Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It could be The Ship of Darkness Sails on a River of Light.

Dog Poet Transmogrifying.......

“Women and cats will do as they please and men and dogs should just relax and get used to the idea.”

Some new dimension has recently opened a portal into this one, given what I have seen lately. Somewhere around half a dozen, heretofore unseen, or generally absent previously, have shown up around here, exhibiting signs of derangement. Some of the characters have been demonstrating textbook pathologies, that are near comical in their transparency, before a focused eye; giving the impression that they are being staged. The occasional soup to nuts without the soup are known to come and go on occasion but... this many, all at the same time? I am reminded of what Goldfinger said to Bond, after Bond had gone into a closet at Goldfinger's home, discovering a filming apparatus, after which he tossed a cat in there to be the fall guy for his discovery; should it be discovered. Goldfinger stands there with the cat in his arms and says something to the effect of; “once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence but the third time... is enemy action.” This would have been the second time, I believe, when something like this had come to Goldfinger's attention. He then tossed the cat to Oddjob. Oddjob was Korean and apparently Koreans eat cats. Is that the case here? I don't have a cat but I can find one (grin). The point is moot anyway since I don't have an Oddjob, even thought I do have an odd job.

Here is something I have been expecting and which looks certain to flesh out into a more cohesive arrangement, with players still to be announced. Just as people in general are suddenly waking up to various intrigues and conditions, nations are also becoming aware of the price paid for having to bend over to Bankers; principally the IMF, at least as the front mask in the foreground for a welter of Satanic duplicity in the background. We are all familiar with the quote; 'the love of money is the root of all evil.” by logic, I compute that since Bankers love money more than anything else and since, in the collective consciousness, the source of Evil has always been associated with Satanic origin, 'Satanic duplicity' would be an accurate descriptor.

Let's continue with the logic. I love using this tool in its simple applications here and in it's more complex capacity on the personal level (personal means I don't have to explain that). Okay... since it has been proven by many that ISIS is a creation of the United States, in partnership with Israel and a few Draconian gulf states, for the general purpose of killing Muslims (a growth industry) and to seek geopolitical advantage against Syria and others but in the larger sense against Russia and since it has also been conclusively proven that those nations behind this vile construct are controlled by Bankers, one can say that this is actually who is throwing gays off of rooftops. This is a conundrum to the extent that Bankers are also the financial force behind the gay political agenda. However it becomes easily understood when one comprehends that international bankers are generally psychopaths and don't give a shit what happens to anyone else, no matter who it is, as long as it serves their desired ends.

One of several reasons that this and other undesirable things can take place, without much resistance or objection whatsoever, is this startling fact. I said this is one of several reasons. Factor in the others like bad drugs (as opposed to good drugs), bad diet, dumbing down, media and entertainment mind control and programming, both through the aforementioned as well as through other vehicles, some of which are decidedly unpleasant in the experience of and you got all too few of us outside the reach of these influences. But wait! There's more. However we are not going to go into that because only intelligent and objectively tuned readers come around here, or stay for any length of time so... you can easily intuit other permutations.

Here in the islands, drinking is one of the biggest pastimes going. I'd say it is a substantial avocation, with all kinds of harmful and degenerative effects. You can actually feel a pressure to be inclined to engage in this sort of behaviour, given the ubiquity of its presence. It's unfortunate, especially since a few cups of Morning Thunder tea will put you in a sweet and elevated state of consciousness, at far less cost on every level of possible result. I see the sad outcomes of chronic indulgence whenever I am, in or around locations where this takes place. You see burned out cases from various comestibles, trapped like hamsters on a wheel and lacking both the motivation and awareness necessary to climb out of this pit of relentless suffering. Here's one end of that scenario and... here is another. Of course, this second source is a notorious lie factory but I think in this particular instance it is probably accurate except most likely understated. If I remember correctly, Nevada, due to Las Vegas, is significantly higher than any other state. At least it was a decade or so ago when I came across the startling figure of four point something drinks per person per day in that locale.

