Saturday, March 01, 2014

Meet the New Strange, not the Same as the Old Strange.

I am going to be giving a metaphysical talk with some demonstration of techniques and a short musical performance on March 16th in Zurich at a hall. Please email me or comment if you are coming so we have an idea of scale. Thank you to those of you who have already responded.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Strange is coming. It’s coming in all the colors of the day-glo, rainbow oil slick, reflecting the stars in the gutter murk. It’s coming in coprophagial splendor; shrink wrapped at the packing house. It’s got a baseball bat and it’s looking for the usual Strange that obviously can’t hack it anymore and is holding back progress, as well as not generating enough business. The New Strange has a greater amount of Bizarre. It’s got built in frottage for the heteroclite; a little something for all the windup dolls who’s run short on full immersion strange that can’t keep their interest going for longer than a Twitter Tweet. This is important as the logical conclusion for these sensation junkies is suicide and the Morlocks in the backroom hate to lose that kind of personnel. Thin the ranks too much and Lemming Soup turns into dishwater broth. Then it gets harder for all the others to believe in what does not exist and the cash registers go ♫ching ka-ching ka-ching ka-ching♫ Dead Janis sings ♫You know you got it if it makes you feel good♫ Yeah, it makes you feel good like Scatter in Superfly taking a last ride in his Rolls but the wheels aren't moving.

Strange is coming and there’s all kinds of strange. Strange is ushering in a new performance art population who are getting their kicks on Route 666. Strange is the handmaiden of materialism, where you get Hecate as a fairy godmother. Glenda the Good Witch is on a forced sabbatical and so it seems are many of the usually dependable Munchkins. I’m guessing they got snatched by the government approved, sex trafficking squads for the kinky set. You know what they say about the difference between normal and kinky? Normal is when you use a feather and kinky is when you use the whole chicken.

The New Strange is pimp-rolling down the avenues while the old strange, last I saw, was on a stretcher headed for the ER. He had a lot of purple contusions. It looked like someone might have worked him over with a baseball bat. The authorities were notified and speedily responded, breaking down the door to a home in the neighborhood and tasering an entire family into submission. Their excuse was that it happened on the sidewalk near their house and supporting evidence said that one of the kids in the house had been wearing a baseball cap earlier in the day. You can see how smart police work resulted in the action taken.

The New Strange is into politics and entertainment, heavy on the entertainment. If it were makeup you would be looking at a Kabuki dancer. Of course, that Kabuki dancer would be a guy wearing chromium steel chaps and no pants, kinda like a Chippendale Dancer by way of a cowboy leather bar. You can catch the video down at your local kindergarten during Gender Identity Studies. Like they say, ‘get a child when he’s young and you can turn him into dung’. That’s the motto of Tribe sponsored reverse alchemy and it’s coming through every dark venue that they took control of through ghost money that they were able to print for the purpose and which is called counterfeiting when the competition engages in it.

This ghost money makes starting wars that you don’t personally fight in a very profitable business and that is what bankers do, especially Central Bankers. This is why there is ONLY ONE WAR that is worth fighting and that is a war against bankers. The bankers have to be seen as literal vampires, or the monster in the castle. Giles de Rais didn't have nothing on them. The proper outrage in the heart of the public must be directed at the proper target and that is not goat herders in Afghanistan, camel jockeys in Libya or rotating tin duck targets at the carnival in Iraq. It was not Saddam who needed to be hung, it was Paul Bremer. It’s not Bin Laden who needed to be gunned down half a dozen times after he was already dead; it’s Henry Kissinger, who is a member of the undead. It was not Muammar Gaddafi who deserved what happened to him, it’s Hillary Clinton. It’s Hillary and Billy Bob to whom nothing has happened, except regular advancement up the Satanic ladder, which appears to be going up, due to an optical illusion.

They have intensified the game of late. One can feel it in the atmosphere. The complete perversion of the culture is in progress. They have been told that if they do their job, as they have been directed to, that Hell will rise on Earth and they will be rulers there, believing in that Miltonian quote; “better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.” Oh yeah! Paradise Lost! As we should know by now, Paradise is a state of mind and that is why they mess with your mind to deny it to you. It’s the same way they mess with your mind in early days in order to control you. This is why they are so big on historical fantasies because those who control the past can control the perception of the present. From that point they can endlessly distract you and manipulate you by creating animosity targets for your anger and fabricated FX specters for your fear.

