Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Walking Down Memory Lane with Broad Daylight Awareness.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Every now and again it's nice to see that someone notices. It makes you feel like maybe you haven't completely wasted your time. Of course, I don't know what the guy is trying to say because he didn't say it (much like his short piece demonstrates) but what I do know is that he didn't offer the refutation that my piece demanded. Bottom Line? Something is true or it isn't. It was nice of him to provide a means of contact but... for me, there's no point. I already said what I had to say. You don't have to go far to see the very mentality I am talking about. Give it time and this will dwarf the Brocol Harum, Bring Back our Girls PR stunt for yet one more NSA funded terror op. The degree of artifice and transparent fabrications is extreme these days. Very likely the recent kidnapping in Israel is yet another stunt. These days every single example is a stunt until proven otherwise.

I'd say I want my world back but I never had one. Now I'm in another episode. I don't know where it's headed and I don't know what it means. I get up each morning and I go to bed each night. I'm dreaming, obviously. There's a point to it all but I'm not supposed to know what it is. I'm sure the reader shares my dilemma; how it is so easy to see the meaning of things in the lives of others and so very difficult to see it in our own?

I move through the world and I watch the people in shops and on the streets. They seem ordinary because the events of their lives in this moment in time are ordinary. Let the transport trucks stop and the utilities go down and you will see the face beneath the Formica. I might as well be from outer space. I am an alien life-form here. I know the thoughts that pass through my mind are not the thoughts passing through the minds of the people around me. I occasionally go places and sit in a cafe, on a park bench, somewhere... and I look to see if I can spot one person who has the ineffable on their mind. I look to see if there is another person looking as I do, around me ...and... wondering like I do about the same considerations. I've never seen anyone so occupied. Of course, I might be missing it. Regardless of whatever amount of intuition and telepathic insight I may possess, it's a given that I miss things but... I have this very strong feeling that this is something I would be able to see, at least now and again. I know that the man whose property I am living on thinks about these things but that makes sense. I wouldn't be here otherwise.

Let's face it. Those of us who are occupied with thoughts about the divine are in a very small minority. Those of us who are more or less sane I mean; more or less. I'm referencing the teeming mass of Fundie Bots who make up the vast majority of those engaged in religious practice. Religious practice is not to be confused with spiritual practice. Of course, no committed spiritual being can be considered sane by the world's standards. It's a given that their thoughts, words and actions generally go contrary to what is euphemistically called, 'conventional wisdom'.

What I am most grateful for is that I am able to continue, to go on, despite being alienated from nearly all of the life around me and I don't have to do or say anything to make this alienation occur. The last couple of days I found myself in some locations I don't usually visit. I was just some guy in blue jeans and a sweater; no real distinguishing marks to speak of, yet... when I walked into the room, the hallway, the store, everywhere I turned, there were eyes upon me. Some of them looked startled. Some looked suspicious. Some glared at me. Some even looked something close to frightened. It made no kind of sense. I'm used to this. It's been happening for awhile but now, it's gone up several notches. Trust me, it's pretty strange. Genetically I come from this place a couple generations back.

Like I said, I'm grateful that I have an inner life that occupies my existence because being so far outside the general ebb and flow of the people around me might be devastating to someone who wanted to be a part of it all. There were times in my life that I actually tried to fit in and the result was not pleasant. Regardless of keeping every part of what I am to myself, it was soon apparent that I was not welcome. I bring up these occasional anecdotal scenarios only when they stand out in my mind and when I think that talking about them is likely going to resonate with a lot of the readership. From the content of the emails I get and especially of late, it's clear that I am not the Lone Ranger here.

When I use Broad Daylight Awareness and step outside of myself, it is a wonder to me that I'm anywhere near serene about this process called existence. Regardless of what anyone may think, I really do rely on the ineffable for everything. It's not a matter of my trying to do it, or seeking to follow the constant reminders that I get of, 'rely on me'. The truth is that I have no choice. I have no country. I have no job; the way most people have a job. I have no abiding patron. I have no investments, own no property and due to the subject matter of my posts, I am blackballed from every industry I am engaged in. If there is one thing that frustrates me, it's that I don't know what any of it means. It must mean something. Everything means something.

