Friday, March 11, 2016

On the Trump Town Train to Sundown and Sunrise up Ahead.

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People who come here are familiar with our thoughts on the Trump Town Escapade. We have maintained for some time that the Trump Train is running on the tracks to Clinton Town and that Trump is a stalking horse for Hillary Clinton. Trump has made many donations in that direction and worked certain actions of support in that direction over the years. Now it comes out that 67% of the Democrats and Independents would not vote for Trump under any circumstances and that is the larger segment of voters.

This is the sort of thing that the Trump campaign is generating. Apparently that is no anomaly either. Where are the Rodney King soundbites when we need them?

Sure... I could be wrong. All kinds of things are going on that indicate some kind of Strange Brew, like Ben Carson's endorsement of Trump. His commentary concerning it is a bit unusual. He says that there is another part of Trump's being besides his public persona and that is that Trump is, 'cerebral'. What the Hell does that mean? Trump's reply is even more strange but you can find it on the mainstream news if it means anything to you.

But the world is strange in any case these days. Maybe this is one of the reasons. Maybe Ben Carson will endorse this too. Then again, maybe he was the attending physician here. It is a bizarre thing for me to walk the streets and boardwalks (a little early but the weather is bringing them out) of Middle America and to see the theme of normal, cruising by, amidst all the other things being trump-eted by the media. The Protocols of Zion are inching and sometimes running toward the fulfillment of their agenda and the world just tries to adapt or stay on course. It's touch and go but there seems to be more fiber to the content of bedrock America than one might think. There are many tens of thousands of Americans who still have something like a moral compass and who are trying to shepherd their families into a decent and productive existence. I like the look of it. In many ways it seems like all the twisted change that the Worldwide Zionist Media is trying, lights out, to usher in, or to convince us is actually happening and which is only going on in certain limited enclaves, which they also control, like academia and the educational system and it is one thing to get the complicity of administrators and another to compromise all of the teachers.

It could be that the long term plans of the Satanists and Zionists... who are indistinguishable are not going to be as easily achieved as they think. We see so much of what is evil, bankrupt and perverted because that is the conditioning and media massage going on along the information highways but there is all kinds of good taking place too.

We hear endlessly about the illuminati and the Masons and sundry but we hear little or nothing about invisible fellowships that are not corrupted and which are beaming out high end vibrations that resonate with our better nature. It has been said that the world would not even exist were it not for the ineffable's ceaseless meditations upon it and ourselves. There are light workers who act as delivery systems for all kinds of archetypal force that gets translated into the positive behaviors that many of us exhibit ...and are often unaware of the source of the inspiration for them. I try to remind myself that dark and gloomy is simply a manufactured appearance and that boundless light is operating behind every manifestation of darkness in the phenomenal world. For me this is less an act of faith than a certainty of the presence and industry of ageless wisdom. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there.

I have this hope... this resident belief, that it is altogether possible that things will work out in a surprising and serendipitous fashion, against all odds and against all the evidence of appearances. It could be that some wonderful epidemic of spontaneous goodness might occur at any moment, confounding all the pundits and experts and sweeping the reluctant world into that promised golden age that has for a long time been right around the corner, if only in my mind.

I cannot accept the dark and desultory atmosphere that is being generated upon the common mind by fabricated lies for that purpose. When you can kill the idealism and faith of the mass of us, it is only a few short steps to the brink of despair and they assist in this effort with all the economic chicanery and the generation of billowing clouds of uncertainty that they produce to put us into conflict with ourselves and each other. One of the offspring of this is to also produce selfishness, which is a byproduct of fear... that fear has become palpable as people struggle with ever greater difficulty to stay afloat and take care of those who depend on them.

I'm just not going to buy into any of these things. I am convinced that all of the negativity that we see or hear about is created to give the impression that it is larger than it is and that is the thing with shadows. Often times, what casts the shadow is far smaller than the shadow being cast and shadows are, after all, insubstantial things. They take on a greater power by inducing our belief in them but they are shadows... only shadows.

What can be clearly seen is that very weird things are going on in the corridors of power. People are losing their minds in the rarefied air of their own celebrity. Celebrity, like power and wealth, can be toxic to the mind. It is as if they were all breathing some kind of gas that affects the way they think and feel.

