Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Waiting Cenobites and the Beast of the Apocalypse.

Dog Poet Transliterating.......

May your hoses never be coiled and bent.

Ain't no sunshine when I'm gone.” (ahem). So...

Ken O'Keefe has got a new video out and he was kind enough to include the Patrick Willis-Les Visible video of the 9/11 Litmus Test.

Comment on YouTube here.

The mortally wounded Zio Orge that doesn't know it is mortally wounded, continues to lumber about the apocalyptic landscape like The Beast from Revelations. The sword of truth has stabbed this monster grievously. You can picture St. Michael with raised sword standing above the dragon if you like. Well... life being a movie, someone has to be the villain. It might as well be the villain who is the villain rather than manufactured straw dog scarecrow creations, dreamed up over the at Sex Pervert Central, which would be The NSA, or the CIA, or The Pentagon, or Homeland Insecurity. All of these are Zio attack dogs and Satanist bondage freaks in harness or hanging from skewers. I can see them hanging from the metal hooks and planing out like one of those swing rides at the carnival. I don't get any of that personally but... that's me.

Every day, rank and stinking psycho bots from Alphabet Agency Land; hosed down with deodorants and parfumes, make their way down antiseptic corridors. Their hot little eyes gleam as they think about the harm they can visit on everyone but the ones responsible for all the harm caused around the world. In typical Kafkaesque fashion; the ones with the intel for which they torture the unwitting and unknowing, continue to scream out the questions for which only they have the answers since either they, or someone in their employ did whatever ugly evil thing it was that they are formulaicly abusing others for. To paraphrase Aldous Huxley, “Oh Brave New World that has such assholes in it.”

Yeah... what can you say about people who devote their lives to making other people suffer? L. Paul Bremer comes to mind. You remember him? He's the guy that Bush sent over there to hand out all that funny money to the corporations and contractors and Republican insiders. What was it? It was around 20,000,000,000 dollars to start with? Very little of this made its way to any of the cartoon projects they used as front siphons to suck off the ghost money into the coffers of ambulatory scum who scampered like carpetbaggers away from the looted blasted plain, like those weevils from the post confederacy chaos. What remains are empty lots and half constructed buildings AND, of course, a whole lot of dead and suffering people. They're probably laughing about it now... somewhere over the greasy rainbow slick of broken highways, shattered by missile blasts and IED explosions; the latter one of the few definitely deserved reactions in that perpetual war against humanity, like all the other wars they got going down for Banker profit and the greedy vermin that feed in their wake.

Tell em Brownie sent you. You're doing a hell of a job Brownie. There's a special place in Hell for all of these characters. I will say that when they use the facilities down there, somewhere below The Ninth Circle, the plumbing definitely leads directly to that place even further down where Bush, Cheney and Rice, among others are hanging out through whatever doomed eternity their unreal Karma has/will visit/visited upon them.

Years go by and I sit here or wherever it is that I am at the moment and I drum out these litanies of words; millions of them by this time and I think; “haven't you said enough, Visible?” I sit back and I reflect on this and then I think about those horrific monsters I just named and all the other ones I haven't named like Rothschild, Netanyahu, Barack and the guy who was the Pentagon comptroller when all that money went missing...; Rumsfeld of course. There are so very many of them. Let us not forget also, all the fiends in the undergrowth whose names never come our way but who diligently serve The Beast for WHATEVER their reasons are and their reasons are legion I do not doubt. Let us not forget those hundreds of thousands of enablers who make all the dreadful and unspeakable things happen. Let us not forget the Nodwells whose heads go up and down like the pink plastic flamingos on a drinking glass. Let us not forget the Budweiser Beertards from The Land of My country Right or Wrong. Let us not forget the masturbating monkeys from office cubicle Porn Land in all those intelligence agencies and government swamps of money down the drain. Let us not forget all the brutal Neanderthal police who violate the public every day and who are all just following orders, courtesy of the Israeli Police Training corps who have infiltrated the ranks of law enforcement across the hijacked highways of a failed and ruined experiment call America. Let us not forget the cowardly educators who teach what they are told to teach and who enforce the cancer of Political Correctness. Let us not forget so many of the unmentioned unmentionables who sit in the stagnant darkness like... like what? Like what?

