Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mr. Apocalypse and his Elves take a Walk with Mr. Inevitable

Dog Poet Transmitting........

May your noses always be cold and wet.

We need a handful of signatures to make this petition go public. I like to think of you and me as Mr. Apocalypse's elves. We could dress up in skin tight black elves outfits, with floppy, pointy hats and elf boots with curled up toes. Mr Apocalypse likes a black ensemble. Maybe a little drama, might accentuate our commitment to the whole process. Conversely we might look like damn fools. Of course, anyone who goes on as if nothing happened, or it doesn't matter if something did, would qualify as a damn fool anyway. Then things go on becoming progressively worse because that is what happens when you don't do anything. Things get worse. Do I have to count the ways or list examples? I don't think so.

Dumb has been raised to an art form in the US. Dumb, mean and senseless are the looming goalposts of Armageddon. The signposts are all up and down the highway and some kind of weird, poetic justice is hammering on the microcephalic pointy heads, who are not wearing elf hats. I ponder what strange and terrible absurdities wait in the wings. Massive rumblings are going on in the wings of the theater of The Grand Guignol. Something with a heavy breathing intensity, is going on about the Benghazi affair(s). Little Georgie Sorrows is losing his mind in a very public and deserving way. Be sure to scroll down the page to see some portion of the terrible horror of it all. Some men are so predictable and truly deserving of what happens to them, when the inevitable comes upon them. We don't see the effect of the inevitable a great deal of the time. The inevitable is a kind of behind the scenes sort of a player. Mr. Inevitable works with Mr. Apocalypse. Mr. Apocalypse makes his way through the disorder of the cluttered and compromised lives, of those who have finally drawn his attention and once he has tapped, or whacked them, with his walking stick, Mr. Inevitable does the followup. Mr Apocalypse lights them up with the aura of their essence and then Mr. Inevitable applies the result that attends that particular composition. Milk spoils and cheese molds. Some things rot. Some things bloom. Route 1 runs through Big Sur, it doesn't go to Fresno. People ought to pay some mind to what highway they are on and where it ends up but they often don't. In some cases they might be clear about the probable outcome but they figure it's worth the risk.

Why we don't see the inevitable and why we are not presented with examples of well deserved justice in the high places of corruption is a mystery but... that mystery is part and parcel of the drama itself. If everything were uniform and predictable, if things always worked out the way they should, when they should (supposing that they don't in fact already do so, when that might be something else we don't see) then there would be no great challenge to anything. The good would be rewarded right off the bat and the evil would be punished, as they should be. It seems not to happen. For my part, I assume this can only imply something I am not seeing, in all the times that my pedestrian mind, by force, or inclination, gravitates to the view that things are just all fucked up and have been for a long time. This gets magnified when I have one of those series of bad days, that come around like clockwork out of the Bad Karma Depository. I don't know the purpose of these days (then again I do, but it won't come to me until later in the post), as I do not know the purpose of a great many things and I don't know these things for a reason. That's what I automatically assume because there are things I don't know and I have the same options as everyone else; to presume I know something I don't know, or accept the obvious that I don't know something, when it is evident that I do not.

This is the initial error made by a huge portion of the human race. They determine that they know what they do not know, or they accept what they are told and that passes for a knowledge that they keep adding to. Most people know that regular consumption of fast-foods will make them sick and eventually kill them. They know this but they don't want to know it so they grant themselves a kind of exceptionalism that frees them (they think) from something they are most certainly not free from.

It's more than passing strange. It's been going on for a long time; this matter of people convincing themselves of things that are not true. Today I read about the ongoing tale of Arthur Topham in Zionist, Communist controlled Canada. Telling the truth is considered hate speech and so long as they control the money supply, they can bribe the legislators, in various countries, to make laws that protect them and remove everyone else's rights. That this is happening is beyond question. That control of the money supply makes this possible, is beyond question. Unfortunately, in this day and age, a great many corrupt tools came into this world to serve the forces of evil. There are also some amount of good men and women. They are not allowed anywhere near the reigns of power. Useful idiots are shoehorned into the roles of functionaries, who carry out the policies of monsters.