I found a copy of Town and Country in one of those baskets people have in their homes where they stick magazines and newspapers and I looked through it yesterday. I didn't realize you could spend near two thousand dollars on a shirt, hundreds of dollars on a tie, over a thousand dollars on ill fitting and poorly designed jeans, four or five thousand dollars of a jacket that looks like it was made for a much smaller person. I saw jewelry that was grotesque and the faces of the models were all arranged to show a calculated indifference and contempt to anything in the neighborhood, be it human, animal or divine. The looks on their faces was seriously dramatic, if one is capable of seeing them from an objective standpoint. Surely the glitter and glamor in so many minds, places the idea of romance and a mysterious sense of having arrived upon these features but what I saw was the look of the damned. It is a kind of instilled decadence that speaks of one directed toward a desolate end.

I saw children dressed up in outfits where the ensemble ran to thousands of dollars. The children had the same look on their faces. This is the world of fashion, the place where clothes are designed by men who hate women. It explains all the music videos and their constant themes of excess and depravity. There is little difference to be seen in any of them. It is true I haven't seen that many because I only come across them accidentally but everyone I have seen is composed of the same message. Human awareness is being shaped and modeled to a particular end. In some cases it takes and in some cases it does not. It is possible that it is not taking to the degree that the perpetrators of it all imagine it is or intend for it to.

Lately I have been consumed by such a sense of optimism... I suppose I can account for it by finding myself in a much more positive atmosphere and circumstance than I have seen in quite some time but I do not think it is only that. Something is in the air and traveling on the wind. Something is coming out of those cloisters of light that are seldom spoken of. Yes... something else is coming out of those other venues and we spoke of it in the last posting. I think both of these coming transitions, be they windfalls or calamities, are specific to the souls awaiting them; whether they know what they are waiting for or not. For many... they have no idea of the metaphysical implications of their course. They do not reflect. They do not inquire. They operate within the parameters of a dream that is orchestrated by the one who sums it all up and which is populated by the manufactured products and ideas of those turning a profit on it all and who imagine that they are the ones in control of the dream. I assure you they are not. I've heard it said that, “thinking makes it so.” Sometimes yes and sometimes no.

Until one comes to terms with the incredible limits of their own ability to know anything as it really is, it is impossible for one to know what really is. What happens is that we wander in a world of seeming instead of a world of being. Seeming is temporary. Being is eternal.

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Anaughty Mouser said...

Trump I believe is only a ruse, like Ron Paul. The wicked witch of the West will win by Diebold.
Mark my words.

Peace out

Peter said...

This video, for purposes of demonstration, will be symbolic of a macro usurpation of power in a micro situation. The specific micro situation can be Googled by inserting ***Marc Collins-Rector was a cofounder of the Digital Entertainment Network (DEN)*** The cats in this video are symbolic of an entire organized crime network that, from behind the curtain, manipulate all things. Here is the link to the video

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I do tons of political research all day. The status quo is falling apart. I don't think it has two years left.

And despite the fact we are now if things stay the same, in two or three months; on the streets, I also feel very optimistic. In fact I'm surprised we're still as comfy as we are, but we've been rescued by circumstances when we were at ground zero quite a few times. Of course we can take nothing for granted, but I get the feeling that the Cosmic Scheme of things will provide us with the tools we need to do what we must do.

Sound familiar?

Ray B. said...

Vis, nice posting. Sounds like you are getting back in the swing of things.

Vis: "I am convinced that all of the negativity that we see or hear about is created to give the impression that it is larger than it is..."

You reminded me of when I was taking care of my mother in Denver, towards the end of her life. She would watch hours of local news, and the drumbeat negative news would put her in fear of going out. I would remind her that, say, twenty Denverites had a really bad day that day, but the other half-million Denverites were doing fair-to-fine because they weren't on the news. She would consider that, the lights would go on, and the fear would dissipate.

I was watching the local Southern Oregon news last night, and the people who write the news had to go halfway up the state and also into the midwest to find enough bad news to fill the segment. That means the rest of our whole region was doing fair-to-fine, thank you. But, you wouldn't know it, if you didn't really think about it...
Vis: "Human awareness is being shaped and modeled to a particular end."

I have wondered about this aspect. The 'shaping' has to reveal the purpose of the shaping, and the purpose has to reveal the mindset of the shaper(s). Brrr. Who would want to dumb-down and corrupt a whole population? And, it is methodical. It is not a whim; it is very long term. For me, this points off earth-plane, and/or possibly off-planet.

The good news is that all this 'messing' is a two-way street. As we get the awareness and encounter comparable 'allies', we will have a well-laid-out thoroughfare straight to the doorstep of who is doing this. Then, it will get interesting...
Vis: "For many... they have no idea of the metaphysical implications of their course. They do not reflect. They do not inquire."

