Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Priceless Worth of a Love Centered Heart.

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One of the more interesting features of existence, as it presents itself these days, is the level of pervasive insanity that abounds from sea to shining sea and since we are all surrounded by seas, even if we are many miles inland, that means it can be found just about everywhere and what that means is that it either passes for normal or those observing are themselves so crazy that they don't even notice. Things like this are a common fare but you don't need an endless litany of links from me to tell you what you already know about the state of the world.

On the surface one might gravitate toward some level of despair about the terrible state of things as the Satanic Cabal unleashes its chaos and confusion upon the world, in this last gasp effort to harvest every soul that is not anchored in the ineffable. The winds of discord are wailing down the pipeline of the continuum of end times that are not ending but simply the beginning of something else and what that something else is... none of us save the ineffable knows. This is why faith in the ineffable is so important because it aligns you with the greater plan of the almighty. It makes you one with the ONE.

It is not necessary for us to know the details or to make plans of our own because as we have all heard, “If you want to make God laugh, make plans. I have one plan and that is to serve the ineffable to the limits of my ability and that means to see everything as a special dealing of the ineffable with my soul. When you see the whole of your life and every event in it, no matter how small, as an interaction between you and the ineffable, you are exactly where you need to be. It is not 'not knowing' that creates problems for us, it is 'knowing', because all of our knowing is limited and that means that as long as we think we know we are walking blind. There is only one thing we can know and that is that there is an ineffable and that the ineffable loves us and to the degree that we surrender to this understanding, to that degree, we are able to receive the grace of the ineffable.

If everything falls apart around us, it is only another change in the ever changing infrastructure of appearances. What will never fall apart is the shining rock of the spirit within. There is no life. There are no appearances and no consciousness except that it is expressed in us by the ineffable. It is not a matter of good or evil. It is not a matter of any works performed by us because we can perform nothing except that the ineffable provides the power to do so. All that matters is the degree of our love for the ineffable and the level of sincerity and commitment contained within that love. It is love that defines us, just as it is the lack of love as well. I will return to two pieces of scripture that associate with this and which are absolutely and eternally true; “If God is for me, who can be against me?” AND... “greater is that which is within you than that which is in the world.” Ponder these thoughts and consider the meaning of them; given that they are real and true.

Think of your connection with the ineffable as a matter of electrical cabling. Is it a slender line that can be parted through stress or frayed by trial or circumstance? Is it something that can carry only so much current? Is it a thick and powerful cable that can carry a serious amount of power? This is something that we build by the exercise of faith. To the extent that we focus our attention upon the ineffable through every moment of our day, we build that cable. The slender lines are woven together and built into an unbreakable connection. One strand is not strong enough to endure the vicissitudes of testing and adversity but many strands woven together can possess an enormous strength. Just as one small stick is easily broken in our hands, many sticks in a bundle are not.

We build that shining city, that kingdom of the heart by a relentless application of devotion. It is built block by block, every time we tell the ineffable of our love for him/her/it. The ineffable takes the shape that it is given in the heart and mind of the one who loves the ineffable. The ineffable becomes all things to the one who loves the ineffable. There comes a time when there is nothing but the ineffable and what a shining and inexpressible splendor that is. No one who has ever lived has ever been capable of describing the wonders upon wonders that come along with the love of the almighty. As scripture has very clearly revealed to us; “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

A lot of us have had some significant problems in recent times. The amount of people who have contacted me about their own episodes is startling. It is like some kind of flu season. It is not hard to understand how these assaults on our being can throw us off center and make us doubt all the things we believe to be true at other times. This is when we need to remind ourselves of all the good things that are true about us that we might not be paying enough attention to, such as, all the people that we are not, like this and all the things we don't do, like this.

We are not rich and indifferent and contemptuous of those who are not rich and indifferent. We are not making war on primitive cultures in pursuit of their resources and geo-political advantage. We are not haunting the malls in pursuit of the latest fashion accessory, or planted in front of our TV's and watching an endless redundancy of terminal dumbass. The television is the altar of worship for the majority of those caught up in the maelstrom of materialism. We are not a great many things and people that if we were, would most certainly be grounds for a terrible depression if we had the intelligence to feel it. Consider the meditations of your heart and how this defines what you are, regardless of how you appear to be in the eyes of the calculating cynics who measure everything according to its status in the world.

It should be obvious to anyone capable of objective thought that there are forces in this world which are directed and focused on making the human race appear as ignorant and ridiculous as it is possible to make them out to be. We are not engaged in that. This is cause for celebration. Simply what you know about yourself, regardless of any lack of success ...or possession of fortune and fame you may not have, is cause for celebration. Being on the right path, despite the costs and the continuing uncertainty of your course is reason for celebration. Do we have any idea of the incalculable worth of a heart centered on the love of one's creator? We do not, or we would be swimming with joy at the possibility of performing it at every turn.

