Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Materialism Fever; World Pandemic

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It's no accident that Dog is God Spelled backwards.

Is the world as wicked as it seems to me to be? Some of us long for sanctuary and surely succor too. It's one thing to be 'involved' with the world. Then you're not troubled by this weltschmerz and the strange and occasional angst that comes to one who is no longer capable of being involved with the world. Woke up at 1:30 AM. It keeps getting earlier. One of these days it will be yesterday, just like that, or that tomorrow that never comes but somehow, it finally does and you're finally ahead of the game or out of the game.

Does the world actually chew people up and spit them out? It seems like it does. It's a big world; something like seven billion people. I find it hard to get my head around that number. I look at it but it just bounces from zero to zero, like one of those balls that set the timing for lyrics on a kid's TV show. There's this place called Indonesia. A whole lot of people live there. I don't know any of them. I don't know what goes on there. I heard about a place called Timor where some bad things happened. It's like a dream, or a nightmare if you happened to be there. I suppose this is more of the world doing its laundry, here in The Kali Yuga. It's been laundry day, every day, for a long time; wash, rinse, spin, repeat cycle, repeat cycle. Seven billion people would not be here for no reason. This is simple logic but the vast majority of the residents of this world are unable to put this together in their heads because they have a fever. There is a fever pandemic that holds the world in thralldom. It's Materialism fever.

Materialism fever is a complex thing. It's not just a fascination with the external world, to the exclusion of virtues and pursuits that apply to states of being that are possible when the fever has gone into remission. What it does is to color ones thoughts and emotions and this affects the manner in which one sees and hears. It affects the value given to every experience. It affects the types of experiences that are sought out. This contagion is massively amplified by its presence in the group mind. It creates a hive mind which can be very difficult to break away from the influence of.

There are traditional venues that are routinely expressed as a result of Materialism fever and there are traditional mindsets that attend these venues. Materialism fever is an aggressive pathology. It turns all of the venues into wars. War is the primary vehicle that drives the economy. War is the basic drive of commerce, as it expresses itself in the various theaters where the manufacture, transport and sale of goods takes place. Today the interplay between men and women is a war and there is all too often no harmony or Love manifesting between these opposites.

There are people seeking to control these seven billion. They seek to control how they live and what they do. They seek to control how they think and what they think about. They seek to control how they feel and to set the tone for the particular focus of the feelings and the types of responses generated.

There are different ways that one can control the masses and usually this is accomplished by a combination of them. Some of the general control mechanisms are educational and social programming, fear; which expresses itself through a manipulation of the availability and cost of shelter and food, the presence or lack of employment opportunities, the threat of censure and possibly imprisonment, loss of rights and other forms of menace. In some cases, there is much worse and places like Timor are now multiplied across the face of the Earth and this is all made possible by the relentless drive soulless commerce in the service of war. There are all kinds of wars. There are information wars and wars of commerce. There are all sorts of reasons for war. War is a madness that is generated by Materialism fever.

Today, visible is watching Foxcatcher. I had previously thought another actor deserved the award, based on comparison against mediocre competition. Watching Steve Carell play John Dupont is like watching Brando. It's hard to recognize him from his previous roles when matched against this. It's an ironic thing to watch this in the context of today's posting. This is a very subtle film; not the sort of film they make these days. It's slow but riveting, if that makes sense.

One of the primary ways that people are controlled and which doesn't get the notice and mention that it deserves is SEX. When you can manipulate the intensity and direction of the public's sexual expression, you literally have them by the balls. When you can mutate this basic drive, you can confuse people. Sexual identity is an integral part of one's being.

In times of Materialism fever, Nature gets bent and distorted in ways that serve the interest of those set upon controlling the masses. Shame and guilt are used to drive people in particular directions. It keeps them chained to the wheel.

The most insidious feature of Materialism fever is that everything abnormal begins to look normal. A portion of the world is permitted to get away with anything they please to do. The rest of the world is not. A gulf develops between the few and the many and the gulf widens and widens and the excesses of the few become more and more outrageous. Millions die in wars fought for nothing more than banker profit and banker advantage. If you are on the banker team, you can profit but... at the expense of being owned. For many, that is no problem. For them, the juice is worth the squeeze. They don't even realize that they are what the juice is being made from. The people pay tribute in the currency of human blood.

