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Trials and Tribulations on the Cusp of the Age.

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What to think... what to think. Israel and America want to destroy Syria, Iran and Russia by any means necessary. They create a phony terrorist army that is under the leadership of a Mossad agent pretending to be an Arab. The sense of hubris and privilege is extraordinary and why shouldn't it be? The populations they lead are at an intelligence level of a canned ham. They possess the innate cowardice of a chicken and the attention span of a pigeon.

People argue about whether there are good AshkeNAZIS. So the AshkeNAZIS play both sides of the fence. On the one side you got hyenas who matriculated through the Island of Dr. Moreau like Tweedledum, Abe Foxman. On the other side you got negative nagas whispering in the ears of the populace like Noam Chumpsky, or major media figures like John Stewart or Bill Maher who manage to move like a sidewinder across the desert of dumbass with their cat who ate the canary smiles and NEVER do either ever put meat on the bones of their criticisms. You can argue with me about these last all you want; tell me Stewart is funny and Maher is smart but I know what I'm looking at. I watch the schtick manifest like fallout every time the timer goes off. I can tell their minds are fiercely focused on that paycheck and if they didn't operate according to controlled scripts they wouldn't be there; how it is.

I wonder about a lot of things these days. I wonder who is who and what does that mean? I wonder about people who come into my life and behave like they are paid to do it. I wonder about how high the sky, how blue the moon, how far is too far and how quick is too soon. I wonder and I tire and I sleep and in my dreams, I meet with bright shining faces that tell me things I thirst for and things I do not want to hear.

I know I am in a dream and the voices on the wind speak to me. Consciously I register little and unconsciously I register it all. The end result just takes a little longer.

I'm not surprised at the wide range of Stupid that proliferates like a winter cold or flu. You can pretty much see everything as a mathematical axiom and I often do; this much of this, leads to this much of that. This, interfacing with that, absolutely results in this. I see it time and time again. It is known as pattern recognition; at least it is to me. Then again, I am prone to believing my lying eyes.

Now it is, in these perilous times that we see why the psychopathic Zionists took over control of the media, entertainment, publishing and the art world. If you are a dumbass, a coward or totally absorbed in some appetite or interest, you are easily snared in the lies they manufacture. When you add this combination up you can see it is a significant portion of the population. They don't need to control the minds of the entire population; not even half. They just need a goodly sum that believes their lies and sets up an oppositional force that can be manipulated in any number of ways.'Am I dead or only dreaming?' When is one actually dead? I presume you can be dead any number of ways. You can be dead to all kinds of things and still be moving about.

Of all the things that need to be dismantled, the media is number one. So long as it goes on manufacturing heinous lies, awful government policies will follow. The culture and society will continue to be shaped in awful ways. It's all taking place on the first 3 floors of the Kundalini Express.

Were you graced with the eyes of wisdom you could see humanity writhing in torment at any one of these levels and nearly totally absent from the floors above. This is what reversed Kabalah is all about. It is a manufactured darkness that contains human consciousness within regulated parameters.

Just as malls and entertainment complexes, resort hotels and a sporting stadiums are constructed for their particular purposes, Cultures and societies are transformed from within and without by specialized interest groups with specific agendas. Hammer on certain issues long enough; slip them into the education system, design them as a human rights concern, get government to put government policy behind it and especially make it a pet project of entertainment and media and and a good number of people will not mind eating shit if you serve it to them warm.

Look at the terrible and outrageous things taking place in the day to day. This is accomplished by the Shylock Bankers; cue the sniveling, genuflecting clown, Joe Biden. The bankers own the media and the government as well. A long time ago, the bankers compromised the critical areas of government and convinced it to allow usury to be policy. For so long as this continues, the world will function as a slaughterhouse.

You have to understand the mentality of who you are dealing with. Their greed is all consuming. Their sense of privilege and special status is off the charts. They are monsters in human form. I cannot say this often enough and in the realm of appearances 'it seems' that they are all powerful and relatively unopposed. This force of appearances exists for one reason and that is to see if you buy into it. All power is borrowed. It is accessed out of a single source for the purpose of demonstration. If this were not true, none of us could continue in our efforts to serve the light. It is all about seeing what you will do; seeing what you believe in, seeing what you consider real.

Not all the forces of the world arrayed together can stop an idea whose time has come or curtail the determination of a single soul in its quest to a positive and dynamic end. Too few of us are students of history and the majority of these are students of historical revision. Academics, writers, pundits and so called experts all get a nice pay check for perpetuating myth and fabrication. Basically... they are paid to lie and they know this because along with lying is included, omission. It's as much what you leave out as what you put in.

