Wednesday, September 03, 2014

A Darkness Blacker than Night. The Horror!!! The Horror!!!

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Yesterday afternoon I lay down for a nap. Some time after I fell asleep, I found myself in a noxious and toxic swamp. Hot winds blew across a blasted landscape, where the souls of the damned howled and shrieked. It was a place of infinite sadness and terror, juxtaposed in a land that the ineffable had forgotten. It was somewhere outside of The Ring Pass Not. I continued slogging my way through this odoriferous country that constantly reminded me of the intestinal track of a drowned hyena, ten days after the fact. I went on and on. I could not stay and I could not go back. Somehow... I knew that going back led to an even worse environment. Finally, I found myself in a long tunnel. It also stank horribly. Everything in this place stank. It stank of rot and a corruption that was both physical and spiritual. Under any normal circumstances I would have been retching uncontrollably but... it was a dream.

After a time I came to the end of the tunnel and was confronted by large columns of various sizes that reminded me of what the trunks of an infected mucous tree might look like, were there such a thing. You make weird comparisons in dreams. Don't ask me why. It happens. I found some rubble strewn about and I tossed some of it at the columns and the sound was what you might expect from ravens and frogs... but unlike any ravens and frogs from this plane. These were percussive sounds such as you might expect from infernal ravens and frogs, who perched on dead trees and in stagnant ponds, in some awful place far to the south of the worst purgatory.

The smell of the place... how can I describe it? It was like a mix of formaldehyde and sulfur commingled with burning hair but... it was so much worse than that. I continued on in the way I was headed. There seems to be a source of light far off in the distance. Then I came into a massive opening that stank even worse than anywhere I had been before. There were two massive rows of stones that might have once been white but they were now tarnished the way rocks might be if they were in a river near some chemical or manufacturing plant. There was light coming from the area between the rows of stones and now I noticed a terrible wind that would blow past me at regular intervals. I had to get out of there.

It was at this point that I realized that I had climbing gear with me; a pointed rock and snow axe, pitons, nylon rope and rappelling apparatus. I climbed up to the rows of stones and made my way over them. At this point I saw that there was a circle of pustulent red that signaled the last obstacle to my passage out of this loathsome place. Finally, I was standing on top of it and was confronted by a massive mirror. The wind that blew out of the cavern was fogging the mirror and suddenly I heard a terrible roar that stunned my ears. It was like the cry of some immense, demented, Valkyrie Hell Bitch. It took me a moment to translate what was being said as I listened to the echo of it fading away; “Isn't this bitch ever going to die?”

Suddenly it dawned on me. I had been in someone's body. The tunnel had been the esophagus and the columns were the vocal chords. The rows of stones were teeth and the pustulent red circle were lips. I knew from a rush of intuitive force that I had been in the body of Joan Rivers and now I began to make out the features of a horrific gargoyle. It was Melissa Rivers with the hand mirror and the booming voice. Somehow I had shrunk to a tiny size and by some unfortunate twist of fate, I had been transported into one of the most viral locations on planet Earth. As I stood there, I heard a gurgling rattle. The lips became unsteady. I was standing on shaky ground, as if I were in an earthquake. Something transparent and mist like slipped out of the mouth of this creature and the smell was so bad that I fainted clear away. I don't know for how long I was unconscious but eventually I came back to myself and realized that it was Joan Rivers soul which had passed me by. I could hear Melissa Rivers cackling like a turkey vulture and there was this thunderous abrasive sound which I discovered was caused by her rubbing her hands together. She was saying, “good, good, the bitch is dead. I get the money, hahah haha haha hah hah!” That laugh chilled me to the soul. I shall never forget it in all the days of my life. Mercifully I awoke at that point because the whole experience was beyond my endurance.

I looked to the side of the bed and saw that the wig I had been wearing for the spoof videos was now snow white. I imagined my own hair would have also been, were there any. I guess I will know more once my beard grows out over the coming week.

Was I the recipient of a prophetic dream? It seemed so real. I hope I shall not have to ever endure such a thing again. You had to be there. Mere words cannot convey what it was like... shudder. Count your blessing that you were not with me during my Dantean journey. The things I saw! The images that came and went! No! No! I will speak no more on these things. I fear that I am no longer sane. Let me seek out a new subject for the rest of this posting.

Gasp! I don't know if I can continue. I feel almost as if my soul was wrenched from my body during my hyper dimensional dream state. I fear that I have become frail in recent time and am no longer capable of enduring such an awful visitation. The face of Melissa will haunt me for some time. I pray for the mercy of forgetfulness. What it was like, there in the volatile and evil darkness, arrrrgh. I have seen things in this life but... I now know there are things worse than I had previously imagined. Can I be cleansed of this? Should I seek some sort of monastic retreat for a time? I must steel myself for the days ahead and focus the mind on brighter thoughts and places.