It is hard to see justice in this world of the moment and that is because there is very little evidence of it to be found along the lines of what we usually look for to prove something out. I can come up with only one reason for this and that is that what is taking place was set in motion at a former time that we have very little evidence of. We don't know what to relate any of this to. Because of this, there are many people who believe its all Darwinism, or it's all random, or it's caused by some kind of aliens who came out of a volcano millions of years ago, which is something you get from Scientology. Scientology is one of a number of elitist schemes that are endemic of Materialism fever and it is very similar to Satanism, as are all of the cult antics of the time. Meanwhile, the traditional religious faiths are being possessed by one form or another of Materialism fever, which manifests as Fundamentalism, radical suppression of individual rights, weird interpretations of dogma and various frenzied expressions of teachings and doctrines directed toward mind control.

Those seeking to control the masses realize that they have to control both church and state, while giving appearance otherwise. They set up oppositions to themselves and then control that too.

Let me move to a conclusion here and also point out that there is only so much that can be said in a brief posting. Then again, if you can't say it with brevity, it's unlikely it can be communicated in an extended complexity. The truth can be elusive. So let us say that this idea of control by the few is an illusion and it is time sensitive. It can exist only so long as the illusion of it exists. That can continue for a longer period of time than we might wish and try us to the limits of our endurance; those of us who know it is an illusion and want no part of it. For everyone else, it is a blur of varying density.

It is not the few who control the dream or movie. They are as much under control as those they appear to have control over. It's all an acting out of the payback for events that preceded the events that led to it. It keeps happening for so long as we live in a world of blind men gumming each other to death. If the world is merely a projection of the mind then we all bear the responsibility for the world we live in. You see what you see around you. There it is. For most people, they see what they want to see, whether it is there or not. Their self constructed reality is so powerful they do not permit themselves to accept the possibility that it is delusion. It traps them as a willing prisoner of unfortunate design that comes about through some sort of accommodation to the greater world that seems to be under the control of the few. One can only see to themselves on this matter and hope that the example of liberation set by anyone who has managed to accomplish it will somehow work on the minds of those still in subjugation.

Materialism fever, catch it!!!

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I assume, provided the number is even accurate, for how can anyone know. . .7 billion are here to say they saw the end of an era. What masochistic fools we are, eh? Of course our perception of this place is quite different when we're on the Otherside. From what I remember, it's more of a game. What puzzles me is why we're inclined to play it so many times?

Well, OK. This round is because I had something to prove to myself. I was an idiot for asking for it, but due to my present opinion of it all, I wonder if it's a case of 'aren't we all'? It's gonna be a painful exit form many of us.

On the other hand, maybe most of us are on our last round. Of course I have no way of knowing that. There's too many that took the blue pill around here, so ??????????????????

Then again, it's not my problem. I'm at Ground Zero, and ready for anything and everything, no worries. BECAUSE I KNOW WHAT I AM! And that is NOT OF THIS CESS PIT!

Katy said...

OK, micro.macro.
Out of 7000000000, there are two who taught me how to raise--that is, partner-- with honeybees. They are my BeeMasters.
< bows sweetly (honey)>
They are impossibly nice, mild folk.
They went to africa, an orphanage with several hundred "aids" orphans as they are called, to teach the african nuns there how to raise bees, the better to support the little community of 500. Oh yeah, AFRICAN bees. ..=-O
(The beesuits are way thicker...)
The point:

Twenty minutes ago i heard a woman was kidnapped, american, who was there in africa to help out. After seeing her picture (not my friend, not that village) the pressured ringing in my ears subsided but i know that concentric circles are forming around a group of people, her people, somewhere here in usa.
Hearts are gripped, tears are falling.
It is hard to fathom.
Suddenly the world is not small; it is huge and there is a giant chasm ...between so many of these things like proximity, love, and rationality, and so many of those things like a continent, love of gold (the ransome is 300000) and insanity.
The deep love i feel although it may seem small, a few strands connecting a few hearts, but right now seems powerful, outweighing all the massive sins of the materialism i grouse about every day.
Oh that we are all her people, we are all each other's people.
I leave this here (thank you) for the potent and positve energy which i know will inevitably flow from the brilliant hearts and minds who hang at this cantina.
Oh, zimbabwe...perhaps shall be my exclamatory swear word for the week.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Just thought you guys might like this Jim Kirwan piece on evil destroying itself:


I know I did.