ANYTHING that makes the public more malleable and turns them into ambulatory, comatose zombies is good for the goons that hijacked the ship of state, which, as you know, sails on a river of darkness. I wouldn't want to give the impression that I have always been free of the negative circumstance of negative comestibles. I have been roiled in torrents of turmoil and torment, a time or two or three, but I also made it to the other side of the turbulent white water. Now I have the selective freedom of the high end substances, should the inclination ever rear its ethereal and rarefied head; the unicorn shakes its splendiferous mane and gallops off into visible's superconscious to await the serendipitous zukunft, where some things are set in stone and some are not. That's the thing about the future. A lot of people think it's fate and some number think it's all chaos and accident and some simply don't think. The truth, insofar as I have any grasp of the matter, in this particular area, is that some things are set in stone and some are not and this is precisely why events and conditions have not, so far, mirrored the ambitions of the predators in our midst. Things are exactly what they appear to be because of power of the collective totality of human consciousness so... never presume that you don't make a difference simply because of the 'appearance' of your relative insignificance among the 7 billion. We have ample record of single individuals changing the face of the world a time or two in the past, even as some are presently so engaged though we may not know of them yet; for good and for ill. Of course, some of the second category we do know about.

Here is one of the key verities that I seek always to impress on minds willing to contemplate the possibility. There is ONLY one mind and you can find the rock hard reality of that in mundane physics. It really depends on how the mathematical interprets itself into the philosophical for you. Every individual mind is simply an inlet from and for the cosmic sea. In those fortunate minds, where the opportunity has been seized to live in this awareness, there awaits a profundity of potential that beggars the imagination. The common mind stares into opacity when confronted with what lies beyond in the within. It is one of the greatest tragedies in this life that so many choose to live in such a confined ignorance of the incredible brilliance and beauty that waits on their doorstep of attainability. It's right there but... if you can't see it, it might as well not be there.

When you reside in the one mind, you share in the promise and potential of the one mind. You come into a state of cosmic accord, which is the greatest defense against relative and manifest discord. One has to affirm in their own being that cosmic accord is ALWAYS stronger than relative, manifest discord. What is behind appearances is ALWAYS more powerful than the appearances that rest upon it and rely in it for their very existence. Simple physics proves this out too. It comes down to what you are willing to accept as so, independent of what you might sometimes wish to be so. This is how you get people to wish in one hand and shit in the other. Many people prefer to shape their perceptions according to the press of their desires because they have somehow come to believe that only by this route can they acquire and achieve what they think they are after. The truth is that that is seriously hit and miss. There are other passages where it is seriously hit and the factor of missed, greatly lessened ...but it takes particular qualities to step outside the box of manufactured reality, far enough away from it so that another reality can come into being. Of course, it's already there but hadn't come into view due to the impressive impact of the generally shared and haphazard, false reality. Only those with the courage to venture into the unknown, come into the presence of what becomes no longer... unknown.

As a child and as an adult (assuming I have even ever become the latter) I was prone to read a great many biographies and I found a great many similarities in the lives of memorable individuals. Regardless of the form their beliefs might have taken shape in, they all shared certain attributes that made their success a certainty, even though there might have been serious difficulty in the accomplishment. What I learned is that what is possible for one is possible for another, IF, that someone is willing to exercise the necessary qualities required to take them to their desired end.

It is because I am fair certain of the truth of what I said here that I am not troubled by whatever it is that turned Jeff Rense against me. I never even went to check his site for many weeks after I first heard about my excising from his site. I bear him no ill will. Like any of us, he has his reasons for what he does, the same as certain other locations did when they decided not to link my work. Very often, something that looks to be negative is a budding positive and one who takes that view, more often than those with another view, somehow come to find this is so. We are all ships passing in the night. We are not meant to be wedded together in a particular engagement forever. There doesn't have to be any blame on either side and this much is true, everyone enjoys, or does not enjoy the unavoidable fruits of their actions. I need to put my attention on my own words and deeds. What another does is their concern. This is why I recommend, as strongly as I am capable, to be fully committed to what you believe in because that is the only way it will be fully committed to you.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

I haven't read your essay yet. I am only commenting to see if I will be the first comment again. Yeah, I am easily amused. I am sure it is good. It usually, if not always, is. Going to read it now.



