Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dirty Harry Sunbathing at the Dead Pool.

Join the good fight against Talmudic Anti-Gentilism, Russian Holocaust Denial and all those others that were done by the same people. Experience true Political Correctness.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Greetings all. This will be the last posting for a week or so; the sites need to be relocated to another host and I need to be relocated as well. So... as soon as these details are settled, you will hear from me again, unless I do an Ambrose Bierce. It's possible that the whole world can change in a relatively short period of time. We've no real indication that this is one of them. As far as I know, my car does not have a black box. It is not listed in the Golf manual that came with it.

There are those who think the missing plane may have landed at Diego Garcia. I wonder how many readers know about Diego Garcia and how we went about the acquisition of it. You know, America is not quite what it likes to present itself as, is it? In a story directly related to nepotism and selling the country out to foreign interests, it's been disclosed that Uber-Corrupt Senator Reid and his son want the Bundy ranch land in order to install a massive solar project in concert with the Chinese. Senator Reid is no stranger to dirty doings as evidenced by his mafia connections. You can Google all of the known facts and it's not just one mobster that makes the same claim, The real question of the day is why isn't Reid generally referred to as 'Dirty Harry', in an ironical sense that is?

Live stream at the Bundy Ranch. I guess it didn't stay live for long. Anyway, while I'm gone, if you need something to occupy your mind, I don't think you can work your way through this before I return. there will be a test at the end of the term.

Here's the sort of individual that Dirty Harry has carrying out his powerful, behind the scenes, will. The militias are mustering and either someone backs off, or Ruby Ridge is going to look like a Sunday picnic. It has to be understood that the rage and resentment in certain locations has been building and building. By this time anyone who isn't stoned or stupid knows that 9/11 was an Inside Job. They may not know that Israel was behind it but... many do. There was the murder of Posse Comitatus and The Constitution. Then there's that whole Homeland Insecurity thing along with the TSA frottage cabal of Local 101 of the Sexual Perverts' Union. They're an affiliate of Local 504 of the Rump Rangers Union for NAMBLA snacking in tandem with all the other Tribe sponsored sex circuses, for the purpose of political to and fros, for the purpose of discord and enmity, for the purpose of carrying out the wishes of their Horned Headmaster. Though it's not on the present menu, paddling will definitely begin making its appearance at some point. Surely you remember these people. Proof of their perspective on us is easily found.

A little digression in the nature of assistance through these troubled waters. It isn't going to appeal to everyone but if one person gets the benefits then the mention is justified. I've been making "The Science of Mind" available on occasion to the interested (not at present though because I am busy for a bit), in any case, here is some resource to the works of Ernest Holmes delivering his own work of video. You might have to pick and choose but what he teaches works and such practices and techniques are invaluable in times like these.

Now where was I? Right! Dirty Harry was sunning himself by The Dead Pool, Bin Julip in hand with a radioactive twist. Mr Apocalypse is coming! Oh yeah! There is an ineffable and he has his/her agents and nothing pleases them more than giving evidence to cynics. I can never quite get my head around how it is that ordinarily intelligent and even brilliant people can consistently confuse religion with the existence of the ineffable, as if the two were connected. It should be readily apparent what religion connects to. As bad as some of us know these people to be, they always prove to be significantly worse than we imagined. Well, we've got religion on the one hand and science on the other. Of course, there's no question this is a useful application but there is also no question where certain business interests intend to go with it.

Mr. Apocalypse is the John Riggins style running back of cosmic change. Not a day goes by when he isn't working it right up the middle. Hopefully Mr Bollyn knows enough to stay out of small planes or cars with computers. As Mr. Apocalypse roams the countryside with his front loader, the other guys are busy running around in all directions with dumptrucks full of shit, which they then dump on any groups of people foolish enough to congregate together, as you can see, one of their favorite dumps of the moment is to fabricate fraudulent blame for the Zio-CIA/Private Contractor bombing of the Boston Marathon on to the shoulders of patsies.

