Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gunsights on the OK Per Se

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

As "Kalifornia" plays on the split screen here, I muse upon something that has come to my awareness, over and over again across the recent and not so recent years; none of this has anything to do with the movie playing, by the way, except that what I am about to reference gives birth to the sort of creature you see in this movie. This movie is one of those sleepers that is just really well done for what it is, like "Where Sleeping Dogs Lie."

There's relatively full of shit, mostly full of shit, completely full of shit and so full of shit that the laws of physics are suspended because such capacity goes against what those laws allow for. By example, let us consider Joe Biden. When I first noticed him, back before his hair transplants, when he was a senator, sitting on one of those committees; foreign relations or something, I saw him as a consummate hack and he surely was. He's made his way up the ladder since; as true an expression of The Peter Principle as I've ever seen. He's a living, breathing icon of a soulless whore, if there ever has been one and here he distinguishes himself as few have done with such complete abandon. He actually said, "I don't care what your culture is." He went on to say that governments have a duty to preempt the will of the people when it comes to fulfilling the elites agenda of destroying the culture and morphing it into anything they see fit; basically that is what he said. He's playing Bozo the Bloodstained Clown to Howdy Doody; two doomed puppets with not a gram of integrity between them.

The level of ridiculous is amazing. It's mindblowing. You ask yourself, "Do these people comprehend at all; at all, what a twisted, overblown parody they have become? Could the hypocrisy and collective contempt for their fellows, somewhere down the ladder from them, be any greater than it is? I don't think so. I don't think so.

What's brought it all to this pass is that people like this are the willing subjects of people like this. It has rarely been presented in such simple and certain terms as one finds here, complete with backups and follow-ups by fellow travelers of the same. The reality of it all is staggering. It's obvious. It's irrefutable. It is horrifically and indisputably true; such a deep, enduring and perpetuating darkness. It's all about the money, as the head scion of one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful financial family in the world made clear, when he said that as long as he had control of the money supply he didn't care who made the laws. What they intend and what they collectively get up to is transparent. It's suggested in this article that maybe this creature doesn't know the extremity of her double speak. She has to know because there is a veritable army of them all doing and saying the same thing and in situations like this, coincidence need not apply.

How long, how long, has this gone dead train been gone? Does one run and hide and... where would that be? Does one continue in the place where they have been placed, wishing and hoping, or believing that all will be well? What one does is based on who and what one is because out of that comes the level of communication one receives, the manner in which they interpret it and the degree of awareness they move about in. Fish move around in an atmosphere of awareness, as do flocks of birds and herds of cattle. Humans at a certain level of awareness do the same, dependent on their collective conditioning. That there is such conditioning is also beyond dispute and it leads men to war and women to fashion, not to mention tears, in many cases, when Johnny doesn't come marching home.

From time out of memory, families have given their children over to the war machines of their generations believing... whatever lies they were fed and somehow... somehow believed to be true. It's why I believe in reincarnation and karma because there is no other explanation. Sure, ignorance applies but one would think that history would have some impact but it doesn't. Nothing seems to matter. Vietnam was only a few decades ago and it was roundly opposed and exposed as a gratuitous war, created from unsupportable lies for the purpose of material gain and geopolitical hegemony. A few decades later the same twisted shit has gone down in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and other places for similar bogus reasons and little opposition of any kind got mounted and even after all of that, the mass of the population is still swimming in Dumb Shit Jell-O.

The celebrities go about their business. I'm supposing they've all been told in no uncertain terms what is likely to happen to their careers, if they open their mouths too wide about anything that interferes in the plans of those who sign their pay checks and who happen to be the same people who initiated all of these wars. Of course, we've already seen evidence of that previously in this posting and we have the spoken testimony of the matriarchal end of that financial family who said, "If my sons did not want wars there would be no wars."

Yeah... I get people telling me, "No... no... it's not them, it's the mysterious strangers in the shadows who manipulate them and use them as the culpable front men for the whole extended centuries wise enterprises they get up to. They're just puppets. They're just fall guys. Uh Huh. Well, let me say to that... according to them, everyone with any connection to the German Army is responsible for the orders of their commanders who, took orders from the bankers who financed them so how is it that this is so and the same does not apply to them, given the absurd possibility that there are mysterious strangers in the shadows; strangers who, to this day, have never been named or identified? If there are strangers in the shadows they are demons who inhabit the shadows and who also inhabit these people... these willing hosts. Blame the demons if you like and blame the one the demons serve but I submit it is also fair and just to blame those who serve the demons by granting them the opportunity to exercise every foul and terrible appetite they possess.

The writing is on the wall. The writing is most definitely on the wall and if you are not one of the majority of the population, moving at a speed unknown to them, toward that wall, you can probably see it and take the bypass around. This says it all. And the part of it all that says it the most is the industry spokesass who represents an organization / thinktank / lobby-op that gives no indication of how ugly and venal they are or what their real associations are. You'll see it there near the end. Once you kill the means of your sustenance, you kill yourself.

I don't know what to say about humanity being so collectively stupid that they are incapable of seeing what is being done to them; most likely proving the point of these monsters that the masses are nothing but cattle and subhuman; meant only to serve this self-styled master race. I don't know what to say and as much as I might have lamented my non-existent career, rendered non-existent by the perspective and positions I hold, I would be a far more sorry lifeform had I played along to get along. There are things a person can live with and things that a person cannot live with but... I suspect what that is varies from person to person because a great many people can live with things that I could never live with and will not live with, no matter what may be the cost. There are things much more precious than ones career and status, when either of these things come at the expense of them. There are things much more precious than power, position and wealth. One might never know this until they had paid the price and for some, in these days, they still don't know afterwards. That is a price I do not intend to pay.

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Anonymous said...

All celebrities are mind-controlled. Unless they are handlers. All celebrities (major ones), are either mind-controlled and/or they handle other slaves. Many handlers are intelligence agents. See Dave McGowan for more details.

Doing things this way makes it a hell of a lot easier to keep them all in line. There is no need to threaten them. They just give them a command. They access a personality, use a trigger. They turn them on and off like robots.

Edward Bernays. Good name to Google there. A.P. Giannini. Another good name to Google there. Giannini financed Walt Disney back in the day, gave him his start. Giannini founded the Bank of Italy which became the Bank of America. Giannini knew that the media could be used to control the minds of the masses, and predicted as much (although that particular quote of his appears to have been scrubbed from the Internet recently). He was fascinated by the concept. So he threw his money behind it and by jove, he was right.

Put Bernays and Giannini together and you have today's world. Bernays wrote the playbook for the propaganda you see being used by ever politician on the planet.

Seeing the forest for the trees is an absolute bitch. "Tree at last, tree at last, thank god almighty, we are tree at last..."

As a side note, Dr. Martin Luther King plagiarized over 60% of every word he ever wrote. But most of you know that. You also know he was a stooge who worked for the dark side. Everybody knows that. Right? Uh-huh. Sure. Most of King's handlers were...Jewish. Can you imagine?

Visible said...

I'm too tired to stay up and post this but it should be up in about 15 minutes.

Kazz said...