Anyone can see what has happened to the police forces, since they have been being trained by the monsters. Deep in this minestrone are a lot of unwilling souls who find themselves going along with the program. At some point, their conscience will not allow them to continue further. We wait upon that day and all of us engaged in the struggle to not become monsters, while we expose the monsters, know that our work is not in vain. As has been said before, “The only thing necessary for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing”. Edmund Burke, I believe. Our principal difficulty is in knowing precisely what is wrong and what is right and committing ourselves, against all odds to the proper course of thought, speech and action. It can get murky and don't get me started on moral relativism.

There seems to be some kind of ancient consciousness that actually lives within the sphere of flush money. I've seen it time and time again; what it does to people. Very few, I observe, escape the wearing of that cloak of venality and self interest, to the exclusion of and sometimes the detriment of their fellows. I am not suggesting that many people with a lot on money do not deserve it. They most certainly do. They worked hard for their money and I have also see the lazy and endlessly self justifying, who whine about how unfair the world is and won't put their shoulder to the wheel. Of course, you also need to be circumspect, intelligent and bold. It's been said that “fortune favors the bold”. I don't know, I've been pretty bold and I have no fortune (grin). I know, I get it, I get it... except when I don't get it.

I watch a lot of movies. I do it while I'm writing because, otherwise I probably wouldn't get to do it. I've managed to read all five books of “A Song of Ice and Fire”, while having lunch over recent months. I engage in a certain amount of communion, when I awaken and while I await the dream boat coming over the horizon of my departing consciousness. Although my life appears disorganized to some, it is organized in it's own way. I can hardly see a movie anymore that doesn't make some reference to The Tribe and how mistreated they are, or were (uh huh), or what really decent and good people they are. It's getting nauseating.

Unlike so many people, who are so deeply immersed in the dream state, I got electrocuted by the cosmic tazer on several occasions and then, a lot of what followed I didn't have much say about. This also leaves me in a wide wasteland, most of the time, caught between two forces that are vying for my attention. I can mistake who is talking to me on occasion but it doesn't amount to any lasting harm. What it amounts to is my having to have be put through unpleasant changes to come to a realization. This is the reason so many people get immersed and stay immersed in the dream state. Coming out the dream state can be hard and involves rising from level to level of awareness. I am led to believe there is no real end to that. Of course there are states of relative, transformative finality, where the door closes behind you and you can never go back again to where you were. I would say that one of the most difficult things about all of this is the aloneness but... you're never alone, it just seems that way. It's kind of like becoming a star in the sky, or maybe a black hole, in some cases (grin).

Well, I digressed all over the place again. I'm in one of those unsettled states, where I jump at every sound and nothing works and there is a heavy hand, pressing down on me. I am under the impression that this has to do with some pending change and in order for me to pass through it successfully, my papers have to be in order; so to speak. One of the cardinal errors that many people make (I've made it), is to think that the universe hates you and that these period are negative punishment zones. Actually what they are, is you being given a leg up on to a ladder, something with a handhold, that you can't reach on your own. Once one is capable of looking at every event in their life, as a positive transiting condition, your progress will be exponential, by comparison with how it was before. I've been getting a real taste of this lately and have been, over the course of the last several years. You get to know yourself pretty good under the circumstances and not always in the most flattering of lights but, like most things arcane and mysterious, there's a lot more to them than we might suspect, except when there is nothing to them at all; as if a mystery simply unraveled and left you standing there on your own; hope that makes sense.

Well, the bad guys look to be on the verge of doing a lot of bad things. That would be par for the course. The Crass Media is obfuscating with what should be transparent lies. I don't know what shape the outcome will take but I think the whole world is tired of this shit, so maybe this time, it will catch fire and give us some ashes to ashes and dust to dust in a cleansing way, that allows this new age to actually come into being, once those entrenched in the old age have had their rendezvous with Mr. Apocalypse.

End Transmission.......

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Anaughty Mouser said...

Greetings Visible.

Indeed the tribe of Khazar is again killing the indigenous people of Palestine in another corrupt power drive.

Murderers, liars, thieves.

Maybe this time it will be different...

God save Palestine, the USA and the world from the Synagogue of Satan.

Is evil destroying itself? We should interview alfa Rothschild and ask him how this whole NWO conversion thing is actually going.

Wonder if he would answer honestly?

Anonymous said...

