Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sun Baked Mudpies. It's What's for Dinner in Haiti.

Join the good fight against Talmudic Anti-Gentilism, Russian Holocaust Denial and all those others that were done by the same people. Experience true Political Correctness.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The present is the place where the past and the future conspire to conceal it. They hide it well. Most never see it and when they do it is in childhood. Childhood is that dreaming place where the exercise of hope and faith are unnecessary, for they are already perfected in the moment. After that the world divides and you begin to feed upon yourself, until only a burned out husk remains. Ah, if only one could corral desire before it imprisons them. That's the ticket. Then you can actually enjoy whatever it is you're getting up to in the now, as opposed to living your life in either hindsight or projection. It is possible to do things in a dream and believe you have accomplished them. The irony is that even in their waking state, most people are dreaming and that is why they take it amiss when you disturb them.

Without the dream there is no profusion of colors or objects extended from the mind. In the dream, the mind becomes a playground and unfortunately, these days, there are razor blades on the jungle jim. Sometimes the dream is pleasant. In these days it all too often turns to nightmare.

Do you remember the politicians and musicians who went to Haiti after the earthquake? The ever fickle attention of the public mind, manipulated by the Zionist press, moves on to the next profitable disaster and what is it that they leave behind? This is what they leave behind. In the west we have problems of a different kind, although food shortages are on the menu (hmmm. That doesn't sound right).

Far away from the public mind of the west are vast areas of darkness, made as such by the greed of corporations. Because a corporation has no soul and because those who work for corporations, very often sell their soul for financial gain and the right to continue at these obscene practices is rubber stamped by the Zionist controlled U.N., which works the duplicity angle by giving lip service to condemnation of these things and tacit backdoor approval to continue at the same time. We know about the U.N's complicity in human trafficking. Yes... the Satanic United Nations has a lot to answer for.

Again and again, the question rises upon the mindscreen, "Why? Why?" Over and over, the mind wrestles with the enduring continuance of all the despicable acts performed by the very people responsible for protecting the people from those very things. It is all proof positive of this Biblical phrase, "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour." In disrespect of these fiends, let us address how it is that they come into the positions they occupy. Pedophiles seek out positions where they can exercise their tastes. Sadists seek out placement in the military and the police forces to exercise their tastes. As their souls are brutalized into quiescence by horrific behavior on the battlefield and as their own humanity rebels against them internally; creating the right psychological profile for further abuses in other professions.

There is something that needs to be understood and it explains much of why the world is as it is in these times. The illegal state of Israel was founded as a base for the operation of a world wide Satanic Empire. Satan's agents, the central banking consortium of Rothschild who are practicing Satanists, were deeply involved in the founding of this nation, just as they were deeply involved in the events that led up to it happening and then you get The Stern Gang and The Irgun and all those poisoned Palestinian wells, which the Zionists purloined as context for their own complaints, which is standard SOP for these people. They cry out in pain when they strike you. They arrange acts of aggression against themselves in order to justify gratuitous violence against a poorly armed populace. The ultimate strategy for the ultimate oppressor is to create a perpetuating victimhood. It becomes a religion. Any fool can't see this but some of us can.

Those of us living in potential danger zones should also be aware that they are there. I'm getting a bit of a vibe about Kalifornia. I don't want to be an alarmist. Then there was that mudslide in Washington State; speaking of which (and we were)... they are hammering on about donations for the mudslide victims. Since nearly all of the victims were in their houses; who are they getting donations for? It is interesting to note that it is not immediately easy to find the number of survivors. I saw where it says, "only 8 more survivors were found". Does that mean there were 9? Hmmm... I don't trust charities. They are money mills for ghouls. Speaking of charity corruptions and mealy mouthed, non informational articles (which we weren't), in Haiti, 9 billion dollars went ostensibly to Haiti and only 600 million made it through to the people.
they don't name or identify who got the rest of the money. It's a slick bit of calculated avoidance. The graph on the page shows, 9.04 billion dollars was collected and somehow, with creative math, they figured out that 11% (or so) of the donated money reached people. How can 600 million be 11% of the total when 600 million is is 10% of 6 billion? You know, this math reminds me of another creative mathematical exercise some decades ago, which has resulted in far many more billions for what?

As has been stated any number of times, corruption is epidemic throughout those organizations presumably devoted to controlling corruption. Nothing says it better than this. I pray that Kalifornia not get hit with what is inevitable at some point. Because, if it should, imagine the quality of the response.