On and on it seems like nothing changes and that is because our only sources of information are those locations we gather it from and whatever we may observe happening in the world around us. That is obviously very limited, especially because most of it is a lie, including what you see in the world around you and though the liemeisters do their level best to conceal what is real, this can only continue for so long. We are in a time of apocalypse. I cannot stress this enough. This is a time of exposure, of revealing and of revelation in every sense of the word. Most of us are not seeing most of any of this at the moment and... so far up until this moment ...but all of us are going to see a great deal more, whether we like it or not. The manner it impacts upon us will be directly relevant to how we process or refuse to process the information. Its intensity will be measured by the degree of ones self interest, juxtaposed with ones indifference to the needs of others.

There are few perhaps who believe that there is going to be a global readjustment of moral values but... given where the lack of them has led us, I think it is safe to presume there will be a collective blowback once the severity of cost has impressed itself on those who remain in the aftermath.

It's hard to believe that it all works out when, in any particular life, it never seems to work out. It just changes into something else. This means our expectations are based on things going the way we want them to instead of the way they are meant to. Of course, the more our preferences become aligned with the will of the cosmos, the more things will work out according to expectations, even though this means you are operating without expectations but... of course, that isn't the case either. They just aren't the same as those which dance through the hopes and dreams of everyone else. Making the leap to more than human can be a solitary and terrifying escapade and failure can have harsh consequences. However, nothing ventured nothing gained and everything comes at a cost of some kind. Some of us have already paid a terrible price here and there on the way and some of us don't even remember many of these things or what they cost us.

I'm writing as I am today for reasons that will be made clear in the short term. Sooner or later something or several some-things are going to happen and it sure looks like we've arrived at sooner instead of later.

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zezorro said...

just wanted to say


est said...

some think everything has already happened
and we're just perceiving it as if a movie, playing out

some think nothing is actually happening
it's all an illusion, maya, if you will

others have such attachments to outcomes
they sell their soul at the crossroads

and i think we all know, who is waiting
for that moment of weakness, always

Kazz said...


If you want a better understanding of the Kundalini you can't go past Tibetan Buddhism, which addresses 5 of the 7 Kundalini. It is excellent in aiding people to understand how to harmonise each Chakra so you can eventually connect directly with the Divine energy force.


We are being pushed hard to gain momentum so when the change comes instead of resting midway in the swing of the pendulum we will go right back out to another extreme. First they use a secular government, which is actually Satanic, then they swing the pendulum of public pressure back to the other extreme of religious fanaticism, where the Satanists still maintain control! The only way that we can overcome these people is to live in harmony with each other and the planet.

My understanding is that Agenda 21 breached the cosmic deal that the Divine had with the 3rd dimension, which was that the elite could do anything to test humanity EXCEPT EXTERMINATE THEM! (Story of Jobe).

The Satanists have obviously failed in their attempt to sway enough people away from the Divine, which is why being a REAL Christian, REAL Buddhist, REAL Hindu, REAL Jew, or REAL Muslim etc. finds you on a terrorist list. I would at this point like to draw special attention to the fact that a REAL Jew reads the TORAH while Zionists/Satanists follow the Oral Talmud, which is the basis of maritime law, it has also been known as Babylonian Law, Roman Law, Civil Law among other things.

As a living being I do not come under civil law unless I am operating in one of Man's creations, such as a government, corporation, church etc. What these criminals have done is convinced everyone that they are the name on the birth certificate, which is really a legal person, so when you adjoin yourself to this other person's identity you commit fraud, and when you commit fraud you step out from under God's covenant with Man/Woman in Genesis and the Satanists have you. I never step out from under God's covenant, so I never adjoin myself to the fictitious corporate slave name, I simply instruct them that I am Woman under God's covenant and the slave name is my corporate entity which I interact in the commercial world with. In other words I correctly interpret the proper use of civil law, because I remain under Common Law as a living being is intended to do. For those who want to know more google 'STRAWMAN'.

The rent is cheap where I live so if you are willing to go down under (OZ) send me an email. I am living in a police state, but for some strange reason they are hesitant to lock me up, even though I give them pretty good incentive to do so. The only thing I can work out is that I have become so good at being obnoxious that they don't want to put up with me. It works for me :o).

Cheers Kazz.

Ray B. said...

Vis, I share your inclinations that it will be sooner than later. Waiting's the hard part...

Vis: "The culture and society will continue to be shaped in awful ways. It's all taking place on the first 3 floors of the Kundalini Express."