Ah by the light of words bring deliverance
The world fills with wholesomeness Deep deep inside
In the palms that weild truth that blossoms understanding
Takes the reigns of the utmost of all in right
With insistence consisting abiding unfolding
Horizons of opening sequences shine
By the one that holds all in clearing and sentiment
Blows streams up the pathway at the seat of the mind

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The good news is Michael Rivero has your petition up. The bad news, the number of signers (YES, I SIGNED IT!!!!!!!!) hasn't changed much since I cleaned half the kitchen and had a shower. I swear! It's like we have a billion people and one brain cell between them. On a good day.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Truly funny and way more than merely marvelous is how effortlessly those formerly scary, super inconvenient realization tazerings are now felt as harmless memories. Chuckles even..

And loneliness easily felt as kind solitude.

For a small taste of mercy and grace.

You got off easy, prabhu!!

Anonymous said...

Hi,I'm a British citizen. Can I sign your petition( and Timster's) or will that give them excuse to invalidate both?
Apologies for being thick.


Visible said...

I believe you have to be an American citizen.

Homer, I hope you're right.

Anonymous said...

"Let's Hear It For the Goy"

(A musical parody, based on the song "Let's Hear It For the Boy", by Dean Pitchford and Tom Snow, made popular by Deniece Williams.)

My baby, he's not too bright
He ain't got much to say
'cause he watches FOX and CNN -
I know that he loves me anyway
And maybe his brain is fried
But I don't really mind
'cause every time he pulls me near
I just wanna cheer -

Let's hear it for the goy
Oh, let's give the goy a hand
Let's hear it for my baby
You know you gotta understand
Oh, maybe he's no Romeo
His sperm was killed by GMO's
Let's hear it for the goy

My baby may not be rich
The Feds stole every dime
But he loves me loves me loves me
We always have a real good time
And maybe he's a dull Zombie
But that's all right by me, yeah
'cause what he does he does so well
Makes me wanna yell -

Let's hear it for the goy
Oh, let's give the goy a hand
Let's hear it for my baby
You know you gotta understand
Oh, maybe he's no Romeo
His sperm was killed by GMO's
Let's hear it for the goy

'cause every time he pulls me near,
I just wanna cheer -

Let's hear it for the goy
Oh, let's give the goy a hand
Let's hear it for my baby
You know you gotta understand
Oh, maybe he's no Romeo
His sperm was killed by GMO's
Let's hear it for the goy

anaughty Mouser said...

It is possible to sign Tim and Les' petitions without an American ZIP. Whether the votes of non-Americans will be counted or not is another matter - relevant only if the petitions come up to around 25,000 signitories.


There is an anomaly in Broadwell's alma mater press speech supposedly made before Petraeus quit.
She said, and I quote: "Stevens died and TWO other Americans".

Hmmm. Little miss valedictorian, westpoint, military major, westpoint grad, harvard educated, phd candidate, general's muse doesn't even know how many americans BESIDES Stevens died in Benghazi ca 10 days after the attacks?

Bullshit. Makes me think ALL of this, every single piece of Petraeus, Broadwell, Kelley, Allen, shirtless FBI is one big media boondoggle just like 9/11.

How could other women #1 not remember the script of THREE Americans besides Stevens died that day. Broadwell is a lousy lying actor.

Anonymous said...

That Tampa Bay police travesty reminded me how smart and wise it was for me to leave that totalitarian shithole you call America. They are fucking duped slaves. The Russians laughing sardonically, and saying "now you (Americans) pretty well have what we had during the Soviet era, except we were intelligent enough to see for what it was. You stupid Americans cannot even see that." I'm in Europe, (thank God) living much better(!) and much freer. Of course, I'm preaching to the choir am I not, Mr Visible?

Visible said...

heh heh

mike m said...

I thank the higher power for allowing me to find you to commiserate with the feelings that I have that you so eloquently put into words.

May I call you bro?

Thanks Vis and peace one day for all who deserve it.

p.s. I'm 29 on the petition and I don't give a fuck who knows it.

Mark said...

The sands of time have about run out on the NWO. This gutty little beast which is currently devouring its own tail, is about to get bitch-slapped most righteously via Mr. A's walking stick. Just imagine everything Moses' staff could have been, but never was. Mr. A was recently spotted in the vicinity of Wall St. close to the Comex. Although he was grinning, the grin didn't reach his eyes.

Anonymous said...

Is that your lion israel
All I see is just a worm
What I see before me
Just mud in where you squirm
Your hate that is not justified
The land that is not yours
Israhell your humanity's waste
Your poisoned mind and desecrated laws
Making war upon the innocent
Killing children whilst they slept
Israel you are evil
An evil making unnessessary death
Your prospects looking useless
There's one place for you to go
Back to the hell you came from
Back to the pits below

Visible said...