Scripture says I am supposed to forgive these people and some part of me does but... another part of me wants justice and not for myself, even though I have felt the hot, heavy hand of the system more than once. I want it for those millions out there who don't have either a wing or a prayer. They say its all karma and maybe it is. People living like something way south of beasts, then dying and coming back and getting a taste of their own medicine. Some part of me knows this to be true, though the details escape me. You got big hands and long fingers, that makes you a big picture guy. You got small fingers it makes you detail oriented.

I get this awful thought that there are thousands and thousands of people out there, just waiting for their chance to be every bit as evil as all the ones we have seen that come and go; Bush Senior and David Rockefeller are about to go. Barbara is about to go. There's a whole bunch of them on the doorstep of death. The gong will sound and the raven will caw and they will drop their temporary suit and vanish from this plane. Henry Kissinger is right up there too. There is some number of them due to pass through the exit doors this year, or soon after. Pinhead and the other Cenobites will be waiting for them, sure enough.

We have to face the truth that some unfortunate number of us are not human and an even larger number are willing and able to relinquish their humanity at any opportunity. It means nothing to them. They are all in that 'means to an end' category. I've posted a piece that Patrick Willis recorded several times called “The Big One”:

Comment on YouTube here.

It says it as clearly as I have ever been able to, just what the purposes and priorities of these folk are. It amuses me to see how often they lower my visitor count over there at Zio-Tube. I remember the visitor count being thousands of hits beyond where it is today for that posting.

Justice is coming; swift and sure or slow and certain, Justice is coming.

End Transmission.......


galen said...

Vis, speaking of "the apocalyptic landscape," Utah House just voted to resurrect firing squads:

Toto, we are absolutely, certainly, positively NOT in Kansas anymore!!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

About our lives here, there's this video:


No, I don't think it's one individual living all lives, but many of us living all the lives we wish to live (in past/present/future considering time doesn't really exist,) until we get over it. Well, ultimately there is only one being. . .Source, which has split ITSELF into countless pieces just so IT can glue ITSELF back together again. (Damn fool.)

Every moment that ever was, is, will be is NOW AND FOREVER in the cosmic scheme of things.

And the Rothschilds are as much from Source as Lao Tzu, so ultimately everything is beyond good and evil. It's just that everything that can happen, must happen.

It's also weird how one life leads to another. I was shown glimpses during an NDE, and I'm under the impression my last one was of a well kept housewife in the like 1940s or 1950s who couldn't realise her ambitions due to cultural drawbacks, and was stuck with a couple of crotch droppings she couldn't stand, so she, or rather "I" in that incarnation killed myself to escape. I also didn't care much about the damage my departure had on the survivors. (Neener-neener, I'm dead, your not, feck off and live forever, bitches!)

Sooooooo, for this life I arranged before I got here, to be forced to take care of a couple of half sibling toddlers that I couldn't stand whilst I was 6 that led me to a lifetime hatred of wee sprog, and to get spayed at 19 so I'd never have to deal with the annoying, infernal parasites in my household again, and to make something of myself in an artistic sense, though not being a sell-out whore type, I will be destined to relative obscurity; not that this is a bad thing.

Gods, me thinks I'm a nutter for coming to this life now, but we do have a different perspective on the Other Side of The Veil. I guess I just needed this one last round to get it out of my system. I'm pretty sure I'm ready to graduate this so inconvenient sets of lessons in frustration, however.

Now if only I can get it arranged to be cremated and flushed down a gas station toilet in the worst part of Oakland or something. Is there a better way to show contempt for the concept of Physical Existence?

Well, if ever I get reasonably employed again, I suppose I could get a T-shirt made. 'I SHIT ON THE GRAVE OF LIFE!'

