Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's the End of the Beginning of the End

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

It’s staggering. It’s stunning. Things like this just heighten the absurdity that is epidemic on all sides of us. China is also building large cities with no one in them, somewhere to the north of what everyone else is south of.

I can’t make head or tails of any of it anymore. So many things are happening on so many levels. From the cultural, to the financial to the governing bodies, reeking with corruption, like a burning landfill in a third world country; the remnants of civilization are picking through the wreckage. Whole cities in the US are falling into disrepair. Calamities are hitting right and left. Massive inflation is coming because you can’t print money 24 hours a day, without the price of everything rising, as the value of it all descends into a dark pit whose bottom cannot be plumbed.

The very idea of uniformed thugs strip searching babies that can’t even walk; beating retarded people into the ground and identifying them as terrorists. How can such a thing be? How can the airports of the so-called greatest country on Earth be in the hands of twisted Neanderthals with scanners and surgical gloves, running their hands up in and over the genitals of travelers? Strange days have found us.

People are being jailed for not paying their bills. Wherever you look, the energy behind these crazy fascist activities turns out to be Israel. The scanners and the TSA are the brain child of Michael Chertoff, who now makes his living off of the scanner industry. His head looks like a death skull. His dual national associates are at the top of the shit heap of government and industry. Goldman Sachs is looting the landscape and there is no reaction, no response. It just goes on and on.

Larry Silverstein owns the Sears Tower in Chicago. Rhambo Emmanuel is the mayor of Chicago. Bubonic Plague has been married with e-coli. Fear strikes at the heart of the public from all directions. Stupidity militates against awareness. The TV drones on with endless banalities, hawking products that few are able to afford any longer. Yet each day arrives and somehow the horror show limps along toward its destined meeting, with whatever spark will ignite the tinder of terrible destruction. Fires rage out of control across the American west; tornadoes... god knows what is waiting in the wings. Somebody found some strange fungus in three of the Joplin casualties. This fungus comes about when dirt becomes imbedded under the skin. What the heck does that mean?

As the currency presses go berserk, billions are poured down the toilet in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and... the point is to enrich the munitions manufacturers, gain geopolitical advantage and to nail down stolen resources, which can’t be properly delivered because those who live in the Graveyard of Empires are going to be working with a vengeance to blow it all up. Are there dozens of other ways that all of this could be handled? Of course there are but the point is to do it from the most wacked perspective that can be arrived at, because those operating the machinery have gone insane.

The Apocalypse is raising the blinds on the collective vision of those who have been working to see; who have been engaged in efforts to serve their fellows. The blinds are coming down upon the eyes of those who are preying upon their fellows. It is as if you are in a car and you block out the whole right side of your view for reasons unknown and you motor on with no awareness of what is in the blind spot.

It’s a dual use apocalypse. It is granting sight on the one hand and it is creating blindness on the other. For those being made blind, there is no awareness that this is taking place. The adjustment of vision immediately transforms into normal, as if it was always so.

Look at Congressman Weinersnitcher. Here is a seven term public official who has invested his life in coming to the position he is in. He had ambitions to be mayor of New York City. Out of the blue, this paragon of Zio-virtue sends a tidy whitey bulge photo to a woman he follows on Twitter (I don’t go anywhere near Twitter because I am not a twit). Then it comes out he’s been doing this kind of thing with other women and then it turns out he was communicating with a 17 year old girl; although that’s perfectly legal from my standpoint, it’s a clarion horn in the social spectrum. It’s a big, loud braying jackass of a failure in reason.

Consider this... there is no justification or rationale for what he did and he could have engaged in a variety of similar escapades, with little fear of exposure, so long as he took a clandestine route. Now this man takes his whole career and flushes it down the toilet behind a series of actions with no discernable payoff. He basically stepped out of concealment and with a bullhorn shouted, “Destroy me”! There is only one possible explanation. He was made insane by the force of The Apocalypse, hammering on that blind spot.

Newt Ging-Grinch has a $500,000 line of credit at Tiffany’s. What? He wouldn’t cancel a luxury tour and he’s running for president and blowing off engagements with the public. He charters a private plane to ferry him around but can’t afford $35,000 for a contact list of Iowa residents. His wife is looming over the top of professional campaign workers and turning the dials in all directions, as if purposely intending to screw the pooch but maybe that’s Newt’s job... a little dog day afternoon. What is the cause of this behavior? It is insanity brought about by our friend, The Apocalypse.

The Apocalypse has increased in intensity. I can feel it trembling in my being and it is something difficult (but not unmanageable) to stay in command of. New powers of perception that I didn’t have before have opened up in the last few days. I am assuming this is happening to some of the readers too. All of a sudden I can tell what’s going to happen in a film with near 100% accuracy. This went on all evening last night as I worked on other things, which is what I do; run a film and then operate on a project. It has some kind of awareness effect that allows part of me to be distracted while something from somewhere else pours through unhindered.