One thing that hasn't happened yet but which is upcoming, is mobs looting rich neighborhoods, once the standard of living has fallen to unacceptable levels of desperation. In Lisbon several years ago, some hundreds of poor people came out of nowhere and stormed the beaches, stealing valuables and cash from the sunbathers. This is something you can anticipate in America and gated communities with armed guards are going to be next to useless at the hands of enraged mobs. When have they ever been able to contain these things? Also, given the lack of integrity among the politicians and police, their will shall dissolve. As Lao Tzu says, something like, "Those who do not fear death (since their living conditions equate to that) are far more capable of survival than those who are too fat to dare to die."

It's all been a long time coming and some are being kept alive in their evil dotage in order to see the degree of their iniquity. As has been generously stated, time and time again, this long excruciating life tale, is orchestrated, both by time and event, to a specific end. It is long in duration as a test of faith. It is long as a test of faith ...and so that there can be and will be no doubt about where anyone was coming from, or where they were headed. As for the latter, we shall all get there, wherever it was that we were headed and regardless of whether we knew that was the place or not.

Here's a little something that should shock the shit out of you, children in school are no longer being taught to write in 40 states in the US. Did you know about this? Does this make any kind of functional sense whatsoever?

I had a most remarkable meditation this morning. For the first time, I could clearly hear who was speaking to me (outside of psychedelic states) and it was attended by vague imagery and I was informed that this too would clear in time. You know how it can be when you're not sure if someone is talking to you or not? Like it could just be your mind fabricating it?... or some lower entity but... lower entities are proof of higher entities and I'm secure in the knowledge of the quality of the information I get. Anyway, I got the most remarkable encouragement this morning and one of the highlights was an unmistakable assurance that if I just kept on as I am doing there was and is nothing that can keep me from my objective, which is to dwell in the presence of the divine. Indeed, I was informed that I already had that to a small degree.

I was also told that I should realize just how many readers there are out there and that a high percentage rely on me for what is produced here and I should take that into account. It was an interesting thing to say to me because you would think I was aware of that to some degree but even as I was being told, I realized that I don't think much about that, I just do what I do. I always thought that thinking about that could be a sop to vanity and other undesirable qualities that I actively dislike; vanity being one of the chief offenders, especially because there is no upside to it. You gain nothing useful by being vain. If you are in this particular area of employment you can even compromise the quality of your information by being vulnerable to it. This is one of the reasons that monks, yogis and other perform austerities.

I used to think that it was somewhat unfair that I should have certain talents and have to live on such a small margin; hardly enough to survive on, unless you are creative (and I am- grin). I thought I should be asked to speak at places and have a wider reach with my work. Was I not working hard enough? Was I not good enough, especially when I can speak off the cuff without notes? Now, I know, I was being protected and I have been told that is the case. I was told a lot of things and it was a true comfort. Nothing and I mean nothing beats contact with the divine. I was laying there and thinking, "Man! if people only knew what was available to them they would push on with all enthusiasm to this end." How can there be anything in the world to rival this? There is not. I've had a sampling of the world, topside to bottom and I can unequivocally state that nothing comes close to this. The sense of well being is not to be described. Every area of one's being that is tied into one's optimism is flush with power. Negative energies and entities cannot approach. Nothing inimical can approach. There you are, in contact with agents of the all powerful, for whom nothing is impossible, whose reach encompasses the known and unknown universe, who cannot be measured or comprehended and... who is right there, WHO IS RIGHT THERE! I can't grasp the enormity of it. My mind isn't equipped to process this yet and I was told that I am kept at a certain level for particular reasons but... those reasons are soon to be nil and not only for just me.

It all comes down to awareness; what we are capable of being aware of. Never assume that your efforts go unacknowledged. The moment you set out on this course you are monitored. You are monitored even previous to that. Is your faith strong enough? Is there an intention to make it strong enough? I was told in no uncertain terms and in a most convincing manner that those who persist and persevere will win to glory (as Christians like to say). There is a difference in one's assurance at different points. We are able to contain as much as we will empty ourselves to receive.


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insiam said...

'We are able to contain as much as we will empty ourselves to receive. Strive!'

You are the second person to have explained that to me as the bottom line in the past 24 hours :)

forever grateful


Visible said...

I noted your comment at Mirrors after I had written today's Petri Dish; quite a synchronicity.

Anonymous said...

In my self-imposed isolation, it's become obvious to me how easily I'm trolled. Serendipitously, I've been studying capacitance and inductance and how those influence the phase of frequency, one way or the other.

Even if it's just a few unnoticeable degrees, it's powerfully fortune changing. Of course, those circuits are designed for a specific purpose.