If I even have time to worry about it.

dirtykid© said...


The easiest way to forgive the many enablers not outright named in your post, is that, they, like so many other of the "do you want fries with that?" grazers and herd followers we do see in day to day living are not actually aware of what evil the l they serve, nor what agenda they press forward. Yes, they are minion, but minion of ignoramuses, who moist likely believe they are doing what should be done.

I don't envy their wakeup call.

I don't envy their grappling at sanity once their involvement and position in true reality becomes revealed to them.

I forgive then for they know not what they do.

I had other things to comment on, but this comment system doesn't allow me to re-read your post :(

Outside of that I seem to recall dine incredible turn-of-phrase which suggests I'd lose an insult-fest to you while still thumb-fucking a thesaurus... Kudos ;)


galen said...

I wonder if Friday night could benefit from a little purity:


Ray B. said...

Vis, good column.

Vis: "In typical Kafkaesque fashion; the ones with the intel for which they torture the unwitting and unknowing, continue to scream out the questions for which only they have the answers since either they, or someone in their employ did whatever ugly evil thing it was that they are formulaicly abusing others for."

This reminded me of the scene in "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back" where Han & Wook were just tortured. Han was complaining that the torturers didn't even ask him questions. They were just being tortured to draw Luke in...
Vis: "It was around 20,000,000,000 dollars to start with?"

I have often thought about what we could have made of society, with what ultimately was a half trillion dollars. What a waste. (Except, of course, to those actually profiting from it...)
Vis: "They say its all karma and maybe it is. People living like something way south of beasts, then dying and coming back and getting a taste of their own medicine."

Long ago, one channel talked about how it was 'designed' this way from the other side. People were supposed to feel through all the accumulated pain of both sides, and then move on - more chastised and more enlightened. Unfortunately, there was an unforeseen 'flaw' in this system: People would just 'punch out' anytime they encountered too much pain. 'Stuff' never got felt through, so they became entrapped in unneeded 'repetition' lifetimes. Supposedly, that is now being 'rectified'...
Vis: "Justice is coming; swift and sure or slow and certain, Justice is coming."

I get a picture of all-God playing 'Whack-a-Mole' with itself. Strange universe...


Love To Push Those Buttons, February 14, 2015 3:15:00 AM:

"Well, ultimately there is only one being. . .Source, which has split ITSELF into countless pieces just so IT can glue ITSELF back together again. (Damn fool.)"

LTPTB, I couldn't have said it better myself (grin)! All I can hope for is that there's something we are 'missing' in the translation downwards. Otherwise, we are just Source playing with itself...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

dirtykid© said...

Note to self: this phone hates me and adds words, adjectives and three like... Proofread beer... Or better as I meant to say, fucking idiot phone....


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

The firing squad is good enough for me. I said that forty years ago, last year, yesterday and today.

Wham! Bam! Thank you ma'am!

Or would I rather be pushed out a window? No?

How about flesh eating cancer, bacterial pneumonia, cirrhosis of the liver or a nice fat stroke? You know, a real lingering meaningful experience. No?

Well how about a severe case of (RLS); legs jerking so violently they jerk right off? Ouch.. No thanks!

Or I could close my eyes and convince myself angels will come and take my hand and painlessly deliver me to heaven because I've been so good and kind and respectful to the Lord and His creation(s)..

Naw. Lock and load, as it were..

David Alan McBride said...

Forgive them for they know not what they do. Forgive them for they know Not. For give them?

They do indeed know Not. I too have known Not. Not is an unpleasant fellow to know. I prefer to not know Not. But it helps ever so well in defining its opposite, which is Is. You know?

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#5: "Otherwise, we are just Source playing with itself..."

Isn't that all It does 24/7, along with cannibalising Itself, and beating the crap out of itself? Yes, there definitely is something we don't know whilst we are here in our land of gimptardville where so few actually do access the real truth, and either they ain't tellin', or there's no words to describe what is in the densest, lowest level of existence, as far as personal power goes. . .though there are worse places, like the lower Etheric Realms where the psychopaths be, and everyone is constantly preying on each other, but hey! I've seen enough of that from observer perspective during my own NDE 'Dante moments', and I ain't goin ' back.

