Thursday, June 05, 2014

Snake Bit City and the Real Deal

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I looked down into today's empty Petri Dish and wondered what I would fill it with. Would I fill it with yet more of the litany of madness that is afoot? The details make it clear that a great many people can no longer distinguish fantasy from... from... well, that other thing. This isn't an isolated situation. This kind of thing is going on all over and involves all ages, races and whatever those other things are. Yeah, I could fill the page with some amount of this and then segue off into what I seem to want to talk about sooner and sooner these days regardless of the blog and their parameters of subject matter.

Anyway... I was thinking this morning about whatever it was I was thinking about; probably what to put in Petri Dish and I went over to my email location and I found this email from an Adrian R.

"Thank you for your continued prompting and encouragement, particularly in matters concerning the effort to be made in communing with Our Maker. I do respect your feelings of ambivalence towards the attitude of readers relating to topics raised in your writings, but I just want you to know that I continue to gain understanding from your efforts to write so insightfully and to let you know that you are a real source of strength in my life.

I happen to work as an ill-fit in the realm of financial services, although I do enjoy meeting my clients and some of the challenges that the business presents. I have never been particularly successful in this field and for various reasons have hit upon particularly lean and trying times. I recall you having mentioned in earlier and perhaps even more recent times, how you have struggled financially and I was wondering whether you might share some of your thoughts with readers on how you have coped with the threats, fears and stresses that such times present. I know that I am not alone, as the captains of the system in which I operate seek to punish the less affluent, to their even greater advantage!"

Love and respect,


I believe it's the first time I've posted an email of this sort. I get as many as half a dozen of these a day, always a few,and they keep me going. Often people want me to pray for them and I do just that. Often I get a bio like you see here that comes along with the email. I'm not putting this here for any personal reasons. I get plenty of comments that say the same thing. I'm putting this here and writing this tonight because despite all of the nice things people tell me about myself I've got a terrible self image. I don't much like myself. It isn't cause I've got all kinds of private sins or a past filled with abuses and crimes against sundry. I live a pretty ascetic existence and my past, though extremely colorful, doesn't quite match up with the villain profile. What it's been is a lot of very bad luck... or an extended series of years having to do with something I obviously haven't caught on to yet. I keep hearing about good reasons for it all and how I will find out any day but I don't. I keep going though. I don't know why sometimes.

I wake up in a good mood just about every day and I go to bed feeling the same way. It might be the dreams that come in between the one and the other, or it might be the continuous supernatural action that goes on around me. Today I was working in the yard. I feel like putting in a garden so Neo and I are doing that. A short time into the effort, I heard the wind rise up in the trees and come at me and it was unsettling because there was a great sense of awe that came with it, or rather, what I didn't know about it and couldn't see had something awesome in it. It happened several times and each time I was lifted into an acid state. It was unreal but... so is my life most of the time. I guess I live for things like this because I don't live for much else. I don't want that to sound pessimistic or depressive. What I mean is that there is very little I want, given I know the sticker price, even though it is definitely not visible. I guess I live for the work I do.

So it is that I thought I might address this fellows concerns. I'm as good a case in point with something like this as it gets. How is it that I got from Point A to Point Break so many times? How did I do it? Well... the truth is that I didn't. Basically I cried out for help and I got it. Of course it didn't just jump into my car when I turned the next corner and it might well be I didn't even have a car. When we are talking about living on the bleeding edge without so many of the things so many people have, I qualify. Then again, for moments in time I was in possession of just about everything, solely for the purpose of my being able to see that it had no value besides flash and its capacity to ignite covetousness in the hearts of others. Of course... regardless of being minus material swag, there were those other elements that I did have that ignited rage and all kinds of venom of which I was generally clueless right up to snake bit city.