Anonymous said...

"What is behind appearances is ALWAYS more powerful than the appearances that rest upon it and rely in it for their very existence." The messenger is not greater than the one who sent him.

We are all messengers in a way.

By the way I did enjoy the read.


Brian Crossland said...

That last sentence Vis.
A volume of wisdom in a few words.
One I shall remember
Thank you

Katy said...

McCob, you firster, are makin' me laugh...

L.V. :"
ANYTHING that makes the public more malleable and turns them into ambulatory, comatose zombies is good for the goons that hijacked the ship of state, which, as you know, sails on a river of darkness. ..."
Then this, from the amazing
...At some point, more revelation of the dirty deeds of the damned feels impotent, pathetically redundant, and our heart beats with the cadence of a terrible, implacable rage that calls out for revolution... and resolution. Yes, the peace we truly desire is deep within us, we can feel it and it sustains us. We know that the Source of us all has allowed these things to come to pass for the purpose of demonstration. But our hunger for a world free of these pestilential nuisances and demons run amok, our fervent thirst for a world safe for innocence to come out and play, will not be denied, nor sated before that world is a reality. What will it take? What are we willing to do, in real terms, for the coming into being of that world?..."

This is the conflict for many.
Shall i warn? Shall i write?
Shall i teach? How to awaken...
Is my warning, writing, teaching re: sleep booze porn politics sin money lust work play debt war deception seduction... helping or hindering?

In the end it does seem like each little simple whisper, each mindblowing trip, each near death white light gift, each grace filled morning light Aha! --
Yeilds the same word...gives the same path
You can't go wrong by loving.
Being love, acting in love.
So simple.

(It would seem....

(Intention matters and love does transform miles of straying...

Visible said...

Neil; you can save yourself the trouble of continuing to send in all these comments. They aren't going up. Gratuitous self promotion here with addresses and telephone numbers and what not are not desired, neither are contentious retorts to people who were only trying to help you out. I have not attempted the same because I know better. I've learned my lesson. I used to be egalitarian and generally embracing but now that is only in use where the is the possibility of positive result.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

One mind. One very PARADOXICAL mind.


Mark Dice strikes again, and he gets tons of people to sign a petition to put soylent green in school lunches. I thought that's a funny as Hell, along with thinking maybe we NEED a bit of selective genocide. Ye gods!

But on a good note, in less than a month they're gonna do something with CERN again. Will it blow this time, or will what ever they do be another dud?


And there is no time, huh? Everything that was, is and is to be is now, for it is all accessible when one in in the right realm, so this insanity is looped in eternity. Forever in both directions.

Yes, YOU can still be Erzsebet Báthory's lunch if you so choose. I'm not sure I'd recommend it, though. She and her adopted family weren't very humane in slaying their livestock.

Nostrils up, everybody.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "What is behind appearances is ALWAYS more powerful than the appearances that rest upon it and rely in it for their very existence."

I remember one (true) tale I read in a tome on 'reality'. Two trucks had approached each other from opposite directions at speed. Unfortunately, a narrow bridge lay between them. By the time they spotted each other, it was too late to avoid a 'common' bridge crossing. However, they both knew that the bridge was too narrow for the both of them. Both sides braced for the crash.

The trucks passed in the middle of the bridge. Both stopped just after the bridge. Puzzled occupants actually measured both trucks and the bridge, and confirmed that there was no way not to have had a collision...

A second tale I heard directly from the person who experienced it. This was a veteran firewalking teacher I had met in the Seattle area. One day, in his altered state, he just stopped right in the middle of the glowing coals. No problem. After a bit, he reached down and scooped up some coals. Again, no problem.

Then, he noticed he had a wedding ring on. Immediately, he felt a small pain.