They are most certainly gearing up for a new world war, along with digging bolt holes for themselves in countries around the world. In Russia a massive underground project is taking place in the Urals (they hardly have a choice given that they are under attack from ZATO and Wall Street). In the meantime, the U.S. is selling military technology to Russia and China. This is all the result of corporations running the country; profit at all costs, no matter what the result may be. One of the main attributes of greed is that it is blinding.

This is the most troubling aspect of change pending; when in consideration of having that change exercise itself in the most comfortable manner for the majority of us. The minority of us are intransigent and hate any change that does not bear an attendant material profit for themselves. An unfortunate side effect of this is that some portion of the majority have come to believe that this is how things are done, so they either join in, in their own way, or they tolerate it so as to be left alone (they hope) in their lives of 'quiet desperation.' What this leads to is en masse resistance to change. The problem with that is that change is irresistible. There's some law of physics that relates to this; what happens when the inevitable meets up with someone who is opposed to it making itself present. As a result, Mr. Apocalypse has to lean ever harder and harder upon both circumstance and consciousness, until the proper level of awakening has taken place. In extreme cases this means that the proper level of awakening can't even take place on this plane and has to be effected at some further location. One might note there is an admonition, hopefully 'ill concealed' in this statement (grin).

I'm guessing, since the universe is benevolent and benevolent beyond what we are capable of that this law of physics, whatever it is, is applied on a case by case basis. I don't see the lot of us being binned for the acts of others. It's probably something like the story of Lot with a few pillars of salt along the way as historical markers for posterity; should such a state be on the following horizon; in the aftermath, as it were, after whatever it is that we are getting closer and closer to finally takes place.

I suppose I ought to conclude this closing post with a taste of optimism; some positive reinforcement against the banshee howls of the harbingers of doom that attend the passing of a disreputable age. It's hard to be heard against the volume of their shrieking. I see them now, like massive raptors and steroid infused crows; harridans and harpies of the scavenger multitudes waiting on the dinner bell. Hmmm, I seem to have surfed right past the Exit to Optimism and find myself still on the same highway I was on. No matter, we'll just try again, shall we?

Things come together and things fall apart. Things go up and things go down. People arrive and people depart. People behave well ( not so often as they once might have) and people behave badly. The sun comes up and the sun goes down. Spring is filled with promise and Winter...? Winter is filled with the hope of Spring. Best to make the best one can of Spring before it's completely sprung. Hmmm... that's not entirely positive is it; not quite so foreboding as the last attempt however... perhaps one final effort-

It's a given, should one be a follower of authentic spiritual paths- and there are some number of those- that as one progresses in their efforts, there is an increase of light within, accompanied by a greater illumination upon the darkness without. In the opposite direction, quite the reverse is true. The simple clarity of this and the simple math that invariably adds up to one's destination, equating with ones predominant intention, should not even require further commentary. It is what it is. Now... this might not have been entirely positive either but one certainly has the freedom to make of it what they will. I will point out that these options remain in place the life long, should one ever feel inclined toward some alteration of their former purpose.

End Transmission.......

There won't be a radio broadcast this Sunday due to other considerations. We will attempt to return next week but that remains to be seen.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

May your move be uneventful, with you finding peace in your statistical paradise whilst I hope for some sort of conflagration in the cesspool that I am in.

Me thinks I may get my wish, and will it start in Nevada?

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Bon Voyage ! Buen Viaje ! Dobar put ! Easy Trails !

Be well, be Alert
Cheerful Love

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your move, my friend!!! May you find peace in your new refuge.


Brian Crossland said...

God speed Vis.
May your glass be more than half full

Anonymous said...

A few thoughts here, regarding the Cliven Bundy ranch spectacle. What most people don't realize is that this entire drama could be a scripted event. Just like the Boston Smoke Bombing, or Sandy Hook, Line and Sinker. Bear with me and I'll flesh it out.

