Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Dreaming of Those Beautiful Islands in the Sun.

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Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there and just because you can doesn't mean it is.

Every now and then some of those moments comes around and you segue off into one of those exits of the imagination and you find page after page of impossible reaches into some dreamscape. We're all searching for some sort of serenity. We get the idea it must be, 'out there' somehow but... it's not. It could be out there but you'd have to bring 'in there' along because otherwise you get reminded all the time about something vague and undefined that's missing.

It's not all that hard to understand the fascination of money, when it can land you in some sparkling oasis, somewhere far away from everything else, in the Caribbean, the South Pacific... the world's clutter is nearly everywhere you go. It's also flammable. The combustibility of the material plane is not in doubt. California is burning right now. In the burgeoning urban wastelands, all manner of fiery circumstance is smoldering beneath the paint rags in the corner of that dark basement, that sits beneath all the gaudy Hollywood fronts up top. Some of the fronts are not so gaudy. They are in serious disarray, a kind of torn and tattered dishabille, of disharmonious and threatening cityscapes, filled with brutalized and boarded up buidings and long narrow shadows that move in synchronicity with the deadly disenfranchised of the American nightmare. From Chicago to Baltimore and curling around like the Fingers of Sauron reaching along the super highways to East St. Louis and beyond, reaching on to the low rider Hells of Riverside and everywhere that the psychopathic social experiments of the self styled elite are having their moments of disorder, before desert gets served; some kind of flambe, I'm guessing.

It is a fitting irony that all that intensifying desire and the frustrations of unreachable objects and objectives, would begin to experience spontaneous combustions because of the pressure of millions of bodies, pressing up against each other in  a writhing and twisting frenzy of misdirected need and greed. They aren't getting anything and they aren't going anywhere, except back and forth from the apartment to the treadmill. The favored, of course, will have a better success rate. They'll be knocking them back at those watering holes of privilege, rubbing each other on the back with that 'hail fellow, well met' thing, there amidst all of the other slithering snakes of quid pro quo.

Around the world the desperate wanting festers in massive population zones like Karachi, Mexico City, Bejing. You can't know what it's like unless you've been there. In Mexico City, packs of feral and ravenous dogs eat the unwary.

Because the system is based on separations of class, determined by the fortunes of birth and association, it eventually results in too few in possession of too much and too many in possession of nothing at all. Everything functions, when it functions, on the principle of balance. As long as some balance is retained, some semblance of order exists. This is not to say that justice plays any part in it. This is only to say that as long as balance is greater than imbalance, there is the appearance of some kind of sustainable routine.

In Iraq, the children bear radioactive water home in abandoned Jerry cans and whatever containers they can find. Anti personnel mines and cluster bombs blow up at random intervals, attended by blasted limbs, twisting in the air for a moment, until they land somewhere in the poisoned dust. I close my eyes and see some private island, winking in a turquoise sea. It does not wait there for me. It waits for those who have skimmed and scammed the finances necessary to acquire them. They are a breed apart. I don't know these people, our lives are so very, very different but... my life is nowhere near as bad as some already mentioned here.

During the horrible Iraq/Iran war with all that poison gas and the millions who went down in the conflict, the rats grew to be up to 26 pounds. There was so much to eat. It was a never ending vermin banquet. Far away from most of us, human tragedies of epic proportion take place and we barely hear about them. East Timor was nothing more than a speed bump on the way to some dark Rothschild Rio Tinto fantasy.

Today, in The Congo, Coltan Fever is epidemic. The conditions are a complexity of bandit hordes, killing with impunity. Before that was Rwanda and all over the dark continent, darkness is in a full blown sway over the flyblown landscape. At the heart of it all is the lust for resources in western culture. Let us not forget The Sudan. It's hard to imagine the reality of what takes place in these locations. It's not just Africa. It's all over the place and because of what is happening there and in countries near about, there is a swarm of refugees taking every imaginable risk, in order to reach some point of safety and I dream about some unattainable island in the Caribbean, when I am already on an island and though my circumstances are generally more iffy than stable, they are nothing like the unfortunate state of so many others. Uncertainty and dire impoverishment might threaten me but neither have actually knocked on the door yet.