I also like the firing squad idea. More humane than the chair. The best way was what they did in 'Chekist'. Almost point blank headshot. I could go for that. They made 'em get undressed first, though. Easier cleanup, I guess. And I suppose this being Russia, the clothes were too valuable to discard.

And so few fought back. Oh, they were doomed to lose, but still. . . Do some damage going down, huh?

Thomas said...

Vis and Ray, I see it like this. Maybe it makes some sense to you. We are not meant to forgive the human personalities of people, but their pure souls, with which we are together. Life is One, and this can be felt in the heart. A pure heart hates no one, loves All Life. Sometimes, Love is to chop the head of the evil-doer so they can make no further troubles for themselves and others, but I think this is rare, and I hope I will never have to be in a situation like that. In some cases, Love is to destroy the egos one encounters, in many more cases, to chip or rattle them a bit. This is why Kali is a form of The Motherhood of God, Love being from the feminine "side" of God. Pampering other peoples egos is a poisonous substitute for sincere praise of Good Qualities. I think yes, It's all the hammer of karma, but by adding Mercy and Forgiveness and Grace, the Lord throws the rope to draw ourselves out of the muck. A wise soldier defeats his enemy, then shows him mercy, a miniature of what God does.

Anyways, that's how I look at it, and it works for me. Keeping in mind that I am new to the game compared to you. Probably you know these things, hehe.

Thanks Visible. Your integrity and true-North conscience is inspiring.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Buttons.. (i knew that)

galen said...

No firing squads!! No electric chair!! No gassing!! And unless we, ourselves ask for it, no lethal injection!!



Katy said...

^^ lovely thoughts to wake up to this cold morning, on a bed holding several species...

A big clear rarely-acted-on foolish wisdom secret is that Forgiveness and humility are in fact and "mathematically" the most powerful ways to counter the Putrid. Hard to believe as that knowlege is not wise-seeming in this realm.
When a cheek is turned, a cloak is given, A tiny sacrifice of righteous wrath to humility occurs- --a brilliant explosion of cosmic beauty and gaity ensues. Those in the angelic realms see (and applaud in light ways)

(A secret i once learned was why The Christ did not answer Herod, no, did not even LOOK at him.
Such grace given to one confirmed in filth and locked against love would have only increased his debt...)

the Source has decided not to keep all itself, but blinked and found a way ;-) to make some company of like kind. My dear Love, you get to stay.
Now that is a gift.

Now come here, sweet Dharma Dog

xo katy.

Katy said...

By the way, have you enjoyed a starling murmuration this morning?

With music and landscape:

Gretna Green Starling Murmurations:

With natural sound in a town:


Anonymous said...

Ray B.: "I have often thought about what we could have made of society, with what ultimately was a half trillion dollars. What a waste. (Except, of course, to those actually profiting from it...)"

This might give some idea;
(sorry not a hyperlink, hope it works)

Paradise Stolen...

Often, i repeat to those i know we could have it all next week if enough of "us" were on board...


galen said...

I'm sniffin' out some defeatism.

There are two glasses side-by-side; one is half full; the other is half empty. So what?!! It's what we got. I mean on earth right now.

Someone once said: "On the one hand, it's all perfect; on the other hand, we're in a hell of a mess."

I can live with that.

All the horrible bad has not cancelled out all the beautiful good.


Katy said...

A minute or two with the 'Gita will usually calm all the half empty away...

Meanwhile, a jpg from here in luxury land:

Back in 2003-2004, we used to sit around and fantasize about what we would do with half a trillion in afghanistan...that is, shower and flood the country with pillows and food and blankets and clothes and books and seeds and medicines. boots on the ground meant millions of volunteers coming at once to help build and heal and teach.
The excercise was great fun. The young wondered why those in power had no imagination. The old shook their heads. The wise had a lil glass o wine.
Real life.....
I guess we glow where we are.

