Monday, July 14, 2014

Weaponized Military Grades of BS

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Alan Parson's “Eye in the Sky” is coming through the earbuds at the moment. I'll probably listen to “Old and Wise” next. We were talking about the Turing Test yesterday. I've an idea how I would pass it; extend the middle finger, accompanied by the appropriate 2 words. Sad to say, regardless of my glib and meaningless little comment there, all kinds of people couldn't pass that test, or care. Not being aware or able to care are a couple of the hallmarks of this age. It's the conditioning of course but... you don't get somewhere like that in one lifetime.

What we are seeing here, in these times is the culmination of whatever efforts we have made in this period of our coming and going. I'm not up on the intricacies of cosmic geometry. What I do know is that we are at the end of one age and the beginning of the next. I am told that this is also the end and beginning of a grand cycle so ( having completed a series of 12 ages)... if so, it is significant. An argument could be made that the grand cycle ended and newly began at that juncture of Aries and Pisces. I tend to doubt that just from the obvious physical information granted by the differential in population figures at those two points, as well as the cultural appearance of it all and what that suggests.

It is a momentous occurrence whenever the scepter is passed from one regent to the next. Each of them brings with their rule a general state of appearances. Pol Pot brought one. Peter the Great another and Queen Victoria something else. It is true that whatever came to pass was somewhat influenced by the people it came to pass upon but I can show you comparative levels of brutality in each of these. I can show you (in these very days) and you can find; scenes of elegant opulence and all manner of plenty with total want and despair only a short distance away.

So it is that when an age passes, the regent of the age changes AND when a grand cycle passes, the projected changes are large and dramatic indeed. I would venture to say that not one in ten thousand spends very much time musing upon the meaning of these things and I will include in that the weekend warriors whose commitment to understanding and true change are just not great enough to predominate over their other interests, of which, both the interests and the opportunity to exercise them are on an inexorable timer.

Every manifest thing is doomed. Nothing and no one that you see around you will be there any longer at some point. The Sufis have a little vignette that I am quite fond of. It goes something like this; when the creator wants to make a demonstration of something, the workmen appear with their materials and they erect a stage. The drama, or whatever the tenor of it might be, takes place. Once the performance is over, the workmen appear again and they break down the stage and go off to the next location with the materials for the next performance. On and on and on it goes.

Most of the time, most of the people are caught up in the thrall of the performance. Some few know that there is no real meaning or purpose to any of it besides what one can learn, concerning the truth of its meaninglessness and lack of purpose, as anything other than an example. One can learn all there is to be learned about the movement of life by sitting at the seashore and watching the waves come in and go out.

All over the world, the same timeless dramas and interplays of a million years continue. Those who have will go to any lengths to continue to have. Those who do not have will go to any lengths to acquire. People fall in love, sometimes under impossible circumstances and they suffer that special agony that all lovers know. Every love affair that has ever been is only a shadow dance upon a wall, mimicking the one true love affair that spans all time, distance and circumstance. People chase after wealth and power and both of these are parodies of real wealth and real power. Every one of these comi-tragic dances serve no other purpose than to show that they are not what they are advertised to be. “So what! I want it and I want it now!”

Yes... there is purpose to life and there is meaning to life but that is something one must discover if... the passion to do so, exceeds the passion to do anything else. All of our losses and traumas are designed to bring us to that place. Lucky are they who get there sooner rather than later.

How does one wrap their head around the reality of there being but one reason to be here? How does one achieve firmness and resolve in a world where appetite and the relentless magnetism of the material are seemingly all powerful? How does one maintain the unshakeable conviction for service to others in a world where self service is supreme; especially in a world where one can play that role in a public way and never need to actually to accomplish anything remotely like it?

It's one thing to suit up on Sunday and another thing to be what you are at all times and in all places. Imagine the pressure this puts on anyone who might otherwise like to hang out with you. Imagine the negative reactions that full time positive action stimulates. Of course, once again, this is only appearances. Our biggest personal problem is the ebb and flow of appearances and how we tend to identify them. It's a dance that goes on between our mind and that which is reported by the senses. Sometimes it is just life and whatever aspects of our programming, collectively come up with and tell us is real, or not real. Other times, it's a more sinister thing, designed and orchestrated to get us to think and feel, to move and act in one direction or another and sometimes... not at all. Sometimes all they want is for us to be confused and frozen in place. Our fear is their sustenance. It's what's for dinner and the fiends that operate the manifest entities that prey upon us, have their regular meals through these hijacked bodies.

Once again this brings us to the routine visitations of an Avatar who presses down through these occupied planes, where long entrenched and disembodied centers of evil ply their ways and wares in the byways and thruways of clamor and appetite. When you see them replicating down on this plane and gaining a seeming omnipotence of power in the affairs of humanity, you can know that The Avatar is at work. In this particular segment, the Avatar is coming in multiple expressions and most specifically in the wider heart of humanity. Some of us are vehicles for this energy and in various cases are unaware of it but the day will come, when the need is there, that those who slumber in the emerging light will grow conscious of ...and within the light ...and a great many fabulous and fantastic things will then occur.