The bad guys are good (grin). Their primary focus has been on separating-out our personal experience of our Higher Self (or whatever you want to call it). Establishing religions instead of spirituality. Paid-skeptics to debunk higher states. Even witch-hunts, figurative or literal. (Gets rid of those pesky psychic or intuitive types.) Emphasis on the intellect. Etc. Etc.

Once someone has no working-experience of their Higher Self, you have him/her right where you want her/him...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. On the Wachowski 'siblings', I would not discount some form of psychic meddling. They were responsible for one of the great Truth movies, while still brothers. What better way to screw with the importance of the movie than to get the writers into wacky behavior? 'Overlighting' is real and powerful, especially if you have not developed 'know yourself' abilities.

Somehow, this aspect reminds me of David Carradine of television "Kung Fu" fame. In my opinion, his death was highly suspicious, and 'framed' to debase his 'Kwai Chang Caine' character in that series...

Anonymous said...

could it be that mamma earth, father sun, and master vibration are shaking off the fleas. the cleansing flow, that disrupts the cons, to the point of bat shit crazy. losing their thought, running from the mirror. as the teeter totter gets closer to its natural balance, the warmth of the path gets brighter and brighter, forcing even the blind to see.

Anonymous said...

This dude's work is interesting.

In this essay, he examines what he believes the film "The Matrix" is all about.

It's a good read -

Check out his other essays at the root domain above.

A really good one is the essay he wrote on the hoaxed Manson family murders.

Here's the link to that one -

Yeah baby. Beats reading misdirection articles at the typical CIA-sponsored truther site...which is not to say this author isn't on the same team (he could be), but he writes some wickedly good shit.

Anonymous said...


Good links, Bob!

Anonymous said...

Ay, Visible, I hope you're right about your optimism regarding Earth. Like a Master said: "the meek shall inherit the Earth". Perhaps you are right. And while it is undoubtedly true that everything will work out in the end-end (millions and billions of years), I still think, though, that the Divine is not going to abrogate the law of free will: "Oh, well, if they want to jump from the cliff, let them jump from the cliff - at some point they are going to learn". But it seems that it's not going to be everyone. People in general are not as stupid as they are made out to be by the media, and common sense (a sub-affiliate of ageless wisdom) is not dead.

I've noticed over the last 6 posts or so (since "God has seen more exceptional performances and civilizations rise and fall than there are grains of sand on the beach" - Awesome!), the feeling I get from your writings is not so much negative even towards the evil ones, that although your criticism is unfaltered in its sharpness, it is tinged with a pity and love for the wayward. Judging with the mind, loving with the heart, in short. It feels beautiful. I also think that the humurous side of things is far more beneficial and benevolent when one feels at least some sympathy for those one is making fun of. It shows, especially in the sense I take away from it, and it is a positive sense.

Seems like Putin is a jew! (surprise surprise!):

Perhaps the quantum-leap-opportunity you've mentioned is going to be becoming a martyr for Love and truth, in the footsteps of Jesus. For sure, if someone wants to kill you for your Love of God, and you calmly let them, in the interest of genuine compassion and integrity, that is going to be a huge boost to your souls evolution. Some price, but most worth it if one has the nerve, I believe. Kind of what that whole "mark-of-the-beast"-thing is about, possibly. We'll just have to see how it all plays out.

Omega Fee: please be careful! I remember last year, and someone giving me an idea that was very appealing to my ego, and my walking under the stars and asking God: "can it really be true?", and then seeing a slow-burning meteor, and taking that for the answer "yes". And it turned out to be untrue, and I had caused a lot of trouble for others and myself when I finally realized that it was not true. I think now that it was the work of Maya the Deceiver, who rules physical creation, but is also connected with our own materializing belief-wish-faith-power. It is very mysterious. Just saying, be careful. The slow-burning meteor might be a consequence of your own souls manifesting power, rather than an answer from God about James Dean being the man who comes around, or at least not an answer to the question you thought you posed. I am more inclined to believe now that God answers internally, as feelings of Peace, Joy, Love, and Wisdom.

Thanks Visible. Best wishes for all.

Anonymous said...

"He [Carson] says that there is another part of Trump's being besides his public persona and that is that Trump is, 'cerebral'. What the Hell does that mean?"