Their job is easy. All they have to do is troll it one way or another, by a degree or two, to make it miss the mark and get worse exponentially. A person could spend a month making a gallon of perfume, and all they have to do is come along and drop a fly in it. It took me 10 chapters to see that it is all ONE. If there is a troll in your midst, you will be trolled. The only defense against it, that I can see, is perfect faith. And the wisdom to spot it.

There's an accounting of energy that has to be settled, though. Pressure is in oppression. They've unnoticeably compressed our springs and are toiling to hold them in that compressed state. They've made slaves of themselves. The energy that may have taken 25 or 100 years to compress this spring, can be unleashed in a miniscule fraction of that time. Methinks they've dug their own graves with their checkbooks.

Interesting times, for sure. Don't be trolled into believing "things will continue as they always have". As in the days of Noah... the Nephillim were also making freaks of nature with cross breeding. Got monsanto?

Anonymous said...

Who would place that "tasty snacks" advert in that first link?

insiam said...

It doesn't quite work like that Bryan. The adds you may see are according to how the 'system' may see your preferences through your past web history. So some people may see an add for holidays, some tasty snacks. Think 'minority report.'

Fancy a nice 'cold guinness' ....

Hope that helps :)

Visible said...

Then again, (grin)

Chinese Sneakers said...

Maybe we all should say it more often.

i myself find i just start taking the brilliance for granted, expecting it to show up on the screen three or four times a week, like it's nothing at all. While there are reams of hacks who rake in six and seven figure salaries and never even come close to what you do on a single day.

So let me spell it out:

A good lot of what you've written over these last few years will be read for generations to come. You have produced countless phrases and many whole pieces that are unparalleled in the English language.

Fame or fortune would've ruined all that in no time.

Sorry that you have to worry at all about where you're going to live; but we all know that this challenge will only make you even stronger and better.

And surely you will have your just desserts when the time is right.

I, for one, am continuously blown away and truly appreciate all you do around (t)here.

God speed, Bro.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Vis
Thanks for another inspiring post. Being a computer tech has made it easier for me to relate to people. Now if only the creator would show me the delete key or give me the format command I think I could be of better service. Its hard to add to the cup when it is full and almost impossible to get through the back door of the programmed belief system. Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Adblock plus...very handy app (-_-)
No more 'Tasty snacks'


Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Even though from a member of the tribe, the poetry, ahhh the poetry.... Another expression from Heart ....


Be well, be Alert

Anonymous said...

Just want to let you know re the vanity issue Vis I see you as a humble servant...ponder the effect of your blogs on your readers, then ask how many of them pass your work on to those we believe are open to the information. I know that I do, carefully & with discernment from the Ineffable.
I'm very happy to know that meditations are blossoming all round. Such happy news!
I also live very close to the bone and work daily on the resentment I have towards those who make it so hard to live healthily despite a screwed up water/food supply,the necessity of getting minerals in supplement form rather than from food except what I can grow myself,etc. All in Good Time is the answer I get, over and over.
Be blessed Vis and all here. We are many more than any of us realize.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

I posted a comment today in the comments section following an article posted on titled 'Demonic Forces Behind the Elite' that I think relates to what you wrote, here's what I posted:

Scripture reveals that Satan gives power to people of his choosing (Luke 4:6). Most people never read the Bible and therefore haven't a clue about stuff like this. The 19th century French philosopher Ernest Renan said that the book of Luke is the most beautiful book that has ever been written, but most people have never read it and never will. 

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

"I pray that Kalifornia not get hit with what is inevitable at some point."


(Love that song.)

We live up the hill from a fault, and if it goes off big time I'm gonna be doing a Wile E. Coyote impersonation after a slab of whatever fell on him. I dream of that day, so DON'T MESS UP MY ATTEMPT AT REALITY CREATION! Yeah, yeah, yeah, 'HEY! I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO BE NUKED?!"

Well, what ever. Ground zero at either option works for me.

Dreams. I've been having tons of them with me doing various puzzles or putting things together symbolising me putting the Universe back together again. I am powerless to do that in this Physical Reality, but at least I do try to wake my blog readers up to what's wrong with the place. I also had 2 dreams in a row, like I went back to it after I got up to do the bladder thang where I actually had a long conversation with my 'incubator' and forgave the worthless cunt, though I did wake up. That is NOT gonna happen in this life. IT'S TOO MUCH FUN TO HOLD MY PRESENT VIEW, AND I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I AM ACTUALLY GONNA LINK TO SOMETHING I'M NOT WIDELY KNOWN FOR THAT SHOWS THE READERS OF THE BLOG WHY, ASSUMING THAT IT WILL BE IRRELEVANT TO MY EXISTENCE THAT I DO POST THIS!:


I also play Schnoodles in this strictly studio, non-commercial, still non-profit cartoon band that is no more. My twin flame flat mate plays Steve, and engineered this work.


est said...

with your kind indulgence :
between you and i
don't worry about
anything at all

the way is being
prepared, before you
absolutely for certain

and when things
fall into place
you'll know for sure

there was no other path
there never was
no matter what we think

our maker has plans
if only we could be patient
and let them fall into place

it's the thrashing about
that hurts and just continues
until we stop and still ourselves

it was there the whole time
and always has been
it is we, that are not

but we know where to look
and how to pry open that door
to a treasure within, beyond measure
sent recently, to a dear friend

bigloner said...