Let's take my present situation as a good example. Had you seen this place prior to the work that's gone into it you would have thought me quite mad to consider taking it on. The obvious cost, for normal people, was very, very high and then? Then and since, everything has either shown up free or been near cheaper than stolen, which doesn't mean it didn't press upon my meager holdings. The thing is, I got faith and I recommend it. I heartedly, no... whole heartedly, recommend it. I also don't just believe, I know. That might be a curious statement coming from one who espouses, "I don't know" as a mantra and... I sincerely do not know most of the time but in one particular area, I do know, it's not just faith. I know there is a supreme being and a luminous hierarchy. I have seen them multiple times. As to the supreme being, I met him in a veiled sort of a way, which is the only way, so far as I know and how I know that is so is that I get reminded of it, at regular intervals, especially when I ask, "Where are you! Where are you!"

I've been in situations that equate to 'abandon hope all ye who enter here'. I've been face to face with Bad Leroy and caught up in dramas I had little to do with bringing about since they were the product of that which ignited the this and that I was talking about. I will say this about it; even though I was in terrible dilemmas at times and people turned against me because they believed the surface evidence, I was fully vindicated in time and I do possess that convenient forgetfulness that you need to forgive, as if nothing had happened in the first place. You got to know it's a movie. You have to know there is a plot and a director and you damn well better or you are damned.

I'm listening to John Waite singing, "Missing You", interposed with, "If you see her say hello" by Dylan and that's cause of dreams these last five six days about someone and the bittersweet beauty of recaptured memory is something you can't wrap in words and hope it will convey the actuality but I know everyone, or most everyone, has some semblance of this in their past and I think to myself, how wonderful it is to be able to feel that poetic ache spanning time and distance and to want no more than the capacity to remember and feel it and I think... that's a lot like the ineffable except the ineffable feels that way about every one of us and more so than any of us ever will. Knowing this about the ineffable, I can miss people I have known, even if decades have passed and know that I was blessed indeed to have experiences that I can remember with such a depth of feeling. So... when something rises up in my thoughts without any reason I can think of and I am swept away into a kind of Total Recall... I near weep at the wonder of this happening to me.

This is how I get through the shit so many of us get put through. Once I was in Dire Straits and I had just gotten out of jail in Hawaii. All my worldly goods were gone, stolen I guess and I had to get a job so I took a job as a cook at IHOP, which you probably know is one of the busiest breakfast places on Earth. I'm a vegetarian and I had to cook 20 pounds of bacon every morning. I would get home around 3:30 and take a shower and the pork grease would run out of my hair (I had hair then) and burn my eyes and if I cried about it it wouldn't be noticeable.

No... surviving the ups and downs of material circumstance doesn't have a lot to do with being frugal or sensible or whatever the prevailing wisdoms of the times recommend. It has to do with perseverance and the certitude that given there is a plot and there is a director, then there's a point to the affair and here comes the next scenario and eventually you are part toreador and part surgeon and somehow... somehow, it works out. I can only say it has done so from my end and should this scenario collapse for no discernible reason, the next scenario awaits.

If you don't have enough to get by... make some noise. If you got to be proactive then program the process in yourself. Know that within you is all power and though it may act in a tardy fashion and though it may turn out other than you sought to program... it did and will turn out and in hindsight, did so better than what your initial surprise or disappointment judged it to be.

I think that's all I got for it tonight because I'm not sure I know what I'm talking about in the first place. Be well.

End Transmission.......

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wiggins said...

I look forward to your new posts with the same fervour I awaited my favorite comic from the newsagents when I was a 'nipper' - you always cheer the Soul Les........

wiggins said...

Blimey! You haven't been in Dartmoor have you Les?
'abandon hope all ye who enter here'.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

About being programmed for 'alternate realities' which just don't cut it, TV is the worst offender. When I was a wee food product in the Land of the Cabbage People, I used to watch Bonanza, and I couldn't wait to get to this HELL HOLE of a country so I could marry Little Joe. AND I'M STILL PISSED THAT MY PARENTS HAD ME WITHOUT HAVING THE MONEY TO SEND ME TO THE STARFLEET ACADEMY SO I COULD PILOT A STAR SHIP AND WORK WITH A VULCAN, DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!

Now if you'll all excuse me, I have to get off the internet and focus on growing me a tail.

