change and were entirely unlike the media portrayal of them. The Age of Aquarius is the fulfillment of the vision of the hippies and The Native Americans and all good solid, generous human beings.

Some good people will probably die but good and bad continuously die anyway... even in peaceful times. The end of the world comes to someone every day; a lot of someones. Some few do attain immortality and that possibility is much greater now than ever.

However, the coming future belongs to those of us that have embraced the vision which is materializing at this very moment, although most of what we see indicates otherwise.

Vindication and triumph comes to us who have not departed from the true vision in our hearts, regardless of the shit we got put through. The old world is passing away and all the corrupt perversions of power are going to experience the throwing of the switch as the power transfers and their lights go out. Count on it.

bholanath said...

Thanks, Les -
You're making sense, it resonates with my 'feeling'/experience also. The battle is definitely won, and there never has been a question re: our defeat.
I understand and appreciate your clarification.
The levels of self-deception boggle the mind (heh heh).

Visible said...


I deal with it all through every single day. The best thing God told me recently was; "Don't concern yourself with this. Celebrate my presence. I'm here now. Of course, I've always been here after a fashion but I am present and engaged now. Surely you can see their world crumbling around their ears. This is just the beginning. Enjoy yourself and don't worry about anything. Rely on me."

There's been a lot more but that part applies to the moment.

Erik said...

Hi All,

Off topic.

Some new live video from the Gulf.
Currently monitoring BOP (Blow out Preventor) BP is starting Top Kill procedure.


m_astera said...

My friend Les, we don't think you are dumb, just misinformed. :-)

No smiley faces icons show up here (thanks to whatever google rulers rule) so I use what I can to indicate humor. Not much on smiley faces myself, so that's good. And the misinformed part was a joke too.

I'm wondering just what we have going on? Mick thinks the oil and gas volcano just opened up in loosiana was unplanned by mother Earth?

Fool is a good and excellent name. See Robin Hobbs' novel, The Assassin's Apprentice.

Les found some freedom with his ability at sports. I never had much ability that way; found mine in nature. She was all I had. Home was hell and any refuge I could find was a secret spot in the prairies or forest. She still and always shows me those secret places, even in Anaheim California or anywhere else. She is sweet and generous to me in a way that human civilization and busyness has never been. There are places none but the hawks have been to before, and places right by my home. She is there if I need her, and provides abundance.

And all it requires is the thought.

I've probably made the point before, but I love this planet. To me she is not a temporary stopping point, she is a home, a jewel and shining emblem of what we are to be.


We, the life of this Earth, are in someplace very good, and it is heaven here.



bholanath said...

Nice Fwd from God (grin) - can't get any more bitchen than that.
Tryin my best to 'enjoy', while all around are having melt-downs or tune-outs. Enjoying works for me. Working in the compost and manure today: highly enjoyable.
"heroin and hippies" - yeah, riiiight. I saw that too.
wv: activ

Visible said...

Nature is where I escaped to also, usually up in trees with a book.

I have nearly always lived in isolated spots surrounded by Nature as I am this very moment. She is my protector.

Anonymous said...

Many say the opening of this Age of Aquarius happened in the 60s. I dont know but Les understands it. I was rasied by hippies. Not some much now, time and the western world have weighted them down some. God knows how much I love them and the gift of self and love they showed me!
I loved being the hippie warrior in the army, worked well for me. Im a sun and moon Leo so playing many sides seems very natraul too me. I still hold in my heart all my hippie friends that have come and gone. Not much of their love and grace can found in the mainstream anymore. Its neat to study how the "man" turned off the movement. I say the biggest tool used was sellin it and marketing it? Its a guess, Im sure Les watched and learned form this phase of history. Les whatever vib your created just now, thats it man!

Im dancing too, nice words! Love the mother and the life she holds for us! I think she smiles when we dance and I smile at those that make me dance!

Nature is home, oh yes. I think, but dont know, anyone that finds nature home is just returning to a former life with the mother? We all have been around for along time as I see it, and most of it was around nature. I was born in the Rockies and hope to say here till Im done! All my life I found peace and grace in the waters and fields of my home. Setting by a running stream does it for me! Never, not once have I found myself in fear of nature. Wonder maybe but as Les keep saying, its all under control. I never put the two together before, thanks Les.
When I sit with the mother she helps me with my issues and many of them are the same as the larger body , ie all of us? Much of it is about the same as I hear here. A new dawn is coming, maybe not for us in this body, but for our next one. Do the work, plant the seeds, youll be back to see the fruits?