As per usual I agree with everything stated in your post Vis. As an Australian I am always swayed to support the underdog, and in this fight I perceive the underdog to be humanity. If humanity is stupid, and you will find no arguments from me to the contrary, in humanity's defence I would like to point out that copious amounts of Sodium Fluoride (which is a neurotoxin and carcinogen - as I am sure you are aware), along with cancer causing GM foods, tainted vaccinations, geoengineered aluminium spraying, and the constant assault of EM's on our bodies, have all been contributing factors in the declining IQ of the people. In other words these turds from the toilet have been poisoning people to make them stupid, which means that they knew that the people were just as smart as they were, if not a lot smarter, therefore it was necessary to poison them to reduce their IQ, so these pieces of human excretion could get away with their demoniacally inspired acts. I agree with your comment that these people are demoniacally inspired. Now let me pose you this question Vis, what kind of a stupid son of a bitch is so profoundly limited in intelligence that they believe that they can poison humanity, take over the divine's creation and get away with it? My answer is the stupidest son of a bitch on the face of the planet, and that is who these people are. I can't believe how spiritually blind these losers are. I can see exactly where their actions are leading and the repercussions, and all I can say is I have never seen a sorrier bunch of brain dead miscreants in my life. These people obviously have no understanding of how detrimental their actions are to their eternal journey. They will most probably have to come back as a rock and start their evolutionary process all over again. What a bunch of losers!!!! Having said that I would like to give a big thanks out to all of them because if they had not done what they had I might never had woken up, so it just goes to show you that even the stupidest people on the planet can contribute to the evolution of mankind. No doubt this is why Lucifer is called the Light bearer, because one can see a small light from a great distance in the dark, and for this reason Lucifer serves the Father by creating the dark so people can find their way more easily home. How wonderful is our divine creator, how loving, how caring, how forgiving, and how compassionate. I forgive my brother's and sister's for their crimes against myself and my family, because they know not what they do.

Cheers Kazz

Chinese Sneakers said...

Nice to know that Gladness found you for a bit of poesy over the Solstice. Getting the writing into top form with this piece. Wonder if the six doesn't have a lot to do with the nine.

The style and the politics vaguely reminded me of Ezra Pound (probably just me projecting).

Thought the low lighting worked well in the video; which i saw as the most inspired so far. You were definitely ON and using that leeway more.

Good on you, bro.; and may ye' forever fare well.

Always appreciate you being out there.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This is a comment on your video. Yeah. Ask Frances Farmer, Norma Jeane Mortenson, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and all the others if the price of fame was worth it.

missingarib said...

vis, a quote from a fellow traveller who strove to light a way guided by god given intelligence and reason:" It behoves every man who values liberty of conscience for himself, to resist invasions of it in the case of others; or their case may, by change of circumstances, become his own."
Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826), Letters to Benjamin Rush, April 21, 1803
Thus as you observe" the industry spokesass who represents an organization / think tank / lobby-op that gives no indication of how ugly and venal they are or what their real associations are. You'll see it there near the end. Once you kill the means of your sustenance, you kill yourself."

"we do not keep the outward form of order, where there is deep disorder in the mind."
William Shakespeare

live long

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "line of serpents" singing video. I haven't had such a good laugh in a while.

galen said...

This from you....

"How long, how long, has this gone dead train been gone? Does one run and hide and... where would that be? Does one continue in the place where they have been placed, wishing and hoping, or believing that all will be well? What one does is based on who and what one is because out of that comes the level of communication one receives, the manner in which they interpret it and the degree of awareness they move about in."

....spawned this from me:

A Continent For Dissidents

The call of conviction boils in my blood
a brand new shoe on an old leg
an overdose of angst and anger
a little like the perfect lay
where nothing isn’t satisfied

Faces of my far-away friends
eager, tired
shocked and shoved
some regrouping
some defeated
afraid of what’s to come

I seek the group with the coded candy
the kind that sweetens up your life
whose ammo is an ordered answer
to every question yet unasked
every confusion yet unloved
offering itself
a land of doves

Kiss me, I am a mother
a mother to a new idea
kiss me
and let my soul know
war and waste and wounds and worries
are melting away into moments and minutes
dying darkly in the dust of indifference

Whose fists are raised in the crooked air?
with the gene from the pool of Assisi 
alive on the cusp
of horrid evolution
its code encrypted with open fate
with the smoke of visible tension

...into this twisted day
over the curves of a cruising continent
with open door for heart-led dissidents
exiting from the land of rot
to fertile ground with what we got
and we got good with a dose of endurance
just what it takes to live out life
unimpeded by ravenous ghouls
seeds and sense to pull us through


insiam said...

Hmmm, if elephants can be made to perform tricks in a circus and killer whales dance in a swimming pool, guiding the moronic masses to run over a cliff must be childs play.

Great video Viz, wise and comforting words ....

Anonymous said...

All I ever wanted was to play guitar, smoke pot and enjoy the company of attractive women.

Mission Accomplished!


Anonymous said...

Have a little rant here...pardon me.

The Gay Agenda has crept so far into mainstream society, as most of you know, that it's getting ludicrous. For example, the Chicago Cubs, a Major League Baseball team, have the day off this coming Sunday - due entirely to the Chicago Gay Pride Parade.

In the Chicago-area newspapers, they mostly refer to this event as the Pride Parade (the "Gay" component being conspicuously absent in the title). I suppose they want as many heterosexuals and their children as possible, to think it's some sort of generic patriotic parade, so that they might bundle the entire crew into their SUV's and mini-vans and go downtown and check it out. At which point, they will be confronted with surly, hateful, anti-heterosexual, mentally ill homos wearing leather and dog collars, as well as meat-pie-faced bull dykes with butch haircuts, bad skin, and violence towards heterosexuals on their dull-edged minds.

I could care less about being politically correct any longer - the Gay Agenda thing is just completely disgusting (which makes sense, since it's Satanic in origin). I could care less what anybody does behind closed doors, but I'm half-tempted to start a Heterosexual Pride organization in my city to try to equal it all out. We can then have parades, just like the homos, and such. I wonder if the mainstream media would give THAT equal attention?

On a lighter note, I went to the hotel lobby today where I am staying, and two classic goth lesbians were coming out the door at the same time that I was going inside. They both glared at me, and sneered. Then they started laughing. My sin was that I'm a white heterosexual male, which is the equivalent of being a mass-murderer in the eyes of the insane, brainwashed puppets of the universe. These mindfucked minions of the dark side (like the two dykes I just mentioned) have had their brains warped to the point where ANY person who is neither homosexual, nor female (nor black, nor "ethnic", for that matter), are viable targets for just about any sort of vile criticism imaginable, not to mention complete and total open hostility and violence. And in their warped minds, due to the insidiously effective workings of the MSM, it's all justified.

There are many times lately when I wish the NWO would execute their final endgame plan. I can no longer stand these brain-dead puppets who unwittingly do the bidding of the dark side. If I personally get cut down during the clean-up process, so be it, but I cannot tolerate these fucking zombies any longer. They are the enemy; they are everywhere; they are bogged down in darkness; they are remote-controlled, programmed robots who do nothing but hate, while feeding the needs of their bellies and their private parts.

Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all. And I do mean all of 'em.

(End rant. Thanks for, reading.)

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Yes it is true that all these endless universes filled with treasures and siddhis and sins and willful wishes and oceans of opulence cannot overcome a single tear of love in yearning for our Lord's presence in service.

Even one single transcendent tear of true love easily conquers time itself..

The only thing which can..

Visible said...

Spot on Homer.

There isn't a single thing in this world that can touch even a moment in the presence and let us be frank and honest. Even a small taste of that, which seems overwhelming at the time, will change one's life forever and, dare I say, ever.


As the the gay Nazis. I've had it too. I was mostly obliging in earlier years, figuring different strokes for different folks, only they don't repay the same courtesy.

Henry Makow who I don't much care for most of the time with the way he feels women should be, is right there with his recent post that graphically lays it out. You can find it over at Rixon's Truthseeker.

On the other hand, the force of sex is incredibly powerful and I have no trouble forgiving people for lapses in that regard because even though I am generally non participating, I know just how strong it can be and it can come over me like a storm if I don't look out so... there but for fortune goes you and I. Yes, there but for fortune goes you and I.

My problem with it is that I am very specific in whom I am drawn to that way and she is few and far between and rare as a hummingbird's teeth.

I guess by now every one knows I am in love with fairy tale princesses because that is exactly how Lady Nature presents herself to me. To others it varies. This has little to do with appearance and everything to do with temperament although one such cannot fail to be beautiful to the eyes of the beholder.

For me, at this juncture, the true expression of it is conjunction without overarching passion; a sort of connected detachment that is actually fully immersed. It's about 180 degrees from jackhammer fucking which is what those soon to lose the capacity consider the methodology of performance.