When I look at the spectacle of my life through Broad Daylight Awareness, I am truly shocked to find that I'm not dead from some form of substance abuse, in a wheelchair or some institution- also in a wheelchair (grin), or bent into unrecognizable shape, hounded by all manner of harpies or something indicative of the Santa Anna shitstorm style winds I've been walking head on into for decades. What happens is I go to bed and I have remarkable dreams. Then I wake up and I have my morning tea (Morning Thunder tea, courtesy of a generous and thoughtful reader. You can't buy it here.) I check to see what's going on out there, or whatever amount of what 'they' want me to see about what's going on out there. Following that I meditate and pray, then I exercise, then I work on this place (tomorrow I'll put up a video about that end of things); at certain moments I'll do some variation of this writing exercise, eat at some point, pray some more, do a whole lot of reflecting along the lines of what you see here most days and I wonder. I wonder about my erectile dysfunction (metaphorically speaking) as it concerns the world around me. What I mean is that is all pretty ordinary and that's about it day after day. I'm leaving out all those beautiful moments that come and go and make what might seem empty to others, very rewarding and fulfilling. I rarely converse with anyone. I spend every evening and most days by myself, with occasional brief interpersonal action on some days but I can't remember ever wishing that someone was here. I spent near fifteen years in one room just recently without ever having a friend in the area or the neighborhood drop in. I simply had nothing in common with anyone. Even in what passed for my own home for that period of time, I seldom was able to have a conversation about the things I care about. The only people I ever saw otherwise were people who flew in to see me.

I'll go to bed soon now and I'll lay there looking through the skylight at that single star that's fixed in that location and maybe it will occur to me that that star was once a human being many kalpas ago... or so certain sages maintain. That star shines there in its isolation and there is some kind of cosmic poetry in that which is beyond human imagination. Such is the nature of life for those upon the solitary path. Solitude moves from lonely state to lonely state and given the incalculable benevolence of the ineffable, this is some kind of priceless gift, yet most people would look upon such a thing with horror. They would go mad because of it but we, 'we few", we are already mad.

As I lay in my bed my thoughts will go toward the ineffable. It's an unbreakable habit at this point. I often start talking to the ineffable as I climb up the ladder to the loft (stairway can't go in until the whole roof is finished) and it will continue for a time as I lie there. Sometimes I will hear a reply but often there is only me (or seems to be) speaking into the darkness AND sometimes there are replies in the way that my feeling are woven into a pattern by unseen hands and that results in my seeing something that I cannot see but that is palpable at a level where I am made aware of deeper things.

My insignificant life is a beautiful thing, in some ways simply by virtue of that. One of the things I love the most about the ineffable is 'how great thou art'. How could I ever take myself seriously when I am aware and could never be unaware of that? How could I find myself or anything I do to be of any real importance when I am never unaware of how truly and immeasurably great the ineffable is? All day there is The Sun to remind me. At night there are The Moon and Stars; the planets spinning in their orbits... that incredible expanse of everything all held together by the ceaseless meditation of the ineffable upon it. Anything good that I might accomplish is accomplished by the one who works through me. Every error and mistake is my own. All of them are the incidental departures of my every day; seen for what they are in the instant of their commission. How could I ever believe that I am in any way exceptional when I am confronted with my own shortcomings every day for that very reason? This is the beauty of Broad Daylight Awareness. Without it one can become caught up in any number of outrageous fantasies and become puffed up like a peacock in their vanity. I despise vanity. It is one of the most dangerous- and at the same time- useless qualities one can be burdened with. I have to laugh out loud at least once a day when I come across some news-bite about someone taking themselves seriously, croaking like a frog in whatever small pond they're performing in.