The first time I set up a tradeshow was in Vegas. I thought for sure, of all the days of days, that that day, or within those few days, would be THE day....just because I was there. We all stayed at the MGM Grand after the fire. That day never came.

Walking down the strip, the cheesy Elvis honey....Let's have a Honeymoon in Vegas...guys handing out cards for private strippers....guys handing out tracts of Revelations...the table of all....good & & death...choose life.

Walk into the lobby...fat people in wheelchairs & oxygen bottles SMOKING CIGARETTES....WTF thinks an earlier post...seeing a bitch dog in heat...clipped by car...front leg busted in half & dangling by skin...swinging back & forth...while getting serviced good by the male dog...they cant help it...propelled by that they've decided not to control.

I'm getting on tan genitals here. Back to Kalifornia. Wishing evil on people is something I try do discipline myself not to do. BUT....when the cataclysm comes as it surely would be cool to see the angel of death passover the humble & righteous...they walk out of the mudslide just a little dirty, that's all. But the likes of these....will, I really should wish evil on anyone, just let the almighty sort it out.

Some day I may call upon you for a favor....and that day may never come...

I look at that Jarrett creature and can't resist thinking of the skit...she bimbo interviewer get bumpin & thumpin whilst PeeWee looks on, maybe if he's good there's a slight chance of'just a few sprinkles maybe'...

Ray B. said...

I actually hope California survives through the times to come. Regardless of it's faults, to me, California is a hope for the future. Let me explain...

When I travel through an area, I kind of 'feel' whether the energy is free or has crystallized out in some way. For instance, the Boston to New York area 'feels' like it crystallized out in revolutionary times. It then varies forward in time as you go west. The Los Angeles area crystallized out late, around the 1950s. The San Francisco area is kind of a patchwork. Unusual. The Seattle area still hasn't crystallized, though close.

Overall, California still has movement. Maybe, that's why neo-cons want it to fall into the sea. Jealousy at a deep level...

(And, I am not a California native or resident, for the record.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

So.,.. it's the neo cons who want California to go into the sea and the fault lines and assessments of all those scientists about the inevitability of this at some point are incidental to the occurrence?

Anonymous said...


Your observations regarding Kalifornication are spot on.

Meanwhile, Mr. Apocalypse tap dances on, with a little soft shoe number spotlighted on this cat:

This democratic senator from San Francisco is being accused of some very unsavory crimes such as gun running, and consorting with Chinatown gangsters.

The senator in question must've refused a favor called in by the Kosher syndicate, because lord knows that this arrest of the senator has fuck all to do with making a dent in political corruption.

Ray B. said...

Vis, I accidentally (via Mr. Apocalypse?) made a pun. "Regardless of it's faults" was meant consciously to be errors, stupidity, self-centeredness, etc. Not as in earthquake faults. Missed an opportunity there... (grin)

As far as earthquake submergence of CA, scientists worldwide have worked on how far land drops or rises in earthquakes. A hundred feet vertically would be an extraordinarily-large movement. Of course, we cannot rule out events like the "2012" movie, or Mr. Apocalypse stirring the pot.

As far as the neo-cons, I'm afraid I was reacting to comments I have heard over the years - starting in flower-power times - from people with dug-in views, around how CA should drop into the sea rather than jog those people's consciousness (or conscience?) about how things might change -> hopefully for the better. (Quite a run-on sentence!)

Incidentally, I was musing in the shower about what I call 'crystallization' of energy. I realized that what I was referring to was the old ley-line currents or dragon currents. The earth itself has a natural flow of these currents. I wrote here and here about some experiences I had with them. Ancient 'etheric engineers' knew all about this stuff and how to harness it for beneficial purposes. You can see/feel it in old megalithic places.

When a culture no longer has this 'vision', it lays out cities and such in ways that ultimately stagnate or sink-hole this current. Somehow, this translates into diminished capacity for change from that point on. I am not sure of the details, but I am pretty sure of the happening. (I sense that this 'calcification' may be one reason for BIG changes to 'start fresh'.)