For me... she is dominant in that ritual, as the Shakti and we trade off in contributions in the different expressions but... to find someone who gets that- good luck. Of course... I wouldn't know really cause I don't get out much (grin). I've always felt like Nina has that awareness and as one might expect, suffers accordingly.

One might well ask why we, the true lovers of the one, suffer such injuries when it seems apparent that others do not. As usual, that's some kind of a mystery but I look at it as being made fit for the performance of however it should get expressed, given the nature of the times.

If everything is a sex act of one kind or another, then 'service', 'devotion' and other forms of concentrated application are just that and satisfaction is guaranteed, should one be fully immersible. More or less... more or less...

Visible said...

Riddle me this did he say this or is this clever editing?

Visible said...

That is exactly what I thought. thanks!!! Like I said, it is what he thinks... if he thinks but, unlikely he says that out in the open.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Off topic, but there are some things where you just haven't lived until you've seen them.


Gods, I LOVED #14!!! Can you imagine the reaction of people if they weren't expecting anything like this, and you pull the cover off the platter?

VIDEO, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

The 3rd Elf said...


"Makow's" article isn't actually Makow's; he lifted it word for word from a much larger essay, The Baron's Guide to Gay Sex (though he did place an attribution to the essay on his web page so fair enough).

More importantly, "The Baron's Guide" (which was written over 20 years ago) is informative, very funny and, best of all, is constructed to offend the senses of the Politically Correct.

Maybe you could give it a permalink in your sidebar (grin).

galen said...

This afternoon's DAYDREAM:

Today Gary Oldman calls a press conference to, in his own words, "Clear the air." He glances at the expectant crowd and begins:

"Yes, I made some off the cuff comments on political correctness and on who runs what. Yesterday, I apologized profusely for those comments and as most of you have figured out by now, I was bowing down to extreme pressure. But today, after much deep introspection and loving counseling from many of my respected peers in the acting community, I must humbly withdraw that apology and firmly stand behind my original comments because they are the TRUTH. I realize that I do this with great risk to my career and yet take comfort in the prophetic words sung by our beloved Johnny Paycheck: 'Take this job and shove it.' Here Johnny not only gives a direction to go in, but also an empowerment necessary to do what I must do. I thank him wholeheartedly. Further more, I vow to, this moment on, never allow a suppressive pressure to silence me from speaking my mind and sharing my heart. And lastly, my supportive friends (and I'll just name a few for they are too numerous) Robert De Niro, John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Susan Sarandon, Al Pacino, Meryl Streep, Sir Anthony Hopkins and George Carlin (yes, he was able to reach me from the blessed realm), have encouraged me to live my convictions and each has shared that this step I am taking has touched them deeply, so deeply that they are moved to live with such a conviction. Consequently, each is desiring to more fully understand the people and their struggles and so have jointly agreed to follow the lead of said Mr. Paycheck. Yes, at great cost to themselves, but not without one more generous and compassionate act: all have agreed to donate all their holdings to aid the homeless in all countries. Of course this has caused many jaws to drop and placed the question on many minds: 'But how will they live?!!' Well, I best let my good buddy here answer that."

At this point Robert DiNiro steps up to the microphone and says:

"We are now choosing poverty to more closely identify with the struggles of the poor. We look forward to many years of joyful volunteering and giving back. But this is not our only reason. Primarily we are concerned with our eternal souls; we want to set things right with The Maker, to correct any errors and imbalances we may have contributed to. And we just learned, a few short hours ago, that princes William and Harry will be joining us, not just in a life of volunteering, but in the donating of ALL their holdings. What a grand moment it is for free speech and all the good that come from it!! Thank you, Gary, for helping us see the light. Many brighter days ahead."

Gary and Robert hug; balloons fall from the rafters. They wave to the cheering crowd, and 'the sun comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard.'



est said...

those damn birds are singing again
every morning they weave a rhapsody

i can't stop them even if i wanted to
even though they send me
into trance and fugue

Anonymous said...

The price of fame involves being shredded into multiple personalities. Being tortured and abused until those personalities evidence themselves. Fame is a freak show - fame is nothing. Talent is sacrosanct - talent is everything. Talent is seen and appreciated, even by those who don't have it. Fame is for those who have been handpicked to become mind-controlled slaves and push specific agendas (the gay agenda; the UN agenda; the gun control agenda; the vaccination agenda; the Global Warming agenda, etc.). Fame elevates the mundane to the status of idolization (reality TV, pop music, rap music, "Dancing with the Tards", etc.) Fame is a cheap dildo - talent sports the biggest dick of all, and it's real. So yee-haw, giddyup and be grateful that you don't have it - fame - because nobody can afford to pay such an exorbitant price.

Anonymous said...

With Mr. Visible's permission, I think that I will also apologize for any derogatory remarks I have made about Jewz. (with respect to Mr. Oldmans' remarks.)

Dear Jews: I am sorry I have made you suffer so much! My poor father was drafted, taken from his family, had his body violated by hot metal and then spent the rest of his life with his psysche scarred by memories of horrible violence and mayhem. But he was only a gentile and gentile suffering really doesn't mean much when compared to what you poor jewz go through.

And those poor women and children that lived in Hamburg, Dresden, Hiroshim,..., etc. Their suffering really means nothing compared to your suffering.

Over 3000 yrs of not getting along with anybody and it is never your fault.You poor jewz suffer more than anybody and I want to apologize for my part in heaping scorn and derision on you poor jewz. I don't know exactly what I have done. I don't belong to any white supremicists groups, I have never assaulted a jewish person, I have never burned down a synogogue. I never promoted any violence nor would I condone any violence towards you poor jewz. Violence solves nothing. I may have laughed at a joke about a jewsih stereotype at one time or another. I suppose that could make me some kind of a nazi monster.

To me it seems that for such a small number of people you control so much media and finance. Then again I am just a dumb goy and what do I know?

I wish all of you jewz well. I think your God is a cunt and the books you write are stupid in the extreme But I still wish you well. Be well! Live long and prosper. Sorry for any consternation I may have caused.


Anonymous said...

We are drinking beer at noon on Friday... in a bar that faces a giant cultural/metaphysical blog.


Anonymous said...

Today in this Brave New World of ours, It's perfectly okay to verbally or physically attack someone, if you apply the appropriate sociological label to them first, in a verbal or written manner.

For example, if someone starts to see that there is a certain group of individuals behind all the world's wars, banking practices, and Hollywood feature films, and that person voices their findings, well, you just hurl the invective "antisemite" at that person, and all your problems disappear. (This is a very common example, and the Jews have been using this one for years.)

But there are myriad other sociological labels which are similarly being utilized these days, in order to advance hidden agendas and silence dissent.

The label "bigot" is now being applied to anyone who doesn't think gays should be allowed to openly marry your very children down at the local church; care for those very same children of yours down at the local daycare center; talk dirty in the presence of those very same children of yours, down at the neighborhood pool; or march directly down the center of your very own street, while shouting profanities, holding sexually graphic signs, and wearing skin-tight leather outfits which highlight their private parts - all while your very own children play in the front yard.

Because, hey, basically, in this day and age, if you don't think gays should be able to do whatever they want to do, whenever they want to do it, well, hey, you're just a bigot, and that's the end of it.

Definition: big·ot [ bíggət ] An intolerant person: somebody with strong opinions, especially on politics, religion, or ethnicity, who refuses to accept different views. (***IRONY ALERT: Look up the word bigot in the dictionary, and you'll see a picture of a homosexual.)

Other sociological labels that are currently being utilized in an ever-increasing manner to effectively justify any sort of discriminatory, abusive, violent behavior toward anyone who has the temerity to think outside the box, include "racist", "sexist", "terrorist" and "conspiracy theorist"...I'm sure you can think of some more.

Anonymous said...