Amens all round.

Visible said...

We now have over 15o signees (170) so the petition will be made public.

Alan Jong said...

Here's a Little secret, Jews will always be yesterdays News, after God. Someday in the future that Day will come. Until then if you live in the West, East, South, Or North the Jews run the circus bread and pony show of our lives in one way or the other, seems to be the case accord to both the alternative, and mainstream news concensus, sometimes through treacherous acts, and sometimes noble ones. That's the bottomline isn't it? That the point? It's old News to anyone whos ever read this blog, or consumes pop culture. It's all in the family if we are to take Les's word at face value, something I have done on many occasions even if it's laced with disclosures of a hard life.
Anyway I do read all the post here, seams to be a comfort of sorts, cause I'm just as disturbed about all the evil in the world as the rest of You.
Best Wishes,

Alan Jong said...

Sorry about my typos I got dis-licks-ya, my funny name for dyslexia, and a mentality disturbed by a world full of evils.


Anonymous said...

pierre said...
isn't alternative history wonderful.
yes in a way Lenin and Stalin revolted against the overwhelming influence of the Talmudic Jews (I am yet to read up on this in detail), which makes some reckoning or blowback happening within a decade or two of the "revolution". how long has the American saga been going on?

Vis, you gave a Tor link to a spice shop "Dumb has been raised to an art form in the US"... something on your mind perhaps?

C.A.Valentine said...

We can all smell it.

It is about time the satanists and zionists faced the sharp end of the knife.

The fear and panic is evident from the highly ineffective official response. This has been the common factor in TPTB's reaction to the NOTW/phone hacking, the BBC/Savile scandal and now the dam is cracking with the high level stuff emerging into the mainstream.

No wonder really: Endless war, currency debauchment, zionism dragging the world to armageddon, ritual abuse of our children, state terror, psychotronic torture, moral subversion, deceit, impoverishment of the masses, depopulation, police and political corruption on a grand scale. One rule for Them and one rule for us.

Newsflash to the corrupt establishment: We ain't going away and we ain't going to forget about any of it. So now what are you going to do about it?

I know what I would do if I was one of Them. I would start preparing to jump ship. I would start preparing to turn over the evidence to ensure that punishment was limited only to a life sentence. Of course these lineages can no longer be allowed to go on and equally their wealth and power must all be forfeit. That is irrespective of repentence.

i would be very worried if i was in the police or an army officer. Time to make ready for plan B. You cannot pray to God and Mammon. Eventually you need to make your choice. Trust me every mind controlled policeman or officer will be found eventually. Remember we give the orders at the end of the day, not the queen, not the paedos, not satan or Tel Aviv...

The generational nature of this problem must be brought to an end once and for all.

Some of the low level ones even know that the game is up.

I had an interesting conversation with a corrupt man who runs/ran a gallery in Islington. I could smell the fear at the other end of that phone and did not even need to do anymore than mention the facts. Many of them know there is a Tidal Wave coming.

They may try and think that no one will be researching their lineages and genealogy etc and that they will be able to go back underground. I very much doubt it.

They were planning on culling all of the good people from the Western races instead it will end up being them. Good always wins in the end.

Anonymous said...

maiTo all ye merry Merkans in exile: We are VERY happy you found a better life. But if you are thinking of waiting until all us warriors fix it with our sweat and blood, and THEN you come in with arms open wide: THINK AGAIN, COWARDS! WE will NOT welcome you. Please consider staying the hell where you are. IN PERPETUUM.

mike m said...

264 with a bullet !

Neal said...

Jesus wept. And so on, for the course, like that matters, in this place. These are cold tears, she is the warmer part of the equation.

Anonymous said...

Come Egyptian lion
Come brother stand and speak
Morsi,Palestine calls for you
Be the strength that they all need
Stand as a mighty hero
With those words that open through
Come speak with all that heart
Rise the beautiful Egyptian truth
Your people built the pyramids
By the heavens from the stars
Laid the foundations the corner stone
Where the goodness walks that path
So come Egyptian lion
Stand and it speak it well
Speak that truth for Palestine
Break that zionist spell

Anonymous said...