Our first clue that it might be a scripted event, centers around the fact that the mainstream media is reporting it. That should be enough to make any thinking person say, "I smell bullshit - they want me to believe something that isn't true, because that's what the MSM does." So that's point one. If this were an event featuring the true underpinnings of true revolution - and not scripted horseshit - the mainstream media would be burying the story.

Point two, what's up with the videos showing the tasering, and the hostilities, etc., and the confrontations between the "Bundy family" and the government goblins. As anybody with a brain knows, if pigs or government agents spy a cell phone, and somebody is taking pictures or shooting movies with it, that camera is going to be lodged up someone's ass real quick-like. Most especially during an event as critical as this one allegedly is. So that's point two.

Point three, those videos look really staged to me. Especially the one where you have a line of government goons facing off against a line of "Bundy family members". What, are they getting ready to play football? They're all lined up. It looks fake.

Now why would anybody want to stage an event like this? I'll tell you why. Number one, it increases the fear factor within the populace. That's always a good thing for the Dark Side. Number two, all of the patriots who are commenting on various truther boards, on the Internet, and actually going to the Bundy Ranch, to "back up the good guys", can now be very easily targeted, identified, and dealt. Let's say you chime in at a "truther site" about how it looks like the bad guys are finally gonna get theirs, and you get riled up and say you just might head over to the Bundy Ranch yourself. Well, now you've been identified as a Significant Threat. Your name goes on a list, and bad shit will happen to you.

As for the fools who are actually heading to Nevada as part of a semi-organized "militia", well, all I can say is, it's quite likely that you've been had. Governments around the world have staged incidents like this for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The devious scheme here involves identifying the most ardently active anarchists among the sheeple, so that they might eliminate them (via prison or a bullet to the head).

Y'all have a nice day now, and don't take any wooden nickels...

Visible said...

For the Record;

The system deleted you comment.

Sorry. Please repost.

galen said...

C'mon Anon 11:34, read the energy on this one. And I hope if you ever have to defend what you have worked a lifetime to build no one mocks those who risk everything to come and help you.

Anonymous said...

Another comment I forgot to make about the likelihood of a scripted, non-event over there at the Bundy Ranch. There's one glaring anomaly I saw in the video of Bundy's son, allegedly being tasered. It appears as if he was hit three or four times, at close range. But he never went down. If you get hit with a taser only one time, your entire nervous system shuts down and your leg muscles give way and you collapse. So getting hit three, or even four times, well, I am now officially calling total horseshit on this whole scripted event.

As states, "TASER uses the powerful Electro-muscular Disruption (EMS) technology. TASER delivers a powerful 18-26 Watt signal that completely overrides the assailant's central nervous system and directly controls their skeletal muscles. Unlike the stun gun, when the probes touch the assailant's body, it causes immediate uncontrollable contraction of the muscle tissues. While a determined assailant who has a high tolerance for electrical stimulation can fight through the 17-14 Watt stun gun, the assailant hit with the TASER has no choice but to fall down regardless of mind power and body strength. You can take down anyone who is bigger and stronger than you by simply pulling the trigger..."

I definitely believe now that the whole thing was staged, for the reasons mentioned in my previous post. The MSM is now reporting that the feds took off for good, and Bundy got his cattle back. I guarantee you the feds got the name and geolocation data of every single Internet poster who threatened to "stand with the militia" on this one. Not to mention the license plate numbers and cell phone locations (i.e., the identities), of everybody who got suckered into driving to Nevada to fight the Evil Empire. They also gave the sheeple the pipedream that they, too, can stand up against Big Brother and succeed. And, better still, they now believe (mistakenly) that if they can't get to Ground Zero during the next faux battle, well, hell, the militia boys will be there, on horseback, and in rugged all-terrain vehicles, thousands of them, or, as some MSM outlets were reporting was the case in the Bundy Incident, millions of them.

So you can definitely say mission accomplished here, for the Federales and their overlords.

(For those of you who will inevitably point out that the people interviewed at the scene about what they saw, seemed genuine enough, well, it isn't much of a stretch to imagine that some of the people who were there weren't in on the scam, and actually thought it was real. In which case, the orchestrators of these scripted events are getting much better at staging their productions. I imagine the intrepid Dave McGowan could break all this down in much finer detail, but there's no need to at this point...)

