Friday, March 25, 2016

Vultures watch over us in black robes. Hyenas dance and cavort.

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One of my favorite writers is Kevin Barrett. I love him for his truth and courage. I don't know what he thinks about me or even if he knows that I exist but... I like him. I can tell when people know what they are talking about. It rings in my inner ear. So it is that when I read this article this morning, I never questioned its accuracy. I also knew it was a false flag because all of them are these days. Kevin is a Muslim so he knows all kinds of things you can't know otherwise.

The shitheels know that the world is waking up and they are trying to get it done before this happens. All they are going to accomplish is to head themselves off at the pass. Evil destroys itself and regardless of how fundamental a truth this is, they never catch on, due to the intoxication of their own fecal products in their nostrils. Everything is some kind of a drug and in this case, I don't even have to say anything about irony.

When I say he knows things because he is a Muslim, I am not promoting that religion. If that sort of thing works for you, fine. I represent another tradition. It's just how it is. Personally, my feelings on religion, truth... all that God stuff goes much further back. I don't think it matters which creed you pick, so long as you find what you are looking for and I have.

One has to admire Kevin, as much for his brevity as anything. If you are speaking the truth you don't have to take up too much space. Lao Tzu proved that. I'm not convinced about Veteran's Today. It seems to me these days that everyone is co-opted. Rense and Rivero are drunk on Trump Wine, which means they were drunk on something else before that. A lot of people are drunk on Trump Wine. I can understand that. People want something or someone to believe in. Regardless of what liars politicians are, people are always going to believe that this time... this time ...maybe they are not lying but they always do. No one knows more about self promotion than a politician, except for the people spending all that money to get them elected in the first place.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I don't have many people to admire anymore. As far as I know I am one of the few left that calls The Holocaust bullshit. Just about everyone else likes to skirt the edges. Just about everyone is afraid of the ones who are destroying themselves in front of our eyes. It is a conundrum. Look... anyone who has looked into it knows that certain things are complete lies.

The Red Cross documents say all that needs to be seen. Their own almanac shows that their population increased over the war years. They themselves shot down the 4.5 million dead at Auschwitz and turned it into 1.5 million and we still have 6 million somehow. Even Chinese algebra is easier to understand but somehow the whole world buys into this garbage. Even the Iranians are afraid to come out and say it. I am not afraid. I will therefore say what everyone else is afraid to say. The Holocaust is a LIE!!! No one takes my life unless the ineffable says it is okay. I do not live by fear. You shouldn't either. They can't get all of us but they surely can if we do not stick together. Someone once said something like, “gentlemen, if we do not hang together we shall hang separately.”

What is the problem with people telling or seeing the truth? I am okay with going down with any label they want to put on me but I am not going to go down convicted by my own conscience.

Now they are accusing Iranians of hacking. Then you see that garden slug, Chuckie Schumer appear into the article. Nothing is real anymore and they want Iran bad because Iran is becoming more and more difficult to take down. Everything is wheels within wheels. As much as I appreciate Putin putting it on the line the way he does; that he doesn't address The Holocaust troubles me. They all bend over for the bankers at some point. I, personally don't care about money. Money is sniffing around me these days and I still don't care. I love the ineffable. There are no other options for me.

I wish I could communicate more effectively. Something is wrong with me but I don't know what it is. It is like I have been skating on thin ice my whole life. If it were not for the resonance with my readers I would probably be toast already. I don't think I have ever told you folks how much I appreciate the support and friendship you have given me. Let me address that now. With every ounce of my being, I want to say, “thank you!”

I can't believe how I miss important clues, or miss things going on right in front of me. You all know that I watch movies while I am writing. Now I am watching The Revenant again. It appears that I missed the entire movie the first time. It is much better done than I thought. Maybe life is much better than I thought. I am going to see some old friends I have not seen in many years now and they are as good as I ever thought they were. How did I stay in the shape I am in after all these battles which, most of the time, were against myself? One thing I have never had a battle with is the truth. No one wins that one.

The lies we have to deal with. They are carved in stone. They sit above the temples that we have constructed to them. Vultures watch over us in black robes. Hyenas dance and cavort. The barbarians are inside the gate. One thing you can depend on is that those things founded upon words that speak to individual liberty will always wind up in tyranny as the most seemingly favored among us protect their interests.