We need to burn away the mist of unknowing that shrouds our consciousness from the blinding light of the ineffable that both fills us and surrounds us on all sides. We cannot see it because of our state of separateness from our real self. Our false self walks in a false light and only illuminates those things that are meant to be seen in a false light. When the everlasting light of the love of the ineffable breaks upon our consciousness, ALL of the objects of the false world disappear from our sight, or are illuminated as what they really are. All of the dangers and deceptions of the false world are burned away and no longer have any power over us at all. Things can happen to us on our way but they are nothing more than instructional events meant to keep us on our sure course to the kingdom of the ineffable. We enter that kingdom when our consciousness rises to a sufficient level that we can see and experience it. Heaven is not in some far away location deep in the distance of the endlessly reaching sky above you. Heaven begins where your feet touch the ground. You walk in the kingdom of Heaven by acting as a citizen of that realm and by embracing the code of conduct that verifies your right to be there. You do it by believing you are doing it, regardless of being able to see or comprehend it. If you are determined in your intention to realize this, it will materialize around you. It will.

If we see everything that happens to us as an expression of the ineffable working on the evolution of our soul, it will be realized as exactly that. If you want to see everything as blind chance and coincidence you will see nothing and there will be no deeper meaning. It is difficult to persevere against the seemingly unending force of opposition. It can be very difficult but... it is not impossible and so long as the ineffable is walking that course with you, seen or unseen, it is a certainty. The ineffable does not fail. We might fail but the ineffable does not and if we are aligned with the ineffable we will not fail either. Love is always victorious and the motive engine of the ineffable is love.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, sir. Excellent. Always a tonic.

Anonymous said...

It just occurred to me that someone should put together a Go Fund Me account for you. You never know and that could be a big help to you with your medical expenses.


Kazz said...

Vis - 'If we see everything that happens to us as an expression of the ineffable working on the evolution of our soul, it will be realised as exactly that.'

I don't think people get that people like us don't depend upon money, other people, or the 'state', we depend upon God.

I SO GET IT VIS. YOU ARE AWESOME BROTHER. I see the Divine shining through you. The Divine within me recognises the Divine within you :o).

Even with all the problems and woes this life brings I see only God's loving guidance, which is why I turn to my Father when I have problems, because God always finds a way for those who love God.

I don't feel any fear for my personal wellbeing Vis all I feel is excitement, because I can't wait to see what my Father has planned next :o). Living on the edge sure beats the drudgery filled fear existence of the enslaved.

I know you are going to be alright Vis, because none can kill spirit, even if the Divine allowed you to pass from this realm into the next. I don't even worry that I would not be able to access your wisdom any more because I KNOW the wisdom that comes from within you is the same wisdom that exists within me, and the source of this wisdom, in both of us, is from the Divine. I have an unending supply of this wisdom because, like you, I am one with the Divine, so I don't need to access anything from without, everything I need is inside of me and always was.

Even with the world falling apart around me I feel wonderful. I, personally, feel so much gratitude for this journey of awakening that the Divine has allowed me to undertake. What a blessing! What an opportunity! How loving is our creator!!!!

GOD IS AWESOME! GOD IS GREAT! GOD IS ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luv Kazz

maya seri said...


Words fail me this is so beautiful coming from you at a time like this... you sir are the real thing.
Thank you so much.


Anonymous said...

pierre said...
along the lines of Elton Johns mad hatters song "thankful for the people I have found"... yes am sitting here reading the screen, but it is quality time...
I am truly grateful for this blog and my having found it.
Wishes and lamentations play second fiddle to the appreciation of life, in all its madness and gladness.

DreAmeoba said...

Thanks, I think I needed that....

Anonymous said...

Synchronicity alert: So I'm reading my next BOTA lesson today and then a while later I read todays Dish. I'm paraphrasing as I'm still in the processing mode of the lesson, but it talked about attention (I just colored in key 1 of our old friend The Magician). What we give our attention to will create an etheric vibrational connection to a part of our brain and cause our awareness to the true reality of that which we give our attention to. WOW!

And then you write that we should give our attention to the Ineffable.... and what could that act reveal... :)


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

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katy said...

"...the soul's true greatness is in loving God
and in humbling oneself in His presence, completely forgetting oneself and believing oneself to be nothing...
because the Lord is great and is well pleased only with the humble
He always opposes the proud...". .bvMary

Thank you for these humbly written gifts.

Anonymous said...


Visible said...

a new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Some are Sicker than Others.



Joseph Brenner

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