Monday, November 12, 2012

Bang the Drums and Make the Speeches, You Vicious Leeches

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May your noses always be on your face.

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Sometimes we have to address things that are unpleasant but... less unpleasant than the tactics that brought the subject to our attention. This has been taking place in the formerly democratic states of America and also in the land of the financial masters, The UK. I travel around and one of the things that happens with me, is that I see things out of the corner of my eye. Sometimes I don't have to see it out of the corner of my eye, like when I was catching the little mind confetti about The UK. Sometimes it hits me smack between the eyes, accompanied by olfactory enhancements, as if I were in the VIP section of a lower East Side defacatorium; not that I've ever been in one but we're talking peripheral input again. A lot of what goes down in the passing of an age, due to the corruption and decadence that pretty much requires a passing of the age, at a certain point, can be nauseating, due to the exposure tactics of Mr. Apocalypse, who arrives on the scene to damn well make it clear to us, how deeply in denial we are about so many things. It is made effectively clear as a result of the degree of pain necessary to wake our asses up, because by some inexplicable and mysterious process, our brains somehow wound up located (seated) there.

I am no fan of bombast or pretentious and empty ceremony, especially when it results in support for continuous, unnecessary torment, torture and bloodshed. It is the perpetuation of this odious shit that makes support for these things, indifference to them and ignorance about them, a crime. You keep your mouth shut and your head down and sooner or later, you will be marching through something you would rather not be marching through, because it wasn't important enough to you to take responsibility for a country you say you Love. Love gives a shit. If you don't, or you're prepared to reflexively waffle in what you miss-perceive as some form of self interest, it ain't love, it's some kind of convenience, some kind of mailed in affection, some kind of fatuous air-kiss and then you do lunch, or each other; who cares? Anyone who doesn't understand about how the military operates needs to go watch “Full Metal Jacket”. That's a pretty good exposition of what's going on. However, the Hallmark Greeting Card image we get is anything but that.

I was watching the games on Sunday, alongside whatever it is that I do most of the time and there's this commercial for The Marines, filled with sound and fury and signifying bullshit. It's all about running into trouble, to help some poor unfortunate people, whose resources the bankers want to steal. The idea is that they run into trouble and then the voice over asks, “Which direction would you run in”? All these wars of recent memory, have been the result of a nasty, calculated piece of work by some real villains. This is the truth. Turn your head, ♫row your boat merrily down the stream♫ wave your tired and compromised flags and strangle your conscience on the bunting and banners. It doesn't change what is. Just keep telling yourself that somehow it's all fine and the way it has to be. We'll see about that. Even now they are building the new gulags because that is what they do. That is what they have done before. It's a consistent and repeating pattern. It's what they do. What is referenced here is only a small portion of the evidence presented by many sources. Anyone can find these things, should that be of any importance to anyone.

All through the games and now streaming through this one, in Chicago, as I watch it this AM, are these pathetic displays of patriotism. They parade 92 year old veterans down the field. They show a veteran touching the names on a Vietnam war memorial. Soldiers stand on ascending steps and fire blanks into the air, as a demonstration of prowess, not unlike a sterile, GMO fed prole, firing his own blanks. Nature is embarrassed at the possibility of any more of them. You can see the generations dying out, like they have done in preceding cultures that were dying out and did die out. Of course sometimes, like in Carthage, they just burned it to the ground and sowed the fields with salt.

I understand what it says in the Bhagavad-Gita about there being “nothing better for a warrior than a righteous war”. The operative word here is 'righteous'. There's been nothing righteous about any of these wars. They have all been mercenary actions for venal gain. You can be tired of hearing about this. You can not want to hear about this; given that a certain onus is placed upon you, as the result of knowing. You can follow your dick wherever it wants to go, playing pocket pool with one hand and fondling a bottle of Rohypnol with another. You do what you do because it's a numbers game and maybe something or other won't get around to you; maybe. Or you can do what so many of the people responsible for all of these things do and that's to put yourself in a position, where you are orchestrating or assisting in the conflicts and have made yourself too vital and important to serve in the violence you get paid to engineer, like Dickhead Cheney and all the rest of the Chickenhawks, who have the capacity to do things that no decent heart and no rational mind, would tolerate. They continue to walk among us, untouched by retribution and unmoved by any sense of conscience.