Love Your Life Fool?

Anonymous said...

I thought it was common knowledge by now, that modern astrology has a fatal flaw; it is not corrected for the changes of the position of Earth relative the point of equal long day and night, in 2000 yrs.So the planets are in different positions from then- actually 27 degrees in the retrograde direction have to be calculated - then your horo-scope is identical to THE ACTUAL POSITIONS OF THE PLANETS AND EARTH.It´s not so bad , many stay in same sign- and many find more truths about themselves which have been buried under identifying with one sign-yet feeling it strange.

Visible said...

what they don't tell you.>
is that this is going to be happening in various theaters; economic. political, religious well... it's going to be happening on most levels because there is a need to clear the air a flush the system of impurities and we've got aw whole lot of those.

Light Keeper said...

Accurate? I don't know.


bholanath said...

Anon 1:38pm -

Your "common knowledge" about a "fatal flaw" is extremely misinformed.
Instead of taking debunkers' word and dismissing what you know nothing about, try a little researching.
The difference between sidereal and tropical has been thoroughly discussed/explained, and their relevance as distinct systems.
Look to some early 60s-70s writings of Dane Rudhyar (father of humanistic/karmic astrology), eg: "The Pulse Of Life" for starters.

wv: therag

Anonymous said...

Euell Gibbons is an American treasure. A hero.

His book "Stalking the Wild Asparagus" was once upon a time a Bible of sorts. (1962)

You haven't lived if you've never eaten wild strawberries..

Euell always said and backed it up.. "no one need be hungry if he is a friend of nature."

Visible said...

Which is why I let it slide. I knew somebody was going to address that. One more thing I need to keep in mind.

Anonymous said...

Les -
Thought this was an interesting convergence...

The latest ALTA report has those scenarios; check out scenario #2 and then see how the ground-work is being laid in real-time here: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2010/05/24/gordon-duff-caught-in-the-act-is-the-murder-of-president-obama-being-planned/

Big thanks to Dub for pointing out veteranstoday and Gordon Duff in particular. He and Jeff Gates do some real strong reporting.

This all reminds me, though, of a sensation I had as a teenager, going rafting on the Deschutes river, woefully unprepared and under-equipped. Our raft struck a large rock about a 1/2 mile above a class 5 rapid, and I jumped over everyone else and quickly was separated. They had reconvened in the raft, as I realized I was quickly starting to head towards the falls. A very, very brief moment of panic entered, but I was seized by a comfort and knowledge that if I relaxed, kept my head up, and trusted, everything would be fine. Within that instant of letting go and my body surrendering to the current, I gently glided out to an eddy, near a bank where other rafters who were putting out jumped back in their boat to help me out. Feels like a pretty good metaphor for now, too. ;)


vixen said...

I feel thankful for the solitude and free time I have to enable me to experience the transition we are going through. Distractions of my previous everyday normal life would have prevented me immersing myself in the diverse changes and events that are occurring everyday several times a day. I have known that this time would come since the mid 70’s and as the years passed I began to think it wouldn’t happen in my lifetime. But now it is here and I know it was always part of my destiny. I don’t look forward to the collapse of the modern civilization I was born into, but realize it is a perverted distortion of how life should be lived. Nor do I know what will replace it, or if we will have the opportunity to start over after learning a very hard lesson.
I’m on overload with all the new information pouring out from a multitude of sources and yet I continue to search for more. It’s like I want to be able to predict what the next major event will be. I have so many options to pick from. Things are looking serious with Korea, Iran, the economies of the world, environment, GM food and food shortages, volcanoes, earthquakes, plagues and all the rest too numerous to name. I haven’t been able to call single event in advance and I doubt I could have even imagined such a thing as what is happening in the Gulf. I guess I’m just here to see it and believe it when it appears. Time is short, so I just made reservations to meet up with some of the kids for a quick holiday before things really heat up this summer……

Kiros said...

"...Enjoy yourself and don't worry about anything. Rely on me."

Yes. Padre Pio always said "don't worry about anything."

