Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Viral Denial, When the Revolution Come.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Day follows day and the relentless and aggressive march of ignorance continues. Rank after rank of cinderblock heads, bobbing Nodwells and cynical outriders moving in lockstep, on and on; the slow motion waltz of mesmerized mutants continues. Have they always been like this? In elder days one could understand, perhaps, when there was no real media 9to set the course of collective delusion) and information traveled by proclamation and rumor, with most of the intel in the hands of the organized church. Today there is no real excuse except for perpetual dupedom and cowardice seeking approval and a pat on the head from the blood swilling undead.

Disinfo is a growth industry but then so is cancer. One of the big cap guns is Mr. Smarmy himself, Bill Maher. As a card carrying Tribe member, Bill is at the workbench, fashioning sculptures from compressed bullshit, for the edification and entertainment of the terminally befuddled (be sure to read the comments section- stand, ro sit, transfixed in awe at the viral denial ...and be sure to add your take). I remember the Billster making an aside one time to a panelist sitting next to him where he said something to the effect of “they say it's the moneychangers who are the problem and you know who they mean when they say moneychangers”. We can safely assume he is here talking about his Ashe-NAZI cousins who, usually, with few exceptions, swell the ranks of the moneychangers, money printers, money junkies, economy destroyers, warmakers for profit and, I could go on and on, like the eternal sea, which is always the sea, except when it is the pending rain or streams and rivers, returning to the sea.. As it was, so it is, theft and prevarication without end.

There are logistical concerns, when one is engaged in drafting the architecture of wider war in The Middle East. As the parrots squawk and the chipmunks talk, the vampire bankers plot and scheme; “How can we accomplish this evil dream”? “How do we 'getter done'”? “How do we destroy all that is good and possible, in order to triumph in a wasteland that is ours alone”? “Is this lettuce crisp? Where is my cellphone”?

Along with the startling emergence of a myriad of bizarre sexual expressions, as well as the looming approach of cannibalism, there is the specter of a pandemic, suicide epidemic. Those of us versed in certain tantric perspectives about existence are aware of the fact that nearly everything has a sexual connotation; not as Freud expressed it. Most of his theories only applied to Tribe behaviorisms. In any case, when things begin to go very wrong in human affairs and interactions, it is a given that sexual dysfunction and perversity will be The Daily Special at Chez Merde.

We need revolution because revolution is change and we need change, oh yes, precious, we needs it. Will no one free of us of these butt-munching bankers?. I can solve the economic crisis in a heartsbeat. Get thee to Iceland, my son... Ricardo, beat the drum, let them know the revolution come.

When the revolution come
I won’t need this gun
We get down to the one-
Thing that is missing

The ability to have a good time
and to love one another

No more hustle with the muscle

When the revolution come

Love will shine in living color
Cop some cool threads
And some cheap thrills
That don’t get expensive with the passage of time

Wind it out to kingdom come
And back again
There will be nothing in the way
...of the way
Of getting things done

When the revolution come

Too much blood spilled to no avail
Starlight shines from a bottomless pail
In a Mobius bend

There is...
there is...
there is no end
To what will get done

When the revolution come

Politics swells the hot air confusion
Too much
too much
“too much confusion”

We have an inflexible resolve
The borders will dissolve
The ocean of life will be skimmed of the scum

When the revolution come

Nothing unchanged
It all gets transformed
The Will....,
and be done

beat the drum
Let them know the revolution come

We are the living product of the dreams we had
Only was it our thinking that
made the moment bad

No other cause will do
But to see what is causing you
And visualize the certainty
of what you see being the destiny
That comes true

When the revolution come

Walk on
as simple as we can
Nothing to it
A higher mind has got the plan
And we only...
See it thru

Everything gets behind you then


beat the drum

Let them know the revolution come

It is the fuel you burn in the rage to live
It is what makes your dreams come true
It is the moment in front of
And surrounding you

Grab it
Hold it
Stick out your thumb

You be riding smooth
When the revolution come

There is no way
There is no way you can fail
The less you do, the better

IT- already has -IT together

And it is
advising you

Hang up on your mind
Get an unlisted number
What counts can reach you
What counts has done away

With symbols, numbers and gongs

Figure it out
You don’t need no tools
It doesn’t break down
Or need repair

What doesn’t work won’t make it there

Life and strength
Shine from the sun
Power as well
the will to be done


beat the drum

Let them know the revolution come

The wheel must turn
And time must bend
Revolution after revolution
Without end

What never was is gone
What is in fact...
moving on

And staying still

Always behind us until
We need the hum

To let them know the revolution come

You will never go out of style
You will not walk in single file
To the showers or the chair
All that is behind us somewhere

What you do emerges from
And through
That mirror image
You imagine must be you

This is not too good
too good
too good to be true

(If you please)

Beat the drum

Inform them that
the revolution come

Boom de boom de boom de dum
And then some

Round and round the imaginary clock
Some kind of belt to hold your pants up

Thou shalt,
thou shalt
not for what and whom?