A strange tune is playing in my head. I was unable to fix its origin in the immediate aftermath but now I know it is the theme song for the QVC channel. Torturous images of bad jewelry, interspersed with masked surgeons cutting and stitching up facial flesh assault my mind. I can no longer close my eyes. It will pass! It will pass! It must pass! Have faith, visible! All will be well. You have been through a terrible experience. I am so very thankful that all of the hardships of my life have somewhat prepared me for things like this. No one could be fully prepared for such an experience. Inhuman life forms surround us on all sides. We do not see them as they are. For me it is as if the veils of appearance were rent and what was never meant to be seen by human eyes was... for a short time, before my trembling gaze.

I must apologize for my inability to go on. My fingers will not respond to the keyboard and it is torment to strive against such difficulty in my efforts to communicate. I am afraid I must go now and seek what solace may be found in the deeper part of me. I will return once I have recovered. Thank you for your patience at this time. Oh the horror! The horror!!!

End Transmission.......

Well, I have been invited to Nepal and I have been invited to the most southern regions of Arkansas but no solid opportunity has yet emerged for the Hawaiian Islands. I wait in hope that someone from that location might have positive news for me concerning my return to my former home in the Pacific. How will it all sort out? We shall see. Oh the horror! The horror!!! Sigh...

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Anonymous said...

Such good stuff, Vis. I was so into it,too.
"love the smell of Botox in the morning." And the sound of laughter. Your poor wig!
Much love,

Jenny said...

The door is always open down south here in Texas! Just letting you know....when you are settled I will send some more "pure gold" lady natures cure for all things-honey. Take care of yourself for a speedy recovery!-jen p.s. I loved the comedy skit with the wig the other day....sounds like an interesting show you have planned.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Gods, what a nightmare. This may seem non-sequitur, but my dreams mostly involve trying to fix the world from behind the scenes, and much of the time I do it symbolically by doing crosswords or playing other games. Sudoku, chess, what ever. Last night I was actually out to kill off someone evil, but I can't remember who or what I was doing, or what papers I was shuffling around.

It's like I have a job on the Otherside, because this happens several times a week, though I rarely remember the details. I hope I never have anything like your dream mentioned here. Going to the place of eternally predatory souls that spend all their time beating each other up is bad enough. The Afterworld of the psychopath, though they can get out if they are aware of the fact they can get out; but they put themselves there because that was what they expected and all they knew.

No wonder they want to stay here as long as possible, huh? Some part of the knows. . .

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

What an awful nightmare. I am curious though, did you enter through the mouth or the ass. How could you tell the difference? I understand that she had all the skin on her ass grafted to her face, did they graft all of the skin on her face back onto her ass? Sorry but I couldn't help wondering.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

On a positive note, Joan has sustained my belief and bolstered my faith in fairly instant karma..

est said...

sometimes during the night

we work out what happens during the day

other times it goes the other way

and the mind gets sorted
'till it ends up right

Thomas said...

Just on the edge there, Visible. Is it a joke or is it real? To be honest, I cannot tell, but I'm thinking it's a sick joke, in a good sense. Terrific writing, I think. And I would say you deserve some monastic retreat time, if you feel like it.

Oh, what a blessing it is, truly, to believe (or have some intuition or even knowledge) that there IS a deeper part of oneself. Hallelujah!

May Life and Nature (whatever That actually means and is, and however high It goes ;)) bless you and keep you, all.

Anonymous said...

My G D Vis... 'The Horror...' indeed, so sorry...! Shocking!...!... Don't really know what to say, oh yes, I remember, seems to me you did have a 'prophetic dream'. It goes like this... as soon as a future event becomes inevitable, as in enough of the variables are in place and it IS going to happen, then the ripples of that event can be felt and/or perceived in the present, just as past events cause ripples in the present. This according to Stephen Hawking anyways ;-). And a common mode of transmission as such is through vivid dreaming!

But, and pardon my french, for fucks sake, what a horrendous trip, hellish... I can't imagine... words fail... Why? What's the point... I know I am still here because of the 'prophetic dream' of somebody else... but that's another story!
You have my email, and faith btw that you can get through this... as i think you hinted at in your post, we are only given that with which we can cope... hmmm... assuming of course its being given by the ineffable... any way of asking?
Much love, ian of solihull

Anonymous said...