Afterwards, this firewalking teacher had only one burn from his epic walk: Under his wedding ring. Some part of his subconscious made the association that metal conducts heat, and 'poof' a blister. Only there. Irrespective of the fact that the rest of his hand was in direct contact with the coals...

Two tales from the Far Side... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kristine Lavender Love said...

You nailed it Visible, women and cats....

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm so old.

I thought I recognized that quote:

"Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea." - Robert A. Heinlein

R.I.P. Bobby

A good author if you like his style. Interestingly, he was a friend of L. Ron Hubbard

Carry on.

Mr. Nah

Jenny said...

Vis- Being a woman with many cats I must say- big thumbs up! I love reading your posts before I go out into the maelstrom of society..it is good preparation for meeting the ineffable in everything.jen

Thomas said...

Transmogrifying! Yes! Calvin and Hobbes Rocks, and Bill Waterson set a nice artistic example by openly and honestly ending when he felt it was right to end it, instead of milking it for everything it was worth and tainting all his prior efforts in the process, like so many other "artists" have done.

So good, Visible. The goldfinger analogy is fitting, since you do must have golden fingers, and an odd job. Thank you for keeping Art and Culture alive! Also your last post was really nice. You seem to have become soft-spoken, without losing your sharp truthful edge, and this is a wondrous thing to behold. I think it's something like that Lao Tzu means when he talks of "squaring the circle and circling the square".

And to all you people here, how I have enjoyed reading your words, following your journeys as best as I can. You are beautiful! Turn towards the Light, and the Light will have your back. That's funny, how that works, hehe :)

I am still naive, though, exmplified by trying to reason with Neil. I was completely impenetrable to reason when I was in "that state". Oh well, you told me sometime, too, Visible "some things you can do, some things you can't" (recognize the difference!).

How absolutely wonderful it is that God allows us to grow, and that it becomes a great joy, even in suffering, somewhere along the way.

Be well, friends :)

p.s. Smyrna, that matthew guy with the Dylan essay (I liked it too), calls Babaji, Sri Yukteswar and Yogananda frauds (in his Lennon essay), and postulates that Pi = 4. Both are utterly ridiculous. I like some of his paintings, though. Trust yourself, use your nose!

Thomas said...

Ack! I overspoke myself. I do not always have great joy, but peace follows me pretty much always, but not always, even. Hehe. Tick it off to my ego, people, trying to sound smart.

Thomas said...

Praise that Holy Light that created us and sustains us, permits us to fail AND has given us reason to analyze and learn! And is in some strange way the closest of all to us, even to the point that we are not separate, according to the saints. Oh Praise! How Blessed we are to exist together with That, how Blessed we are that we will come to the Holy Kingdom at some point. Praise! And, THANKS to you, all my beautiful brothers and sisters, for being who you are. May you be well and happy inside :)

Anonymous said...

Some interesting information about that great American patriot, former newscaster, and all-around great guy, Jeff Rense; about halfway through this eye-opening piece, you'll probably figure out what he's really all about - http://www.wingtv.net/thorn2006/rense1.html

Anonymous said...

Loved your opening! And truer words were never spoken regarding women and cats. Perhaps it's time I just embraced that fact. :)

Getting a good vibe from you, Vis. Not so much back to normal, but maybe now you're comfortable with your new normal. I'm very glad for you.

As for your new morning regimen... I think I need something like that, too. And maybe an evening regimen as well. :) Keeping busy at times can be a good thing.

Anyway, enjoy your new digs!


Unknown said...

"This must be just like livin in paradice"

Or perhaps,

"Paradise by the dashboard light"

No-fault injuries: A bill in Hawaii’s legislature would prohibit personal injury protection payments to anyone who hit by a car while bicycling.

On a vacation in Hawaii last year, on the Big Island I rented a nice road bike and headed off looking for lesser traveled roads from the resort area near Mauna Lani. Even though the guy at the bike shop tried to dissuade me from taking this route I took the Waikoloa road. It turned out to be somewhat lesser traveled, however it was narrow with the paved shoulder sometimes consisting of nothing wider than the fog line stripe. Frequently the broken pavement at the shoulder had an abrupt edge of 4” or more. AND the road was an unrelenting climb.