You who wave these tawdry emblems of a bankrupt patriotism are responsible for this. You useless eaters and sensation seeking automatons, masturbating to the bloody fantasies of life, as detached video game, like the perpetual adolescents, at their drone control boards, gunning down women and children and farmers in the field; insulated musicians who perform for craven politicians, who take their orders from bankers. No living entity is more damned and demented than the central bankers, who wallow in the steaming carnage of the dead.

♫When Johnny comes home still and prone♫ Then you can put that photo they took when he graduated from basic training and stick it on the mantelpiece to remember his sacrifice by; his sacrifice to the twisted dreams of bankers. He died for the profit of bankers and THAT IS ALL HE DID!

You find out things about yourself when you've been turned into a killing machine that screams, “Kill”! till their throat is raw on the practice fields, before it goes into real time and you soon enough get so fucked up and scared that you do something you are never going to forget, or you make it back with all your important parts missing and spend what remains of your life shooting junk into your veins; Oorah!!!

Lots of people get pissed when they hear this kind of thing. They got that 24 caret investment in the time dishonored lies. They can't bear to look the whole sick situation in the face. They have to opt out for the soiled dreams that are fed into their minds, by the ones manipulating them, because having to see the truth of it ruins everything. Having to see the truth of it, means having to be responsible for your part in it, for sending your children off to die for the fucking bankers, who also destroyed your economic system, thereby erasing your jobs and then rigged the housing market, so that they could take your house. Why don't you just cut to the chase and have “Fuck Me”! tattooed on one ass cheek and “Kill me”! tattooed on the other and just get into the habit of walking around with no pants on. You might want to have “And” tattooed just below the sacral plexus. You don't want the predators to have to wonder if there's some kind of either or choice. You need for them to know that you're going for the whole enchilada, given that you are the enchilada.

I'll tell you what I see when I see the commercial of some young, handsome black man, walking around his neighborhood, in a uniform, all TV-enhanced as a local hero. I see a chump. I see a fool who still didn't get his forty acres and a mule. I see someone who likes to threaten to riot because they got some kind of a black man in The White House, who is hosing them just like every other color of man before him but they are too dumb to see it. The symbolic effect is enough for them. There's little difference between Obama and Shortpants, dumber than rock, Bush except that Obama likes to get blown by men like Bush and Bush likes to get ridden by James Gannon, while Karl Rove watches, or waits his turn, I don't know which and I don't care either. One MKUltra, Tavistock rendered troll is like any other.

Primitive tribes have rites of manhood. Civilized societies often don't have them. The military serves for that. If you don't die, or wind up in a wheelchair, they still want you in a willing position to take orders. They want that embedded discipline to be happening. You've marched off the battlefield, maybe, now you can march by the long route to the grave. You were born for a higher destiny. The available promise of what is possible for you, lies by the side of the road, where you discarded any consideration of it. You may not know about all this now but you will at some point. You will.

End Transmission.......

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible


Anaughty Mouser said...

Good post. Thank you for writing it.

Natonalise all central banks toward ending the debt, the wars and a whole lot of other nasty stuff causing Hell on earth.

Anonymous said...

"Don't Fear The Sheeple"

(Based on the song, "Don't Fear the Reaper", written by Donald Roeser, made popular by Blue Oyster Cult.)

Crazed is the new norm
Blind sheep in a storm
Seasons don't fear the sheeple
Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain
(We can be like they are)
Come on baby
(Don't fear the sheeple)
Baby take my hoof
(Don't fear the sheeple)
We'll be able to rut
(Don't fear the sheeple)
Baby I'm your ram...


Open minds are done
Here, but now they're gone
"I Dunno" and "I Forget"
Are together in eternity
("I Dunno" and "I Forget")
40,000 men and women every day
(Like "I Dunno" and "I Forget")
40,000 men and women every day
(Redefine happiness)
Another 40,000 coming every day
(We can be like they are)
Come on baby
(Don't fear the sheeple)
Baby take my hoof
(Don't fear the sheeple)
We'll be able to rut
(Don't fear the sheeple)
Baby I'm your ram...