Yes, it is accelerating, which means that more and more Weiner’s are going to be acting out, without being aware of the consequences. It’s going to be entertainment, the like of which we have not seen before. Brazen acts of amazing hypocrisy (Nancy Pelosi) are commonplace. Over the course of this cosmic vaudeville, there is no awareness of the actual state of their being. Some pending Sarajevo, with a surrogate Arch Duke Ferdinand, is lumbering across the landscape and looking for a place to land and combust. The forest we can’t see though is tinder dry. Drunk and blind destiny walks the corridors of power around the world. Lucky Larry Silverstein is sitting somewhere and saying to himself, “Why not? What is anyone going to do when they can’t even send the Justice Department to Wall Street”?

The Apocalypse vibrates. It radiates. It permeates, granting vision and blindness. There is no defense against it. It will have its way. The predatory ghouls who have abused us for so long are being forced out into the open and soon, a series of incidents are going to have them whistle-blowing each other. “He did it”! The state of the government and those governing is in imminent danger of total meltdown. It would not surprise me if Hilarious Clinton or any one of these Nimrods took off all their clothes and ran screaming up Pennsylvania Avenue. It would not surprise me if Orin Hatch was suddenly video-taped with a sheep. I wouldn’t bat an eye if Chuckie Schumer suddenly walked away from his office and descended into the New York subway, looking for a place to take a nap.

Others may have their interpretation of the cause for the behavior we are seeing. To me it is a clear as the sandy bottom on the Caribbean Sea. I can see the fish swimming aimlessly to and fro, just like the politicians and financiers of the moment. The Apocalypse is vibrating in the water. The water surrounds the players. A certain kind of rapture of the deep is taking place. It’s time to visit the concession stand and get some refreshments. The main feature is about to begin.

End Transmission.......

Visible sings: Bad Dogs and Barbed Wire by Les Visible♫ Bad Dogs and Barbed Wire ♫

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siamsam said...

Feels good to know that they are not in control. When they rewrote history they did not change it. The light always shines through the dark.

Anyone that has chose dark over light will be exposed. In fact it is happening everywhere. Palestinians have woken to the 2 party paradigm charade. There is no way back - something has to give.

Some 'light' entertainment

edna :) said...

I've been looking for your words for what feels like a month, visiting everyday to get an update...fair to partly visible...and I get two today. What a treat!

I'm bone tired. Came home from work yesterday and slept 14 hours. Still not 100% but reading you and the communities' comments energized me.

Thanks. I have a lot to be grateful for these days.

VW acion....just a few letters short of an action ...or ascension

Anonymous said...

The lunar eclipse on Wednesday is in Sagittarius. This should bring a big spot light on truth ... which really could be unnerving.

My awareness has increased to a point that my life and what I have done with it, or not, is starting to make sense. I'm feeling a little more compassion for myself, which happens to spill out onto others as well.

Thanks Les.

kikz said...

i don't know if it's shell shock, or desensitization from the abject horror of the last decade... but.. i'm out of fear.

it's been reduced to a disinterested acknowledgment of the bizarre/absurd... building to climactic crescendo.

kind of like watching the night scene in 'apocalypse now'; the fire festival swirling as capt. willard makes his way across the vil unhindered, toward col. kurtz.

i wonder... how many of these col. kurtz wannabee'z know that cosmic justice is hunting them, in the darkness?

Rob Schultz said...

Rob Schultz
Another great post Les.
I can't watch the news or live my life without the Apacolypse on my mind. I am begining to see it all over. From the people at work to the traffic in the streets. It is everywhere.
I'll be listening tonight and try and post a comment, but I usually download on Monday and take it with me.
Peace out.

Anonymous said...

After pondering the fact that I've been fed the weinie by the MSM my entire life I'm unsure what to make of this Weiner thing. Is it true, a distraction or a lesson to the sheep on the ethics of weiner twitting. I don't know, man, I just don't know. The joke may be on us again. Enjoy the ride.

covkid said...

Hi Les and all,

The TPTW are losing control big time.
Like the plate spinners at the circus,its all gonna crash down and shatter into pieces.This is also when they are at their most dangerous,and you can see them desperately trying to foment destruction and aggression throughout the world leading to conflict on a massive scale.

Ive never been so aware in my life ...and i feel like i dont have to do anything....and im cool with that!

Great post Les.


siamsam said...

High strangeness:

I recently opened an ID with the UK Independent to comment on news articles. I made one particular comment re. Tony Bliar receiving a $1000000 prize from the Israelis, as well as a number of comments re topical news.

About an hour ago I searched (googled) 'michael jackson blames jews' and linked on to a site :, which happened to be a radical pro libya site.

Lo and behold i was signed in with the same ID as the Independent, and actually made a token comment which was accepted.