The NWO quote from Obama is real. It came from a speech he gave which can be seen here:

The full speech is thirty five minutes long, the NWO type quote is at 3:30 - 3:50. Obama was contrasting the "enlightenment" view of government / society with the older more traditional view of government's role. Of course, Obama was claiming to represent the "enlightenment" view rather than the older (NWO) view. And we all know how much trust you can put in anything Obama says...


Anonymous said...

Part 1 of 2 -

I have David Icke pegged for a mind-controlled stooge. He definitely has the background for it. First he was a goalie for a professional soccer team in England. Then he became a sportscaster for the BBC. Then he became a politician for the Green Party. Now he's a world-famous "conspiracy theorist" - highly visible on TV, the Internet, and elsewhere; selling out stadiums, making millions.

(For those of you who are not mathematically inclined, that's roughly the U.S. equivalent, in terms of mathematical odds, of playing in the NFL, becoming a sportscaster for ESPN, serving as a State Senator, and then morphing into the male equivalent of Oprah Winfrey on the "truther" front.)

As I mentioned in the top comment that started this comment thread, all celebrities are mind-controlled slaves and/or handlers. There are no exceptions to that rule. How can I be so sure? Because if there is ONE mind-controlled slave (and there is), the entire game has to be populated with them. Why? Because the elite don't leave anything to chance. If they can create one slave, they'll create tens of thousands of them, and put them in key positions to do their bidding. It only makes sense.

The link that Insiam posted about Icke's financial shenanigans shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, if you think it all the way though. It appears that someone absconded with a whole boatload of the organization in question's donation money (which means either Icke did it, or someone else involved in that operation did it, or Icke's handlers did it). Well, golly-gee...that's not much of a shock if Icke is a slave.

Mind-controlled slaves are ensconced in key positions all over the globe. Some of them are celebrities; most of them aren't. It makes sense, mathematically, that the elite would place them in key positions within various organizations, so things can be controlled from the top down.

For example, let's say you have a dirty corporation (is there any other kind?) - how do you control it? You place a slave up top as the CEO. I'm sure the same thing happens in churches, where Satanic activities are the rule of the day - er, night. Most preachers would then be the product of mind-control; and they think everything is rosy and peachy because they don't have a mind of their own. And I'm sure the same thing happens in schools (especially in schools where children are being abducted against their will for mind-control purposes). You put a slave in as director/principal, and it's all good - the slave sees no evil, hears no evil, and speaks no evil.

Likewise, it stands to reason that the same thing happens in police departments, in the military (all soldiers are mind-controlled, that's how they learn to "soldier"; their will is broken), and most especially, in politics.

If you don't think Obama is mind-controlled, well, you haven't been paying attention. The man is a puppet - literally. I would wager a hefty sum that every single president since FDR was mind-controlled - and maybe it goes back even further than that. And the same would then hold true for senators, congressmen - hell, even mayors.

Anonymous said...

Part 2 of 2 -

So, basically, the elite control the entire depth and breadth of ALL of the world's major institutions (and minor ones), by putting these mind-controlled drones in key positions to do their bidding. (Pretty simple when you step outside the box, and do the math.)

The major media celebrities (actors, musicians, "truthers", reality TV stars, etc.) are the individuals who do the most damage to the public's mental processes; they are the ones who shape the public's beliefs and opinions to the greatest degree. And most human beings are celebrity-centric, whether they want to admit it or not. Even the most ardent nay-sayers, who claim that they don't follow celebrities, have their fair share. And typically the celebrities that these nay-sayers follow and idolize are religious celebrities, "truth-seeker" celebrities, "do-gooder" celebrities, and/or political celebrities (Ron Paul, David Icke, Billy Graham, Oprah Winfrey, Sai Baba, the various Popes, Gandhi, MLK, JFK, RFK, etc.).

So you can bet your bottom dollar that the various mega-celebrities I mentioned at random in that last parenthetical were/are mind-controlled.

True, you could argue this point, but you would just be whistling in the dark - baying at the moon. And you would only do so because this theory (which is actually a fact) explodes your entire world view, and that, of course, is always unsettling.

Again, if there is one mind-controlled slave out there (and there is), then it stands to reason that there are tens of thousands of them. To not handle things in this fashion, would leave it all up to chance. And these guys don't leave anything up to chance if they can avoid it.

Since the elite most definitely have the technological savvy to make these beings, and since they certainly have the minions to do their bidding and actually create them, the math tells us that it's a certainty that this is how things are...whether we like it or not.

Visible said...

Let me weigh in on David Icke and you should also read at Truthseeker about the failing of his, People's Voice network. For some reason, as at Signs of the Times Cassiopea, his forums are a hotbed of hatred for visible.

When I was at the Seek, Speak, Spread Truth convention in London, Kevin O'Keefe, who might be a friend and then maybe not. He got a gig there. No way did they even reply to me. At first my feelings were a little hurt because, despite his massive ego, I don't particularly hate Icke but then, I don't hate anyone really.

I have noted in both those places there are personality cults and there's no room there for one who is a truth channel. Some places are okay with letting a person express and some are not. They're very selective over there and although Icke may not dislike me, or even know I exist, the people who work for him hate me.

I've dealt with this shit for years and don't care one way or the other. People that are meant to find what I do will. It's not that what I do is a big deal. It's not. It's just that I am uncompromising and say what you will about me, as the song says, "this much is true".

Now there are all sorts of claims of missing money and people quitting because of perceived financial malfeasance. For me, the only retardant with Icke is his shameless and immense self promotion. Vanity makes me ill. It's the one thing I cannot tolerate in myself or others because that is the whole ballgame right there and I will starve in the streets before I give way to that action and it has always been so.

Even when I was young and my long hair and renaissance looks got me too much attention, I shaved my head. Looks are long gone and I only have to shave part of my head now (grin).

It's none of my business what these people do. My business is me. If I can keep that righteous then all good things will follow; no matter how fucking hard it is along the way.

End note... the cat is a sensationalist and I have problems with that focus. It implies they know and I know they don't. Don't ask me why... I can tell.

est said...

i wish i could tell you what i really think
you'd fall, straight out of your chair

and while you're on the floor, looking up
at the ceiling, i would wave both hands

and say, hey, here i am, can't you see me ?
i am, what you think you are, always have been

if you want to give me a name you surely can
but it changes nothing, i am still death

Anonymous said...

You can see ample illustrations of what I've been writing about here - regarding celebrities being mind-controlled - just by checking out the online celebrity news, or the online MSM news in general.

For example, today's lead story at Yahoo News centers around celebrity Ellen Page's recent coming out of the closet. Page stated, during the inaugural Human Rights Campaign's gathering in Las Vegas last February, "I'm here today because I am gay. And because maybe I can make a difference, to help others have an easier and more hopeful time. Regardless, for me, I feel a personal obligation and a social responsibility. I am tired of hiding and I am tired of lying by omission."

Being a slave, Ellen is gay, sure enough - or whatever else her programmers tell her she is, at any given moment.

It just so happens (coincidentally, of course), that she is a centerpiece of the new Human Rights Campaign, which should actually be renamed the No Human Rights Campaign, because that's what it really is.

In addition to futhering the gay agenda (i.e., destroying families and freedom of speech), Ellen will also be helping other elite causes in the future. Because that's what celebrities do, that's pretty much ALL they do, when they aren't in the limelight "plying their trade".

To take this out even futher, yesterday I noticed that Will Ferrell (the mind-controlled comedian) put up a video, wherein he threatened to bite every German player on the German national soccer team. Oh, ha-ha, great fun...that crazy Will Ferrell.

About 50 years ago, a doctor who allegedly worked for the elite (i.e., Illuminati, whatever your favorite pet name for them is), was recorded on a cassette player while discussing the long term plans of his group in the decades ahead. He was bragging, basically, and for some reason, he decided to gloat about his group's plans in front of the uninitiated doctors at some conference he was attending. (The audio tape is available online, if you want to listen to it, although I can't remember it's name right now.) Since I have listened to it, I thought I'd mention that, during his diatribe, he said that soccer was going to be rammed up the U.S. public's asses at some point, and it would be adopted eventually as one of the most important sports in America.