Anonymous said...

taking in all the positive energy available is also an act of faith
that too few avail themselves of...

the ovens of truth and the fires of mordor are not quenched by scoffers, mockers and blasphemers...

winter provides free air conditioning, and spring the renewal of hope eternal



Anonymous said...

Smooth sailings and best wishes for your relocation!


DAD said...

safe journey mr. Les

zepheri said...

Comments are removed due to fear and these cowards die a little everyday.

Visible said...

You want to clarify that zepheri? So far as I know, no comments have been removed in some time.

Anaughty Mouser said...

May your move go smoothly good sir.

Stumbled upon more news about Barry the pink poodle and dreamboat tranny, queen of sodom.

"Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hold against Obama that he is a homosexual. If anything I feel sorry for him. Nor do I hold against him that he is born outside the United States or that he’s a cocaine addicted Communist Muslim who used to earn his drug money as a teenage male prostitute sleeping with older white men and as such does everything he can to destroy the country and race he hates most. That’s his choice of life-style. What I hold against him is that he is a mass-murderous psychopath and pathological liar. Time to send HIM to Guantanamo Bay."

zepheri said...

The multitude of your blogs both inspire and confuse me.

Visible said...

What's that got to do with a reference to comments not being posted; especially given that all comments of recent memory have been posted. What has the number of my blogs got to do with you. Are you annoyed by the moons of Jupiter as well?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you were right about those deep cover types. I've been watching and there has been a few of note lately. Don't let it bother you.

anonymous for just this once.

est said...

anon-o-mouse eh ?
as if that were possible
i want you to know who i am

i am you worst night mare
i am the truth and as we well know
'you can't handle the truth'

i could go on and on
but i'll stop
and let your mind rest

if i happen to
hear anything else,
i'll let you know

est said...


zepheri said...

Madeith thou speak in the comments (grin)

galen said...

Est, you out on the edge
ridin' and ropin'
and reelin' in rocks
that thunder and rain
and dodge the insane

Over on your clever shoulder
a whispering faery
tells you stuff
and its always enough
to upset the cart
and roll its goods
to a hungry heart

I, too, wanna know what you hear
so when what's false
decides to sing
I'll quell deceit and lasso lies
anonymously from the other side

It's square dance time
at the OK Corral
only squares can show you how
do-si-do and here we go
Est is caller at Sunday's show

Grab your partner
it's boots and skirts
insight's a terrible thing to waste
and nobody isn't dancing

Anonymous said...

Howdy Friends of Vis, German Farmer here,
with a poem about Bunkersville. Mr A. is doin' his thing on Dog Ried's head and that of many otehrs from washington to kiev.
Now - all of us rural types should be networking to fight Agenda 21 and the US-oligarchs or we'll wind up like the Palestinians and Navajos. That's one of many messages of B-Ville - along with a great victory to give us hope and stiffen us for more battle.
Love to all men and women of every faith in this Easter season !

The Battle of Bunkersville, April 12, 2014

(In honor of the men and women who stood down a federal army at the Wash on Clive Bundy’s Ranch)

All they know is force:
the muzzle flash
taser leash
no remorse.

And at Bunkersville
they never thought
they’d lose the day
to a man on a horse.

Bested, unmanned:
never a shot was fired
when free men fought
two hundred BLM guns
each and evey hired:
for the slave he fears Death
as he fears Life and
his master’s whip hand –
Washington’s might.

But the free man of faith
knows he’ll rise on the mourn,
should he lose his life,
to Christ’s sweet horn.

So this Easter we celebrate
Our Lord’s victory over death
and our revolution’s first battle
in a dry desert wash.

Oh ride hard and harder
bold horsemen oft he West.
your cinch it is tightened
your breed is the best.

With your rifle slung low
and your heart strong and true
in all battles before us
We’ll remember you,
and that day in April
in Nevada’s sage sand,
When you stood so proudly
For a reborn land.