I also had a few psychotic years in my early teens because of that infernal boob tube which really goaded me into making some bad decisions, but I think I'll leave those details at home. On the other hand those bad decisions are responsible for me pushing myself to my limit in so many ways, so I guess it's all good despite what it took to get to where I'm at.

Anonymous said...

Your tenderest writing-moment.


Good thing the heart can travel anywhere, anytime. Good thing.

Unknown said...

I just noticed you have your book on Kindle now. I will feature it again, and perhaps some more sales of it will come from that. I own the hardcopy and I gave it public attention after I finished reading it perhaps a couple years or so ago. Take care, Candace of AH… Still a grand book.

Anonymous said...

I can relate. You just have to keep going. I've had the same things happen to me, over and over and over. Betrayal followed by betrayal, followed by living on the edge, losing everything, rinse and repeat. People who get dealt a lot of cards (meaning, talent, intelligence, hyper-awareness, physical attractiveness, etc.) lead some of the toughest lives. Nearly everybody they know is jealous of them. Jealousy leads to backstabbing and betrayal. People want to see people like that fall, and fall hard. It makes them feel better about themselves.

Now, unless you've been dealt a lot of cards, you have no clue what I'm talking about here. I know Visible know what I'm talking about. So, yes, quite unfortunately, I was dealt a lot of cards. I won't get into specifics, because if a person does that, they just attract more venom. But every single friend I have ever had, took great delight in not only seeing me fall, but in aiding in that process as well. Most especially male friends. Females have been attracted to me since I was a kid, because of the cards I was dealt - but a funny thing happened whenever I got together with them. After a while, they wanted to see me fall, too. Again, Visible will know what I'm talking about here.

The coup de grace for me, occurred two days ago. I'm a successful web developer (among other things; self-taught, and people hate me for that, too), and I do a website for my mother. I designed it from scratch, added to it periodically and altered it over 14 years. The website I designed for my mother made her into a bit of a celebrity in her field. Basically, it gave her an entirely new career, which she longed to have, and could never have gotten, had I not helped her. I received some financial remuneration from her over the years, but we had originally agreed that I would receive 20% of the gross. After a couple of years passed, I reminded her of our agreement - and she claimed she not only couldn't remember making the agreement, but she swore she had never made it. Not a problem, it's a very bizarre business I'm involved in (it brings out the worst in people, if my work makes them successful) and people are demented, myself included, so I let it slide.

So the other day, she mistakenly (or intentionally) forwarded me a series of emails, between herself, and a second web developer, whom she has been working with on the side. In these emails, she bashed me, nine ways to Sunday. Cut me down, accused me of being this and that, lamented profusely about my numerous shortcomings, blasted me about certain aspects of the website I've spent 14 years nurturing for her, and wrote a bunch of other things that were so harsh and vicious, that I basically couldn't believe what I was reading. To my face, she has always been Little Miss Supportive. But now I know what she really thinks. And after pondering it for an hour or so, I just chalked it up to the Universal Jealousy Factor. Yes, even my own mother is pissy about the cards God dealt me.

So I wrote her back and said that I wasn't sure if she had intentionally sent me the emails, or not, but if she wasn't happy with the site, hey, please feel free to move it elsewhere, modify it, or whatever she would like to do. And then I realized, since all things will indeed fall away from us, which we no longer need, she has fallen away from me, too, which I look at as a blessing.

I have come to the conclusion, after years of witnessing the behavior of others (especially family members), and pondering it all, that God sets up certain individuals, so that their family members are the biggest stumbling blocks to any future success, increased awareness or personal growth. It's a challenge, nothing personal. (As a humorous side note, my mother is a spiritual advisor, basically - that's her business. She makes a living by being supportive of others. Oh, the irony...)

Frog said...

Thanks Visible,
I needed that.


Dodgy One said...

Another day, another contribution to self awareness, thanks mate :)

Pondering this AM brought these to mind.

God is Love.

Love is the absence of laws.

Everyone is the Victim Of Laws.

To live without Laws is a gift from God.

Love is God

EVOL as above is LOVE backwards.

Something instead of pig fat to chew on for breakfast.

Have a bloody good one.

Love and Cheers to the All.

Anonymous said...