Meaning: If you are a cerebral person, no one would ever call you a drama queen. You make decisions using your intelligence and cold, hard facts, instead of your emotions. Um-kay? (wink)

Considering that Dr. Carson was a very accomplished Neurosurgeon before he retired, the Doctor would be suggesting that Donald Trump's thoughts are genuine and that his head isn't stuck up his ass like the other GOP/Dem Candidates.

Since the Presidency of Richard Nixon, I have continually stated that the next President could not be any worse than his predecessor; however, with perceived exception to Ronald Reagan, I have been shown wrong in my presumptions after every election.

IMHO: For better or worse, Trump is the only choice. Can he make America great again? I would like to see him have the chance to prove he can as President. We can not afford to continue on the same path of idiocy that we have been on for the last 45-years.

sage691 said...

Two mornings ago, I was driving into work and praying (in my own fashion) as I always do. I got a message. "It is already here". The message was not a voice or even distinctly in my head in some manner. It was just there. Indescribable. A feeling of immense joy and overall well-being washed over me at that moment and I wish I could feel that all of the time because it was fantastic. I knew right away that the time of struggling, of fear, of trying to make things happen are over. I don't know what "It" is but I'm okay with that because I know now that whatever happens is for the best possible outcome for all of us. I let go and I say "YES". So I loved to see this optimistic posting because I feel it is a confirmation of my own experience. Something has changed and I am grateful and thankful for it. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

A serious change of direction, starts with the first bite..
Societies of meat eaters will never be peaceful.
This would be tantamount to 6-5=6! Only via illusion, self deception and error, might this be.
A practical example, not at all ironically .. the WWII, reality..


"To be nonviolent to human beings and to be a killer or enemy of the poor animals is Satan's philosophy." (SB_1.10.6)

Anonymous said...

Well, after last night brawl in Chicago it looks like communist revolution and a race war are now beginning. Hope I'm wrong, and it's likely I am as I'm really good at it!


Anonymous said...

Funnily enough, as I went to sleep last night the phrase 'I WILL see the beauty in this world' kept appearing in my, bad cold fuddled, mind. It's always there of course, the beauty in this world, but we do sometimes have to make an effort to see it. The same does not apply to the ugliness in this world, it's there, we know it's there and we can see it, whether we want to or not.

Much love to all the beautiful people in this world :-)


Alan Jong said...


I'm confident That James Dean is the Alpha and Omega, He reincarnated more recently as Jeff Buckley, the evidence for my claim is found in the Sun, here is the link to that evidence, and please note in the image of the Sun I've only altered the beak on the Father Hen, beside rotating it 71 degrees counter clock wise which was the way I was instructed to do by his spirit.
Jeff Buckley runs the Black Hole at the core of the galaxy, and if you study the evidence I've taken the time to share You'll notice He's illustrated on the Sun as the face of that black feather on the crown of Father Hen, and that illustration is also based in this music session.
His one Album release was Grace on August 23 1994, the Earthquake that hit Washington D.C was on the 17th anniversary of that Album release, and His Birthday was November 11th 1966 I have no doubt he's the Alpha & Omega, further more in in the illustration of the Sun, the head behind the 7 does resemble James Dean's profile quite substantially.


Alan Jong said...

I didn't mean to neglect your blog Les, there is nothing there I can disagree on. we are on the same side in aligning ourselves in greater and greater numbers against those temporary powers which are responsible for much the misery of the World, Grace from God to them is an Earthquake, my worse fear is it might get worse before it gets better, as you often write the night is darkest before the Dawn.

robert said...

(part one of two)

Dear Visible and all who know they have a heart deeper than their mind can fathom:

Is hope a good thing, maybe even the best thing?

It hurts to hope and have that hope be betrayed, in a long series of disappointments, by our own inertia, our fellow humans or by the designs of the wicked in high places.

What hurts far more is the emptiness of despair, from giving up the power to decide our path, our attitude and our destiny.

The historical Christ, the most acknowledged christed avatar or, for the Gnostics, the reality of the risen child of the father-consciousness present and living in our shared common sense from the world above, pointedly (and for most, inexplicably) blessed those who took no offense the presence and appearance of the son of man.

Only true humility considers the spiritual welfare of other aspects of the One first and foremost, from the deep knowing/feeling that the presence within cannot be lost and so ALL action must be focused upon working around the objective obstacles facing all embodied spirits working to integrate the high with the low, the light and the dark, the found and the lost.

To not be stumbling block to the progress of objective awareness among our fellows, and especially not to hinder the Khrishna or Christ consciousness still present in children, is an imperative responsibility for anyone walking toward freedom of spirit.