Skeletons dance
And dead men cum


On my command

All rise

All rise

While the revolution come

Awake sleeper
This bitter dream is done
Oh yes!!!
These rainbow rivers run

The revolution come….
The revolution come….

End Transmission.......

Patrick Willis narrates:

The Radio show from Sunday is available for streaming.


bee wrangler said...

Let it come on in that big 'ol revolution...i am ready!-jen

Visible said...

It be coming.

Too all who are to contribute to Neil's poetry memorial book, I'm about done with my memorial rap for him and have made a poetry selection so please get yours in to Siamese Mirrors too. Contrary to what some may think, I have not forgotten about this project (grin). If you got questions email me.

I am also back on my book again. It shouldn't be long now.

Anonymous said...

Me? I'll be in the food garden while food stamps are removed.

They're removing benefits in the open now, as I've suspected for a while.

Nice poem; not your 'standard' revolution. This one makes sense.


Anonymous said...

My least favorite Tribal "stars" in the MSM:

1) Bill Maher (loud mouth, huge ego, brain-dead)
2) Seth Rogen (the guy can't act and he isn't funny)
3) Jesse Eisenberg (seriously, what did he do with that money? - the money his mom gave him for acting lessons)

The Tribe makes up about 1% of the world's population, and yet they make up a huge percentage of the producers, directors, writers and actors in Hollywood. Every few months, a new Tribal "star" pops up out of the woodwork. And they always suck. They have no acting chops. No matter - plug them into a big movie role and make them an instant star. (Make them a sex symbol, even if they are ugly.)

The actor who really fries me the most (whom his fellow Tribe members deliberately turned into a "sex symbol", no doubt, as an inside joke) is Adrien Brody ("King Kong", etc.). The guy is uglier than a pig but Hollyweird has turned him into a sex symbol. Proving once again, that via the silver screen, countless people can be mindfucked into thinking whatever Hollyweird wants them to think. "Look at that pig...he isn't a pig. He's HANDSOME. And he's a really, really good ACTOR. You are getting sleepy..." - End Rant

JerseyCynic said...

The first shot has been fired!!

Take the Skinheads Bowling...

Anonymous said...

Here is a little tune my grandson and I play on the guitars. I should note that he is in the second grade and has been instructed to go with the program, keep a low profile and don’t believe a word they tell you. To the tune of One Tin Soldier.
Come listen children to a story that was scripted long ago
To put a puppet in the white house with a dog and pony show.
All the people of the country, all the black, white and red
Drank their floride, pushed the button
They did what the TV said.
Go ahead and drink your floride,
Go ahead and fly the drone,
Kill all them little children,
Getem fore they get grown,
There wont be any sad faces, in church on Sunday,
When all of the hypocrites,
Pretend to pray.
Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Don’t post this if you think it is to offensive.

Visible said...

Way to go Peacemaker. Why would I be offended by something like that. I'm offended by the characters personified in the piece/

Anonymous said...

The system is in full "retard" mode, at this point, turning on itself in its inexhaustible hunger to satiate itself.
I'm not a fan, but thought this was telling:
But this one takes the cake, after its already devoured breakfast, lunch and dinner!
Remember to trust in the Lord in all things! This is all set to remind us that we're not supposed to put faith in money or men!

Vis, you can't strike that point home enough!
Take care -

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 4:46--

They make up a little less than 0.5%of the worlds population.


seven eigths underwater said...

Humans have been slaughtering each other throughout "recorded" history, and even though I do not place much stock in recorded history, I do trust the official record keepers on this score. I don't claim to know why this is so, but it's enough to know that, for several thousand years, planet earth has been a killing jar. And not once have the world's people risen up as one to say, enough is enough.

Once upon a time, the people of the world spoke one language. Then along came Nimrod, who took a notion to build a tower, a "stairway to heaven." Afterward, Nimrod might have thought to himself, "Oops." Because he righteously pissed off God, whom, in his fury, confused the people's language, causing them to suddenly speak different languages so they would not understand each other. Then God scattered them all over the face of the world.

It makes for a good story, whether true or not, and it might explain why we today cannot get our act together long enough to turn on our masters and put an end to their plots once and for all. Maybe the story is an allegory of an untold story about how an interloper altered our destiny by rendering stupid most, but not all, of the human race.

Steven G. Berry said...

No more revolutions. We've been spinning around violent solutions far too long.