In Hawaii there are haters. Cycling tourists are, in the minds of some, yuppie elites who are worthy of harassment. Riding through lava fields and arid grassland I was crowded by work trucks for no reason and understood why the route was not recommended. For Hawaii to deny injury payments to injured cyclists is unconscionable. It gives haters tacit permission the endanger or hurt cyclists and in a state where tourists and cycling tourism is a viable income generator, it puts this type of tourism and the income it brings to the state in peril.

Be careful and keep that jalopy runnin Vis


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Off Topic. . .


Well, maybe not.

I'm wondering if anyone on this forum appreciates the concept?

galen said...

Hey Buttons, I do, and it got me thinking about other images, like. . .

head gear

elbow room

ear drum

back slide

face lift

breast plate

If only I was good at drawing.



Smyrna said...


Thanks and point taken. There's some of Mathis' writings I don't agree with for sure. I see it as him being ignorant of matters mystical/divine more so than being dis-info or a bum steer.

Like his comparing Graham Hancock's writings and work about DMT/Ayahuasca as comparable to the CIA 1960s LSD pushing to fuck the hippie movement. Wrong.

Nonetheless he looks like someone who is waking up so I will be keeping an eye on him.

I haven't read the science articles or why he would say Pi is other than 22/7. A piece of string can tell you that.

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

I would have to say the very essence of who I AM is what brought me to know the Divine, and that essence is completely spontaneous. Living in the now has to be spontaneous because you didn't know yesterday what would occur today, unless you are so tightly wound that you have every moment of your day planned, and even then the world can put a spanner in the works whenever it wants, so even if you thought you had control you did not, and today you don't know what may transpire tomorrow. For this reason whoever is not spontaneous is not living in the now, and if you are not living in the now then your reality is a creation of your mind rather than your higher self, which discerns moment to moment as necessary.

Your opening words are so very true for this reason Vis, because none of us really has control over that which is outside of ourselves for very long. By this I mean that although it may appear that we are in control appearances can be, and are deceiving. The only man who has ever managed to control me at all was my father, and that control dwindled around my late teens. Dad was okay with that because he raised me to stand on my own two feet. I remember on one occasion I copped a hiding from an EX fiancee, which cost me my two front teeth, but to my dad's credit he refused to get involved (as an ex street fighter he could have smashed him to a pulp). This much frustrated his best mate who was a sergeant of police, because he wanted to send a couple of rookies around to teach my fiancee a lesson. My father's response was if she likes that kind of treatment she will stay and if she doesn't she will leave. Well, I left. What my dad actually did was he taught me to empower my self to deal with my own problems so I did not have to run to others for help. The psychologists Abraham Maslow and Karl Rogers teach this kind of attitude in humanistic psychology, it is called self actualisation. Once one relies on the 'Self' they rely on that which is within instead of that which is without. As we know from the words of Jesus that which is within is greater than anything outside of one's self. So amazingly enough although no man can control me it is due to a man that this is the case :o). My dad was a wonderful teacher, and even though he was not perfect he managed to teach me all the important stuff, like do unto others as you would have them do unto you, have compassion, don't judge others etc., which is rather ironic because dad was an atheist. Go figure (grin).

I am reminded of that saying 'if you really love something let it go free and if it returns to you it really does love you.' No truer words were ever spoken.

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

Here's a little gift if you play guitar or piano, especially if you are very much still learning. If you can get most of this into your head you are not likely to need much else unless you are into the obscure.

Here you go.

Click on any image and it will get large.

Anonymous said...

Smyrna, Pi is not 22/7. Pi is an irrational number and can not be expressed accurately as a ratio of integers. 22/7 is an approximation.


142857 keeps repeating ad infinitum. So after the 6th decimal place begins the difference between the 2 numbers.