Love of ewe is one
Here but now they're gone
Came the last night of gladness
And it was clear that she couldn't go on
Her mind slammed shut and the wind appeared
Her reason flew and then disappeared
Her cell phone rang and then he appeared
(Saying don't be afraid)
Come on baby
(And she had no fear)
And she ran to him
(Then they started to trot)
They looked backward and said goodbye
(She had become like they are)
She had taken his hoof
(She had become like they are)
Come on baby
(Don't fear the sheeple...)

Anaughty Mouser said...

Every country in the world is in debt. How can that be? If every country is in debt who is the money owed to? The central bankers who create the money out of thin air and loan it at interest.

Of the ca 16.5 trillion of American debt about 14 trillion is owed to the central bankers. All of that debt was created out of nothing. The central bankers also create money as interest free no repayable 'loans' for each other. The bankers use this money to lobby and buy politicians to further the central bankers agenda through laws.

The result is the people work for the central bankers and go to war to further the central bankers' profits.

The citizens of each country with a private central bank are slaves to the bankers. The politicians and generals work directly for the central bankers often living in a different country.

This is the system we live in. That's why there is debt slavery and wars of aggression, so that the central bankers can get richer and more powerful.

There is alot wrong with this picture.

Clarity said...

No work for me today, in honor of... What? Who?

One year ago, I didn't know, although I didn't think much of it. I celebrate having another day to sleep late, to be with my children, to have some extra free time...

Who we are honoring is a collection of evil, sick bastards. It seems more than a bit fucked up that here in this country, they've managed to create holidays to honor their ability to rape, maim, and kill innocent human beings, as they destroy countries, lives, and any semblance of an existence for those "lucky" enough to survive. You might even find a parade, where you can applaud their ability to steal money, resources, and futures over and over, ad nauseum, and to continue to get away with it all.

It's often easier to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Those times when I move in closer, my entire being Is faced with the challenge of making sense of watching our leaders stand at a podium and lie to us. They do it as easily and as automatically as I breathe. Their ability to say that they are doing a good and noble thing, knowing full well the truth behind their twisted words, is something my brain will never be able to comprehend. Those who know where to look also get the visual reality enhancement, with images of once beautiful lands now in ruin; of beautiful children who no longer breathe. Excuse me, please - I'm not feeling well all of a sudden.

How sad for those who have dutifully swallowed the lies fed to the masses and signed up to fulfill their patriotic duty. They march off, heads held high, feeling pride in doing something so noble. How must it feel for those who learn the truth in the midst of it all? Patrick Tillman had his day earlier in the year. The ones who are fortunate enough to return home arrive to cheers. Can they hear those cheers from the confines of their inner hell? Does anyone question the large number of suicides?

For the remainder, it's no wonder so many stay asleep. ♪ Waking up is hard to do... ♫ For so long, you feel pride for your service to your country. You are honored year after year, and then one day you discover the truth. It can't be easy. Add these victims to the list of casualties.

Destroying lives for greed, profit, and power - what a concept... Excuse me, please, while I honor those who truly deserve it.


preacher said...

Great rant Vis!

I just read this article:
Sheep For Doom, Madmen For Peace

"Voices of peace in America are up against the biggest propaganda machine known to man. The Evil Empire has been triumphant so far."

@A naughty Mouser
You're so right. With some of the money they have stolen, they create the propaganda and buy the politicians to steal more and more.
Money should smell like rotten corpses, maybe then more would get the picture.

Zoner said...

I watch football when my local team plays, too. My last use for the television. It comes from a long tradition that links me to me father, now deceased.

I cannot share this experience with my own kids due to the constant stream of violent video game commercials ("There's a soldier in all of us!"), overt sexualization of everything, and the FOX programming spots that make me weep for our "society". Seeing the Nay's "A global force for good" spot, with those shiny, wet, slow-motion phallic missile launch sequences or hearing how "This game is being broadcast in over 120 countries to our heroes via Armed Forces Radio" should really be an eye-opener, right? What the hell are we DOING in all those countries, anyway? They even show all the Navy bases graphically on a globe in one of the scenes. We are an Empire and seemingly quite proud of it

Don't forget the "value-added" component of the military sphere, as there are now a number of groups calling my home soliciting funds to support "wounded warriors" - playing heavily on the "honor" and "sacrifice" angles, while trying HARD to extract some $$$ to do what, exactly?