Why worry when He is in control of the future?

He created the universe, all the stars and galaxies. He is in charge of everything.

The most repeated phrase in the NT (I think) is "Do not fear."

Trusting in His Mercy is trusting completely in him.

He loves all of us and wants all of us to enjoy the blessings of His Divine Will.

"Consider the sparrows--they neither reap nor sow...."

Anonymous said...

What is the channel we are watching?

Billy G.

m_astera said...

Dear Vixen-

Your words weren't addressed to me, but they touched my heart.

Les has his visions and I have mine. They coincide. All will be well. More than well, a new world that we will create, all of us together. We have already begun. Some will stick around, some have other destinies. Give thanks for every moment with your friends and family, because we came here for a reason and it might be the last chance for a while to tell them how much you appreciate them.

It took me some time to understand the old idea of the dance of Shiva, but if one looks at their life on the, what shall I say, linear mode, or from above, what have our lives been but a dance? We just dance it as well as we can, and so far we are still on the dance floor.

Keep on smiling and dancing. And hug a tree!


Anonymous said...

Les, I have been saying to friends and colleagues I can feel the energies changing and that for want of a better quote: "the scum is rising to the top", as you have put so eloquently.

In fact the Elites are doing us all a favour because the more they think they're holding all of the cards, the more people are waking up to the fact their deck of cards is phoney.

A good example of this game is the TV series Survivor, every time a player thought they were in control of the game - they were blind-sided and voted out without exception.

So in that sense we don't have to do anything, except not play their fear based game anymore. The Elites will crap in their own nest and won't be able to hide the fact.

Kevenj said...

"I suppose, that salvation is not guaranteed.."

Unless you're already doing God's work.
I hear that Bill & Warren have drawn up a truly remarkable paradigm for Hagee & Blankfein.
It's...ineffably myterious.

vixen said...

Thanks Michael.

I had a white picket fence dream so many years ago. It was given to me by the PTPB. Needless to say that dream got trashed and my life went in directions I couldn’t begin to imagine. I can see how it could be likened to a dance and when I hear music from the past I actually feel like I am there dancing through it feeling emotions of the good times. Now, with my children scattered from California to Alaska and me sitting here in Texas I rely on phones and airplanes to share in their lives and bring back those good feelings. The very technology that separates families is ultimately my only link to them. Seems more than a little ironic. Better that there were a teepee to call home and a campfire to gather around.

Vanguard said...

I believe that in the forefront of the current age's reckoning...

Let me restart that...

If we manifest "good" powerfully enough, by preparing ourselves, and toughing it out until we've broken through a given oppressive (spiritual) onslaught--

[and there is a comforting brotherhood evidenced when Visible would describe his own ordeals ("dense materialism", etc.) ]

--then are we capable of the emanating countervailing force to evil. The onslaughts do not cease.

And, to be cliche, "that which does not kill us makes as stronger".

( But there are breathers. Light always breaks through the clouds, and life, for a time, is a beautiful, unblemished song of effortless joy.)

And again, "they gain only the power over us (in these spiritual battles) which we cede".

Moreover, the tsunami is a gentle rolling wave gathered from a great expanse which rolls forward inevitably, without storm and fury sometimes, but nevertheless is catastrophic, world-changing.

What massive chunk of earth has (figuratively) plunged into our human ocean of conciousness that sends tsunamic waves towards every shore upon earth?

Are there more which even now creak, crack and crumble, pent energy longing for release as the mass tilts towards the beckoning (defiled?) ocean?

What shiftings occur in the ocean's floor? Are they the languorous stretching motions of an awakening giant? Or the annoyed fidgeting of a pestered mother?

Do fiery bits of heaven fall through the night sky toward earth...to steam and displace...and cause further tsunamis?

Do the rushing criss-crossing currents send ripples beyond the schemed understanding of the princes of the world?

Over come personal, spiritual challenges through battles. Stride forth confidently. In this time/age, your light will shine--not the way the world or churches teach--and those around you will be lifted up (and so surprised as it happens) or else blown back, stunned and reeling by this unknown effect. How they treat you, shall be how they treat God with you.

It is time for those in isolation to gather. In the gathering gloom, the light is seen from a greater distance. Cast off those remaining chains which bind you: mind, body and soul.