I went back to the Independent and choose a story at random and simple entered a simplistic comment and stuck in the word mathaba. This generated a moderation notice and now the comments section has disappeared from every news item. WTF!?/

Anonymous said...

That was excellent Visible
recently something strange has happend a few times while observing the boob tube, I'll be watching and all of a sudden there voices become slured and sound somewhat demic, one time my girlfriend was sitting there and I asked her if she heard that and she didn't even answere me. Has anyone else experienced this.

From a remote area in Oregon

Anonymous said...

kikz I feel the same way, I am also out of fear, I can only laugh.I feel like I'm in a Matrix movie standing on a dark street surounded by zio-orgs ready to attack me (ha ha) but they are moving in slow motion and I at full speed. I can only feel one thing bring it! I can feel God's power as everything unfolds.

from a remote area in Oregon

Anonymous said...

I live in the mountains....just had two dishes installed on my property and have upgraded from dial-up to wi-fi and I have television for the first time in many years,....I decided a few years ago that this was a "safe" place to watch/endure the coming maelstrom,.....

Les is correct, as you experience these same scandals over and over again, they have an air of "that again" to them. But one wonders how long the public can tolerate these outright lies, cover-ups and historically evil acts brought on by those pulling the strings,..
....of those in office, ....who should hold the power,...but seem to have sold it at bargain basement prices.

Although,..being a "federally protected" whistle-blower myself,
(ha,ha,ha!)...the fire is going to have to get awfully hot before a lot of government folk turn on their is just too diffcult and you pay a price for the rest of your career....

...they hate whistle-blowers more than they despise peace-protesters.


RJ O'Guillory

Anonymous said...

Reply to anonymous From a remote area in Oregon
I very seldom watch the broadcast and don't have a girlfriend but have many times asked my wife things and she doesn't answer. I think it's because I talk too much and say nothing, just like the broadcast.(grin)
From the backwoods of Minnesota

Anonymous said...

RE: Fear

Fear expends a lot of energy by the person experiencing it. Conquering it is an extremely freeing experience. It may surprise some to know that what some may view as extremely courageous acts are the result from a fatigue of fear and a desire (to the point of death) to put an end to the situation that has fomented the fear.


Teresa said...

clif high is 100% correct on this--everything is energy, however, we humans have been suckered into thinking that solid matter actually exists. It does not. Sometimes in this matter-bound 3D existence, I can see proof of it for myself, i.e., 'solid matter' gets wobbly and every once in a while, I may look at a vista and it seems like a corner is being pulled, like a curtain, so that everything else gets distorted in that direction. Another way of describing what I see is, there is a shimmering rainfall between the energetic me and what I think exists in the 3D world.

When I was much younger, I could lie down on the grass and feel something tug my heart/spirit to such an extent that I felt I I could fall into the sky, where nothing but love awaited me. Not rise up, but fall, like diving into a lake, and I would grab onto tufts of grass to keep myself 'grounded'.

I don't know what to call it, considering that all the terminology is provided by religions and philosophies, however, my mind/consciousness/energy body/spirit/soul has visited a specific place several times, both waking and dreaming, and I have met the same folk a few times. I was never expected to submit to anything, however, I was given tests, in a matter of saying. I had to learn how to fall, kind of like Aikido. I had to learn to make soft landings, not so much by how I fell, but rather, by how much I could change the hardness and angle of the ground I would fall on. I never made hard contact with the 'ground'. (Strange stuff, the 'ground' in this place--it has what it thinks is a sense of humour! But then, I admit my stupidity and ignorance when it comes to these things.) Then the real tests began where I think they were trying to turn on switches in the equivalent my 'brain'. I am pretty sure I failed those last tests.

Here in this existence, I try to give love to so-called grownups. I look people in their eyes. Some people don't like it when you really look at them. I never, ever had this problem with babies or animals.

Some rules I follow: Simplify your life. If you don't need it, give it away or sell it. Spend time alone in thought, as much as possible. Avoid meat. Sleep. Re-read your favourite books, and then determine if they are still your favourites. Same goes with music. Help Mother Earth grow any way you can.

We are all learning from these exceptional times. And yes, ascension is real. At the same time, at some point soon, life as we know it will come to an end. I have seen that as well, and it could potentially be awful. But then, maybe not. The reptoids will drop their masks and go on a rampage--more than we have seen to this point. Their violent frenzy in the not too distant future will be proof that they have lost all control over everything/everyone they thought they owned. If any of us do join the final battle, make note of this: we will not be alone. Friends we have never met will come to help.


Sook said...