My G-D, vis, 'The Horror...', shocking... so sorry, can't imagine, don't want to... hellish, words fail... why? What's the point? Oh yes, i remember... seems to me you did indeed have a prophetic dream! It goes like this... as soon as a future event becomes inevitable, as in enough variables are in place such that it IS going to happen, then its ripples can be felt, perceived etc in the present, just as the ripples of past events can be presently felt. And a common mode of transmission as such is via vivid dreaming!

All i know is that I am still here because of someone else's prophetic dream... but that's another story... which i'm willing to tell btw! (you have my email)

My thoughts are with you, wishing you through this ordeal in one piece. May the ineffable be with you.

Sleep well, at the very least may your nightmares be happy

ian of solihull

Anonymous said...

ooooops, didnt think the first post got through, sorry for repitition, must be careful not to get stuck in a loop, a loop, a loop
ian of solihull

flyingcossack said...

i wont pretend to understand this til my english tutor gets here

in the meantime, ill have a beer n sing ... and i think to myself, what a wonderful world

Jeffrey said...

Is Joan Rivers the worst person on the planet? If you're going to have Zio nightmares go with Kissinger , Soros, Netanyoyo or Valerie Jarrett. Why half step it?

steve said...

Once on an Aya journey i was taken to a low hell world, it was indescribable, the feeling the place emited and the sights was worse than any horror movie magnified by a thousand times. It took me hours and days to get over it, it gave a heavy feeling of depression as well and of no hope. However like all things they pass and the memory fades a bit.

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

We are nearly there. It won't be much longer. I too have been having prophetic dreams. I have been in an altered state over the last week. I have to literally drag myself back into this reality. It is so pleasant to go off that it is tiring to stay in this realm.

I saw the Hell that you speak of. These poor ignorant souls gave up their soul in the false promise of an eternal life. Satan imitates every system God has made, and it is a woeful imitation of the original. They are now the walking dead. This is why there is such a large demand in body organs, because their flesh dies. These people's bodies are now directed by demons. DEMONS ARE WALKING THE EARTH IN HUMAN BODIES!!!!!!!!! People who are spiritual pose a threat because we see their lack of humanity where others do not. If you doubt that I speak the truth do your homework on Sulla. He was a general and a high priest of Janus (war God), in Ancient Rome. I remember reading in an ancient manuscript once that maggots fell from him as he walked. At the time I concluded that the only way a person could have maggots coming from their insides were if they are dead.

These poor souls really are in purgatory Vis because they have been locked up in jars, some going back to Ancient Egypt or perhaps even longer. They are told that their soul will be transferred to a light body but they don't put the soul back in the body. Imagine that? Completely conscious in a prison that you can never escape for thousands of years. These poor people long for death. No wonder the bible tells you that it is better to die then give in to Satan. I now understand why the ancients all tried to kill themselves when the Roman's tried to capture them.

Isis is just a repeat of the Rape of the Sabin Women. The saddest thing is that the majority of these men weren't and aren't bad people. Satan picked them because they showed so much promise. They were all angels of light, but their failure to defeat their ego brought them down. All most of them ever really wanted was their Sophia. They have wandered the earth looking for their Sophia because they long to protect her and provide a safe haven, but every time they try to possess Sophia she flies away, because the only way you can keep a Sophia is to let her be free. Sophia gives her love freely but if you try to take it you kill the thing you love most about Sophia. I am writing this because my heart goes out to these men and I write this in the hope of waking up a few before it is too late. You are my brothers and sisters, did I not tell you that I was here to help humanity :o)?

You have been a great asset to me on my journey Vis. I hear how tired you are, me too. Keep going my beautiful brother home is nearly upon us.

LOVE KASS I think, because I am also very confused after my journey into the Twilight Zone.

Anonymous said...

Mojo Nixon once said, "Elvis is in Joan Rivers but he's trying to get out!". I noticed an anagram of your name is "Elvis's bile"! A little "body humor" there! ha-ha!

Anonymous said...

To me your dream sounded like a visual enactment of what's going on in your inner world. Perhaps there is digging deep, serious diving below the surface to get to the heart of things ? When life no longer works out as expected, the only solution is perhaps to bite the bullet and delve into its innards to see what has happened out of sight . The internal plumbing of even the best-looking house would be quite ugly once the covering walls are opened up. Somehow one would have to assume the fortitude of a plumber, to ignore the shit, in order to find the source of the problem.
Unpleasant nightmares can contain pointers and reminders that would be quite valuable . The dreams occur to relieve certain pressure, to bring to surface clues that could help the dreamer cope with the challenges in waking life ...

What are the most significant clues in this dream of Les ?

To this question my I Ching companion has responded as below.
Hexagram 11 (Peace) , with two changing lines 3 & 6, leading to hexagram 41 (Decrease,Loss)

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Perpetuating Agony of Relentless Quest

Robin Redbreast said...