Syria will not break
I know their heart I saw their kind
Lebanon where the brave stand strong
Israels leaders walking blind
The banking cartel throwing fits
It's days are done and gone
The depravation of enslaved people
Just hurts the earths pure song
But by the love that holds together
New ways that bring all hrough
A world that lives in peace
Speaks the heart that's filled with truth
The system smashed by its perversion
At the end of its perverted days
Come people rise together
Let's all be that change

Anonymous said...

Israel you worm
Your perversion makes me sick
Your lies I crumble to dust
Along with each and every trick
You signed your own destruction
In the greed you thought was god
But god is not a worm
Gods the strength of upright cause
So get back down get far away
Go deep inside the earth
Or by the strength be beaten
By an electrifying burst
That stored within the heavens
Deep in every soul
In the place where riches come forth
Where the sacred land unrolls

Visible said...

I was trying to be amusing Pierre.

Anonymous said...

I never liked the quote: "All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to remain silent."

If a man observes evil in action and he has some power to abate it and he does nothing then he is by definition a coward. The quote makes no sense. (sometimes cowardice and commons sense resemble each other.) I think it is more accurate to say: Evil triumphs when good men are fooled into doing bad things. A terrible irony of the human condition is that good people can be made to do bad things.

War is all about turning good boys into animals; war scars the mind with memories of horror and fills the heart with painful regrets.

IMHO violence and battle will not help the resistance. Violence is their tool and tactic. We resort to violence then they win. Strike, boycott, civil disobedience will work if given a chance and assidously applied.

"Be kind. Because everyone you meet is involved in a hard struggle." Plato

Thank you and best wishes to all, McCob

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

Sand Blasting the Dancing Wraiths in a Temporary Darkness.

mike m said...

Anonymous said...

Friday, November 16, 2012 9:29:00 AM

9:42:00 AM
10:02:00 AM

Excellent call to arms, hopefully your words are being transmitted to the ones who can do something about it.

Unknown said...

Hi Les! I'm a long time reader who has never made a comment here before now.

I just wanted to point out one seemingly minor technicality but which you may well appreciate the more you reflect upon it.

You mentioned the concept of a Karma “Depository” (with a D)whereas I think that you should mean “Repository” (with an R).

The difference is that with a “Depository” the legal right of property in the thing Deposited passes to the deposit-taker, and which creates an off-setting financial liability of the taker back to the maker of the Deposit.

With a Repository, the right of property in the thing Reposited remains vested in the party making the Reposit (like the furniture in a personal/self-storage warehouse still belongs to the party renting the space and not the party who owns the space).

That is why so many central banks have their country’s gold “on deposit” with some other central bank. It doubles the amount of physical gold that is recorded on the aggregate accounting books to twice the amount that actually exists.

The books can only recognize money value and so the liability for any gold “on deposit” from another central bank manifests as a financial charge/liability against book value.

On the asset side, however, both the physical gold “on deposit” plus whatever gold any other institution “owes them” show up as actual gold on their books. In so doing, the central banks are not misrepresenting their net financial value vis a vis the current price of gold, but they are collectively overstating by a factor of two the actual amount of physical gold in the system.

Returning to your observation it should become clear that any such facility for karma is a repository and not a depository. You always continue to own the things you create vis a vis karma and cannot separate your being from the liability by giving it to someone else "on deposit". “Karma Repository” is redundant, and “Karma Depository” is a contradiction in terms. Is that clear?

Visible said...


heh heh, of course.

probably why I am not a banker or a lawyer or anything technical. I can say with all sincerity that I am constantly surprised that I got this far.

JLOC said...

Petition now up to 427 including my signature!

Anonymous said...

You wrote: "...once those entrenched in the old age have had their rendezvous with Mr. Apocalypse."

Perhaps we all need to pray that "they" will meet with Mr. Apocalypse very soon. Maybe as a result of the BBC/UK Royal Pedophilia Scandal? That's as good a place to start, as any!

John Rambo said...

Just found out that one of India's top movie actresses, Katrina Kaif, had an indian father, punjabi, and an Ashkenazi Jewish mother.

Absurd, you can't even get away from the bullshit in a place like India.

Anonymous said...

Comrades you don't have to be from the glorious people's republik of amerikwa, just look at the selection of president messiah a few weeks ago. Vote all you want the dear leaders need a good laugh and something else to throw in the trunk of treaties to wipe their asses with.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Kali Yuga Twilightin Skank Town.



Joseph Brenner

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