The good news is that people are just on the verge of waking up and new technologies are coming into play. The bad news is that Atlantis was in the same place once and they would rather take the whole thing down if they can. This is a different time zone however. Sometimes it works out for the human race and this is one of those times and even though there are only a few of us invested in this project, it is the quality of the commitment and not the size of the indifference or opposition. It all works out in the long run and this is one of the critical demarcation points of the long run. It is a watermark. It is halcyon when halcyon was just a word. It comes from the Greek word, Alcyone ...she was one of the players in one of the more complex myths, if myth it be. There is always a certain amount of truth in any of these tales, just as lies account for the currency in any age where materialism has taken over the environment... as it has in these times.

We are going to be okay though. I am convinced of this; not all of us, of course and we all have to live and die in the scheme of things so... when I say, 'okay' I mean relatively and selectively. If you have been doing good, please continue to. If you have been doing evil, my suggestion is you catch yourself in freefall (cue Tom Petty) or hope someone catches you; paraphrasing again.

I truly wish I could hold all of you in my arms, in a sibling and fraternal way, of course. This isn't possible at the moment, or maybe it is. I have no way of knowing the meaning of things but I try.

I don't know if any of you know John Pilger. I am sure you must be familiar with James Perloff. I want to throw these names into the hopper before I go today. I have no way of knowing if these cats are frauds or not but I like their style. I admire the combination of elegant syntax and the creative working of the truth... however it comes to pass. The world is waking up and all of us who have labored in the vineyards so far are getting a promotion. Let's hope that counts for something.

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Radio show coming... sorry about last week.


Visible said...

Mando... I am about to go to the Virginia countryside to see some friends and on the way back I thought I would go by Overbrook and maybe we could have coffee, tea or... heroin? Kidding!!!! Let me know. Email me because I can't find you under Mandocello. I have a heavy backlog of shit I can't remember. Anyway... carry on.

Anonymous said...

the black robbed channelers are trully drooling now. the belief, their sacrificial orgies have worked, looks realistic. 90 to 95 percent of the noble face people and serfs will most likely die, in the next 10 to 20 years, as a result of their own desire or lack of direction. the earth is in the middle of the death and rebirth phase. not anywhere near as advanced as lemuria or atlantis, but as the record shows(few ever strive to notice), the result is the same. when the dust settles the self appointed kings will emerge, with the ancient technology and turn earth back to a eden like paradise, where they believe they can start, their process all over again. the problem arises. what about the children of the vibration? the force that creates and desires life above all else. when their numbers balloon and have the potential to infect and detract the kings' plans. the fear of all ages. what if humans finally choose life? imagine if these cataclysms didn't need to happen, for nobles and serfs to realize how precious all existence is. that we all need each other. remember a small portion will survive and prosper parralell to the kings

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les!
I have been reading your articles for years & seek updates nearly every day, usually several times a day.
You are certainly loved & massively appreciated by me:) You, dear brother are one of my blessings in this world....I have long known that fact.


DSKlausler said...

RE: The Revenant

However, I am a bit of an outdoorsman.

Yes, I know it's just a movie... but come on, at least try.

What is worse than cold? Cold and WET.

Hmmm, I need to fill my canteen, I'll just kneel down in this ice-water, and also soak my shirts and coats up to my elbows. BULLSHIT!

Same goes for their water crossings. BULLSHIT!

These guys are not amateurs, and they CHOSE to enter that climate with that task in mind... where the fuck are their gloves and hats? BULLSHIT!

You do know what the accuracy and timing (in firing) those black powder guns is, yes? BULLSHIT!

Of course, we must presume other things are going on, not visualized, but surface stiches on gashes deep to the bone, through muscle and tendon? Using those limbs shortly thereafter - even properly repaired? Grizzly's crush and break, not just tear - especially Mama. BULLSHIT!

How about the preposterous notion of staying alive over night in sub-freezing weather - unsheltered (and wet, and injured, and starving)? Was the Great Spirit aiding the revenge plan? BULLSHIT!

Other than those minor annoyances, it is a quite beautiful film.