Being a science fiction fan, I am appalled at how those behind the scenes are steering it. I have read oodles of SF. I know how many positive plots are out there, simply to be snapped up. Instead, we get horror films disguised as SF, slasher films disguised as SF, snuff films disguised as SF, and so on.

Even in TV, I see the darkness being literally forced in. "Defiance" started well. Then, this season it was 'hijacked' to the dark side. "Haven" was heart-based, and this season is turning dark. Etc.

The ramp-up in negative 1st-3rd chakra stuff is just stunning. I can only infer that we are getting to some denouement...
Vis: "You have to understand the mentality of who you are dealing with. Their greed is all consuming. Their sense of privilege and special status is off the charts. They are monsters in human form."

I just don't understand how to do what they do. (I don't particularly want to understand; it would be beyond painful.) The closest I can intellectually wrap my head around it is from a excerpt I read from Machiavelli's "The Prince." Paraphrased, it said to the future Prince that if he wanted power, then he would have to shut down all other aspects. I could understand 'that', although it raised the hair on the back of my neck.

I do wonder how much of 1% antics are freewill (good and bad inclinations), and how much is a 'possession' kind of situation. It probably is a blend of both, but I guess we will have to wait for some consciousness-raising event to actually Know...
Vis: "Making the leap to more than human can be a solitary and terrifying escapade and failure can have harsh consequences."

One of my teachers told the audience to take a venture such as this very seriously. This teacher said that the outcomes were to die*, go insane, or ascend. I took him very seriously, and applied myself...

Good column! I hope you are getting settled in. And good luck to Sim / 3rd Elf !

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

*Die, as in more than the mundane, end-of-life sense. Real questers know what this means...

Anonymous said...

Vyzantium et al,

Monsters, yes, ugly too. Blubbery. Split. Schmoozy.

People cannot accept that IT'S MOSTLY ALL LIES. They have faith that they cannot be bamboozled on that scale. If they get a glimpse of it being true, they turn away; BUT, it turns out that WE'RE NOT ALLOWED TO TURN AWAY. Truth is important. People die when we ignore truth (by the millions). Children are born deformed when we ignore truth. PAY ATTENTION. Blow up your TV. Throw away your paper. Scream. Rant.

I'm watching you, precious:

A small island north of the Arctic Circle….



Steve said...

Spot on article

Anonymous said...

I was in that twilight zone of sleep and saw myself fighting fiercely with people. In a real life or death kind of way. Asking and demanding answers, God should I do this or that, should I listen to this person's advice or that person's, should I stop taking this medication or lower that and start whatever whatever, round and round fierce intense struggle. Then quietly the Voice spoke to me, "You only know what you're allowed to hear." Then the fighting stopped. As I woke up I could still hear the voice and realized the significance of that statement. It wasn't a true statement just for me but a kind of universal truth that can apply to anything.

For what it's worth......

Laura .. trying to leave the Land of Turmoil.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Love your insults (You leave me in the dust.), but I don't think I'd call chickens cowards. They are not suicidal, but I have watched a hilarious show once of when our back yard neighbour's chicken got into our yard when I was petting the side yard neighbours rather large housecat. The cat went after the chicken, but it didn't take long for the chicken to end up chasing the cat, which hightailed it home. Cat's seem to get over tall fences a lot easier than chickens. I ended up finally cornering the bird after I don't know how long of chasing her, and throwing her back over the fence to where she belonged when I was with the thing I used to be married to.

vera said...

I think the chicken and the pigeon would find it quite offensive to be compared with humans of the canned ham species. After much time around chickens, I have found them to exhibit enormous bravery when defending their chickies from a deadly snake. Also been around a pigeon or two and found them to be more attentive than most of the humans I encounter in the US. Its just not in the run of the mill DNA anymore. Best of luck to you. Keep them coming!!
Love, Vera

galen said...

I'ze no Bible scholar but some see Torah (first five books of Old Testament: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy) as antecedent of Talmud. Douglas Reed, in "The Controversy of Zion" covers this. I've only read half of it so far, but here are a few notes I took:

Torah births the "master race," chosen to rule over all others. "The law of exclusion" and its dedication to destruction is formed and set in place. Deuteronomy lays out the politics of dominion over all nations (enslavement, owning/using women). All other peoples classified as insignificant, and given all blame, no matter how innocent. Murder, theft and plunder are encouraged in the name of religion and race. Destruction is deified. The concept of nation within nations is born. Blood sacrifice (animal, firstborn, etc) performed to terrorize and warn. Race and religious massacres are acts of the highest piety, rewarded by Jehovah. Jehovah is jealous, wrathful, punitive. Slavery, rape, fanatical tribalism is cultivated. Divide and conquer is perfected. New Covenant is Isolation (must be purified from everything 'foreign.' No intermarriage). God is a Jew, is the Jewish Nation, is the Jewish people. There's unquestioning obedience to ritual. Gentiles (ulcers) cast as vile and vicious. Forced circumcision introduced as well as a fierce guarding of assimilation. Separatism and dominion embraced. Talmud born as immense continuation of Torah.

