Thursday, June 12, 2014

Patterns and the Principles of Contemporary Morph.

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On some rare occasions, I come here to write something and I wind up looking out the window or... in times when there are no windows, looking inward through other windows. Usually the tap is on and whatever is running is running. Here we are in one of those rare occasions, made all the more rare by the prime time slot of mid morning when I am generally working. Last night I was going till ten so I guess it's okay to suddenly stop and alter a pattern.

When we first get here, patterns are mostly enforced upon us and when they are not we opt toward spontaneity because everything is new and our attention gets snatched by one thing after another. It's that 'kid in a candy store' thing.

If you were raised in a sane family, most of the time, they want to instill patterns in you for your own good and for future protections against things they are aware of from past experience, or through observation of the lives of others. The government wants to instill patterns as well, given that the government has progressed to the place where it wants control over every aspect of the lives of its citizens, which is pretty obvious these days. Sometimes it's the first action of a new government when that government is corrupt from the getgo, such as the Zio-controlled US government in The Ukraine that installed an oligarch into power.

We develop patterns of our own as defenses against things that happened to us when we weren't prepared, or else we repeat the same mistakes over and over, which is a pattern too.

When you think about it, all of our problems are patterns and one might say that conversely, many of our patterns are problems. My feeling is that pretty much all of our difficulties exist due to bad parenting. I've used Phillip Larkin's poem as a lyrical example of this. In times of imbalance, brought about an excess of material focus, bad parenting from both your natural and unnatural parents is a given.

The self help industry is a massive cash cow; whether it is (these days) the traditional pop psych horseshit, created to make you feel adjusted in a dysfunctional society, or any of the bewildering blitzkrieg of New Age hucksterism, there's a whole lot of money in it and that is because a great many people are dissatisfied and unhappy. Why they are unhappy should be obvious but not much is obvious when one is blind and that is a pattern too. In some cases it is a pattern that we put into place because of the difficult circumstances that Broad Daylight Awareness will most certainly bring about for those unwilling to make the changes that will be required. So we institute a pattern of denial to protect our investment in our patterns of self interest, which aren't really an expression of true self interest but rather the common fabrications indulged in by the masses, who, in toto, are an expression of wide spread patterns of controlled behavior, including parameters of self expression deemed acceptable by those who make the rules for that kind of thing and... as we can see these days, that means anything goes if it falls under the principles of contemporary morph, except for speaking out about it or dancing to an unapproved drummer as we like to do around here.

Knowledge of anything brings a responsibility with it. If you know the truth about 9/11; that it was orchestrated by Israel, with the assistance of any number of highly placed catamites in that reverse kundalini yoga posture of bend over, scattered through government agencies, media, politics and whatever, it impacts on the way you see things. What you know can get in the way of what you want. It can affect your relationship with other people, your career and your personal security. It's better to go along with the program, continue with the predictable patterns, especially when you got appetites and ambitions in play.

What you find when you go looking into systems of esoteric thought, be they traditional or eclectic is... more patterns. Some of them might be useful, many of them are designed to keep you between floors after a certain period or point of ascent, unless you get fast tracked for the funny hat section of pomp and dissonance. Once again we can refer to that same Patrick Willis and Les Visible collaboration, The Big One.


Sorry to run this two days in a row but it fits.

There are some patterns that are forever useful but even those need to be practiced with care because the eternal meddler is always about, seeking to corrupt every good thing and definitely to blur the lines between good and evil so as to bring about a state of ubiquitous moral relativism. I've heard tales from the occult annals of history about some who have risen to very high spiritual states, going into free fall because they brought the wrong patterns of thought along with them for the ride. These things don't always reveal themselves when we might hope that they would. It is this that keeps true seekers unflaggingly humble at all times. Who are we compared to the sun? Keep in mind that the spiritual sun is immeasurably more powerful than our physical sun and is the power that generates every star that shines. You can imagine the implications of this but the human imagination is not equal to the task. Always keep the perspective of your own insignificance uppermost in your mind, lest you have it demonstrated upon you; lest you have it demonstrated upon you.

The unexpected is very much upon us. Look at Zio-Stooge, Eric Cantor. Look at New Age Material Girl, Marianne Williamson. There are incidences of this going on all over the place, just as we are seeing these not so random shootings, which are staged events in many cases born out of the growing fear experienced by the elite as their time approaches. If you're a trend watcher then you've noticed the strange case of Frtiz Springmeier and the odd content of the Van Duyn speech. The instability of the long entrenched global infrastructures grows more and more evident; they are shaking like Jell-O

Yes... the patterns all have a predictable result. A pattern is like a highway line on a road map. They're all over the place. they parallel, they bisect. They all end up somewhere. Sometimes they go around locations and sometimes they go through locations but they always end somewhere. You've built your life from patterns and you can rebuild it at any time with new patterns. Sometimes it takes me thousands of failed attempts to get past some particular pattern and sometimes no matter what I do I cannot get past one of them because they are time sensitive and continue until word comes down that they can be let go. It's good to keep this in mind because you can keep yourself in a state of continuing upset by seeking to change what you cannot change. Both the good and bad in our lives is placed there for a reason. Our imperfections have meaning and so do our struggles and intentions. It's not whether you win or lose but what is in your heart as you proceed. That is the ultimate arbiter of destiny.