How do you sidewinder around this? You take control of your mind and you practice Broad Daylight Awareness. You take control of your mind by evicting squatters and illegal immigrants from below the waterline. You evict them and all their arguments for residency by evicting everyone right from the gitgo. You persist until emptiness arrives and then you petition the authentic ruler to take residence, along the lines of perseverance furthers. Perseverance can be quickly effective if commitment is total. A lack of full commitment is the only drag on the time factor; “success is speedy for the energetic”.

Broad Daylight Awareness provides you with the needed objective view; things as they are and not what they appear. This is achieved by putting aside all personal preferences and prejudices for the purpose of observable truths. This is not as difficult as it might seem. If you have achieved the state of knowing you do not know, then the one who does know can know within. The one within can know, when the crowd of former residents and their chattering annoyances have been expelled. It is simplicity itself. There is no need to attack each separate concern, not when you unequivocally eliminate everything AND what is true will stay with you.

Let me give my interpretation of Jihad. It’s nothing to do with any kind of external holy war. It is an internal application of spiritual fire to every cell of one’s being. Kundalini fire can accomplish this and invoking the cosmic cleanser can do the same, in the process of applied austerities and consistency of practice. All these things are inevitabilities for those who are capable of full commitment. Yet... what possible good can come by playing at something, going through the motions of empty rituals, while sleepwalking through Tamasic dogmas? Not much... The direct route is always best but any positive route that is followed without cease will lead to that place of peace, if you are carrying it with you.

Remember, all these players are unconscious actors, performing in limited roles and their influence is only as great as your belief in their authority. Any power they may have over you is only what you have granted them. It takes a strong and disciplined mind to see things as they are. It takes very little to see things are they are presented to be. One cannot afford to be lazy when the price is so much greater than mere life and death. There is but one useful and valuable occupation and that is to be a seeker after the will of the divine, a lover of the divine, a servant of the divine. Everything else is a waste of time or worse. This does not mean you don’t have a job or take care of the responsibilities that your Karma has conferred upon you. You simply, continuously, inform yourself that what you are actually doing is seeking, loving and serving the ineffable, regardless of appearances otherwise.

End Transmission......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Lemmings do NOT follow each other over a cliff. That myth was started by a murder of lemmings of unknown number in a fake nature documentary by Disney, (which is a bunch of mind control crap) where said lemmings were basically hurled into the water.


Isn't it time we killed this myth? It's people who act like this,not lemmings. Let's not insult the intelligence of rodents.

Anonymous said...

A little joke to start the morning here...

Q) What's a scuba diver's favorite pie?

A) Lemming meringue.

insiam said...

You repeat the same thing over and over Visible :) Thing is i get it a little more each time. And I do believe that I now have the full picture. Thanks to your goodself ofcourse - and one othere.

The only thing now is having the discipline.

PS I feel that since you moved away from WRH your message has become a lot clearer. Or maybe that's just me ..... :)

Thing is once the understanding is realized it can't be unrealized. As you well know.

Thank you :)

Ray B. said...

John, March 01, 2014 2:00:00 AM (last Petri Dish)

"Ray B. - as a fellow engineer, you might consider signing the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth petition."

Already there (grin). I signed up for it several years ago, when I had my own 'awakening'. It seemed like the right thing to do. My personal path, though, is somewhat different than that organization. To use a rather dense metaphor, I believe that whacking a snake repeatedly around the tail is not going to kill it. Go for the head. That is also my engineering judgment: Don't try to fix the symptoms; contemplate until you understand the cause, and then go for that...
Back on the effects of consciousness for a moment:

John: "One big difference between Hugh Everett's idea and this one is that the observer in the Many Worlds is 'stationary' as he collapses the wave functions. With each collapse, the universe divides. With Barbour, the only thing that 'moves' in the universe is the observer. The wave function collapses amount to the observer deciding to take one filmstrip path or another one."

I suspect that this difference is similar to the early days of Quantum Mechanics. Heisenberg had just introduced matrix mechanics as one theoretical solution. Then, Schroedinger, I believe, came up with an alternate but still-correct solution. Finally, Paul Dirac originated a more-inclusive theory, from which both Heisenberg's and Schroedinger's theories fell out naturally. I believe we are in a similar early phase.
John: "The metaphysical interpretation of Barbour's ideas are not without problems. How do 'individual' consciousnesses relate to one another for example?"

Yes, I saw that his theory was 1-D in terms of consciousness (one observer, so to speak). Forms that were multi-D would be exotic at least. How does one describe infinity in finite terms?


Finally, I wanted to broach a subject that is a serious quandary for me. I may take bad for it here, but so be it.