We can get and are so caught up in the focus of what is taking place directly in front of us that we are unable to see a new world beginning to emerge out of the disorder of the old world. Truly, for some that world will not become visible because all the intensity of their passions is upon the old world. It makes sense to imagine that our world and everything in it is seated at a great nexus of intersecting highways leading in every imaginable direction. All of it is magnetized and everything moves according to this mysterious electro-magnetic force. Exactly that to which you are most magnetically linked will exert the greatest force upon your direction. This should be your sole concern, not what you'll eat today, where you'll sleep and with who but what is it... what is it that exerts the greatest influence upon you? Celebrate it or... run like mad away from it (grin).

One more day will come and go here in the hours that compose it, just as was the case yesterday and the day before and as it will be in all the days to come, however the true amount of hours might be, they will go. Ah well... you've heard it all before but... one day... one day you will see it as never before. One day you will become that which you emulate and aspire to. It's inevitable. Make it count.

There is a fine new webzine that just came out featuring some of the usual suspects. Drop by and check it out. I think you'll like it.


Jenny said...

The true you coming out in these posts- adversity comes to us all. It is how we deal with it that makes the difference. Reading the posts has kept me mindful that meditation, consulting the tarot- enjoying the many gifts of lady me to keep my balance. you have been responsible for reminding me to trust these things in my life. Thank you Vis- you make me cry, that is a good thing- aloooo! -jen

David Alan McBride said...

Mr. Visible,

I love how you reference the Avatar, especially: 'the Avatar is coming in multiple expressions'. My inner compass resonates with that quite strongly. A few years ago a phrase just popped into my head: 'The rise of the Avatars.' That phrase has stuck with me ever since.

This planet alone has had its share of multiple Avatar expressions throughout its long life. There are A LOT of other populated planets that have had their Avatars too. And that's just the physical universe. Which is nothing in comparison of where the Avatar calls home.

Thanks for the webzine hotlink. It looks interesting. I love the byline/subtitle.

Thank you Mr. Visible.

Anonymous said...

Visible, please tell us about your rehab. It must be very hard. My uncle had the same thing happen. He fell from a high place and busted his hip. He was only 45 and it took him several months before he could walk anywhere close to normal. Those first few weeks are the worst from what I hear. Have you managed to walk at all yet? I would not think so. Please let us know how it is going. Can I send you a book? It will help you with your hip replacement. Don't know what hospital you are at. I'm sure it is has to be posted in your blogs somewheres, I will go through them and look for it.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'm under the impression the purpose of life is to ultimately get over it. To no longer feel compelled to want to experience it. To 'detox'. To become 'UNFALLEN'.

I think I'm already there despite the fact I'm still alive, though I wonder if I ever really adjusted to existence in this realm, looking back on my past. Hence I call myself retired from life and I've disavowed this realm in my head. It's not a part of me, and I'm not a part of it. It's just a slum I'm passing through until I get HOME again.

No, I don't much care about it any more. I used to. I got over it. Now I just consider it a very annoying, distasteful pile o' shite that I want to leave behind a quickly as possible. Based on circumstantial evidence, that should be pretty soon. I can't imagine I was stupid enough to arrange for myself to live into the next era, considering the most important thing to me is omniscience. . .aka and Akashic Library Card, and how fed up I am with intestines and bladders, not to mention a couple dozen other things.

est said...

just ran across this quote from thoreau
it's already up on the fridge, so i don't forget

"never look back, unless you're headed that way"

Ray B. said...

Glad you're feeling better, Vis!

('Wack' warning; those not into Otherwhere should pass gently down to the next Comment...)

Vis: "...where long entrenched and disembodied centers of evil ply their ways and wares in the byways and thruways of clamor and appetite."

I had a visit from a (Real) Elf a few nights ago. It was 37-level, and so "Pay Attention." It wanted to know about 'something' just above its range. It could sense something was 'off'. A funny thing about (Real) Elves; they normally don't like 'stretching' above or below their natural range. Some humans do... (grin)

So, my Higher Self was able to detect another entity (44-level) 'sitting' in the (Real) Elf's pathway to all-God. A 'bad guy'. The link was being diverted along another path; my mind's eye saw it almost like a 'jog'.

To solve this, Higher Self brought in a 50-level being that 'I' had worked-with before, in order to remove it. Soon, the link was clear. The (Real) Elf had some pain come up when it realized that what had 'moved' it was not from its own Higher Self line.

While the 50-level being as working, images appeared via the 44-level baddie of other (Real) Elves in similar circumstances. So, Higher Self went off in search of beings who would be naturally 'interested' in those baddies. When these were found and informed, the interest/anticipation in these 46-level beings was almost palpable. Off they went, and the other (Real) Elves were soon 'unburdened'.