Rise up New American
rise up in your blood
the fight long coming
will be a great flood.

It will wash away tyrants,
their lick spittles and tools,
ferrying free men everywhere
to liberty’s shores.

In awe, reverence and thanksgiving, this 14. April 2014 in Berlin,

galen said...

The German farmer's eyes are clean.

ps: I miss Ray B.

galen said...

Strong as we are, moving the nest is no small deal, even with God along. First chakra temporarily uprooted.
Poncho knows there's no such thing as separation. And all is blessed and will be well. Some almost holding their breath, the attendants wait for word of landing. We are relocating, too. The teacher releases all and trusts. Good advances.

est said...

galen [ha] and german farmer

well done, you have [both] raised the bar
now that our resident poet, is in motion

i would ask all of us, to search our hearts

and help guide him safely and securely to his destination

this ain't no easy thing
i think we all would agree
don't forget to look to the east, tonight [eclipse]

Eudoxia said...

Greets all - Viz I hope your move goes well, we are still settling in here but finally getting everything under control. I've not had a great deal of time to really check out what is going on in the world usually just go to Rense and do a quick scan of the headlines to get a flavour of what is out there then come here. Once my computer is back I'll be spending more time here again.

Galen where is Ray B?

galen said...

Ray had a full tilt boogie at a visible intersection. Sparks flew. Seemed irreparable. Not sure if he's welcome here. He had a brightness. And, and, I don't know. . . He left.

Anonymous said...

Some number of troll(s) vacated the area when Les Visible let it be know that he noticed when a dialogue between two seemingly different posters was coming from the same ip address.

That didn't even rate a "Gee, I wonder who that could be???" from some people.

Gotta wonder ...

Anonymous said...

Feels like everything is in transition these past few weeks. Now just waiting for the external manifestaton of what's been percolating behind the scenes.


Anonymous said...

Gee...I wonder. Care to elaborate?

Ray B. said...

galen, April 14, 2014 7:36:00 PM

"ps: I miss Ray B."

Eudoxia, April 15, 2014 1:51:00 AM

"Galen where is Ray B?"

galen, April 15, 2014 10:32:00 AM

"Ray had a full tilt boogie at a visible intersection. Sparks flew. Seemed irreparable. Not sure if he's welcome here. He had a brightness. And, and, I don't know. . . He left."
Anonymous, April 15, 2014 1:36:00 PM

"Some number of troll(s) vacated the area when Les Visible let it be know that he noticed when a dialogue between two seemingly different posters was coming from the same ip address. That didn't even rate a 'Gee, I wonder who that could be???' from some people. Gotta wonder ..."


Galen, thanks for noticing. Not sure as to my future posting here...

Apparently, I do need to defend my good name. "Anonymous" above and one or two others have taken advantage of my absence to shoot arrows at my back. So, I need to respond to the innuendos.

I have posted for over two years at these sites, in as positive, honest, helpful, and enlightening way as I am able. I have affirmed Vis' overall stance on things, and taken nary a potshot at him. I believe my postings stand for themselves.

For the record, I am no troll, shill, rival, "sleeper," or "deep cover" individual. I do try, as Vis has said a few times, "To be useful."

The fact that David V agreed with some points of mine seems to have pulled him into harm's way. Thanks, and sorry. If he (or any others) has an IP address similar to mine, I do not know of it. For the record, I post only under "Ray B." and do not engage in self-promotion (or anything else) using other names - including Anonymous.

Now, if the bad guys are doing IP-spoofing or other dastardly dealings to 'drive in a wedge', it seems to have worked...

In closing, if there are cruel innuendos in the future, I will try to address them in as even and truthful manner as is possible.

Thanks for all the good times here, regardless of how it turns out.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. I hope Vis' move turns out as well as possible.

est said...

cut it out, ray b.

you don't need to explain or react to any of that bullshit

there do seem to be some
'out-liars', sometimes

i ignore them and anyone else
whose circular logic, bores me

keep your eye on the prize >
all else is folly, or worse

galen said...