So that's why Will Ferrell is doing what he is doing; he's a slave, and he is helping his handlers fulfill that long-term agenda, of Americans embracing soccer.

(Nearly every single thing that doctor said in that recording, has already come true. He talked about how America would become a Third World nation; most of the manufacturing jobs would be shipped overseas, etc. He talked about the U.S. becoming a surveillance state, and the people would willingly embrace it. And the one thing he said that I thought was impossible, was converting Americans to soccer enthusiasts. I heard the audio several years ago and I thought, hey, no way, Americans love football, basketball and baseball in that order. Well, what do I know, look at what is happening right now. Americans are going nuts for soccer...because they are being programmed to do just that.)

Visible said...

S new video will be up in about 25 minutes. Pardon me but I am so busy I don't feel like going through the whole hotlinking process. Anyway, here's where it will be-

Visible said...

You know, through contacts that I have I knew Ellen was gay years ago and like most early Hollywood entries this came about from being violated by powerful men who expedited her passage up. This I know, or at least my trusted sources do.

So it was a few years later when I was talking about her being in my dreams and Kirsten Stewart is it? I can't even remember her name. I was having dreams about them and I caught shit because according to my critics I was too old for them and that had nothing to do with it in the first place. But... I guess the guys who fuck all of them aren't too old are they?

All I did was have a dream. You'll note I don't talk about my dreams anymore (grin).

Anonymous said...

Part 1 of 2

Whenever you see a celebrity standing up and telling the truth (or part of the truth, mixed with some lies), there is usually a huge backlash of media-driven criticism that follows. Case in point, Gary Oldman.

Now, the first thing you have to realize, in order to see the whole picture, is that Oldman is a slave. All celebrities are slave - especially actors and musicians. If you don't embrace the truth about that, you'll never see it.

Why would the elite want to push Gary's buttons, so that he'd start talking about how he's sick of the "politically correct" mindset of most human beings today? Well, they do it for one primary reason: It makes it appear as if there are maybe one, or two - or, if we reallllllly want to stretch it to the max, three celebrities - who object to today's politically correct world.

And of course, since they are the minority (or so it would appear), they are then seen as being crazy. Or they are seen as being politically incorrect. Or they are seen as being bigots. Or they are seen as being separatists. Or they are seen as being whatever sociological label we have personally been programmed to apply to such people.

The bottom line here is, we have to ask ourselves who benefits from episodes like this. Why, the elite benefit. Oldman was made to look like a simpering, sad-sack of a human being, via his ensuing act of contrition. And Oldman is a celebrity. And a certain percentage of people out there, are big-time Gary Oldman fans. And most of those people are going to do what Gary does. They are going to see things as Gary sees them. They are going to go along to get along. They are going to label others as being crazy, or politically incorrect, or bigoted, whenever they hear, or read, about someone going off in the future, regarding the full-court press that is under way to destroy freedom of speech (i.e., naming names, telling the truth).

Celebrities work for their handlers. You don't become famous unless you are a slave. Slaves do their masters' bidding.

Side-effects of DID (dissociative identity disorder, which is what slaves suffer from; they have multiple personalities, deliberately created ones) include cutting oneself, experiencing episodes of missing time, becoming dissociative (i.e., being "out of it" or "not there"), engaging in emotional or bizarre outbursts, engaging in bizarre behavior, demonstrating different personalities, showing up somewhere and not knowing how you got there, etc.

Anonymous said...

Part 2 of 2

So now stop and think about mega-celebrities like Britney Spears, Charley Sheen, Heather Locklear, Mel Gibson, and virtually every other "out there" star you can think of. Lindsay Lohan. Lady Ga-Ga. The list goes on and on.

(Anne Heche, the actress, displays all of these hallmarks, as well. She wrote a book - or her handlers wrote a book and put her name on it - called, "Call Me Crazy". In that book, she discusses how she created an alternate reality, while still a child, due to the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her stepfather. In that alternate reality, she met "Celestia", a fourth-dimensional being who came from a realm where there is, "no color, no race, and no creed gender distinction." Sounds exactly like the world the elite are trying to create, eh? Celestia is also allegedly one of Anne Heche's personalities; during her break-up from Ellen Degeneres, Heche claims that Celestia "took over my body".)

The point is, virtually all of the aforementioned mega-celebrities demonstrate these same symptoms and behavior patterns, over and over again. And because they are all celebrities, they are all mind-controlled. There are no exceptions. Unless the celebrity is a slave-handler, or an intelligence asset. And even then, I suspect it is a rarity that a celebrity is strictly a handler. The elite would have too much to lose if that individual exercised free will at some point, and "went off the reservation"...

Dave McGowan's work on the Laurel Canyon scene centered exclusively around musicians. His theory, basically, is that Laurel Canyon, which hosts a large military industrial complex, created the 60's music heroes in a lab that resides within that complex. Well, extrapolating on that theory, the same would hold true for actors, and all other celebrities.

(Some of you might remember Randy Quaid's rant about the Illuminati, a few years back, wherein he stated that rich psychopaths controlled Hollywood stars, like Britney Spears, and stole all their money. Well, that was all over the mainstream media. So it was done for effect; the elite control the media; they only highlight news stories that they want to highlight. So incidents like this make people distance themselves from the truth even further; it makes them label anybody else they might encounter in the future, who says the same things, as a nut. And celebrities help bring all of this about. Because they're just doing what they are told. Literally.)

Anonymous said...

Hey Visible...sounds like Mercury in Retro might be affecting you, based on some of the things you mentioned in your video. In which case, if one believes in that sort of thing, July 1st should put things back on an even keel. I hope so anyway.

insaim said...

Great video again Vis. Some very salient and as always truthfull points.

Have an easy sunday morning.

God bless

galen said...

So this stud kinda guy sits down in his airplane seat. A few seconds later a gorgeous woman sits down beside him. He leans over and asks:  "So where you from?"  She snobbily says, "I don't talk to people who end their sentences with a preposition."  "Okay," he says, "So where you from, bitch?"


Anonymous said...

So these two guys are on a commuter jet, sitting directly across from a gorgeous woman.

The first guy says to the second guy, "Do you know who that is? That's Chloe Clarkson, the famous sexologist."

The second guy says, "Never heard of her, who is she?"

The first guy says, "She does studies about sexuality, and writes books."

The second guy says, "She's hot."

The first guy says, "I know."

So the second guy leans over the aisle and starts making casual conversation with her.

"Are you Chloe Clarkson?" he asks her.

She looks up from the notebook upon which she had been scribbling, and says, "Yes."

So the guy says, "Are you working on a new book?"

Chloe Clarkson says, "Yes."

"What's it about?" the man asks her excitedly.

"I'm researching which males are the best lovers, based on ethnicity."

The young man is getting pretty turned on now and he asks her, "What have you found out so far?"

"Well, my research indicates that Native American men have the biggest equipment, and Jewish men have the most staying power in bed..."

"That's interesting," the man says.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude, " Chloe Clarkson says apologetically to the young man. "What's your name?"

After a brief pause, his eyes widen, and he says, "Geronimo Feldman."

Anonymous said...

something that keeps bothering me. Everything I have come across states that jews make up 2 to 3% of the US population, what if it was more like 20%. Just wondering, It might be like that 6 mil. lie.

from behind enemy lines

galen said...

Shining some light on addiction:


Anonymous said...

What a miracle this is, a space where the truth is known. We even battle demons and win. Maybe they're just not that smart and not that dexterous. Maybe we have asked and it has been given. Allelujah.

Now, could we do something about the jillions of itsy bitsy dogs in my neighborhood (their owners allow them to nip and drool). I'm thinking small tigers. Is it possible to vibe a dog to behave? Rant.



insiam said...

Re. the video Vis - well sort of :)

I had a very notable lucid kind of dream last night. I traveled back in time to as far in the past as i could remember. I was shown all of the notable things i have experienced in my life. Well, i was a bit taken back by the amount and variety of my experiences. Good,bad, weird and of course some unique. Wow man what a trip!