I've dreamed of these islands for many years; something intensely private and mostly deserted. I think it is more of an inner world that one sometimes visits in dreams, more so than in reality. I've lived in the Caribbean. I lived for months on a beach on Andros Island; the least populated and largest island in the Bahamas chain. When I was there it was primitive and desolate. There were towns that were a little more than ten miles apart and people in one town that had never been to the other in their whole lives. I lived with my girlfriend in a tent on the beach where I also built one of those tropical structures out of palm fronds and bamboo, or whatever it was. It was a glorious period and maybe it is the memory of that that keeps returning to my mind but... as I said, maybe it's just an interior place yet to be opened for residence because I have it right here already, sort of. Of course... there is a lot of that materialism here but you can't see it from my driveway and you got to drive for awhile before you get there.

In the war torn regions the idea of materialism is their own dream of islands. This is understandable when you are hungry and poor and live under the threat of death and worse at all times and where there is litle in the way of health care and a great deal in the way of pestilence. Follow the money and you know who is responsible for these things and those responsible don't live there. They live in London and New York, Brussels and Tel Aviv. They are the bankers who print the currencies and they are all the rest of them who live in pursuit of the currency. They are monsters and a sizable portion of them are Ashkenazi Klingons birthed from the hemorrhoidal regions at the ass end of the universe and they have come here because this is their time. Certain lifeforms prosper in certain environmental climates.

Well... I didn't stay long studying those islands. I'm back here now, on my own island, which is itself on an island, far out in the Pacific and about as far away from anything else as you can get, which is certainly a part of its charm. When the system collapses this will not be the easiest place to get to.

I supppose what I am writing about today is to count your blessings. Never forget all of what is taking place outside of your sight line. Live in comparative awareness and be grateful. Be very, very grateful.

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I'll try to get that radio broadcast up for those of you with any interest. Revisit this space later for a link.


Anonymous said...

... far out in the Pacific and about as far away from anything else as you can get.. yes. but sadly not far from Fukishims's on-going and deadly fall out.

Visible said...

According to the facts of objective physics, Fukushima does not come across the ocean to Hawaii but rather runs directly to the American and Canadian west coast as does the rain. It only comes by Hawaii on the return currents and the dilution factor is much increased. This is easily checked should you wish to do so. Alarmism is a pandemic these days but the truth is that nowhere is safe from all dangers and tragedy can hit you at any point in time and in any place. I do not live in fear of what might be. I live in fear of what I might be and that I might offend my creator. Should I be able to evade this then my life is a success.

Ray B. said...

(Interesting. I posted the following to the Aug 4th PD, with a "Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval," shortly after Vis put up his Column. His Column was visible; I read it. After less than an hour, I refreshed the page to see if my post was there. I got a "404" notice - which might be real or is probably 'messing'. If it wasn't Vis' Column that p-o'ed someone, it may have been my comment on Vampires. Fortunately, I saved my post, and here it is again: )

Vis: "We get the idea it must be, 'out there' somehow but... it's not."

I get that affect when walking along an ocean beach. If I'm down, the ocean looks bleak. If I'm up, the ocean is full of mystery. A "tabula rasa" or "blank slate" for my mood...
Vis: "California is burning right now."

In southern Oregon right now, winds are blowing smoke from more-northern forest fires down into our valley. You can barely see the further hills. Ugh.
Vis: "During the horrible Iraq/Iran war..."

One of the local aid organizations is advertising for jobs to help returning veterans obtain housing. It seems that some are discharged, cannot find jobs in this economy, and are semi-destitute. Now, some people are trying to find them (and their families) low-cost housing, and not much is available. Especially for those with PTSD...
Vis: "Follow the money and you know who is responsible for these things..."

A Faux News 'neighbor' of mine continually talks about how schools have no money, communities have no money, social security has no money, veterans programs are gutted, etc. I always bring him back to the $1.5 trillion of taxpayer money that was 'gifted' to the banksters. ("Privatize the gains; socialize the losses.") And, how that 'hole' in our finances has finally drifted down to citizen level. He 'gets it', in that moment. Then, he is quickly back to grousing about the individual shortages, as though they are unconnected to anything. Sad...
Vis: "They are monsters, and a sizable portion of them are Ashkenazi Klingons..."