Why is this? For one reason, so as NOT TO TAKE HOPE from anyone’s heart, nor from anyone’s spirit, who still remembers freedom and deeply desires to feel the presence of freedom in their walk among the dead, co-habiting in the bosom of the living world made dark and deadly by the unconscious actions of human beings, led by the few proud hungry ghosts walking under demonic direction.

Is it better to stay cynical and “safe”, with no genitalia exposed to ridicule and castration, adding even more weight to the momentum of bad habits among the perennially robotic humans?

This seemingly arbitrary palindrome is anything but! Yet another clue in plain sight of all.
Evil is nothing more than the reversal of the will to live.

Evil personified has successfully hidden in “secular” humanism, by the simple sophistry of conflating the automatic aspect of the walking automata, where evil habits take down civilizations and most consciousness inhabiting them, with the genesis, well-spring and living designer of all the layers beyond the sensical spectacle.
So, we are constantly told by the demon-whisperers: “no evil per se, only what it is, man!, life is shiite and anyone who points otherwise is merely selling some new religion or scam, and you are too hip to fall for that!” Nothing to get excited about; just go back to feeding the low-powered vacuuming system sucking from the roots of creation up for the consumption of the terminally disconnected, feeding your false identity, feeding all your deadly habits of unsuccessful sheeple.

Well, we are all concurrently experiencing the results of the latest religion with a vengeance, Statism, to which all other totalitarian agendas have led, where good consumer tax farm animals may be members in good sitting, by conforming to all suggestions from their favorite P.J.’s (perception jockeys), letting hypnotically authoritative words wallpaper over actual experience and turning in to the state’s apparatchiks, backed of course, by armed thugs, anyone among them who reminds them of personal responsibility, accountability or any hint of ability to be free within.


robert said...

(part two of two)

This is very convenient for the priests of the religion of the state, as the parasites own and operate it, they hide behind meaningless buzz words, impersonating the corpse of a forgotten dream and more to the point, the “state” is so abstract (and therefore impossible to falsify!), that fealty requires nothing more than mindless obedience to lies, ever-shifting at the whim of the demented dream weavers!

How is that working out, for those who maintain the hope that there is more to this experience in the physical than broad ways to premature death, mistakes made non-creatively in boring repetition, lifelong habits of wasting time and opportunity to metamorphosize into something more than temporarily walking dead?

If this is the age when the divine feminine regains Her balance in the affairs of the world, should we not be vigilant to the negative or yin aspects rising as well? Passive aggressive snarking from the cheap seats, acting out subjective delusions while selfishly demanding others’ attention, reacting emotionally instead of acting in good faith, are these the feminine aspects you are looking for?

The glamorization of VR (virtual reality), abstract “communications” and self-imprisoned lock down in personal “safe spaces” shows that the neurotic mind, especially when divorced and separated from the body and feelings, can easily be trapped forever in abstract worlds, created by video games, the MEdiaMatrix or the continuous lies of deceivers (demonically-possessed human robots).

The cult-driven feminization of so-called thinking, where predominately verbal, pre-programmed label-driven wallpaper self-talk is passing, like gas, as thinking, is ideal for the bad shepherds in their agenda to control the divided flock with constant word streams, spinning fantasy to overlay and filter consensual reality to the point where no one will process the data gathered by THEIR OWN SENSES, until some paid fool of a color commentator TELLS them what to group-think!

A simple conceptual tool in discernment is to ask the question of every symbolic event: is this an action motivated by a sustainable, deeply committed passion or merely a seemingly impassioned reaction, motivated by the need to maintain the status quo, whether it is personal “necessary” identification, the patterns of dreary continuing subsistence, or the delusions of grand “controlling” strategies leading to permanent enslavement FOR ALL THE PLAYERS?

Ask yourself daily, hourly and minutely, am I rooting for the victory of consciousness or merely rooted in an identified state of delusion, waiting for someone else to lead me out of my self-imposed madness?
It is child’s play to discern the obstructers from those using their will power to break down edifices of illusion; simply relentlessly ask yourself pointed questions.

Do you condemn anyone, even the puppets of evil or do you find something positive to say or do, in any situation, learning creative action through every challenge?

Are you a dead end, producing nothing from all energy invested (the underlying meaning of the c-word epithet) or are you alive enough to add your positive energy to the children yearning to be free again?


Kazz said...

Some time ago I said, having all the knowledge in the world means nothing unless you can place it in the correct context. It is in relation to the context in which we frame this information that our true selfs are divulged for all to see.