I thought about this and realized that as we age (past middle re. your video) our experiences slow down dramatically. if anyone takes the same mental journey they may easily realize this.
Trying to put this in to terms my simple mind could easily understand I thought of the metaphor of being a balloon. When we are born we are like a balloon filled with air and full of source energy. At birth the umbilical (to the balloon) is cut and we go whizzing off in all directions. Hitting all the bases we should - as they are predetermined. (As soon as the umbilical is cut the trajectory is set and cant really change ...)

Anyhow as we hit past middle age (as is often the case) the balloon has little air left in it so it slows down dramatically. Just enough air left to float to on to the next rebirth - or place of destiny.

It is much like from the moment of conception in the womb. From that moment things happen rapidly. Huge and fast growth. That is until the time just before we are to be expelled from the womb and in to this part of the journey.

So i guess my point is that the slowing down of experiences (growth) during the latter part of our journey is simply preparing us for the next stage. So I've been told :)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


I've been 'recapitulating' as Carlos Castaneda calls it on and off for most of my life, and I have come to the conclusion that none of it matters in itself. It was something I 'HAD TO DO' at one point, but now that I look back it's 'SO WHAT???????!!!!!' Statistically, my past is a bit more interesting than that of the majority, but again, whoop-de-doo.

I'll have to wait until I shed this mortal coil to decide if it was all worth it, I suppose. But I did ask for it. From a totally different perspective, of course. Now I want to take a flame thrower to my past self for being such an idiot. . .due to my current perspective; but I'm sure it'll all work out in the end.

It's a pain in the keister knowing too much, yet not enough.

Oh, and whilst I am here I may as well post another off topic link on how vile the Clintons really are:


BCii said...

galen, thank you for the Youtube link to the Gabor Maté interview. I am ever grateful for my own healthy childhood. Now that I've seen some of that side of life up close (in my own home, in fact), such insight as Maté's comes as a godsend. There but for good fortune go I.

Anonymous said...

Buttons at 12:34,

Bill is a classic case study of trailer trash on-the-make. A claaic americana Horatio Alger tale to hyperambition counterbalanced by a lack of persobnal restraint. A polito version of Elvis, if you will. Hillary is more like Lyndon Johnson--a thirst for power which cannot be slaked and a willingness to do just about anything to achieve that power.
She's definately the more twisted and darker of the two. Billy boy is just enjoying the ride and having a good time. Always was. Hillary is a combination of a viper, a scorpion and a semi-rabid pit bull who will stop at nothing once in power.


galen said...

Ooops, wrong link on Maleficent review. Here's the right one:


Ray B. said...

I had an interesting experience a bit before dawn this morning. I woke up with a start, probably because I am hair-triggered as regards 'interference'.

Well, there was a very bright point-of-light about two feet away from me at the side of the bed. It immediately poofed out or took off, as soon as I regarded it.

I was somewhat worried as to what this was, so I 'followed' it. I 'tracked' the trail of the point-of-light to wherever it originated. It turned out to be a female human. She was a 'good guy' and 18-level in consciousness, which is high for earth-humans these days. There were several other people present at that location. 'Yacking' went on for a while, although personal-Ray was not tuned into it.

Finally, I fell off into sleep...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance Mercury retrograde. And take my typos with you.


Visible said...

Mandecello, you have no idea how fucked up I am right now because of it and it is cold, near July and I think being dead is not a bad idea. Yeah, it crosses my mind but I am stronger than that so far.

galen said...

Mercury leaves 3 or 4 days of residue so good to stay under the radar a few more days.

Vis, was sensing something. All love surround and protect you always.


Anonymous said...

all for the purpose of demonstration

why fail the test now after all these years of study?

est said...

please don't despair
our beautiful friend

many, many are pulling for you
and a few of us, pushing too

The 3rd Elf said...

A Third Elf Appeal:

I have no idea what's going on with Vis, but I'm guessing it's not good.

Someone needs to be with him; does anyone here know if he has someone with him or not? Can anyone GET to him?

Please reply here (I'll publish comments until Vis is back with us) - or if you prefer to keep things under the radar, mail me at:

Please be quick, and thanks.

Thomas said...

Vis is strong and a friend of Gods. I am confident that he can defeat any and all demons crossing his way, if that's what it is. Sometimes one needs to be alone, and he has been working hard for a long time. I'd say, give him time. I believe he will be allright.

And Vis, if you read this: I had a long time of wanting to die, and I can only tell you this: Time is a Great Healer, and the feeling will pass. Even if you don't believe it will ever change, everything does, including us. Hang in there, dear one, and don't give up.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


We wish we could, but geographical location and lack of finances prohibit it. Hope nothing weird happened with his landlord, or structural issues that either collapsed or can't be dealt with. Or has Poncho moved on? (I just lost a feline buddy yesterday, though he didn't live with me. Just came over to eat. He was real sick, though.) Or a clear message from the Otherside that didn't bode well with intended plans? Speculation is running wild, but we hope all works out; whatever it is.

Anonymous said...

In one of his recent videos, Vis mentioned the benefit of telepathic support he receives from readers. I'm just a beginner in that department but I'm revving up my little motor and sending my best vibes his way. That uncompromising man deserves nothing but the best!

galen said...

What Francis said:

“Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

“If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”

“Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.”

“While you are proclaiming peace with your lips, be careful to have it even more fully in your heart.”

“What we are looking for is what is looking.”

“Above all the grace and the gifts that Christ gives to his beloved is that of overcoming self.”

~~St. Francis of Assisi


bullpasture said...

Hi Vis....... Don't let the cold get you down. Get a fire going in that wood stove. That's the solution to many a dreary day. Something about good radiant heat and the smell of wood embers burning can bring out primitive satisfactions.
Regarding the overwhelming insanity of present day PC pressure, I decided to have a little fun with the Official White House contact portal for citizens. I sent the following short essay/commentary blasting how f***ed up the Obama administration is in its agenda and priorities. I'd love to be a "fly on the wall" when some poor intern prints this out and sorts into the proper pile for passing on to the political white house staff. Who knows, there might be at least a couple people who may reflect that their adgenda is totally out of whack. By the way I did not create a single sentence of this writing. I merely borrowed sentences already written by a superior blogger from a more extensive article penned by Fred Reed found at
Bullpasture in Virginia Beach
President Obama: Want to understand why your administration wheels are coming off the track? Well, let us begin with the Secretary of State. A headline:
Secretary of State Kerry: “I'm Working Hard to ... Have Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Ambassadors”
From a curmudgeonly point of view, this is wonderful.  America is going to be represented abroad by a freak show. The country is going to hell, sissified neocon Tamerlanes in panties bankrupt us with brainless wars they don´t understand, the schools make us an international joke, but the Secretary of State rushes to fill the consulates with sexual abnormalities. Washington begins to make a Weimar bordello look like Mormon Sunday school. I picture myself showing up at some embassy for an interview and being told, “The ambassador will be with you in a moment. Just now, he’s f**king a sheep.”
Male or female? The sheep, I mean. With the ambassador, it would probably be hard to tell.
I am losing track of the various weirdities whose tiny concerns and wounded vanities are now the chief concern of policy domestic and foreign. It used to be only homosexuals. Now we must reverence bisexuals, transsexuals, transgendered (what is the difference?), transvestites, sadomasochistic hobbyists, perhaps bisexual transsexual homosexuals, and so on. I often see initials like LBGT, which I at first understood to be a sandwich (Lettuce, Bacon, Tomato, Garlic….).  
What is an actual man like Vladimir Putin going to think of an American ambassadress when he knows that she has a surgically implanted silicone penis and a hairy chest from testosterone injections?
This is nuts. It is one thing, and a good thing, for a decent society to leave the sexually disturbed in peace, for the police not to harass homosexuals or raid known but discrete “gay” bars. It is another thing to turn the whole damn country into Caligula’s bedroom.
Apparently the greatest transgression in America today is “homophobia.” The word is etymologically absurd as well as linguistically inaccurate, but these are concerns for the literate, who are rapidly going out of existence. “Homophobia” ought to mean “fear of homos,” but nobody is afraid of them, just tired of endlessly hearing about them. Go in peace, but go. Or just shut up.