Kazz said...

My journey has seen me looking after others since I was 12. As a mum of 5 I know what self sacrifice is all about. I had to learn how to care for my self this journey or I would have been killed off by the parasites who line up to feed off your life energy.

One specific memory was when I sat in an abandoned house, not far from home, with a piece of glass from a broken window in hand. I challenged God to save me from myself if indeed God wanted me to endure anymore. Just as I was about to slash my wrists one of my sons appeared at the open doorway. The realisation of what he would have found if he had arrived any later haunted me for years. What a selfish thing I would have done, and oh what a terrible memory my beautiful boy would have had to endure. This was a second attempt, the first had been much younger in life. I was only about 16 at the time and couldn't take it anymore so I shoved a bottle of sleeping pills in my mouth and began to swallow. My loving father managed to retrieve every one of those pills from the back of my throat.

So, for some reason unknown to me I am still here :o).

My journey has taught me a truth that would be enough to make anyone want to check out of this realm, but I am over that shit! God has taught me that suffering makes you strong, and God needed me to be very strong! And that I AM!!!

The rest of you can check out if you want but I am going to make a stand for God all on my own if I have to. It was God that kept me going all those years, because throughout much of my experience although I was surrounded by people I felt absolutely alone. It was God who held me when no one else cared. It was God who took me to higher realms to help repair the damage that this life brought. I AM here to anchor God's Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and I AM GOING NOWHERE until this is achieved.

Even if my foe may be a thousand against them I will stand!

I am here because God loved me even when I did not warrant it, so I have no intention of abandoning God now when God needs me most.

I was recently told by an astrologer that many of the enlightened are checking out of this realm because the darkness is overwhelming. Well the darkness had better learn real fast that I don't take a backward step. I have my angels surrounding me and I am standing fast in the face of all adversity. My intention is to start a Kingdom of Heaven on this earthly realm and no amount of demons are going to stand in my way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luv Kazz

Just sayin' said...

Some folks are bogartin' this joint. Leave a little for others.

Katy said...

Of course, i dont know you and am new to posting here...but i must respond and right now to your {.......} post above. Insert any number of words; powerful amazing courageous transparent ...but i guess i am feeling
simplicity, truth,
authentic real life.
Arent your kids blessed to have such a powerful open embracer of the real for their mother...
Others in your life must also feel the grace...grace we all need but you needed, asked for, and received.
Arent i blessed to know you are here on the earth. We will all find ourselves standing, one way or another, sooner or later.
While part of me wants to say, i am sorry for your early, heavy pain,-Suffering feels unbearable yet when it is borne, the outcome is beyond words and the deepest truths emerge, as we unite with the ineffable. this i have also learned.
We all can have a tendency to see things linearly, a tiny slice of time, cursing the flat tire which leads us to paradise...

Thank you for this gift of sharing.

Rock on.

Dodgy One said...

How with any morsel of intellect could a being choose to join in the ranks of those who have as their goal the empowerment of a force which intends to destroy all of creation because it has no power or will to create.
It has no power to Love or care or share, joy and humility is not known to it.
That force is what the creator has defeated in itself and cast out of his abode, into the darkness from which it can see only its hate and greed, pride, lust and vanity.
How can a being abandon its part of the creator that gives it fulfillment and reason ? In exchange for stealing from others that which they created in the joy of existing and creating like as their creator does.
What foolishness possesses one that thinks the thing created is the prize when clearly the prize is the act of creating !

Ow woe is them that see no light and being of the dimness
They share the gloom as if spreading it about will lessen its load
Forgetting the simple reap as you sow
Sow the creativity the love and joy and keep your pitiful sorrows
So that you can drown them when you get over it
Get over it real soon
Find Love Peace and Joy then the spreading will be a blessing unto you.

(Hint: right click Post a Comment and select open in new window then you can read and post!)

Ray B. said...