A. Dundee said...

"People are waking up." Maybe. I hear this and I hear that. I read this and I read that. I think this and that. I feel...(maybe best no to go there presently). "People are waking up." Maybe not. But suffering's often proof for confirmation of the affirmative (if one "survives" it). Not so much the physical type... but could be. But surely the psychical/spiritual type; isolation, separation, severing (slow or abrupt) from grounded self, from self, from others, from past AND future, in a shattered present. Yeah, if one survives IT - then death's simple as truth's ineluctably grasped like Dante's drowning swimmer the Hand of that beloved's salvation and ultimate redemption. Who "survives"? Who doesn't? Why? No instance informs me of anything other than the certainty of a single statement: "He knows. He knows. Only He knows".

"What is the problem with people telling or seeing the truth? I am okay with going down with any label they want to put on me but I am not going to go down convicted by my own conscience." Indeed, either the Palm of conscience, of truth grasped. Or it's fist of fury will surely smash, here or there and certainly somewhere, all the lies reflecting out from my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Wow Vis, that Kevin Barrett article was pretty eye opening, to say the least! I thought it was the Muslims who did the attack, but now I'm afraid I'll have to think otherwise based on what I just read. Maybe I'll post the link to his article on GLP so I can get seriously flammed all day... but still get Kevins article out there anyway for more exposure.

It just made so much sense, especially the part about Muslims becoming a strong voting bloc by 2020 and having Germany change support from Israel to Palestine and getting rid of the usury... WOW! It totally fits.

Thanks for all you do and Happy Easter!


Jenny said...

Alooo Vis! come to Texas! Love your writings and giving a big hug to you from down South. -Jen

Anonymous said...


I will send an email.


Visible said...

Yes... bullshit this and bullshit that but when they convincingly fake it I appreciate the effort.

Visible said...

I get the cold and wet part and you don't pay people 30 million dollars to walk through and icy stream. It is all FX but like I said recently... I didn't see it the first time. I still don't like it much but it was better than I thought. Give me a break.

Hereticdrummer said...

Yes Vis, Kevin Barrett is excellent. He wrote an article on a book called "Land Without Laughter" some time ago and it intrigued me enough to buy it. It was magnificent, a story of an incredibly perilous journey fraught with hardship to the most remote and inaccessible nation on earth. John Kaminski, who I respect very much called Barrett a "Gatekeeper" because he refrains from pointing the finger at the Chozen Pipple, like Kaminski does regularly. I understand his point but long ago I learned not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. If you get a chance, check out the writings of Jack Heart, awesome, mind blowing stuff, meticulously documented. Another truly great posting by you Mr. Visible, I can't wait for your next hard copy book.

Anonymous said...

"Evil destroys itself and regardless of how fundamental a truth this is, they never catch on, due to the intoxication of their own fecal products in their nostrils."

Almost snorted my orange juice out of my nostrils while reading that one - ha!

I think a movie can still be pretty good, so long as you can get past the implausibility factor. Might have to check out The Revenant...

Anonymous said...

Boy, those "Mormon Missionaries" sure do get around, eh?

On an infinitely brighter note:
Vis, you are loved. Know this.

aka CB

M. Rocknest said...

Kevin Barrett is a good man -- intelligent, honest and compassionate. I had the honour and pleasure of meeting him (also his son and co-host on False Flag Weekly News, Tony Hall) and even though it was just a brief encounter I came away convinced that all the good impressions I've had of him over the years have been on the mark. It was so nice to read today that you appreciate his writing too.

Veterans Today has been falling short of my expectations lately though. Gordon Duff's assessment of LaVoy Finicum was, in my opinion, mean-spirited and wrong. Tony Hall's was right. This family loving, country loving, cowboy was a good man and they murdered him to send a message to anyone else who would dare to believe in the American Constitution and speak eloquently on its behalf.

You are a good man too, Vis. I look for your words of wisdom every day. You and your writing are very much appreciated. The past four years has been a battle for me (thankfully I'm not in it alone). This battle which has us pitted against our own government and that of the USA often consumes more than half my day. Taking a break to read one of your blogs refreshes my spirit and helps me to keep on keeping on.

Smyrna said...

Howdy Vis,

John Pilger has been around 40 years or more writing the same article. The top of the totem pole in his world is the government and the pentagon etc. Never goes beyond that. If Dan Rather had have done more to question the 'weapons of mass destruction' propaganda etc..