Ray B. said...

A short catch-up: I saw Vis' 'review' of "Jupiter Ascending" just before I was going out the door to see it. Synchronicity. Here is what I got out of it:

First, it is not really SF. It is a vampire & werewolf movie overlaid with SF images. Something in my 'antenna' picked that up really early.

Second, the writers & producers borrowed heavily from Frank Herbert's "Dune" universe. His 'Landsraad' is the assembly of all the nobles in the Imperium, representing Houses Great or Minor. This movie basically borrows from that format. If you saw the "Dune" movie, you will recognize the 'stink' of Old Money here...

Unfortunately, this movie falls into the category of 'dazzle them with special effects and action' rather than having any depth to it. There is no Obi-Wan here. Indeed, there is no 'spiritual' side at all. TPTB of this movie value Only what can extend their lifespan...

I can recommend one part of this movie, which I only 'got' while reflecting on it. If you strip away all the 'shock & awe' CGI-effects and dispense with the underwhelming love-story, something valuable emerges: I believe this is how OUR world's background 'Powers' actually 'feel'...

The three 'nobles' at the top of the movie's power-structure are ten thousand or more years old. They are effectively immortal, as long as they get their 'spice' (DNA treatments) or are not physically dispatched.

However, there is not a spiritual bone in their bodies. There are no higher planes in this movie. As such, these Players are bored and decadent beyond measure. And no 'heart' values apply. Think Caligula on steroids.

If I were to speculate, I would say this is Exactly how the Powers behind the Rothschilds, et al, would 'feel'. I don't think I have ever gotten this more 'correctly' from any other movie. That is valuable, although yuck.

This movie is written & directed by Andy Wachowski & 'Lana' Wachowski (as The Wachowskis). The "Matrix" movies were written & directed by Andy Wachowski & Larry Wachowski (as The Wachowski Brothers). Same people. As such, there is an interesting 'similarity' in the two plots:

In the "Matrix" movies, those in the computer simulation are 'asleep' and the Zion dwellers are 'awake'. Few sleepers can handle being awakened. In "Jupiter Ascending", the entire population of Earth is 'asleep' to the interstellar corporations managing their lives and their very destiny. Only the aliens are 'awake'. Few Earthlings can handle the massive technological disparity and stay 'awake'. Hmmm.

(One series of scenes I found sadly hilarious. If you remember the Vogon homeworld, you'll recognize them. This may have been an homage to Douglas Adam's "Hitchhiker's Guide"...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Quite a complex and revealing review. I turned it off after 20 minutes. I simply couldn't take it anymore. It was really annoying me.

Visible said...

Ray B. One of the other commenters here wants you to email them. Can you email me and I'll facilitate that? It's a long time reader

Unknown said...

"I can come up with only one reason for this and that is that what is taking place was set in motion at a former time that we have very little evidence of."

Its that simple from the cover of the book, but would take billions of pages to write.

Ray B. said...

From my movie review: "The three 'nobles' at the top of the movie's power-structure are ten thousand or more years old."

Slaps side of head. I missed some MAJOR (hidden) 'symbolism':

Two 'nobles' are male, and one female. One of the male nobles is a heartless SOB who is actually in charge of and is planning on killing all of Earth humans as part of a 'harvesting'. ENLIL! One is a Loki-like SOB with plenty of charm and a little less power than the other brother. ENKI! The 14,000-year-old female DOB talks a lot about DNA and its manipulation. NINHARSAG! The three (Earth-based) Anunnaki biggies!

I would say that 'The Wachowskis' are making a major statement about the Anunnaki, or whatever They actually are in reality. Now, it comes down to whether they are simply 'lifting' the Sumerian-tablet scenario, or were they 'told' to hide 'history' in plain sight. Just a story, or insider information and tee-hees? (If the latter, it could be a 'warning' in the style of the TPTB. They like to 'publish' their actions in advance, but in a way only the 'initiated' would pick up on...)

The 'Vampire' ethos/traits/mindset might indeed fit in this case...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

"It's no accident that Dog is God Spelled backwards"

Funny Les, I have been pondering this all day, then I tune into "Petrie Dish" and there it is in words.


Jenny said...