Very enlightening comment. Thank you.

est said...

first we became aware
of ourselves

then we reflected on
that awareness

third we shall see that
we share it all - everything

every single one of us
not one - excluded

est said...

better yet
from the pasture :

'the milk of millennia'

"i am part of the load not rightly balanced.
i drop off in the grass,
like the old cave-sleepers, to browse
wherever i fall.

for hundreds of thousands of years i have been dust grains floating and flying in the will of the air,
often forgetting ever being in that state,
but in sleep i migrate back. i spring loose from the four-branched, time-and-space cross,
this waiting room

i walk into a huge pasture
i nurse the milk of millennia

everyone does this in different ways.
knowing that conscious decisions and personal memory are much too small a place to live,
every human being streams at night into the loving nowhere,
or during the day, in some absorbing work."


Anonymous said...

I have tried, (and mostly succeeded) in banishing fear from my life. Do you know what remains when fear leaves--the most wonderful peace possible. I feel super energetic and I am unable to listen to bullshit anymore which means I walk away from almost everyone. I see through every lie. When you ask for the truth, you always get it.

Despite how ridiculous our world appears, I feel at peace and very hopeful. I also feel invulnerable to harm--like the energy I have inside and around me is protecting me. My mind is strong and powerful. I know I'll survive whatever happens and come out fine.

I wish the same for everyone here.


the cook said...

gidday les,have'nt been on for awhile,pretty much going through the changes in our being like the majority of your readers.i feel the time is at hand,as all i've discovered in the last 12 months is the true colors of people i thought i knew.the rulers days are numbered, alot more people are also seeing their true colors.but is'nt it funny,the more you awaken,the more you see so many still asleep.the winds of change are blowing,but most can only see the rain.thanks les.

Ivan.New Zealand. said...

You torturing ,drone driving cowards deserve all the groping you get.Isn't karma a bitch.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's a report that some of the Holy Hoaxers have been stealing each other's loot.

Anonymous said...

I love ur essays I read them all the time,...Yes the Apocalypse has began!it's time to reveal the Matrix!,..many of us are waiting for a very long time for these moments and it's time to buckle up cos it's going to be fun even though we will have a harsh time for a while but don't worry folks after all the crazies are locked up in their own world,we will have time to celebrate in ours.

just me, Laurel A. said...

has to be electromagnetic disturbances in the atmosphere, because there is no other reason for happy little butterflies to dance around in my stomach. its a very disconcerting feeling, since there is really nothing going on that could make one have that feeling of happy little butterflies in ones tummy. but there it is. and my littlest one has been her own crystal star self as usual, but being more tuned into the here and the later, she exhibits behaviors that at best are a 6 yr old nonverbal's version of prophetic. i do hope there is more for each of us after this, not just after this change, but after this round of learning experiences. not only do i not want to see my lessons wasted, but i have a lot of giving back to do, in all kinds of ways. (yes, jeff, this is at you! you and your family are beautiful. your life has been lived so that you can become more so, is all. hope i one day earn such attainment. meanwhile, i have that wool roll en route from nz, to l.a., where it arrives sometime this week to be processed in the warehouse, and jeanne will ship it to me in a week or two after this. those rolls are 42 yards long, and its ALLLLL sheepy/ then when i get it, i will prepare some stuff for sale out of some wool, since i now see i had better keep my emergency fabric stocked for the future, and then i will quickly get back to my after-hours efforts at re-stocking a few boxes of soft little merino blankets and little soft goodies like those caps and sacques, and maybe a luvvy or 75, for the next round of anticipated natural disasters. now that i know we are on that road, i must be ready for each rest stop, ready with a box of soft and natural love to send when needed....its my own redemption, and i know it isnt the world, but i put what i can of me into each thing, so it cant help but be the right thing for those who lose everything, even those i run into who never had anything to begin with.....and i am far more grateful for your friendship and love, jeff, than you can know.) in order for me to make a special wool sweater gift for his puppy, jeff demanded that he be allowed to put his own soul into my "sheepish" wool baby and kids emergency-relief efforts for missouri, alabama, and now, for whatever is next. probably the new madrid. the planet "x" will exert a lot of stress on some key areas of our home planet. no telling what will happen from it. i cant do any more than just keep making luvvy dolls, puppets, blankets, baby needs, and pray what effort we put into our small works will give the recipients some kind of amazing strength and vision when these times hit. a lot of people have so little strength, that to subject them to all of this so fast will kill them. hell, i pay close attention, and its too much by far for me. i can only imagine if i were the average joe, how this would just shred my brains even to try to face, all at once. love to all, from all of us, and keep on, les, just keep on.

Anonymous said...

I like how fire does not change. It's the same today as it was a million years ago, and will be the same a million years in the future. I love tossing sheets of newspaper onto a fire and watching the 2 seconds or so where they seem to tense, squirm, and go POOF
Seems a valid comparison to the collective consiousness of the oppressed masses., about to ignite, consuming all corrosives. The ashes that remain; a quiet compost fertilizing the earth for something again beautiful cooling and green.