Many people are lonely while being surrounded by crowds. Some of us are never lonely and yet there is no one else around to be seen. My capacity to entertain myself is a thing of wonder, most of the time I completely forget that there is no one here but... that's not true is it, that no one is here? That's not true at all. I find myself wanting to keep saying the same thing in a different way; I look back at my life and I see an excruciating passage over tormented highways, with hardly any respite at all except in more recent years, yet it has no real meaning to me. I'm guessing these things happened to me but there's no impact, no sense of the wounds and there certainly must be some. I have four brothers and a sister. My mother is going to be 95 this year. I haven't called home in awhile which means I haven't heard from any of them and unless someone dies I won't. Nothing happened to cause this. We are quite friendly when we talk. They communicate regular with each other but not with me. I am not a part of any of that and I did nothing to cause it. It was that kundalini thing. After it happened I had no blood family anymore. It just vanished and all the world became my family, at least that portion of it that recognizes it. Strangely enough, this fact communicated itself to the rest of that family without anything ever having to be said.

It's midnight now. I'm usually in bed at around ten normally because that's how it is here. Somewhere else it would be something else. For some reason I'm up tonight, largely to compose this posting. What happens in this life happens when it wants to. I'm just along for the ride. Last week, or maybe the week before was our two hundredth radio broadcast. Next week will be the six year anniversary. In anticipation of that I have slowed the verbal pace and we can look for that to be a regular feature now. This Sunday's broadcast is now available for listening. I hope the reader can find some useful, personal meaning out of this rambling soliloquy. I try to keep myself out of the mix as much as I can remember to but it's bound to happen sometimes and this is one of those times. Much love to you all.

End Transmission.......

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Visible said...

So... I will be going to bed in case anyone wonders why the comments aren't going up. They will in the morning.

Unknown said...

Beautiful thoughts Vis.

Maybe the majority of people today are like you stated in your last post, that they work for the Ineffable, and are testing. I sometimes view things that way, but Im sure there is true meaning to it all, and why people are the way the are, or perhaps always have been.

Being consumed with the Ineffable is truly the only way in which to find true happiness and peace, this I do know.

Another reason that you have made it through all you have, is for demonstration by the Ineffable.

I have felt the same way, and do, though it hardly matters unless through divine communication, for everything is important to be heard by the divine.

The divine has broad daylight awareness. Everything is noted, and observed by the divine.

Sleep well, and good dreams.


Anonymous said...

goodnight les visible.....we are everywhere with you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,
And of course this extended family, the ones without family or friends.

It is impossible to find and convey the best vocabulary possible that composes or sings or performs or paints the truest portrait of predetermined commonality however, if one should find the proper pigments of oils, the perfect shear fabric of canvas, and could find the expression to foment the truest concept of masterpiece in observation – then posthumously, one would have achieved the most priceless work of art ever conceived in the history of the world.

When asked by the art world how this composition came to be - the artist just responded:
“I was just really tired, sat down late one night and threw some liquid at the framed canvas and this is what came of it – I don’t believe I really had the notion that this could be such a lesson in the ‘things in common department’ for those that choose to behold”.

Perhaps just a simple thank you could relay more than any masterpiece in expressionism.

Be Well everyone – I can only speculate that we all have much more in common by design than we will ever truly know, making this design the most priceless masterpiece ever manifested.

Anonymously, sincerely, unseen non-son from the land of nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post Vis...it was excellent and much needed.
There is beauty in being 'alone'(even though one is really) and un-lonely. I hope you slept sweetly and the morrow is good.

missingarib said...

As a tribute to your work and what it means to me to read your thoughts I humbly offer one of SHAKESPEARE’S SONNETS

"When I summons the remembrance of past things to the court of sweet silent thought I regret not having achieved many of the things I strived for, and I add new tears to the old griefs, crying about the waste of my valuable time. It is then that I can drown my eyes, which don’t often flow, thinking about precious friends who are dead; and weep all over again for love that has lost its pain long ago; and cry over many a sight I’ll never see again. At those times I’m able to cry over sorrows I’ve long ago let go of, and sadly count them one by one, and feel them all over again, as though I hadn’t suffered their pain before. But if, while doing that, I think about you, my dear friend, all those losses are restored and my pain ends."

much love -live long

Anonymous said...

lovely to read your work vis,


insiam said...