Evolve. Drop the stupid R.

Josey said...


Do you remember in 2001 when Bill Mahar said he more or less approved of the "Balls" of those Muslim's in those supposed planes who sacrificed themselves for their goal of inflicting ruin on the U.S. ? He really got chewed out for that comment, by the "Tribe". who knows what the purpose of it was, since we know NO MUSLIM were involved. He probably knew that also at the time, who knows.

Visible said...

Sometimes people aren't satisfied saying something once so they got to say it again, like that's going to influence how I feel about something. Sometimes people just have to look and look and look for any kind of tarnish because they would rather not believe in anyone or anything. Other times people come out with mindless one liners that make no sense. Probably what they need is a hyphenated two last names instead of just a middle initial.

I don't care one way or the other what people believe. I care about what I believe. One thing I do know is that negative perceptions making up the majority of a person's thought leads to a negative existence. Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

well we know the revolution will not be televised

but it appears at least word of it

will be spread by this medium

gil-scott would be proud, indeed

very well done, my friend and brother

Ray B. said...

seven eigths underwater Thursday, May 16, 2013 1:17:00 AM

"Once upon a time, the people of the world spoke one language. Then along came Nimrod, who took a notion to build a tower, a 'stairway to heaven'. Afterward, Nimrod might have thought to himself, 'Oops'. Because he righteously pissed off God, whom, in his fury, confused the people's language, causing them to suddenly speak different languages so they would not understand each other. Then God scattered them all over the face of the world."

seven, I might ask you to take a different viewpoint for a moment:

There are numerous actual records from the original Sumerian (as popularized by Sitchin, Freer, et al) that declare we were a slave race under the 'gods' (plural, in the original records). We were there for their purposes - mining, farming, doing the dishes, washing the floors, etc. Even sexual favors. Any disobedience was met with death or banishment. (One 'goddess', Inanna, saw a man who pleased her and requested/required him for her pleasure. When he refused, she had him killed.) Do you see any cause for resentment from humans, here?

The 'Tower of Babel' came out of this environment. A band of humans were creating a "Shem" (a Sumerian word) - which is translated as a 'tower reaching to heaven' (if I remember it correctly after all these years) - unbeknownst to their 'masters'. Pre-spaceflight, the English translation was taken as a reference to a literal tower. With our newer perspective, it does not take much thought to more accurately translate "Shem", a 'tower reaching to heaven', as some form of spacecraft or launching system.

Put the above together, and you might get a courageous band of early humans reaching out for some kind of equality with the 'gods'. Does it sound different, this way?

(The 'gods' reaction to this effort was harsh, so perhaps 'we' actually had mastered the technology.)

To simultaneously make all humans unable to understand one another implies something more than simply teaching them different languages. Either this is a slight garbling of changes instituted over a long time period, or requires some advanced 're-programming'. I might even envision a 'shutting down' of any telepathy ('common ground' for our one language) we might have had. Then, the scattering takes on more of a 'dark' tone, implying that we actually constituted some kind of potential - but real - 'threat' to them.

By my measure, I would like to shake hands with those courageous humans who strove for equality with their 'masters'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

To the troubled mind of folly and guilt, loathing yourselves and everything else...
To the one's that will walk from the fire's by one by one -
The sinners who sinned for decades on end, with no mercy for they had none -
Think you own the world over again - controlling only the mind of those who cannot fend..
Thirsty of blood - to drink while you think - of yet another plit to make the enlighten one's sink -
This to you we send - so listen carefully - very very carefully.

May your path be as stormy as was ours - your heart be heavy as ours was for centuries on end...
The time has come for you now - YES - the time is here for judgment will lash and Kali-Yuga will dance on broken glass but her feet will trace no liquid or blood - rather her dance will echo a deep trouble and pain in your soul - as you cry out "Stop, Please I beg thee...Stop!"
YOU will fall to the ground and run to look for your underground caves...hide with your misery and foul smelling scent - roaming from end to end - no where to find a place to rest and use a stone for pillow to lay your head - and again - like Pontius Pilate - agonize in your own melt.
Ye - we are awakening...Yes we are awakening - there are many (with the exception of those still asleep still), our names our strength, courage and truth - our badge wears faith and certitude, our eyes have cried with pain and joy, our hearts are connected with heavens cord...we are here and alive - for death is never an end - nor birth a beginning. We are ALL here now - for our this was our saddest journey - Now it will be our greatest victory.
Do you not here the sweet slow humming from across yonder...slowly - moving in? You hear. Yes You hear.
You point your nukes and guns and poison - though nothing works as before - you fire and crawl and fire again - and yet nothing yields us.We are beyond this now and you were afraid of this moment.