So many of us grew up being taught from the Bible. So very few (myself included) ever questioned this horror 'till many years on. The most we ever got was that the God of the Old Testament was a God of Wrath and the New, a God of Love. Well aren't they one in the same God?!! I wish I would have had my fist in the air when I was nine, but I did not. But at least knowing this now we don't have to subject other kids to it.

I'll end with a direct quote from Reed regarding Christ:

"None can say with certainty who or what he was... .... but what he did and said is of such transcendental importance that almost nothing else counts."


est said...

as far as christ
i was the garden

where he went
to receive his pardon

forty days in the wilderness
sounds like hermann hesse

but in the end, isn't that
exactly what we need?

Anonymous said...

actually 90 percent is probably a bit high but still there are too many evil fucking people on this planet. when are they going to be stopped?

galen said...

Long John, thank you for the chants. I find them very comforting, centering, nostalgic.


Anonymous said...

about chanting the name of Krishna:

Haribhakti Vilasa (17.161-162, quoting Narasimha Purana and Yajnavalkya) says: tri vidha japa yajnah syat tasya bhaven nibodhaya; vacikas ca upamsus ca manasas ca tridha matah mantram uccarayed vyaktam japayata sa vacikah; kinciccabdam svayam vidyad upamsuh sa japah smritah. upamsu japam uktasya tasmacchato guno bhavet; sahasro manasah prokto yasmad dhyana samo hi sah - "There are three kinds of japa— vocal, muttering and mental. Loud chanting of the mantra is called vocal japa, whispering is called upamsu and mental chanting is called manasik japa. Whispering is a hundred times better than loud japa and mental chanting is a thousand times better. This is equal to meditation."

So silently chanting the name of Krishna mentally, in the mind, is a 1000 times more powerful than verbal outloud chanting.

Anonymous said...

You got that right. All opposition is controlled opposition. The more visible they are, the more controlled they are...

Visible said...

a new Visible Origami is up now-

sidestepping the Pop Tart Gurus and New Age Nimrods.

Anonymous said...

"Mind over matter; if you don't mind it don't matter."

Love and hate, for as strong as they are, are no more powerful than indifference. People can only be controlled when they care. Lies only have power when people care.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is known as maha-vadabtavatara, the most magnanimous incarnation, for He does not consider the offenses of the fallen souls.

Srila Prabhupada.. "There are ten offenses in the chanting of the Hare Krsna maha-mantra, but these are not considered in the chanting of the Pancha-tattva mantra"

jaya sri-krishna-chaitanya
prabhu nityananda
sri-adwaita gadadhara

Pancha Tattva Maha-Mantra

Anonymous said...

While Prabhupada may inspire a lot of people, he does not have a monopoly on Gaudiya Vaisnavism. In case anyone is looking for a different approach to Gaudiya Vaisnavism, check out the following PDF:

Anonymous said...

"Hammer on certain issues long enough; slip them into the education system, design them as a human rights concern, get government to put government policy behind it and especially make it a pet project of entertainment and media and and a good number of people will not mind eating shit if you serve it to them warm.”

What a perfect synopsis of the culture subverters, the culture destroyers and boobus americanus!


Kazz said...


Books can only tell one so much, the greatest insight into life comes from within your own heart. Your heart actually has more neurons than your brain!

In the third dimensional realm we currently occupy the Divine energy gives expression to all kinds of behaviour. To best discern which aspect of this energy field you are part of it is necessary to look at your outer world, because your outer world is indicative of your inner world. If you want your outer world to alter first you must address your inner world.

Any text that refers to ownership of a living being, male or female, is one that is consistent with domination and control, hence FEAR. Fear is representative in the Divine energy field as one of the lowest levels of creation, destruction. Anyone who operates at this level brings only bad Karma to themselves. Basic physics!

The New Covenant is not isolation it is total submission and immersion into the Divine energy field, which means you are surrounded and permeated by love :o).