How much is the guy on the phone getting paid to call me and hit me up? How about his supervisor? The Board of Directors of these groups? I'll bet the vets get a small fraction of the proceeds, much like the breast cancer patients and researchers being "supported" by that blizzard of pink seen on the football players, coaches, cheerleaders, refs,........

The whole world is a scam. Or an illusion. This CAN"T be why consciousness exists, except to serve as an example of how wrong things can go.

preacher said...

Oops, forgot the link with my earlier comment:

Sheep For Doom, Madmen For Peace

Anonymous said...

delusional psychophants don't care about truth or justice

the word nation is not defined as a miasmatic multicultural jew worshipping moshpit "society"...

90% of the hostages called "Jews" in the stool sculpture deity cult compound could come out...

and many are

The Jewish Federations of North America, an umbrella organization representing 155 TALMUDIC {Non-Israelite} Jewish federations in the Zionist Hijacked United States and Zionist Hijacked Canada opened its annual Talmudic Terrorist meeting in a low key...g minor. Organizers said 3,000 dung doodling Jewish certifiable "activists" registered but in the opening plenary meeting many seats remained empty. Vendors and exhibitors also noted the low level of interest during the opening day....

Read more: ...about the talmud

and why no one on earth has to be a "JEWISH"....

by simply knowing the Truth...

B'man had a good state by state

idea about prohibition

stating the facts...

Anonymous said...

The Syrian Free Army are mercenary terrorists not "rebels".

They are hired and paid by israel, USA and NATO to kill the Syrian people and overthrow the Bashir Assad government.

Hired foreign killers for money = state sponsored terrorism.

They are Syrian terrorists.

"I don't mean to abuse you with verbal violence, but you have to understand what your government and its agents are doing. They go into villages, they haul out families. With the children forced to watch they castrate the father, they peel the skin off his face, they put a grenade in his mouth and pull the pin. With the children forced to watch they gang-rape the mother, and slash her breasts off. And sometimes for variety, they make the parents watch while they do these things to the children." These are not just words. It is also real. Real mothers. Real children. Real fathers. Real death." - John Stockwell

Anonymous said...

Here in the UK, they start shaking the tins to donate to the Earl Haig fund for wounded soldiers around now. Red plastic poppies are EVERYWHERE, including the twats on the box. The bankers are brilliant, send them off to get their limbs blown off and they won't even buy them new, plastic ones. It's done on the cheap, through 'charity'. We shouldn't knock charities, after all they provide jobs for the Ruperts and FFions too dim pass the civil service exam. Poppies are serious stuff and not to derided. Some kid was arrested for burning one online:

Anonymous said...

I believe that there is a more sinister agenda behind all of the war memorials, especially the unknown soldier. It keeps the wars and the dead coming back. It keeps people’s emotional allegiance in flux. It keeps the dark alive. “Oh, but we must honor the people who died for us and get a fake poppy to show off”. A comment from Vis about things that feed directly off of the battlefield comes to mind.

I have trouble explaining it to people who understand. It’s impossible to explain it to people who say they believe in the divine, but not spirits.


preacher said...

@Anon 08:21

Ah, now I understand why he was arrested for burning a poppy. Read it earlier, but couldn't make heads or tails from it.
Kind of strange those poppies, seeing they are dying in Afghanistan defending them.
Another kid was arrested for wearing a devil's costume near a parade in Bristol:

Remembrance Day: Skateboarding 'devil' arrested by police after gatecrashing parade

Anonymous said...

When people ask me if I support the troops, I always answer, "Yes - with every tax dollar I spend."

Anonymous said...

Anybody who is upset about the lack of good movies that have been produced lately, will undoubtedly enjoy the following news...NASA appears to be planning a sequel to the fictional Apollo moon landings of the 1960's, which will likely be remembered as, "Wagging the Moondoggie Part 2" -

preacher said...

Petraeus Mistress Suggests Benghazi Attack Was Aimed At Secret CIA Prison

Rob in WI said...

I believe you've referred to alcohol as the drug of guilt. On these days commemorating war(whore)mongering, I feel and agree, and not by my lonesome. When going to the beer store on these days, business is always brisker than usual, and many, if not most, of us are veterans.