(I believe that the ancient roots of Feng Shui go back ultimately into this 'etheric engineering' that I referred to above. When mixed in with a reverence for the Tao, it is a potent force for supporting higher states of consciousness...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

bigloner said...

Hello anons & various Visigoths & Vestule Vislandians,

The sfgate link is just one more 'It goes on Judah Ben Hur, It goes on...

I call to attention one scary looking dude, Sheldon Adelson. He's the perfect match for that munchkin Fed woman, whatshername, yeah Yellen. She could be like the cute hoody midget that slashes Donald Sutherland's throat in 'Don't look Now'. Oh, yeah, stay focused. Focus? What is Focus?

The Adelson Russian Mafia / Triad / Macau dude in the link here is out in Vegas inspecting the boys....Scott Walker, Baby Bush, Ted Cruz ( the guy with the shaved eyebrows that reminds me of Lee Harvey Oswald ), as Repugs to run against Hitlery Cliton.

Sheldon is old and kinda white, unlike POSPOTUS... don't want no mufa ole cracker, like no Lindsay Graham who don't know nuthin bout not speaking 'with your mouth full'.

I'm s-sorry...I-I d-dont want to come across as hateful.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Vis - this is off topic - meant for Ray B. I just saw this link at Zen Gardner - you might find it interesting:


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Kalipornia. Political HELL. Jerry Brown has turned into something that makes Ebola seem like a pleasant alternative, and will the state ever be free of that feinstein bitch? Overtaxed, over-regulated, over crowded, frustrating, noisy, filthy cities and towns, more idiots than people of outstanding intelligence, and you can't even have a raccoon as a pet under any circumstances. I speak for the Bay Area. The air is kind of vile, too. The weather is kind of nice, though I prefer wetter and colder. I'm one of those 'GIVE ME NIFLHEIM OR GIVE ME DEATH' types. We've been spare the summer heat waves, and winter this last year lasted for 11 days, and it came and went before the official Solstice. Last year, we didn't even have 40 days over 80°F/27°C, and only 6 of those were in the low 90°sF, as registered at the town weather station which is right by the water so it got warmer where we live, but still. Running around in jeans and T-shirt in January and never needing snow tires is alright by me.

On the other hand, If I'm stuck in the u.s., I'd rather live on the coast of Washington State. If I could be anywhere I wanted with no regards to finances, I'd live 6 months of the year in Ireland, coast of County Cork and 6 months of the year in New Zealand, Nelson area. Those 6 months would be fall and winter. But that's not gonna happen, so hey.

Ginnie said...

Banker death number 13! On a bicycle when it happened!

Busy day, Mr. A!

bigloner said...

Vis said:

It's all been a long time coming and some are being kept alive in their evil dotage in order to see the degree of their iniquity.

We all know of many. The most salient of the SOS is Kissinger Born when 1923? He's like pushing 92. Immigrates to NYC in 1938 ( good allegory - east coast hurricane of 1938 - whirlwind of demonical damage ).

Doesn't he go to like Columbia College / drafted / meets his 'mentor' Kramer / ends up in intelligence.

Post WW2 while still in the army sets up an intel fiefdom to liquidate & get rat out on German Intel POWs having any knowledge of HK status as double agent / other Bolshevik moles.

Direct competition in post war intelligence George C. Patton, doing opposite, getting info from SS thugs on who the Soviet moles are. GCP escapes asassination by Polish marked Spitfire who fails to pull up, crashes & burns trying to shoot up GCP's Piper Cub flying low around & thru the the trees.

Kissinger & Associates finally succeed in landing GCP in hospital where he's finished off with an embolism.

Moving along, he 'has Nixon open China'. Then Nobel 'Peace prize' Vietnam, a million dead & Monsanto'd. Thousands of POWs never freed because HK renigs on restitution agreement.

Chile. Allende. It goes on and on Judah Ben Hur....

Hey, how about Congressman Larry MacDonald & KAL 007? That's another one that didn't crash but got shot up for an emergency landing at Russian base north of Japan.

Larry MacDonald was George Patton's nephew. No doubt had a lot of letters & diary info that GCP sent to his wife while in service years back. LM was keeper of the flame. Like Malaise 307, the 007 survivors are collateral damage. MacDonald not doubt was extremely rendered.

Kissinger lives to this day...FOR A REASON.