My studies on the Anunnaki (sorry, Vis) have shown that they were here prior to humanity's formation and down through our 'formative' period. Thus, any and all 'religious teachings' or 'ancient wisdom' that came out of cultures ruled or administered by them may not be 'neutral' or 'unbiased'. They obviously wanted us to be accepting of 'God's will' (actually, at that time it was 'gods' will') and passive acceptance of authority was a given. No independent thinking or wild-card solutions allowed. So, how much of our 'ancient wisdom' is true, unbiased, straight-from-Source knowledge? (I would include the "Vedas" in this, since they were straight from Inanna's domain.) Personally, outside of straight inner-work, I might consider shamanistic or nature-based (including Devic) literature as closest to being truly uncontaminated by Anunnaki 'memes'. All others are 'suspect' to me.

To be clear, I am not throwing the baby out with the bath water. Much may be true in the ancient wisdom. However, I am not giving ancient wisdom a pass, simply because it came down from antiquity and is culturally-accepted. I know where at least some of 'ancient antiquity' came from...

(In the "Dune" series of SF novels by Frank Herbert, a major player was the 'Bene Gesserit' order. Acolytes of their order were sent down as 'holy women' to promising planets to 'seed' Bene Gesserit ways of thinking in the native culture. Hundreds of years later, Bene Gesserit political operatives made formal contact and found 'prepared ground' for their takeover of the no-longer-native culture.)

Let the bashing begin...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Glenn Dormer said...

Good post Mr. Vis.

The first third was especially funny.


Anonymous said...

Ray B.

Regarding 9/11 Truth, I agree. The signatures will never result in a real investigation. Of course we already know who the terrorists are, and they’re certainly not going to investigate either themselves or their masters who walk among us. Signing may perhaps cause a few others to wake up, however. For example, last summer I had a discussion about 9/11 with a relative. At some point, he said, “The only ones claiming that there’s a conspiracy are non-technical wackos. If there were any difficulties with the official version, there’d be all kinds of professionals talking about it.” (My relative’s only source of information is the corporate media and the New York Times.) Fortunately we had a computer handy, so I showed him the 2,000 or so signatures of licensed professionals. Naturally he’d never heard of the petition and was somewhat taken aback by it.

You are right, so far, the Opponents who walk among us have chosen the field of deceit for their battles. However if the war is to be won, it will be on the field of truth. Somehow we must move into truth, and then it will prevail. The only way I can imagine that is through people waking up.

"I suspect that this difference is similar to the early days of Quantum Mechanics. Heisenberg had just introduced matrix mechanics as one theoretical solution. Then, Schroedinger, I believe, came up with an alternate but still-correct solution. Finally, Paul Dirac originated a more-inclusive theory, from which both Heisenberg's and Schroedinger's theories fell out naturally. I believe we are in a similar early phase."

Early days for sure. The Many Worlds interpretation, with its ever-expanding parallel universes seemed pretty lavish to me. Barbour’s universe is at least fixed, albeit huge, but the main appeal to me is it affords us the ability to create our own reality instead of being simply thrust into one. It also deals nicely with many metaphysical matters. You want to label John Doe “bad?” Do so if you wish, but there is another John Doe, close by, who looks identical physically, only his brain is configured differently – he behaves differently, so he’s “good.” You are the one who chooses the filmstrip path and you are the one who chooses the “good” or “bad” person with whom to interact.

"Yes, I saw that his theory was 1-D in terms of consciousness (one observer, so to speak). Forms that were multi-D would be exotic at least. How does one describe infinity in finite terms?"

Well, could there not be many consciousnesses navigating the filmstrips simultaneously? And could it be that enlightenment involves different consciousnesses merging or some such thing, becoming aware of a deep connection with others?

"Finally, I wanted to broach a subject that is a serious quandary for me. I may take bad for it here, but so be it."

I’d like to think that on this website, we should be able to introduce almost any idea, as long as it’s not frivolous. Vis does that routinely. At least you’ll not get any flak from me.

"My studies on the Anunnaki (sorry, Vis) have shown that they were here prior to humanity's formation and down through our 'formative' period…"

Wow, I’m really out of touch here. I had to look up the meaning of “Anunnaki.” I’ll have to look more into this.


Anonymous said...

Ray B.

"To be clear, I am not throwing the baby out with the bath water. Much may be true in the ancient wisdom. However, I am not giving ancient wisdom a pass, simply because it came down from antiquity and is culturally-accepted. I know where at least some of 'ancient antiquity' came from..."