I was in the basement of the old Minneapolis FRB, when they were selling junk before demolition. This is where they handled the cash, and ground up the old bills. Paper money does indeed stink. The smell was as nauseating as rotting flesh. I couldn't imagine anyone working down there. O'well.
Be well, all, Rob

Anonymous said...

It would be pretty simple to blow the lid off the rigged Presidential election that was recently experienced by us sheeple here in the USA.

In 59 voting divisions in the City of Philadelphia, Mitt Romney received zero votes. This, of course, is mathematically impossible. But similar results apparently happened throughout voting districts in Ohio and Pennsylvania, just to name two major swing states -

All one has to do is contact a swath of voters in those precincts, and find some people who actually did vote for Romney, and bring that information forward to the masses, in order to expose the fraud once and for all. The result would explode into a fireball. Electronic voting would likely bite the dust. Tighter controls would be put in place to monitor elections. Etc.

But will anybody do that, utilizing prominent conduits in either the mainstream media (think CNN, NBC, CBS, FOX, et al), or in the alternative media (think Rense, WRH, InfoWars, et al)? I think not. Proving that the prominent conduits of both factions are fully owned and controlled by the global Puppet-Masters.

Mark said...

This is the real news. All else is smoke and mirrors...

Anaughty Mouser said...

Here is the live presentation at her (Broadwell's) Alma Mater connected to her book release.

I believe the stand down order came from Obama to let the 4 Americans die without reinforcement from the Seals because he didn't want the clandestine CIA torture facilities and transport of mercenaries to Syria to be exposed.

Petraeus laid the blame where it belonged (on Obama) and he was forced to resign. The honeytrap is maybe true but is a demonization of Petraeus in preparation for him to be the fall guy.

The Seal commander's report is consistent with the CIA being told by Obama to let the 4 American's become collateral damage.

Seal Commander: 'I gave the order to our Seals to go to the rescue - but my order was overruled and so no help was sent. I was relieved of my authority.'

Petraeus: 'No one in the CIA gave the order to stand down.'

Broadwell: 'It is unfortunate the whole (Benghazi) situation got politicized - it is political hunting season (i.e. a few days before a media tagged dead-heat election).'

Anonymous said...

Greetings and Gratitudes to Visible and all here!

millions of duped soldiers and even more innocents destroyed by violent early death for fools like these:

October 15, 2012, Mrs Clinton, who has never actually experienced the fog of war - except maybe via Hollywood movies - or if she had been in such a situation, would have very likely been fragged for being a dangerous fool - the kind no soldier needs around in real war situations,

says "the fog of war" lead to the murder of one of her ambassadors

November 12, 2012 video of the brownnosing chipmunk's sayanim mistress, supposedly filmed on October, 28 2012,

the mistress says the same thing as Mrs Clinton

"the fog of war" lead to the murder of Clinton's ambassador.

Strange that this video shows up now and seems to be very artificial, not-spontaneous, carefully rehearsed, scripted and taped in a quiet studio; why was this woman asked very specific questions about the brownnosing chipmunk's role in the Benghazi murder? Why does she make a point to point out that there are people in the room listening to her very detailed attention re-direct speech to her alma mater

things so implausible, like this, are indicators repeated until a pattern becomes discernable and seen over and over in the past decades for purposes of adding layer on layer over one crime as a cover-up - particularly when certain demons are involved - every time

Respects to all souls

Anonymous said...

@ Preacher 10:40:00 PM

Many numpties are being prosecuted for doing or saying crazy (but silly things) on twitter, face book etc. Is it not wiser to ignore child like behavior, for example scrawling something derogatory about the filth on ones tee-shirt has earned some mentally challenged soul a hefty fine. However, said inadequate did get national, front page coverage in the press. Troll feeding on a massive scale.
Unfortunately, pc lunacy runs rampant,,,,,

preacher said...

@Anaughty Mouser
Thanx for digging that vid up. She looks like a transvestite or into heavy bodybuilding...
Not that it matters. Just wondering what's going on in a general's mind.

Anonymous said...

Great work vis ! This is the old school stuff that's just right for the new school stuff.