I think that eclipse is pulling some surprising things out of us. Some say such celestial events can be transformative. I guess I'll prepare to surprise myself; I've no idea what's in there. My astrologer friend told me the residue from this eclipse will last up to a week. What's that Easter Bunny got in his basket? Well, today I will make soup.

Visible said...

The eagle has landed. Output will follow once that is possible.

Be well.

galen said...

Ray B., I'm glad you explained yourself; sometimes it's all we can do.

I'm mourning Ruppert. No, he wasn't perfect, but he did pry open several heavily-guarded doors.

Relieved to hear the Dog-poet is in fact, in the pocket and about the business of clearing its lint.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to hear that you've successfully transited to your new coordinates.

many blessings to you there and thanks for all you offer in the spirit of love...

Schlaf gut!

from the deep,

Anonymous said...

You made it!!! Woohoo!!!

Vis and all, check this article out!

Talks about the coming massive astrological alignments over the next couple of weeks, the opportunity for a surge in consciousness, and even the coming end of Kali Yuga!

Great links within, as well. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Dear Viz, I would like to make a few comment re science vs religion:

It used to be that the only people who could read and do mathematics were members of religious orders or gentry. Often gentry and church officers were the same thing. Isaac Newton, the Bernoulli brothers, Euler,..., I could make a real long list..., were either monks or church officials. There would be no such thing as science without religion.

Religion and science attempt to answer the same questions as regards the mysteries of existence: Why is there something instead of nothing? A lot of science like evolution, quantum mechanics and big bang bullshit are more metaphysical than scientific and really not well established in terms being experimentally verified. The only thing that establishes a scientific truth is repeatability; does the system you set up bring about the same results every time you conduct the experiment?

Science is about serendipity, trial and error and inspiration. It doesn't have much to do with personalities. If Einstein or Newton hadn't existed we would still be as far along as what we are now. (Personally, I think Einstein is an over-rated hack.)

Science has hit a point of diminishing returns. It peaked at about the time Maxwell established his electromagnetic field equations. Back in the 60's science promised a lot. By this time we were supposed to be living like the Jetsons. It seems to me that the world is digressing.

"There once was a golden age because golden hearts beat in it. If it returns it will scarcely be due to science." Louis Imogen Guiney

Respectfully submitted,

the gardener said...

Glad you have re-homed. Glad that Ray B. has checked in. Glad to have seen that Lunar Eclipse.

Powerful works above and below us in this month of April 2014... My mouse took a crap and left me with only a 'right click' functionality last week. I was hooked up over at Kenny's site and came across the post from that man who had written a few books he wanted to share with us.

Read it and was pleasantly enriched by his works- "Your Love Incomplete" by Robert Bonomo

THEN today I come across this astrologer's very thorough explanation about the Grand Cardinal Cross involving: Pluto in Capricorn opposite Jupiter in Cancer both squaring and being squared by Mars in Libra(Rx) which is opposite Uranus in Aries, all at 13 degrees and Cardinal (active) signs before the New Moon in Taurus at 8 degrees on April 28... (has both his vid and other links all together at

That he has deduced the 'divine intervention' by God via the 12th house influences of Venus conjunct Chiron trining mighty Jupiter in Cancer is what saves our days and our bacon. VERY good explanation of these incredibly powerful and very rare aspects happening right now and to such a degree that many are killing their selves with such despair and hopelessness raging all around us.

Again, so glad that Vis is relocated-rehomed and glad to hear everyone is still here and tagging along with Vis.

the gardener

est said...

for love to push ...

i just wanted to say, your expression
'crotch droppings'
is one of the few things i've heard
in the last few years
that actually made me smile, finally
and i have gathered - you are a woman ?
[life is a gift, not a curse
one last chance, to get it right]

galen said...

Friend song:


BCii said...