And the news today is the witch had died

galen said...


You're late.


Kazz said...

For those that doubt my vision, how do you explain that one of my best girlfriends, who looks like a Greek Goddess, has recently had Free Masons come in and deliberately break up her husband's and her marriage? They used black magic and the offer of eternal life, because my friends one flaw was that she wanted to be forever beautiful. When I told my friend of my vision she gave me her most heartfelt promise that if they get a hold of her and lay her down on that alter she is going to let them slit her throat, because she knows the importance of retaining her soul. Just because it does not look like they are actually removing something from your body during these rituals does not mean that they have not actually removed your soul because they have.

After all, they did not lie, did they not provide you with an air body that would house your soul and give you eternal life? They just did not tell you that this air body was a jar.

Those that have been promised this utopia have been lied to. This is your first and last warning. If you go beneath with the elite you will spend an eternity sitting in a little prison, your jar, and you will never be able to escape. If you don't believe me go ahead and have your stupid ritual, but I can tell you this if they get me on that alter it is all over red rover because my physical life is worth nothing compared to my soul.

To those people involved in these rituals, why do you suppose the person has to die if they don't give up their soul?

I can tell you, because they get these poor guys to believe they are this poor girls only hope of salvation and when she denies them, because that is what a Sophia would do, they feel so cheated by Satan's lie that in a moment of rage they slit their Sophia's throat. Imagine how much pleasure this gives Satan to see such a wonderful man completely fall by killing his only love. What a romantic tragedy.

I have studied psychology, and I am a very learned person, so I know when I have had a vision and an out of body experience.

At the end of the day I just wanted to get the word out. If you choose to hand over your soul that is your business. I just wanted you all to have a clearer choice of what your options are, and I wanted to forewarn you that if your Sophia says no, she is not denying you she is saving her soul.

Love you all guys. You are my nights in shining armour, but it looks like Satan has cast a spell over all our men, so us sisters are going to fight this battle.

See you in the afterlife.

Love Kazz

Anonymous said...

"I could hear Melissa Rivers cackling like a turkey vulture and there was this thunderous abrasive sound which I discovered was caused by her rubbing her hands together. She was saying, “good, good, the bitch is dead. I get the money, hahah haha haha hah hah!”

Vis, what would you know... Just noticed Joann's death announcements. The vision from your dream became so VIVID of Melissa...


JerseyCynic said...

Vis, I laughed myself to sleep earlier because all I kept hearing ALL day was beheading beheading beheading then I hear JR dies of complications from throat surgery. Comedy = Tragedy + Time? Crying one minute - laughing the next. Stop the train I wanna get off - it's going to fast and I'm starting to get motion sickness

I hope I can make it to the next post!


JerseyCynic said...

I hear things are heating up on The Big Island

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Praise Ye the Psychopaths here Below

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Praise Ye the Psychopaths here Below

Eudoxia said...

Ding Dong the witch is dead, thank God. Shame it wasn't Chelsea doing the announcement but hey, I forever live in gratitude.

est said...

yes galen,

i took no pleasure in her death,

i simply couldn't stand her

now someone mentioned, sarah silverman

she is beyond the pale, in my view

and pox on woman and jews, everywhere

galen said...

I'm sorry, Karen, but I feel preached to, and with an oozing fear, born of a "new-age" fundamentalism. The aikido student in me just has to step aside from your message and let it pass. This is not to say that there is not some truth there, but it is not being served in a way I can (or am willing to) digest. It's a glass half-empty syndrome. Karen, why did the new-ager cross the road? Hmmmm... I have no idea, but I bet you do. Okay, just joking a bit. You know, someone once told me that in my little pinky finger is the power to face any evil and diminish its power over me. I latched on the that belief and I look down at my hands and I think, "I'm okay; I'll be okay." The light is very healing, and it's ever present, not in some other time or far-off dimension. Here now, living side-by-side with resident evil, sometimes penetrating it and bustin' up its game. I'm sure your heart is intent on goodness and this is not meant to hurt you so I hope you understand that the path you've found that works for you may not necessarily work for EVERYONE. And lastly. . . Many who study life and read its energy frequently forget to self-nurture, myself included. The nurturing, be it a therapeutic massage, a walk in the woods, or whatever one finds restorative, balances out so much of the yuck we have to deal with. Funny thing is rarely does anyone take us by the hand and say, "Hey, I think you're due for some nurturing," so we usually have to pursue it ourselves. It's so worth the pursuit.


Visible said...

a new Visible Origami is up now-

Dancing with Lord Aya amidst the Wonders of the Apocalypse



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