@"don't fear the sheeple"

HAHAHAHAHAHAH baa ba ba ba ba

nice one!


Anonymous said...

pierre said (local correspondent mode) 1

from the comfort of my verandah I am getting a buzz watching some things come out of the woodwork. Hard to know if they are jugular targeted or just some bleeding side show.

the good ol' boys and the Jew master
( he who must be obeid, or so it was said)

bad bankers
(Aus FB chief may xfer to BOEngland, like the Israeli dude did - they are the few exceptions of such xfers)

and the ugly priests - could be a powder keg. rat-a-tat-a-tat.

Rob in WI said...

Regarding the Anon@10:51p comment; I hope that subject doesn't gain traction here again. There is much to question about nasa and appolo, but so many who have commented have no historical knowledge, or comprehension of the engineering, other than a few websites, which imho, are targeted disinfo.
There are many guvmint lies out there, of course, but there are also traps. Why?; to make one look like a fool. Please think, before jumping on a bandwagon going nowhere. Rob

Anonymous said...

My spider senses are tingling. This cover story of adultery does not pass the snift test.

Remember Watergate was actually Nixon trying to get the documents which directly tied he and Bush sr. to the assassination of JFK?

What was going on in Benghazi under homosexual Steven's authority that had to be swept under the American consciousness carpet?

I ask myself, why did this incident occur exactly positioned to push the election to Romney?

Something from near the top of the Rothschild NWO foodchain was just orchestrated just as Kennedy's assassination was ordered from the top of the zionist pyramid.

What was really going on in Benghazi?

Something far more sinister than penisgate is staring us in the face.

Anonymous said...

I present to you the contrived and twisted saga of Gen. Chickenshit and Little Miss Broadbentover

James “The” Clapper: Oh, I know! A sleazy salacious love quadrangle with pirates and jilted lovers all fighting over the 60 year old weasel as if he were a catch. This is perfect. The story will be that Chickenshit has to quit due to… hee hee hee… “national security” (makes air quotation marks with his fingers) AND he gets to be secretly envied by men across the nation for slippin his shriveled up sausage to THREE women at once! Two of ‘em half his age! HE GOES OUT WITH A BANG BANG BANG!!! Ha ha ha ha ha…. Quick, Dave… do you know anyone who would play along?

Chickenshit: Uh… (kiss kiss kiss smooch) yeah… there is this writer who needs more publicity for my book and uh (kissy kiss kiss slurp)… I guess this girl I know who sucks up by throwing military parties down in Tampa… I guess they would go for it… (kisssssssssssss)

James “The” Clapper: Fuck yeah. The Survivor watching idiots in this country will eat that shit up. Perfect. We’ll give those chics a call tomorrow. (pulls up pants) Now, get up, the president is on his way in… and wipe that shit off your mouth

Chickenshit: (standing) Sir, yes sir!

James “The” Clapper: God, Fallen was so right about you. You are such a complete Class-A ball-less ass-wipe. How the fuck did you make it through West Point? Christ…

Chickenshit: (wiping his mouth in the mirror) I was captain of the ski team

James “The” Clapper: Yeah? Did ya have to blow the whole team or just the coach?

Chickenshit: … what…? Hey, you watch how you talk to me. (bows up) I’m Gen. David Pet…

James “The” Clapper: shut the fuck up, chickenshit

Chickenshit: (shrinks) yes sir

Obama™: (entering in a rush dressed as a general wearing a party hat and a Nobel Peace Prize dangling around his neck) Alright. You had better have something good for me. This shit’s gone on long enough and I got this here MANDATE from the people to screw them in the ass….

Leon “The Nose” Panetta: (entering behind Obama wearing a party hat and his white Scarface costume with a Knights of Malta medal hanging around his neck) Yo Boma! I gotta know… I gotta do da ting… you know… da ting wit da drone on those mooks over in Yamin or Yesmin or Blowsmen or … whatever? Da TING! Yeah? (whips out his gat starts waving it around like a three year old with a toy) pew pew pew

Obama™: What the fuck are you talking about? oh, drone strike. Jesus Leon, stop talking like that. it’s weird. Yeah, elections over. Do what you want. after all, it’s SUPER TERROR TUESDAY! Ba-bam!… (smiling at his cleverness) I still got it. (turns back to The Clapper) Are we done here? I got this or what cus I got like mad bitches out there…? (pause… looks at Chickenshit) Why the fuck is he on his knees?