I'm not into astrology, or should I say numerology, but what are the chances / permutations really & truly of this astounding craziness:

Go to yer average on-line Beast Calculator. You know, the Babylonian thing. If A=6, B=12, C=18, D=24...alright already I got, I got it! OK, then spell out:

Kissinger...Dave Axlerod....Rham Emmanuel....Ed Bernays....New York....Armonk NY....Verichip....( there are lots of others, in fact, they are legion ).

neil said...

Visable , i for one can atest to your influance , i come here most days just to see what is being posted and a lot of those days you or your words supply my being with continual sync winks ,and for that i am very grateful to you and the powers that work with you and through you , a simple thank you does not seem adaquate but at the moment it is all i have to offer, that may change and when it does you will know, for now stay safe and thanks to all for what you do, neil.

Ray B. said...

John, March 29, 2014 10:21:00 PM

Thank you for the link. I read it and all the comments. (The comments reminded me of ‘how many angels on the head of a pin’ arguments.)

The article writer’s summation was interesting: “Over time, over successive universes, the laws of physics have been evolving to the point where the conditions are just right to form not just black holes – the birthplaces of new universes – but also the building blocks of life, including us. In other words, time explains the apparent fluke that our Universe has just the right combination of conditions to allow our existence.” This is an astounding broadening of the ‘anthropic principle’. Smolin must have quite a mind.

As part of the above: Back before it became scientifically verboten, black holes came as ‘pairs’: black holes & white holes. The crushed matter at the singularity or near-singularity of the black hole exited as a ‘creation event’ - whether as a tunnel-out somewhere in our universe or to create a new universe. White holes were not sufficiently ‘death-oriented’ IMHO and so have been written out of orthodoxy.

Around time/no-time, I have had some interesting experiences. When I am in a certain meditative state, a quick ‘flickering’ of view is evident when my eyes are open. This is much faster than pulse or heartbeat, so is not related to that. A scientific type might explain this as catching my brain processing the imagery - the brain's ‘refresh rate’, so to speak.

I am not so sure, though. Another possibility might be watching Barbour’s static array of ‘nows’. From the article: “The sense of time passing comes from our minds processing each of these frames – or ‘time capsules’, as Barbour calls them.” An interesting possibility.

Or, a Vedic type might say it was me watching Brahma bringing the universe into existence every micro-second. (Not sure if it was Brahma; a long time since I read about this.)

Anyway, thanks for thinking of me... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...


I absolutely rely on you. It is awful to think that you are not rewarded properly for this, and yet, perhaps that is part of your talent, part of the brotherhood you provide.

♪'He will give me grace and glory / /
And go with me, with me, all the way"♪

Salvation is assured. If you have faith, you will surely stand before the Father in Paradise. You get to take your soul with you and your personality (by which you are recognized). You build your soul by making right decisions in mortal life. Even if you don't have faith here, you will be able to acquire it on the journey. If, however, you make wrong decisions, you may fail to build a soul and be extinguished. There is no hell. God is a nice guy and loves all his children and would NEVER burn them. He really wants everyone to succeed.

Thank you for bringing up the cursive issue.

I taught for many years and was put down for teaching cursive, real math, phonics reading, singing and dancing. TPTB were especially annoyed that my students did so much better than others. The curriculum they give you is either non-existent or total crap. U.S. public schools should be abandoned. They cannot be fixed. They administration, the unions and the parents all work against each other and are impossible to deal with. Instead of hiring teachers who do best on the National Teachers' Examination, they hire by race and nepotism. They like low-performing people who will not threaten TPTB.

One of the worst things about U.S. public schools is the mandate to place students of different capacities together in the classroom. Other countries do not do this. This guarantees that everyone will fail. The bright kids in the classroom are bored, the middle copy off the papers of the bright kids and the lowest are totally lost. No one can proceed at the proper pace.

The Wall Street Journal reported that 49 percent of U.S. is functionally illiterate. It is much higher actually, and most illiterate people DO NOT KNOW THEY ARE ILLITERATE. They know a stop sign says stop and think they can read. They don't bother to take the drivers test, which they would surely fail, and just drive anyway, endangering all. On and on. The dumbing down proceeds rapidly. The gap is astounding. The Jay Leno 'Jay Walking' thing is a great illustration of this.

Upper income people do not send their children to public schools. The brightest use home schooling, which the founding fathers endorsed and used themselves. The group with the highest percent getting into Harvard is home schoolers. Many Americans would not want to lose the free babysitting aspect of public school.

The statistics given for those with computer/internet access is bullshit. Most people do not have these things.

Their goal, of course, is to make us slow, non-functional, illiterate, helpless and powerless.

Cursive is four times faster than printing. Our founding documents are written in cursive (the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the BILL OF RIGHTS!). When no one can read cursive, TPTB will disappear these documents. They will disappear from textbooks as well. Of course, they have already disappeared most of our rights.