To KatyTold- Your comment is like gold to me.. also a be mistress. My "bee masters" were the guys at the bee club. Some (very few) understood about bees, most just thought it was cool. I now know that my occupation was sent to me to save my life- and my children. I am a free being because they have taught me. Oh yes we have those overly aggressive Africans here in the south. Along with working for a different boss every day, that boss is another person just like me. Rich or poor I treat them all the same, in the end while handing me my check we will talk of the world- sometimes maybe I make a little bit of a difference in how they view things. sometimes not- it all washes out in the end. I loved your comment- oh that we were each others people. you and I know that is how the bees feel about each other. 5-7 races of bees in each hive and yet they are all a big family. If only we could learn from nature- sadly most folks do not. That is why I am here every post-to be among my family-jen

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another link related to this post that is a good read I got from the Zen Gardner website:

The Subjugation of the Creator

And how it CAN'T work in the long run.

Almost makes you feel sorry for the powers that think they are. Almost. Though personally, I think they'd make a better long pig stew. A lot of
'em probably are free range organic, so. . .

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Very soon after they appeared, the demons got busy. One thing is certain; they are not Lazy.
what is yours is ours, what is ours is ours
Some (not so) hidden history.
Whose vatican?

galen said...

To the folks who raise and nurture bees, I'm in awe of you.



galen said...

"The stoical scheme of supplying our wants by lopping off our desires, is like cutting off our feet when we want shoes."
-- Jonathan Swift

"We have enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another."
-- Jonathan Swift

"Words are the clothing of our thoughts."
-- Jonathan Swift


Thomas said...

Thanks Visible :)

Be well, All

Anonymous said...

I'm a little short on time to say too much, however the various postings over recent days excel in their Spiritual Maturity and Wisdom - more than that - they're a great read . . .

Anonymous said...

The Materialists rule the world, because the material world is their obsession. Sex is an appetite, like the hunger for food. Both sex and eating can be indulged in to excess, or inappropriately, or addictively, so some degree of self-control is beneficial. A complete abstinence from sex and the elimination of sexual desire from one's mind can bring peace of mind.

Katy said...

Jennifer! The Bee Wrangler... I am in awe of what you do, cant wait to watch more of your vids. Yes, The bees teach me every day, wise little things and great wisdom of the collective. I am better for having them here. i have the mild sweet italian blondies but i noticed others have decided to join them in their delightful hives....here are pics of a rescue that led me to the whole shebang...

You have my great admiration.

Anonymous said...


One of the most thought - provoking and prescient SciFi movies is 'The Forbidden Planet' from 1956. Sure, at first glance it's hokey and low budget(as befits the '50s SciFi genre) but those aspects aside, it has stood up over time.


Anonymous said...

Mondecello, Forbidden Planet was a big budget Disney flick. The soundtrack was the first use of what was to become the moog synthizer.
The story is only a slight variation of Shakespeares "The Tempest". It starred Walter Pidgeon who was never considered a B actor.

Never liked the flick myself even though it featured the beautiful Anne Francis. What a chick!


Anonymous said...

My favorite Science Fiction flick and maybe my favorite all time flick is Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Did the pods represent communism or maybe the McCarthy hearings. I don't know.

What I get from it is that whenever people join a club or church or anything to which they swear some sort of allegiance they lose a piece of their individuality; a little piece of their soul.

That plus the notion of how truly frightening the world would be if ones neighbors suddenly became their enemies.


Ray B. said...

Mandocello, thanks. "The Forbidden Planet" is actually one of my favorites. If you throw away most of the acting and Robby the Robot, there were some major issues being discussed, including whether the Ego could ever be conquered or enlightened & the nature of what we now call our Shadow side. I loved the scenes of Krell technology, and went "Nooo..." when they destroyed the Krell homeworld in toto. Bummer.

That movie and the original "The Day the Earth Stood Still" stand out for me from those early days. Also, the original "The Time Machine" special effects hold up, although the acting seems dated...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

McKenna Fan said...

OK, srsly?! RayB.????

It seems like you COMPLETELY missed the whole point of Jupiter Ascending.

(Says I, 84min into the "filim.")

The Wachowskis are obviously SUCH GIANT Visible fans, that they made an entire movie about Dog Love.

And then there's that BeeThing, about how bees are genetically geared to recognize royalty. (Hey, Bee Lady! There's your Shout Out!)

That movie was obviously made as just an extremely elaborate and playful comment on the Viz Blogs.