James “The” Clapper: He can’t help it. It’s habit. what he does. (to Chickenshit) Get the fuck up. (back to Obama™) It’s done. Don’t sweat it. It’s be a “love triangle” affair.

Obama™: (indignant. Pointing at Chickenshit) With that? Are you fucking stupid? Who’s gonna believe that shit? Aw fuck I’m goin to prison… the only black man who can’t play ball and Cornell West is callin me a fuckin republican in disguise. They’re gonna pound my ass! They’re gonna pass me around like a pack a Newports! Aw FUCK!

James “The” Clapper: The number one show in American was 2 1/2 Men for years running
and half the country believes Fox News is actually news… the other half watches CNN.

Obama™: (pause) Oh … yeah… forgot that. Meh. Alright. (points to Chickenshit) But this
chickenshit says nothing. Why is he back on his knees again?

James “The” Clapper: I don’t know… he does that. While he’s down there, you wanna…

Obama™: no. Gotta go.

Clarity said...

At Aangirfan today: Petraeus Worked for Israel?

Thomas, of the Choir said...

Oh oh oh... I don't look at all this bleeding shit like you do, but I know you are speaking the Truth. Again, though, I am driven (I am just a Cat on one of Gods Leashes) to, HUMBLY, submit that the central bankers and their family are WELL AWARE of what awaits them. They know and understand Karma. Truly, they are "Gods Chosen People"... just, which God is spoken of here?
(consider this, maybe this "God" is the collective Human and Earth consciousness, who before the arrival of Lucifer, the Lightbringer, was trapped in navelgazing and childish and selfish self-pleasing... hm?). To think that One of Gods Highest Angels is smearing Itself in Shit and Blood for Our sakes, and, as you say, becoming the MOST DAMNED OF US ALL, is an overwhelming proposition, and a testament to the Awesome and Infinite Power of True, Selfless Love. Alas, WE DO NOT KNOW. Just, for your consideration. Neil has touched upon this too. BigUp Neil!

As to all their chickenhawk satanist ilk, who are just in it for the sport and pleasure of killing and raping and empty power pleasures, I am in agreement with you. They deserve what they will get... And Divine Justice WILL come down on them like a rohypnol-doped, crazed burglar with razorblades and a sledgehammer, in the middle of their sweetest dreams.

Hoping for a cup of Tea in Shambala with y'all. What a day that will be, eh? :D

Thanks Les. Thanks.

Love and Blessings, Brothers and Sisters, and be well, please :)

Visible said...

Thomas and James both, well said and Oh yeah, I'm in accord with all of that and in the former case have said most of those things; nice to see them uniquely and eloquently given voice.

What? No comments about my Bush History Lesson song? I thought it had it's moments. So, I shouldn't quit my day job eh? (grin)

Anonymous said...

"Everytime you (Aangirfan) mention israel, zionism, "jews" or Rothschild it is always 100% a lie.

'Petraeus works for Israel?' therefore tells us he absolutely does not not work for israel.

Aangirfan, you are such a bloody liar - may all of you working there burn in Hell forever.


Aangirfan works for Israel."

Anonymous said...

3 out of 4 generals and admirals are having affairs. As we speak.

Even Eisenhower stepped out on Mamie.

This Petraeus thing is an even lower order of public theater than a professional wrestling TV show interview.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing new under the sun.

Those who don't know the past are condemned to repeat it.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Deep... In to the Base of the Joining.

Anonymous said...

(I have an honorable discharge from the US Army.) I fuckin' hate the military. Soldiers are easily the most pathetic victims of history. I don't know if it's true but I have heard all general staff officers are either jesuits or masons.

"There is no such thing as a military genius." Tolstoy

But there sure are such things as military idiots.

Lots of glory whores in the service.


Visible said...

b Tell the truth bother.I was there. here is your amen corner.

Anonymous said...

pierre said (autocorrect mode) (2)

Captain Jew
link didn't work.
storm in a teacup but something's brewing.

Anonymous said...

The parody, "Don't Fear The Sheeple" needs more cowbell.



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