Irrational numbers are numbers where the permutation of integers right of the decimal point go on forever and there will no repeating pattern of integer sequences. There are more irrational numbers than there are rational numbers. A mathematical fact proven by Cantor.

Mathematics. A subject with no meaningful controversy. Probably the only subject about which that can be said. But math is only a tool and as such has limitations in scope and application. But math does possess a cold and stark beauty.


Anonymous said...

Galen, you can learn to draw if you want to. It is a surprisingly simple skill. Just like writing anyone can learn to do it. It is time consuming but not complex.


Smyrna said...


Yes I know Pi is a Transcendental number. Freaky aren't they. Same as the square root of 2. 1.414???
Kind of proves 'God' to me.

Did not know about 22/7 being that close approximation which repeats instead of the endless 'random' sequence. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Happy Lunar New Year, all.


Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm so old.

Alright kiddies. Both Pi and the square root of two are irrational (sort of like LTPTB), but Pi is Transcendental and square root of two is not. The Transcendentals are a subset of the irrationals.

22/7 is a good approximation for Pi, within the measurement error of a string. What is exact to an engineer is quite different from what is exact to a mathematician.

Now for the deep thought:

"Not even God can change a single digit of Pi."

You can toss that in whenever you're having one of those omnipotence discussions.

Mr. Nah

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Only a Broken Heart can Find the Kingdom of Heaven.

galen said...

Does it matter if the pi is apple or blueberry? Maybe because mass fills the area contained within the surrounding circumference only pumpkin can be precise, or at least near precise. Precision must exist somewhere. :)

Forgive me, I had to run with that. :)

McCob, thanks for the encouragement on drawing. Perhaps I'll try. Also, I put music up there with math; they may both be eternal essences.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Baudhayana (who?) and Pythagoras walk into a bar..

I won't give away the punch line but I'm pretty sure there's pi involved..

Indians Knew the Laws of Gravity 500 Years Before Newton

Anonymous said...

n mathematics, a transcendental number is a real or complex number that is not algebraic—that is, it is not a root of a non-zero polynomial equation with rational coefficients.

Isaac Newton was a Biblical Scholar as well as a mystic and alchemist. He was not the first of the great scientific scholars. Rather he was the last of the great alchemist. he was educated at Trinity College at Cambridge; a School that started as a seminary.

Newton and Liebnitz are both credited with creating calculus. However, I have heard the the Vedas define limits and function and differentials, and relate derivatives and integrals which is calculus. I don't know if it is true I wouldn't be surprised. Also, Archimedes Considered differentials as well as infinite sums and he defined weight as the attraction of the Earth pulling on a mass, in other words weight equals mass time acceloration of gravity which is really close to Newton's second Law of motion which came some 1800 yrs later. Who knows what might have been lost from antiquity.

the square root of any number that has has prime factors not in pairs will have an irrational square root.

Note: square root of 4=2
square root of 9=3

3X2=6 4X9=36 Square root of 36= 6X6 =2X2X3X3 Note their is a pair of 2's and a pair of 3's. If I multiplay 36 by 5 I get 180.

180=5X2X2X3X3 which is a prime factorization of 180. Notice only 1 '5'...thus I know that the square root of 180 is an irrational number. However if I multiply 180 by another 5 I get 900 which factors as 5X5X2X2X3X3 note all prime factors are pairs so I know that the square root will be a rational number which equals
5X2X3=30 which is the square root of 900.

Mathematicians are different from scientists, engineers and actuaries in the sense they are much less materialistic or driven by the appetite for glory. If there were a Nobel Prize for Mathematics there is a good chance the winner wouldn't be bothered to show up because they don't care about prizes. There is not a Nobel Prize for math because Nobel's wife ran off with a math professor, or so I have heard.


galen said...

McCob, when I have time on the weekend I will study your words and see if I can comprehend them.

Ya know, you once said you're "just a hayseed." Seems to me you're more like "Good Will Hunting."

Light under a bushel?



galen said...