Anonymous said...

Very good radio show tonight les
Mo visable

WV oveavock
Hillarys oveavock was linked with Wieners undiacock

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

what if they gave a press conference and nobody came? like Helen Caldicotts dire warnings of the Fuku end of the Aplocalypse.(well, hardly anyone, and no weiner types)
(hope my first hyperlink works)


wv bulocte . a new genetically engineered disease that is eight folded, like an octapus. it is a pair of fours. pure souls are immune but evil ones are affected and as they look to one lot of fours they intermitently see the other. they therefore cannot see it. it is maya to them and will torment them so long as they live.

Anonymous said...

Ivan, may peace be with you. And watch out for the drones.

Anonymous said...

Les, when I first started reading you I thought you were a bit deranged. For benefit of doubt, I would check in from time to time to validate my suspicion. Eerily and ironically, you're making sense of late and I'm wondering who's making the paradigm shift. You or me.

I coined it endtime madness a few years back. Like a crystal ball, it's tantalizing to glimpse ahead to prepare for what's coming, albeit a harsh and sudden reality for those who cannot. Your musing of the Apocalypse factor hit a button for me. Nice connection. I might even listen in on a program if I can get past the musical prologue.

One thing is for certain. We have front row seats for an epic revelation the likes of which would make Spielberg feel like an amateur. So, hold on to your butts and pass the popcorn. It's going to be one Hell of a ride.

Rabbit said...

The masks seem to be falling all around me at the moment too. I can see the light when it occassionally shows clearly but mostly is darkness. Perhaps it should have been no suprise, but I am most taken by how many of the fallen and lost are very close to me. My very closest family, even some of my own children are clearly of the wrong sort of being. The feeling of being beneath a rising tidal wave about to crash down over our heads is strong too. Yet trying to get anything done anymore, whether in business or buraeacracy is like swimming through molasses. More and more people and instituions seem to be grinding to an innefectual halt yet the denizens who populate them seem to keep performing in pantomime as if everything is just the same.

Anonymous said...

After working today I went to a free concert in the park. Cajun/zydeco/rock & blues. People were dancing. Mirth was in the air. Also in the air were several chemtrail sprouts. I wondered how many of the couple of thousand there noticed. I wondered how many there were thinking about those in Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere who don't get to attend free music in the park.

Your thought Les that it is a "dual use apocalypse" with many blinded observers and others seeing clearly is spot on. It can be difficult to take it all in, but it sure is better than being in the dark.

Brad G said...

Some of the best quotes from one of my favorite books "Illusion" by Richard Bach.
"Perspective - Use It or Lose It. If you turned to this page, you're forgetting that what is going on around you is not reality. Think about that.
Remember where you came from, where you're going, and why you created the mess you got yourself into in the first place.
You are led through your lifetime by the inner learning creature, the playful spiritual being that is your real self. Don't turn away from possible futures before you're certain you don't have anything to learn from them.
You're always free to change your mind and choose a different future, or a different past.
Learning is finding out what you already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you. You are all learners, doers, and teachers.
Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself. Being true to anyone else or anything else is not only impossible, but the mark of a false messiah.
Your conscience is the measure of the honesty of your selfishness. Listen to it carefully.
The simplest questions are the most profound.

Where were you born?
Where is your home?
Where are you going?
What are you doing?

Think about these once in awhile, and watch your answers change.
Your friends will know you better in the first minute you meet than your acquaintances will know you in a thousand years.
The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life.
Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof.
There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts.

Imagine the universe beautiful and just and perfect.

Then be sure of one thing:
The Is has imagined it quite a bit better than you have.
The original sin is to limit the Is. Don't.

A cloud does not know why it moves in just such a direction and at such a speed, it feels an impulsion....this is the place to go now.
But the sky knows the reason and the patterns behind all clouds, and you will know, too, when you lift yourself high enough to see beyond horizons.
You are never given a wish without being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.
Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours.
If you will practice being fictional for a while, you will understand that fictional characters are sometimes more real than people with bodies and heartbeats.
The world is your exercise-book, the pages on which you do your sums.
It is not reality, although you can express reality there if you wish. You are also free to write nonsense, or lies, or to tear the pages.
Every person, all the events of your life, are there because you have drawn them there. What you choose to do with them is up to you.
In order to live free and happily, you must sacrifice boredom. It is not always an easy sacrifice.
The best way to avoid responsibility is to say, "I've got responsibilities."
The truth you speak has no past and no future. It is, and that's all it needs to be.
Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you're alive, it isn't.
Don't be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again.
And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.
The mark of your ignorance is the depth of your belief in injustice and tragedy. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.
You're going to die a horrible death, remember. It's all good training, and you'll enjoy it more if you keep the facts in mind.
Take your dying with some seriousness, however. Laughing on the way to your execution it not generally understood by less advanced lifeforms, and they'll call you crazy.
Everything above may be wrong!

