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It Doesn't Matter what we do Because No One Says a Thing

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Of course, I had done a lot of bad things before. I had help but I would have done it all on my own if I could. Somehow I understood that if I just screamed and complained loud enough, while I was tormenting and abusing others, it would look like I was the one who was being persecuted. This worked very well and it wasn’t long before my associates and I would arrange situations in which we could actually provoke others into reacting in savage ways, after we had given the impression that the injuries were coming from another set of our associates who knew nothing about it. This was really beneficial because we’d arranged all of the evidence we wanted ahead of time. It worked like a charm. After awhile we were able to get a historical perspective to follow us around and all we had to do was present evidence of something, it didn’t even have to happen and then we could simply spread the news abroad and then show up to confirm it.

It made perfect sense, after awhile, to get control of the mediums that brought the news to places far away from the actual events. We found that we could write books about the events and make movies about the events and there was always money to make it keep happening, until the sheer weight of the fabrications took control of the public’s perceptions, from the early years of education, until it was locked into place like the mortared rocks that held together the new institutions that stood as testimony for a general protection of universal rights.

We got so good at it that the most powerful nations determined that we should have our own location where, for once, we wouldn’t have to fear the casual attacks and pervasive slanders that we had worked so hard to bring about for this very purpose. There were things we could never do inside the constructs of other countries. We had to have one of our own. Then we could have emissaries and ambassadors. We could have trade and commerce and we could finance wars. Financing wars is a high profit item and if you are orchestrating the wars, you can anticipate your position in terms of help offered which comes back, not only in dividends of interest but in terms of powerful influence and access to geopolitical strengths in the aftermath. Then you just continue. You just keep going, while making sure you live under constant threat from your surrounding neighbors who appear to want to destroy you because that’s what the newspapers say.

So first we killed or exiled all the original inhabitants and no one said a thing. Then we gave off the impressions that our neighbors were about to attack us, so we attacked them and no one said a thing. Then we absorbed new territory with every event and no one said a thing. All the while we gained a greater and greater influence in the most important countries far away and no one said a thing. Then we created terror events to initiate global conflicts and even when we were caught at it, no one said a thing. Then we attacked a naval vessel of our greatest ally, killing many sailors and no one said a thing. Then we began to organize powerful lobbies to control policy and no one said a thing. We put together organizations and think tanks to provide strategic studies and no one said a thing. We took over every human rights group to present the impression that this was our forte and no one doubted it and no one said a thing.

It was time to create an enemy that had residents in every country in the world. It had to be someone who would look like they hated us because we were everywhere too. There were so few of us and so many of them. We had the history of being the target of so many oppressors in so many lands so... we set up an evidence trail and got the intelligence and law enforcement communities to follow it and then we attacked a number of powerful institutions on the home ground of our greatest friend. The whole world reacted as if it had been done by the ones we framed for the occasion and we could not have been in better shape and no one said a thing. Then there was war in one country where our drug business had been hindered by the same forces that had seemingly assisted in the attack. It wasn’t very long before we got our business back. Then we provided lies and rumors that another country was intending to attack our best friend. It wasn’t long before they were destroyed and millions killed and displaced and no one said a thing.

We couldn’t believe how easy it was and by now it was an indisputable fact that no one could get elected in the country of our best friend or any of her allies without swearing allegiance to us and... no one said a thing. Representatives of our most powerful lobby were caught spying and no one said a thing. We attacked our neighbors with illegal weapons and killed women and children in horrible ways. We destroyed their commerce and culture and no one said a thing. We launched bottle rockets against ourselves into empty lots of real estate stolen from the people we blamed the rocket attacks on and no one said a thing. Then we used weapons given to us by our best friend to destroy them even further and no one said a thing.

We put the original inhabitants of the land we stole into concentration camps that soon became the most populated areas on earth, because there was less and less land. We treated them like animals and no one said a thing. We attacked these defenseless people with chemical fire and used their children as shields, while we destroyed apartment buildings filled with them. Our own citizens stood on hills and watched it happen and cheered and no one said a thing. We imported settlers to occupy these stolen lands and gave them free reign to beat and murder the original inhabitants. We let them burn their orchards and destroy their farmlands and sent in the military and police to make sure they didn’t fight back and no one said a thing.

We got enormous sums of money from our most powerful, best friend and all of her allies and we used the money to torture, imprison and abuse the original inhabitants and no one said a thing. We starved these people and let them die of injuries and diseases caused by our treatment of them and refused them medical attention and the supplies to rebuild the living spaces and businesses that we had destroyed and no one said a thing. We broke into their schools and charities and stole their food and furniture. We destroyed what we didn’t want and took what we could use and used it for our own needs and laughed about it and no one said a thing.

Yes, there were a few people here and there who were outraged at what they saw. Some of them came and lived among the inhabitants and tried to stop our turning their world into a vermin infested rubble. Some of them stood in front of the earthmovers that were donated by our most powerful best friends but we rolled right over them, crushed them and killed them and hardly anyone said anything. Some nations became angry at the years we had spent treating the original inhabitants like something to kill and torture for our amusement but no great amount of anyone said anything. We tried to kill the prime minister of a powerful nearby country and hardly anyone heard about it but it made the country less than a friend and they sent ships to bring supplies to the original inhabitants and we attacked the ships and murdered the aid workers and stole what they had on the ship and even let our soldiers use their credit cards in our shops and no one heard a thing.

I know one day we will be completely successful and destroy everyone everywhere, those few who did say something and those who never said a thing. One day we will come to a place and do something truly horrible and there won’t be anyone left to not say anything.

Soon we are going to get our most powerful, best friend to attack the most powerful country yet and create a world wide state of Armageddon so that we can finalize the need to have our borders stretch from the Nile to the Euphrates and raise up our Samson option and bring the whole world to its knees. Our architect, the Lord Rothschild has a empty chair set for the God we serve who has chosen us and who intends to sit upon the throne of the whole world when we are the masters of it... all alone. He’s a frightening thing to look upon but we are his children and very dear to him and he is the power that gave us the power to ruin our enemies and friends. He is the one who lived in the hearts and the minds of the people who never said a thing.

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