Homer, why do you think it is that India has not been demonstrably credited with those huge discoveries? Gravity. Round earth. Could it be because Indian scientific teaching is blended with metaphysics and therefore gets invalidated by so-called science? Or maybe it's just that the west simply cannot relinquish the crown of breakthrough supremacy? Oh those textbooks, likely more lies than truth.

Just wondering.


Anonymous said...

Galen, I am a peasant from a small town in the Midwest. I have worked as a farm boy in the past. I did go to school but I dropped out before I got my masters. My folks told me to go in the military and get my GI bill. I wish I never would have listened to them. The army and college are the biggest regrets of my life. Looking back I wish I would have quit school when I was 16 and got a job washing dishes or something like that. All I ever wanted was to play guitar, smoke pot and enjoy the company of attractive women. God, I hate the Puritan ethic.

I might have to tutor so lately I got a calculus book from the library and I am studying up.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

galen, by George I think you've got it!

"By the time the nineteenth century turned into the twentieth, almost all the benign attitudes spurring Western scholars' unbiased appreciation of Vedic knowledge had turned into ice. No independent India would be born of Sanskrit knowledge. The British goal, stated and unstated, was to eradicate any notions that India had knowledge in remote antiquity."

When the West Loved India

Anonymous said...


It's always more fun to play guitar, smoke pot and enjoy the company of attractive women when you have a graduate degree(or whatever). Get the degree(or whatever) first. You'll have the whole rest of your life to party. It's called delayed gratification. A bit of self discipline never hurt anyone. Why do the vast majority 18-19 year-olds fail comprehend this?


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Like Butchered Sheep, Hanging on Hooks in the Slaughterhouse of History.

galen said...

Mandocello, is the mega toxicity at Global U really worth the sacrifice? Is it the idea of "Swallow what the boss is feeding and if you don't die (in body or soul) then you might be able to feed yourself."? In simpler terms are there any real institutions of learning out there that exist without an agenda to program, that are actually equipping the students for expansion/possibility and self-determinism? Some of the programmed I've met are PHD's pumped off the conveyer-belt eager to do the status-quo two-step. Where is classical Greece or even a real renaissance? Is it in the street? In remote cafe`s? Some scientist's cellar? Some writer's den? I can't find it, Mandocello. Where is it?


Anonymous said...


Looked at one way, there are no institutions(the educational establishment just one among many) that do not attempt to shove the individual into some mold or another. It comes with the territory. The idea is to be in it but not of it. Take from the experience what there is of worth that there is to be had, rather than the other way around. Take what can be useful in a practical way without losing a chunk of yourself in the process. There's no point in losing one's self whether one is in a PhD factory or in a pipefitter apprenticeship.

Institutions aren't designed for expansion/possibility and self-determinism. Their function to impose control, stability and a regulated, smooth, orderly incorporation of change to ensure the maintenance of the status quo.

Institutions are not vehicles of enlightenment. An enlightened existence is achieved despite them, not through them.

I'm surrounded by PhD sheep every
day--heavily schooled but rather lightly educated, if at all. Schools are for schooling. Real education is an individual pursuit. Most people just don't want to bother with that, though. It takes real effort and the discoveries are usually unpleasant or unpalatable or frightening, and the rewards are not readily apparent, and it requires a considerable measure of self discipline. Thus most choose not bother, and most of those that make the attempt abandon the effort when the going gets even the slightest bit uncomfortable. The fabric of lies is a much more amenable arrangement for them.


galen said...

Mandocello, I understand that rationale for I have had to work under it at times, but mostly I'm seeing the kids comin' out of school (any grade) and so very many are dimmed down; by that I mean a spark put out, replaced by being put in their place.

In a good and open world, institutions COULD be everything you (in truth) say they are not. They could be designed to foster the natural talents and interests of the student. Yes, I'm an idealist here, but we need something to reach for to save us from the factory-farm of academia today.