What do you know? Here I am looking out the window and here's a finished post. Last thing I remember I was on the other end of it. Must be some kind of a pattern.

End Transmission.......

Many apologies for no radio show last weekend. I was sitting here in the early evening last Sunday and I was as tired as I have ever been and I didn't want to do the radio show and I didn't trust myself just to wing it with a few casual notes and so I started writing out the whole show. I kept wanting to stop but I kept going. After a couple of hours plus I had it done and I went to record it on the laptop. I still hadn't gotten my recording setup together for the desktop yet because of the shifting chaos, here where I have to relocate every few days due to work needing to be done in that sector. My laptop says I'm at low battery and soon to go into hibernation. I plug in the laptop to bypass that happening. I bring up Sound Recorder. I hit record and just like that... the screen goes dark and I can't get it back. Heh heh. It wasn't funny at the time. I've since found and fixed the problem, which was a broken cable that wouldn't charge or give power and the recording setup is in because there is finally a corner here that isn't going to require any work for a bit. Sometimes these things happen and they happen at the worst of all possible times because... every event in our life, no matter how seemingly insignificant is a special dealing of the ineffable with our soul.

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Anonymous said...

This is possibly one of the most powerful and unknown texts going

South Hungary said...

Very interesting that VanDuyn should bring up the name Orban (as in Orbán Victor, PM of Hungary)in his speech whilst inviting Mr.Nobody Bajnai Gordon,Socialist (reformed communist) to Bilderberg---Looks like they want to bring down Hungary again and put in this puppet ex PM Bajnai to "stabilise" Hungary back into the camp of loyalists-also on the agenda was the destruction of JOBBIK,the most successful right wing party in the EU.

Jenny said...

Vis- it is all for a reason....the last few lines are perfect. it is the why -that matters about what you do. jen

Anonymous said...

Why would a Bilderberg bigwig send information about his beloved organization to Fritz Springmeier? Oh yeah - Fritz is on the team (wittingly or unwittingly)...

galen said...

I agree, Jen, every effort counts, usually immensely. But the dilemma of breaking it down is getting harder and harder because the "patterns" are all scrambled, many intentionally. So difficult to know what to believe. We take refuge in the spiritual and believe it points the way to solution. I won't give up, but it certainly can be trying and exhausting to get to some truth. And sometimes when you're certain you got a bit of it, like sand, it falls through your fingers and you have to announce that you now know better. Then you pick up more sand. But to do nothing is to be right where they want us. Thanks, Vis and Jen.

These likely apply to these times:

"Everything great in the world comes from neurotics. They alone have founded our theologies and composed our masterpieces."
-- Marcel Proust

"We must never be afraid to go too far, for truth lies beyond."
-- Marcel Proust


David Fiske said...

"It's not whether you win or lose but what is in your heart as you proceed.'

So true. Love it

Visible said...

Marcel Proust; one of the most ignored, ridiculed and unsuccessful writers who ever lived and who is now one of the most taught in relevant college courses. His life was remarkable for not going anywhere fast.

Visible said...

Marcel Proust; one of the most ignored, ridiculed and unsuccessful writers who ever lived and who is now one of the most taught in relevant college courses. His life was remarkable for not going anywhere fast.

est said...

i'm listening to the birds singing
as they do every morning

there's lot's of trees
so they like it here

i listen and steal their lines
they don't know or care

but when i bring out the guitar
they listen [to me] and steal mine

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Of Not having Boat Drinks in the High Tower.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for what you do Les
All you wish yourself for the future


Unknown said...

May the Ineffable bless everyone, and hold you all tightly under the wings of love, peace, and comfort, in these trying times we all find ourselves.

Press on, and never let go of the divine, for the divine will never let go of you.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Only Thinking Makes it So.

Anonymous said...

Here is something that might be helpful re : patterns....
Subjective little things.....

"The list divides all animals into one of 14 categories:

Those that belong to the emperor
Embalmed ones
Those that are trained
Suckling pigs
Mermaids (or Sirens)
Fabulous ones
Stray dogs
Those that are included in this classification
Those that tremble as if they were mad
Innumerable ones
Those drawn with a very fine camel hair brush
Et cetera
Those that have just broken the flower vase
Those that, at a distance, resemble flies."

-ye beggar



Joseph Brenner

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