Anonymous said...

from the reap what you sow dept. watch russia and china form an axis like japan and germany did in the 1930s and send a full scale red dawn like invasion into north america..soon

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

With all this awesome energy this is why we need you to repeat whatever you wish...

we are in this awakening...who in the crowd would tire of hearing about the end of evil...the end of the darkside...the end to what has held true beings in a evil driven Maya...

Strange this awakening...the loss of fear is the most rewarding...

once that connection with the light is made and desire for truth...from within comes this energy that cannot be explained...and a whole different conciousness or awareness begins...

I too was blindsided by how many friends and family are spiritually dead...

Keep posting and reposting Les, this is a wonderful place to come and share in this awakening and the unfolding Apocalypse...

the comments posted are just as rewarding as your blogs are...

Best Wishes Always

Anonymous said...

Les- first off, you're consistently awesome.
But I wish you hadn't compared the TSA goons to Neanderthals. I mean, what an insult to our Neanderthal cousins. I'm actually being serious, not just trying to be cute or clever. The original (at least in this turn of the great cycles) European humans were noble, honest, strong and smart. Thoroughly lacking guile, glamour (I'm sure you know the true meaning of this word) and deceit. Those are the hallmarks of Sapiens. I humbly suggest that some of the best traits of modern day humans stem from the tiny bit of Neanderthal genetics which remain from the brief period of cohabitation and interbreeding. Think of the story of Jacob and Esau as good analogy. Esau, the red haired, wild man is gullible enough to let his deceptive brother trick him of of his birthright. Interesting to ponder, huh? Is this parable a hint at some deliberate genetic manipulation in the deep past? Maybe Neanderthals were the indigenous humans and Homo Sapiens itself is the hybrid.
I dunno.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that link, Pierre.

Dr. Calidicott was incredibly poignant. I was already aware of most of the information she gave; she did a great job condensing all that info. If this doesn't highlight the sheer and utter stupidity of nuclear energy (and the pathological reptile brain) I don't know what does.

This is genocide. It's a nuclear war being conducted in Iraq. We're contaminating the cradle of civilization

Yeah... it'll be interesting to see what our friend Apocalypse is going do about all this. We luv you Apocalypse! We luv youuuu!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, I am almost looking forward to the End of the End now. It seems that the time is there to observe and understand like Visible does for us consistently and clearly, but it is also time to dip a toe into the new waters, even if we don't know what it means. But man, I´m sleeping so much I have a hard time dipping a toe into the bathtub! Major energetics around!

EriktheRed said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ?....Great article...its "pituresque"...without even realizing it you have actually proven that what is happening is demonic and not even human. Its the Bible prophecy being fulfilled, and people like Chertoff and Pelosi are the demonic hybrids and antichrist network moles that have infected the entire political structure of this nation. Great article...enough to make me comment...that is rare...i am reposting...

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else seen this yet?
(it's a video from some kind of scientist from the pentagon, anynymous as to who released it 4mins,14secs long)

I always thought the did stuff like this and called myself paranoid.
I'm just glad that I have something to comfirm it with.
Deeply enlightning to know this is true and deeply disturbing as well.

just me, Laurel A. said...

and in a sparse moment of mental and spiritual fluidity, a bunch of sprigs of various scattered thoughts all came together like a dream in full daylight, and i had a moment for viewing The Picture. now i get it. soon as i get back from taking the little one out for her daily constitution, i will have had time for it to meld and present itself to me in words i can write. bingo. crystal blue clarity.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

@ anonymous 6:32:00 PM

Thanks for that link. what a bunch of narrow minded jerks these guys are. Of course they will lose any war they wage.

Did the jerk consider that the MRI's of monks also show higher intensities on the Insula? not known for suicide bombing, just self emmolation. (oh dear, we can't have that either can we?).

That for every single looney religious terrorist nut (so called) who is inspired by their interpretation of their religion there are a millions others who refrain from violence BECAUSE of their religion? and when they have reason enough to be tempted to go postal.

The anterior part of the insula referred to is the affective part of pain processing, the posterior is for the basic quality of the pain. (possibly pleasure, "its a fine line between pleasure and pain").

(I am interested there because my insula is showing up on a MRI, not sure if front or back part).

give me MRI's differentials of neocon economic rationalist concrete thinking sociapathic narrow minded jerks... nuh, dont need them, just tell them to talk about their favourite subject for a minute. need empathy to see the lack thereof though, such is the observer/object paradigm.

cranky, its like the 1930's absolutist eugenics all over again.

wv: exedem. off this planet and not soon enough.

Dusty said...

There will be three waves of energy that will hit the earth this will cause an awakening within the people. The energy will cause the receptors within the people to vibrate at a faster degree when this begins there will be a movement of global reach that will reliese the people from the bondage that has become so strong.

iconoclast said...