Calligraphy is high art and should be encouraged everywhere, as it is in parts of Asia.

God bless us each and every one.



Anonymous said...

Dear Vis,

My dear elf friend - the sweet creature who initiated me into the wonders o so many years ago, beneath a majestic redwood in St. Frisco's Golden Park, reminded me yesterday that the great day of the fool - the Profound Fool - is near upon us yet again. Your first paragraph echoes her inspired words, so I share them now with you and your discerning readers:


The Fool Profound, or Fool Divine,
I had it once and said, "it's mine."
Yet I mislaid my sense of play,
And merrily, it danced away.

Yet it comes back once more to me,
Dancing still more merrily.
And this time it comes multiplied -
Me, and many more beside.

All of us, we are the Fools,
Love and laughter are our tools.
Tears, of joy - and sadness too -
Heal the wounds in me and you.

When we were small the Sacred Way
Was trodden naturally, in play.
Yet we grew up, and as we grew,
We sadly lost the things we knew.

All that I have learnt thus far
Teaches me that I'm a star;
Teaches me that when I flow
In everything I do, I grow.

So may you never lose the Fool,
Or the Universal Rule:
Sacred and Profane are One.
Magic lives are now begun.

- Corrina Cop Rain McFarlane, elf

So this April 1, remember the Profound Fool!

SJ Palmer, elf, Esq.

Anonymous said...

Make that:

Corrina Cop Rain MacFarlane (she's Scottish), elf 1991

SJ Palmer

Rabbit said...

Les. I've often pondered my own state financially whereby I also think on balance I should have more to show than just getting by as I do after all my years doing what I do. I'm too mentally lazy to want to share with others on a public forum these days but we're coming from similar levels of awareness of and access to what seems to be. I personally find you confirmatory more than revelatory and your yin is to my yang and vice versa. More to the point I've been a productive person in the workforce. I've mostly been self employed over the decades and whether on the land, in the lab, workshop or engineering shop I've helped make several fortunes for others and most others would have made a fortune out of any number of situations I have been in. I have however never been able to do more than stay afloat, admittedly I've returned from apparent doom enough to be sanguine about hard times these days; but on balance I don't have anything except comfortable sustenance to show for it. Well I could go through the history and name reasons, and even a recurring one (which comes to to personal ethics) as to why I never seem to score the big ones. It occurs to me in a society/world so fucked up and perverse as the one we're currently engaged that even if good things can survive it is inevitable that they won't easily thrive. The pattern I see in my own life is one of survival, yes indeed protection I give all recognition to Allah who has guided and protected me when I have failed to heed His guidance. Thriving only to the extent that I do indeed survive against all odds. I'll swap that for the temporary comforts of thriving in this sewer. I know the sort of person it would take me to be if thriving in this sewer were to be the goal. You see I have this brother who took the other path.

Anonymous said...

Rabbit - It sounds like our stories are similar in one or two ways. I, too, have been responsible for others making lots of money, and it makes me feel foolish. Then I ask, 'Would I want to trade places with those I've enriched?' You know the answer, and it's always the same. More and more I feel blessed by having "comfortable sustenance" only. We have it wrong - there are two groups most deserving of our pity. Those at the bottom who are hungry and cold, and those at the top who are grasping and blind. We in the middle are the lucky ones.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#27--You really think we have TIME to worry about the cursive writing and Constitution going away? Will there even be a u.s. left in 2015? If there is, I doubt what's left of this country ore the world as it is will last 5 years. I don't see how the status quo can last to the end of this year from what I read in the news.

As for Kalipornia going into the water, Edgar Cayce saw that happening; and if it happens this year, see SOME of you on the Otherside.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Things You May See, they ain't Necessarily So

Visible said...

I never mentioned the Constitution and, I'm a permanent expat so whether Americans can read or write is of no real personal consequence to me. I just wondered if people were aware of it. Of course it makes no sense but neither does fistfucking.

Anonymous said...

Ray B - I read some of your previous comments you referenced above regarding energy lines.

Maybe you can help me with this:

I've always lived in the north, and often see aurora. One night during the maximum of solar cycle 22 (I did not even record the date) I saw a spectacular display. As you know, most aurora look something like slowly moving curtains in the north sky, usually green-blue, but sometimes red. (Due to different gasses being excited in the atmosphere.) This night, the aurora was moving very rapidly, fairly symmetrically, to a point directly overhead. It was so dramatic and unusual that I actually went inside to see if we were in the midst of a nuclear war. It would take something like a half second or so for a 'stream' of colour to translate from maybe 60 degrees above the horizon to 90 degrees (overhead). It was definitely aurora - the colours were right, and I have seen rapid movement occasionally, but never directly overhead. As you know, aurora results from charged particles following magnetic field lines to earth. But I live nowhere near the magnetic pole. It looked exactly as though I were standing directly in the neck of a funnel directing charged particles to my back yard. It lasted for at least an hour and it was spooky.