Do not merely think this.

Live this.

It is we who usher in the times to come.

Anonymous said...
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Chiron said...

“.. ”Have we a say in any affair?” Say: “All affairs rest with God”..” Al-Quaran, The Family of Imran 3:154

“... Yet if some good comes their way they say: “It is from God;” and if it is evil that befalls them, they say: “It is indeed from you.” Say to them: “Every thing is from God.” Al-Quaran, The Women 4:78

“It was not you who killed them, but God did so. You did not throw what you threw, but God, to bring out the best in the faithful by doing them a favour of His own.. God is all-hearing and all-knowing.” Al-Quaran, Spoils of War 8:17

“It is He indeed who sends you to death at night, and knows what you do in the day, then makes you rise with it again in order that the fixed term of life be fulfilled. Then to Him you will be returned when He will tell you what you did.” Al-Quaran, The Cattle 6:60

“Say: “I have no power over my own gain or loss other than what God may please.” Every people have a certain term. When their time is come they can neither delay it an hour nor advance it a moment forward.” Al-Quaran, Jonah 10:49

“Tell them: “Nothing can befall us except what God decrees. Our protector is He, and in God should the faithful place their trust.” Al-Quaran, Repentance 9:51

“Ask them: “Who gives you food and sustenance from the skies and the earth? Or, who is the lord of ear and eye? And who brings forth the living from the dead, the dead from the living? And who directs all affairs?” They will say: “God”. So tell them: Why do you not fear Him?” Al-Quaran, Jonah 10:31

“This surely is a reminder: Therefore whosoever desires may take the way to his Lord. But you will not desire except as God wills. Verily He is all-knowing and all-wise.” Al-Quaran, Time 76:29-30

“All works are being done by the Gunas of nature, but due to delusion of ego people assume themselves to be the doer.” Bhagavad Gita, The Path of Karma Yoga 3:27

“A Samnyasi who knows the truth thinks: I do nothing at all. For in seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, eating, walking, sleeping, breathing, speaking, giving, taking, opening and closing the eyes, a Samnyasi believes that only the senses are operating upon their sense objects.” Bhagavad Gita, Path of Renunciation 5:8-9

“Those who perceive that all works are done by the Prakriti alone, and thus they are not the doer, they truly understand.” Bhagavad Gita, Creation and the Creator 13:29

“When visionaries perceive no doer other than the Gunas, and know That which is above and beyond the Gunas; then they attain nirvana.” Bhagavad Gita, Three Gunas of Nature 14:19

"God dwells in the heart of all beings, Arjuna: thy God dwells in thy heart. And his power of wonder moves all things - puppets in a play of shadows - whirling them onwards on the stream of time." Bhagavad Gita, Nirvana through Renunciation 18:61

Chiron said...

"Under the sway of some atavistic, reptile mind they are at war with their own best interests and have turned the precious gift of free will into a weapon against themselves and everyone they encounter."

Instead of being a precious gift, the concept of free will is actually one of the greatest demons which plague the current human psyche.

Remember how you said you are extraordianrily familiar with the contents of the Bible? Well, there is not one mention of free will there.

How can an actor have free will if the movie has already been filmed? There are two kinds of puppets in this world, one kind admits it has strings and the other doesn't. And all strings lead to the same place, the one which is not a place.

Everything we encounter here on this plane is actually a reflection of our own soul. So as long as we see evil here, then guess what?

Its quite simple, without the night there would be no day. Without the demon there would be no angel. Without the drama this leela would be no fun. Why see anything but the play of the one being I ask myself? But I guess because that is entertaining also.

Forgive me for the following, I prefer the scripture that is written on the heart and not on paper, but this may help make my point:

“Lord, thou wilt ordain peace for us: for thou also hast wrought all our works in us. “ Old Testament, Isaiah 26:12

“I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.” Old Testament, Isaiah 45:7

“Who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass, when the Lord commandeth it not? Out of the mouth of the most High proceedeth not evil and good?” Old Testament, Lamentations 3:37-38

“Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father's will.” New Testament, Matthew 10:29

“Nor is He worshipped with men's hands, as though He needed anything, since He gives to all life, breath, and all things. And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings.. “ New Testament, Acts 17:25-26

“”Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.” New Testament, Philippians 2:12-13

“You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power; for You created all things, and by Your will they exist and were created.” New Testament Revelation 4:11

“To God belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth; and whether you reveal what is in your heart or conceal it, you will have to account for it to God who will pardon whom He please and punish who He will, for God has the power over all things.” Al-Quaran, The Cow 2:284

“Do they seek another way than God's? But whosoever is in the heavens and the earth is submissive to God and obidient, by choice or constraint, and will be returned to Him..” Al-Quaran, The Family of Imran 3:83

Anonymous said...

Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 18.70

adhyeṣyate ca ya imaḿ

dharmyaḿ saḿvādam āvayoḥ

jñāna-yajñena tenāham

iṣṭaḥ syām iti me matiḥ


And I declare that he who studies this sacred conversation of ours worships Me by his intelligence.

ravenise said...

My apologies for any inconsistencies of late. The Internet has been a pain to connect to and I have been taking it easy. I have been striving to focus within the divine consciousness and reflect upon the wisdom here for which I am grateful beyond words. So many inexplicable events have been occurring as of late. Maybe this is being exemplified by the current planetary alignments…

I was invited over the long weekend to share some media at a local music festival. I figured that because of the set and setting it would be desirable to relay some smoking mirrors broadcasts along with some meditation, rock tunes…etc. and got the stamp of approval. I was on Vitamin LSD at the time as well, which brought me closer in contact with the higher mind. Things were great and everyone enjoyed it for the first hour or so… but out of the blue I was shut down and notified of a noise complaint and death threats by some local residents nearby. I was confronted by some entities that were totally unaware of the fact that I was enlisted to plug in and broadcast at that time. It was very disheartening how the dynamics of the collective mind played hot potato with the frequencies broadcast, where ultimately I ended up the potato. I tried to explain to them the fact I was enlisted but they would not listen. It turned into a shouting match, where eventually reptiles in disguise carried me out as I protested and flailed against them. After hours of baking in the sun and watching all the embarrassed faces pass by, I snuck in and talked to the man upstairs. He immediately cleared things up and the uninformed finally realized I had a pass to the stage. One of them sincerely apologized to me for the misunderstanding and for my treatment. I cautiously shook hands, grabbed my gear and wandered off.

It wasn’t all bad. A few kind souls helped me out. Everyone else probably thought I was nuts, and the feeling was mutual. The divine works in mysterious ways no? After all, I am just glad that no one was hurt.

Much love to all.

CarissaC. said...

One's experiences in America are going to be like anywhere else...it all hinges on your own personal frequency. So if one resonates with something kind of screwball, surrounding themselves with people that are kind of screwball, then yes, one very well may experience violent bars, crime, an oppressive police presence, etc.

And then on top of that it's going to hinge on something called "basis of comparison." To give an idea: I used to work a few years ago at a hotel alongside a couple of girls who were from Belarus. It was interesting to hear their perspective on the U.S. On the one hand they noted the rampant materialism and the fact that "something was wrong" with most Americans. They figured it was because we had everything and never wanted for stuff the way they did. That had done something to us, it had changed us for the negative, was how they figured it. And I agree with them there. But on the other hand they noted the general lack of police presence compared to Belarus, where the cops are everywhere, roaming in predatorial packs and everyday life is governed by rampant corruption. If you were female you did not want to be caught walking around alone at night in Belarus, I was told. Not because of criminals, but because of the police gangs. To put it bluntly, you would be raped. But when my coworkers arrived in America they were shocked at the lack of police. One of my coworkers said she began counting how many days it was before she saw her first police officer here. It wound up being five full days. That was unheard of in Belarus.

Over the years I've lost a few wallets myself. I've been fortunate that with the exception of one I got them back, intact. And that was in urban SoCal, mind you. I in turn once found somebody's wallet left behind at a coffee house in SoCal when I was 18. I mailed it to the address on the driver's license, money and everything else intact. You will find a lot of that here in good ol' America actually. ;)

America is a huge country, with every geographic configuration and climate type represented, with all types of people good and evil from every walk of life, and endless accents and social norms and practices and customs. It defies stereotyping for that reason, and it ultimately is what you make of it. And like anywhere else, your vibes are going to determine what sorts of experiences you draw in. Every place has its pros and cons. Yes, America has its problems. But I find it hard to believe that Europe doesn't either.