Ray B. said...

Vis, if you get this, it is meant to help. Disregard all that does not apply...

In a certain way, we are similar in our circumstances. Late last year, I had a 20+ year relationship end abruptly and unexpectedly. Not only was the heart-connection severed, but a house/home that I had loved and nurtured was gone.

Now, I am (was) a trained psychological counselor. I knew what effects this would engender, both from book-learning and seeing others through these periods. Still, it has been a hard hit.

Initially, the hard work of moving out & in occupied my life. Survival mode. Emotions were shoved back. I did try to feel through the raw pain as I went, as much as I could.

I was surprised at how much the emotional load was debilitating, in a lack-of-will, no-spark, crawling-along type of existence. Even feeling things through as much as I could did not pop me back. This was surprising, as it works in many lesser circumstances.

Ironically, completion of the survival mode made it worse. I no longer had to 'force' myself. To push. To invent. I had time to contemplate. This was both from the past and into the future. Sleepless nights and tired days. Monkey-mind, powered by all the negative emotions. No true 'purpose'.

The psych background does help in some ways. I can sense that my life is being 'rearranged' from within. Deep stuff. Beyond 'Ray B.' At some point, it will break out with a new sense of being. Something like the caterpillar/butterfly metaphor, without the glitter. Gives me strength, knowing this.

Things that have helped me along the way: Acknowledging the true depth and strength of the 'wound'. Getting beneath the negative emotions, and feeling through the raw pain underneath; that means those emotions cannot 'hold' into the future. Actively searching for emotional 'clogs'. Putting as much focus into knowing/feeling that there is 'more' beyond this time (perhaps even better) as I do in feeling-through the negative emotions that come up. Shaking my fist at God because of the pain, even while acknowledging her/his/its greatness. Checking for 'interference' adding outside stuff to my own load, and taking appropriate steps. Knowing there is a bigger picture, even if I cannot see it...

Hope this can help.

(I have asked others to 'check in'. We'll see. Much is available.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

est said...

i sit outside, most of the time
and these birds are constantly singing

by turns they amuse and irritate me
but what if they fell silent, what then ?

i am reminded of the novel by huxley
'island' - the first words are 'attention' 'attention'

as a reminder to the humans,
to focus on what is really real

galen said...

I didn't know, I didn't know I fell in love with all of you. It crept up on me. I didn't know. I didn't try. And there's that guy, that guy that brought us all here, and he's hurting or maybe in trouble and I don't know what it is. I don't have to know. Only have to know he will survive it. We ain't sittin' with nothin' to do; we got prayers and thoughts and incantations. Lots of resources, restorative goods. Even spells, good spells that lift the dark and obliterate the ugly. And there is hope, a sister energy that never gives up. NEVER. And our animal totems and spirit guides, talisman and the earth itself that gives life and leaves nothing unattended. And magic and miracles and wishes, potions, salves and brews. And, oh yeah, we got God. And invocation and meditation, and very mystical mysticism. We got God, on whom I now call, who in his great love, to please give to my brother all he needs to be at peace. Any mistakes forgiven, any lessons fully learned, any injustice rectified. We got God.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

The Vedas say the first transcendental vibrations (words) heard by the secondary creator of the universe, Lord Brahma, were; Tapa ... Tapa..

(and due to his correct vision, he made no distinction between the Lord and the Lord's instruction)

Eudoxia said...

People who have talent and are excellent artists and I mean real artists don't ever get airplay don't get any promotion whatsoever. Take Sixto Rodrigues for example, I recommend to anyone to watch the doco Searching for Sugar Man. His story is absolutely incredible - the tribe managed to totally suppress him in the US. He really only got a following in South Africa and Australia. I recall going to a concert of his in the 70's and being the humble artist he is he didn't have 400 guitars or roadies to bring them to him so when his guitar string broke he re-strung it himself and the fucking audience started to boo him! My friend and I were appalled. The man is amazing, an enlightened being who's contract for his album Cold Fact recorded in the 70's got pulled 2 weeks before Christmas - ironically "he lost his job 2 weeks before Christmas" was already in lyrics in that album when Sussex pulled the contract 2 weeks before Christmas, he already knew what was going to happen. He sold 6 albums in the US then for the next 30 years people thought he was dead. Finally somebody tracked him down in Detroit where he was working and had been for all that time as a construction labourer. He bought a house in a council auction for $50 and still lives in it to this day I believe. When he was tracked down and bought to South Africa for several concerts the people went berserk. They loved him and he gave all his money he made from those concerts away to his family and charities according to the doco. He played here at Bluesfest last year. I would encourage all here to download the doco Searching for Sugar Man which I only saw about a week ago and was in tears watching it, and get a copy of the CD Cold Fact. He did do another one but I don't think I've heard it. There is a vast distance between people like Sixto Rodrigues and let's say Brittany Spears - I think I might have just offended myself and possibly others for putting those names in the same sentence. Main stream anything sucks. I understand since they found him in the late 90's he's playing concerts and hopefully all the income and royalties he should have been getting during that hiatus has been returned to it's rightful place.

Smyrna said...

Get your shit together and come to Australia Vis, for fucks sake. I have a mate in town who has two empty rooms. He's a non-drinking, non-smoking vegetarian covered in tattoos, I mean covered, Kendo practitioner. And a mystic. He will put you up.

Anonymous said...

Les Visible is now known as In Visible and residing in another dimension near you...stay alert for his presence and listen for updates

Anonymous said...

Prayers... Many prayers for you my friend. God is totally with you!


Anonymous said...

Dear readers,
Visible has fallen from a ladder last Wednesday and broke his hip. He lay on the concrete floor for a whole day before someone found him. He underwent surgery on Friday and will be in hospital for a while. I hope your prayers will help him.

est said...

thank you, Susanne

knowing is better than wondering

may he heal quickly
please send a word from me

and the word is > love

Anonymous said...

Get well Visible!

thanks for the information Susanne


Anonymous said...

Next to you praying while you rest and recover dear vis Jean xx

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Heal all the way, guy! The gods be with you!

The 3rd Elf said...

Thank you Susanne and;

A whole bunch of comments came in overnight - I just published them but they seem not to have appeared here on the page so

To anyone who did write a comment on 5 or 6 July and if it's not here, please can you resubmit?

Sorry about that and thanks.

Anonymous said...

Dear Viz,

All our best wishes for a speedy recovery. We miss you, dear brilliant one.



kenny said...

Stay strong Vis. We collectively will be visualizing you a speedy and complete recovery.

Anonymous said...

I'm visualising those broken bones healed and their owner back in the saddle where he belongs.

Ray B. said...

Thank you, Susanne, for letting us know.

A speedy recovery, Vis!

It was nice to see All Who Cared.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Erik said...

Be Well

David Alan McBride said...

I love you Les Visible. I hereby officially ask Soul and Soul's Creator to send healing, loving high vibration to Mr. Les Visible. Will you please give him whatever he needs that I can provide? Thank you Soul. Thank you Soul's Creator. Thank you Susanne. Thank you Mr. Visible.

marilyn said...

i'm sorry to hear this..sending love and healing light your way.

Anonymous said...

Oh Vis--So sorry that this happened. Blessings upon your physical body. You are loved.
JoAnne Decker

Anonymous said...

Heal quickly, my friend I've never met, we need you back here...


Anonymous said...

Heal quickly, Visible. Looking forward to your next video, too - complete with a shot of that body cast. If you were on the floor for an entire day, with a fractured hip, you have to be in at least a partial body cast - unless the doctors who worked on you were complete putzes. So it's a given that you are in at least a partial body cast. But I hope you won't be shy about shooting more videos, because of the cast, Visible. Nothing to be shy about there.