I am sad to see the innocents caught up in the maelstrom but to see the STW (shitheads that were) getting their due will be beyond words.
"braying jackasses lumbering across the landscape", lol, a priceless and intriguing tableau.

Anonymous said...

Greetings and Love to the Apocalypse!

Excellent lesson! Thanks Les Visible!

saimsam said...

Dusty @ 4.38...........

You describe the dream I had. I posted it on here about a month or so ago. A poster or 2 intimated that i was deluded :)

Maybe so, but as I said it was only a dream ......

Erik said...


Can't wait to compare notes ...;)

Maybe it's time for you to join the 'Team' at the Community?

'Far Out' maybe just the start of it ... (grin)

just me, Laurel A. said...

@Erik, 1:54 pm.....daily happenings are making it slow, i need to let the stuff pull together, i dont want to inject my own blundering mental boundaries into the developing form, so i am letting it carry on as it needs to do, but i am amazed at how much i failed to remember and how much i seem to have seen and how much i only know realized was in there :O, notes are coming, and i will be most honored to compare notes. i just need a little more time, since i want to let it be whatever its supposed to be. funny enough, i am back even to the age of 7 years old, i had a long running series of dreams, and was so young, and over the years, i would encounter a series of the same type dreams, they would be a little more complex, a little more involved, make a tiny bit more sense, but they were always way over my head for the age i was. i kept a diary of a lot of it over the years, once i learned to write, but let that habit die a slow death by the time i had my first child. oh well. anyway, at the age of 7, i had that series, over and over and over, of names, faces, places, and events. they made no sense to me then. iran, iran, iran, was key. i dont know if i had heard things off of the adults tv news hour or what, this was 1967, and there might have been news then about iran. but other stuff was no where near being news fodder, as it was not of any newsworthy scale. but even when i was younger, i recall laying in a crib, the curtains blowing over the bed, and hearing singing outside. lots of people, singing, loudly, noise like a marching band, they were not using any identifiable words, could have been a different language, tremendous loud explosive sounds that could have been anything like fireworks or just explosions, and my grandmother told me i had to have been around 4 or 5 months old, as that was when we lived in a little apartment in salem, second floor, street facing apartment. i was maybe preschool age when i asked her about where that place was, and how come we never went back. but she did not know why i thought i remembered the other stuff. i described the room and the curtains and the crib and the fact that my diaper was miserably soaked and i was cold from the breeze, and the color and condition of the wall paint, and the few items in the room, the doorway, but she did not know why i remembered things that she could not recall having seen in that town. my grandmother was also very disturbed concerning me when i was that same age, because i had taught myself to write as well as read, from doctor suess and i then learned to write in cursive by copying my mother's letters she wrote to her friend Charise. so it will gel, as it is time, seems its time. but i do think its close, very close, and the best thing to do is to just keep on doing, and do it the very best i can, no matter what "it" is, every minute that i have.

Robert Bonomo said...

Hi Les, great post, one of your best..and I love the comments and community. As a writer, sometimes I lose my center.. and man, have I had a good center these last couple of months..but if I lose it, I come here, and I find it, with you and the folks here....we know whats going down, lets just hope more folks see the light...

I am glad I found you Les, and this community...Cheers.

Erin Parsley said...


I too see a "shimmering rainfall" of luminous energy in the air. This has been happening since last summer. When I see this it is very clear to me, and lasts for as long as I choose to look.

It is amazing to literally be viewing 'behind the veil' of this 3D reality, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Indeed, a mass awakening is taking place. We don't know ultimately what shape it will take, but we're certain it will be a sight to behold, an untold phenomenal spectacle.

What the forces of darkness fear most is that God's children will awaken to their divine potential. They're doing everything they can to stop it but their efforts are futile, it's too late for them.

The time is now.

Anonymous said...

more and more Weiner’s are going to be acting out

*Note to self: Keep weiner in check. Do not let weiner run amuck.*

Anonymous said...

All -
Stumbled on this and thought I'd share, as I don't remember seeing this here:

Got there after seeing this beautiful rendition of Stand By Me:


Erik said...

Uuh Eric,

You're not me, but we share (part of)the name and the taste in music, Duh? (grin)

Anonymous said...

Erik -
It's a great name! Glad you're digging the music, too.
Thought that the music was brilliant, and really illustrates the fraud of corporate music. Those were amazing musicians, most of who would never get to record an album on a major label because they don't have the "look."

Anonymous said...


I've hesitated sharing this for lack of a better description, and you two have described it well enouph for me to identify what I've been seeing ever since a bright upper-midewestern winter day this year.

I stayed at work for lunch because of bad weather and went outside for a cigarette. In staring out to the sky I started seeing what looked like a zillion clear comma shaped things zipping around in a circular pattern, blanketing the entire sky.