I'm not trying to convince anyone, least of all the Viz Meister, to watch it.

I'm "just sayin'."

Y'know. On another note:

Hindsight's 50/50.


McKenna Fan said...


I take it all back.

It was, I now see, just an effort to redefine the term:

Bird Dog

Visible said...

Methinks thou art having imbibed of a McKenna substance. I still don't like the film. IT annoyed me. That's not good. Of course, that could mean that it was so subtle and powerful that it just pushed my buttons and proved my ignorance but... it doesn't take a film to accomplish that.

Visible said...

Here's just one of the reasons for why I felt like Whiplash was a pretentious piece of crap.

Visible said...

I thought you all might enjoy this.

If you are having problems playing hi def videos just pause it until it is totally downloaded.

McKenna Fan said...

Like it or not, grouchy old man- it still had the dog thing and the bees.

And, sure it was a crappy movie.

And, yeah, that's the BEER talking, since doing any "McKenna substances" in this "juris-my-diction crap" is "not advisable."

But, hey! It's almost Hanami!!


And I never tire of telling the Japanese that if they tried to have a Hanami Party under the cherry trees in DC, they'd get fucking arrested.

Half of 'em don't even believe me.


But now I can helpfully explain to them that, while it's an arrestable offense to swig a beer amid the sakura blossoms, you can smoke yer Taima weed in the comfort of your own DC home (or the White House!) with nary a fear in the world.

Unlike here.

These cops are wonderful people.

Faaaaaar nicer (and POLITER!) than US cops!

But I'd HATE to provoke them.

galen said...

In case you haven't yet met Cooper:



Visible said...

Thank you for the remarkable delicacy of phrasing. The passive aggressive thing seems to be getting a lot of play in the wider world these days and it's nice to see a consistency between there and here so as to bring more of what we know the world to be into those spaces that are not reflective of the same. It gives one faith in all the wrong things and that somehow seems to be appropriate to the concert of our times; sort of like auto tune but programmed for sounds other than what it is usually intended for. Much as the world is by comparison with what it might be

Eudoxia said...

Hey guys n gals

Check this out, yea, yea we already know it but seriously. this should convince even the most hardened skeptic and if it doesn't then they are seriously FUCKED -they will be hard core OP's.

Specially to all the bee girls mhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

'Materialism' is a great song.

Anonymous said...

Galen, I just met Cooper and I have to say I like the cut of his jib!


Ray B. said...

Vis, you are NOT wrong about "Jupiter Ascending". It annoyed me, too. Grrr. I had paid my money for the ticket, so I stuck it out...

McKenna Fan, thanks for bringing up the Bee symbolism - that Bees recognize royalty. That raised my 'symbolism' ears at the time, too, since the Bee & Beehive has been used as a traditional symbol by royalty, religions, etc., for thousands of years. I did leave it out in my earlier posts, but it was a central 'defining point' for the movie. Intruiging...

A good general source, "In Egypt, the bee was a symbol of royalty and power", a Masonic source, "A bee has in all Ages and Nations been the Grand Hierogliphick of Masonry", and not to forget the Merovingian Bees with the Merovingian (alleged) connections with the Jesus/Mary bloodline.

Our Bee Keepers here should love to know their ancient roots (grin)...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

That Critical Moment of Passing out of this World.

Ray B. said...

An interesting synchronicity! The night after the Bee posting, I was watching a TV show, "The Real Story: The DaVinci Code." In it, one segment was on Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.

The Chapel restoration expert was on the Chapel roof and pointed out a hole cut in the center of a raised flower on a stone panel. It proved to be the entrance into a hollow space inside one of the stone 'pinnacles' (huge, buttress-like towers outside the chapel walls) for bees to use, and contained ancient honeycombs. This was duplicated in each of the twenty 'pinnacles' at Rosslyn Chapel.

Obviously, a great deal of work was put into this 'feature', both in design and execution. For what purpose, you ask? I would guess that it has to do with the association of Bees and Beehives with royalty, and particularly the Jesus/Mary line...

Also, within the Chapel, there are places where multiple, beautifully-carved arches are overlaid, like in the ceiling areas of French cathedrals. At the center where the arches converge, in the place where Masons place the Keystone, is a magnificently-carved shape which looks like a dangling Beehive. This is repeated within at least four independent arch-overlays.