Really nice place Vis. Full of character - just like you :)

Strange and little bit spooky thing is it looks exactly as i imagined it would. Like i had seen the place before!

PS the video was great. felt much like having a cozy chat right there with you. can't wait till you get the carpets down :)

Anonymous said...

I'm partial to PG Tips tea myself. Just can't deal with coffee anymore. I hear what your saying about having five siblings, having been the sixth of six. You' re an older brother to me.
I'd like to visit again sometime.


Anonymous said...

Loved the video. I normally can't stand videos - the informational type, the links to which you can often find at sites like Rense. You know what I mean; you see an interesting article title, click on it, thinking it's a written piece, and it's a video. Anyway, I can definitely see watching your videos, in addition to reading your written pieces. Hang tough, Visible, and try not to be so hard on yourself. We are all flawed and one of the many positive differences between yourself and most people, is the fact that there are many, many human beings out here who truly appreciate what you have to say. And that in itself is something that hopefully will make you feel good about yourself.

Visible said...

Glad you liked it. They should be more entertaining as time goes by.

Mandocello; any time.

dirtykid© said...


I think the 'appearance' of awareness in others is actually hidden by the masks so many of us are forced to wear given the relative scarcity of awareness in any given region. Thus it would be more of a 'read between the lines' activity... The less 'fear/distain/shock/disgust/etc' you sense in making eye-contact with anyone in the mob the less likely they are too be a 'blue pill' (forgive the matrix reference, I simply find it the most accurate description). If it weren't for the fact that so many people are labeled terrorist or criminal for simply being opposed debt money or any other of the backwards and upsidedown crimes against nature we see being idolized and rewarded every time some bobblehead puppet opens their mouth, the need for such masks in public would be obliterated making detection a much simpler process.

Given that we tend to be viewed as enemies of the system it stands to reason that this defensive mechanism exists to make us harder to coral into a one way dead end.


Anonymous said...

That is one cool loft you have there, Visible. Man, I can really tell you've done a ton of work on it. Kudos to you on a job well done. Keep those videos rolling...can't wait for your next one.

Anonymous said...

That is one cool loft you have there, Visible. Man, I can really tell you've done a ton of work on it. Kudos to you on a job well done. Keep those videos rolling...can't wait for your next one.

Anonymous said...


Alone never. He is always with us. And you, you…. You walk (however that be) with giants. Consider the amazing Snordenhans, maker of the best videos EVER. Surpassing Bergman, Zefferelli, and all, Patrick visualizes Truth, Beauty and Goodness for us like no other, and presents the works of YOU. You.

As for tea, I too am (was) a drinker of black tea (straight). HOWEVER, I recently found out that the fluoride in black tea is extremely high. Since fluoride is deadly, I stopped drinking tea (sigh). I took up coffee drinking instead, but I require heavy cream with it (yum).

Synchronistically, the founder of Celestial Seasonings (Morning Thunder), Mo Siegel, is also the President of the Urantia Foundation, which publishes The Urantia Book. There was a huge war among The Urantia Book factions as to who had the right to publish, who owned the three-concentric-circles symbol, blah blah blah. There were court cases ad nauseum for many years. The "leadership" was/is heavy with Ashcans (surprise). Everywhere we look. Rant.

I am content to be aloneish, although it sometimes seems strange.


♪"The Lord bless you and keep you
The Lord make His face to shine upon you
And give you peace
And give you peace
The Lord make His face to shine upon you
And be gracious unto you
The Lord be gracious
Unto you.
Amen Amen Amen Amen"


Magdelena Melchizzedek

Anonymous said...

Thanks for vid, Vis!

Man have you done some work there! I suspect that the way it looked when you first got there was not for the feignt of heart. Anyway, it's much like I imagined and I think it'll be amazing when completed (prayers for a speedy completion!).

I, too, would love to pay you a visit. Particularly now so I could at least haul some of the heavy stuff around to where you need it. Sadly, the current appearances I find myself in make it seem like this probably won't be happening. But hey, you never know.

You sure do set an example of some serious faith, my friend. Thank you for that! And more prayers heading your way!