I either have a magnificent imagination, or it is an interesting world 'out there'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

galen said...

I'm concerned, that the present is being overlooked, that far too much credence is given to the out of body realms. I think of those words: "My kingdom is NOW," yet everyday I run into folks who invalidate the present, who say things like, "This is nothing compared to where we're going when we die." Is that not a form of atheism? Separation? Delay? I mean if it's not here then where is it? There? The delay mechanism will activate as long as we let it. But that delay is deceptive: "Get thee behind me, Satan." I will not embrace the delay; will not subject myself to "When." So hello, and welcome to eternity; there's nowhere else to go and nothing to wait for. That is not to say that lessons do not abound. But as they are learned they only make the present more obvious. Beware of delay; it is a hoax and it has no sense of humor. So what about when we feel fu^%ed up? Is that the present betraying us? Maybe. But maybe it's just saying there are multiple things to tune in to. Delay is only one. What if there was no where to go and all we have is here? Would we be forced in a way to make it heaven? Is heaven bliss or is heaven everything? Delay is likely Satan. I stand on the precipice of ignorance and in that reality ghosts of the present beg my participation and I am made whole. Nothing to want, nowhere to go, everything delivered right on time. Why wait? Why? Unless you believe the mediators who'd have you wait, and try, and long, and hope, and dream, and wait some more. This moment is knocked up, in a family way; it keeps giving birth to the consequence of itself. There's nothing it doesn't contain: hate and envy, bitterness and love, cruelty and light. It even has chromosomes that are on a program to defeat delay or spin it into acceleration. Why am I saying this? Need it NOW. Not tomorrow. Not after I walk on the rice paper without a sound. Not after 40 days in the wilderness. Not after the bodhi tree grows multiple branches. Not after the guru says so. Not after I levitate or fly. Not when the earth knows peace; not even when God stands naked on the third eye of my consciousness. Only NOW; only today. Only this moment. Waiting is Satan. Delay is deception. Listen:


Visible said...

Excellent points Galen; I have a saying, "Heaven begins where your feet meet the ground" and also, "You don't go anywhere except where you already are" It might appear quite different upon entry but vibrationally it is where you were at. My most intense plea to others is to get right with yourself and the cosmos; come into alignment. Everything else follows effortlessly from that.

Ray... that stuff is so far above my paygrade (grin). I will acknowledge that a lit up human is a most powerful state and can assist in many things and at many locations above their seeming limitations of influence. i'm just a horse though. I carry my rider.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks. Galen, noted indeed.

One of my major 'questions' is where to put my attention. On the one side, many teachers have proclaimed that 'now' is our only place of power, and may be the only thing that really exists. On the other side, who defines what 'now' really is? I mean that in a "Matrix"-like sense.

My 'quest' began when clients of mine achieved gains, but ultimately were overwhelmed by friends/family/society and mostly went back to automaton-state. Personally, I had to fight really hard to maintain a Gurdjieff-like or Castañeda-like awakeness/awareness in the 'now'. So, I wanted to determine - as well as I could at a given time - what were the sources of the 'interference'.

Flash forward over several decades of investigation and growth. As was quoted in some movie, "the situation is complicated." We seem to be individually 'nested' at one level of the Russian Katrinka Doll, to use an analogy. Our perceptions and reactions correspond to the Doll level we are in. Observing others at different Doll levels, their perceptions and reactions seem dense or enlightened, as it were. Their 'reality' is different, somehow.

One other Don Quixote quest of mine has been to investigate 'motivation' as well as I am able. I mean this in a helpful or malevolent way. Ultimately, this blurs upwards into a Vis 'purpose of demonstration', of course. At levels below that, though, 'motivation' is important. Who/what are you REALLY following? As far as I could tell, malevolent motivation began at the Katrina Doll level corresponding to the farmer. For me, in a "Matrix"-like or Katrina Doll-like way, this knowledge determines how I 'perceive and react' to "Life, the Universe, and Everything."

This is kind of wandering, but hopefully gets across my world-view... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Dancing to that Strange Accordion File Music in the Still of the Night

galen said...

Seems the "sources of the interference" are our addictions or our reactions to the addictions of others. Addiction is the trickiest of business; it's ally is delay. Keeper of the gate. Too many times I've felt its stab after falling for its whore. There's grand, profound addiction and tiny, subtle, nonchalant addiction, probably the deadliest 'cause it hides like dark clothes on the road at dusk and you rarely see it coming; sometimes physical, sometimes mental, it takes, feeds, and waits for its next hunger. I've wondered if everyone is addicted to something, even a brand of toothpaste or an abusive lover or books that never let us look up.

Standing naked here, boss. Me and the boys hopin' for a break where nothin's pullin' or tuggin', where. . . where. . . 

Pull, tug, pull. Is there no place without you?


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Here in the Kingdom of the Doomed Serfs.



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