I know that in world consciousness many doors are shut to those without a particular degree, so in that sense, I understand the frequent compromise. And I guess I went off on this just in seizing another opportunity to point out the harm coming from today's schools. As an ex-teacher, I'm a little over sensitive to it. If it wasn't the all-pressing test scores that drove the momentum, it was the long line of elementary school kids lined up every frikkin' day outside the nurses office for their daily dose of Ritalin or some other soul-quieting drug. Then came, "No dodge ball. No playin' tag. No tree climbing." And worst of all: "Don't give anyone a hug." And high school, well, Decadence Is Us!! College, ha! Can you say Agenda 21 and Karl Marx? Thick and smooth, and all ready to take on Texas. And, of course, smiling.

Well, I think our conversation shows that with schooling there is a great need for a major overhaul, as in so many other factions of society with all directive coming down from the top which is really the bottom. And I guess by conversations like this we bring each other to the best school, the school of life. Thanks for being there and in red ink I give us both an A+. Wink


Anonymous said...


The dimming-down serves the arbiters of the status quo. It's part of their larger agenda of control and stability. It serves THEIR purposes, not the rest of us, who have been rendered, by institutional design, either incapable, unable or unwilling to wake up.

Abandoning the dreamscape is an experience which is by turns lonely, harsh, frightening and disorienting. One is lucky to find an oasis in the desert, such as these blogs.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

galen, here's something else they haven't been telling the kiddies..

Zeng He (Sinbad the Sailor) versus Columbus.

yes Johnny, there's really was a sinbad

1415 gift to China from Bengal

Anonymous said...


You are clearly a very astute observer of life but I could't disagree with you more. A man will not be good at anything unless he can get his heart into it. A painful lesson of my life.

I did earn scholarships and graduate assistanceships from a couple universities. I have talent for math and science. But, all I ever felt in my heart from studying them was depression and desolation.

I smoke plenty, I play guitar all the time and I get plenty of attention from the fairer gender. I get hugs and kisses and I get called sweetee.

I married a beautiful girl. It was love at first sight. You know what she liked about me? She liked the way I played guitar! Is that sweet or what? She is a big mess and I am a big mess and together we make an even bigger mess but we have been together over 30 years and we are happy.

Dropping out of grad school was the smartest thing I ever did.


galen said...

McCob, if we were both single. . .


galen said...

Okay, let it go. It's just something about mathematicians, especially those who don't wear bow-ties.


galen said...

It was just a moment.


galen said...


Seems education ultimately evolves
when left brain takes right brain for a spouse
and the inter-connection
of everything ever
spreads itself loosely over the all

Facts find friendships and history shrinks
double blind scholars retreat to cellars
to rethink the scheme
and the scheme responds with the urgent undoing
of everything proven with portable proof
The menacing madness of the matrix
making sense of all it ain’t

Books in boxes yet unopen
laboratory lovers: idea and quest
daunted by a lack of fantasy
key ingredient to open sesame
Nicola loosened the lid on the jar
and spun it back behind the war
collective synapses shrunk in horror
even Nicola could not save
the innocence of open mind
searching the portals of hidden truth

Go, run, go to the doctors
of education in the halls of ivy
trying to qualify and rearrange
all the unknown and the almost known
in fierce attempt to simplify
that which is inherently simple

Get away with your grand equations
subtract the opposite, oppose the square
bring down the common denominator
put everything back that wasn’t there
Wash the infection of oozing ids
that line the libraries of learning life
No secret agenda in the contract
no ring around the temporary constant
If we ain’t careful we could be fooled
babies walk away with the cake
while college deans go hungry


Anonymous said...

Galen: snogs!

Anonymous said...

The world would be a better place if all the schools were shut down. What people really need to learn are things like hunting, fishing, gardening, root cellaring,..., things that make for a self reliant individual. KIds should learn most of this stuff interacting with their parents. Kids should be with parents moreso than teachers. It's a lot more healthy for emotional development. math, science, fine arts,..., etc are really so much piffle.

Of course education is the way it is because that is the way our overlords want it.

If one works on a boat he is smarter if he knows how to swim than to do calculus.

Anonymous said...

last 2 posts were me but I forgot my tag




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