BCii said...

I cannot begin to say how glad I am to be the recipient of such grace as to be permitted to frequent these pages. It's all of you here who make it the special place it is. Thank you for coming, and thank you for all that you bring with you. The words I read here, from Visible and the rest, are so refreshing and nourishing, delightfully entertaining and exquisitely vivifying. The comfort it brings to see the evidence of what treasures we share in common is beyond words.

The dance of life, between seeming hardship and vexatious circumstance, and manifest divinity, never ceases to engage my fullest sense of awe, whether it be flowing over or running in the crevices of my soul...

galen said...

On the first link in today's article. . . "Of course, I don't know what the guy is trying to say because he didn't say it."

Well, he did say something. By asking "Why does this bother me so much?", he was inadvertently saying it (your video) bothered him. And your closing sentence did extend an invitation.

I thought about his small article and I looked at his face. I pondered that he is a decent person doing what he can to assist life, and he is offended when anything is written that points at his race. He likely does not know that you have time-after-time stated that this exposing of zio-neo-con horror is not about every Jew. Most thinking people know that. The 12 minute specter vid (a masterpiece of composite truth) pulls no punches and cuts to the core. A powerful and necessary offering. I re-listened to it to try to hear it through Eisen's ears. All I could respond with is this amazing outreach I read a few days ago:


The olive branch forever extended. The way out offered.


Thomas said...

The Divine is expressing Itself in every leaf, every raindrop, every star (I Believe). Why can you not say the same thing in different ways?

May we All (who wish to) come speedily to that "place" of bliss and utter peace that the saints talk of. May The Ineffable shine on and guide our ways :)

Ray B. said...

Hi, Vis! I just saw your video. Congratulations on landing in an area you can make yours. It is much bigger than my mind's eye view of a 'loft'. Boy, do you have your days filled for a while with all that 'upgrading'. Nice that the upgrading materials are coming to you.

One thing you mentioned invoked the engineer in me. Forgive me if you already know this. You mentioned putting up red-brick facing on both loft ends because of the cold seeping through the concrete or rock walls. You will need to install some form of (permanent) thermal break between the bricks and the wall, or the cold will just percolate through. Some people construct a light steel frame and install a good grade of insulation batting. Others simply glue in a few inches of hard-foam insulation (non-fume emitting) and lay the bricks against the sheets.

Anyway, glad you seem to be doing well...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Sigh...my comment about should read (even though one is "never" really)
All apologies.

DaveR said...

Thanks Vis! I read the link about the yearbook and found it mildly amusing until I got to the end where the high school is offering free labels to cover the little 'joke' and I laughed and laughed.

No! My eyes cannot stand to see that! They burn! They burn! We must cover such a thing… Bwahahahaha….

We must cover the 'Jew' word and let us never speak of it again. Hahhahaaaa.

I needed a good laugh.

Visible said...

Ray, the plan is and has been, black and white backing sheets on the white plaster walls, hard foam insulation, then the blue plastic, then the brick. The one priority here has been to seal the place tight with insulation and accessories correctly installed.

On the red concrete floor which also got deep ground sealant (two coats) beneath that, on that goes 30 mm foam board, cross bracing lath topped with the spruce and the usual vapor barriers. I've been in and out of the construction game for decades; never a pro really but in possession of lots of experience. I'm first timing a few things but my memory is one of the things I can always count on. Glenn noticed that feature when he was here (grin). Further, on top of that, Neo, my friend here, is a pro in nearly every area and strangely in the few where he is not I have a background. It's odd

We'll have everything but the floor in when the cold comes and that can be done at leisure through the inside time. He's got this great heating system with a huge hopper tank and feed that runs wood chips into a furnace and then sends the heat up into the buildings through special base board hearing tubes that will be veiled by wood fascia.

The new wood coal stove I have is an on top addition that gives out seven kilowatts. Of note is that I got this heating stove for 240. and it's got higher output -or as high- as the other stoves that were for sale for a thousand to two thousand. It's uncanny how lucky I've been in some regards this way. My very limited budget has been made just manageable by these strokes of good fortune. It was the only stove like that there and I snatched it ahead of time. I'm putting in some strategic fans for positive downward heat flow. I'll get them used on Ebay. My piece de resistance is going to be the fiber optic work I'm doing along with the halogen racks of small spots. I've always felt that the key element in a place having magical mood is the lighting.