Either a well meaning, but ultimately matrix-tranced ignoramus; or controlled opposition. I favour the latter.

Ray B. said...

Vis: Since you're going to the Virginia countryside, may I recommend a short sidetrip to visit Machaelle Small Wright at Perelandra, a 'nature research center' in the Virginia countryside. I visited it and met her briefly in the 80s. Her attitude and her 'farm' was as close to (early) Findhorn as I could find in the US. This is how we should 'interact' with the Earth and its non-human inhabitants. I have two copies of her book, Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered, so that I can lend one out. As of the mid-80s, she was the real deal. Here is her website with contact phone number...
Vis: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

A Scotty-ism from Star Trek! (Of course, it is a folk saying; but that is where I remember it from...)
Vis: "The bad news is that Atlantis was in the same place once..."

I knew that we were in trouble when TPTB decided to not re-equip the space shuttle orbiter Enterprise for space (and just put it in a museum), while naming one of only five operational space shuttle orbiters as Atlantis. Considering that the military was a full-partner in the shuttle program at the time, it was truly ominous...
On Alcyone (and Ceyx), Zeus was a jerk. He is sounding more and more like Enlil, or one of that 'side' of the family...
Vis: "I truly wish I could hold all of you in my arms, in a sibling and fraternal way, of course."

Vice versa, of course. Thank you for getting to the 'heart' of the matter. Be safe.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Boulderdash said...

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I thought that saying goes more like this:

Fool Me Once

Brian Crossland said...

Kevin Barret,
The Guy resonates, I think the Usury thing is pretty significant, imagine a larger percentage of Europeans waking up to that one, or supporting the Palestinians. Islam, Christianity, and the Money lenders, So many dots to be joined, uncommon knowledge becomes common, We are all Palestinians, To Paraphrase Steinbeck, "When I becomes we, This is the zygote, you who hate change, this is the thing to bomb"
John Pilger: first man I read with different views to the main, consistent throughout the years.

Anonymous said...

I have used this blog and the others given by the great master in the last days multiverse to make an occasional comment on the dish. When it comes to knowledge I'm surely a gourmand, a glutton. I also have something to say. But that's not the reason for this "comment". I regularly know and experience the profound truth of this "time" we are in. The sick are getting sicker and the well weller. Les followers get that following is leading. We're not {so} smart but IT is. Modesty is over. Refuse to be intimidated and BE the rapture. Thanks to the saints who hear the higher voice. Les? Thank you. If you get around west central Idaho, home in. I'll be there. Chips' Amigo

alpholive said...

I do not know if my last post went through. I suppose this one to be a check up. If it didn't, it may have been out of MY famous indolence toward technocracy/ology. I don't know what to do! Anyway. I am totally with the comment near the top. You got me hooked on the WWW thing and even if I am only known obliquely by others, at least I know m and I shall continue to do what I was made for. These bodies will pass but what we are is undying.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

Pilger I like, he gets up them as they (we, more generally) deserve , but like Farrell (so far) about the Jews... he says naught negative about the Aborigines doing anything for themselves, like a camp cleanup or basic plumbing.. and that running tap could grow a few vegies to boot. I'd like to talk to them about the Rothschilds role in slavery and colonialism too... and that circumcision thing.

As for 'good things in the air for you' (cue Neil Young) it aint so bad (Rocky) , so it surely can be a lot better. I hope we shall see (Bob Marley) and well be it 'soon come'.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful article brother Les & some great comments by your readers. Want to point something out on Kevin Barrett, the Iranians and others who don't come right out and call out the Holocaust for what it is (though Dr Ahmadinejad did and there are those World Without Zionism conferences held in Iran annually.) A good portion of awakened humanity,finds the best approach is to not even mention or give any form of energy to the Holocaust. The Don't Feed the Beast approach. Now this drives the Zionists insane because they want to keep it on the table till kingdom come coz it's been so effective a tool in guilt generation. Ignoring it but directing ceaseless intent focus & energy on the ongoing PALESTNIAN genocide now in its 76th year is a better approach. So we all need to acknowledge that this is a worthwhile wisdom

Visible said...

As you note Nakba has a box ad on these sites and always will. Perhaps you saw the book that the publisher took of the shelves because of the shrinking map of Palestine that was in the book. Until we take back the entire landscape of every kind of media, including the art galleries... dumb and stupid will still march in the ranks. Lucky for us that this is an apocalypse.