Have you heard of anything like that? I can't believe there was a strong field line just where I happen to live, but I also cannot think of a way to explain it as an optical illusion.


Poisoned Water said...

Hey Les, I am one of those who follows your words and is most grateful for them. I catch every blog that is posted on The Truthseeker. I am glad that God, or the Ineffable, is encouraging you to continue. Is the ineffable (I had to look that word up when I first read it) similar to the Nagual? I noticed a few references to Castaneda's books a few blogs back, which really struck home because I was reading those books at the time.
I have had some trouble lately keeping my frequency up or, as my wife says, "You have let your power down". She is Navaho and she speaks in that way. She is my balance. I am one with her and we are in balance as I provide and she nurtures, but there has been an invasion of stressful assaults on our spirits lately, mostly coming from those we thought we were close to. Very hard to combat.
I am working hard to extract ourselves from a bad situation, which makes me tired and irritable. Today I intend to get out in the Sun and meditate, as I prefer to do, but then it's back to work.
I am happy at the number of comments you receive that seem to be from human beings (beings being human right now). Many are like me, trying to learn any way we can. I have to admit that I have shone a light on things for many others and some of those have "taken the ball and run with it", others agree with what I say but don't take it any further. Many are awakening and you have played a large part in it, particularly for one man living in relative isolation.
I'm proud of you, much love and respect.

Visible said...

Poisoned Water; you must expect contention in these times. It comes with the territory of the moment. So long a s it doesn't bring into contention with yourself you are ahead of the game.

The ineffable is my term for the supreme personality of God which penetrates all time and space and everything contained within it and everything that isn't as well. Nagual is something specific to shamans but it is not my place to determine what connections go on in the esoteric lands. The divine comes and goes in many different garbs, in ways to mysterious to divine. I just want to ride in his car and sit in his light and do what little it is that I do until I'm supposed to do something else.

Ray B. said...

John, March 30, 2014 6:18:00 PM

"...regarding energy lines." I'm afraid that the ley-lines I was referring to are not composed of energy recognized by science (yet). They are very evident to those at all sensitive, but are often confused with electromagnetic currents and such. If you want to have fun, just bring a (real) dowser close to a major ley-line. They go bonkers with excitement.

That said, there is some kind of synchronicity going on. I am currently reading a book, "The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes: How a Stone-Age Comet Changed the Course of World Culture"
by Richard Firestone, Allen West, & Simon Warwick-Smith. Here if you want to read comments about it. I am about 2/3 through it, and I am amazed. Some jumps are a leap too far, but they make a good scientific case for supernova debris moving through our solar system and directly or indirectly triggering massive effects on Earth. It makes at least partial sense of how/why all large land animals (including Clovis culture) in North America - and the northern hemisphere - went extinct around the end of the last Ice Age (~13,000 years ago). Recommended.

Now, this relates to your "Wow" aurora experience (which I am frankly jealous of, although I have had WWIII fears through anomalous experiences, too) through brief magnetic pole excursions. The above authors show evidence of how coronal mass ejections from our sun can briefly 'tip' Earth's magnetic field before it returns to it's former location. (Especially, in my opinion, when Earth's magnetic field has been steadily-weakening in the last few decades.) That's my best guess for your 'funnel' effect. You were standing under Earth's 'instantaneous' North Magnetic Pole. Amazing... (By the way, the CME might explain the large auroras you seem to be describing, as they 'charge up' Earth's near-space environment.)

Thanks for the wonder...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Ray B

Thanks for the info on the book. I have read about the possibility of supernovae in our part of the galaxy actually generating enough power to influence biology here.

While writing the previous comment, I thought the aurora might have been during the big solar flare of March 13, 1989, but my event occurred in warm weather. However there is no doubt that there was a major solar event (wish I'd had Internet back then). I'm a ham operator, so I did check, (probably the 40 metre band) and shortwave was dead, as you'd expect. I should have seen what a magnetic compass would indicate.

I don't like the anthropocentric idea of my backyard being somehow special, but maybe I was just getting my 15 minutes...


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Balling Charity and Haitian Mudsteaks with A-1 Sauce.

Visible said...

Last night's radio broadcast is now up and available for streaming.



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