Eudoxia said...

Thanks Suzanne I thought something was up when I'd not seen a post in a few days.

Speedy healing Viz I hope the level of care you get where ever you are is good and free.

Sukh said...

Love and healing and prayers to you dear Vis.

Peaches said...

Vis I'm so sorry this happened to you. What kind of a demonstration is this I wonder?

Love and prayers to you. You are in my thoughts often.


Anaughty Mouser said...

I have spoken with Les Visble earlier this evening (7/7-14). He is recovering in a German hospital after a left hip replacement operation following a fracture due to falling on Wednesday evening July 2, 2014.
When I spoke with him, he was in good spirits and receiving opiate derivatives as analgetics. He asked to convey to you the readers that he is using the time in the hospital to catch up on his (new) book writing which subjectively is going very well.
He also asked me to ask the third-elf to audit suspect troll comments in his temporary hiatus from his three blogs.

Peace and love

Anonymous said...

Heal quickly Vis. And thanks, Susanne.

This has been a most trying Mercury retrograde period, a borderline nightmare. I don't know about the rest of you out there but in my little corner of the universe some weird things happened between July 2-4. I'm still reeling a bit. In one instance a friendship--which was nurtured and cultivated with a circle of friends in Europe for 32 years--imploded abruptly and unilaterally.

And then on July 5th I read about Vis.

July 16th we're finally clear of this thing. It's a long retrograde phase compared to others.


Anonymous said...

We keep you in our prayers, Vis


Anonymous said...

Peace be upon all
I knew it. Thanks suzanne and elf for letting us know how hes doing. Wish him a speedy recovery. I think we will see him soon.

Anonymous said...

Please post the name and address of the hospital where Visible is recovering. I would like to send him flowers and/or a Care Package, and I'm sure others would like to do so as well. At least a card. Maybe with a little green stuff enclosed...wink-wink.

Anonymous said...

Please post the name and address of the hospital where Visible is recovering. Many of us would like to send cards, flowers and well-wishes. Thank you.

The 3rd Elf said...

#97: Thanks for the heads-up on that, you fucking snake.

The reason that Siamese Mirrors is redirecting to here (for you, just for you):

... is that it's your local loony bin. (Well, it's the closest that I could pinpoint to where your IP address 64.130.*.186 is at anyway)

You want Visible's address so you can send cards and flowers? How sweet, you lying POS.

Let's have your address first eh? Yes? No?

If it's a "no" - and it will be - how about instead you write a mail to Vis - or submit a comment - I mean a respectful comment - apologising to Vis for the deluge of bile you've been goading him the last year or two?

If you're man (woman) enough to do that, then maybe you won't find yourself inconveniently redirected next time you visit here, or Mirrors or Origami.

You may go.

Anonymous said...

You are in our thoughts and prayers Visible. Take it easy friend.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Akram made a comment in chat about wanting to know the hospital name where Visible is at? I would like to know as well. I hope you will post this information and thank you.

The 3rd Elf said...

Thomas Farber, if you read this can you please email me at:

Or if anyone knows how I can contact him can you please get in touch? - thank you.

Anonymous said...

Freaking horrendous news about Visible. I am flying to Germany tomorrow evening. If someone could please post a comment and provide the name of Visible's hospital, I would greatly appreciate it. He may not feel like having visitors but I would like to leave a little something for him in an envelope, if he is not in the mood to receive me. God bless and speedy recovery to LV.

galen said...

Thanks for posting the "Alive" song, 3rd Elf. A perfect choice and some of the richest harmonies I've ever heard. Shoulda been number one on the alternative music charts. Ya know, as bad as this is in terms of what happened to Vis, I weirdly feel a little relieved that it wasn't anything worse. I mean when we didn't know what was going on, crazy, crazy thoughts ran through my head, thoughts like, "Well, maybe they finally came after him." Or, "What'd he do now?" I see from the posts that others had similar thoughts. My mind was off and runnin'. So this accident is something he can likely come back from, and with the kind of determination (true warrior) he carries, deep healing is probable. Hate to think of him hurting, though. Someone at the blog had asked him "What kind of demonstration is this?" Maybe it was just so he could know how loved and cherished he is. And look, with all he's shared about the rough spots in his life, especially early childhood, it's understandable that he would have to know that love is there for him. Yes, I know he knows the steadfast love of The Divine, but I mean from we humans who know him. I know each is responding in his or her own way and doing what they can. All these efforts will add up to help him. And you, Elf, are certainly appreciated.



Anonymous said...

in reviewing comments on this blog it was weird to see est composed a few lines on june 28 that were strangely linked to vis' fall.

est said...
i wish i could tell you what i really think
you'd fall, straight out of your chair

and while you're on the floor, looking up
at the ceiling, i would wave both hands

and say, hey, here i am, can't you see me ?
i am, what you think you are, always have been

if you want to give me a name you surely can
but it changes nothing, i am still death

life is strange..........

galen said...

Elf, would you help me understand why people who don't resonate with James' meditation have to be sent away? I mean, maybe that's just where they are on their path. I look back over the years and see there were many things I used to resonate with and now no longer do and other things that I had no interest in and now do. Changing as I went. I know the trolls have to be weeded out, but isn't that something separate from those whose perceptions differ from what the meditation expresses? Just wondering.


est said...

well you're right
that is odd, to say the least

my words were, in no way,
linked to our friends fall

but when i found out what happened
i wondered if he had read them

and was lying there in mortal danger
these words running through his mind

The 3rd Elf said...

Galen, it was a throwaway remark, not one worthy of forensic examination. Sorry if you found it questionable.

I spoke to Vis again this afternoon, he sounds a lot brighter. I have the address of the hospital, but before I publish it:

I need first to determine how much longer he's going to be there. I understand that he is going to be transferred elsewhere for rehab treatment - and should that transfer happen as soon as say, 2 - 5 days from now, I can see a situation where a deluge of flowers, chocolates, cakes, acid tabs and marijuana disguised as teddy bears descends upon the hospital from all points of the globe and they end up donating it all to the children's ward. Not a bad thing necessarily, though in my opinion, children eat too many chocolates anyway.

Let me first determine how long it's going to be until he is moved into the rehab unit, its address and for how long he's going to be there (my understanding is that he will be in rehab a good bit longer than he has been / will have been in hospital - there will then be a sufficiently large time frame for any gifts sent, regardless of where from, to reach Vis).

This is not to say that I'm not going to divulge the address of the hospital. Let me see what info comes in over the next few hours.

Thanks to everyone who has written, and sorry if I've not yet answered. I will!

Anonymous said...

NO Haribo Gummi Bears - PLEASE!!!!!!!

Although it would make for one hulluva Origami..

Ray B. said...

Anaughty Mouser, July 07, 2014 9:42:00 PM

"...a left hip replacement operation..."

Dang! I had been envisioning a cast and/or a pin. No dancing for a while...

A side thought: I would wish that those friends/helpers who were assisting Vis in getting his 'loft' together could carry-on in his absence. It would be wonderful if he could come back to a place 'further along' than when he left. Perhaps 3rd Elf or Susanne can contact those involved...

I wonder if Vis is a 'model patient', or one nurses grit their teeth over? (grin)

All our Best, Vis!

Ray B.

The 3rd Elf said...

Here's an update of sorts:

A local(ish) 500km distant German reader, Michael is en route today to visit Vis. He's taking him a few essentials and I'm hoping that he might help Vis get online. I was mistaken in a previous comment - Visible isn't and hasn't been online the last however many days (not that I'm aware of, anyway) because although he has his laptop with him, there is no internet facility in the ward (hospital?) where he is.

Anyway, Michael set out a couple of hours ago and I'm going to assume that he'll get to Visible sometime this afternoon. Looking forward now (I think) to whatever feedback Michael can give us.

Finally, sorry if you've written and I've still not responded. My PC is quite poorly too, the last couple of days.

Visible said...

a new Origami is up now-

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

You and I and What Lies in Between.



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