Skully said...

Hi Les

I was hoping to speak with you. I am training to be buddhist and have been attending the local Thai Sangha. I started studying Ven Master Thich Nhat Hahn he is such an amazing Zen Master!
Each word carefully chosen resonates with me and you have really been an inspiration. 15 years alone etc I now feel totally ok that I too live the same quietly with very few visitors. So I am normal since you do it too! LOL I feel so much better now.

You inspired me 7 years ago to stop the corps from slaving me on and I have really been given a gift since I learned to live with less an not support any corporation for employment.


Skully said...

Hey thanks for your words of knowledge.
I am a new buddhist been studying a lot of Thich Nhat Hahns books and trying to learn Thai since I go to the local Thai Sangha. I would like to email you more is that ok? Can I ask questions? I love the Ineffable too the Tao is all my heart knows anymore.

Skully said...

Well I have tried three times to get the comment and it seems that what I was trying to state must not be revelant.
Suffice it to say simply I am grateful for your post today I am a Sekha just learning the Stream...Sawadeeka
Been studying Thich Nhat Hahn's works and the Dahammapda The Gita will you help me learn more when you have time?

garbanzo said...


Click on the link:



Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the very nice new home Visible! Looks fantastic -even unfiinished...

Respects to all here in Visible world!

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the extended reply. Sounds like you have things well in hand. I was worried about quickly informing you regarding the plaster walls & the brick simply because once it's done it's permanent.

It's funny because two other things that had popped up in my mind - insulation for the floor and the heating system - were addressed in your post. Woo-woo! (grin)

I want to put in a plug for more videos, as you can. Adding the sense of sight to simple description makes a world of difference...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

galen said...

One other thing about loneliness. . . Someone once told me that it wasn't a loneliness for people but rather a loneliness for kind. That rang so true with me. What a gift it is when there is affinity/understanding. Something to be treasured, nurtured, protected. Many years ago I sang with a folk-rock group called "I'M YOU" (don't Google it; we never got further than my basement), and yeah, even though some posit "We're all one," today I might change the name of that singing group from "I'M YOU" to "I'M SOME OF YOU." Ha ha ha ha ha. I crack myself up.


BCii said...

"My piece de resistance is going to be the fiber optic work I'm doing along with the halogen racks of small spots. I've always felt that the key element in a place having magical mood is the lighting."

Mm, yes!

I am so glad everything's coming together for you. I get the sense that this is the beginning of a totally new phase for you, where everything begins to open up. Of course, you will be working harder than ever, but that won't be a bad thing, as long as it's the ineffable behind you. ( And it has been, as far as I'm concerned.)

Visible said...

Skully; Sometimes I am not around to post comments. Today I had to carry near half a ton of tile down 3 flights of stairs, load them in my car (two trips) and then stack them outside this place. It took awhile and then I wanted to eat and then I wanted to rest and I spaced this out. It happens. Sometimes I go to bed early and I am hours ahead of most of the readers so there is a gap there too.

I'm glad things are going well for you. Hearing things like what you said always brightens up my day and sometimes makes me feel like I've been accomplishing something. At various times I have no idea whether there is any meaning to what I do or not, so... hearing these things has meaning.

It's odd, as well as things 'seem' to be going and as hard as I try to stay on the line there are subtle and sometimes unpleasant things that come at me and they are veiled so that I can't tell if what I am seeing is what I am seeing.

These are odd times. Last night when I was sitting here, sitting back a few paces from my desk, reflecting... something playing as a distraction on the computer, I looked up at the spruce ceiling. A light was shining and so the ceiling was lit. Suddenly a large (well, not that large) creature like a bat glided across the roof in front of me. It made no sound. It was so silent. I went, "What the Hell?" I could not figure this out. A little while later I saw a small moth flutter in front of me, no shadow though. But that just doesn't seem possible.