The Futility of the Abyss

We all get our information from the same places, either through personal search or from the ironic happenstance of finding one thing while looking for another. Refer to it as an informational community. Many say that Philosophy states the psychology of learning is either memorization (oral tradition), Indoctrination, or Revelation. Some are just now or have in the past been privy to the ineffable; this invisible all encompassing force controlling all of the equations of the universal consciousness.
Gee, what a wonderful place to dump all of humanities frailties.
This invisible, all powerful deity offers recompense, it also takes it away, with vast amounts of usury.
As above, so below – This life may appear to you through the polished mirror of smoking glass, many of you may profit from the help provided by this deity of force called faith, you may delude yourself to the extent that you find self reliance a gift from the almighty, the wind through the trees may inform you of your all importance in the workings of the invisible. No one will ever know how to question another’s faith.
Be aware, helping may get you chained to a mountain and your liver eaten out for all time – or nailed to a cross; to later be evaluated as a great sacrifice for mankind – or you could just end up wearing sack cloth sitting in a pile of ashes because of a lousy bet between your invisible ineffable; for a single dollar. Then the moral of the story can be if you only had the faith of the grain of the mustard seed you could have eternal everlasting life. If this world and life is of its self so great what makes you think the afterlife is to be any different.
So, as Ya’all go about dancing with your little Hare Krishna outfit flaying in the breeze and the little cymbals and bells ringing, those of you that won’t have a TV so that you can just live in bliss, as you continue to carve out a small piece of existence in whatever limited foot print encompasses your space, those of you that exist being displaced in a good hiding place-anywhere outside the US, you will never be able to truly understand what has transpired from the equations of your benefit in difference to the extinction process that is the universal opposing force. “As above, so below.” (Isaiah 45:7) look it up FAITH is the HOPIATE of the POOR with which we fill the Abyss.
I guess it’s a really good thing that there is only one place for the dumping of all frailties, except of course, when we find ourselves dumping on one another.

Have A Nice Day.
And i am not anonymous, can i identify myself? why yes, this is me, Mr Nobody from the middle of the Arizona desert.

DAD said...

You are talking spiritual survival in a temporal world. Thank you! There was a cartoon of a bellbottomed dude some 30 or 40 years ago I don't have a picture but I do remember the words . some said keep on truckin some said keep on keeping on . The visible is right there keeping on . Go brother traveler! David

Terrance said...

Hello Visible.....You are the tip of our cultural spear....good on you!

Visible said...

That must be especially true, given that I am altogether unaware of the effort to do so.

Anonymous said...

Moncton shooting: 3 RCMP officers dead, 2 wounded 05 Jun 2014 New Brunswick RCMP have confirmed that three officers were shot and killed and two other officers were wounded by a heavily armed gunman Wednesday evening in Moncton. A police manhunt is still underway for Justin Bourque, 24. The RCMP say Bourque is considered "armed and dangerous." RCMP Const. Damien Theriault could not say how many police officers were involved in the manhunt.
Justin said he was plum fed up with his nonexistent popstar carreer. To Onion News he said
he was sick and tired of being compared to Tribe member Justin Beiber and Speare's toyboy Justin Timberlake. he went on to say I have more pop ability in my little finger than those two wannabbees.
Apparently the police were eating donuts outside a Horton's shop listening to Beiber and Timbderlake when Bourque road up in his redneck Ford pickup equiped with gunrack containing a 12 gage. Words were exchanged then the shooting began initially to kill the policecar radios blurting out the awful pop.
Though overthetop in his method to silence the obnoxious 'music' from the blueshirts cars, heavyrockers around the country are in understanding for the Beiber-Timberlake noise to end.
Not Reuters or AP

Anonymous said...

DAD at 4:17

That was Mr. Natural, created by the 'underground comics' artist Robert Crumb.


Mercury goes retrograde 11:56 GMT June 7th.


BCii said...