Karen Norman / Kazz:

What a daring and touching post. Wow. I am glad to Know you.

"I challenged God to save me from myself if indeed God wanted me to endure anymore. Just as I was about to slash my wrists one of my sons appeared at the open doorway."

Hmmm. The 'question' and the 'answer'. All-God was being subtle...


In a similar 'situation', one of my friends related a story which had just happened to her, and she swore to be true:

She was a receptionist at an office. One day, she got this 'urge' to telephone a certain number. It was unfamiliar to her, so she tossed it off. The urge kept intensifying, until she finally called the number.

The phone on the other end did not answer, so after a few rings she decided to hang up. She then got an 'impulse' not to hang up. The phone rang and rang, far beyond normal answering time. Finally, a man answered.

In the subsequent conversation, she found out that the man had gone into his basement. He had a sudden urge to 'end it all' come over him. He picked up a pistol. The phone started ringing, and he made a resolve to commit suicide as soon as the phone stopped ringing.

The phone never stopped ringing.

After some time, the man put down the gun and answered the phone. He and she had a conversation about the 'episode'. Later, he met her and decided that he was cared about.

True story...


Kazz, good to know someone 'up there' cares about you! (As we do.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Your behaviour still is disgusting. If you really want to grow up tell Visible and Lasha the truth.

Rather than misleading them

Neil Windsor

Kazz said...

Thanks guys. I am in awe of all of you. What a special community of people you are. Pity we can't all meet up and party together. Boy that would be one interesting gathering. Imagine the conversations :o). I think you guys are a very cool community. They say like attracts, but I am well aware that I am a small fish in this pond. Even so I contribute because you allow me too, which is awesome in itself. I am so unpolished by comparison to the communications that many of you provide, but I dive in because you guys make me feel welcome, which is itself a mark of who you all are. God bless you all from the bottom of my heart. It is nice to finally meet people who love the Divine as much as I do. I am inspired by you guys and you give me hope to know that there are other people out there who still care.

You guys are a really fine bunch of coconuts, and coconut is very good for you. I am keeping the theme tropical because Vis and I both live on islands :o). A special thanks to you Vis for being the beacon that brought all these awesome shining lights together.

I feel blessed to be in the presence of such great company. The Divine really does spoil me sometimes. A special word of thanks to the Divine for creating such wonderful people of such a high caliber :o).

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

Not sure what you're talking about Neil or how whatever it is ties in with Lasha. Of course, quite often things get said here and they go right by me for some reason.

I try to stay out of the comments section, figuring I have said my piece in the post. I hope you all understand about this when sometimes you might be expecting me to respond. You pretty much have to directly ask me to to make that happen, except when it is something like this and it appears in two different postings.

By the way, about that Patriots cheating thing. As it turns it seems that only one of the balls was measureably reduced in air. The others were all within the margin of what happens with temperature variations and the ball that was signaled out was in the hands of the Colts for a short time and then suddenly a protest was launched. One can presume that this happened on the Colts sideline and this is why nothing is now being said because of the embarrassment caused for the NFL by making something out of nothing. As for Spygate you will note that any time the camera goes to the sideline the coaches are covering their lips with a program or something. This is because it is common practice for many teams to use lip readers during the game. This is probably of interest to few. When a team wins so often over such a long period of time a lot of resentment gets generated. So it goes.

galen said...

Re: "Some folks are bogartin' this joint. Leave a little for others."

To Just Saying @ 2:40 AM,

No lack of joints. Infinite supply. Partake.

I'd like to see no one shut down. Don't know what might be missed. And some of us have more pain to process than others. And imagine telling Tolkien, "Don't say so much; leave room for others." See what I mean? There's plenty of room. C'mon, have a seat.



galen said...

"Words shall not be hidden
nor spells buried
Might shall not sink underground
though there the mighty go."

~ Elias Lonnrot, "The Kalevala"


The 3rd Elf said...

Visible's radio show just went up.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Lies, More Lies and the Temporary Profit of Falsehood.



Joseph Brenner

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