Anonymous said...

Nakba box always noted with humble thanks. I have come to the conclusion (in the vein of David Icke and others) that these Zio bots are "not one of us". They masquerade in human bodies.Some call them aliens, satan's helpers on earth, demons in Christian tradition, Jin in Islamic etc but they are here after our souls and our energies. They feed and empower themselves thru robbing us of our life force. I just feel the whole Holocaust deal is to occupy (there's that word again) our thoughts and energies with that distraction while they conduct one in real time in Palestine, Syria and even a holocaust of minds in the West. I am calling them out on this. They are not one of us.

Truther said...

God I feelthe same,way I have fell into a deep deep depression over Amerikkka and what evil they do ..its,become another Sodom and go mora..I'm afraid everyday as I am Muslim and live in the states, the,wake of these false flag event that,happened who are,these people trying to fool !!??

Anonymous said...

All right, yesterday I was saying how I believed Kevin Barrett's article to be true. Not saying it isn't now, but after realizing his point of Muslims growing demographically to become a powerful voting bloc in Germany which would lead to them changing the countries support from Israel and shifting it to Palestine and getting rid of usury and how those things could break the back of the elites... Wasn't it pretty much all of us saying that the migrant surge into Europe from the Middle East was being caused and green lighted by the elites????

Now I'm totally confused.

Anyway, Happy Easter everyone!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Who said movies(or news reporting or novels or TV programs or political campaigns) are supposed to reflect reality? It's all about making a buck, pushing an agenda or emphasizing a subjective point of view. To paraphrase movie mogul Samuel Goldwin, "...if you want to send a message call Western Union...".The odd thing is, nowadays the internet has become a personal Western Union for each of us who recognizes it as such.

Though on rare occasions a true piece of art emerges from the sewer.

Lately I've been preoccupied by the 'lost' Kubrick classic Barry Lyndon. On the face of it it's a 18th century costume drama adaptation of a 1844 Thackeray novel. To paraphrase a reviewer: "...technically awesome, emotionally distant, remorseless in its doubt of human takes a form common in the 19th century novel, following the life of the hero from birth to death.... called the first novel without a hero, observes a man without morals, character or judgment, unrepentant, unredeemed..."

But it's such a beautiful-looking movie. And it's a good reflection of the current cultural/political landscape.


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

I though myself Barrett had it wrong on Muslim immigration to Europe... the Zionazi'ists are the ones sending 30 million plus Muslims to destroy white culture in Europe , having wrecked their home countries with more hope and change chaos. 90% of these are young men of fighting age, most are sponsored somehow (just like all those Eastern European Jews who were sponsored to America 1890's that Ford spoke about). It could blowback on them, or it could be to foment a White Rabbit Nazi resurgence for another round of War World and chaos but a holy crusade of wannabe Jihadists is not what it is. I'll put that hope in the same bag as Fulfords ninjas. It was the Tribe that assisted the Moors to invade Spain, then turned on them (as they do when ever anyone gets the power to expose them and toss them, as they always had until Rothschild'
s successfull recipe, so far).

Would Barrett care if 600 million white rabbits descended on Muslim lands in the same fashion, claiming moral superiority (by way of the barrel though this has been history, just that all the whites didn't want to go and live in the desert).

Bill D. said...

Much love to you, Vis, on tomorrow's Easter Day. I will always stand beside you, and will always have your back. The holocaust is pure tripe, and I am not afraid to say it. Lost some friends by saying it, but I don't care. Nobody can kill me, either, without the say-so of The All That Is! So they can stick it!
Do hope that the "
disclosure" will highlight the TRUTH about the fake holocaust.
Have a good one.

Ray B. said...

Truther, March 26, 2016 3:03:00 PM :

Two towns ago, I lived in a 'boondocks' town which had a gas station (one of three) owned by an Iranian. A very nice guy, well-adapted into our culture, and even had a son going to a US engineering college!

Well, 9/11 happened. He started getting all kinds of hate, even though he was an Iranian. No amount of explaining would get-through to the local rednecks. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore. (He may have even been boycotted.) He sold the gas station and moved away.