Hello, Mr. Nobody from the middle of the Arizona desert,

From your perspective, you appear to be right. I can see that. But from my perspective, I believe I see things you miss from where you are. There is a dimension that you are filtering out entirely. To elucidate this properly would take more time than I have just now. BUt perhaps I could say that it's like rotating a piece of polarized glass ninety degrees relative to another between it and a light source. The first piece of glass is your instrument for 'receiving' the information encoded by the second. The second is what goes on in that hidden dimension. When your instrument is maximally tuned 'away', 'perpendicular', to that dimension, you cannot perceive it. It flattens, goes dark.

I'm not saying this is literally the case. It's just how I visualize what I'm getting, to put a rough conceptual form to it.

That "dimension" could contain a number of things, but I can't say exactly what. I just feel you're missing something that would take me more effort to try to unravel than I'm willing to put in right now.

In short, you have lost your faith, and those with faith appear to you as mad, deluded. This is natural. It's where you're at right now.

Have you ever tried practicing some of the things Visible recommends? Doesn't take faith to give something a chance. Just openness.

Patrick V3.1459 said...

Dear Adrian my brother:

These words always gave me comfort in the times that you describe. I pray they do the same for you in your hour of need.

Matthew 6:25-34

25 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?

26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?

27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?

28 “And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin.

29 Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.

30 If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith?

31 So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’

32 For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them.

33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

All my love Patrick

Visible said...

As I am fond of saying, the truth is at right angles to everything else.

Anonymous said...

good crowd commenting on this excellent post

yes it is all THERE surrounding us as we wander around blindly seeking.

thanks to all

Ray B. said...

Mr Nobody from the middle of the Arizona desert, June 06, 2014 4:10:00 AM

I wanted to help, if it is appropriate. It is a difficult space you are in. It is not a 'natural' space, except for being part of all-God. I invite you to look at the Consciousness Levels listing that I put together from personal experience. Every level is 'real'.

Someone on the lower end truly experiences his/herself as alone and cutoff. It is who/how they 'are' when they are at those lower levels. It is difficult.

Fortunately, one is not 'doomed' to be at those levels. It usually means that the person has 'loaded up' with enough pain-filled experiences to shut down a sense of higher levels. I posted how to 'back-up' through these experiences here. With enough pain-release, you may have conscious perception of your soul. From there, you KNOW there is much more, and the sky's the limit...

The hard part is at the beginning, because 'who you are' is telling you this is all a crock. This is where you can use 'faith' in it's proper manner. Knowing that others have found 'something' beyond the state you are in, faith or belief (even if it is intellectual at this point) can furnish the 'oomph' to fight the 'who you are' perception.

Then comes the hard part, and this is what distinguishes proper from improper use of faith. You have to actually 'do the practice'. Improper faith produces victimhood, as the person just sits around waiting for lightning to strike. (God to change them.) It may, but the odds are against it.

I prefer an active route, choosing the best psychological and spiritual 'tools' that seem right for me at the level I am in. The choice is subjective, not what some expert or religion tells you is right. It will feel 'right'. Then, after some time, it may feel 'wrong' - meaning you have grown beyond the limit of that 'tool'. Move on...

None of the above requires any 'religion'. It just requires faith and effort. I hope you decide to 'try it out'.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

I thought "Love to Push Your Buttons" would enjoy this (grin):

"Atlantis: An Archeological Odyssey" by Charles Pellegrino [1991], p.300

"Edith Russell, whose memoirs recounts the peculiar behavioral response that bears her name, survived her voyage aboard the 'Titanic' quite by accident. She was, at the time, a fashion reporter, but seems to have subsequently become addicted to action and adventure. When World War I broke out, she was living on the front lines with K. T. Frost and other defenders of the British Empire. There, in the trenches, she became the world's first woman war correspondent. Even when she was not looking for action, disaster seems to have had a way of following her. By the time she died, on April 4, 1975, she'd survived bombings, car accidents, fires, floods, tornados and at least one more shipwreck. Boarding an airplane, she decided, would be daring God. So she went everywhere by steamship or car and, at the age of ninety-eight, was able to say she'd had every disaster except a plane crash, a husband, and bubonic plague."

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

More than Any of These Things and All of These Things.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Dreaming of Slender Man in the Angst Abyss of Comatosia.



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