That I certainly agree with. I’ve always found it interesting that generally, in the world of science, the most recent ideas are considered the most valid, whereas in religion, the most ancient ideas are considered the most valid. I used to wonder why Christians included the Old Testament, most of which seems pretty barbaric. Why not just use the New Testament, which is where all the decent action is? Well, I think the Old Testament is in there only to validate the New Testament, through the fulfillment of prophesy.
To grow, one must have a foundation. How that arises, I don’t know. For me, it always seemed to be there, a ‘bootstrap loader’ of sorts – a nascent worldview. When I hear about something that seems to resonate with that, I seek to incorporate it. If I see the same concept from completely different sources, it becomes more compelling.

"Let the bashing begin..."

Why should there be bashing?


Anonymous said...

*Zurich* Visible, Ray B, et al:

Eric here, where ever that may BE in your mind. I'd personally prefer the 'Heart' but can such an organ actually perceive? Can one's (ones'?)
perspective originate within a so-termed mindless pump?

Haven't spoken -played?!- with you in a while, 'more-is-Les' but have been compelled by several recent promptings, so 'felt' (not thought) i'd chime in, hopefully from 'emptiness' itself. (no plural here)

Visible, dear Brother ... first a question: Has your enlightenment become lost in anger? In loss itself, of some loss? As i read your sharings, you compulsions to ever-screed on the 'sun-tribe' it is the vibe i get. Riff toting demonstrator, you ;-)

"The New Strange ..." remains firmly of the 'mind', no stranger than fiction, no stranger than last year, or that of the year before. Or perhaps even before ...

... and yes, i too, have walked this valley of death ..

However: "New Strange" to this connected heart string of consciousness, my Brother of Light, would BE some*ting like:

"LV forgives the Tribe, and realizes they MADE full consciousness MANDATORY, by taking no prisoners, and leaving no stone unturned."

I dreamed once, post kundalini containment, of a large rolling stone wheel, which came upon a pebble in It's path, which in turn, chipped off a significant portion of same large stone wheel. And in destruction of same, the small obstructing pebble caused release of that which was quietly contained in the once formidable vessel. From within, stars and galaxies erupted forth.

I will leave it to our mutually ever connecting neurons as to whether this symbolized freedom of, or from the mind. Personally, the 'ripples' of said pebble vibrate (in, from, to?) my heart into this day. Anger be damned. It served its purpose.

Ray B: Salutations!

My now soon to BE ex-wife "Rae Blu" - politically and spiritually incompatible (her words) is also so brilliant. Glancing through your words here today, the thought sprang up that your 'handle' could have easily been her's, incognito.

And would it matter either way?

I am offering this up intentionally in context: ... think Schrodinger's Cat can speak from the box ...
in furthering and encouraging your pursuit of understanding of metaphysics ... and my present theme here:
The Heart.

The Annuniki, (IF Stichens can BE believed ... cia psyop master he was) are portrayed ever bit as 'heartless' as the zio-tribe themselves. I admire your caution to the 'originality and purity' of even the Vedas. As our host would say, perhaps they too, designed as demon*stration, no doubt.

Why did Siva decapitate Genesha, our now seasoned, and well taught 'gate-keeper'?

What would the accidental prodigal son have left to finally fully admire his The Father, another mere child, now headless?

A heart? His Heart? I'm all ears ...

Lets rewrite the scrolls ...

When "The Less" becomes Visible, when mind 'disciplined and empty' finally admits surrender, what is it that still beats, sends out 'ripples', and finally connects us all in stillness?

~No Mind Contains Love.~

Gurdjieff commented somehow that the 'mind' had been altered and 'contained' some time back. Perhaps a blessing.

Personally, I am not sure that beating the heartless with compromised minds makes much sense these days. That would be 'Their Game'. These "Hunger Games" now showing everywhere.

(cont ... my character count said 3,096 ... hmmmm)

Anonymous said...

cont ...

Visible, Rae Blu, Ray B, et al, this wee pebble and half-doomed Cat says: We connect through our mutual heart. Leave the parlor tricks to those so amused, and walk outside and realize what was always already there.

It's all talk, elephant talk, we free ourselves by walking away.

A vast and endlessly dimensioned network connected *souly* by Love, beating resoundly, finally forever untethered and free.

After all, Genesha died for our errant thoughts, why should we?

oh, and we should, someday, rock right on, Dear Brother Visible.

That thought, makes my Heart sing.

~Eric Laing
sirius dog star

est said...

now there's bashing ?
this commenting is getting to be a little dangerous ha

in my world there is a corner that i regard with wonder as i see three dimensions, right in front of me knowing full well the fourth is time
[what's the fifth ?]

tunes is what gets me
through the day
and all night long
wmud > vermont

Anonymous said...