Lately people keep telling me there is no such thing as good and evil, it is all subjective. That is not what Jesus said!

People also keep telling me that it is all just a game. I don't doubt that but every game has winners and losers and to the best of my understanding the stake in this cosmic sorting game is your eternal soul and freedom.

As far as putting one's hand up to be a martyr, how does it serve the light if all those trying to bring the light in are snuffed out? If you want to light a dark room the worst thing you could do is snuff out the candles, isn't it??

I see that there is a mammoth sorting program going on here and my understanding is, all those who saved their sorry arses are going to be putting their hand up to volunteer to go with these entities, and since everything serves the Divine and we are on the cusp of the unfolding of the light, it is only sensible to conclude that this dark force has been capturing all those who are of the dark so it can remove them from this plane. We know we are heading back into the light and it is said that the light cannot emerge until the dark recedes, or is removed.

I can't help but think of that old flick, 'The Time Machine', with Rod Taylor, that was written by HG Wells. In the movie Taylor goes to the future and there are two different civilisations, the passive, child-like, vegetarian Eloi who live on the surface in a paradise similar to the Garden of Eden, and the underground-dwelling Morlocks, who feed on the Eloi. When the Morlocks want to feed they ring a siren and the people dutifully walk towards the Morlocks cave. Taylor tells the people to fight and not go to them, and in in the end the people listen to Taylor and free themselves from the hypnotic trance the Morlocks used to control them. I believe the hypnotic trance the Eloi freed their selves from at the end of the movie was indicative of humanity's journey to free the collective consciousness from the constructs that were created by Man to control, not just humanity, but God, who is consciousness. At least that is my take on it :o).

Luv Kazz

torus said...

Cranking Black Sabbath's "The Mob Rules" at the moment, in honor of Keith Emerson. Emerson suicided last night.

"Close the city and tell the people that
Something is coming to crawl

Death and darkness are reaching forward
To take a bite from the wall

You've nothing to say...
They're breaking away
If you listen to fools

Kill the spirit and you'll be blinded
The end is always the same

Play with fire you burn your fingers
And lose your hold of the flame

It's over it's done
The end has begin

If you listen to fools..."

I'd like to dedicate that spicy little number to Europe and Albert Pike as well.
Looks like there's been a slight change in plan old boy!

Ray B. said...

Robert, good commentary as usual. Thanks!

Robert: "Only true humility considers the spiritual welfare of other aspects of the One first and foremost, from the deep knowing/feeling that the presence within cannot be lost and so ALL action must be focused upon working around the objective obstacles facing all embodied spirits working to integrate the high with the low, the light and the dark, the found and the lost."

Here, here! (Or: Hear, hear!) That is why revenge is so non-productive. It just adds more pain to the individual and collective. Working-out ways to embrace the needs of the lower chakras (1:I exist; 2:I am important; 3:I am here, too) in yourself and others is a handful, if you want to do it without adding pain to the system.

Recently, a young kid was at the purchase-window of a theater just ahead of me, trying to buy a ticket to the new "Star Wars" movie. He was counting out pennies, and it was obvious that he was barely over a dollar. The young lady at the window was getting set to deny him entrance. So, I just slid the purchase price under her window. The kid started beaming, which was cool. But perhaps more importantly, the young lady at the window had gone 'tilt'. Apparently, this showing of grace or compassion had reached deep inside. I thought that was the big 'victory' of the day...


Kazz, "The Time Machine," with Rod Taylor, is still one of my favorite movies. I have seen other remakes, but they just don't have 'something'. My favorite part was the friendship between George (RT) and David Filby (Alan Young). This extended 'beyond the grave', so to speak, and resulted in Filby's preserving George's property as a 'sanctuary' for the Time Machine. Touching and heart-opening...


sage691, thanks for 'relaying' the message: "It is already here." Cool experience, and I am glad you got the 'Whee!' part, as well. "...the time of struggling, of fear, of trying to make things happen are over." I'll drink to that!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Ugly appearance!

There is only ONE power!!!! It controls the dark side! Hahahahaha! Jokes on us, I guess. Not funny, but...... true.....

I have to remember this.... it helps me to not worry. :)


PS- Trump lost me on the pro-torture thing. And the poor/middle class protestors trying (and succeeding) in shutting down free speech in Chicago and Ohio, lost me, too!

Hillary's voice quite literally makes me cringe physically, but I wont be showing up at her or Bernie's rally's to beat the shit out of their supporters and trying to silence them.