Gratitude arises spontaneously, as one dear reader here so often says. Through cold and gloomy days I have passed, silently suffering the death throes of another misbegotten chunk of little predator-mind ego. The psychological pain is what it is, until it passes away and a new dawn breaks. I have had more dreams of school/army environs, as I typically do when facing harsh life lessons -- once again involving both the beautiful and the dreadful side of humanity, of creativity and love, and conflict and death. Notably, I have also dreamed of becoming a father, feeling the promise of a child to be born of my own flesh and blood. My feeling is that this symbolizes a coming into adulthood, a shouldering of responsibility hitherto neglected. I must support and nurture this new aspect of self as it emerges.

Encounters with deep and powerful writings (articles online) have blessed my days, providing rich fodder for contemplation. Many thanks to those who have posted such insightful links here at Visible's blogs. Your expenditure of effort in sharing has not been in vain.

Ray B., I think I had another brush with shadow projection when I hinted at my own (tiny) suspicions regarding you. The combination of active commenting and differing perspective/angle/ray gave rise to the question, "Why?" That blank was easy to fill with dark imaginings based on my own shadow, particularly when triggered by the touch of paranoia bubbling up in the blogs. I hope you stay on here, as I do so enjoy your comments. I also hope we can all get past the shadow projection and concentrate on building soul, refining ego, and calling on spirit as we share this space. Let's keep the synergy and love-light flowing.

Some of the excellent site I would like to recommend now:

Two Ice Floes - by Zero Hedge contributor Cognitive Dissonance and his partner, Mrs. Cog. Very grounded perspectives.

Through Ancient Eyes - Tying together ancient mythology and modern myths for insight into archetypes, hidden history and predictive programming.

New Illuminati - a large collection of essays and articles on a broad range of subjects.

Many thanks, prayers, and advance congratulations also to Mr. Visible. May your settling into the new digs be most auspicious and as smooth as possible. I look forward to your Easter sermon, and even if you don't get it published in time, then your past Easter transmissions will provide nicely.

Remember the crucifixion in its most potent, universal esoteric sense. I look forward to a blessed Easter, even in the midst of my own move to a new location. There is always time for reflection and prayer, and this time is one of the best to invest in spiritual focus.

Aloha and happy Easter to all!

Anonymous said...

Kickass post, McCob. I've been thinking right along with you.

Unintelligent design would litter the landscape with mistakes. Like a lotto junkie's losing tickets, there would be a mountain of 'almosts' for every success. Unintelligent design never hit even ONE lotto number. There's not an ounce of science to back any of that up.

You can spot their idols of science by the absence of labs for testing. They COULD have labs for testing their fanciful daydreaming. That's why they DON'T have labs. NO MEASURING! The Flying Ephah. A regular M.O.

Anonymous said...

Vis~ So happy that you are where you want to be.
I've missed your posts so much in the past few days and feel thankful for the comments.
May we all have a blessed Easter in our own hearts.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of laboratories, science is at times incredibly revealing. I read about the scientific measuring processes to weigh a soul. Like weighing the smoke in a cigar.
Call it what you like, it is wonderous..

When George Harrison's soul left his body his wife and others present said the whole room brightened.

Satî Quits Her Body

The Art of Dying

Anonymous said...

anon 6:12...Thanks for the kind words. There is no scientific knowledge without numerical reckoning. Evolution as explained by Darwin is over an oversimplified explanation for an extremely complex bio chemical process. When does one species turn into another? When does a mother species produce an offspring with radically different nucleotide permutations and a different number of genes?

anon 4 am....

I had a collie a few years back who got old and sick and finally died. Just before he died he looked a mess. His coat was patchy and matted. His demeanor was sickly. When he died he became very beautiful. He emitted the most beautiful fragrance. I ever smelled. (Such a good boy!)I have heard that when saints die they emit a beautiful smell. I hear St. Bernadette still looks like a beautiful young woman.

I would bet Visible knows something about how some corpses emit beautiful fragrances in the immediate aftermath of death.

I liked George. Him and Ringo were as important to the Beatles success as were Lennon and McCartney.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Easter Equinox in the Deciding Year of Change.



Joseph Brenner

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