Many thanks. Perfect synchronicity for me. I really needed this lesson.


Visible said...

Solar ego boy; looking to stir shit in the snarkiest fashion. Demeaning others and then trying to elevate your own dime store philosophy isn't needed or useful here. Do you read what you post before you do it?

There's no telling who you are or what the extended intent here is but 'what' is not in question.

Visible said...

I'm thinking this is the same one with the dandelion fetish.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

If you Do Not Seek, you Will Not Find.

David V said...

To Ray B:

No bashing from me. I think it's healthy to take a premise or something that you suspect to be true, and explore the ramifications of it. To see where it goes. Either it will make more sense or start to explain some things as you go, or else it will start to fall apart. Either way, you haven't lost anything in the process.

I agree with John that you have to start from a base of some kind, and then build on it as new things come along and seem to fit. My analogy has been that of assembling a Chinese puzzle. You start with one or more pieces that you're pretty sure of where they belong, then add each new piece, no matter how strange or "unfit" it initially looks, and see if a shape is starting to emerge.

My journey of discovery about The Tribe has been like that. I suspected that they comprised the Great Whore of Babylon, long before I could prove anything. All I had to go on was that the northern and southern kingdoms are defined as two whores (Ohola and Oholiba) in the OT. As more and more new (to me) information came along to fill the gaps, I became more and more sure of it. Each new discovery led to several more, like a chain reaction or a snowball rolling downhill. Finally it came in such floods that there was no question about it.

I have always thought that the various "myths" and legends about the gods, coming from all the different races and cultures of Earth, originated from a common ancestry. The Greek tales of Mt. Olympus and the gods siring human offspring...Isn't that about the same thing as what is described in Genesis and the book of Enoch? David Icke is laughed at for talking about shape-shifting reptilians from the lower fourth dimension. But isn't he describing what others call demons or fallen angels?

If you believe, as I do, that history -- especially including modern history -- can't be explained and doesn't make sense without including an account of ongoing intervention by supernatural beings and forces, then the angels and demons surely must be here in force, and have been here all along. Are they the same thing as, or related to, the Annunaki? I don't know.

As for Sitchin being CIA, I hadn't heard that one. My take is that everyone bashes everyone else who disagrees with their pet theories, as being CIA or tribal shills or something. All I can say is I don't have it all figured out, but my Chinese puzzle continues to take shape.

Anyway, no bashing from here.


Ray B. said...

Vis: "...mere life and death."

Great turn of phrase! Would make an excellent book title.


siriusblu, March 02, 2014 9:43:00 AM

"...and realizes [the Tribe] MADE full consciousness MANDATORY, by taking no prisoners, and leaving no stone unturned."

This sounds remarkably like the discourse by 'Hidden Hand' at AboveTopSecret, I believe, around 2009. He purported to be part of the 'Adversary' side, and put a positive metaphysical spin on all the carnage promulgated by them. Any relation to him?


John, David V, et al:

Thanks for your kind replies. I feared a tsunami, because I could be messing with some 'fixed positions' (foundations, as it were). Also agree with the 'Chinese puzzle' aspects.

Oh, and thanks to Eudoxia; I have started to read "The Shining Ones" by the O'Brien duo as you recommended. As of p.55, it looks quite interesting as a Sitchin-alternative Sumerian translation. We'll see; it is a huge tome. (In 1936, the male half was literally standing on a Mesopotamian 'tell' [semi-buried city mound] before it was unearthed and named as an important Sumerian city. Cool!)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I see the troops mustering, like in a dream..


Eudoxia said...

Ray B - I'll be looking forward to some more conversions with you as you get further in.

David V - I hadn't heard of Sitchen being CIA either although Zio yes. I will say this though he painted a rather fanciful tale in his novels.

I try not to judge anything, or accept or reject anything. I tend to remain aware of information. At some point something will come a long that will either verify it or discredit it. In saying that
I do have a rather astute bullshit radar.

On the subject of bullshit radars mine is off the chart completely in regard to Western MSM reporting on Ukraine. This could well be the event that actually wakes up a lot of people and Obongo is just going to do more damage to himself. If the whole world doesn't see the hypocricy of this lunatic's (including Kerry) rantings then I doubt they ever will. How obvious and in your face can it get???? Mr Apocalypse's walking stick is out and twirling rapidly :-

est said...

the cia is fbi'n
fly'in drugs in

domestic spy'in
bush is lie'in

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Pop Tart Philosophers and Wallaby's in Camouflage.



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