I have been able to see this ever since, especially when the sky is bright. Not being experienced (but at least aware of the possibilities), I just wondered if it's energy or the ether showing or what.

I've also had this approx. 9kHz frequency noise in my head for 2-1/2 years now that's always there, but in the background without affecting regular life. It gets louder at times, not necessarily just when it's quiet around me. I have trouble diagnosing it as tinnitus because every description of tinnitus I read about says they hear ringing or humming - never frequency noise. Big difference. But I wonder what's that about?

I love this place.


Miriam said...

A Good Kind of Madness!

The Big Potatoe Swap: anti GMO Wetteren-Belgium 29 MAY 2011

Richard said...

Judging from their past behavior, I'll bet this Zio-dualie stuffed his underwear.

amarynth said...

Financial Apocalypse rolling downhill to social apocalypse from Gerald Celente on Rense.

Trying to keep my eyes on what is happening in the realms of the 'less visible' a.k.a. Hang On Hanging On.

Anonymous said...

Amarynth -
Thanks for the Celente link. Personally, I've stopped reading his "warnings." While I think he does provide a "service" of sorts, remember that he's a for-pay service and wants to get you to subscribe to his newsletters. So, like so many in the media, he's selling a particular product. He definitely points to a lot of problems, but when you start to look closely at his analysis, you have to pause.
For instance, he addresses the "Arab Spring" in terms of the "revolts" of the young. However, as has been very thoroughly shown through the work on this site - - the "Arab Spring" was the creation of Western intelligence services and NGOs. There was nothing spontaneous about them.
So, while he's correct with some things, he fails to investigate others, which makes me question his analysis.
In addition to the Land Destroyer blog, I highly recommend the Daily Bell ( for keeping up on the machinations of the system.
Thanks -

Anonymous said...

pierre said...


my tinnitus is as you describe yours ( I think) . like the sound the old (if you are that old) valve televisions made.or like the sound of a late night office cleaner's vacuum if they are at the other end of the floor. its quite constant like this in the left ear. the right ear is a different one.(A laying down and night time mostly) I call it the UFO (maybe thats what it is - hehe) more variable like the Beach Boys Good Vibrations Moog synthesiser, on speed.
yours sounds like tinnitus to me.
glad to hear it's not getting to you. (presumably)
its the ultimate dissociation (it doesnt hurt, it's not 'me') test.

double posting to make up for the gap (Hello Vis).

wv: relifyi - no fair, that's a repeat, hard and I have to do it another way.
- relying on the truth, for your information. (did I do that last time?)

Anonymous said...

what looked like a zillion clear comma shaped things zipping around in a circular pattern, blanketing the entire sky.

@Diane et al-

I've seen something similar since I was a child, never figured out what it was. When I look in the sky during the daytime I see what I can only describe as a million little lights (almost like teeny tiny faeries) 'flying' around. I know it's not dust or something inert; it doesn't fall, its movement is not linear. I've always felt that these little lights were conscious and aware, alive...

Anonymous said...

While the justifications for engaging in these wars were all different, all were murderous, immoral, interminable, ruinously expensive and abject failures.

Uh, yeah. That was the whole point!


Celente has been very accurate. I noticed him for the first time a few years ago.
As for his: 'Guns, Gold and a Getaway plan', I do not believe that Apocalypse is a one size fits all event. What I mean is, everyone has to do what works for them. Some people may find Celente's advice helpful for them individually, whereas for others it could be a big mistake to follow it.

We must go where the voice within leads us; I know this because I learned the agonizingly hard way never to ignore it. At the end of the day it's the ONLY voice I listen to.

Anonymous said...

The Apocalypse is vibrating in the water. The water surrounds the players.

A certain kind of rapture of the deep is taking place.

a rapture of the deep

How very poetic of you. ^_^

For some reason, those words stood out for me moreso than all the others.
It's a riddle about water - and my connection to it - that's haunted me most of my life.

You may dislike repeating yourself concerning certain subjects but the fact of the matter is, some of us need constant reminders in these days of straight and narrow corridors my friend.

*said before taking off all her clothes and doing Calypso on the ceiling*

Anonymous said...

When CNN praised Gerald Celentes as the best forecaster of all time, I stopped listening to him. I knew he must be a paid shill for them. I fear he's feeding the fear.

Listening to your inner voice for direction, for discernment, is the best advice. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Yes, I passed the half-century mark a few years ago and even remember learning how a tube tester works.

Thanks much for your confirmation. I can't always tell if these changes we go through are standard physical changes or something else that Vis helps us with.

Anonymous June 16, 8:00 AM - Yes, that's what I see.


Anonymous said...

pierre said..

personal or cosmic changes, or both (eg multiverse, whole universe is personal (the world revolves around me for memememememe) but also for everyone and somehow integrated/coordinated - as far as I've got with it all).



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