We are the handful of a nation
Sent from our Creator

Time is here and now.

Blessing to those awakened,

seashell - (I hear it in the seashell the stories or our ancestors).

Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:46,

They comprise 0.5% of the world's population and about 2% of the U.S. population, the highest percentage of any country outside of Izz-neyland. They've achieved a critical mass, of sorts, in the U.S.


Anonymous said...

well there you go, all you hyphenated two last namers...

couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of oxymorons

I'm just glad you don't prohibit the acoustics


Stephen Hawking on you


mike m said...

I tried to comment on the asshole Maher's blog but I don't do facebook or twitter so I'll just post it here:

"Wow, I thought after Bill Maher shut down his blog a few years back because of all the discussions about THE OFFICIAL FAIRY TALE OF 9/11 aka THE DAY THAT PHYSICS STOOD STILL he would keep his cocksucker shut about this subject but this fool don't know when to quit. Or his puppetmasters demand he spew his bullshit. Either way he is a douchebag who sold his soul a long time ago for filthy dollars and skanky whores."

Nice comments by you Vis and other like minded folks.

seven eighths underwater said...

Ray B

Cause for resentment? Those earlier humans had much to resent, as we do now. Nimrod and his people threatened the powers by virtue of abilities we can only speculate on. Perhaps telepathy was one of them. And I believe the biblical reference to scrambling their language a veiled allusion to striking them dumb. It's also a very early reference to "divide and conquer." Perhaps this is when the ten strands of DNA were switched off. Lots of room for speculation here. Or maybe it's a dead horse I'm kicking.

seven eighths underwater said...

When the revolution come, let it be a revolution of consciousness. A revolution of non-participation. It always was the key to rid ourselves of parasites. Like Bartleby the Scrivener, just say "I prefer not to." It really drove his boss mad. If everyone everywhere did this, the machine would eventually come to a grinding halt. Because without us, they are nothing.

Rob in WI said...

"we are beyond this now and you were afraid of this moment". I hope there is faith and certitude within me; to be up to the task of participating. Your comment brought tears to my eyes, which is a very rare occasion.
My struggle of great vision and diametrically opposed "reality illusion" has consumed most of this lifetime. It is not my struggle, though, but ours', and we will succeed.
Thanks much, and be well, Rob

Anonymous said...

Faces of war!......

Smyrna said...

The easiest way to cause some revolution is for the people of the USA to start demanding "Who the fuck is this mysterious Mulatto?". Make it a bumper sticker. Graffiti it everywhere.

Who the fuck is this mysterious Mulatto?

No one from Harvard or Colombia or Occidental? has ever heard of, or can remember this clown. How does that fly?

There are genuine people like Donald Trump etc. who have put a bounty on discovering who this cunt is, but they just attract derision and scorn etc.

Anonymous said...

One take on the tower of babel I got from the movie 'Metropolis'. A silent made in the 1920's directed by Fritz Lang. Basically, there are planners and there are workers. The planners use their minds and the workers use their hands and the strength of their backs. If the thinkers have no empathy for the workers then whatever they are building will not have any constructive or good value for the civilization. Hence the civilization will fall. The heart must mediate the mind before it can instruct the hands. Courage is more important than brains and kindness is more important than courage.


neal said...

OK. I do not understand why evolution is bad, and revolution is good, that whole lets kill the bad guys, then we will win!
Only angry ghosts do that, what is this fear of transient mutation? The door is open, there are tests, and invitations, and vetting, and riddles to answer, like always.

And so what if you cannot hold to yourself? Fear is just not doing it. This broadcast madness is killing my people, maybe stop pretending that you are trying not to kick the door shut, that is War, we have always been here to reverse.

You know, one of these days, when you all get to behead all who disagree, and bask in the glory of your internal logic, we will rise again, just very fundamental, but we will not make War on you, we will just forget, sooner than later. And for some, that is just the way it is, rules are made, and also make.

Rob in WI said...

I'm certainly no supporter of the mulatto wraith we live with here in usa, but how about your PM? From what I've read (and that's all the evidence I have); she's a hater of freedom, men, and life in general. A zionist, NWO puppet who is bad as most.
Visible; is Merkel any better?
I think we'd be better off with female leadership, if they weren't the vulgar dykes that we've seen so far. Golda Meir, Thatcher, Albright,etc. Hitlery? Are they any different than our male puppets? Just saying...
Be well all, Rob

Rob in WI said...

Sorry to intrude again, but am on a rainy Sat. nite roll.
Why don't puppets give a sh*t?
Ask Pinocchio; he will tell you; puppets ain't capable of it.
G'night, Rob

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Virtue, Integrity ...and What we Get.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

An Ignorance and Denial too Vast to Measure.



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