"Ashkenazi Klingons"... That brought a grin to my face. Thanks.

On the monster side, I just had a question answered. I had wondered about the increasing number of vampire movies, vampire 'chic-ness', etc. What would cause this? Then, David Icke noted, "The Archons are the origin of all the vampire legends and stories, but they vampire human energy as well as blood..." Makes sense.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

flyingcossack said...

if all these writers in the alternative media are gentiles
and gentiles run russia
why don’t these writers live in russia

these writers are not gentiles
gentiles do not run russia
these same writers turn around and sell you gentile v gentile wars

another giveaway,
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you need higher clearance in mossad/cia/mi6/kgb to say gentile than to say jew ... gentile is a unifying description, that's why they don't allow it

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm thankful, super thankful. What is it but Grace that provides?
Am I any better or more deserving than those suffering in third world holes like Mexico City? No. God, I feel bad for them, and those suffering everywhere.
It's hard to understand the whys and wherefores of it all. I am fool enough to be hopeful and optimistic though, that 'all will be well'.
When? How? What's our individual roles?

Good writing from you again, Les Visible. I like the way you roll.

Thomas said...

Dear All,

I think Visible could use some help in the financial sense, to get himself fixed up after his accident.

Think about it: What he gives here is worth far more than money, and if everyone reading this sent something like 50 bucks, he might have enough for his present needs. Well, that's my opinion anyways. I guess prayers are good to send too.

Be well.

Craig said...

Ah, Andros. What a wonderful place! I worked at Forfar Field Station in the mid 80's. Thanks Les for bringing back all those wonderful memories that have been filed away in the inactive file. Besides all the scuba diving, spear fishing, lobster catching, tidal creek riding, blue hole diving, my most memorable experience was hunting wild hogs with the folks from Red Bay with only dogs and rocks, pretty exhilarating. I know that would not interest you but I assure you not a morsel was wasted. A special reminiscing thank you goes out to Autlyn Woodside aka Black Tarzan who taught me so much about Bahamian culture and much else. The only downside on the Island was a secretive little naval base AUTEC which no doubt continues to this day developing new and better ways to kill things. Enough about that. Much thanks always for your wonderful perspective and writing on our human endeavors. I always look forward to your next piece.
Thanks again!
Craig out

Visible said...

Thomas, I thank you for the sincere thought for my well being. I do not feel that the reader is obliged to do anything more for me than to take what gets said here seriously if it affects them seriously. The ineffable will take care of me and always has and I know that a not small percentage of the readership are as economically challenged as I but that is a testimony of the times. I have always appreciated the generosity I have been shown and would never ask for more, or ask at all for that matter and I hope this is understood. My love to you all.

Anonymous said...

Viz et al,

Long ago I dreamed of an island but put that on a way-back burner. Now it's on again and we've already pushed play. We're moving to Hawaii, one maybe two years. Aloha. My daughter is going to study helicopter piloting and I'm looking for a ukulele with good tone. We're in California now and they seem to be burning it down. I spit on them. Three quarters of the fires in California are started by firefighters to get work. This is confirmed but the uninformed refuse to believe it. Facts have become somehow non-PC. Separate yourselves from the barbarians.

Ashcan Clingers (I had an ashcan in my outhouse. We put the paper in it and burned it when it got full. Put the wood ashes in the hole and it never fills up or smells bad. Built it so the rain couldn't get in the hole. Outhouses 101). "Putting shit into water is an idea born in hell."

Honestly, the current craze for zombies has given me a new appreciation for vampires. Vamps were much better looking than zombies, with more style. They dress better too. This world is run by monsters who are without souls (or style) (which will preclude them from the Morontia worlds).

I'd love to send Viz bucks, but I am poor. Sometimes I send a buck or two to someone I admire BUT THEY HAVE A PO BOX TO SEND IT TO. Viz does not. Dunno how fix this. Ain't got no cat.

"Old worn out suit and shoes, I don't pay no union dues." Roger Miller



Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Walking Half-Blind through the Minefields of Material Darkness.



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