My feelings are schizophrenic.... If Trump supporters did what the Soros and BLM team did over the past 24 hours, the shithead mainstream media would be calling it a national disgrace.... but they didn't....

Why do I have to pay welfare for people who have not wanted to work for generations and then call me a racist, and even more welfare for Central Americans who hopped my border illegally and demand that I shut the fuck up because I'm white?

Must be that white privilege I was born with that had me living in a little studio apartment with my cat while I worked a full time job putting myself through fucking nursing school while all the "minorities" in my class got all the scholarships because.... they were minorities!!!! :) White folk need not apply.... and I should just STFU and keep paying my taxes. (Wonder what would've happened if I checked a different box...)

What did I get???

The bill!!!! Thank God its now paid off. Whatever. Truth be told, I did ok since then so I shouldn't complain. Thanks God! Really!

I believe Trump will do what every other candidate has done after they get elected.... NOTHING! Except that which they're handlers want.... which is the exact opposite of what they promised.

Trump looked scared today when the ISIS guy charged the stage... yes he might just be an ISIS supporter... and was released on $300 bail....

Trump's a douche, but I actually felt bad for him there as I put myself in his place... My problem is that I unrealistically hope that he is being truthful and will actually try to sincerely help the country. Anyone wanna bet that he will? Do I wanna bet that he will? I think not!

I did say my feelings were schizophrenic.... :) And I forgot... there is only one power in the universe.... and everything is really under control (and yeah, I learned that here, thanks Vis!). I feel better now. :)

Apologies for the rant.


PPS-probably should have gone anonymous on this one. :)

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, March 12, 2016 5:44:00 AM :
Thank you for the link about the film "The Matrix":

Miles brought up a topic I had not even considered. As per Miles' observations, looking at the details in the 'before and after' photos of 'Larry' and 'Lana', they are not the same person. This in turn shows some deeper shenanigans happening...

In this vein, I have had two similar occurrences. At the beginning of the second (original) "Star Wars" movie, when the Luke character came upon the scene, I immediately said that that was not the same person. I later checked photos, and my feeling remained the same. I do not believe they are the same person. Similarly, when I came upon photos of Al Gore a few years after his failed presidential-election campaign, I had the same reaction. This is not the same person. As I looked/felt-into side-by-side photos, I continued to have the same reaction. This is not the same person. I can't explain these instances; it just is...
"Therefore, if you wish to influence reality more, you must believe in reality more. You must know that both you and the spoon are real, and that there is no separation between you. You are both real in the same way. You are made of the same things and are recycling the same charge field."

I believe this is a misunderstanding of what 'spoon boy' was saying: "Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth. There is no spoon. Then you’ll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself."

Miles' observation that "there is no separation between you; you are both real in the same way" is correct. However, it can also be viewed in the maya sense, that an 'implicit' reality is more real than physical processes - your body or the spoon. Miles' version does not explicitly acknowledge anything 'higher', but implicitly 'blends' all of earth-plane into one 'mush', so to speak. He chooses to center the 'action' in a personal 'will', rather than kicking-in the 'supercharger' of the Higher Self. There we split paths...
"After seeing the film, you may wish to get into spoon bending, for instance, since you have been taught that the spoon does not exist."

I have actually done spoon bending, with a group of interested people. I went into it with a hard-core engineer's attitude. I picked the thickest, toughest spoon I could find. I tested it by applying the most force I could without actually bending it. Solid.

Then, I went into a kind of meditation-state, with one hand holding the stem and one hand gently pressing on the bowl. Nothing happened for a while, and then something seemed to 'shift'. The metal seemed to become more like a thick taffy, and I turned two quick, tight 'circles' with the bowl around the shaft. Then, I lost the 'state', and the metal reverted to its former rigidity - but with two tight circles in the upper shaft. Going back into meditation, after some time it 'shifted' again, and I accomplished another effortless 'loop' to add to the other two. The metal was also very hot in the region of the tight loops.

By that time, our time was up. Looking around, others more proficient had 'wrapped up' multiple pieces of silverware. Going for the gusto, rather than the details.

In summary, 'spoon bending' is real and evidence either of our higher capabilities or our higher nature stepping-in. This "Miles W. Mathis" needs to get a clue about higher stuff...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

torus said...