What I'm thinking as I've read of your pleasant experiences in Europe isn't so much that negativity doesn't exist there and that America is such a big bad nightmare distant memory in comparison, but rather....that *you yourself have changed.* You are no longer the same guy you used to be, and you're no longer compatible with your old ways that found yourself attracting in such unpleasant circumstances, experiences and people in the past.If you secluded yourself away in some rural area of America you could also grow your own food and have a quiet, non-materialistic, self sustaining lifestyle, going weeks without talking to anybody and never encountering police, let alone bad police. And chances are, being that it's a rural area, whatever people you did encounter would be much nicer than say, your average person from a ghetto urban area.

I'm in America, but I've never been to or seen even one violent bar myself. But then again, I don't resonate with that. I don't even go to bars at this point in my life, although in the past I've worked in them. I've even hung out a few times at a full on biker's bar in SoCal...never saw anything violent. If anything it was drunken revelry, people dancing and having a good time to whatever local band was playing.

Wherever you go, there you are. In the end all you have are your own vibes/personal frequency.

m_astera said...


I don't disagree with the basis of what you said, but it's not that simple.

Perhaps when one is so clear and loving that they could walk into a cage full of hungry lions and the lions would not harm them, perhaps then.

I was born in the USA and spent a good part of my life there. I know it well. I can and have walked without any fear in the most dangerous neighborhoods at night in many different cities. I have crashed in an abandoned building in the Haight Ashbury with winos sleeping around me and been woken up in the middle of the night with a knife fight going on in the room. I rolled over and went back to sleep. That is one minor example out of many. If some criminal drug addict type wants to mess with me, I usually just make friends with them, share what I have. I'm a peaceful and friendly person and I don't attract trouble.

The ONLY group of people I have ever had any serious problems with are predatory cops, and there are hundreds of thousands of them in the US, predators who only want to fuck with people. And they run in packs.

For the last seventeen years I lived in the US, my home base was a remote cabin in the woods at the end of a mile long private road, way out in the hills. I had my own well, grew a lot of my own food, generated my own electricity. For most of that time things went well, and I never wanted to live anywhere else, but that was not to be. Fate sent me a psychopath for a neighbor.

Psychopaths are like machines, they are there to hurt and cause trouble for others. Now, why would I "attract" someone like that, when I harm no one?

Starting around 2003, I started to get all kinds of trouble from all sorts of directions. I ended up getting put in jail three times, without ever hurting a soul, while minding my own business. It just went on and on and on and onnnn. And I kept asking myself, what am I doing wrong here? What? I just couldn't figure it out. I was always steady in my spiritual practice, sent love to all as best I could, made my living in righteous manner; what was I doing wrong?

Things just kept getting worse and worse. Finally, it dawned on me: I'm not supposed to be here anymore. I'm not supposed to be in the US, I'm done here. Once I got that message and made the decision to leave, everything smoothed out, everything worked out, no more hassles or troubles, the path was clear.

And since I left the US, I haven't had any problems like that, even though I live in Venezuela, one of the most corrupt and crime ridden countries in the world, where the cops are the criminals.

What I'm saying is, sometimes there is a message we need to get, and the universe will keep on giving us the message until we get it.

CarissaC. said...

m_astera - From what I gather of reading Les Visible's writings on his three blogs, he's different from how he used to be. Things have changed in his life. And I think maybe it's him that has changed and thus, created the peaceful new way of life more so than the location change itself.

BUT, I do get what you're saying about how when it's time for someone to move on then the universe will give you nudges, and I've experienced that for myself in other areas of my life. (with jobs and residences namely, relationships too.) And that very well may be what happened with Les. Maybe he wasn't supposed to be here anymore because his fate is tied into Europe, and he was supposed to move on to greener pastures. But it doesn't mean the US is necessarily how he portrays it. It just means....those was *his* experiences when he lived here, for whatever reason.

I just had to pipe up only because I live here in the US myself and think that the way he consistently describes things here is a little skewed. Those were his experiences, but they're not mine, and they're not a lot of people I've known. (And I'm not "Super Patriot!" trying to defend the US or something ;D I know it has loads of problems. I'm just being fair.) So I think both of us are actually right....

Hank said...