Again, this was a huge amount of work. For what purpose, you again ask? Again, I would guess that it has to do with the association of Bees and Beehives with royalty, and particularly the Jesus/Mary line...

This segment of the show was marvelous for me, as I had been physically there four times - but in my 'infancy' of reading symbols. I was using one of the set-top boxes which enabled me to stop and contemplate each scene. So cool.

(An interesting 'omission' in the show was that they did not go into the one-level-down 'initiation chamber'. Chance, or 'forbidden'? This area was where they 'replaced the steps', which just-so-happened to be the perfect place to break-into the crypts below Rosslyn Chapel...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Radha talking to the bumblebee

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up now-

ZOG and the Catamite Hordes on the Shifting Sands of Time.

James A. Jancik said...

About the 7-8 billion people here... It seems to me, there is an event coming that is very rare in Creation and perhaps unprecedented in human history and as many souls are incarnating as possible to be "in it".

People are sensing it within their own paradigm as best as it can be understood by the limits of that paradigm. Pole Sift, Solar Flares, Planet X, Jesus returning, Nuclear war, Ascension, Climate change, US Dollar crash, alien appearance (saving or destroying us), coming Golden Age... even the Godzilla Movie.

What it actually, factually will be is unknown as it is without a reference point. But is is so huge it's precognition is leaking into even the most hardened materialist as he hordes his wealth and digs underground.

For my part, from within my paradigm, I say it is the active assertion of the Divine (Grace) into our reality which will do several things:

1)- It will reconcile the disparity between Illusion/Delusion and Truth

2)- It will reverse (heal) the effects of the Living Lie and Man, Animal, Plant and Mineral life will be as they in reality would be.

3)- Choice will be given for people to continue on in a expanded consciousness, expanded power, expanded creativity reality based on either Love (Helping each other) or Hate (Selfish-base).

4)- The above 3 will happen simultaneously and intimately applied to all, everywhere.

The actual active assertion of the Divine with this clarity, intimacy and purpose with power overwhelming to allow the perfect, informed choice of direction with a Saturn V rocket booster to get you on your way IS the unprecedented energy we feel coming.

It will be the first 100% REAL thing that has happened for a very long time; perhaps ever, and since we are all in Illusion/Delusion to some degree, what is actually is, no what can say.

This is perhaps while I like Les' "Mr Apocalypse" so much.

Katy said...

@James Jancik
Nice comment..
What you have described is so very congruent with the Illumination of Consciences (Called by some, the Great Warning) mentioned repeatedly by seers in the past century or two.
It is a "reset" that involves the simple simultaneous unversal infusion of interior grace. (It seems many naturally might expect something much "grander" [ than ox breath keeping a poor baby warm]
And more materialistic to undo this mess.)

The 3rd Elf said...

Here's the latest radio show

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Civilized Japan; gone but not forgotten..

"The ancient Seers understood the subtle laws that guide the universe. The violence inherent in meat sows the seeds of future conflict. When you see these techniques used, know that a pralaya (destruction) awaits."

The Samurai: Protectors of the Cow

James A. Jancik said...

@ Katy

Very wonderfully put. I love the term "Interior Grace". Thank you.

Katy said...

I do love pondering what daily life will be like surrounded by communities where all are filled with grace like a crystals in sunlight...
A quote from the transcendentalist times comes to mind:
Thoreau at walden

In the morning I bathe my intellect in the stupendous and cosmogonal philosophy of the Bhagavat Geeta, since whose composition years of the gods have elapsed, and in comparison with which our modern world and its literature seem puny and trivial; and I doubt if that philosophy is not to be referred to a previous state of existence, so remote is its sublimity from our conceptions. I lay down the book and go to my well for water, and lo! there I meet the servant of the Brahmin, priest of Brahma, and Vishnu and Indra, who still sits in his temple on the Ganges reading the Vedas, or dwells at the root of a tree with his crust and water-jug. I meet his servant come to draw water for his master, and our buckets as it were grate together in the same well. The pure Walden water is mingled with the sacred water of the Ganges....

katy said...

Galen, thank you for the Bee hifive... I am a novice but Jennifer appears to be a true Wrangler.

Also I am enjoying the references and stories of bees given above. Magical!

On a slightly related note...they have discovered Sparklemuffin and Skeletorus spiders in Australia! Pictures will amaze...






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