That was when I saw how ignorant and hate-filled some humans could be. Redneck jerks...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Excellent rant on Europe by The Saker. Excerpts:

“Originally, the main impulse to bring immigrants to Europe came from the Right, from the organized corporate managers who wanted cheap labor at any cost. As always, if you look deeper, the force behind the corporations were the banks. It is of no coincidence that in France is all began with Georges Pompidou who, before being President, was a General Manager at N. M. Rothschild & Sons Bank. ... All the French Right cared for was profit, profit and profit. The French workers were superbly unionized, and they had achieved remarkable social and labor rights. The French capitalists simply could not turn them into the kind of right-less workforce they needed, so they imported them from abroad.

As for the Left, it saw in this influx of immigrants a fantastic political opportunity to achieve the kind of societal change it always wants to achieve: a wholesale destruction of any form of tradition, national identity, and religion. The French Zionists, in particular, saw a fantastic opportunity to weaken the French national identity by branding it as by definition racist.
Now that the EU has replaced Europe, the Right and the Left have logically fused into what I call the 'Extreme Center' – the same globalist model which, on one hand, wants to eliminate all the borders while, on the other, dismantling all social regulations protecting the working class from exploitation by the Capitalists.”


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

A Virtual Cathedral (reposted for Easter from 2005)

Unknown said...

I heard Mr Pilger on the Impact Radio Program with Frank Sontag, who ironically was 'not' christian at that point in the 90's, but "spiritual' then, but now is the drive time DJ on a local LA raido station. They were talking about AIDS INC.

Here is one favorites TOP NOTCH just like VIS! !! !!! !!!!!

Unknown said...

O and I confess to getting a bit tipsy on the Trump wine ;)

Watching the fucks in the media dance themselves into a tizzy, Cruz talking copulation, the very real prospect of no more cacophonous cackling.....makes me a bit ...spirited ;)

I delivered the wapo as a lad during the 80s to a town full of military and government chootz outside the beltway,

the empire produces sickness...

Anonymous said...

Morning, Vis

Wondered whether you have seen this story on The Mail--which brought a big grin to my face:

'Bush did 9/11 but he did me a solid and left me a hella tip': Waitress slammed for insulting tweet after George W Bush and Laura gave her $40 and posed for a photo


She's wrong, of course, but her heart (and head) are in the right place. Bush was just a useful idiot on the day, a tool of the Zionist government of the US. His ignorance of events as they unfolded was obvious.

Many have wondered why he continued to sit in that fourth grade Florida classroom reading "My Pet Goat." Understandable, if you think about it. It's likely that his immediate response to a catastrophic event of which he had no foreknowlege, was to shit in his pants.

Somewhere in the photo archives from that morning, one is surely find a shot of a Bush aide wearing boxer shorts under his suit jacket--after having hastily offering up his trousers to W.

Unknown said...


My above garblelocution proves I should proof read and not be sleepy when posting...heh.

I meant John Rappaport(but have read Pilger) and that Frank now is on a Christian radio station.....and many other things the english OCD patrol would find pertinent ;)

Anonymous said...

Putin is not going to expose the Holocaust, unless you believe he's playing some kind of double-blind game...

Putin: "I support the struggle of Israel"

But, I agree with another poster about exposing the holohoax. It is simply unwise to try and tell it to people, unless they are really, REALLY, open-minded. It is no longer an intellectual thing for them, but a deeply held emotional belief. In their perspective, "denying" the Holocaust is akin to saying that you find child-molesting to be a fun pastime. The only thing you get out of it is that they are instantly repulsed. I'm sorry, but that's just the way it is. You have to be a lot more smart/sensitive to get it across, or you have to be speaking to someone who is not emotionally invested in the "jewish-victim" story. Besides, some 300.000 did die, and even if it wasn't deliberate, that is still a human tragedy. Even though it pales into insignificance compared to the total dead in WW2, or the red or chinese terror regimes, etc, it is still 300.000 people, a lot (most) of them innocent and unknowing of jewish crimes. As long as one does not at least acknowledge that, there is no hope of getting anyone to see the truth of the matter who are not passionately seeking it already.

The 3rd Elf said...

Visible's Sunday Radio show is now up.

Visible said...

travail is French for propaganda and I am not going to give you a forum.

Kiss my dust.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up-

A Little Stevie Wonder and some Alice Bailey Too.



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