First to Vixen, you are definately not alone, and are most certainly insane. However, here at Smoking Mirrors, insane is an indication of the graduation to the realm of a triple digit spiritual IQ. Congradulations!

Losing friends seems to be a natural part of the awakening process, and your words strike a chord with many here. It can be a difficult thing coming to the realization that most of those you know live their lives mired in the stench of materialism, with no real spiritual connection. One ends up with that alone in a room full of people feeling.

In any case, your comments caught my attention, and from the sound of it, we may have much in common. If I could leave you with one thought it would be, members of the same family, rarely grow up under the same roof.

"I understand it is my duty to love them, something grand and filled with possibility is hidden within them but it is most difficult to see..."

My being afflicted with the human condition makes dealing with this one thing a herculean effort. Forgivness seems even more difficult for me to come by, but I know to free my mind and spirit, I must do these things.

There are some I interact with that to all of my senses, have nothing inside. I can detect no beauty, no comprehension, no ability to think beyond the moment or perceive consequences. They are completely trapped within the matrix, and I can see no way to get them out.

Dealing with this human condition can be a bitch. My mind and spirit knows that I must find love and forgivness for these people for my well being, not theirs, but the human in me wants to choke their faces off. I see them on the "news", representing corporations or banks or governments and I cannot see them as human or devine in any way, and I can't help but think that they would look better with blue lips.

I find myself wanting to lay out a buffet for the apocalypse in generous welcome. Can't happen fast enough, and I know that all this indulgence in my human condition take away from me, but.....can't happen fast enough.

Funny how easy it becomes to let go of everything you have known, when you find out it has all been a lie, and how ironic that lies are almost all you find in a quest for the truth.

However the truths that I have found provide profound comfort. I have found that there is a creative force in the universe, god if you will, and that I and every living thing is connected to it, and through that connection, I am connected to every living thing. I was connected to it before I got to this life, and I will remain connected to it when this ride stops, and it's my turn to get off. I have found that those who profess to know, don't, and those that profess not to know, do. Best of all I have discovered that I am not alone, and there are many that come here that have played a part in that, and I thank you.

It is time for me to immerse myself in the matrix and go to work. There is a certain comfort in knowing that my wife doesn't have to worry about where the mortgage payment is coming from, and that my grand kids have a grandma's and pappa's to come to. Just a part of my great wealth. Peace to all.

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

The Hammer of Heaven and the Synagogue of Satan.>

Anonymous said...

June 08
So, why is it that you did not know that the USS Liberty was attacked on June 08, 1967 by Israel?
Just about every other event in history that most of us have never learned about until just lately can be explained on April 27, 1961 by "JFK SPEECH ON SECRET SOCIETIES AND FREEDOM OF THE PRESS" - Six minute clip

Excerpts from President John F. Kennedy address before 'The American Newspaper Publishers Association' at Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on April 27, 1961:
"Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment."
"Our way of life is under attack. Those who make themselves our enemy are advancing around the globe. The survival of our friends is in danger. And yet no war has been declared, no borders have been crossed by marching troops, no missiles have been fired."
"It requires a change in outlook, a change in tactics, a change in missions by the government, by the people, by every businessman or labor leader, and by every newspaper. For we are opposed around the world by amonolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations."
"And that is our obligation to inform and alert the American people to make certain that they possess all the facts that they need, and understand them as well the perils, the prospects, the purposes of our program and the choices that we face."
"Perhaps there is no answer to the dilemma faced by a free and open society in a cold and secret war. In times of peace, any discussion of this subject, and any action that results, are both painful and without precedent. But this is a time of peace and peril which knows no precedent in history."
"Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed and no republic can survive."

Visible said...

The First segment is up-

What has Been Happening, in Several Segments.>

Anonymous said...

Sack-o-shit Mike Rivero refuses to delve into CHEMTRAILS.

I'm suspicious of the pedophile label. It's too easily and too frequently used to destroy someone's life and reputation ie. M.Jackson and R. Polansky.

Both artists ventured into perilous territory by exposing Satanists and zionists (same thing really) in our midst.

J. Hendrix and S. Kubrick also taunted the devil and paid the price.

Your writing, Les, is eminently re-readable. Thanks.

Great comments too.

Best Regards,



Joseph Brenner

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