The thing is... I was looking right at this thing and it was no shadow. If it was then something in my vision is a little wack. I could see the object at a distance from the roof, it wasn't on the roof itself; no shadow does that. I haven't seen any sign of it since. I don't see things like that unless I'm on psychedelics and I haven't been on anything for a long time; months and months. I am meditating every day. Hmmmm.

I wish I could find some mushrooms. I guess I'm going to have to look around on line or something. It's been such a long spell and I'd hate to miss all this good weather and wonderful forest and I know she's out there just waiting for me to be in the right dimension. Maybe I'll get lucky at the solstice.

It might seem odd my sticking that into the post but when bizarre stuff starts happening; only a small portion of which I have mentioned, I like to check in. I get a very strong sense that something is going on that I don't know about. I mean, I have had some bizarre experiences. It could be this being in a totally new location but something is not what it was.

The last part of the comment is a digression and not directed at you personally.

Visible said...


On that note... I've been getting heavy messages that a sweeping transformation in consciousness is going to happen to some of us; possibly many of us (relatively speaking). Portals are going to open. There will be dimensional breeches. I've no hard evidence except for big changes in my being but I am definitely getting a whiff of something, ergo the mention of a consciousness booster. Everything gets explained very clearly when I go to these places.

I really want to thank the reader for the ongoing support. It means so much to me. it's something I can fall back on in those moments of cluelessness and confusion that arrive sometimes. I'm amazed at the transformations in my physical being from all this work.

If you are young I cannot stress enough that you should stay physically fit. then... when you fall away from it as most do, get sedentary and then some kind of health problem comes up or a weakness takes hold and you get your act together... if you have spent your life being in shape, it is amazing how quickly it can come back. I'll never let that happen again. I think that is one reason the ineffable booted me out of my former situation. I was informed well ahead of time that it was going to happen and it did.

Hopefully... in keeping with things I have been told about the time coming up and given how what I have been told so far about what has already happened, I am expecting a serious uptick in good fortune. I hope I recognize it when it comes around, given that I haven't seen any in a long long time except on a maintenance level. When you look at that as being good fortune (grin) well... what can I say?

zepheri said...

Wellness and good luck are a big part of the sum.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "I don't see things like that unless I'm on psychedelics..."

It could be either your veils thinning, and/or the area you are in being 'higher'. You might try a 'tool' I use, if you are interested in what that was. A while back, I discovered for myself that a part of Higher Self operates outside of SpaceTime. As such, it can 'look around' at any point of interest. If you can 'link up' with that part (while remaining conscious), you can ask it to 'revisit' that point in time & space - either traveling 'with' it or through questioning it while it's 'there'. (The usual caveats about unprovable, etc.)
Vis: "I've been getting heavy messages that a sweeping transformation in consciousness is going to happen to some of us; possibly many of us (relatively speaking)."

For what it's worth, I continue to get responses that what I call the Turning is still 'moving'. When I ask 'trivial or major', I always get the latter. Still an absolute refusal to tell me when/how/etc...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...


Has Neo had any experiences along those lines lately?


Anonymous said...

Vis, loved seeing your new place, it's much bigger than I was thinking, and you're making it so cozy and homey.... makes me happy to know you're in a good place, in many ways. Thanks for all the comfort you give, you're a gem, truly. Take care,

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

To Prioritize the Light Within.

Visible said...

A new video can be viewed now.

Anonymous said...


What a pleasure to SEE you! Reminds me of the seven years I lived in a space-age treehouse off the grid. Wonderful experience. Very nice looking space for you, Viz. May you find joy there.

I love the brick walls idea. I had a brick wall in another house, very beautiful.



Anonymous said...

"I know the thoughts that pass through my mind are not the thoughts passing through the minds of the people around me. I occasionally go places and sit in a cafe, on a park bench, somewhere... and I look to see if I can spot one person who has the ineffable on their mind."

I frequently do the same thing and get the same results.

It's good to know there's at least one other...


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Finding your Way through The Empire of Flesh.



Joseph Brenner

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