Rites and rituals are Satanic. They are an outward attempt to please the Divine, when only self sacrifice is the true path to the highest level of creation, which is unadulterated LOVE.
The system has never been able to indoctrinate me; I guess I am a natural rebel just like Jesus Christ. True worship to the Divine is exercised through walking daily in the footsteps of people like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammed etc. Whether these people are indicative of one individual or a conglomerate does not matter, what is important is the message they bring to humanity, which is one of peace, love, forgiveness, compassion, and most of all a close enough relationship with the Divine to encourage these kinds of actions into our everyday existence, because it is through such pursuits that we begin to harmonize with others and the world around us.

‘The River” by JJ Grey and Mofro. To me the river is the Divine energy field. :o) 'The Sun is Shining Down' also great. This guy sings with soul. Hope you all ENJOY.

Cheers Kazz

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Certain Denouement of the Dark Lord.

galen said...

Karen, re your: "The New Covenant is not isolation it is total submission and immersion into the Divine energy field, which means you are surrounded and permeated by love."

Karen, Reed was not referring to the true "New Covenant" of Love; he was noting the aberration that happened and set in place the domination and separation. 

And regarding your: "Rites and rituals are Satanic. They are an outward attempt to please the Divine, when only self sacrifice is the true path to the highest level of creation, which is unadulterated LOVE."

Karen, "self sacrifice" is a valid path, but not the "only." Sometimes music, nature, study, even play, will bring one to the heart of God. Also, there are many rituals that I love and are not Satanic, many that open the heart and mind to greater levels of love and service. They are often the outer reflecting the inner. Christ did ritual at the last supper; it is a tool to awaken. Some Satanists using it for the dark side cannot cancel that which comes with pure intention. Also, there are some rituals that are joyful, and we certainly need more of that to balance all the heaviness.

Thank you for the songs. So soulful and full of faith.


Kazz said...

Jesus tells his listeners in Matthew 5:34 "to swear not at all. 5:35 “Nor by the earth; for it is his footstool: neither by Jerusalem; for it is the city of the great King.” 5:36 “Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black.”

God commands us not to swear by His name in any oath. Failing to fulfill an oath would be taking God's name in vain, breaking the third commandment (Exodus 20:7).

FREEMASON’S SWEAR AN OATH, so do judges, doctors, police, firemen etc!

Freemason’s have as their head Queen Elizabeth II of Windsor. The Queen took an oath to uphold God’s Law. “Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you,” (Deuteronomy 4:2). The moment Queen Elizabeth began ratifying laws she breached her oath to God, but that is to be expected because Queen Elizabeth II of Windsor works for the Vatican. I went to the Vatican in 1985 and when I attempted to enter the Vatican City I was told in no uncertain terms by God, or a Divine representative, that if I even touched one toe to Vatican soil I would be tainted. In depth research into the history of the Roman Catholic Church has revealed that although it was originally God’s church, as per usual the elite bastardized its true nature so it could better serve their agenda, which was to usurp the Divine and take permanent control of this planet. Which by the way will never occur :o)!

In Australia we currently have a health system that makes people sick, we have an education system that makes you stupid, we have a government that, rather than serve its constituents, enslaves and poisons them (sodium fluoride, GM foods, geo-engineered drops of aluminium (and possibly nanobots), EMF pollution, tainted vaccinations, and we have a law system that jails victims and rewards the criminals. God has shown me how the elite have copied every one of (his) systems in order to fool humanity.

JESUS CHRIST WHIPPED AND THREW OUT THE MONEY LENDERS FROM OUR FATHER’S HOUSE (THE COURTS). Today these same money lenders sit in magistrate and district (courts), which are really BANKS! Their Usury system was OUTLAWED in the Old Testament, because it is a debt SLAVERY system. The system Christ alerted us of is still operating today! While the church going indoctrinated Christians attend their government controlled churches, with their government controlled priests/ministers etc., who all sign a UCC -501c form to state that they will not say anything seditious about their Satanic government, my question is which Master do you think they serve?

I serve the Divine, I am His, and I don’t need faith because the CREATOR God speaks to me, and protects me. Has done all my life or I would have been killed ten times over :o).

Cheers Kazz

galen said...

And then there's this:


Kazz said...

Jesus is my hero because he was a REAL MAN! Jesus was capable of thinking for himself, he was a champion of the downtrodden masses, he didn't get his rocks off by raping and murdering small children like the Satanists do, and he wasn't stupid enough to give his soul away and imprison it in a jar for eternity.

I had a dream that I walked with Jesus once, and he knew me well.

The problem with Satanists is that they think with their genitals, and we all know that this makes one a DICK HEAD!

Personally I like a man who doesn't bend over and cop it up the rear every time their boss tells them to. In other words I prefer a KING over a QUEEN any day.

Cheers Kazz



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