America and the beloved allies aided and abetted the most murderous ideology in history. IS THAT CLEAR? Not a single Stalinist functionary, commandant, torturer, or executioner, was ever placed on trial, with many retiring comfortably on state pensions. IS THAT CLEAR? Stalin's methods were applied all throughout the former Soviet bloc. "Work camps", in effect, death camps were established. IS THAT CLEAR? The "holocaust" is by and large, Soviet propaganda. Denying the holocaust or being too vocal about Stalinist atrocities is verboten in Russia. Putin considers Kissinger; who is well acquainted with death camps and killing fields, a "friend". IS THAT CLEAR?
America's future should be ALL TOO CLEAR.
The protesters who shut Trump's Chicago rally down are not being called "Nazi thugs", in fact, the media tacitly endorses their Commie/leftist/white lives don't matter 'cuz I dindu nuffin' behaviour. Those thugs are from the communist "left".

"Aaaaaaaah COME ON!!!!

Close the city and tell the people
That Something is coming to crawl!

Death and darkness are rushing forward
To take a bite from the wall..."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ya gotta wonder. . .what will happen to the psychopaths in the Cosmic Scheme of things, when this era finally comes to a close.

Scarlett said...

The fatal flaw of the elite is that they do not understand human nature. They see materialism as the voluntary chains with which they enslave us because it is the chain that enslaves them. They fail to see that the more you have, the stronger the chain. They actually believe that they are free, or more delusional, that they are in command. When you get poor enough, those chains are easy to break. When you have nothing to lose, you are free to say the truth and fight back. You don't fear death because it couldn't be worse than real life. That is why you see Palestinians throwing stones at tanks. You don't fear getting fired or society's disapproval because you are so poor you are already an outcast. When you have something to lose, even a little bit, you toe the line to keep from losing it. Unfortunately, their greed prevents them from stopping at a point which would keep us from getting too poor. At some point, they have to take it all from us. And when they do that, they set us free. And that is when the people rise up against the feudal lords and do things like roasting them and forcing their families to watch and to feed on their flesh. If they could control their greed, they could probably live comfortably and keep us happily enslaved with a few crumbs. But their chains are worse than ours and they are no more free than we are which is why they are doomed to fail every. single. time.

Dan said...

Les! Another great post, I have read all of your posts on the Truthseeker site because my workplace has blocked your sites for being "intolerant", but I can't comment from that site. So I finally am commenting from a different computer to say I'm glad you're still at it and I always look forward to all of your inspirational posts!


PS as always be sure to Check Your Light Source!

Visible said...

Dan; I still have one of those bumper stickers!

Kazz said...

Very insightful post Scarlett :o).

Luv Kazz

mike m said...

The Trump Train is what the assholes deserve and get for offing JFK. FUCK THEM ALL TO HELL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You know that things are about to start turning around for good when "The Walking Dead" is the No. 1 show on television...nowhere to go but up!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Trump is a catalyst. I think he'd be just as much of a disaster as the rest of the 'front runners'. He couldn't deliver much of what he says, anyway. The potus is NOT the one in charge. Anyone who tries to be in that position is guaranteed to be dead meat.

Visible said...

Wheels within wheels are going on at the moment... now a double cheese Zio-burger is being served up at the Trump diner because someone's arm got grabbed or... so they say and you have to wonder if this isn't one of those staged events that makes a candidate look a certain way, even if he is a certain way, to make it look a certain way so that they can come off vindicated another way because the way they want to... never mind, I see too much and it is probably more than that so... carry on folks... apparently the boys in the back are not in agreement over something.

Visible said...

The latest radio broadcast is now up. Other than that have a wonderful day and the Shapiros and Lewandowskis from Clinton Ville spar with the Breitbart martyrs on the other side as they both work to squeeze you until they can make their morning juice.

Visible said...

a new Visible Origami is up now- The Genuflecting Nimrods and the Dunderheads from Nodwell Junction.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

Trump : Strange that you can believe in

I have been doing serially Joseph Farrell's books lately, mind blowing with some convincing hard facts and numbers. this sort of thing.

he thought in 2013 that the elites, the bad ones (there might be good ones too) were shitting themselves.
the best laid plans of mice and Venician rats coming apart at the seams. ("oh, you wish ton consult now do you?" would be my first comment on First Contact, should it come to that).

more things in heaven and on earth and even more in the infinite quantum vacuum (ether) than used to be dreamt of when people philosphised.

Webster Tarpley (hates trump, a Hitler or Mussonlini) vs Rense (Loves Hitler and Trumpets for the Donald) on the same show (renses) last month. the sound of two axes grinding.

meanwhile the wizards, whatever they are, are somewhere lurking in the background as always, puppets to something else. (and surely something good, better, lurking around all that too one hopes).

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

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